it's not just coffee. it's never just coffee. it's never been just coffee

Supergirl AU

Cat Grant knows her assistants are cheating, she just doesn’t know how yet.

She even knows the exact date it started almost two years ago, when suddenly her constant stream of incompetent aides began to improve, to last longer. All her life her assistants have been barely adequate, but for some reason the last handful have gotten sharper and sharper. 

It’s been three weeks with this new one and, while his performance within CatCo is lackluster at best, he has yet to make a single mistake with her coffee or food orders. And if there is one thing Cat values more than all else its what she consumes; she spends all day creating media for the consumption of millions so what she herself takes in is of the highest priority.

This week she had a stress headache and she sent him off with a screech to get her some sustenance. Now she had very low expectations for this, so imagine her surprise when he comes back with a perfectly made bacon wrapped hamburger (her headache guilty pleasure) and a medium latte with just a dash of cinnamon. 

There is no way on Earth that this Witt fellow should know about that. Her guilty pleasures are closely guarded secrets, and Cat Grant has never explicitly told anyone about her infatuation with bacon and cinnamon (both separate and together). And yet when she needed it the most, he just happens to get it exactly right. This assistant hasn’t even made it a month yet; there’s no way he knows this is a weakness of hers.

Which means there’s a snitch somewhere feeding answers to her assistants.

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Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 10,118

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You weren’t exactly sure when Min Yoongi had come into town.

To be quite honest, you didn’t even know when it was that he had first stepped into the coffee shop you worked at. It was hopeless attempting to remember each person who passed through the establishment, especially not when the interactions generally lasted less than a minute. The faces of the customers you encountered every single day just blended together, much like their orders of caramel macchiatos and green tea lattes. It was difficult to keep track of the cursory café connoisseurs, but you knew one thing was for certain.

He hadn’t been here before.

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Title: Love was made for Me and You(Reader x Bucky Barnes) 

Summary: The anti-Valentine’s Day reader decides to plan something special for their hopeless romantic of a boyfriend. 

Word Count: 1547

Warnings: It’s just really cute OKAY

A/N: My lil heart really can’t take a romantic Bucky but here it is anyway… I’m deceased. Here’s the song I was listening to, originally sang by Nat King Cole but I loove the Frank Sinatra version. I hope you enjoy!!

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Cafe Nocturne

Location:  19 Rue Prince Arthur O

Metro Station: Sherbrooke

This next cafe is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes I have gone to. For all you Tumblr folk - get your cameras at the ready.

Walking in, the space is pretty small and cozy. I found myself lucky to get 2 seats for me and my friend. Everyone was working on their laptops and it really seemed like a productive atmosphere. 

The special aspect about Nocturne is its huge lit sign on the wall as you can see in the pictures. Contributing to its beautiful image is also the signature map and their vintage looking bookcase. 

We both ordered lattes and they were delicious! My friend was able to get hers with almond milk (for all you vegans out there). 

Interestingly enough, this cafe was called Kistune before it was Nocturne. The owners changed - therefore, they had to change the name but the layout is basically the same! You can find Kitsune in another location in Griffintown now (will be posting about that one soon).

This place is a charming addition to the Plateau area! It’s almost a classic despite its new name. A MUST visit in Montreal!



This whole journey of cafe crawling has made me learn valuable lessons about coffee of course, but also in life.

Up until last year, I could have been the most unadventurous individual walking on Montreal ground. I would stay in my house for days, sometimes drive for 10 minutes to get take out and basically be scared of everything out there. In the city. 

I had concluded that I was never meant to be a person who enjoyed sacrificing 2 hours for transport just to be in the heart of downtown. I had concluded there was nothing even to see in Montreal - nothing to love. In all honesty, I hated my city. But all of this was because I never went out to discover anything. I never tried. I never gave it a chance. I lived in Montreal but never felt like I belonged. 

Being an Armenian, I grew up surrounded by my own in a small community. I went to an Armenian high school, spoke Armenian with everyone I knew and that’s how simple life was. I loved how close I was to my culture but the easiness of my lifestyle never helped me evolve as a person. Instead, I remained in a box, unable to grow. Fearing the unknown.

In Summer 2016, I wanted to put an end to this lack of motivation and I wanted to jump out of my comfort zone. I wanted to know what my city had to offer and I was desperate to find a way to connect with it. 

And the best way was coffee. Cafe crawling.

I made my list (about 15 places at the time) and I went to each - one by one - dragging my boyfriend along with me. Slowly but surely, my list grew and my passion for discovering new coffee shops was blooming. I started going to cafes alone - facing my fear - being independent. 

That thrill of walking in a new shop with the fresh smell of coffee makes all of my anxieties fade. 

You might be asking yourself now, where am I going with this? Why did I write this much about my life when I have clearly titled this post “Nocturne Cafe”. 

My story behind this cafe is really linked with everything I mentioned above. The reason I came here in the first place was because my friend from Cegep asked me to take her on an adventure in Montreal. She might not have noticed, but her request was an honor to me. For the first time ever, I was able to reflect back on everything I had done the past year and the places I had discovered. I had never realized that I had become some kind of ‘adventurer’: a term that was unknown to me before. All I was doing was following an activity I truly loved.

When thinking about this very aesthetic cafe, I don’t only think about its beauty but I also think about it as a marking point in my life. The start of a new ‘me’. And I’m not saying that cause we just entered 2017.. 

It goes to show that anyone can be an explorer. All you need is the passion and the drive. Look at who I was before and look at who I am now - writing on my coffee exploration blog. If you want to discover more about where you are or who you are, take that first step. Go out. Get lost. Make a list. Throw out the list. Improvise. Anything. It’s up to you - you’re in charge. Just take charge and you’re set. 

So make that leap. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a very nice memory the next time you go out for coffee. ;)

Why is there such a stigma with internet dating? Like I found this guy I really like to hang out with/talking to/ being around and I would never have simply bumped into him in my daily life. anytime people ask where I met him they go “tinder? Nooooooo, oh my goddddddd, say it isn’t true” like back the fuck off aunt sharon, not everyone married and divorced their alcoholic high school sweetheart like you



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One Step Closer

Chapter-1: Next To You.

Chapter- 2

Rating: K

Summary: And with each passing day, they took one step closer/ Sasusaku.

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Romance.

A/N: Its been a long time since I last wrote something. Feels good.

So this story happens after Sasuke returns to Konoha at the end of Sasuke Shinden, Naruto and Hinata are married and Sai and Ino are engaged/ about to be engaged. Slight SaiIno is also mentioned in this fanfic. It’ll have about 5 or 6 chapters, I hope you guys enjoy it!

“Next To You.’‘ 

The atmosphere was comforting, the relatively cool wind was a proof of winter being on its way. The citizens were cheery and optimistic, probably due to the recent change in the temperature. Another peaceful night in a peaceful village. Majority of the population could be seen on the roads, in the warm coffee shops or at the dango outlets and the all time famous ichiraku ramen, too was surrounded by a bunch of inhabitants for the hero of the village was treating his rival after his return from his journey.

