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what is (in your opinion) the ideal silver characterization?

sonic 06 comes closest for me! i think a lot of fans cant agree on how to characterize him bc the writing in 06 is kinda inconsistent, and then in sonic rivals he gets written kind of differently… 

but imo silver has these defining traits: 

  • very driven with strong morals (he puts it on himself to fix the future and he has a crisis about whether or not to kill sonic)
  • naive/gullible/trusting (blaze states this herself several times, plus its pretty obvious based on how silver regards life and things in general. blaze is a good foil to this)
  • a bit insecure and awkward (another thing blaze states, plus shown with how silver reacts to amy and how he interacts with sonic after he’s formed a truce with him. i remember silver stopping a ton of robots from attacking sonic and when sonic thanks him he goes “uh, yeah”)
  • impatient/impulsive (given how quickly he goes along with mephiles, and his frustration about the state of crisis city)
  • has a big appreciation for the beauty of the world and the people in it (i think this one is more subtle, but he makes a lot of comments about how the past looks, and i think its an important aspect of him)

theres other traits i imagine him with that might be more of a headcanon/projection sort of thing (like i imagine him being a hopeless romantic and a daydreamer gjsdjd) but i think these are the core things that id love to see emphasized! 

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Who was the one who said "she was such a pretty girl" ??

Okahira was.

It’s likely though the reason he said that is because Ishida is using him as a narrative device to voice Ui’s thoughts. Oddly enough, despite literally being willing to sell his soul to the devil for her Ui hasn’t exactly made it clear what Hairu is to him.

The obvious answer is romantic attachment, which is also what Okahira’s words seem to hint at but at the same time that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The fact that we see nothing articulated at all about what Hairu was to him, besides her job position that is, however is quite conspicuous. 

If Ui does not have explicit feelings for Hairu than this could be his attempt to correct what he sees as wrong with the CCG. That the organization meant to be heroes protecting others, would actually create a conflict which robbed him of everyone precious to him. Therefore if he were able to restore those things which he lost, Hairu being the closest one to him, then he wasn’t fighting all this time for nothing.

Which is extra ironic then, because Ui’s attempts to save his ideal image of the CCG one that would provide for him and protect him, come at the cost of selling the actual CCG down the river to its death. 

Of course people are complex so it could probably be a little of both things, both genuine care for Hairu but also his need to impose his rigid black and white ideals on the world and make the world conform to them. 

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Hey there. I LOVE your pearl cosplay! I was wondering if you'd be willing to post additional wig pictures and/or share which wig you used for a base? Yours is definitely my favourite pearl wig I've seen. Thanks!

Oh gosh!! Thank you so much!! That means a lot since I’ve gone through more than a few wigs trying to get it right. 

If you’re referring to this version of the wig I used a Malinda CLASSIC in light pink from Arda Wigs. I chose it for its compliance with vertical styling though I wouldn’t quite recommend this as it involves a lot of trimming and the direction of the wefting makes the bangs and side pieces awkward to style. I also chose it as the closest thing to a swept back style you can get without using a lacefront which was the original intention for this cosplay as it’s ideal for mimicking the way Pearl’s hair frames and pulls back from her face. However the lacefront counterpart to the wig I used only comes in a far more saturated pink.   

If you’re referring to this version I personally like it far more in terms of ease of styling, color and softness. This is a character specific wig made by my friends over at The Five Wits that has a wonderful color and was already flipping up in the back right out of the package only needing a bit of trimming and hairspray to get good lift and shape out of it. Unlike the first two, however, this wig has pretty standard wefting which makes the swept back look in the bangs hard to achieve. I settled for soft, directionally inverted bangs and though they don’t frame your face and the gem as well it still looks nice and organic. 

She’s a little droopy from going a few wears without maintenance but here are some additional angles on it. 

I hope this was helpful!  

I ended up watching Jersey Girl last night and kind of got inspired. Oops. If this is too long I’ll put it under a cut, just let me know.

“Lillian!” Liam yelled as he entered his home after a long day at the office. His job was great, put money in his pocket and food on the table every night. Another upside, he was able to be home each night to cook dinner and tuck his little girl in to bed every night. “Lillian! I’m home!”

