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As I’m sure you’re all aware, Jeongyeon’s birthday is coming up soon, so that means its time for some more birthday quotes.

You guys know the drill, send in your quotes before midnight on her birthday, I remembered to plan in advance this time so you guys have just under two weeks to prepare and come up with quotes. On the day, quotes get posted under the hashtag ‘happy birthday jeongyeon’

I’d like to encourage as many people to participate as possible, even if you don’t have a lot of faith in whatever you come up with I’d still love to see it. The more people celebrating Jeongyeon’s birthday the better 


super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.


Horror Favorites Meme: [4/8] Heroes - Alice Johnson, the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise 

How do you know so much about dreams? 

Well, when it’s all you have, you kinda become an expert.

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Hello could you tell me what it would be like on Noodles birthday; and wouldn't it be great because its on Halloween. Thank

When Noodle was little, 10 years old:

  • The band would take her trick or treating, and the people opening the doors would compliment especially Murdoc because “it’s so nice when parents dress up with their kids” - Murdoc did not dress up once.
  • Dinner was made by Russel who always cooked whatever she wanted even if it meant he would have to be in the kitchen 8 hours
  • They always woke her up with a tiny cupcake with a candle in it and the first present out of a million - this is still tradition. Noodle loves eating sweet things for breakfast.
  • They always bought her new nintendo games, especially those she had been pointing at when they were out shopping….In reality they have used way too much money on her presents because they can’t help themselves; they gotta spoil their lil girl
  • Unlimited piggyback rides and sweets

Teenage Noodle:

  • They tried to buy her a Wii once and it failed completely, she made an ugly Mii for each of the members and put it in the trash
  • “Why are you dressed up? No, we’re not going trick or treating! You’re embarrassing me!”
  • The boys would secretly hate that she’s not their little girl anymore
  • They all have notes in their rooms where they write down her wishes because they all have no clue what to buy for a teenager
  • still wake her up with a cupcake and a present


  • The boys all cry a little each time, sobbing something about “SHE’S SO GROWN UP NOW”
  • They go out to a new place to eat cake each year
  • They always do Just Dance battles in the evening (Noodle wins because she knows the dance routines in her sleep, though Murdoc nails Thriller each time)
  • ..and then go out for drinks till 5 a.m. Noodle demands that they dress up for halloween on this occasion
I Don’t Celebrate Birthdays

Word Count: 2872

    A\N: here’s a requested fic, and I did it in first person because someone suggested that I write a fic in it. I hope you all enjoy! Much love!

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    “Did you really think you could keep secrets from me, Y/N?” Veronica asked, startling me as I was getting my history text book from my locker.

    “I don’t know what you mean.” I called over my shoulder, digging through my backpack for a pencil, I was always losing those damn things.

    “Don’t play stupid with me, Jughead told me already.” she said, my heart skipping a beat at the mention of Jugheads name. Other than that, I was a little tired of her guessing game and I rolled my eyes, thankfully she didn’t see.

    “I still don’t know what you’re talking about, Ronnie, you’re going to have to be a little more specific.” I said, closing my locker and turning around to face her.

    “You’re birthday is this Saturday! (y/b/d) is your birthday right?” she excitedly asked, and I gulped, reluctantly nodding my head.

    “Yes, but please don’t say anything to anyone else, especially not Cheryl, I really don’t want anything big and special for my birthday. I’d rather pretend it wasn’t happening.” I said, walking down the hallway with Veronica by my side, looking curiously at me.

    “Why don’t you want to celebrate?” she asked, and I sighed, the subject made me kind of sad, but I trusted Veronica with my hardships and feelings.

    “I’ve never really celebrated my birthday. Back home, my parents didn’t care much about them, it was such an unimportant event in my household that when I was little, I barely could even remember when my birthday was. It wasn’t until school when I really started to remember, only because my teachers would wish me a happy day.” I admit, my heart sinking a little. Veronica looked at me apologetically, putting a hand on my shoulder.

    “I’m so sorry, wait so you’ve never had a birthday party?” She asked, and I chuckled sadly.

    “Nope, to me, my birthday is just another day. Nothing too special about it, or about me.” I said, finally reaching my history class. Veronica gave me a hug, and I gladly accepted, she was my best friend of course. “Enjoy your off period.” I said, and she smiled.

    “Have fun in history.” she said, backing up slowly, and I could see a hint of mischief on her face, and I could tell the cogs in her head were turning. She was up to something, but instead of questioning her further, I went inside the classroom, taking my seat, I’d ask her later.


    “I want to throw Y/N a surprise birthday party.” Veronica announced as she walked into the student lounge where the rest of the gang were chilling. Y/N was the only one in the gang who didn’t have 4th period off. Cheryl quickly stood from her seat, smiling wide.

    “I want to help!” She exclaimed and Veronica nodded her head excitedly.

    “Wait, its Y/Ns birthday?” Kevin asked, the question peaking Josie, Archie, Betty, and Reggies interest too, they weren’t aware of her birthday either.

    “Yes, and I don’t think she’d like that very much.” Jughead said, closing his laptop and looking up at the raven-haired girl from his seat on the couch. “She doesn’t have all that great of a backstory with birthdays-”

    “Yeah yeah, mommy and daddy didn’t celebrate them with her, she didn’t know her own birthday for the first few years of life, I heard the story.” Veronica interrupted, and Jughead rolled his eyes, not too happy she had exposed Y/Ns birthday sob story for the whole lounge to hear.

    “That’s awful.” Archie said, sitting up on the couch.

    “Yeah, her parents sound like dicks.” Reggie added, and everyone nodded their heads.

    “Very much so, which is why I want her to celebrate her birthday with people who actually care. Throw her a party that will make her like her birthday again, Y/N deserves to be celebrated!” she said.

    “Birthdays aren’t just about getting older, they’re celebrating you being put on this earth, it’s like celebrating her existence, and showing her we all love her by doing just that will totes make her happy!” Cheryl said, quickly pulling out her phone.

    “Anyone who’s willing to help plan it will definitely be appreciated, i want to make this the best day of her life.” Veronica said, smiling to the kids around her who were nodding.

    “Count me in.” Betty said, and Archie grabbed her hand.

    “Me as well.” he added.

    “What the hell, I love to plan a good party, and Y/N is one of my closest friends so…” Kevin said, shrugging his shoulders and smiling.

    “I want to help, and the Pussycats and I would totally love to play for her!” Josie replied excitedly.

    “I’ll get my teammates to bring some booze, make it a real party!” Reggie said, pulling out his phone to text his friends, Veronica smiled, looking towards Jughead.

    “Juggie, are you in?” She asked, and Jughead ran his hand through his hair. Sure he wanted to do something special like this for you, but he was scared you wouldn’t react nicely to it. A surprise party is a big thing, a small get together would be much better.

    “Yeah come on, maybe you’ll find the perfect time to tell her how much you love her.” Reggie said teasingly, and the whole crew agreed, causing Jughead to blush slightly. Little did they know they had actually hit a nerve, everyone suspected his feelings for the y/h/c girl, but it was never confirmed.

    “Yeah whatever, count me in I guess.” He muttered, opening his laptop again.

    “Alright, then its settled, operation ‘Surprise Birthday Bash’ is underway.” Veronica said, jumping excitedly.


    “Why exactly do I have to dress nicely if we’re just going to Pops?” I asked Polly who had come over to my house, out of the blue may I add, and asked if I wanted to join her at the diner.

    “I-I don’t want to be the only one in a dress.” Polly said, trying her best to make an excuse. “I’m already going to stand out as a pregnant young lady, it would be greatly appreciated if I wasn’t the only one in a dress”

    “Because people are definitely going to care.” I said, rummaging through my closet for a dress. I pulled out a black dress that fell to mid thigh, and had a cut-out on the chest with fairly short sleeves. It was casual but with a hint of elegance to it, it was my favourite.

    “Yes, definitely that one!” Polly said excitedly, turning around so I could change into it. I pulled it over my body, smoothing the garment out against myself and Polly smiled brightly at me. “Beautiful as always! You ready?”

    “Yup, let go!” I said excitedly because damn I was hungry. I got into the car with Polly, and she climbed into the front seat, turning on the music and driving off. After a few minutes of driving, she suddenly pulled over to the side of the road, rummaging through her purse.

    “Oh damn it.” she muttered under her breathe, and I just watched, very confused as to what was going on. “I forgot my phone at home, we’ll have to go get it. My parents are out of town and they call every few hours to make sure everything is alright.” she said, starting the car again and racing down the street.

    “Oh okay, do you want me to run inside and get it for you? I can’t imagine how hard it must be to climb in and out of cars with a stomach that size.” I offered, and Polly laughed, one hand going down to her very pregnant belly.

    “You’re a sweetheart, I’m so glad you moved here and became friends with my sister and I!” she said, and I smiled, Polly was so kind, I swear I loved her just as much as her sister. My heart fluttered at the thought of love, the next person coming to mind was Jughead. I loved him of course, but in a different way as everyone else.

