it's not good for you and it hurts a lot

the signs’ anger as natural phenomenons

ARIES: lightening (a sudden destructive release; often well aimed and with few survivors)

TAURUS: volcanic eruption (with a build-up so slow the outburst is rarely expected, though they give lots of warnings; the destruction is vast and they can remain upset or hold a grudge for a long time after)

GEMINI: tornado (very messy and loud, they will verbally throw everything at you in the hopes that something hits where it hurts the most; could be harmless except when it’s not)

CANCER: tsunami (it’s usually very personal, they want you to feel exactly what you made them feel; they want you to drown in that feeling)

LEO: wildfire (one of the worst tempers, they take a lot and it’s usually one seemingly small thing that sparks it, from then on its loud and obliterates everyone in its path and doesn’t end until they’re good and satisfied or plain exhausted; no apologies)

VIRGO: earthquake (they’ve most likely been holding this in for ages just under the surface, hot and densely suppressed; it seems to happen without warning, the façade of control cracks, they release some of their most shattering critiques and observations; no one is exactly the same after)

LIBRA: hail storm (anger is usually communicated clearly, if not coldly and with a bit of passive-aggressive derision; they probably discussed it with themselves whether this anger is deserving or not, if it’s been deemed justified your verdict is final and penance is delivered without respite)

SCORPIO: maelstorm (this is definitely a palpable experience for everyone involved; they will hold back at first, more from fear of themselves than of you; the break can happen as suddenly as an aries, it is consuming and frightening for both of you, the depth of their contempt, even if exposed just a little, causing either of you back off least you fall in and never return; they usually regret not being the bigger person after)

SAGITTARIUS: solar flare (like scorpio, they are aware of the power of their temper which is why they seem to distance themselves or ‘run away’ when upset; if they can’t laugh it off, the flare is sudden and strong for them, throwing everything, like gemini but with grotesquely precise aim; then it’s over like nothing even happened)

CAPRICORN: avalanche/mudslide (their anger is like a higher power, even while they are feeling it they are still trying to distance themselves from it so that it becomes its own force with its own will, course and end; and the end is usually them never acknowledging your existence again. ever.)

AQUARIUS: thunder storm (slow to anger, when it happens all their positive traits are flipped, friendliness becomes cold, imagination becomes cunning, cool cleverness turns to a harsh downpour of criticism and ugly truths; they will make you doubt whether their brighter side ever really existed)

PISCES: geyser (for one fleeting moment they are so completely besides themselves it’s frightening for everyone involved; their deep, emotionally intelligent nature is flushed away in a destructive and scary display they didn’t even know they were capable of, rushing out of a deep chasm of turmoil they probably didn’t know was there)

Dating Jeff Atkins Includes...

Warning: profanity

Request: here you go lovely

Note: ello its nikki again! Thank you all for all the lovely requests please don’t be shy go out and request me something, you can always refer back to my fandoms post to see if i’m in the fandom or not! fandoms

  • Cute selfies
  • Fighting over who holds the phone

“But Y/n darling* I would SUGGEST FIRMLY that I hold the phone.”
*insert devil face Jeff here*
“Jeff give me the fucking phone.”
“Shit sorRY.”

  • You always winning in the end because he’s such a bean and he don’t wanna hurt you
  • Dance parties all night long
  • You play Little Mix because QUEENS

“Jeff hun, I love you, but my dance moves are better.”

  • Him getting offended because BISH HE THINKS HE GOT DEM MOVES
  • Dance Battle; facetiming Clay to see who won

“God I’m disgusted of you both, even I can dance better than that.”

*insert gasps here*


  • Seeing Jeff shirtless gets you flustered every damn time
  • Kissing Jeff on the cheek gets him flustered
  • Being the cutest couple in the school
  • I mean no one has see you guys make out, or even kiss each other in public, Clay caught you guys once and it was just a peck
  • Both of you are very shy, so there are limits
  • First Date being at his house
  • apparently our little jeffery tells his parents about his crushes ;) he even said u were hot

“ohmygodshe’ssoprettyhi.” - Jeff’s Mom
“SHE’S VERY NICE SON I APPROVE.” - Jeff’s Dad screamed when you were just about to leave

  • Sweet little compliments/nothings all the time to each other
  • Weird jokes

“Jeff, Y/n’s just sitting-” - Clay said confuzzled
“Y/n that doesn’t even make se-”
“YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DOESN’T DESERVE YOU!” - Clay said not understanding this was a joke

  • Day before he died you had your first time, and it was really nice of him to go really slow because you were self-conscious and he was aware of your fears
  • Taking Polaroids all the time; it was a bonus and good idea even if you didn’t like it, at least you had a memory of him now.
  • His parents letting you keep his jersey bc you love it so much and its your safe place
  • Jeff was your safe place
  • When Jeff died it hurt you, a lot, he was the love of your life and he left
  • You knew you couldn’t love anyone as much or like you loved Jeff, but you felt happy, knowing it was what Jeff would’ve wanted.