A mob of young girls was circling the place where the two best friends were sitting and enjoying their meals. One was the ever popular blonde, the student of the current hokage and the other was a previous S-class rouge with some rare stunning features. His long bangs were covering his left eye and his form was covered with a brown cloak.

The Squeaks made by the teenage girls could be heard loud and clear and without a doubt, it was annoying the last Uchiha.

For a moment, he regreted coming back to his village but at the same, felt happy that the villagers were ready to accept him again. They were not despising him, they were not loathing him. Deep down, he felt satisfied and for a second, he was proud of helping the helpless during the war.

He twirled some of the ramen in his chopsticks and looked over at the blonde, who seemed to have finished yet another bowl. A smile appeared on his face while recalling their memories as genin.

Had they always been this way?

’'You didn’t change, did you.” A sigh escaped his lips as he stated his comment.

“One can’t just forget the delicious taste of ramen.” Naruto grinned.

“You sure are popular now.” he said, looking over at the crowd surrounding them.

“Someone has to compete you.” he shrugged his shoulders, smiling.


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Essays in Existentialism: Doctors III

i need you to continue (and or jump back in time to tell us about their first kiss) doctors au like i need air

Part I
Part II

There was a time when everything was quiet in the hospital. It never came at the same moment, but it did usually come before the storm, as the saying went. Calm as it was, there was still a certain hum to the life in the building, a certain way everything worked and clicked. 

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jongdae

Rating: PG (for now, we’ll see)

Warning: Potential triggers include: stalking.

Word Count: 3,127

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Chen is your guardian angel) 

Originally posted by beastdw

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Yoongi Scenario: Safe Haven.

Request: i want to request please. can i request a yoongi scenario where he’s your bf and you came from an abusive relationship and one day you are fighting badly and he raises his hand or somthing and you flinch? and he reassures you he would never hit you and tell you he will keep you safe from your ex. i hope you can do this. i love your blog and i read everything you write

Genre: Angst / Drama

Warning: Mentions of abuse, cursing.

Yoongi clicked the search button again, he was trying to find a folder on his computer but he didn’t seem to spot it anywhere so he opted to search for it through the finder, but the screen showed him that there was nothing on his laptop with that name.

-What the hell?- he muttered while doing a search again. It was of upmost importance to find that folder, in there he had the lyrics of the five songs he was working on and the files with the arrangements he had made for them, the melodies, the tempos and everything; they promised to be great songs and Yoongi thought he could even include some of them on the next album, they would be really popular songs, he was sure of it. If only he could find them.

Yoongi sat on his studio trying to find the folder for another twenty minutes until an idea crossed his mind, he looked in the only place he hadn’t before, but when he checked his trash can it was empty. How long had been since he hadn’t emptied that? At that moment Yoongi knew his folder was gone and with it all his work for the songs he thought would’ve been a hit. He breathed deeply, trying to calm himself down but with no use, he could feel his temper flaring, all his hard work gone just like that.

He stood up and walked around the studio thinking who could have done that because he knew he hadn’t done it himself, so who? He thought of Taehyung who had recently come to visit him, and he thought about you. Your laptop was on repair right now so you used his sometimes. Yoongi didn’t want to believe you had done such thing but he went to ask you nonetheless.

You were on the kitchen sitting on the table drinking coffee while you saw something on your cellphone. He cleared his throat but you didn’t lift your eyes to him, Yoongi felt his little patience wavering, somehow that adding a lot more to his annoyance.

-Y/N- he pronounced your name now gaining your attention.

You raised your head and gave a little smile, but it died when you saw his grim expression. -What’s the matter babe?-

-Did you use my laptop lately?-

You sipped from your coffee while you thought. -Well yes, but not that much though, work things mostly- you answered honestly.

-And did you happen to empty the trash can? Because its empty-

You nodded enthusiastically. -I did, you had that thing disgustingly full even if its just your laptop you should delete that regularly-

Yoongi thought he had calmed down but truth was now he was even angrier, he fisted his hands, his voice coming out through his teeth. -Do you even know what you did?-

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Something looked… off.. about Red today.

Maybe it was the way his posture was slouched forward or how his eyes dipped in and out of sleep. A gentle nodding of his head would stir him suddenly awake and the cycle would continue. Since the monster had come to visit he hadnt been up for any of their usual games, refused to smoke, fell asleep during movies…

Stretch felt it would be impossible to ask Red what was wrong, the monster had issues with sharing personal ‘feely emotion shit’. So he went to Blue and asked him if he knew. Somehow his younger brother was able to get Red chatty, so if anyone knew it would be him .

“ Oh, Red? ” Blue stirs a bowl of something unidentifiable that would no doubt become breakfast.

“ Yeah, has he said anything to you?”

“… Hmm nope. ” He goes back to stirring his pot but with a whick of excitement flings the spoon in the air in triumph, the answer coming to him and sauce splattering on the ceiling. “ Oh! WAIT! I know! Red is prego! ”

Stretch nearly spills his coffee. “Shhhh! Blue you shouldnt say that! What if he overhears you!”

“Well, he should already know hes prego right?”

“ Hes definitly not… Prego. Hes just chubby Blue. I mean… We’ve only been dating for a little while sex is… ” he stops himself midsentence, realizing hes telling all this to his baby bro. The innocent bundle of joy still trying to get Edge to fingerpaint with him. “… sextant is an instrument to measure ocean altitudes… “

He stumbles through the sentence with some difficulty but the look on Blues face, the wonder of new facts, makes him feel acomplished as an older bro.

” Oh! So Fell wanted to go on a boat ride… “

” Dont you dare go on any boat with Edge!!!“ Stretch slaps his face with the flat of his palm. He didnt have time for this. Right now, in the living room Red was fast asleep, exhausted from magic overuse. Something odd had to have been going on in his universe for him to get like this.

Stranger yet, he didnt come visit with his brother. He just walked through the machine and crashed on their couch.

Stretch grabs another mug of coffee and the morning paper and flops down onto the sofa cushion beside Red. The monster stirs awake at once and Stretch offers him coffee as an apology. The two sit in silence for a while, Stretch patient for Sans to wake wirh his morning joe.

” Something happen? “

” nah. “

” You’ve been sleeping since you got here… “

” ’m always sleeping. Nuhhbigdeal. “

He takes another sip of his coffee.

“i noticed… Your brother didnt come today.”

“nupe. ”

Stretch sighs, weight shifting from toe to toe. He brings a knee up to his chest and hugs it close to himself, wanting instead to hug the other. He knows by now to give him his space. That ‘touchy feely bullshit’ was something their world didnt do.

“… Is it uh… Is it because of the human? ” he feels awkward to talk about the resets. He knew Red went through them, the same as he did… But since opening the door to other Aus the human hadnt returned. At least not in underswap. He waits with baited breath, hoping the same was true in other universes.

“ nah. Nothing new. Tired iz all. ”

“oh..ha.” Stretch sits in more awkward silence. Sans, blissfully unaware, sips his coffee eyes blank turned at the falling snow.