    “My phone is on the kitchen counter,  but I don’t know if the door is unlocked… hmm. How about I just come in with you, I could use a glass of water before we get on the road again.” Polly said, getting out of the car and I followed, walking with her to the front of the house. I got to the door first though, and I tried it, seeing it was unlocked I swung it open and tried to look through the darkness. Polly was right behind me, and together we looked for the light switch. Before I could find it though, they turned on, and I saw a ton of people jump out from behind furniture.

    “Surprise!” the crowd yelled, scaring me half to death, to which everyone thought was funny because they started laughing.

    “I-I-I don’t know what to say… is this all for me?” I stuttered, taken aback by all the people who actually cared enough to celebrate my birthday with me.

    “Of course silly, who else would it be for?” Cheryl said, walking from the crowd, giving me a hug.

    “I don’t know.” I half laughed, looking around at everyone.

    “Well, are we just going to stand here or are we going to get our party on?” Veronica asked, and everyone cheered.

    “What do you want to drink, birthday girl?” Reggie asked, dragging me along to the kitchen and I shrugged.

    “Hmm, how about a Rum and Dr. Pepper?” I suggested, and Reggie looked at me surprised. “What, you did bring alcohol right, I mean why else would you be here?” I teasingly asked, and Reggie rolled his eyes.

    “I’m here because it’s your birthday and you’re one of my favourite people, and of course I brought alcohol. I was just surprised that’s what you wanted to start with, I’ve never taken you as much of a drinker.” He said, and I nodded, slightly agreeing.

    “Me either.” Jughead said behind me, making my heart stop and I must have blushed because Reggie looked at me knowingly.

    “Make that two rums and Dr. Peppers, please?” I asked, and Reggie nodded.

    “You got it, birthday girl.” I smiled at him and turned around to face Jughead, admiring his wild beanie-less raven-hair and his bright smile.

    “Happy birthday, Y/N.” he said sweetly. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself.”

    “Thank you Juggie, and yeah, I’m having fun so far, although it’s a little big, a small get together would have been nicer, half these people don’t know who I am.” I said, and Jughead nodded. Reggie handed us our drinks, breaking my gaze from the boy in front of me.

    “Then you should change that, make them know who you are.” he said, winking and backing away.

    “Alrighty Reggie, I’ll try that.” I said, Jughead and I chuckling to ourselves.

    “You know, I told them that a small get together would be better, but no one ever listens to me.” he said, and I laughed and pretended to be offended.

    “Hey, I listen to you all the time, what do you mean?” I defensively said, and he nodded his head, taking a sip of his drink.

    “Oof, that’s strong.” he said, shaking his head slightly, and I laughed. “Well anyways Y/N, speaking of listening, do you mind hearing me out on something real quick?” he asked somewhat nervously, and I nod my head.

    “Of course Beanie, what’s up?” He smiled slightly at the use of my nickname towards him, and it made my heart beat a little faster. I took a drink of my Rum and Dr. Pepper, also shuddering slightly at how strong it was.

    “Listen, it’s totally okay if you don’t feel the same,” he started, and my eyes widen a bit, I mean this couldn’t be happening could it? I’m imagining this, I’m day dreaming. “But I’ve been feeling some kind of way ever since you’ve moved here a year ago, and I haven’t been able to shake it… I guess what I’m trying to say is I think I’m in love with you.” he said, and my smile grew larger.

    “Oh, Juggie I love you too.” I said, and his face lit up.

    “Wait, you do?” he asked unsurely, and I nodded, putting my drink on the counter next to me.

    “Of course, how could I not? You’ve been here for me since day one of me being in Riverdale, you’ve stuck by my side and made me laugh, and you always know how to cheer me up when I’m sad. It seems it was destiny for me to fall for my sardonic, beanie wearing, sarcastic, handsome best friend.” I said, and Jughead leaned down, smiling at me. He got close to my face, closing his eyes to which I did the same.

    “It seems it was destiny for me to fall for the new, sassy, sarcastic, sometimes very bitchy, beautiful girl who would also happen to be my best friend.” he whispered before pressing his lips to mine. We that there for what felt like forever, not that I was complaining, and I swore everything in my life was leading up to this very moment, I felt as if I found my missing puzzle piece.

    “Betty, Archie, Veronica, you all owe me $20!” Cheryl yelled, causing both me and Jug to jump and see her looking happily at us. “Finally, you two are together! I was honestly about to rig a game of spin the bottle orseven minutes in heaven to get you two to admit your feelings and makeout or something, but it doesn’t seem to look like I need to anymore!” I blushed and Cheryl walked over to us. “I wish you two years of happiness,” she started, and then faced only Jughead. “And just so you know, if you hurt her, don’t expect to get her back after you two break up, if it doesn’t work out, I want my turn with the beautiful Y/N.” she said, turning to me and winking. She exited the room, and I heard as Betty, Archie and Veronica excitedly talked over what Cheryl just witnessed, and then we heard Reggie join in.

    “Well, that was unexpected.” I said, and Juggie laughed, agreeing with me.

    “Yes it was, but don’t worry, I don’t plan on giving you up any time soon.” he said, and I blushed, leaning in to peck him on the lips.

    “Best birthday present ever, finding out the love of my life actually loves me back.” I mumble, and Jughead cleared his throat.

    “Actually, I got you something else for your birthday. You know, other than my love.” He joked, and I looked at him adoringly.

    “You didn’t have to do that, Jug!” I said, but he waved it off and took a small box out of his back pocket, handing it to me. I looked at him and then the box, opening it up slowly. Inside was a charm bracelet with a crown, cheeseburger, snake, book, and a heart with his initials on one side and mine on the other. He took a boyish chain necklace out of his shirt, and I saw the same heart charm that was on my bracelet also adored his necklace, and I smiled, coming close to tears.

    “I wasn’t going to get us friendship bracelets, because honestly Reggie just stopped teasing me recently, and I don’t feel like having him come back to it, but I thought you’d appreciate a bracelet.” he said somewhat shyly, and I giggled, taking it out of the box and putting it on.

    “It’s beautiful Jughead, thank you.” I said, and he nodded his head, wrapping his arm around me waist.

    “Shall we go party, birthday girl?” He asked.

    “I thought you hated parties.” I said, and he rolled his eyes playfully.

    “Pshh, I’ll make an exception if it means I get to dance with the prettiest girl here.” He said, pulling me to the living room, but not before I grabbed my drink. This definitely was the best birthday ever, my best friends were here, they weren’t playing shitty music, and I finally had the one I loved so much to myself. As we walked into the living room, everyone went silent, and Betty, Polly, Veronica and Cheryl all stood holding a large cake with 16 candles on it, and Josie, Melody, and Valarie started playing 'Happy Birthday.’ I smiled big, and everyone in the room started singing to me.

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday Dear Y/N!

Happy Birthday To You!

    Everyone in the room started to cheer, and all the sudden, started by Archie, Reggie, and the football team, everyone started chanting 'make a wish! Make a wish!’ I looked around the room, and my heart was overcome with love.

    “I don’t have any, everything I’ve ever wanted is right here in this room.” I said, and the room erupted in 'awes’ and claps. I blew out the candles, and everyone cheered. Who needed my blood family, I have my real family right here.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word coun
t : 4 863
warning : smut
summary : Reader’s parents (leaders of the werewolf pack in Portland) and Kai’s parents arrange a marriage to grant peace between the supernaturals in Oregon. Both Kai and Reader are 17 years old at the time. On her 18th birthday something happens for the first time.
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Getting married at seventeen had been the last thing Y/N had expected to happen to her but her parents, the leaders of one of the largest werewolf packs in Portland, had decided a unity with the Gemini coven would grant stability and peace between the supernaturals. Y/N’s mother had broken the news to her barely a month before the actual wedding and until the point the girl got to the alter, she had had no idea who was to be her husband.
Turned out her parents had chosen Malachai Parker, someone she had vaguely known for years because they went to the same high school. Kai always kept to himself and they had rarely interacted but Y/N couldn’t deny how hot he was. However he also acted immature and annoying at times, which was why after the wedding, she mostly kept to herself.
After their wedding, Y/N’s parents helped them get their own place. Both of teenagers still had trouble believing they were actually married, mostly because arranged marriages hadn’t been a thing for centuries but after all the bloodshed between the supernaturals in Oregon, their parents had found a peaceful way to put an end to it. During the past few months there had been no attacks and their ‘treaty’ appeared to be working. Though there was one thing the young couple still hadn’t done…
* * *
Kai looked at his wife, sitting on the other end of the couch, reading a book while he sat there watching her unable to tear his eyes away. Y/N was beautiful, kind, understanding and with heart big enough for everyone. During their time together, he had come to like her. Perhaps even love her, in his own way. Feelings weren’t easy for him to understand but he knew he felt something for this girl. She didn’t look at him as if he was an abomination for being born without his own magic, but as someone who deserved to be treated with respect and that was enough for him to start falling for her. He wanted her to like him and since it was her birthday that day, he decided to make something special for her, to surprise her and see her smile. He loved her smile, her laugh and seeing her eyes sparkle every time she saw something she loved. He loved the way her brows furrowed every time she was focused on something, how her nose crinkled when she was hiding something and the way she ran her fingers through her hair every time she was nervous. Kai loved all those little things –
    “Hey, Y/N ?” he asked cautiously, knowing she might get upset with him for interrupting her while reading. Y/N glanced up from her book. “I um – I know it’s your birthday today and I – Do you want to go to dinner … or something ?”
    “Are you asking me out on a date ?”
    “Yeah, I um … I guess I am.” he smiled nervously. “We never really got to go on one before we got – married.”
Y/N smiled at him. “I’d love to go on a date with you.”
    “You would ?” he asked surprised, the corners of his mouth twitching. Y/N nodded. “Okay, um … be ready by eight. Or is that too late ? I have no idea –”
    “No. Eight is perfect. What should I wear ? A dress or –”
    “It's your birthday. You can wear whatever you want. Even converses with your dress. I know you love doing that.” he winked at her. “Hey, does you agreeing to go on a date with me mean you are starting to like me ?”
Y/N moved a little closer to him, closing her book. They gazed into each other’s eyes for a long moment and the corners of her mouth twitched. His girl looked so stunning in that instant, her pink lips pressing together and her eyes sparkling, he felt compelled to kiss her, but fought back on that urge.
   "Perhaps.“ she trailed off, glancing at the clock. “I’ll go um … find something to wear. Do my hair and stuff.”
Y/N got up, ran her fingers through her hair and took a step right past him when he gripped her wrist, making her turn around. Almost three months spent with this girl … his wife, and even though most times she kept to herself, it felt nice to have someone in his life who doesn’t flinch every time he touches them.
    “Whatever you chose to wear, however you decide to make your hair – you will look stunning.” he said softly, seeing her cheeks flush a bright shade of red. 
    “Thanks.” she gave him a small smile.
Kai’s eyes followed her every movement as she made her way up the stairs, and he smiled to himself. Perhaps that night will change things between them for he better and he won’t feel so alone anymore. As soon as the sound of her bedroom door closing reached him, he got up and headed towards the kitchen to prepare.