The reason Outlast is such a good horror game story wise is that the real horror only happens if you have empathy for the people in the Asylum and know that the real monsters are the rich guys in suits who like money enough to hurt people and keep hurting people

Like the whole time Miles Upshur doesn’t say a bad word about the people in the Asylum, even the ones tryna kill him. The whole time he talks shit it’s either about the way the place isn’t fit for human habitation, how Murkoff is horrible, and he talks allllll the shit about Trager and Wernicke 

But when it comes to the guys actually actively tryna kill him he knows it’s not their fault and is even sad when Chris Walker gets killed

He was always “fuck this place” and never “fuck these inmates”. Never. The only inmate he hates is Trager because Trager deserved it and because he was a torturer long before he was an inmate. 

And that also helps with understanding why Miles doesn’t fight back even when he has, like, parkour skills enough that you know he got upper body strength

1) he doesn’t wanna die, obviously, but also 2) he doesn’t wanna hurt the inmates. He’s fighting Murkoff, not them. 

The real reason Outlast is so good is because its driving factor is empathy, and that’s why a lot of people love it. Miles’ empathy brings him into the asylum and keeps him from just picking up a weapon and hurting the inmates, Waylon’s empathy gets him trapped in the first place. The lack of empathy is what made the Asylum so awful in the first place. And I love it when enemies are still human, and so so very sad, even when they’re scary and violent, because it gives layers and levels to a game that you don’t see in other horror. 

Brain: What is it you love so much about Night in the Woods

Me: Well, let’s see.
1. It shows the harsh realities of living in the lower middle class
2. Accurately portrays the struggles of a starving urban town
3. Puts a lot of value into the bonds between family and friends
4. Shows the inconsistencies and sometimes unhealthy realities concerning religion and what happens when you put too much anchorage in your beliefs
5. Gives a very logical perspective to religion and ethereal entities as a whole
6. Has a mentally ill character that is not romanticized, is not evil, and is not magically ‘cured’ by the end
7. Shows that suppressing anger is not always the best option.
8. Has very relatable and realistic characters
9. Shows the struggles of ordinary folks just trying to make due and make the best out of their shitty lives
10. Doesn’t spoon feed you the idea of happily ever after and shows that a lot of the time life sucks and there is no real reason for it and you just have to roll with the punches and get hurt and it’s okay because when it hurts to lose something, that something meant something to you.

Brain: And the gay couple

Me: Well, yes, they were a very nice touch

SHINee’s Taemin Tries Really, Really Hard To Hype Up Onew’s Cooking Skills - e.kang, soompi

SHINee’s Taemin is nothing but truthful.

During his appearance on the March 13 episode of Olive TV’s “Cook & Order” (tentative title), SHINee’s Onew prepared a special video featuring his fellow member Taemin.

Taken while they were on tour in Japan, the video showed the youngest member trying his hardest to say good things about Onew’s cooking abilities, even if Onew kept shooting himself in the foot.

Taemin started off by mentioning that Onew had once made paella, a Spanish rice dish, for him, when Onew suddenly disses himself and said, “You tasted raw rice that time, didn’t you?”

Taken aback by the sudden self-attack, Taemin truthfully, and hilariously, replied, “I really can’t forget it. It had its own charm, and I’ve eaten a lot of delicious food, but the food Onew made for me was very new and unique.”

It didn’t end there, as Onew claimed that his knife skills were exceptional because he’s “never hurt his hands.” Of course, he immediately followed up with, “Because I haven’t used knifes very often.”

Honest Taemin tried to turn the situation around once more and compliment Onew’s cooking skills.

“Seasoning, the taste, things like these…,” Taemin started off, before he amusingly confessed, “It’s really hard, trying to say positive things. It feels like I’m trying to squeeze [water] out of a dry rag.”

While Onew’s cooking abilities were later put to the test, at least he can always count on Taemin to say good things! 

watch here!

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Do you know any good THoB fix it fics, but specifically comfort still taking place at Baskerville *coughcough post scene in front of the fire place cough* Tysm!!!!!!

Hi Nonny! Not a whole lot of fix-its… A lot more angsty than anything, but I do have a few taking place during and inspired by THoB!


Mentality by Cumberbatch Critter (T, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Hurt / Comfort) – It was weird. But Sherlock was having a panic attack. Re-write of the Hounds of the Baskerville scene. Doctor!John.

What Sherlock Missed by chappysmom (K, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Fluff, Silly Ending) – Maybe Sherlock didn’t see everything he should have seen at Baskerville. 

Baskerville After Dark by Ttime42 (T, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Humour, Bed Sharing, Fluff, Pre-Slash) – John and Sherlock have to share a bed at Baskerville. Snippets of their time at Dartmoor.

Equilibrium by augustbird (M, 12,351 w. || Jealous then Worried Sherlock, Sick John) – At Baskerville, John is infected by a virus that turns him into a genius. But when the infection progresses into neurodegeneration, it’s a race against time to save himself. Flowers for Algernon fusion.

Duvet (green) by Mazarin221b (G, 2021 w. || Post-HoB, Revelations, First Kiss, Sherlock’s Mind Palace) – Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.