“ its peaceful here…” he says. “ Boss , says to stop coming here . ‘This place makes monsters soft.’ … I think he just doesn’t want to admit he likes Blue . I dont want that either…”

Stretch is quiet. Rare was it, to get Red talking. Rarer still to hear his opinion on anything. Sometimes it felt like their universe had beaten submission into Red. Some weeks hed come over just to have a panic attack, curl into a ball by the foot of the machine and cry without anyone knowing how long he was in the basement. Stretch had caught him once, asked him why he didnt just come upstairs, apparently he just needed the alone time. A moment to lower his guard without that fear of someone dusting him. He didnt want to be seen so weak.

“ Boss ‘n I were having a fight. He is captain of the royal guard…. Worked hard to get there. He doesnt want to compromise it.

He waits patiently, sips his cofee, and slyly looks at Reds stomach. The monster was chubby but Stretch starts to wonder if his form looks fuller. Rounder. Was Red actually -

“ I hate going there… Now that I got our machine to work, ive seen countless of aus. I know its not always kill or be killed… Its just ours thats fucked when I come visit your shitty world it always feels like-fuck… Ya know? Sorry. I didnt mean that. Im just tired. Boss has been pushing me to lvl. Made some progress… Not much. Look. 4 hp. ”

At once, Stretch feels uneasy. Even before looking at Reds stats he shifts away on the sofa.

LOVE was dangerous. Extremely so. He didnt know what it was but the human always had too much LOVE and Fell was right up there with psychopaths. One time he brought Blue a sword as a present. Another time he’d try and dust the mailman for stepping over his and Blues snowmen.

Sure enough, Stretch spots the change in lvl. It boosted his stats. Not by much… But defense and health were higher.

“Thats uh… Cool. Red. ” He tries to stay a bit positive. But now his mind raves with so many questions. No, scratch that, only one question sits in his mind and thats… “Who.. Uh. … Who did you dust for that?”

“ no one ‘mportant.” Red turns his head, clearly avoiding eye contact. Stretch wants to be more understanding. He wants to be a goodboyfriend but it was so hard to wrestle out information from Red. If he pushed too much, the other would shut down or start yelling. If he said nothing Red would sometimes talk more. Nervous about the silence, he would ramble on and on…

But. This needed to be adressed. “It doesnt look like nothing. You don’t look like youve gotten alot of rest at all… Is the guilt keeping you awake?”

“ Its fine… ”

“ Its not fine! Your brother needs to stop pushing you to murder! It’s never okay! There are other options… You could live here! With me! And Blue. ”

Red looks hopeful for a moment. There is a shimmer in his eyes that look like the glint of tears when he looks over at Stretch but just as suddenly he turns his head away. Shaking it furiously from side to side. “Im not leaving Boss.” “I know. Hes your brother… Youd do anything for him. ” Stretch sighs.“ He can stay too… Just… Keep him away from Blue. ”

“Hed never agree to stay. So I wont stay. Simple.”

“You can visit him… Right? What about us?”

“ What, us? ”

“ … ”

Stretch takes a long breath. “ I know its hard for you to understand but… There are different kinds of Love. Its not all… Murder and hurting people.”

“I understand that shit. I love my brother, he loves me. Its not so different in our world… Stop trying to push your moral shit. Your not a saint. Im sure youve killed more than your fair share of humans. Just cuz a reset makes it 0 again doesnt mean you can lecture me. I said ‘what, us?’ Not ‘whats love?’, okay? Im not an idiot. ”

“… ”

Stretch nods his head. Only a moment later responding with a small. “yeah…oh. Okay.”

Stretch gets up, berrated for trying to show a little concern, now he just turns tail and heads back to the kitchen.

Blue had been watching the encounter. He pats his brothers arm when he enter the kitchen and slouches at the table, head burried beneath his arms.

“what us.. ” he mumbles. He bites into the fabric of his sweater. “… like fucking strangers.”

Blue takes a seat across from him and affectionately pets his brothers skull. He doesnt offer much in words. Its not his place, and theres so little advice he can give on the subject. But he knows its hurting his brother… So he takes it upon himself to find a solution.

He marches out into the living room against Papyrus’s unenthusoastic protest and stands tall in front of Red, pointing an accusatory finger at him. “You!” he shouts , deafening in th early morning silence. “Your being mean! And you need to apologize!”

Red looks up at him for a moment, thoughtful. He could yell out and curse like he always did at home… But he was weak when he set eyes on his twin. It always seemed unfair, hed have to tipe toe around the innocent copy. He puts down his cup of coffee and shrugs on his sweater.

“Didn’t want to be here anyway. ’m goin home.” He walks past Blue and heads outside, callously leaving the two brothers in silence.

But for Papyrus, it wasnt the end. He had to get Red to talk… Had to save his relationship with Red from dying alltogether. … He mignt not see him again.

Stretch slides out the kitchen chair, knocking it to its side and chases after Red. “ Ill be back in a ten mintues Blue! ” He yells out before swinging open the front door and bracing himself against the cold wind that pours into the house and against his bone.

He turns the door shut and stomps jeavily in the snow, rounding his way to the back of the house and throws open the lab room. Red is still there, and Stretch breathes a sigh of relief. The monster is at the console, ready to punch in his code to go home when he spots Stretch panting hard in the doorway.

“ What? You want an apology still? Im sorry. Okay? Now go away. ”

Stretch closes the door behind him and spins around the small desk chair to sit and face Red properly. Face to face , without his height making the other feel insignificant.

“ Red. I dont want this to be goodbye. So I have to say something to get it off my chest. Red I love-!! ”

Red holds up a flat palm, stopping Stretch from anything he might say. His other hand dips under his shirt and pulls it slightly up to show the mix of red tubby magic of his belly. “ Look. ” Red says. Though Stretch fidnt need any direction.

His eyes immediately follow Sans as he began his strip, dissapointed when the shirt only reveals so little. But he sees it now. Clearly , among the hue of magic churning… A small soul beside his own.

“I cant be with you. Okay? I cant stay here!So stop trying to convince me! “

Papyrus is stumbling for words. His attention hasn’t shifted from the fluttering baby soul the other carries. “Your! Thats… His…?”

“Yes. Im gonna lvl up this way! Ill get strong enough that Boss wont have to protect me!”

Stretch gulps, eyes meeting Red. “ What do you mean your going to level up?! Your going to kill it?!!!”

Sans flinches back. “ Dont try to talk me out of this! I told you im going back home. You dont have to keep pretending your worried about me.”

The machine hums to life the moment Red puncbes in his code. He turns his back on tje other heads through the portal that opens.

Stretch sits there.

Blank expression on his face as he watches the lights flicker on the console. The small green light fades to red… Something happened on the other side that made the machine unusable…

Red had destroyed it.

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Ryuji is scared to drink coffee and alcohol because his father drank both and ge doesn’t want to become his father.

**can’t not make this pegoryu i am sorry if u hate it send this to me again and i will redo**

The first time Ryuji refuses coffee, Akira thinks its the bitterness. And, to be fair, it is, but a different bitterness, a bitterness leftover from years of witnessing what a young boy should never have to see.