Around 7.45PM he waited for her at the end of the stairs, nervously playing with his hands when he heard her coming and his breath got caught in his throat the moment he laid eyes on her. Y/N had chosen a short light blue/white fluffy dress, which she had decided to wear with her favourite converses. There was next to none make up on her face and in that moment she looked so much like an angel, he could almost see white feather wings on her back.
    “Wow.” he smiled widely at her as she made her way down the stairs.“You look absolutely breathtaking.”
Y/N smiled shyly at the ground. “Thank you. Not so bad yourself.” the corners of her mouth twitching. “Blue huh ?”
Kai looked down at his shoes for a moment, realising they were matching – he had chosen plain jeans, a white shirt and blue plaid shirt. “I like blue. Same as you, apparently.” he smiled, awkwardly putting his arm around her waist.
    “Are you going to tell me where are we going ?” she asked curious as they got outside the house and headed towards his car. 
    “No. That’s um … a surprise.” he smiled, holding the door for her. “You will love it. At least I hope you will.”
It was shortly after sunset and the skies still had that pink/purple glow when the car pulled out of the driveway and they headed out of town. Neither of them talked much on the way, but both kept stealing glances at the other every few seconds. After about a half hour on the road, with nothing besides trees and occasionally a forest animal around, he pulled over in the middle of nowhere.
    “Where are we ?”
Kai grinned at her and pulled out a blindfold from his pocket. “Somewhere special, but I can’t let you see just yet. You stay here and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
    “If you ditch me, I swear –”
    “I will never leave you, Y/N.” he said gazing into her eyes before tying the blindfold, brushing his fingers against her cheek right after. “Never.
Y/N listened to the car doors open and close, then to Kai’s footsteps heading away. Hearing him say he’d never leave her, the way he had said it had made her heart skip a beat. A small smile spread across her face thinking about him. Her husband wasn’t at all what she thought he was when they got married. There was a lot more than meets the eye with him and she had come to like him. No, not like. Y/N had started falling for him. How can she not ? His smile was literal sunshine, his eyes were capable of driving her crazy with one look and those dimples… there was something about him that drew her in like a magnet.
A few minutes passed and Kai came back for her just like he had promised. He helped her out of the car, wound his arm around her waist and held her hand with his other hand while leading her somewhere. Her heart was about to leap out of her chest but it wasn’t excitement that caused it, at least not completely. It was because of the way he held her towards him, how gentle and careful he was she doesn’t trip over something. He never said a word on their way to wherever they were going, but feeling his breath on her neck was enough to send butterflies in her stomach. No one had ever made anything special for her and there he was – surprising her in more ways than one.
    “Ta-da.” he said, removing the blindfold.
    “Oh my God.” she covered her mouth with her hands. Stars glimmered overhead and on the ground a large blanket was spread with lit up candles, rose petals, all her favourite foods and even a bottle with wine. Everything was so absolutely perfect, she completely forgot how to speak for a moment. “You did all this for me ?”
Y/N turned towards Kai, who looked at her with excitement and anticipation in his eyes. For a second he glanced at the ground, pressed his lips together then smiled at her. “D-do you like it ? I know you like star gazing and nature, and cupcakes and –”
    “I don’t like it.” she placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed his cheek. “I absolutely love it.” she smiled. “Thank you.”
Kai smiled at her and bent over, getting one of the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. He stuck a birthday candle in it and light it up with magic he had siphoned a couple minutes ago from the wedding present his father had given him – a small dark object, only to be siphoned in the time of need. Or in this case, when he wanted to impress his girl. “Happy Birthday, Y/N.” he smiled nervously. “Make a wish, little wolf.”
    “Hey, I am only 7 months younger than you.” she playfully punched his shoulder, loving her nickname. Y/N closed her eyes, blew the candle and swiped some of the frosting from the cupcake right after before tapping Kai’s nose with it, giggling at his expression. How did he get so lucky ? Surely he hadn’t expected to like her, but he did. He hadn’t expected there would be anyone who appears to like him even in the slightest, but there she was. Her smile and laugh brought him happiness like he never thought he’d experience. Not after the way his family treated him all his life.
    “I love those.” she took a bite from the cupcake while he held it for her. “Absolutely love them. If we weren’t already married, I’d probably ask you to marry me.”
Kai laughed under his breath, wiping away frosting from her nose. “Come on, lets sit down. You know, there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight.”

*       *       *

They laid on the blanket, their hands almost touching while they looked at the night sky completely losing track of time, watching meteors enter the atmosphere one after the other. They had rarely spent that much time together, talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company and Y/N couldn’t deny how good that felt. A part of her wanted this moment never to end –
    “What are you doing ?” wondered Kai, watching her with mesmerised look on his face as her eyes closed.
    “Making a wish.” she playfully hit his chest with her hand.
    “Such a child.” he teased, unable to tear his eyes away from her. He watched her lips move silently as she mouthed her wish and felt the same urge to kiss her but stopped himself, afraid he’d ruin the moment. “What did you wish for ?”
I wish our friendship or marriage or whatever that is, to always be like this – filled with happy moments and laughter. That we will always will have each other to rely on. she repeated her wish in her mind.
“Can’t tell you, or it won’t come true.” she turned towards him. Y/N brushed her palm against his cheek while they loningly gazed into each others eyes. A small smile spread across his face and he placed his hand over hers, closing his eyes for a second enjoying her touch when the most unexpected thing happened and he felt her lips on his for the first time since their awkward wedding kiss. It was as if she had read his mind and his initial surprise dissolved quickly. His lips moved ahainst hers, hungry for more as she pulled him closer. Kai placed his hand on her waist and pulled her against him, their bodies pressing each other so tight, they could feel the other’s heart trying to leap out of their chest. Their lips found their rhythm quickly, as if they had kissed all their lives, not just once. Y/N rolled on top of him and his hands instantly found their way on her hips, slipping under her dress while she grounded against his crotch.
It was a completely new feeling for her, all of it, and she couldn’t get enough of him. Or the way his hands moved up and down her body until they found their perfect spot on her waist, making her move faster on him while she sucked the air out of his lungs. The longer they kissed, the more they both craved the other until they rolled on the ground again and Kai ended up hovering over her for a few moments before Y/N pulled him down for another kiss. They kept making out and things heated up between them. Their hands were all over and before Kai realised, his hands had slipped under her dress going higher almost to her heat, but he stopped himself and then had to pin her hands on either side of her head, seeing how she couldn’t keep them away from him. 
    “You – you kissed me.” he said out of breath. “I thought you didn’t like me. Why would you kiss me? Specially like that.”

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A Train to the North

Originally posted by lawlliets

For my wife @lovesehunright as she deserves some Sehun (ex-) royalty AU because she’s an absolute angel and it’s her birthday!! I love you so much, and I’m so so glad that I decided to message you after seeing that post where you were looking for people to collaborate with way back then because it led to this amazing friendship. ♥♥♥ So, again, love you lots babe and hope you enjoy my bday gift for you— even tho it’s just too late ;; ♥♥♥

♕ Princess!Reader x Peasant!Sehun

in a runaway journey; a train heading north and onboard: two amorous lovers that want nothing else but to be together.