 Liam heard whispered giggles coming from upstairs and remembered that Lillian had a scheduled play date today. His mum had volunteered to pick her up from school and take her home, monitor the play date, including finishing homework before any actual playing began. He dropped his briefcase on the side table closest to him and toed off his loafers. He loved his job but could do without the uniform. Stuffy suits and ties were not ideal, it beat his old job though, the local garbage man. It too had its perks but wasn’t Liam’s dream goal. A goal that got a little sidetracked when Lillian came into his life a little over seven years ago. He had just turned eighteen, about to start his first year of uni when his summer hookup, Sophia, broke the news to him. She was pregnant and keeping it. Gobsmacked is the only word Liam could use to describe how he felt at that moment. In a blink of an eye he saw his entire future vanish. He was going to help Sophia every step of the way because he wanted to, not because he needed to. Liam Payne at eighteen was many things but a deadbeat dad was not one of them. He lucked out, his parents were more than willing to step in when things got too tough, after they got over their initial shock of it all. Sophia never had to ask for anything, whatever she needed was always given to her. Her life was being turned upside down as well. Christmas Eve that year they married in a small ceremony at the local church. Sophia didn’t want anything massive, just close family and a few friends. 

On the fifth of May, Lillian Karen Payne was born and Liam’s life changed forever, in more ways than one. There were complications during the delivery, Sophia’s heart wasn’t strong enough or that’s what the doctors told Liam as they were pushing him out of the delivery room. In another blink of an eye Liam became a father and a widower all at once. He had so many emotions running through him. Overjoyed about the birth of his daughter and utterly distraught over the loss of his wife. He was inconsolable, not wanting to see or talk to anyone. Looking at Lillian hurt him the most. She looked just like her mother, tons of brown hair and big brown eyes that just kept staring up at him in wonder. For the first month of her life, Liam refused to even hold her. It just hurt too much. It was supposed to be them against the world but it was all too much. His family and even Sophia’s mum stepped in and took over, looking after Lillian and Liam every day. In July Liam’s mum had had enough, enough of walking on eggshells around her son. She yelled at him, gave him a talking to that was weeks in the making. Liam’s life was turned upside down, that was a given, but that didn’t give him the right to do that to everyone else’s life. They’d been more than generous in helping him now it was his turn to return the favor and actually become the father he intended to be. 

Over the years things weren’t perfect, no one has a handbook on how to be a single father while still being a teenager. He grieved for his wife every time Lillian did something new, her first word, when she started to crawl and eventually walk and run around. All these firsts were supposed to be experienced as a family. It did get easier though, the pain never went away but it was no longer a constant agony burning in his chest. Liam may be biased but Lillian was probably the best kid to ever have been born. She never fussed or threw temper tantrums, well, not often. After Lillian’s first birthday he moved back into his parents home, they wanted them closer and Liam wasn’t going to argue with that or them. He started uni at the local school up in Wolverhampton while working as the local garage man at nights. It was time consuming and tiresome but more than worth it. His parents had really stepped up and Sophia’s folks came by whenever their time let him. Lillian was filled with an over abundance of love. After four grueling years of school, Liam had graduated top of class and with honors. When he walked the stage to receive his diploma his daughters cheers were the loudest out of the whole noisy room. He was more than proud of himself. 

He landed his job months after graduating, a financial adviser to one of the many tech companies popping up all over Wolverhampton. They were gracious and kind, understanding of Liam’s situation. He was able to drop Lillian off at school and be home in time to feed and bathe her before tucking her in each time. He was also able to afford his own place, mere blocks away from his parents. They stopped by less as time progressed but still were willing to step in and take over the reins when things got overwhelming for Liam. His mum picked Lillian up every day she didn’t after afternoon footie practice, dance class, or a play date. At seven his daughter had a better social life than her father, she always had something she was scheduled to do on the weekend or after school. Liam was lucky he even had friends, if coworkers even counted as friends. And don’t even get him started on the last time he had been on a date. Come to think of it he hasn’t been out with anyone since Sophia died. 

 "Hey mum,“ he greeted her warmly with a kiss on her forehead. "How was Lill today at school?”

“Passed her maths test,” Karen boasted proudly. “Only one in her class to get a perfect score.”

“I told you, my baby is a genius,” he joked, sitting across from his mother at the small kitchen table. “Who’s upstairs with her today? I can’t keep her schedule straight nowadays.”

“Nasir Malik,” Karen rattled off like she was her granddaughter’s walking calendar. 

Liam picked at the tablecloth and he tried to rattle his brain. That name didn’t sound familiar, his daughter had too many friends to keep track of. “Who?”

“Nasir Malik,” she repeated in a huff. “New boy. He moved here about a month ago.”

“My daughter is upstairs alone with a boy!” He shrieked and stood up fast. “Mum! H-why did you okay that idea?”

“Liam,” she chided her son. “Be rational and reasonable. They’re seven, what harm are they going to cause?”

Liam raised his eyebrows and shook his head. “I was seven once, I know how seven year old boys think.”