The second time Akira thinks he’s just being stubborn. He tries to insist, even dumps spoonfuls of sugar into it until Akira’s sure a single sip will cause a cavity. Ryuji pushes the cup away and doesn’t speak. After a moment, he mutters that coffee makes him puke. There’s something more there, Akira decides, something beyond the taste.

The third time Ryuji refuses coffee Akira is experimenting. He makes a latte this time, now mostly warm milk with a hint of espresso, and places it before Ryuji wordlessly. He doesn’t insist. He just waits. Ryuji looks at it like it’s poison, asks Akira to “just drink it already so I don’t have to look at that shit.” Akira mentions it’s a latte, that coffee without being coffee, all casually like the difference between the two is nothing more than factual. When Ryuji touches the cup gently, when he brings it towards him and, 20 minutes later, ventures a sip, Akira sees the way he winces. Ryuji’s thoughts turn over as the liquid burns his throat: no, it’s not coffee, it’s different, it’s warmer, it’s not trying to fix a hangover or drown the memory of fists landing on skin, of bruises that bloom like wretched flowers; it’s a boy in an apron with concerned eyes and dark hair and a face steady, not unpredictable, not wild in all the worst ways. Akira stops brewing coffee whenever Ryuji comes over.

The first time Ryuji rejects a beer, Akira’s expecting it. He knew Ryuji’s father was a drunk, had heard a couple stories over the years, but it’s not the refusal that gets Akira. It’s the way he does it. He shrugs it off, says he doesn’t like the taste, and Akira has a flashback to Lablanc years before. It comes together for him then. Ryuji is a master of nonchalance when he wants to be, and as the college kid shrugs and turns, Akira catches the sigh of relief that escapes Ryuji’s lips.

The second time it’s hard liquor and Ryuji looks disgusted with everyone around him. Akira doesn’t drink, not around Ryuji, but everyone else seems to. He watches his friend carefully, one eye on the scene and one on the blonde boy whose hands keep flexing at his sides. Ryuji starts mumbling, starts going on about how they don’t know what alcohol can do to a person, how it can make you a monster and–no, not make you one, but brings out the demon that’s been inside the whole time. When Ryuji’s body starts shaking–from anger or emotion, Akira isn’t sure–he puts a protective arm around him and steers Ryuji away from the party.

The third time Ryuji doesn’t reject it. It’s been a long week for them–finals, always a hard time for his dearest friend–and Ryuji’s tired, his willpower shot. When the cup finds its way to his hands, Ryuji doesn’t bother asking what’s in it, doesn’t go to the kitchen in search of some “chaser.” He just lifts the cup and swallows. Akira winces at the same time Ryuji does, watching over his friend, wary of what he knows is hidden deep inside his heart. Akira waits while Ryuji puts the cup down and licks his lips, face thoughtful, memories playing over in head like a horror movie. This is what caused all of that. This is the monster Ryuji’s been running from, the one he’s feared he couldn’t beat. He looks to his friend, no longer in an apron but eyes still concerned, dark hair still all over the place, the one real and true constant Ryuji’s ever known. He is all the wild Ryuji needs. Akira’s surprised when Ryuji laughs. He turns to Akira, says he doesn’t get the hype and tosses the cup aside. When he asks Akira if he wants to get a latte, Akira’s never been prouder, and Ryuji’s never felt better.

               - Part I

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 045
summary : Kai and Reader meet in NYC during the summer vacation. He falls in love with her but never tells her , and he is even more surprised at the end when he figures out who she really is.
*gif by lightwoodxalec

The beginning of June …

Kai never imagined how good life can be. After he got his freedom , making a deal with Bonnie to siphon away the spell he put on her and Elena linking them together , he had spent the past 20 somewhat years travelling the world and experiencing the good life. He had the chance now and wasn’t planning on wasting it. Every year he lived in a different city , experiencing life to the fullest. This year he had decided to live in New York City and it was there where he met her.

She was walking down the street , coffee to go from Starbucks in one hand and her phone in the other , not looking where she was going. Kai had been distracted himself with his phone in his hands as well. Its been years and he still loved social media as much as when he had first discovered it after getting out of 1994.

“OH God , I am so sorry.” the girl apologised for bumping into him.
Kai looked up from his phone meeting the girls eyes ready to scold her for not watching where she was going but instead he froze on the spot. She smiled nervously at him , pushing away a strand of hair from her face , only moments later realising she had spilled her coffee on her clothes. She was wearing black ripped in the knees skinny jeans , a white top with print (now covered with coffee stain) and a black / white plaid shirt. “Ugh … Now I have to go get a new one.” she muttered under her breath.
“Why are you apologising ? It wasn’t your fault , not completely anyways.” Kai said smiling at her. He couldn’t put his finger on ‘why’ he liked her instantly but he did. There was something different about her. Kai took off his jacket giving it to her to cover up. “Here , take my jacket. It works with your outfit anyways…”
“Thanks” she said awkwardly. “I’m Y/N by the way.”
“Kai.” he said. “You know I live near by , sort of , you can come and change there , I am sure there will be at least one thing in my closet you can borrow…”
Y/N shifted nervously on her feet shaking her head. “I shouldn’t … “
“I promise I am not some psycho or anything ..” he said finishing his sentence in his mind ‘not any more at least.
Y/N nodded. “Oh-kay. Thanks.”
They walked mostly in silence towards his apartment, navigating through small streets avoiding the large boulevards.
“Are you from New York ?” she asked. “You seem to know this town very well. To me it just seems like a giant maze or something. It’s so easy to get lost here.”
Kai walked quietly for a moment , feeling nervous all of the sudden. He had met many people during the past 2 decades but none of them were like her , he could just feel it. He never liked anyone and if anyone ever tried to stand in his way , that someone usually ended up a meal.
“Um , no. Its a recent thing. I spend a lot of time travelling.”
“Are you an actor or something ? You sure have the looks for it … and you look strangely familiar.” she trailed off.
Kai glanced at her ,knowing for sure he’d recognise her if they had met before. Her long brown hair in waves and her big blue eyes just like all her features were unforgettable. They reached his apartment building and walked in , climbing to the 5th floor.
“I don’t think so , no.” said Kai unlocking his apartment door , letting her walk inside first. “I’ll be right back. Any shirt colour preferences ? Girls usually have those about everything - clothes , shoes , ice cream , phone covers ….”
Y/N laughed. “I am not like that. Whatever works for you , really.”
Kai disappeared into his bedroom for a few minutes before coming back with a couple of  t’-shirts in his hands. He gave them to her , pointing to his bedroom if she wanted to change in there. Y/N took the shirts and went inside , quickly pulling her top off before putting on one of the white shirts on. It was a little bigger for her but somehow worked , the soft material gently brushing on her skin.
Y/N walked out with her stained top / plaid shirt in her hand , fixing her hair as she walked with the other.
“Thank you … Kai , was it ? Its really nice of you to do all this but … I dont want to impose or bother you in any way.” she laughed nervously.
“You are not bothering me in any way. Do you want some coffee or a bagel or coffee and a bagel ?”
Kai got up quickly from the couch taking the clothes from her hands and heading for the laundry machine. He didn’t want her to leave , all he wanted was to spend a little more time with her. He couldn’t understand why , but he liked her instantly.
Y/N smiled shaking her head. “I must be dreaming or something. No one is that nice.” she muttered to herself.
Kai smiled to himself. If she only knew …
“So what brings you to the big apple ? Job ? Family ? …. Boyfriend ?” he asked curious while pouring a cup of coffee for her , hoping it wasn’t the last option.
“None of the above. It’s the summer vacation before my senior year in high school. Thanks.” she said taking the cup from Kai. “I just had to get away from my hometown. My parents were driving me nuts…asking questions ‘where are you going next year ; you cant put off the decision anymore’ and I just bailed without telling them.” she laughed nervously. “I was actually texting my dad when we bumped into each other … he was furious.”
Kai suppressed a smile.” OH I know a thing or two about dads being furious…. Sure he’ll forgive you. Mine never did , then again I did something worse than running away…“
Y/N looked at him curious wondering what could Kai have done that had been so bad. He seemed beyond nice to her. Not many people would welcome a stranger into their home. Part of her wondered if she should’ve said ‘no’ to his offer instead but inexplicably she felt a connection to him , like they know each other from somewhere.
They spent the rest of the day together talking. Later on Kai drove her back to her hotel , exchanging numbers and agreeing to meet for coffee the next day. He was charming , funny and his smile was enough to get her to fall for him. Being around him was as easy as breathing and Y/N liked him pretty much instantly. She wanted to get to know him more.