You awoke to the shaking of a wagon and the melody of a husky voice singing. Eyes fluttering open, you lifted your head out of the uncomfortable position on your own shoulder, lifting your eyes over the carpeted floor of the train, following the golden accents along the floor over to the dark wooden wall and the closed door of your cabin and finally over to the owner of the deep voice on your other side. He was staring at you with soft, brown eyes, a small smile and his ruffled, black hair looked as if it was pushed and pushed back but still stubbornly wanted to hang down in front of his face. 

There was still some ash staining his pale face, and his black, ragged clothes and cap were not being any more helpful. He was poor. But he didn’t care, and as weird as it may have sounded for a spoiled princess; you didn’t either. Call it stupid, irresponsible and ungratefulcall it whatever, but there was no stopping the young princess in falling in love with the blacksmith’s son, and there was absolutely no stopping the blacksmith’s son in taking her far, far away once he picked up on it.

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ok but lets just take a moment to appreciate the masterpiece that is the book to all the boys i loved before by jenny han

lara jean song covey:

  • half-korean
    • WOMAN OF COLOR!!!!!
  • she’s hopeless romantic af and honestly same
  • loves to bake
  • classy as hell
    • honestly she’s your goals
  • doesn’t judge her best friend chris AT ALL for the parties she goes to and the boys she hooks up with
  • loves her sisters more than anything
  • loves her dad more than anything and says she wouldn’t mind if he started dating again because she wants to see him happy
  • volunteers at a retirement home
  • literally jumped on a boy and kissed him so she could convince another boy she didn’t like him
    • all because it was her sister’s ex and she didn’t want to hurt her even though she was in scotland and broke up with him
  • FAKE
  • A++++++++++

peter kavinsky

  • everyone’s favorite sinamon roll
  • loves lara jean so fucking much
  • loves kitty so fucking much
  • stands up straighter when lara jean’s dad walks into the room
  • bought lara jean a necklace even though it was so expensive and worked for his mom so he could pay for it
  • baked fruitcake and said it was his mom
  • “kiss me like you missed me” MY HEART
  • sneaks into his girlfriend’s room just to talk and spoon oh my god
  • still comforts his ex girlfriend because she’s got serious shit going on
    • doesn’t tell lara jean the truth because he knows its not his secret to tell
    • respects THE FUCK out of genevieve and lara jean even though gen hurt and manipulated him and lara jean tried to make him choose when she didn’t know the full story
  • literally needs background music when he walks by because he’s so good looking
  • always takes the last piece of pizza
  • he kisses like its his job
  • literally drove kitty to school so she could show him off to all her friends and treated her so special on her 10th birthday
  • “If we’re so guarded, it’s not going to be anything. Let’s do it fucking for real, Lara Jean. Let’s go all in. No more contract. No more safety net. You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.”
    • wHAT THE F U C K
  • there’s so much more tbh just read about peter k okay hes beautiful

kitty song covey

  • “if I like a boy, fine, i’ll date him, but i’m not going to sit at home and cry over him. i cry over important things.”
  • independent af and she’s only like 10
    • but she still gets lonely when her friends do things without her
  • loves peter k as much as we all do
  • loves to watch hbo
  • named her dog jamie fox pickle like COME ON
  • keeps her priorities straight


  • y’all can say all the shit you want about how chris is insensitive and blunt and shit but….
  • she is so protective over lara jean but she tells her the truth no matter what
  • when gen started telling people lara jean had sex in the hot tub, she just let lara jean cry on her shoulder and basically told peter to go fuck himself because she didn’t want to talk to him
  • snuck alcohol on a school trip by pouring vodka in an empty shampoo bottle
  • did a strip tease at a party once
  • acts like she doesn’t care but cares so fucking much about her friends
  • doesn’t know how to sugar coat things and i love it so much


  • is a highkey feminist
  • broke up with her boyfriend because she didn’t want to be tied down in college and wHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT UM NOTHING AT ALL THANK YOU VERY MUCH
    • still regretted breaking up with him and shows that its also okay to miss the boy you loved
  • protects lara jean like no one’s business
  • protects kitty like no one’s business
  • still feels vulnerable and lonely after coming home for christmas and seeing her family is doing just fine without her
  • likes to feel needed like we all do
  • organized and clean god bless

anonymous asked:

Prompt: It's Klaus birthday in NOLA and Rebekah secretly sent an invitation for Caroline, because the siblings have a secret bet going on about who's present gonna be the best. After 1000 what does one give to someone who can get whatever he wants :D

Kol is sipping a margarita, splayed out on one of the leather couches in their lounge room when she gets back from her shopping expedition in New Orleans.

The radio is on, playing one of those inane pop tunes that Kol for some reason seemed to love, and his foot is swaying lazily to the beat as he stares up at the fan whirring lazily on the ceiling above them.

“What on Earth are you doing?” She asks of Kol, whose eyes flick towards her, a self satisfied smile creeping across his face when he sees her.

“Celebrating.” Kol says with great relish, taking a sip of his margarita. “Can I offer you a drink, sister?”

“Knowing you you’ve probably spiked it with some sort of sleeping potion, so it’ll be a hard pass this time.” She replies with disdain, remembering the last time Elijah had accepted a drink from Kol, and had then promptly broken out in hives that had taken quite a few days to disappear, and only with the assistance of a witch that owed Elijah quite a few favours.

Kol had ended up with a dagger in his chest for a month before Elijah had deigned to make amends with him.

“God you’re all no fun.” Kol mumbles under his breath, sitting up on the couch and planting his booted feet on the floor. “And since you never asked what I was celebrating, I’m going to tell you anyway.”

“Of course you are.” She remarks dryly, tapping her foot against the floor, cursing the humidity that seemed to hang over New Orleans at this time of the year like an unpleasant shroud.

Already she can feel her hair sticking to the back of her neck, her clothes pressing to her skin unpleasantly. Maybe she could go for a swim a little later.

“Well, as you well know Bekah, Nik’s birthday is coming up. And I know that we all try and one up each other when it comes to buying him a gift. God knows why considering how many times he’s daggered us all… If anything he should be buying us presents to make up for it.” Kol is just thinking out loud now, and she can’t help but sigh, massaging her temples.

In fact, Nik had brought her plenty of gifts to make up for the whole daggering thing, knowing that she was materialistic at heart and was far more likely to respond positively to that than murmured platitudes and constant apologies.

She wouldn’t give up her designer wardrobe, villa in Tuscany, and private island for anything.

“Get to the point.” She snarls as Kol continues to mumble under his breath.

“Fine. I just want to tell you and Elijah that you shouldn’t bother trying this year, because I’ve got him the present to end all presents. The perfect gift.”

“You do?” She asks incredulously, because Kol’s idea of a perfect gift is usually a stripper or a gift voucher to some obscure store.

“I do.” Kol says with another smug smile. “So just don’t even go there this year Bekah. You’re not going to beat me!”

With that, Kol drains the rest of his margarita, falling back to lie on the couch once more.

Justin Bieber starts playing on the radio, and as she marches out of the room to escape the stupidity of the song, an idea begins to form in her mind.

Kol wasn’t going to know what hit him.

“I could get used to this.” Caroline Forbes remarks with a laugh, reclining on the pure white sand as the sun beats fiercely down on her skin.

“I’m not sure about the heat.” Enzo has propped himself up on her elbow next to her, Ray Bans covering most of his features as he takes in the crystalline blue water. “Although it is a beautiful corner of the world.”

She’d been dying to come to Australia for some time now, and she and Enzo had spent the last few months wandering the massive island continent. As she very quickly discovered, there was so much more to Australia than the cosmopolitan city of Sydney.

They went dune boarding at Port Stephens, a little coastal town three hours north east of the capital of NSW. They spent a week on the Gold Coast, checking out the bars and clubs that peppered the famous city.

They spent another week on a cattle ranch in the far flung part of Queensland that no one else ever seemed to go to, made friends with the locals as they had to revert back to animal blood momentarily.

The Northern Territory was amazing, as had been Western Australia. The Barossa Valley had been a favourite, rich wine country with vineyards stretching as far as the eye could see.

Enzo had loved Melbourne, loved the coffee culture and all the hip little laneway bars that were only discovered if you stumbled across them by accident. Someone had suggested the Whitsundays for their next destination, and after looking at some pictures online she and Enzo had very quickly booked one of the resorts there.

The past few days had been spent snorkelling on the Great Barrier reef, reclining on the deck of the sailboat they had hired, swimming in clear blue waters, and sampling some of the amazing food at the various restaurants dotted around the island.

She thanked her lucky stars that she technically couldn’t put on weight now that she was dead and all, so had absolutely no guilt about helping herself to a second or third plate of food at dinner time, washing it down with some wine.

“That it is.” She agrees quietly with Enzo, sipping at her bottle of water, watching clouds scud across the cornflower blue sky.  

Someone whistles at them from the shore line, and she raises her hand in acknowledgement towards the skipper of their boat, sitting up and beginning to gather her belongings, shoving them back into the canvas beach bag she carried with her.

She dusts the sane off her as she and Enzo make their way over to the boat, ankle deep in the cool water before they’re being handed up onto the deck.

