it's not just any puppet

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

ok but real widowsombra hours…. widow definitely never imagined her having feelings for someone in the way that she has feelings for sombra and I think that her realizing those feelings ultimately stems from the way sombra treats her… in all of our shorts all we see is widow following orders (“hold the perimeter” ,“get back to the ship”, killing mondatta, ect.) and one thing sombra is super good at is pushing ppls buttons and getting reactions out of them …. something she def does is present widow w autonomy and actually asks her what SHE wants. widow says we need to complete the mission, sombra says, but do you want to? aren’t you tired? she’s always asking widow questions like what she wants to eat, how she’s feeling and why, why she painted her nails that color, why she got a tattoo and a lot of questions are rhetorical and just to tease at first but sombra knows what she’s doing and she knows what it does to widow. making her think about what she wants is something no one’s ever done and eventually it comes to the point where widow realizes something she DOES want.

sombra says, what do you want? and widow replies, you. it’s not the start of a relationship coz they’re both such complicated human beings with contradictory goals and personalities but it’s the start of //something//. sombras always known what she wants, too, and finding that in widow tells her a lot. about widowmaker and about amelie lacroix.