Living In Fear by Lady Sam Mallory  (T, 4k+ w. || H/C, Angst, Post-THoB, Nightmares/PTSD) – Missing Scene for Hounds of the Baskerville. John suffers from massive PTSD episodes upon their return from Dartmoor.

In The Wake by Ambikai (K+, 2k+ w. || Post-THOB, H/C, Friendship) – After returning from Baskerville, Sherlock and John deal with the aftermath: unsure of where they sit with one another.

After the Bombs by VampirePam (T, 3k+ w. || Angst, H/C, PTSD) – In which the drugs Sherlock used to dose John trigger a severe episode of PTSD. When terrors old and new cause John to fall apart, Sherlock must rectify his mistake and pick up the pieces.

Afghanistan in Baskerville by Amaya Ramiel (K+, 4k+ w. || Hurt/Comfort, PTSD) – What if John hadn’t seen the hound when Sherlock trapped him in the lab? What if instead, his very real nightmares of the war had materialized all around him? Trapped and drugged, John can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. How will Sherlock react?

Peaky by mattmetzger  (K+, 1k + w. || Post-THoB, Friendship, Angst, PTSD / Nightmares) – A nightmare is nothing but a brain processing recent events, and having a bad light to do it in. It will run its course. So why can’t Sherlock just leave?


Too Visible by chappysmom (K+, 23K+ w. || Friendship, AU, John’s Got an Ability) – With his gift of being invisible, John has always worried about being locked away in an experimental government lab. Baskerville is quite literally John’s worst nightmare—and the hound has nothing to do with it. It’s all Sherlock’s fault, but will he realize that? Sequel to Invisible and Still Invisible, Prequel to Invisible Once More

You Remind Me of a Man by columbine-and-asphodel (M, 17k+ w. || Sci-Fi, H/C, AU) – Sherlock is a living human experiment. John, an android medicinal ethics monitor, reviews the place that’s been experimenting on Sherlock and is thrown by what he finds. Inspired by but no spoilers for The Hounds of Baskerville.

The Curious Adventure of the Drs. Watson by ShinySherlock (M, 40,883 w. || Body Swap, Time Travel, Magical Artifacts, Victorianlock, ACD-BBC Fusion) – What if ACD Watson and BBC Watson switched places… John finds a journal and goes on an adventure that he never asked for.


(I haven’t read these yet, so read at your own risk.)

I’ve Just Got One by sarah_jehan (G, 1797 w. || Johnlock Freeform, Fluff) – Slightly-altered episode insert in which John simply walks away from Sherlock after the “friend” in The Hounds Of Baskerville spiel and Sherlock watches him leave instead of going after him and it’s a bit fluffy.

The Innkeeper’s Question by orphan_account (M, 1735 w. || Fluff) – This is set in Season 2, episode 2 of Sherlock. A bit fluffy, a bit serious, but overall lots of fun.

Fifteen Years by Bitenomnom (NR, 1209 w. || Marriage, Retirement, Kissing, Character Death, Introspection) – A lot changes in fifteen years, and a lot doesn’t. Fifteen years before Baskerville, John wanted a dog. Fifteen years before Sherlock was in court, Sherlock was in court. Fifteen years before John met Sherlock, John wasn’t interested in the violin. Fifteen years before he met Irene Adler, someone asked Sherlock out for dinner. Fifteen years before Sherlock kissed John, Sherlock kissed John. Part 46 of Mathematical Proof {{I’ve read a few stories in this series, and it’s been very enjoyable, so this will probably be a good one too.}}

Memento by audentes_fortuna_iuvat (E, 25,050 w.+ WiP || Angst, Character Study, Sherlock’s Past, Friend to Lovers) – Sherlock remembers flashes of time the way lightning strikes and thunder sounds during storms: suddenly and overwhelmingly. Some memories flood back like the opening of a dam, others yet like a broken tap, slow and steady and weak. And at the center of them all lies John Watson, the axis mundi of Sherlock Holmes’ life. Time floats on with John, and Sherlock starts to realize he’s dividing his life into two categories: Pre-John and With-John. As the axis turns harder and faster for Sherlock, he feels his life both coming together and unraveling at the same time. And soon, Sherlock finds himself in his greatest deduction yet, that of his mind and his heart, and finally sees how a self-professed ‘high functioning sociopath’ falls in love.

Silhouettes by allonsys_girl (E, 28,585 w. || Fluff, Bed Sharing, Angst, Drinking, Grief, Infidelity, Drug Use, POV John, Parentlock) – Sherlock and John find comfort in each other’s arms, but as ever with these two, it’s not your typical relationship. It’s fluffy at the beginning, gets deeply angsty in the middle, gets porny at the end. {{I think Baskerville is just briefly mentioned in the first chapter, it was tagged with THoB.}}

The Return to Baskerville by PeaJay (E, 31,343 w. || Angst, Torture, Est. Rel., John Whump, Case Fic, Smut, Graphic Violence) – Sherlock and John return to Baskerville to have another look around. They find a lot more than they bargain for. Especially John, who is kidnapped and brutally tortured. Graphic violence.
Part of the Mind the Gap series but can be read as a stand alone fic. Part 2 of Mind the Gap {{Been putting this one off because of the violence I think}}

Still of the Night by SoonerOrLater (G, 3717 w. || H/C, Angst, PTSD, Friendship) –  Short post-ep for Hounds of Baskerville, John and Sherlock talk a bit and deal with the fallout of the past few days, while Sherlock worries about the future.