When she gets back to their room, she’s surprised to see an envelope addressed to her. She hadn’t given anyone an address while she’d been travelling, and so she approaches the envelope with a healthy dose of caution.

Picking it up between two fingers, she gingerly breaks the wax seal on the back, pulling out the parchment within and unfolding it quickly.


My brother is celebrating his birthday this year. Although I’m not particularly eager to see you anytime soon, I know that Nik would like it. Details are within.


She can’t help but cover her mouth, snorting with laughter as she hands the folded up piece of paper to Enzo to read.

“Rather direct, isn’t she?”

“Yes, that always has been her m.o.” She replies with another soft laugh, eyes scanning the contents of the invitation before tossing it onto the bed.

“So are you going to go?” Enzo questions curiously, leaning over to read the invitation as well.

“I don’t know. Maybe?” She answers it like a question, becuase to be honest she’s still not half sure herself.

Enzo raises an eyebrow at that.

“Maybe? That’s a complete 180 from last year when it was a flat out no. Could it be that your feelings towards the big bad hybrid have changed?”

She hits Enzo on the arm good naturedly.

“It’s not like that. It’ll just be… good to see him.” She trails off lamely, knowing that it’s a pathetic excuse if ever she’s heard one.

To be honest, she’d been thinking about Klaus a lot more lately. She hadn’t seen him in almost a decade, the last time being quite a memorable weekend they’d spent together in Tuscany, when they hadn’t done much more than have sex and drink wine from teh surrounding vineyards.

Most of the weekend had been spent in bed, Klaus determined to show her just how good they were with each other, which they were. Klaus continued to be the best sex of her lfie, and if the infuriating smile that he wore on his face every time he brought her to climax was anything to go by, he knew it as well.

But they both had other priorities. She was content to continue her nomadic lifestyle, discovering some of the far flung and forgotten corners of the world, Enzo in tow more often than not.

Klaus had settled into his life in New Orleans, ruling the city with an iron fist, his siblings still with him.

She’d never been. Setting foot into his city would be sending a message, that she was willing to entertain the idea of a forever with him. And she hadn’t been ready for that yet. But now…

“I can see that your mind has already been made up.” Enzo replies with a slow smile. “Are you sure?”

She just takes a deep breath, squaring her shoulders.

“I’m going to need a dress.”

The party below them is in full swing, members of the supernatural community mingling in the courtyard below them.

Kol leans on the balcony beside her, hair swept artfully away from his forehead, tuxedo clinging to the firm lines of his body. He sips at his drink, glancing at her for a moment.

“Did you even try to get him something this year?” He asks with a chuckle. “You’ve been surprisingly tight lipped this year sister.”

She smooths down the front of her black party dress, raising her own glass to her lips as she takes a drink.

“I tried something different this year. Apparently it didn’t work out.” She notes with a shrug, downing the rest of her drink and setting the now empty glass on the tray of a passing waiter.

Kol stares at her for a long moment, trying to figure out the meaning behind her words.

“Shame.” He pronounces with a shrug. “You’re usually much better at this. Did you order something online and it didnt’ arrive on time or something?”

She just smiles to herself, phone buzzing in her hand.

“Something like that.”

And then she thumbs into the message, reading the two words displayed across her screen.

She’s here.

The doorman of course, had been under strict instructions to keep an eye out for Caroline. He’d been provided with a picture of the baby vampire, one from her Mystic Falls days where she’d been polished and primped and wearing a ballgown.

All the same, Caroline Forbes was rather hard to miss, even dressed in plain clothes with her hair in disarray. She would know because she’d seen the girl in such a state during one memorable run in at the MIkaelson mansion in Mystic Falls.

It hadn’t taken a genius to know exactly why Caroline was doing the walk of shame at such an infernal hour of the morning. The younger girl had blushed, hair falling into her face as she had whispered a soft goodbye before letting herself out into the weak early morning light.

She had mentioned this as an aside to Kol, who had promptly teased Nik about it. Nik had snapped his neck and they hadn’t mentioned it since.

“Am I boring you?” Kol’s voice abruptly interrupts her train of thought, and she locks her phone, eyes flicking up towards her brother, who’s staring at her like she’s just grown a second head. “Where did you go just now?”

She just draws herself up to her full height, snagging another flute of champagne.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch brother.”

The doorman is staring at her strangely. She can’t imagine why, because she most certainly does not have lipstick on her teeth (she checked). The navy blue party dress that she’s wearing makes her tanned legs look a mile long, and accentuates the curves of her body.

Her hair, which she had spent a ridiculous amount of time on, was twisted into an elegant up do, and she was wearing a necklace that Klaus had gifted to her during their time in Tuscany.

The short of it was, she looked a million bucks.

“Caroline Forbes.” A voice drawls as she steps into the entrance of the courtyard.

Rebekah Mikaelson hasn’t changed a bit, that bored expression on her face ever present. She’s wearing a killer pair of Manolos and she can’t help but eye off the striking shoes with a bit of jealousy.

“Rebekah.” She finally answers, swallowing around the lump in her throat as Rebekah just smiles, pressing a drink into her hand.

“I didn’t think you were going to come.” Rebekah sips at her own drink as she turns, moving more towards the crowd of people, a few of whom eye them off with barely concealed curiosity. “You know, since I didn’t receive your RSVP or anything like that.”

“Sorry.” She replies to the older vampire, smoothing a hand over her hair. “I was undecided until quite recently. I did send word but apparently you didn’t get the message in time.”

“No matter.” Rebekah waves a hand dismissively. “You’re here now and that’s all that matters.”

Rebekah tilts her gaze upwards towards the balcony, and she follows the line of the Original’s gaze. Kol Mikaelson has a drink in her hand, and is gaping at her with his mouth hanging open rather unattractively.

Within split seconds his gaze lands on Rebekah, eyes narrowing as he raises his drink towards his sister in a toast for some reason.

“What was that about?” She asks Rebekah, who lifts one shoulder in an elegant shrug as the crowd clears momentarily and she spots Klaus from across the room.

He looks entirely at ease in this particular setting, his tuxedo clinging sharply to the lines of his broad shoulders, pants tailored to within an inch of their life. He’s got his head thrown back in laughter as he talks to another man, drink in hand and looking like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

“What on earth has he done to his hair?” She hisses towards Rebekah in horror. “It looks atrocious.”

She sees Klaus stiffen at that, and curses his superior Hybrid hearing as his gaze suddenly lands on her, eyes dark.

It’s perhaps the first time that she’s seen him truly caught off guard, and she can’t help but raise her glass to her lips, not realising just how much liquid courage she’d need to fortify herself with for this particular encounter.

The crowd seems to part before Klaus as he moves towards her, Rebekah giving her a gentle nudge, encouraging her to meet him halfway.

If that wasn’t a metaphor for their relationship, she didn’t know what was.

Klaus stops before her, gaze indecipherable as he reaches out, traces a gentle hand along her cheekbone.

The weight of the curious gazes around her is heavy, and she can’t help but lean into his touch as he bends, taking her hand in his, pressing a gentle kiss to it.

He straightens, and his smile is like the sun.

“Hello Caroline.”

It feels strange, being on Klaus’ arm. For a moment, she can’t help but think that Klaus is showing her off, demonstrating his power.

Until he begins introducing her to people, a hand resting dangerously on her lower back, thumb rubbing circles into where her dress does not cover up the skin of her back.

He seems content to take a backseat in their conversation, instead observing silently as she exchanges greetings with various witches and werewolves and vampires.

She sips at her drink as someone else comes to greet Klaus, and it takes a moment for her to realise why this time is so different. Klaus isn’t treating her like an object. He never has, a byproduct of his thousand or so years of existence.

No. Klaus is treating her like an equal, and the thought of that sends a thrill down her spine. So when there’s a break in the conversation she twines an arm around his waist, pressing a quick kiss to his neck.

In response Klaus pulls her closer to him but doesn’t comment, carrying on his conversation effortlessly.

Hours later as the guests begin to filter out into the street, Klaus pulls her in close to her chest.

“What are you doing here Caroline?” He asks in a low voice, tone dangerous. “Not that I’m not happy to see you, of course I am.”

She meets his gaze confidently, hand drifting up his chest to fix the lapel of his dinner jacket.

“I’m here for you Klaus.” She tells him with a smile. “You remember that weekend in Tuscany, when you let me go without a word of protest?”

Klaus’ lips curl into a smirk.

“How could I forget Tuscany?”

“You didn’t push me. And I was grateful for that, even though I did know that you wouldn’t wait around forever for me. And when you kept your distance in the following years, I was grateful. But I also missed not having you around.”

Her eyes drop to the crisp lines of his shirt as her hands drift down towards his waist. His breath is hot against her cheek, and he’s gone unnaturally still as he waits to hear the next words out of her mouth.

“You offered me forever and I wasn’t ready then. But I am now.” She says softly, hands sliding up his chest, twining around his neck as his gaze darkens, mouth hanging open in surprise. “If you’ll still have me of course.

Klaus’ lips against hers is the only answer he provides, the only answer she needs. Klaus kisses her like he’s a starving man, like he’s been deprived of something for so long.

She’s scarcely less eager to return his embrace, missing the feeling of him, the familiar smell of him.