Kai and Y/N spent most of the summer together. He even invited her to stay over at his apartment instead of spending money on a hotel , insisting she takes the bedroom after she had agreed to stay at his place. But the summer went by too fast… and Y/N had to leave to go back and finish her senior year.
They spent their last day together in NYC at Central Park , walking around and talking. He watched her feed the ducks , chased her around the park , took pictures together. Kai even used his magic when she wasn’t looking making sure every detail of the day was perfect.
“Where are you going ?” he asked , dropping her off at the bus station. In all their time together , the subject had never come up. They mostly talked , went for walks or bike rides or to the movies. Kai hadn’t even realised when he had fallen in love with her. Was it the time she crashed her bike and had a nasty fall resulting in a concussion or was it the time she had a nightmare and sneaked onto the couch with him into the middle of the night? He didn’t know , all he knew is for the first time ever he felt strong something for someone.
“Virginia. A dusty old town called Mystic Falls.” she said. Kai froze on the spot. Of all places it had to be Mystic Falls. “My dad’s going to pick me up , don’t look so worried. Its a small town , nothing bad ever happens there. And ..  you can come visit me any time. In fact …” she said snatching his phone from his pocket.“That’s my address…OH and if my dad answers the door - do not tell him we lived together this summer. He is so annoyingly over protective , sometimes I just wish he never … Hey , are you OK ? You look all pale all of the sudden.”
Kai was starring at the address Y/N had typed on his phone. He knew that address. It was the address of the Salvatore Boarding House which meant he knew who her parents were. How hadn’t it hit him earlier. She looked so much like her mother - her hair , her slim physique , except for the eyes - she had her father’s eyes.
“Sorry , low blood sugar I guess… “ he said awkwardly , putting his phone back in her pocket before pulling her in for a hug.  Kai didn’t want to let go off her , knowing he’d probably never see her again. His heart broke at the thought and he felt his eyes water. “I’ll miss you Y/N. More than you can imagine… and I’ll never forget you or any moment we spent together. I’ll always remember you…”
Y/N pulled away more confused than ever.
“You are talking as if we’ll never see each other again. Its scaring me…  We will meet again.” she wiped a tear from his cheek. Kai never cried , he hated tears … she knew that much. Something must’ve gone wrong but she had no time to ask him about it then and there. The bus driver called out all passangers for Virginia and she had to go.
“One more for the road?”  Y/N said waving her phone in the air.
“Sure.” Kai said leaning in for their last selfie together. “You will send it to me right ? As a keepsake …”
“Of course , just like I always do.”
The bus driver called out again and Y/N gave him a kiss on the cheek and one last awkward hug before picking up her suitcase and heading towards the bus.
“I’ll miss you more than words.” she said turning to take one last look at Kai.
“I’ll miss you more.” he said smiling before wiping another tear from his cheek.
Kai watched her get on the bus , waiting for the moment the vehicle disappeared from view before heading home , wishing he could change his past and be with her. There was no way her parents would agree for him to even look at her let alone let them be together. His phone buzzed and Kai quickly pulled it out of his pocket , taking a look at the screen - just as Y/N had promised , their last picture together was attached to her email along with a message.“See you soon , Malachai.” followed by a winky emoji.It took him a moment to realise he had never told her his full name. Kai turned around glancing at the bus in the distance with a mix of surprise and confusion on his face.
“What … How .. ?!”
Kai wanted .. no he needed to know , but he knew this conversation he’d have to have in person. He went back to his apartment quickly packing his things before going on the road again. This time … to Mystic Falls , after the girl who awoke something in him he never knew was there… After the girl he inexplicably and irrevocably fell in love with.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017


[Villain!Deku AU] Lunchtime


Bakugou Katsuki eats his lunches alone.

Because, like Kaminari said in the bus before they went to USJ, people of Class 1-A has already know that Bakugou Katsuki is a volatile person who is also oddly melancholic at times. People know that Bakugou Katsuki is an unpleasant person, so it isn’t really surprising to see that nobody ever come up to his desk and say ‘let’s go to cafeteria’. When the recess bell rings, Katsuki goes on his own to the cafeteria to eat some good shit in company of nobody. He even has a specific seat, a two-person booth just next to the garbage disposal, it’s his spot and nobody ever sits there because it's his spot. Katsuki doesn’t really need anyone to share a meal with, anyway.

But just one week after the entire USJ accident, Katsuki was utterly utterly pissed when he saw someone sitting on his booth. But he very nearly drop his tray of food when he found fucking Deku sitting on his booth in Lunchrush Cafeteria like it was nobody’s business.

