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Some MatsuHana fics that I enjoyed. All are found on AO3. There are more fics I haven’t mentioned on this list. I encourage everyone to check the tag. Leave some kudos/comments on their work. Let’s show all the amazing writers love and support!

Time of Day by tookumade ((can I just rec you all their fics?)) 

Rating: T // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

In all their years of knowing each other, Hanamaki never forgot Matsukawa’s birthday. Not that it was hard to remember—March 1st was an easy date, but Matsukawa still appreciated it, especially given that Hanamaki was terrible with birthdays and had a tendency to forget everyone else’s. But he never forgot March 1st.

There was a first time for everything, though.

Only Need The Light When It’s Burning Low by tookumade

Rating: G // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

“Iwaizumi said you came into school looking like a zombie, Oikawa said he hasn’t seen you look so tired in all three years he’s known you, and just today, you literally passed out during practice, so don’t tell me that nothing’s wrong, Hanamaki. We’re worried about you. What’s going on?”

You, thinks Hanamaki.

(In which Hanamaki has dreams about Matsukawa and it keeps him up at night)

Where Was I, When The Rockets Came To Life by tookumade

Rating: T // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

In a city like this, there wasn’t much of a chance that they would meet again, and given Hanamaki’s current career of choice, if they did, then it was more than likely to be because of a cruel joke set up by fate. He was not about to let his heart be broken now. He had more important things to think about…

All The Wrong Friends In All The Right Places by tookumade ((ongoing. this fic is hilarious and fabulous with great interactions. one of my faves))

Rating: G // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply 

When Oikawa decides to hook Matsukawa and Hanamaki up, they plot to get back at him. Naturally, nothing works out as planned.

Here Today and There Tomorrow by tookumade

Rating: G // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

A first meeting on opposite sides of the volleyball net, and chance meetings afterwards without it. 

Even Though It All Went Wrong by pickledplumes  ((can I rec all their fics too. this fic is one of my faves too))

Rating: T // Warnings: Major Character Death

It hadn’t always been so cold. Matsukawa remembers a time where the sun shone high, its rays bright and its heat pleasant like a blanket against his skin. He remembers Hanamaki holding his hand, remembers his cheeks hurting because he’d been grinning so much. Hanamaki had opened his arms wide, and Matsukawa ran straight for them, like he’d been magnetized. He picked up Hanamaki easily and twirled them around, danced with him until they both tumbled along the grass, laughing like idiots.

He remembers because it’s all he can do now.

Intersecting Lines by pickledplumes

Rating: G // Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Day 2 for MatsuHana Week: In the Background


Somewhere out there is a world made of choices that you and I didn’t make in our lifetime, an odd mix of circumstances and coincidences that culminates into us never meeting. A world where we are strangers rather than soulmates. Would I even miss you, would I even realize that something is missing, and how different would I be without you?

This is not a story of now and forever, but of now and never again.

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