She doesn’t protest when Klaus picks her up in his arms, using his vamp speed to get the from the courtyard to what is undoubtedly his bedroom.

He’s got her pressed up against the closed door before she can even think about it, lips hot against the skin of her neck as he nips at her with a content sigh.

His jacket drops to the floor, and she helps him unbutton his shirt, no doubt in her mind as to the direction that this is heading.

Her hands roam over the skin of his chest, catalouging all the new scars that he’s acquired since she saw him last, hand pausing over a particularly nasty looking scar, no doubt caused by some sort of stabbing.

“You’ll have to tell me that story later.” She murmurs, tipping a finger under his chin and kissing him gently.

“Later.” Klaus agrees in a low voice, hands pausing at the seams of her dress.

She’s reversed their positions in an instant, Klaus pressed up against the door with a surprised look on his face.

“Don’t you dare rip this dress.” She hisses at him, knowing his proclivity for destroying her clothes when he’s in this sort of mood. “I like this one.”

His low chuckle curls around her, a warm feeling in the bottom of her stomach as he turns her gently by the shoulders, a hot open mouthed kiss pressed to the side of her neck.

His hands on the zipper are like fire as he pulls it down slowly, fingers brushing over the exposed skin of her back as he pushes the dress from her shoulders.

It pools at her feet, and she hears his breath hitch in his throat as he runs a gentle hand down her back.

“I’ve missed this.” Klaus murmurs to her, walking her backwards towards his bed, both of them kicking off their shoes, Klaus shucking his socks as they go.

He grips her by the hips, easily lifting her up and tossing her onto the mattress, a giggle escaping her lips as Klaus’s gaze darkens.

“Come here.” She beckons to him as Klaus crawls between her knees, covering her body with his as he takes her into his arms.

The feeling is unfamiliar and familiar all at once, Klaus’ erection pressing into her core as she tangles her lips with his.

A soft moan escapes her as Klaus’ lips scorch a hot trail down her throat, face nuzzling between the valley of her breasts, stubble scratching against her sensitive skin.

“Pants off.” She orders after a momentary pause, Klaus chuckling as he does her bidding.

“A little eager aren’t we?” He asks her with an infuriating smile as he hooks long fingers into the waistband of her panties.

“We’ve got ten years to make up for.” She just breathes, watching as his face softens, hand coming up to cup her cheek delicately as he lines up his body with hers, cock nudging gently at her entrance.

She can’t help but gasp at the feeling, heel nudging at his arse as he smiles down at her.

“We’ve got all the time in the world sweetheart.” He replies before pushing into her heat with one, smooth stroke.

She’s missed this, the feeling of being filled by him, and her eyes roll back into her head at just how good it is, at how good he is.

Klaus had learnt to read her body with an almost eerie sixth sense, and he puts all of his learned knowledge into practice as he sets a rhythm that has her unable to do much more than gasp and hold on for the ride.

Klaus rolls suddenly, reversing their positions as she sways above him, a little startled. Klaus just smiles, still hard inside her as he guides her arms around his broad shoulders, hands hot around her waist as he helps to lift her, guide her up and down.

She’s always loved this position with him, loved the power and the look of awe that always creeped across his face when he saw her like this.

She bends down to kiss him, rolling her hips in a gentle rhythm against his. Klaus’ hand traces down the front of her body, thumb pinpointing her clit with an unerring accuracy.

She shudders a little when he presses there, rhythm broken momentarily as she opens her mouth in a silent moan.

She can feel the tell tale build in her core, the ache becoming almost unbearable as she increases her rhythm, anchoring her hands on his shoulders as he begins to thrust up into her with a look of concentration on his face.

She falls apart in his arms, Klaus catching her, turning and pressing her down into the mattress as he continues to drive into her, the pleasure edging into pain at the sensitivity.

Klaus knows this though, gentles the movement of his hips until it curls low in her belly once more, building impossibly fast to her peak.

They come together this time, her name on his lips as he buries his face into her neck, feels the heat of him inside her.

She runs a hand through his sweat dampened hair, breathing slowly returning to normal as he pulls out and heads for the bathroom, returning in the next few moments with a damp cloth to wipe themselves down with.

When he’s done he pulls her into the circle of his arms, a content exhale as he props one arm under his head, staring up at the ceiling.

They don’t have to say much. They never do in moments like this. But she feels like she has to say this.

“I love you.” She whispers into the skin of his chest, Klaus stiffening momentarily around her before he’s pressing a gentle kiss to the back of her hand, eyes brimming with emotion.

He doesn’t say it back but that’s okay. She knows that he’s felt this way about her for a long time, and she’s not going to get hung up on her insecurities like she used to when it came to him.

The moment is perfect, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I hope you’ve got space in your wardrobe for all my clothes.” She voices out loud suddenly, propping herself up on her elbow to face him.

Klaus’ burst of startled laughter is like music to her hears.

On the lower levels of the house, Rebekah Mikaelson pours herself a victory drink, Kol glowering on the lounge opposite her as the fire crackles merrily away in the hearth.

“Do you concede?” She asks of Kol, who just glares at her, cracking his knuckles a little threateningly.

“I concede.”

Nami from One Piece

I just felt like drawing Nami.

While I was looking up references on tumblr I also noticed that it’s around the time of her birthday (July 3rd), so happy birthday, Nami!

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my mom knows that louis and harry are my faves in the band and so for my birthday she was rly excited bc she found a shirt online that was "just the two of them!" and bless her soul she doesn't know what larry is but that is clearly what the shirt is supposed to be. so long story short, it's a cute shirt but i can't wear it in public for fear of some 15 y/o trying to talk to me about chicken parma w a side of mash or whatever the fuck and it's the greatest tragedy of my adult life

LOL well she had good intentions

Soulmates are BS

Read on AO3!

Clarke was honestly annoyed when her soulmate mark showed up on her eighteenth birthday.

Most people got them by the time they turned sixteen, so when Clarke’s didn’t, she thought she would be one of the lucky ones who never got their soulmark.

Clarke didn’t mean to be ungrateful or whatever, she just liked having options, okay? Having a soulmark means you get one person and that’s it. While that’s nice in theory, there’s the potential that your soulmate is a total asshole or, like, dead, so Clarke always thought it’d be better to have her pick of the non-marked people. That way, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the relationship didn’t work out. Other fish in the sea and all that.

But if she had a soulmate, she was suddenly limited to one freaking fish. It was too much pressure.

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"Id like a gift card of $20" okay, here it is. "Do you have any birthday giftcards?" No, we only have graduatuon themed ones bc its graduation season and we just did a charity for our scholarships program. "Well can you Get birthday ones?" We only get whatever corp send us. "Well you need to get on that! Some people want birthday themed giftcards!!" I have no say in what they send us. (She got mad and I accidentally rolled my eyes right in front of her mb. Idk if she saw tho?)

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Negan x Reader where he is super grumpy one day and reader tries to cheer him up. Turns out it's Lucille's birthday, and he's really missing her. Fluff and whatever else you want! ☺️

A/N: Thanks for the prompt!

First Negan x Reader so hopefully if this isn’t too great I’ll get better!

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 760

“Not tonight doll,” Negan barely grunted as you perched on the edge of his bed, watching with curious eyes as saw the usually cock sure man seem somewhat deflated.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, uncrossing your legs and rising to make your way over to where he leant against his desk, your heels clicking against the wooden floor.

“Nothin’ you need to worry your pretty fuckin’ little head over sweetheart,” Negan sighed, the weight of Lucille in his hand feeling heavier than usual.

“Doesn’t sound that way,” you responded, your hands softly cupping his face to look up at yours.

Negan shrugged away from your touch, pacing his room back and forth, swivelling Lucille continuously in hand leather clad palm.

You rested your hip against his desk, eyes following as he repeated the same motion over and over again.

“Talk to me Negan.” Your voice was firm but not demanding, he wouldn’t respond well to orders.

“Give over,” Negan warned, putting on his do-not-fuck-with-me tone that you were no long wary of. “You’ll do well to listen to me and leave me the fuck alone.”

Something you’d learned about Negan when it came to you, he was all bark and no bite, and he knew that as well as you did.

You took a step into his personal space again, blocking his path of walking back and forth, making a deep-set frown grace his defined features.

“What’d I fuckin’ tell you?” he growled, taking a towering step towards you.

“And when are you going to learn that I don’t give a shit what you tell me to do?” you retorted back, raising a perfectly arched brow at him.

Negan final broke into a snort then, a small smirk tugging at his mouth.

“You’re fuckin’ lucky I like you princess,” he said, his voice gravelly but lost of the malice that was there before.

You smirked at him back, looking up at him mischievously through your lashes. “I know. Now, are we going to keep going ‘round in circles or are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

Negan muttered a few curses under his breath before finally conceding, gripping his bat just a little bit tighter.

“It’s Lucille’s birthday,” he admitted, tracing the end of the bat with his thumb.

Part of you felt bad for making him tell you, but the other part was filled with joy that he’d allow you to know something so personal. Negan as a whole was a very private man when it came to his past and emotions, something you’d been trying to get him to overcome for months.