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Photographer AU!Taeyong

So I found this a few weeks ago and me, being that girl who has ideas for AU’s out of a simple gif or photo, decided to do this one! yes i actually posted something done recently and not months ago

  • So you’re a freelance photographer that has been on several model photo shoots by request
  • And you’re asked to be the photographer for this one photoshoot
  • They set it up for the next month
  • Because of the model’s schedules and shit
  • And so you accept the request and mark it on your schedule thing
  • During that whole month, you’re going around, taking scenery photos since you haven’t got any other requests
  • The day of the photoshoot you get your trusty camera and head off to the place
  • It’s not far away from your home so you just walk there
  • When you get there, there are people setting up shit
  • And you find the director talking to this one guy who you thought was a random staff member
  • You walked passed them to look at what the scenario was and all the technical things
  • But when you passed them
  • You couldn’t help but glance at him
  • And you immediately went
  • Wait
  • Is this the model
  • Because was he handsome or was he handsome
  • Anyways
  • You waited for the model to come out
  • Causing you to space out and stare into the distant
  • And you failed to notice the guy you saw was trying to get your attention
  • When you finally snapped back you looked at him
  • Your jaw almost dropped
  • Because damn was he handsome or was he handsome
  • And he asked you ‘Hey are you the freelance the director said to come here?' 
  • You slowly nodded feeling your cheeks heat up
  • 'He said he had changed mind and asked me to do the photoshoot instead’
  • Wait he did what? 
  • You immediately went to see the director but the guy holds you back and says
  • 'I know that sucks but he told me since you were a freelancer, he was insecure about your skills at this and he says he’s sorry about this mess but you’re invited to stay’
  • You stared at him and proceeded to do whatever he said
  • You wanted to be the one taking the photos but since the director did that behind your back
  • You had to just sit back and watch
  • And so you did
  • You saw him take the photos and it made you notice some small things
  • The way how he interacted with the model, how he smiled whenever he took a photo to his liking
  • But you slapped yourself mentally
  • No you’re not supposed to like a guy you just met
  • But you felt compelled to like him somehow
  • After the shoot, the director came to you and apologized for what he did
  • You said that the other guy explained the situation and you forgave him
  • The director asked if you’d be willing to do another sometime later
  • You accept it as long as you are acknowledged of any changes
  • He agrees and leaves off to do whatever he needs
  • And so you’re left there pondering whether to go home or to talk to that other photographer
  • You then realized you never got the guy’s name
  • So you wander around trying to find him
  • Only to no avail
  • You ask some people if they have seen him leave
  • And someone says 'oh, I’ve seen him leave, I think I saw him go to the coffee shop' 
  • You thank the person and head for the nearest coffee shop
  • You enter the shop and you see him pay for a bunch of coffee and snacks
  • You walk up to him and lightly touch his shoulder
  • He looks like he was about to screech but then went 'oh its that freelancer' 
  • You notice the bags on the counter (and they seem like alot) so you offer help
  • He gladly accepts and you two walk back
  • He asks you 'did you solve everything with the director’
  • You nod and say that you’d probably do the next photoshoot he requests
  • He goes 'oh okay’
  • There’s a brief silence before he asks 'you went to the shop to buy coffee only to leave empty handed' 
  • And you say 'not really im carrying something' 
  • And he gives you the most monotonous laugh you have heard
  • And you end up laughing at it
  • He laughs at your laugh
  • You both end up not knowing why you were laughing
  • 'So I never got your name, what is it?’
  • And he says its Taeyong
  • You answer back with yours and he repeats it and you swear your face gets hotter
  • Like who turned the heat up
  • Oh wait
  • You’re outside not inside
  • For your luck he doesnt notice that
  • So you two get back with snacks and coffee and stuff
  • And everyone gets coffee
  • Except
  • And you wander off to a corner on your phone checking any emails
  • But Taeyong beingthemomheis notices that
  • And he goes up to you and says 'i’m sorry i forgot to buy for you, i didnt know if you were going to stay or not so you can have mine’
  • And you replied with 'it’s okay tho, i don’t mind’
  • But he insists and you end up giving in
  • You thank him and you go next time I’ll pay you
  • And he says 'its okay you don’t have to’
  • 'But I want to though.’
  • He says fine, but can you give me your phone number though? if I don’t have it, how am i supposed to call you?’
  • Your face gets hot again and you give your phone number to him
  • He notices you look a bit flustered and asks what’s wrong
  • You tell him that there’s nothing wrong, it’s just his imagination
  • He gets kind of suspicious but shrugs it off
  • After talking for a bit you both go off on your ways
  • But as soon as you get home you both start messaging each other
  • And you end up falling asleep at god knows what hour talking to him 

RFA + V + Unknown: Cuddling scenarios

(Very mild spoilers for Jumin and Unknown and mild spoilers for Seven)


  • You’re both in a field, somewhere he claims hes been hiding from you for a long time and he wanted to surprise you tonight because it was a ‘special night’
  • You’re pretty sure its just because he wanted to ride his bike but
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who’s asking
  • He brought along a whole picnic too and you cant help but be impressed
  • Even if its just store bought food and goldfish bread but still
  • Cmon with that loving smile he could feed you insects and you’d still willingly eat it
  • You’re lying down next to each other, your head on his chest as you both look up at the sky, or so you thought
  • Hes staring at you, but you’re too lost in the stars to even realize
  • He probably does the “the view is great thing” while looking straight at you lets be honest here
  • But honestly though, how did he get so lucky with you?
  • You smell like strawberries and marshmallows and your eyes are so bright and alive and your lips are so pink and look so soft and
  • Oh whoops hes hugging you
  • You burst into giggles and he swears that his heart stops for a second because your laughter is the best sound hes ever heard and he would give up acting in a second if he could hear it for even one more second.
  • So he decides to continue hearing it, and tickles you
  • Zen you little shit
  • After you regain your breath again, you look at him once more only to find him staring at you with the most adoring look
  •  And that’s when you know you found the one


  • Of course hes playing LOLOL
  • Look is anyone really surprised?
  • And normally you’d play with him but you stopped because somEONE (COUGHS YOUR OWN TEAM MEMBER) DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU CLEARLY SAW THE ENEMY TEAM AND KNEW WHATS UP  you just didn’t feel like playing anymore uwu
  • You’re craving cuddles but hes playing the game which basically means hes not sleeping for a few more hours smh this nerd
  • But you’re persistent, and before you know it you’re pulling his chair away slightly before just plopping down onto his lap
  • Oh hi there
  • He blushes and smiles at you
  • “hey ther-WA TCH OUT FOR THE ENEMY”
  • You roll your eyes at him playfully but you also snuggle in
  • To your surprise he turns off his microphone???
  • Hes still playing tho but hey turning off his microphone is a big step ok
  • He smells fruity with a tinge of detergent to your relief because you love him but spending a long amount of time at the computer does not normally make people smell good, but he also smells like-
  • “yoosung?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “why do you smell like the cupcakes I bought for my friend?”
  • “…oh”
  • Smh this child.
  • you both laugh though, and your night continues with small talk and small kisses pressed to the underside of his jaw and he can’t imagine it any other way.


  • The first time you two cuddled it was bc she was really stressed.
  • Bc omg she needs to make paperwork for the café and try to import some high quality beans and wheRE is that furniture magazine oh my god how is she supposed to know what shade goes best with white sand??
  • Spoiler alert its province blue
  • You literally have to pull her to the couch, but shes still insisting that she has to get up and work and fill up more forms and
  • Oh
  • You’re on her lap
  • You’re rubbing her back softly and just humming and her heart beats so fast its like the time she saw Zens Zorro poster for the first time
  • She smells of her paperback notebook, cinnamon and, of course, coffee, and holy shit you wish you could just buy her scent as a candle
  • Turn out you can its literally called cinnamon coffee candle
  • You buy it and paste her name on it. Its ur mini jaehee. u cover it in a blanket when its extinguished and cry when it finishes
  • She actually relaxes????? You did the impossible??
  • She grips on your waist like you were the last cup of coffee on earth and its quiet except for your humming and if someone had told her past self of this scenario she would have never believed it
  • But its real- you’re real and shes never been more blessed.