The Naked Time by greyamber (T, 1217 w. || Pre-Slash, John’s Sci-Fi Obsession, Unhappy Ending) –  “John Hamish Watson was a hopeless Science Fiction fan, not that he could help. He had grown up with the Doctor, after all. Thank you very much.”

In Which There is a Row at Baskerville by thequeergiraffe (T, 944 w. || Pre-Slash) – John and Sherlock discuss the nature of their relationship. Can be read as a standalone. Part 20 of The Spaces In-between 

Hope these are satisfactory! Please, if any of y’all have suggestions, particularly the one that Nonny is looking for, feel free to add them!

13 reasons why you should love tony
  1. gay, latina and one of the main characters of the story 
  2.  literally a dad stuck inside a teens body.
  3. “I thought you might have been in love with her”

Originally posted by hazystrangers

4. just wants clay to listen to the tapes, dammit!
5. was the only friend of hannah’s that she trusted 
6. after hannah died he spent time with her family to make sure that they were doing ok
7. tried to do right by hannah and do what she wished. aka making sure all the people involved heard the tapes 
8. out of the entire group clay is the only one he considers a friend and never gives up hope on him. 
9. when he realises clays tape is up next he stays with him 
10. crys and finely tells hes boyfriend about everything because he feels guilty about not being able to save hannah, wanting to honor her last wishes but also not wanting to hurt everyone else in the process (hes boyfriend is also a beautiful cinnamon roll bye.)
11. when clay asks him to tell the truth “believing what you believe and knowing what you know do you think i killed hannah baker?” he tries to beat around the answer because he knows clays a good dude but he just ends up saying yes because well its true….they all played a hand. 
12. is just very emotional and loves his friends a lot and feels a lot of guilt because of the rapes and not knowing what the right thing to do is but ultimately makes the right choices. 
13. takes himself, hes boyfriend, clay and skye on a road-trip because oh boy do they need it!

#6 Auston Matthews

okay so that hurt auston matthews one was so good, could you write something more like that? maybe not him being injured but just frustrated bc the leafs are losing lots of games or something like that

I LOVE ANGST but im v bad bc i just write everyone happy smh

Tbh i just realised i got two similar requests in a row

Warnings: language idk?? 

Song suggestion of the day: Scorpio by Emily Bea (its so sweet and I.. AWH)

Originally posted by putpriceonthepp

You narrowed your eyes a little as you tried to concentrate on the garbled instructions on the other end of the phone over the noise of the television blaring in the next room. You found yourself apologising quickly as you ducked your head out of the kitchen, covering the bottom of the phone as you did so. “Auston can you turn that down a bit.” You called, but you didn’t bother to linger long enough to see if your boyfriend, who was sat rigidly on the couch glaring at the TV, would actually comply with your request.

“Sorry,” you murmured into the phone, pressing a hand to your other ear as you attempted to catch what they were asking you as you tried to update your health insurance for the third time this week. “Okay, yep.” you replied, hastily scrawling something down on the notepad you had ready. You suppressed a groan of annoyance as the TV continued to play at exactly the same volume. “I’m so sorry.” you told the woman on the other end of the line before you walked into the living room, covering the phone again and resorting to standing in front of the TV to get your boyfriend’s attention. “Auston, can you please turn that down, I’m on the phone.”

Usually this wasn’t a problem but the way Auston had been acting lately was anything but usual. Your sweet and charming boyfriend had been moody and overly sarcastic for the past couple of weeks. No matter how open to talking you’d made yourself to him he was having none of it. So you’d given him space and hoped he’d sort himself out but now you were of the opinion that it had gotten a little out of hand. Auston had been watching his old games at full volume and you’d tried to be accomodating. He hardly spoke to you and you’d tried to be patient with him. He was hardly home and you tried to be understanding. But seeing as you were trying to keep this house functional, your patience was wearing thin.

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After you read the power rangers fics could you rec the good ones?

You Feel Like Home - A slightly AU fic where Trini and Kimberly fall in love throughout the course of the movie. It shifts a few scenes so that different characters are involved in them, and it’s pretty cute.

Cold Things - A non romantic conversation between Trini and Zack that gets a bit introspective.

She Keeps Me Warm - A really short Trini/Kimberly hurt/comfort fic that ends in ambiguous cuddling.

Lip Gloss - Trini pining after Kimberly, and being hopelessly gay the whole time.

There are still some more I’m browsing through, and I’ll link any of those in future recommendation posts.

Guys, I found out there’s a hate blog now dedicated to just calling out this person and I would formally like to say that I don’t support this at all.

You cannot fight hate with hate and expect a good outcome, and you certainly can’t enable someone to grow and understand your side if you are fighting them the entire way.

Understanding and peace take time and a lot of compassion, if it will happen at all. So please, don’t continue all this, especially in a mean spirited way. You’ll only hurt this person, and that’s not okay.

