it's not jasmine

Things Hamilton Doesn’t Tell You

Alexander and Eliza had 8 children. One of them was named Angelica.

Speaking of Angelica, she actually eloped with her husband to England. Maybe she did love him a little bit.

The Schuyler sisters were 3 of 14 Schuyler children, 8 who lived to adulthood. Angelica’s father did in fact have sons.

Maria Reynolds eventually divorced her husband. And get this, her attorney was Aaron Burr.

Angelica’s son Phillip worked for Alexander Hamilton as an aide-de-camp.

Once upon a time, a bunch of Tories and Native Americans broke into the Schuyler mansion, intending to seize the Schuyler sisters’ father. Everyone, including Angelica and Eliza, who were both pregnant, ran upstairs, but they forgot a baby downstairs, so Peggy went to get the baby and got confronted by the group. She scared off the group of Tories and Native Americans, but she did get a tomahawk thrown at her. 

Angelica’s son named a town after her. Best mother’s day gift ever.

Eliza and Alexander adopted a two-year-old girl whose mother had died and who lived with them until she was 12 and went to go live with her sister. 

Eliza lost both of her parents, Alexander, her son, and Angelica all within a 4 year period. She outlived all of her siblings except the youngest.

After Alexander died, Eliza made James Monroe apologize for his accusations of financial speculation against Alexander.

the thing with me and depression like we’re not dick and dom, we’re not ant and dec, we’re not smosh, we’re not omfgitsjackanddean. i’m me. he’s depression. we’re friends. we live together but we’re separate people. you know what i mean? you know you can like us both but we’re not a double act you know what i mean i don’t think we want to be a double act ‘cause we like just being friends as individuals

the hamilcast at a haunted house
  • lin: tries to act tough but does a super high pitched scream at literally everything
  • chris: isn't scared by anything, only came to see everyone's faces
  • phillipa and renee: squeal and hide their faces when they see something slightly scary
  • daveed: dad friend who comforts everyone
  • oak: makes scary voices in the dark and almost makes lin cry
  • anthony and jasmine: huddle together. jasmine protects anthony from the monsters

“The time is now”
“And Peggy!!!”

i like how dan enjoys his black jean jacket so much and how he pulls up the collar to feel like a badass even tho it makes him look smaller and silly and cute and how he tries to pull the sleeves down over his hands but it’s a freaking jean jacket that will not cover his huge hands and he looks comfortable and happy in it