  • He was reading alone in the living room
  • You had gone to bed earlier, and he had decided to settle down with a glass of wine and, of course, Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • He didn’t get very far, before you emerged from the bedroom, hair a mess and eyes slowly drooping.
  • He really needs to pay for a photographer to capture you at every moment because even now you still make his heart ache with your beauty.
  • “What are you doing, still awake?”
  • “I can’t sleep, can we cuddle?”
  • He throws everything away (rip Elizabeth) and brings you back into the bedroom
  • You’re both lying down on the bed, and he can’t help but be happy because he loves talking to you at night when theres no one else to disturb the both of you.
  • “Why can’t you sleep?”
  • Silence.
  • …shes already fallen asleep hasn’t she.
  • If he knew what smh was he would have used it.
  • But instead he takes the time to fully appreciate her.
  • He always believed that he didn’t need a woman.
  • After all he had Elizabeth the 3rd. Isn’t she enough?
  • Look at his father. He loved him, yes, but to see a woman so clearly take advantage of him and have everyone realize but him? It was his worst nightmare.
  • Yet she came into his life, and she actually cared about him.
  • Rika had V, and this girl could have had anyone else in the RFA, but she chose him.
  • Even when he wasn’t acting rationally, making mistakes when he should always know better, she stayed by him. Took care of him. Loved him, even.
  • He had all the money in the world, but she was worth every penny.
  • She moves slightly in her sleep, grabbing onto him as if to ensure that he stayed.
  • But she didn’t need to worry.


  • Its late and you’re tired
  • There was one particularly annoying guest that you had to spend the whole day talking to explain every single detail of the party
  • Of course, at the end he found your service horrible and refused to go
  • :))))))))
  • You’re lying on your back on the bed with your eyes closed because you simply cant be bothered with moving. This is who you are now. If Seven wanted to talk to you he needs to get in line because now its time for-
  • Wait a minute
  • You cant hear his keyboard clicking away
  • Somethings w-
  • And before you know it you feel a very familiar body on yours
  • -rong. Godammit Seven
  • He smells like, to no ones surprised, Honey Buddha Chips and Dr Pepper, but by now the smell is comforting to you.
  • “its noth-“
  • ..
  • Did he
  • Did he really program the cat to play airhorns to the tune of Darude Sandstorm?
  • You cant help but burst out laughing, and although he laughs too, he cant help but feel relieved that the stressed look is gone from your face, even if just for a little.
  • He may joke a lot, but he genuinely cares about you so much.
  • You’re one of the only constants he has in his life. One day, if he disappears, he knows that you’re not going to give up, that you’re going to follow him and disappear too, and while that makes him feel guilty beyond relief, it also makes him feel unbelievable happy and loved.
  • Hes felt so alone for so long, but now he has you.
  • He feels his throat get restricted, and to hide his face he just hides his face in your hair, blowing raspberries to make that smile stay on your face.
  • He doesn’t go back to work that night.
  • You’ve always been there for him, so now he’s going to be there for you.


  • He loves cuddles bc he loves you so much??????????? Like oh my god im allowed to hug you close and just hold you. you’re real and you want to be with me and v.exe has broke
  • you both had spent a couple of hours in the forest, before the rain had interrupted.
  • now, you’re on his lap on the couch, looking over the photos hes taken.
  • with the rain falling outside, how you looked in an oversized sweater and your cheery comments at each photo, he had never felt so calm.
  • His hand was tracing shapes onto your thigh and he wasn’t even paying attention to the photos, he was just staring at you.
  • Your hair was so fluffy, your skin looked so soft, your eyes were so focused yet they were shining, your lips pulled back in a soft but warm smile and
  • Whoops he didn’t even hear what you said.
  • You had asked him his plans for these photos, but he was just staring at you with such a beautiful smile how on earth did you not start sobbing at that moment?
  • He smells like the rain and pine trees, but he also smell like warmth, if it had a scent.
  • You just put your arms around him and squeeze because oh my god you love him so much hes so adorable??
  • Hes blushing because hes pretty sure hes been caught staring at you but he hugs you back and you both just stay like that, giggling and talking, the camera forgotten on the sofa.
  • Hours later you wake up only to find that you are trapped. Hes asleep and he is not budging. 
  • Hope you’re ready to spend the rest of your life there.
  • Though you have a feeling you are.


  • It was still late at night, but you were still up doing work
  • Or, as others saw it, watching the seventh season of Modern Family, but still
  • You were so into the show that you didn’t see the man coming out of the bedroom, a small hint of fear hidden in his eyes.
  • He closes your laptop, but before you could complain he grabs your hand and drags you to the bedroom.
  • You’re still confused, and slightly annoyed because that was a good part of the episode, but that was when you notice it.
  • The way he’s holding you so tight? The way his breathing is uneven, as if he’s run a marathon? There was only one answer.
  • He had a nightmare.
  • Of course, he denies it when you say it out loud, but the fact that he’s still holding on to you tells you that it was the truth.
  • You feel your heart swell when you realize that he wanted to be with you after he had a nightmare, but you quickly realize: you have no clue how to comfort him.
  • ????? Dr Phil never thought me these things
  • So, you start to sing, because hey, that’s the only plan you have.
  • He hated nightmares, and hated the fear and the feeling of weakness they brought him.
  • His first thought was to be with you, because being with you always made him feel safer  so you just being there would be more than enough.
  • Except he quickly realizes he’s wrong when he hears you sing.
  • O h my god is he dating a reincarnated siren.
  • Your voice is beautiful, soft and melodic as you sing the first lullaby you could think of.
  • It happened to be a song about a sky, and as you sing, he catches himself seeing a sky in his mind and hes decided that if he were to die now, he would die happy.
  • Had he known that day he sent you that message, that you would be the one to calm him down and help him through thick and thin, that you would have shown him love that he wouldn’t have known existed, he would have scoffed and said that he already knew that love didn’t exist.
  • But, as he hugs you even tighter, listening to your voice, he realizes he was wrong.
  • Boy was he wrong.
Those Good Mercymaker Headcanons/Drabble Ideas

*Note: These are all just my own personal headcanons, some are real angsty and others are real cute, many of them are also just ideas for drabbles I’ve had for these two dorks. They are all so good (to me anyways) and I love them so much* 

Sooo many headcanons beneath, please enjoy!

Also feel free to steal some for a drabble idea if you’re inspired, my only request is that you share that good good drabble with me :DDDD

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a slice of love

Who knew love could come in the form of contagious laughter, stranger talks and a cheesecake with a candle that was probably found in the depths of the cabinet. But the universe just surprises you with such fascinating things; its time we just expect the unexpected.

pairing: jimin | reader
words: 2.6k
genre: fluff
summary: jimin never thought he would be blessed with a gift that is you.
a/n: WELL THIS IS A VERY LATE JIMIN GIFT SCENARIO but i was so busy today its 2am right now and this is the only productive time of the day pls love me and my sleeping schedule

You were never the type to dig your nose in other people’s business, especially the ones that were sitting nervously next to the windows of the café, constantly checking at their watches while stealing glances at the door every time the dulcet sweet tones of the chimes indicate a new customer and you could have sworn that your heart sunk when the hopeful smile on their faces were wiped off the minute they realize that they were never going to come.

