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Title: The View
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Word Count: 350
Warnings: None
Notes: Request from anon for “Could I request a Cheryl x fem! Reader with the prompt ‘Oh, don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.’” ♥

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Dancing had never been your forte. There were way too many things involved in it: arms, legs, torso, hips – there was no possible way for you to do all of that at the same time, and for it to look good. You wholeheartedly commended those who could – such as your girlfriend, Cheryl.

At the present moment, you were sitting cross-legged on the floor of an empty room in Thornhill, watching as Cheryl moved about in various intricate and complex ways before you. She always appreciated having you present when she practiced new cheer routines. She trusted your opinions to be honest, rather than either of her mindless lackeys, or anyone else who either feared her, or just didn’t care (her parents being the latter).

What always awed you about Cheryl was how different she was when it was just the two of you. In public, she was harsh to everyone around her, and although she was never that way with you, she was still nowhere near as kind and considerate as when you two were alone. She was constantly doting on you – “Is the room too hot, or too cold?” “Are you comfortable?” “Are you hungry?” “Is my music too loud for you?” – no matter how often you assured her that if you needed anything, you would let her know. You didn’t mind, though; you knew it was her way of letting you know that she cared.

“Are you sure you don’t want a chair?” Cheryl inquired as she took a brief recess from her practice. The rise and fall of her chest was pronounced as she attempted to regain her breath, and her long, red haired ponytail was now messy, some strands sticking to her forehead with sweat. The skin-tight shorts she wore were enough to make your mind go blank, and the lacking length of them didn’t help, either.

“Oh, really, don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the view,” you responded, leaning back on your hands with a sly smirk.

Cheryl rolled her eyes, but you could see a smile tugging at the corners of her red lips.


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Hey! How are you? May I get a Scenario where Shinsou's female s/o gets cat called often while walking alone or with friends and is now intimidated by men, so whenever she walks hand in hand with Shinsou and a man(doesn't matter who) passes next to her, she instantly holds his hand tighter and looks down. I honestly feel pathetic being intimidated but it's something I have to live with :/

I’m doing fine, thanks for asking! Aww, dear, I’m so sorry! :( You don’t deserve to feel that way, and please don’t let men intimidate you! Search for help, go well-accompanied and try to ignore what they might say! The final sentence goes to you as well, okay? I hope this makes you feel a little better!

Word count: 841.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

The rain fell nonstop upon the empty streets, the sound and scent would be relaxing if it weren’t for the prominent noise of cars and urban smell. One wouldn’t think it wasn’t the perfect day to go out, but the weather forecast had proved to be wrong, promising a sunny day that was soon hidden by dark clouds.

Not that Shinsō minded; he actually liked the rain. And there he was, walking under the cover of a dark umbrella with [Name] snuggled close to him, hands meeting on the long handle. They were coming back from the library, and thanks god Shinsō decided to bring an umbrella because of the humid smell and the approaching clouds.

Now, thanks to that mistaken weather forecast, most of the persons you would see walking past them would be businessmen who were hurrying to their homes under the gentle slivers of refreshing water.

But Shinsō was quick to notice the change in his lover’s demeanor.

First it was a salaryman comfortably talking on his phone, resting under a facade to save himself from the rain. When they walked close enough to the distracted man, the purple-haired boy could feel his lover inching closer to him and her grip on his hand tightening slightly as she tried to look somewhere in the distance.

Then, when they were close to her house, a boy who he remembered had been in the library earlier, and was rushing down the street. [Name] jumped startled as he flashed next to her, and a barely noticeable whimper was a sound Shinsō noticed even behind the deaf pitter-patter.

Now that he remembers it, when that boy walked next to them with a couple of books under his arm, [Name] tensed and quickly sought for her lover’s warm hand and squeezed a little; gesture that he, unfortunately, had decided to let slip.

But not anymore, there was something wrong about [Name]’s behavior, and he felt responsible of helping her through anything that could be bothering her. What kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn’t?

In her room, in the safety of her house, the rain sounded duller outside, but the constant sound brought a calm atmosphere to the room. The girl sat on her bed and, next to her, Shinsō, who was constantly looking at her in a concerned daze.

After some seconds of awkward silence, [Name] took a deep breath and spoke:

“Is everything okay?” But his voice laced with hers as they spoke the same words in unison; the female couldn’t help a small giggle, but her small smile faltered when she saw that his expression held a solemn and worried meaning.

“Is everything okay?” He repeated, clearer this time, reaching for her hand. “You looked a bit tense today… Were you cold?” He joked slightly, trying to lighten up the mood. But she didn’t even flash a small ghost of a smile, and instead looked deep in thought.

“I…” She hesitated, looking at Shinsō with troubled eyes. “I guess I have learned to… keep my guard up… more than I should.”

“Why? Does something make you uncomfortable?” He squeezed her hand, and carefully added: “Do men make you uncomfortable?”

When she looked up at him, he knew his question had hit the nail on the head.

“Just some bad experiences.” She sighed. “Sometimes, men would make me very uncomfortable. They would stare at me, and wouldn’t even try to hide it, and their catcalls were so indecent… I… I was barely able to leave my house for a week, and every time I did I tended to become very uncomfortable next to men, even if they did nothing…” She never stopped looking at Shinsō as she explained her situation with slight hesitation.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” At his concerned question, she choked out a laugh, almost pitiful, and looked at him with apologetic eyes.

“I didn’t think it would be important enough to bother you with this,” she sighed, looking down at her hands.

“Hey, [Name]. Look at me, will you?” She shakily lifted her head, and he quickly cupped her face with both hands to keep her looking straight into his eyes, filled with determination. “Listen here: anything that is bothering you, is bothering me, okay? Don’t think it will annoy me, so if you have any problem, just call me.”

She nodded her head, tears slowly brimming her eyes, and a small smile pulling at her lips; he reciprocated her gesture and kissed her cheek fondly.

“You’re beautiful, at least I acknowledge that those men have a good taste,” he joked, and wiped the tears right before they rolled down her cheeks. “But I love you much more than those jerks will ever fantasize. I promise no one will ever treat you so poorly as long as I can help.”

“Okay. Thank you, Hitoshi,” she grinned wider, and leaned in for a kiss, which he happily met halfway.

“Cowards who don’t dare to properly ask for your love don’t even deserve your discomfort, [Name].”