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hi! im an intp with a huge crush on an entp, but im struggling a lot with it. we have amazing debates and a lot of fun when we're one-to-one, but i completely blank sometimes around her. it's tough because i have so many IDEAS i want to share and so much to say but i can never find the right words, and with her im scared that im saying the wrong thing. she's a good friend of mine and i dont want to hurt her or come off as creepy, but its killing me that my mind blanks when im with her.

That’s tough for most people. You’re going blank probably because there’s a lot happening to you emotionally under the surface and you’re not able to process all of that in real-time as things are happening, maybe due to inferior Fe and lack of emotional awareness. The more you care about what she thinks of you, the more anxious you will be. Perhaps it would help if you are able to define clearer parameters for your behavior around her until you’re ready to make a bolder move, for example, you can make it your goal to treat her as only a friend and try to be relaxed and have normal conversations, which will help keep your emotions in check as you build more closeness by focusing on the ideas only. Or you can work on trying to be more aware of your underlying anxieties and find a reliable strategy for handling them when you’re with her. Or you can just be honest with her and see what happens because then at least you’re moving forward in some way instead of feeling stuck where you are now. There’s no rulebook for these situations, you have to feel your way through it slowly and listen to your instincts. Groping your way through the dark is uncomfortable but it is good training nonetheless, so try to keep a positive attitude. Life can be very absurd and unpredictable at times and going with it is more fun than resisting it.

Look there are a lot of defining moments in Gravity Falls but I think the most defining one was when the exact clone of Dipper was literally dying and said, “Oh boy. Don’t look now. It’s okay, dude. I had a good run.” and honestly, I think that says everything we need to know about Dipper’s personality and I invite you to imagine what would have happened if the real Dipper had actually gotten hurt in the show.

can i just say that like. if ur a questioning girl, u can’t “appropriate” the lesbian label. like it’s not possible. calling urself a lesbian when ur not 100% sure u are one to try it out and see how it fits is 100% okay. you’re not hurting anyone by doing this. even if u turn out to bi/pan or realize that u were wrong and it’s not the label for you, that’s okay. “lesbian” can be a really scary word for a lot of us at first and its normal to feel unsure about it sometimes. trying it out and taking however long you need to be comfortable with it is totally good and fine and anyone who says differently can fuck themselves.

Ultimate Story Time?? More like Ultimate SORE Time! Amirite!? 😅😂

I’m kidding!!!!!! But my feet do hurt! BUT. Can I just say how incredibly amazing that show is!? Like. The music. The performances. THE MESSAGE. Ugh. You guys. Seriously. If you never see another show, please see this one!! Cause this show has a lot of feel good humor and to me, it was really inspiring and I just…I love this show soo much and I can’t applaud the cast, musicians and producers enough on a job well done!!! I can really see this show becoming a huge hit(to me it already is)and just being the next big thing!!!! Congrats again to the cast, you guys ROCKED!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


@haechansgf this is my apology for tryna steal ur bf

-lol ok so dis boi probably drew on himself a lot as a kid

-like one day you’d wake up with your whole arm colored red and you’d be so scared cus you’re only a 3 yr old babe

-you run to your mom crying because ur arms red and u think a monster hurt you

-and that’s when you learn about soulmates and now ur so mad at your soulmate cuz they scared the shit out of u

-since your a cheeky lil’ shit and you want revenge you color your legs black to creep him out

-and u succeeded

-like he was so scared like wtf???? My legs are black??? And he also ended up crying to his parents and learning about soul mates

-so now you two are in intense battle that lasts for years and both of you keep getting in trouble with your parents

- like “y/n why is your face green?”

-you two have never actually communicated in words yet you already have such a close bond because of your intense battles

-sometimes you wake up with penises all over your arms

-and he wakes up to curse words all over his legs and he’s all like

-”are u srs it’s summer and now i gotta wear pants f u soulmate”

-but when you both are 10 it all suddenly stops??? And you’re like I did not color my stomach in such an intense pattern to not have a response

-he stopped coloring because he kept getting teased by his classmates

-because “MISSSS Donghyuk keeps playing with his girlfriend!!11!”

