it's not hiphop

why you should listen to oneboredjeu mashup

this youtube channel is the best. it’s basically tunes you know and love combined across greatly opposing (or the exact same) genres and groups to create something new, wonderful, familiar, and catchy as hell

you want a swing version of The Lone Slim Shady? here you go

the power of MCR lyrics with a classier, synth-pop background? done and done

the catchy tune of Let It Go with something that is 5000% better than that? bad blood by bastille, bam

ever-popular halsey lyrics with a less serious vibe? Losing Control, vintage version

emo christmas music? order up, bud, i gotcha

and there’s tons of memes, too. they’re also super catchy

i keep finding more cool stuff like literally ust go look this is the best