it's not green tho


idk if they’ve been posted yet , but at the live show they gave out packs of gum with three different comics with each of the thb and all starring angus, all written by clint mcelroy! (illustrated by carey so :/ but they’re promoting the comic so what can you do)

what was this even supposed to be

whether someone prefers Chandler and Monica or Ross and Rachel really says a lot about them as a person tbh

Things I found out this season abt Dean that I loves
  • Dean snores in his sleep
  • He really loves cowboys and knows most of their backstories
  • he freaking yells like he’s in an action movie when awakened from sleep
  • do not wake this boy before his time 
  • “Sleeps like a bear” ~ cas has tried to wake this boy up before
  • he made Cas watch cowboy movies with him

blanket is all textured now! it’s pretty simple but i didn’t want it to be too distracting n all so im happy with it how it is lol 

i also started on this lil plant thing. anon suggested a plant coming from the open drawer but i couldnt think of a good way of making it, so i just made it into a normal plant. it’s far from finished tho. it literally has no texture (except the shadow bake which u see now with some random colours slapped on to give u an idea lol), but i still need to do the whole uv map before i can move on to texturing it. but ay, at least it’s something already!

You know while I’m posting Stephew screen shots I just wanna say how disappointed I am this picture of them going to Let’s Make A Deal hasn’t been posted on tumblr (as far as I’ve seen).