-and everyone jokingly runs away from him cuz COOTIES

-so he stops talking to you cuz girls are eww

-2 years later he’s practically forgotten that whatever he writes on himself appears on you

-so he writes the answers to a test he’s about to take since he didn’t study at all

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can we just talk abt joe's bond with zoe? they are such good friends?? like for real? it's so cute?? and he acts so snarky with her a lot of time, but literally the moment something could be wrong he goes into the 'protect' mode? and so does she? like "jokes are great but if you try to hurt him/her i will literally kill you" they are such good friends im so emotional im sorry

i…love this ask so much. its all so true :( i seriously love their relationship more than anyone elses bc like, ive defs said it before, but zoe is just joes favourite person ever??? he loves her so much?? theyre best!! friends!! also i love that, even though joe was off doing his own thing during the gleam party, he was still in zoes vlog a lot. she filmed him being all dorky and cute shes so fond of her lame little brother im :((

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ironic how u made post about follow count and that it doesnt matter and now u complain about followers and its not the first time

i made the post “your follower account does not define you” because i was upset that a lot of people unfollowed me. i was trying to make myself feel better because it hurts. having followers to me is validation that i have a good blog and they like my content. anytime someone unfollows me it upsets me just a little bit, but especially when it’s a lot in a row. i’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. i don’t see why anyone would be happy about losing followers. i’m sure you don’t like it when people unfollow you either, why would anyone like that? sorry for even mentioning that people unfollowed me because of my pokemon asks spam jeez.

Nothing is more likely to make me roll my eyes until I can see my brain than the idea that nice, shy characters are boring. 

“As I get older” my ass. My little 17 edgelord self thought that. 

Also, a lot of people don’t realize that for a lot of people, being good is HARD. There’s this mentality that everyone who does good things does it out of natural instinct, where for a lot of people its a constant struggle to do the right thing vrs the easy thing or the thing that feels more emotionally or physically rewarding.

And I don’t mean in terms of sacrificing things, I mean in terms of helping people out or being kind or not doing something that will hurt someone else out of spite or anger. 

Being nice is hard sometimes, for some people. Being good is hard. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I don’t understand how people can have that cynicism where “man is inherently bad” yet not appreciate how difficult, by their same views, it must be to be good despite “human nature” being inherently bad. 

*big huge gigantic sigh*

hey again. i tried to make this work again but its not happening. im so so so sorry :( i love you guys and this community so much it hurts and im super grateful for the amount of support this blog and my little pixelated dorks have received c: you don’t understand how much it pains me to leave this all behind. trust me, i went through a lot of back and forth because i want nothing more than to make you all happy but i realized i can’t fully do that if im not happy myself. gosh, anyways, you all are the absolute best, and i wish you nothing but good days and happiness. 

~ im off to chase dreams

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hey eridan so my mom has been slutshaming me a lot because of the clothes i wear and it's starting to really hurt my self esteem what's a good way to ask her to stop that won't make her get mad?

CA: shes gotta realize shes seein you as an object and you should feel comfortable wwearin wwhat you wwant you aint doin it for other people its for you

CA: and theres a chance she still aint gonna listen and bloww you off

CA: but in the end she can slutshame all she wwants it doesnt mean shit you aint some kind a lesser bein cause a your fashion choices

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I recently found out that I'm a trans boy, and not nonbinary! But with a lot of negativity surrounding men, I don't know how to deal with it. I know I'm not who those posts are targeting at all, but they still affect me a lot and make me upset. Not only that, but I'm in a relationship with someone who is part of the WLW community and makes that very clear, which has been upsetting me a lot lately. (Yes, I have told them.) Any advice?

Being who you are, in any instance frankly, is going to have its ups and downs. It’s good to keep in mind that what matters most is that you’re comfortable and happy :) others’ opinions, though they may hurt, shouldn’t come in the way of you being you.
When it comes to your relationship, it sounds as if you should really talk to them and see what’s going on. Having a supportive partner is always a great thing, and communication can help to clear up any issues such as maybe they have questions or comments and just haven’t gotten the chance to ask and discuss things with you.

Hope this helps. Followers?
~ Sean

i totally get why people hate tags like ‘i hate this ship but this pic rules/i love the art’. and how it can be really hurtful to hear someone hates your favorite character/pairing/series. but like

for me as an artist that’s actually pretty high praise when i get it… ‘i hate this content but op did such a great job that despite that, im choosing to put this on my blog.’ like. wow! my art must be really good for you to still appreciate the art that much despite outright loathing the contents. haha

i guess its just one of those different artist opinions. similar to how a lot of people are bothered (for perfectly valid reasons) by tagging art as ‘kin’ but its never been a problem for me

i also like comments like ‘normally i hate [character/pairing] but i love the way op did it’ for the same reason because its like… wow thats a pretty big compliment to know i was able to make you like something you normally hate

its probably not a comment you should be making in the first place though because enough people do hate getting tags like that, but ive never been bothered by it so its ok to leave that kind of commentary on my art.