I mean this is exactly why I didn’t drop any names to begin with.

A Warning

“Hey Jaune, you said you wanted to talk?”

The blonde teen turned around from the sunset view of Mistral he had been admiring to find Oscar there, looking a little nervous.

And the former farm boy had good reason to be. His obvious attraction to Ruby had not gone unnoticed by the rest of their group. Qrow had been giving him drunken death glares at every opportunity, Nora had been trying to play matchmaker with leaving the two alone with each other quite a bit, Ren mostly just went along with Nora.

But not Jaune. Jaune had just watched the two, quietly observing their interactions. The seriousness of it all greatly contrasted with Ozpin’s memories of the blonde teen and while he was pretty sure that this wasn’t going to lead into a fight, that didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous.

Jaune nodded, his expression serious as he turned his head back to the sunset. “Yeah, come on over.”

Oscar did as he asked as he soon stood by the young fighter, the two just silent for a few moments.

Then Jaune spoke. “Ruby was the first person I really met at Beacon. I still remember that first day, man that was an explosion. Anyway, she was just as awkward as I was though for very different reasons. She was really worried about being pushed ahead two years. As for me….I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say I didn’t have much confidence in myself that first semester.”

Oscar nodded, not telling him he knew all about the forged transcripts (‘Why did you let him in anyway?’….Reasons.)

“I did a lot of stupid things and Ruby was the first one to help me snap out of it. She’s first friend I made at school and she’s like a little sister to me.”

Okay, good. Oscar let out a metaphorical sigh of relief. He hadn’t been entirely sure of how Jaune viewed her, but it was clear that outside of Qrow, Jaune was the one Ruby felt the most comfortable around. It had made him a LITTLE jealous. (A little? 'Shut up, you.’)

“So, I just have to say this to you: don’t hurt her.”

Oscar turned his head, finding that Jaune’s gaze had turned from the sunset to him.

The blonde Huntsman to be went on. “You weren’t there, so you don’t know what happened at Beacon. She’s been through a lot, we all have. But Ruby’s lost more: Pyrrha, Penny, her team, and that’s not even counting what’s going on with her family. Despite all that, she keeps on going. The difference between us is she’ll never talk about it. I think part of the reason she’s so focused on this quest is so she doesn’t have time to think about it. Back when we thought Qrow might not make it, she took it pretty hard. Either way….she’s not the same girl I met that first day.”

A memory flashed in Oscar’s mind; one of a slightly younger Ruby in a different outfit with her signature red hood, but with a smile that was a tad more genuine than some of the smiles he’d seen from her. He understood immediately, the former headmaster in his mind quiet with regret.

Finally, he spoke. “I get it.”

Jaune waited as Oscar explained. “You’re right, I wasn’t there when Beacon fell, but I do understand what it feels like to have your life thrown about and when you come down, its not the place you used to be in. Besides, I don’t plan on hurting her.”

Jaune smiled at that. “Good. I like you Oscar, I’d rather not see either of you get hurt.”

Oscar smiled as well. “Yeah, no offense Jaune, but Qrow’s been pretty straightforward on what would happen and he’s a lot more intimidating than you.”

Then Jaune’s expression turned back to serious as he put a hand on Oscar’s shoulder. “Oscar….neither I nor Qrow is the person you need to be afraid of.”

That made the farm boy confused. “Huh?”

“Let’s just put it this way, if it’s your fault that Ruby gets hurt, nothing in the world will be able to save you from that person’s wrath.”

That didn’t answer anything for Oscar. “Who are you talking about? Her dad?”

Jaune shook his head. “Nope!”

“Well then, who is it?” (Ozpin’s laughter in his head was not a good sign.)

Yang was just about to down her well awaited Strawberry Sunrise in a bar not too far away from the city of Mistral when she suddenly felt something go off in her mind. She placed her glass down slowly.

Somewhere, somehow; someone is thinking of my baby sister in ways above a PG rating.

The bartender noticed her actions. “Hey blondie, aren’t you going to drink that?”

She got up from the bar with her unsipped drink still on the table, she turned walked towards the door. “Change of plans. I need to get Mistral, FAST.”

Plot bunny of mine. I ship Rose Garden so hard and I also think Jaune and Oscar will have some likeable chemistry with each other

Headcanon: Anyone who has ever thought about asking Ruby out at Signal has had to face Yang Xiao Long. The result being total annihilation.

If anyone wants to do something visual based on this, go head. Just make sure to send it to me first.

My Lover Smells Like Fish (2)

Part 1

Google more or less confirms what Alfred suspected: merfolk don’t talk.

Sifting through the search engine long enough that he’s made uncomfortable by the sheer quantity of mer porn people have produced, Alfred realizes that not only do they not talk, but no one even talks about them talking. He suspected there would be some kind of conspiracy theory type forum for this sort of thing, but no. Not even crazy people are crazy enough to invent lies about this, which means that Alfred must be King Crazy to have experienced it.

It’s kind of really unsettling and Alfred’s sorely wishing he’d taken up a summer gig at the local radio station over doing this. He could be out in the sun getting live reactions to parking tickets, not stuck in some dank aquarium with a chatty fish filet.