The stranger that you were undeniably observing right then had the crown of silver hair shone and reflected against the rays of sunlight that filtered through the crystal clear windows had made him more ethereal. But the softness of his hair couldn’t compare to the his eyes that you had observed for the past half and hour; so innocent, holding so much hope in that pool of brown which was speckled with golden flakes in them if he tilts at the right angle. It was to no surprise that he was stood up, fingers drumming against the teak wooden table, entertaining himself with a couple of sips from the Americano that he ordered and you were contemplating on going up to him and refill his cup because its been almost an hour and the coffee was probably cold, just like his eyes as time ticked by.

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Don’t Tell Tony - One-shot (Steve x Reader)

Summary: Reader tries to keep her relationship with Steve a secret from her brother Tony.

Anonymous: Do u still take requests? I just recently got into the fandom and I love capsicle so much. Could u do a x reader where stark is the reader’s older brother and he’s the only one who doesn’t know about steve and the reader’s relationship because the reader was kind of scared/shy about tony knowing

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Hello Doctor (Hong Jong Hyun)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi! I’m so happy that you’re going to be doing scenarios for scarlet heart actors! You’ll do great. I’d like to request a Jonghyun scenario where it’s angst and ends super fluffy. I’m still not familiar with their actors that much but yeah Wang Yo’s actor would be great. Love ur blog!!

“Good morning” you say to Bora who was a nurse and a friend as you pick up your patient folders for the day. You were a pediatrician and a popular one at that. And as you read the name on the first folder your brows knitted together. “Hong Jae Sun was in last week. Why is he rescheduled?” you asked “I don’t think Areum, tells the father of her child anything” she whispers. “Aren’t they married?” you asked “I think they’re on a break or something like that. But Jaesun is in room 3 waiting for you to check” she told you as you nodded.

You put on a big smile before knocking on the door and entering “good morning Jaesun” you coo to the small boy who looked miserable. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him? He started crying last night. He had a fever and and-” “Mr. Hong” you say stopping him as you made eye contact with him. You cleared your throat taking your eyes from the handsome man and to 7 month old Jaesun.

“Jaesun is at the teething age” you state as he let out a sigh of relief. You walked over to a little fridge beside the cabinet and pulled out a frozen teething ring handing it to Jaesun who quickly stuck it into his mouth. “Mr. Hong-” “its Jonghyun. I mean you can call me that” he said quickly fixing his words. “Mr. Hong if you don’t mind me asking. Is your wife keeping your son’s medical conditions from you?” you ask as kindly as you could. “I don’t want to seem like I’m talking bad about her” he spoke as you nodded. “She doesn’t tell me anything about my son” he tell you as you nod. You walk back over to the counter grabbing your card and heading over to him and giving it to him. “If you have questions about your son medically I can answer them. This is my personal number not my office so I sh-” “thank you” he cut you off. “Don’t worry about it. Now I would buy teething rings,allow him to chew on your fingers if he needs it, then also watch out for the drool” you tell him. He nods as he glances down catching you had no ring on your finger “do you have children?” he asks.

You smile “no. I just love them and want them to grow up to be healthy and show how amazing they are” you inform. He smiles at your words “I’ll make sure that Jaesun lives up to those expectations” he says as you nod “good. Sorry to cut this short but I have another appointment in about 10 minutes” you tell him as he nods quickly moving to put his son into his stroller “thank you again Miss. Y/L/N. Have a good day” he says as you wave the two males off.


It was in the following months that you were put in between a messy divorce between the pair. You weren’t even exactly sure why. You were simply a pediatrician for their son.

You gave your normal smile to Areum this time who was pacing around the examing room while Jaesun was atempting to walk around the room. “Have you been telling Jonghyun things about Jaesun?” she instantly asked when you walked in. Your eyes widened “a father deserves to know and worry about his son’s health” you say as she scoffs. “He’s barely around his son. He doesn’t care” she said as you sighed. You hated divorced parents, they made you their outlet. “We’re here to give your son his check up” you inform as she nods. “Has he mentioned me at all?” she asks as you were checking her son’s heart.

“No. His main concern is his son” you say “oh. Does he tell you about the divorce?” she then asks. Rolling your eyes knowing she couldn’t see that you responded “we talk about your son” you tell her again. “I think he likes you” she then says making you freeze “he never asked anything to me when we lived together-” “he takes care of your son alone now, since you live apart. He needs to know how to take care of him” you say stopping her words. “Please can we just pay attention to your son. If not I will have to ask you wait outside of the room until I’m done” you say as her jaw drops.


The next month you were given flowers by Jonghyun who had came by to sign papers. “As lovely as they are Jonghyun I cannot accept them” you say watching his smile drop “children have allergies and pollens never good” you say as he makes an ah sound. “Can I take you out one time-” he started before you cut him off. “No” you say delivering another blow as he nods. “May I ask why?” he says looking down at his hands. “It’s nothing ethical. It’s moral” you say as he looks confused.

“Is it because I’m a parent?” he asks as you gave him a soft look “that’s a dumb question right?” he laughs. “Its sort of true” you say “its not right for your son to have to deal with another mother figure in his life especially in this situation ” you inform. “Children have to experience this in these situations-” “can you promise me right this moment. You and I will be happily married in the future?” you ask making him stop talking all together. “I had been in a relationship that ended after 4 years. I raised a man’s child for those years and now I only get to know anything about her when she’s brought in by her step mother. I don’t need another situation like that occurring” you explain.

“Then can I just take you out for coffee. It doesn’t have to be a date or anything. I just I just like listening to you talk about kids. You seem to love and care for everyone’s children. There’s something comforting about that” he explained. Watching you sit back in your seat and sigh “just coffee?” you asked as he shakes his head “just coffee” he promised as you checked your watch “I have a 30 minute lunch” you say as he smiles.


You broke your rules more than you wanted to with Jonghyun who kept pulling the ‘its just..’ and you let it happen. The one that had you worrying was the one at the moment. You laying in Jonghyun’s bed. Naked. He seemed to pass out rather quickly post-sex. Your head was on his bare chest as he slept peacefully, it left you questioning if he had a good nights sleep recently.

He must have been in a deep sleep not even to respond to the baby monitor. You couldn’t handle the cries of Jaesun and removed yourself from his grasp and grabbed the closest shirt which happened to be his and headed to the source of the crying. You gave Jaesun a smile as you saw him standing up in his crib. You picked him up and brought him to your chest and began bouncing him.

Jonghyun awoke moments after you left his hold for the reason he no longer had someone laying with him. He slid on boxers and went to check on his son hearing the light whines through the monitor. He pushed the door open lightly and stared at the seen in front of him. He felt his heart raise at the sight of you there with his son. His ex-wife wasn’t capable of doing this to him but you were. It made him question his choices in women but without them he wouldn’t have been able to witness what he was seeing now.