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sorry if this is really random but; im in a relationship with someone who loves me a lot but barely ever talks to me because they're afraid of hurting my feelings. they don't respond to my messages 70% of the time because of this. i wanna show them that its okay to talk to me, but it always fails, im going through a lot of really bad feelings and getting really sad from it and i wanna tell them that it's making me really upset but i don't want them to feel guilty. i don't know what to do ;o;

you could tell them that it actually hurts your feelings when they don’t talk to you, and ignore you….honestly, if they’re not responding to you, I don’t know how good that is if you’re having bad feelings and need someone to talk to. Is there anyone else you can talk to for now??

coming to realize sorta late in the game that while using social media to vent can be good, it can also hurt your relationships if you release a lot of emotions and your friends can see.

like it hurts them. it hurts to see people you like a lot talking so badly about themselves. ive done it too, i just know how bad it can be for others.

and like if you do it so much all the time of course sometimes friends will distance themselves because not only can it be too much for them in general but its also really hard to watch.

not saying its bad to vent i understand. but also like. it can go too far. and if it does there should be other healthy options to seek help.

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hey i'm kinda late to all of this mess of gillians awful comments, and i never posted a lot of her as a person before all of this but do you think it's still wrong to post about her in the x files? like her character of scully? I just don't wanna hurt anyone

idk honestly? like i still.. like the x files, im still going to watch it. there are a lot of fucked up things about it (including david duchovny and chris carter being misogynistic assholes) so when i watch it from now on, i’m going to keep it in that context – remembering that its just a show, and yeah, scully is a good character, but that doesnt mean my love for her also has to transfer to gillian as well.

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okay, sorry for ranting but we all knew that this hawaii stuff wont be a real vacation, it was even anounced that it was a workshop and that sm is launvhing into the travelling business. and all the details sm gave out we alll knew everyone would be following them why are everyone activng suprised??? they are even being followed when the details are not clear/ not shared. Its the best business tactic and sm shows its power to future clients as well, how big of a mob they can control. good one

it’s okay, rant all you wish! a lot of fans didn’t know, tho. they just wanted the boys to rest, they wanted all 300+ idols to have fun. but no, sm is greedy. if someone gets hurt in the workshop im fucking un stanning sm.

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I feel so stupid. It's fic writer appreciation day and I didn't get a mention or a fic rec. From anyone, not even my friends. Its stupid and not important but I'm still sad and hurting.

Hey hun! I write them too and I haven’t either. Its 100% okay to feel hurt and sad. Don’t feel stupid for it, okay? Your feelings are valid. Your feelings are always valid. Don’t ever feel stupid for your emotions. 

A lot of people are here for you if you need it. Never feel bad for feelings you can’t control. It will only make you feel worse. So many people are here for you, myself included.

@deanplease added : “You are not alone on this. :) It’s ok, though. What we do is still good, and important, and noticed.”

Pokemon Card of the Day #730: Regirock ☆ (Legend Maker)

Regirock ☆ had a lot of the same problems that Regice did. After all, it wasn’t any good unless the opponent was down to their final Prize and Regirock ☆ was the only Pokemon you had in play. That being said, it wasn’t quite as awful as Regice because that attack was clearly better for that portion of the game.

Regirock ☆ had 90 HP, quite solid and able to take a hit from a lot of decks even later in games. The Water Weakness gave a nasty weakness to the popular Empoleon and Vaporeon ex, so that hurt its chances a bit. A Retreat Cost of 3 was high, but it didn’t matter since Regirock ☆ was going to fight alone.

Dig Drain did 10 damage for a Fighting Energy and also removed a damage counter from Regirock ☆. Wait, why are you using this again?

Final Blast was the attack to use. In most times, it did an awful 30 damage for 2 Fighting and a Colorless Energy. However, if it was the only Pokemon you had in play  and the opponent was down to their last Prize, it did 100 instead. Unlike Regice ☆, Regirock ☆ could KO a lot of things if it could get into that ridiculous scenario, and might actually make a difference in those rare moments.

While better than Regice ☆, Regirock ☆ was still terrible. There’s no way they could have made an attack look good with those restrictions on it. 100 damage was nice, but there were far better ways to do 100 damage late in games than what you had to go through to do it with Regirock ☆.

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Oh, sorry, yeah I meant American college. It's pre-med so that's basically a school wide declaration that I hate myself so pray for me (also having lost you hurts a lot more when you read it at 2am, and I am iN PAIN)

Okay, wow, that is a really big deal. College is scary enough in its own, but going pre-med at 16 is a huge deal. That can be really scary. If you ever need anything, have any questions, or need help or conversation, let me know. I’m here for you! Good luck, sweetheart.