It’s after hours again this time, but Alfred sits down on the side of the ledge near the merman’s tank rather than just throwing the fish in. He waits and he doesn’t have to wait very long.

The merman pops up after a minute or two, clearly curious about what his game is.

Alfred plucks a fish from the bucket and leans out with the wriggly thing in his gloved hand. “Here.”

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can i just say that like. if ur a questioning girl, u can’t “appropriate” the lesbian label. like it’s not possible. calling urself a lesbian when ur not 100% sure u are one to try it out and see how it fits is 100% okay. you’re not hurting anyone by doing this. even if u turn out to bi/pan or realize that u were wrong and it’s not the label for you, that’s okay. “lesbian” can be a really scary word for a lot of us at first and its normal to feel unsure about it sometimes. trying it out and taking however long you need to be comfortable with it is totally good and fine and anyone who says differently can fuck themselves.

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hiii! i love your blog, you're really good at writing! could i request minor trios reactions to, when not dating MC, waking up in the same bed as MC after getting drunk? (not like they did the do while drunk, just like drunkenly cuddled them or something) sorry if this is weirdly worded! thank you :)

✿ Omfg this is so cute.


  • Wakes up with his face tucked against the back of your neck, all big-spoon style.
  • At first, he thinks he’s with Rika, so he doesn’t question why there’s someone in his bed. It takes him running a finger across your cheek - and you making a small noise as it stirs you into wakefulness - for him to realize that
  • wait
  • shit
  • you are not his ex-fiancee. 
  • He gasps out your name, immediately pulling away from you and patting at desperately at himself. Only relaxing marginally when he realizes he has clothes on, he apologizes profusely to you. It’s unclear what, exactly, he’s apologizing for, but he’s certainly sorry about it.
  • (it’s almost like waking up to an alarm clock - the same, repetitive noise sounding over and over again.)
  • Your first concern ends up being calming V down, and you lean across the bed, putting your hands on his shoulders as you try to snap him out of his panic. 
  • Telling him that it’s just as much your fault as his - though neither of you really know how you got into this predicament - you say that it’s fine, you’re pretty positive it was just cuddling. 
  • you were drunk, and platonic cuddling is super a thing! neither of you have to worry. this was all definitely platonic.
  • (V seems to be calming down, and you swear internally as you realize how cute he is with a bedhead shiiiit.)
  • Wanting desperately to change the subject, V offers you some tea since, you know, you’re over here and. Uh. Yes. You accept, and he goes the extra mile to make you breakfast.
  • Unbeknownst to you, that is, in part, because he’s desperately trying to think about anything other than how amazingly he’d slept last night. Not a single nightmare had plagued him when he’d had your warmth in his arms.
  • s h i t.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • You wake up. You have no shirt on - though your pants and underwear are wholly intact - and Saeran is sprawled across you, face planted directly against your chest.
  • A few things become clear to you in that moment. One - this little piece of shit drools, and you’ve got this gross, wet patch on your skin. Two - you have a small demon trying to claw its way out of your skull, and you regret having ever thought challenging Saeran to a drinking contest would be a good idea. And three…
  • …When he’s sleeping, he looks so peaceful that it almost hurts your heart to see. Had you ever seen him so divorced from the worries of the waking world?
  • Face heating up in a blush, you stare at the ceiling, trying to figure out what to do. This is embarrassing, you’re in bed with a guy (though you find no evidence of having done anything more lewd than cuddling), but you also know that said guy doesn’t often get a lot of sleep, and you feel bad about waking him up.
  • also. he. might be mad at you when he wakes up, and blame you for the current situation.
  • this was probably going to embarrass him mightily.
  • Wanting to preserve his pride, you start slooooowly trying to ease yourself out from under him. Unfortunately, Saeran - in his state - was not keen on letting you go easily.
  • Damn. This boy is like a vice.
  • and now he’s rubbing his face against your chesT OKAY THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH.
  • Saeran whines about it, at least until he actually opens his eyes and realizes what he is doing.
  • it’s hard to say whether Saeran kicks you off the bed or if he uses you as a launching board for getting off the bed, but either way, the both of you end up on the floor and he is flinging accusations at you.
  • You - being hungover - decide this is bullshit, so you tell him to shut up until you’ve had some advil. He doesn’t shut up, so you throw your shirt at his face and storm out of the room.
  • Neither of you talk to each other for the rest of the day, except for when you both tell Saeyoung - who saw you collapse together last night - to shut up.


