it's not just 20 cents

Inferior Se problems
  • INFJ: *shopping for college supplies*
  • INFJ: But-
  • ISFJ: No.
  • INFJ: But it's so pretty.
  • ISFJ: You do not need a $20 pencil holder.
  • INFJ: But it's like 7 pencil holders mushed together.
  • ISFJ: Do you want to go to college or do you want the pencil holder?
  • INFJ: ???? It's just $20.
  • ISFJ: And you need to save every cent you have.
  • INFJ: ... Fine.
  • ISFJ: ...
  • INFJ: It was so pretty.
Brazil: The giant has awaken

At this point, you have probably heard about the Brazilian protests, and, if you looked up, you probably know why they have been going on. As a Brazilian woman, and representative to all the people who follow this blog, I came to ask you a couple of things:

1- Please, I beg of you, DO NOT come to 2014 World’s Cup and to the 2016 Olympics, we are NOT ready, and you will not enjoy it.

2- Please, support and pray for our country. We are doing everything we can, but we need more. 

Now let me tell you why:

Our politicians are known to be thieves of great amounts of money. They take from the taxes we pay, that are destined to health, education and other public services, and use it on their own behalf. We are living a crisis, since the 80’s, in which public services are crap and the biggest amount of our kids don’t have access to any cultural event (such as music and theater) because those are directed to the richer part of the population. We have been living a commodity situation, until now. We have realized how damaged our nation is.

Our bus rides cost between R$2,00 (US$ 0,90) and R$5,30 (US$ 2,39) each, in a country where the minimum paycheck is worth R$ 678 (US$ 304,39), and the biggest part of the Brazilian population is payed the minimum amount or less. This same biggest part of the population takes the bus two or four times a day. The most common ride costs R$ 2,80 ( US$ 1,26), and the government was trying to increase it to R$ 3,00 (US$ 1,35), without increasing the minimum paycheck. This attempt was the last drop for us.

In the meanwhile, we are hosting the Confederations Cup. There were spent R$ 27 billions ( US$ 12.12 billions) with the preparation for the world cup next year, and our government claims we don’t have enough money to invest in education and health issues. We do understand that this will be an investment on tourism, but only for a couple of years. We are wasting US$ 12.12 BILLIONS in a couple of years, when we could invest it in infinite lifetimes. We barely have hospitals for ourselves, how do you expect to be treated if you come and get sick? We have to pay thousands for year for quality education and the biggest part of us cannot afford it, how do you expect our kids to grow successful? Our global representatives are a bunch of thieves, who do you expect to find here? Our police service fails to protect us, and you expect them to protect you? 

As you can see, we are FAR from ready to welcome you. Believe us when we tell you: It’s not just 20 cents. We, the Brazilian youth, have lived inside our bubbles for long now. We have finally realized something has to be done. We have finally decided to fight for our rights as Brazilian citizens. We want schools, teachers, hospitals, doctors, medicines, public transportation and quality. Most of all, we want quality. We need quality. 

So, once again, I ask you: please, support our cause. Spread the word, march for Brazil, give us a shout of hope. If we have global support, then we have everything. 


An adaptation of the Brazilian National Anthem, that translates to something like:

“Between thousands

it is you, Brazil

the one they stole from 

the most”


The biggest demonstrations since the dictatorship! Rio has awakened! Although they changed the prices back to 2.75, it does not change the social problems and the corruption that plague the country. People are going to the streets to demand that the Brasilian government stop spending money on stadiums and start taking care of its own people, people are dying everyday for lack of public health resources and there is a high demand for educational resources. 

Sorry for blurry images, once they began to throw tear gas i ran. 

1st pic: military ready to protect the building but not their people

2nd: Globo is the biggest source of news in Rio, and they are as shitty as Fox. 

3rd: Skaters United! 

4th: at this point, because of the tear gas, people ran in all directions, on both sides of the highway

5th: protestors interrupting transportation 

6th: Pigs ready to attack. they would protect a stadium but not their people. and behind this group a bigger group of pigs were behind them ready to attack. all armed. 

Sometimes I browse the #changebrazil tag and doodle

the spray can says “pimenta” which means pepper in portugese, but unfortunately you can’t see it.

Sem violencia means “no violence”, which is what protesters cried during their manifestations. Unfortunately, police retaliated with violence. Multiple times. Rubber bullets and tear gas and pepper spray. It’s heartbreaking for me, but those Brazilians are like warriors. They ain’t giving up soon.

Keep it up Brazil <3