“I’m sorry,” you said softly, glancing down at the bat he held so dearly to him. “Do you miss her?”

Negan nodded, avoiding eye contact with you and instead looking at his bat, he hated being this fucking vulnerable. “On days like this, more than I usually do.”

You nodded in understanding, crooking a finger under his chin until his eyes were level with yours.

“It’s okay to miss her,” you kept your voice gentle and hushed, your warm palm resting against his cheekbone. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“…no.” Talking about her wouldn’t make him any happier.

You furrowed your brow as you tried to figure out what he wanted, “you want me to leave?”

“…no.” The hell did he want you to leave, as much as he fucking hated to admit it he needed you, had done from the day he met you.

You couldn’t help the smile that perked up the corners of your mouth, your other hand mirroring the one on his cheek, pulling him forward slowly to give him a brief kiss. It was probably the most chaste kiss either of you had shared between one another, but that didn’t mean it lacked depth, meaning.

Negan wrapped the arm that didn’t hold Lucille around you, pulling you in to his solid form, your hands sliding around to the nape of his neck, your head resting happily on his chest. He gripped at your waist, pressing his mouth to the crown of your head, breathing in like you were his oxygen.

You stood like this for a long while, knowing that for Negan, this shit was emotional as it got. This was the equivalent of him baring all to you, allowing you to see past those walls he’d built so high. Negan may play the tough man persona but right now? He was just a man mourning his wife, and you were going to comfort him by any means possible.

One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Eleven)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @gawston ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence  ; @blackxthexbeast  ; @hobbithorse19  ; @epicfallenismine

Years ago when sorcery and enchantments were merely legends and fabrications, a family of witches dwelled unseen in the woods of Villeneuve. Their hut, a decomposing pile of fallen trees, straw, and aging stone, was secretive as the townspeople remained in their homes and continued their daily routines. They were oblivious to the peculiar smell of rotting flesh and pungent herbs that billowed out of the chimney like rising fog, and as multiple children went missing throughout the years, Villeneuve began speculating whether or not their provincial town was cursed.

In total, four children were declared missing in Villeneuve and among these victims were two young girls, named Agathe and Vayle by their captor. As their families searched for their whereabouts, the two children, no more than three years old, were confined to the forest where their kidnapper, a powerful witch, raised them as her own daughters. The woman was selective when it came to the children she stole: They must already depict promising signs of witchcraft, they must be from a small family, and they must be younger than five years old. While the two eldest of the missing children excelled in their craft, Agathe and Vayle were limited to the basement where their lonely days consisted of practicing spells as well as chores and assignments their mother instructed. But, the woman couldn’t prevent Agathe and Vayle from growing stronger.

As years passed, Villeneuve suspected that sorcery clung to the town like an ominous rain cloud; There was no other explanation for the strange disappearances. As volunteers searched the village, castle, and woods, the hut was eventually discovered. Easily camouflaged, the exterior of the hideout was surrounded by twisting and warped branches and hanging animal carcasses that reeked of fresh blood. The villagers could taste the metallic bitterness in their mouths as they advanced towards the broken front door. To their discovery, as they opened the door, their sights beheld a wretched old woman huddled around a cauldron that bubbled and brewed with an emerald mist. Her two eldest daughters, unrecognizable with age, spoke poetically with incantations as they were wrestled to the ground by the angry mob. When the three witches were immediately hanged outside of their hut, the satisfied townspeople neglected the two frightened girls cowering in the basement underneath the floorboards. Convinced the children were murdered by the three witches, the townspeople lost all hope of finding them; Agathe and Vayle were soon forgotten.

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fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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Thistle Do Nicely - Part 3

Find Part One HERE, Part Two HERE. Hoping you guys are liking this so far. I will be putting this on Ao3 soon :)

“I’m telling you, Scott, I’m in the middle of some kind of shitting contest between witches and werewolves,” Stiles was trying to vent to his best friend about his supernatural dilemma but said best friend couldn’t get over the fact that Stiles had been holding out on information.

“I can’t believe you never told me though!” Scott repeated for the millionth time.

“Wasn’t exactly high on the priority list, and, dude, if you didn’t realize there was something up when Mrs. Hernandez growled at you for using lilies and not hydrangeas then that’s on you.” Stiles rolls his eyes, the pencil he’s tapping against the countertop speeds up and going slightly out of rhythm.

“She was a werewolf?” Scott’s voice goes up in pitch, squeaking towards the end.

“That’s not the point! The point is that I have the witch version of The Mob angry with me and a werewolf that is probably somewhere licking his wounds after I threw him out and plotting my demise. Focus, Scotty, focus.”

“But, Stiles -”

“Put Erica on the phone,” Stiles sighs again, rubbing the bridge of his nose. There’s a shuffling on the other end of the line and then he hears a snap of bubblegum that Erica is fond of.

“What’s up, doll face?”

“Witches are after me, I am 95% sure and there’s at least one werewolf that so does not consider me a friend.”

“Sounds like fun, what can I do to help?” He lets out a breath, a vain attempt to calm down.

“I need to go out to the forest today and gather some things from my mother’s old garden. Can you and Scott come in right now so I can go?”

“Sure, honey, be there in twenty.”

Stiles’ mother was a simple woman, never really into keeping trinkets and material things. She liked living in the moment and enjoying the here and now, focusing on what we had and avoiding the slippery slope of want. Stiles admired that about her, the way that bad events seemed to slip right off her back like water and how she enjoyed things wholly.

But her one indulgence was her garden. It was a patch of land just beyond the Stilinski residence that she spent her spare hours tending to it and basking in the nature around her. Stiles always knew his mother didn’t just have a green thumb, had joined her to her garden since he was old enough to hold his head up. Watched in fascination as her arms transformed while she spoke to her flowers and herbs.

Stiles always knew what he was. His mother never kept his heritage from him, taught him from the moment he could understand what he was and what he was capable of. Unfortunately she died before he learned everything so there were years in middle school when Stiles was homeschooled until he learned to not sprout daisies every time he got embarrassed or weeds when he got anxious.

But he learned but Mom’s garden was never left to itself, Stiles was very adamant after her death that the garden stay loved and tended. It helped him while trying to come to terms with the loss of his mother and his dad let him, even encouraged it while he taught himself how to control his nymph abilities.

He steps into the clearing he sometimes even dreamed about. It wasn’t the traditional garden with everything planted in rows and neat little sections. The flowers grew in patches around the other flowers and herbs that would encourage growth. Stiles walked the paths that his mother had set decades before and inspects the growth and checks for any animal or bug damage.

Without having to actually search he walks toward a patch of mistletoe and picks some stems with berries, placing them in the small satchel he brought out with him. He wanders from there over to augue roots and pulls a few out before walking to his birch tree and scraping some of the bark off. He’s on his way back when his phone rings. Finding it’s Erica, he swipes it to answer rather than leaving it to voicemail to enjoy his walk like usual.

“Hey, Catwoman, how’s it going?”

“They came to the shop.”

“What?” His heartbeat stuttered in his chest at her tone, shaky and maybe a bit scared.

“The witches, they were here,” Erica breathed, “Stiles, you have to come back, the shop- I just- just come back.”

“I’m on my way,” without further ado he hangs up and starts running, needing to get to his Jeep.

“Fuck,” That’s all that could be said for Stiles’ shop and still it was so completely incompetent in describing just how bad it was. When Stiles had arrived the glass door had been blown in with the glass shattered. Two of the shelves lining the walls were completely tipped over, the pots along the walkway look like small grenades had been put in them, causing them to explode in array of shards around the room. The back counter where Stiles kept the display vases in the glass cabinet was shattered, the sparkling bits of glass littering the floor along with dirt tossed everywhere and little bits of plants trampled under feet.

“I’m sorry, Stiles, we tried to stop them, but they just pinned us against the wall and- I’m so sorry.” Erica hugged him and Scott placed a hand on his shoulder. Stiles wanted to cry, looking around at the wreckage that was his mother’s shop reborn. The old cash register sat mostly unharmed other than a nasty dent like something had been thrown at it.

But one vase in particular hadn’t survived. It was a gaudy looking thing, large and obnoxiously painted. Stiles had made it in fourth grade and his mother had insisted it was her favorite and displayed it in the shop everyday since that birthday, filling it with whatever flower caught her fancy that week. The last bouquet she had put in was a nice mix of sunflowers, blue iris and white daisies. Stiles had preserved the flowers all these years, weaving some nymph magic every once and awhile to keep the original flowers healthy and in bloom, hanging onto that last little bit of his mother in the shop.

The vase had shattered half of its top and sat on the counter in pieces, what was left having ragged edges and watered spilled. The flowers were scattered around it, some of them propped up by what was left of second-grade Stiles’ handy work. Something in Stiles’ shattered in that moment like the vase before him,

“Scott, buy a new door and install it. After that, you two need to leave,” Erica tries to protest but Stiles shakes his head before pulling out of her embrace, “No, don’t even try to clean up, just go back to the dorms and lay low. I have some betony to deliver.”