Liam continued to shake his head and his made his way up the stairs and towards his daughter’s room. The door was closed and giggling could still be heard. Uh oh. This was not ideal, not ideal at all. He kept creeping forward, hoping neither children could hear him approaching. He put his hand on the door handle and let out a calming breath. Whatever was on the opposite side of the door wasn’t going to get the better of him, hopefully. 

“Oh my god!”

“Daddy!” Lillian screamed once her father swung the door open. 

Standing in front of Liam was a seven year old boy with his pants around his knees. His daughter was sitting in front of Nasir, her eyes wide and quizzical, that’s when she looked like Sophia the most. No. Memories were not going to sidetrack him from his. “Lillian Karen Payne!”

“Daddy,” she repeated, still shocked. “Nasir’s thing doesn’t look like yours.”

Liam let out a breath, trying not laugh at his little girls innocence and trying to calm his now boiling blood. “Young man, pull up your pants and I want both of you downstairs now!”

Minutes later both kids sat in front of him on the couch as he sat on the coffee table. He ran downstairs and dismissed his mother after telling her what happened. Karen tried to control her laughter as she left, patting her sons cheeks as she departed. Now Liam had to talk to these kids without being embarrassed himself. He had just caught a seven year old boy with his pants down around his daughter. This definitely wasn’t in the parents handbook he still desperately needed. 

“What are you intentions with my daughter?” He asked Nasir. He tried to keep a straight and stern face but the poor kid looked he was going to piss his pants. 

“Huh?” Nasir asked, looking up at Liam through his long lashes. 

“Daddy!” Lillian exclaimed in embarrassment. “Stop!”

“Young man, what you did was not appropriate, not now, not ever,” Liam scolded him. “I’m going to have to talk to your parents.”

“No, don’t,” he begged, his bottom lip quivering in fear. “Please. My abbu will kill me. Please Mr. Payne, you can’t tell him.”

Liam stood up and nodded his head firmly. “I’m going to need to speak to him son, sorry.”

Waiting for Nasir’s father to arrive was tense. Both kids remained in the living room, sitting on the couch where Liam could keep a close eye on them. Pacing back and forth to look menacing, when in reality he had no idea what he was doing. Mr. Malik had answered the phone and laughed when Liam relayed the story, promising to come by as soon as possible. Five minutes after they phone was hung up Mr. Malik arrived and knocked the breath out of him. He was absolutely gorgeous. He now knew where Nasir got his eyelashes from. He introduced himself as Zayn. He didn’t look much older than Liam was, another young parent in the mix. 

“Sorry,” Zayn apologized as soon as he arrived. “I don’t know where he got this idea from.”

“It’s okay,” Liam assured him. “I’m raising Lillian alone so I don’t even know the protocol for all this.”

“Same,” Zayn replied. “Since he was three it’s just me and Nasir, raising a child all alone should come with a pamphlet.”

Liam’s eyebrows shot up and his eyes got wide instantly. A young parent and also a single parent? Things were certainly looking up for Liam today. He sighed to try and compose himself as he kept looking at the kids who still sat on the couch looking sad and obviously regretting their decisions. “I say that all the time to me mum. Try raising a little girl all alone, even harder.”

“They’re kids,” Zayn reasoned with Liam and he leaned against the refrigerator. He limbs looking longer as he reclined a little. Dark ink peeking out from under his shirtsleeves and his collar. A nose ring shining against the dull kitchen light. “Things like this are bound to happen I guess.”

Liam shrugged, unable to form words due to his tongue feeling heavy in his mouth and his throat feeling dry. “I-I guess.”

Zayn pushed himself off the fridge and shoved his hands in his frayed jeans. “We should do this again?”

“This?” Liam squawked. “Our kids with their pants down, again?”

“No,” Zayn laughed, his tongue pressed behind his teeth, laugh lines by his eyes. Truly adorable. “A play date but with both of us monitoring the rascals.”

“Yea-yeah,” Liam agreed rather quickly. If he had any pride left he would’ve been embarrassed by how quickly he agreed to Zayn’s offer. 

“Good,” Zayn nodded and walked towards the living room and his son. “Come in Nasir, time to go home. Say goodbye to Lillian and Mr. Payne.”

“Bye,” he said to them, how voice low and his head hung in shame. “See you at school tomorrow Lillian.”

“Bye Nasir,” she told him, her voice echoing the little boys. Clearly they both had learned some sort of lesson from today’s events. 

Liam let Zayn and Nasir out, not even caring how obvious he was being as he obviously checked Zayn out as he walked away and towards his car. He didn’t even mind that Zayn turned his head around and winked in Liam’s direction before turning the corner with his son in tow. 


DS9, 2.15: Paradise