  • It’s a slow, golden morning - just around dawn - and you wake up at approximately the same time as Vanderwood does, almost like your schedules and habits are linked. 
  • You’re facing them, they’ve got their arms around you, and their face is so close that you can see the details of their incredibly pretty lashes.
  • For a long moment, the two of you stare at each other in uncomprehending disbelief. There’s also admiration, though both of you are unaware that you’re mutually admiring each others eyes.
  • You’re the first to speak. “Uh,” you say. There’s ample room for you to continue, but you don’t particularly know what to say so you trail off.
  • Vanderwood is the first to break contact, and they gently extract themselves from you before saying in a dull voice, “I’m going to take a shower.”
  • They vacate the room quite quickly after that.
  • You remain in the bed, staring numbly at the ceiling. It’s only now starting to kick in that, oh shit, you were cuddling with Vanderwood oh godahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and your brain goes into alarm mode as you try to figure out what to do about this.
  • You’re still wearing your clothes, so you figure that… everything is probably fine? probably fine. Friends drunkenly cuddle each other all the time, right? It’s not like it means anything.
  • (hahahahahahaha.)
  • Thirty minutes pass, and Vanderwood still hadn’t come back. You’re not entirely certain what to… do? Should you leave? You’d… kind of like a shower yourself, and it’d be weird to take one at their place probably…?
  • But you also don’t want to disappear without saying anything, so you go to the bathroom door to at least tell then what’s up.
  • strangely enough, though, you… don’t hear water running. Are they done with their shower? Stranger still, they don’t reply when you knock, and you’re getting genuinely worried as you call louder.
  • oh god did they fall and die.
  • Spurred by your worries, you throw open the door.
  • The first thing you notice is the smell of vomit. The second thing is that Vanderwood has shed their shirt - which is wet and balled up in the sink - and they’ve fallen asleep in the bathtub.
  • things slowly… start to connect. You’re not hungover, but all evidence seems to suggest that Vanderwood is, and you immediately feel a surge of pity for this poor idiot.
  • You know how they are about being untidy. Throwing up must be awful for them.
  • It takes a bit to wake them, and you help them up, even as they apologize and protest. You put them to bed, get them some water and some Advil, and tell them to stay put.
  • In a normal circumstance, they’d fight you more, but they’re too miserably sick to even move.
  • You do them the favor of closing the blinds before leaving to clean up, and you - most definitely - keep all thoughts of how nice it was to wake up next to someone out of your mind.
AOS 4x15:  AKA I don’t really have any words aside from that was BRILLIANT!

I realize the fandom is reeling.  That was a lot to take in.  But I am HAPPY!   So many theories are FINALLY happening…granted not how I though or we may have wanted but they are happening none the less.  So this meta is going to have a bit of a a different feel to it.  

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msmagiccait  asked:

Laf: Marriage, First Date, Pregnant News

First Date

- he’s been prepping to ask you for like 3 weeks
- poor nervous french boi
- keeps stuttering and slipping into french and crying when you say yes
- he takes you to a restaurant!! v v fancy
- laf inists that he orders for you bc he wants to test his own knowledge of you
- if the food isnt good he’ll leave a tip anyway bc he’s too sweet
- but he’ll cook you smth bc ew gross
- probaly kisses you goodbye
- doesnt actually want to leave and will most likely ask to come inside
- makes really nice tea
- he’s very affectionate and kissy bu he’ll stop if you tell him to


- if anyone’s gonna make it fancy, it’s laf
- he probably proposes in a public place, or just in a fit of passion
- he wants the BEST dress and the BEST cake
- if you’re not happy with it, it’s not good enough
- he gets so caught up in the actual wedding that he almost forgets to invite your friends n stuff
- its okay tho!! he didnt forget it!! just,,, got distracted
- he mIGHT cry when you walk up the aisle but who knows
- hires a photographer/artist and demands that all his friends take photos
- doesnt really care what the guests are wearing as long as its formal
- no one is allowed to dance until you and laf have had ur moment in the spotlight (he’s not even good a dancing, he just wants to be w/ you and let everyone watch)
- he might not have sex on ur wedding night (unless u want it), but ur sure as HECK getting smooches and cuddles

Pregnancy News

- spoiler; he cries
- but he also SCREAMS and LAUGHS and jumps up and down on the spot
- hugs u but not too tight bc he’s forever anxious about hurting the bby
- kisses. a lot of kisses
- hes just!!!! so excited!!!!! he’s been imagining this day since u got together!!!!
- probably kisses ur tummy a lot and mumbles french to it
- he’s a blubbering mess
- please comfort him he is so excite