“Derek, okay so I know I totally dropped you on your ass yesterday but I need your help,” Stiles lets out a breath slowly, swallowing down his pride and forging on. “I know that you probably don’t care but they got to the shop. They- they destroyed everything, man. All of my, all of my mom’s stuff.” Stiles takes another deep breath even though there’s really no taking back the amount of emotion that took over his voice.

He stops for a moment and takes in his current situation. He was still recovering his voice from the small break down he had on the walk back to his mother’s garden, sleeves with little stripes of snot and eyes probably bloodshot if he could will himself to actually find something reflective to check with. His shop, his years of hard work and dedication and dreams and love, in ruins. Caling, leaving a voicemail to the werewolf he had kicked out less than twenty four hours before, begging for help.

“I guess- I just-” with a sigh he sets his shoulders and looks up, eyes landing on the patch of betony, bred and grown specifically for protection against witchcraft. It was a darker purple, almost black in the petals. “I need your help. These witches are going to burn.”

@gaaragirl22 asked: Gil and Harry want to surprise Uma but she comes back early

{Hope you like it ^^ send me a prompt of Gil x Uma x Harry or Uma x Harry}

Harry and Gil love Uma, that was no secret and they worship the ground she walked, it has always been like that ever since they were kids. They always tried to find ways to make her happy and make her shine like the star that she was.

However, if there was one thing they hated was seeing Uma upset. Harry would kill anyone who made his Sea Goddess shed a single tear and Gil-despite being a sweet little angel will tear anyone apart who made his Shrimpy upset.

They didn’t like seeing Uma upset especially if her sadness was caused by Mal. Mal has always been a bully to Uma, pushing her to the ground and dumping shrimp on her and calling her Shrimpy, tearing her self esteem down and worst of all having parties when it was Uma’s birthday.

It seems despite them being in Auradon Mal still hasn’t change. She was still finding ways to ruin Uma’s life and making sure their Sea Star didn’t have an an ounce of happiness.

Dizzy said it best,

“You can take the girl out of the Isle but you can’t take the Isle out of the girl,”

So it shouldn’t surprise them that Mal pulled this stunt it shouldn’t and yet it still manage to catch them off guard.

Uma just shrugged it off and act like it didn’t bothered her but Gil and Harry could see the sadness in their Captain’s eyes as she tried to remain strong.

Audrey who surprisingly became a good friend to Uma as well as one of the few people to understand her relationship with Gil and Harry was mad when she heard what Mal did.

Than again should she be surprise? This was the same girl who stole her boyfriend and then got mad when another girl decided to do the same thing she did.

“That little witch! Can’t she let Uma for once celebrate her birthday in peace!” Harry growled as he slammed his hands on the table he, Audrey, Gil, and the rest of their crew were sitting on.

“She always does this Harry, always planing parties so that Uma can never have hers, hell I wouldn’t be surprise if she already has parties for the next few weeks,” Gil said angrily.

Even when he was mad he still said things at the wrong time, unfortunately no one could disagree with him but that didn’t mean they couldn’t tell him to shut up,

“I know that Gil but I would like not to be reminded of that,”

Gil took a deep breath and nodded his head, not really having the energy to argue with his boyfriend.

Everyone stayed quiet unable to say anything at the moment, it upset them that once again their Captain was second best to a puny fairy when she deserved the best.

Still it hurt them that they couldn’t put a smile on her beautiful face.

“I just wish we could do something,” one of their crew members said voicing everyone’s thoughts.

“We all do,” Gil said voice fill with dread, a tone that did not sound right coming from the cheery sunshine boy.

“Maybe there is something we can do,” Harry said an idea starting to form.

“And what’s that?” Audrey asked looking at the son of Hook.

“Maybe there is something we can do for Uma and her birthday,” his once sad eyes were now filled with joy and excitement.

Gil looked at his boyfriend who gave him a knowing look. It was then it hit Him exactly what the first mate was planning.

“We can do something about it,” Gil said his frown slowly turning into a smile.

The two looked at each other lost in their own world plotting ahead for what they were gonna do.

“Thing one and two you wanna clue us in?” Audrey asked, interrupting whatever mental discussion they were having.

The two looked away from each other before turning their focus back to the crew and the princess.

“We throw Uma a surprise party!” They answered simultaneously.

Their friends looked at them weirdly waiting for them to explain.

“We throw Uma a surprise party,” Harry said,

“But it’ll only be us and no one else,” Gil continued.

“That way Uma gets to celebrate her birthday on its actual date,”

“And it won’t be ruined by Mal and her friends,” the first and second mate said finishing each other’s sentences.

The crew look at them before looking at each other then back at their first and second mate as their frowns slowly began to turn into smiles ideas on how to make sure their Captain had the best birthday began to form and Audrey began to write down every idea she along and everyone else came up with.


Uma was walking to her room with her two boyfriends. She was in the middle while Harry and Gil stood on either side of her, each holding one of her hands.

She tried to drown out the sounds of Mal’s party and how everyone was excited for it.

It annoyed her that despite being off the Isle the fairy was still playing the same old tricks. Despite it annoying her she decided not to let her bother her, she had her boyfriends with her, her crew and everyone was off that awful island so all in all it was a great year that Uma didn’t see the need to celebrate her birthday.

Gil and Harry squeezed Uma’s hands in some way to comfort her. They wanted to reassure her that it’ll be alright but they knew if they said anything Gil might spill the secret party and that’s something they did not want to do.

“You guys want to stop my room and watch movies?” Uma asked them.

Gil and Harry shared a look before they looked at Uma.

“Sorry Captian but I got to practice for swords and shield,” Harry said.

“And I got to study for my test,”

Uma looked them, despite them trying to tell her they had plans she knew they were lying. All those years on the Isle and Uma was able to detect when someone was lying to them and her boyfriends were lying to her.

Instead of calling them out on it she decided to play along with it, for now.

“Okay, some other time?”

Both her boys nodded their heads before they left Uma not giving her a chance to say or do anything.


Umahas been worried about her boys. The past week they have been ignoring her as well as avoiding her.

It was beginning to unnerved her and admittly worry her.

She tried to spend some time with them but they always gaveher excuses why she couldn’t.

“We just want some guy time love,”


“We are just doing something new but don’t worry it’s nothing bad,”

Things like that that were beginning to get on Uma’s nerve. It also didn’t help that Gil and Harry were nowhere to be found at least until Dizzy told her she saw them at the garden with party decorations.

It wasn’t until it finally hit her.

Gil and Harry were going to Mal’s party and were leaving her alone, on her birthday!

Instead of being upset {she’ll worry about that later,} Uma was mad. Her boys didn’t have the balls to tell her they were going to that party and instead they avoided her. Oh they were gonna get it.

Storming out of her room Uma headed to the garden where she saw her crew heading not to long ago.


Gil and Harry stared at the garden that has been turned into an underwater world for their Sea Goddess. It was perfect. Now all they had to do was add some last minute touches and they can bring Uma here and surprise her.

“Alright guys all we need to do is set the banner, the table, and we will be done,” Audrey said with a huge smile on her face.

“Excellent, you guys finish here and-”


Everyone stopped whatever they were doing as they heard the familiar angry tone of their Captain coming closer.

“Where the hell are you two?”

“Oh shit,” both Harry and Gil said.

The two were about to run towards Uma hoping to stop her from coming any closer.

Unfortunately they were to slow as Uma reached her destination in record time.

The two stopped in their tracks as they saw Uma turn the corner her face fill with anger.

“When I get my hands on you two I’m gonna-” she stopped ranting as she took a good look at her surroundings and saw that Gil and Harry were at a party but this party was…for her.

“Surprise,” both Harry and Gil said weakly.

Uma stared in shock at her crew, boys, and best friend.

“Wh-what?” She asked finally finding her voice.

“Its your birthday.” Gil said.

“And we wanted to surprise you,” Harry said. She looked at them as tears began to form. She felt so foolish for doubting her boys, she felt joy that her boys, crew, and Family decided to celebrate her birthday instead. She couldn’t help but smile before she hugged her boys.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she pulled back and kissed their cheeks.

Gil and Harry smiled as they kissed her cheeks.

“Anything for you captain, you know Gil and I will do anything to make you happy,”

“Yeah shrimpy anything to see you smile,”

Uma laughed and decided not to correct Gil about the shrimpy thing instead she pulled back and looked at them.

“I love you both,”

Harry and Gil smile at her as they both said,

“We love you as well,”

The three turned to look at everyone else.

“Well what are we waiting for let’s celebrate my birthday!”

Everyone cheered as they played music began yo dance and have fun.

Uma was having an amazing time with her boys and crew as they all dance laugh, anf ate with smiles on their faces.

That Night Uma laid on her bed with her head resting on Harry’s chest and her hand holding Gil’s hand as he rest on the other side of Harry, Harry’s arms wrapped around them.

She stared out her window as the stars began to shine brightly she couldn’t help but close her eyes and silently wish that her and her boys were never separated. As she felt Gil’s hands tighten its hold on her and Harry pulling her closer she knew someone out there was listening and that her wish was granted.

“Best birthday ever,” she then got up and kissed both Harry and Gil on their foreheads.

“Best boyfriends ever as well,” Uma laid her head down and joined her boys in dream land knowing everything will be fine in the end.