why I like your sign (use rising too)
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You are fun to be around. Though, sometimes you get mad at me and say rude things and I don't like that. Though, you are one of the most fun/adventurous kind of people i know (besides sag) I would want to be best friends with you. (p.s. you're hot af)<p/><b>Taurus:</b> You are one of the funniest people I know. You aren't afraid to be made fun of or make fun of other people. You are a refreshing person to be around, and you don't pressure me to be someone else. I love you guys.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You guys talk a lot, but it's always so fun to listen to. Whether you're ranting, babbling, or just having a plain conversation, you never cease to entertain me. You always say something hilarious and make me laugh constantly. You have the best people skills out of all the signs and I love you to death. You're so precious and make a wonderful friend.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are literally too sweet. People say you guys cry all the time, but you are just a little sensitive, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have a tendency to bounce back--which is great. You are never hung up on anything for too long (contrary to popular belief a.k.a. from my experience with you.) In certain cancers, I've noticed you don't get hurt super easily, but when something hits you, it hits you hard.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You guys are jokers and I love to be around you. You don't take things too seriously. I can make fun of you, and you won't care; you'll just make fun of me back. You're a quality friend and great company.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You are so great to talk to. The way you see the world is perfect. You are a mix of philosophy, logic, and fun. You are trustworthy and (in my opinion) never judegmental (at least not out loud.) Sometimes you get a little bored of everything, but you just make a really bad joke to liven it up a little.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You all are kind of quiet. You want to fit in, but remember it's okay to be a little awkward and weird. Some other Libras are just loud and don't care who they are--which is one of many great traits of your sign. You get along with almost everyone. (except for those who like to tip the scale with drama.) You have such a beautiful view of life and you can see the good in everyone.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I like that you can get a little crazy. You are an attractive person inside and out. You have this thing about you that no matter how hard they try, no one can hate you. They can say they hate you, but they don't truly hate you. At first, you act all sweet and nice, but then when someone gets to know you, there's a whole other side to you (which is super fun to get to know.)<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You make the best puns. People are always saying you don't care, and it's definitely true! You are opinionated and blunt. You share your opinions in a matter that everyone can accept. Though, sometimes you are too blunt for your own good. You like to cover your bluntness with a joke, and sometimes it doesn't work. You don't take shit from anyone and that's great. You are one of the funniest signs and I love to be around you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You are so smart, but so down-to-earth. You teach me new things without making me feel stupid. You are always there for me when I need you, and you're sometimes the most awkward person ever, but it's hilarious. You don't get enough credit as a person.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You have good intentions, but they don't always pull through. Not a lot hurts you, which can be good and bad. Well, it seems like not a lot hurts you. It's fun to mess around with you, because you take it so well. You like to fight fire with fire and if someone does get to you, you won't take it. You'll fight back and protect yourself. The way you present yourself is attractive and your personality is magnetic. I like you a lot. (you're hot af too)<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You're so kind. You seem to always have your head in the clouds and you seem to always be looking at tomorrow. Though it is fun to dream with you, try to live in the present a little. You are so in touch with your emotions and other people's emotions as well. You seem to be able to connect with everyone on a personal level. You can comfort anyone and do it well. You are a great friend, especially in a personal crisis.<p/></p>

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ok sorry, still me, I just have one more thing... I'm always reading about INTJs sort of avoiding love, seeing it as pointless and stupid. I think dating someone just to have a partner is certainly pointless, but every now and then I do start to crave interaction a little. I know if I'm not careful, I could get hurt, but I don't want to be alone forever. I just... don't know how to flirt, or how to show someone that I do actually care about things at all.

Love asks are the most complex, but here’s the thing

1) “I don’t want to get hurt” INTJ anxiety

Fore some reason, I ended up having more experiences in romantic relationships than the average INTJ. What I’ve learned is that, as they say in my country “you can’t have both a full barrel and a drunk wife”. 

I mean, you can have something with little value, not get attached and leave with no feelings but at least not hurt either, OR you can connect with someone, get involved and likely hurt. So if you want to be “careful not to get hurt”, you’ll likely never experience anything of the second type, and - at least in my opinion - that would be a waste. C.S.S. Lewis, fellow INTJ, said: “To love at all, is to be vulnerable”. 

I’ve had one shot at what could have been a good relationship and I screwed up because I was afraid of getting hurt. I hope my advice will help someone not to end up in the same situation.

Truth is, relationships are a lot of effort and probably even more effort for INTJs. But sometimes they’re worth it. So when you get the courage to get into one, live it to its fullest, and try to push down the fear. Let your partner help you maybe. Just don’t give up. You might discover yourself vulnerable, but some people say it’s a strength, not a burden. I, too, shall see.

2) Flirting and all that stuff

Flirting, like swimming, is a skill. Some you throw into water and spontaneously know what to do, others drown like rocks at first. What’s important is that everyone can learn it, even the most hopeless type.

You might not get to an ESFP’s level, but INTJs can learn everything so I’m confident you will too. I was in the hopeless category so I looked some things up on the internet and started practicing when on a date. At first, I felt stiff and fake, but apparently that wasn’t perceived from the outside. In the long rung, I started feeling more confident. It’s still something I don’t always like, but its utility is undeniable.

Summing up, internet is there for you. Don’t be shy and learn.

3) Showing affection INTJ style

INTJs (as other TJs) have the weirdest way of showing affection. They will rather do things for you than telling you. They will try to solve all your life’s problems, re-organize your schedule, and give you tons of attentions. 

So how do you show it to others you ask.

I’ve struggled with it personally and I came to the conclusion that if the person you’re with is smart enough, they will understand that’s your way of loving. So don’t mind it too much. If they need some reinforcement, use your Te to express your feelings. It might be blunt and a bit too direct, but for some reason some people find it cute.

In conclusion, be yourself. Show your affection in the way it comes more natural to you, just sprinkle some compliment or nice word here and there. 


Pairing: Fuckboy!Josh Diaz x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Shitty Writing

Request: Can you do a josh Diaz x reader bc I acc love him. Could you base it on the song fools by trove Sivan. Maybe like she falls for him but she knows she shouldn’t cuz he’s like a fuckboy n but he likes her n shit idk thank you xx

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