it's not gonna get any better

  • you: maria reynolds seduced alexander hamilton and ruined the family's entire relationship
  • me, an intellectual: maria reynolds was domestically abused both physically and mentally, and knew that the only form of attention she could receive was through sexual favors because quote, "i didn't know any better" actually means that she did not know any other way to thank alexander for his help, and eventually wished that she had never been born because she had caused alexander so much distress and grief
Before hooking up
  • Use the caress fine fragrance love forever body wash. This shit actually works. Every time you touch your skin after using this, a fragrance is released. So every time he holds you close or whatever, you gonna smell good af. 
  • Try to shave your pussy and shit right before seeing him or in a span of few hrs before seeing him, cuz your hair starts to grow back within 12 hrs and that shit aint cute. Shaving creams are nice but its better to use hair conditioner. It’ll leave your pussy smoother.  
  • If you’re gonna suck dick, make sure you put on a lipstick that’s long wearing. Any lipstick is gonna smudge regardless, and if it doesnt that means you aint suckin right. But use lipsticks that you know is gonna be easy to take off after the job is done. That way you wont look like a clown if you guys decide to get something to eat afterwards. Don’t let the world know you a hoe. 
  • Spray perfume lightly in your cleavage, between your thighs. But don’t overdo it, you don’t wanna suffocate the nigga in perfume.  
  • When sucking dick, make sure you swallow. Don’t half ass it. You sucked it, might as well swallow it.

xoxo nitu 

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Hey cat... are there any chances i'll get over the... depression (that i probably have) without any medication or therapy? I guess my parents wont do anything to help me... my mom even blamed me when i showed a little bit of how i feel... im scared...

i believe you can ovo just by allowing yourself to recover is one way

but its better to get professional 


either way umu dont listen to your parents if they’re gonna keep treating you like that

because honestly

thats the worst thing a parent could do

treat depression like something silly and blame it on their child for getting it

its like

someone dies without a reason

and you just go ahead and blame the death on the person because apparently they did something to cause their death

they did not choose to get up and die like that


it was just like that and bam 

its not peoples choice to have depression and your parents should understand that if they want their child to function and be happy >:O 

boy, i really. really hate this.

i can sleep in peace now everythings workin out, school couldnt get any better, my bdays tomorrow n im gonna celebrate it at the club with all my friends including my whole class, i laughed so hard at school 2day and its like… finally, everythings finally settling down and theres nothing else i can say


but you get it deep down, don’t you? you punks lost to this guy. 

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a part of me thinks rosita was meant to get the holly death and then sonequa got cast in star trek and they switched it. Otherwise why feature Rosita so much (she's gonna have the highest episode count this season) and barely feature sasha for sasha to die?

I tinkered around with this idea myself. I definitely thought about this; I will not lie to you. It makes sense when you think about Rosita’s seasonal arc here. Only people who are marked for death suddenly get an influx in screen-time after the writers have ignored them for seasons. We all know it.

Glenn was the exception here, of course. But every other character on this show suddenly got a lot of screen-time before they bit the dust. There’s no other reason why Rosita should have jumped in front of Michonne, Maggie, and Carol in terms of screen-time. There’s literally no other reason why that should have happened if she wasn’t dying. 

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Is one tree hill any good?

If you don’t get emotionally invested in Brooke Davis, it’s a decent enough show of its genre (think Dawson’s Creek, The OC, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, etc.), probably better than average of that kind once it gets going. So if you like those kind of character-driven high-drama shows, then you’ll probably enjoy it.

If you do get emotionally invested in Brooke Davis, then pull the chute and leave ASAP because you’re gonna have a bad time

So yeah, just don’t invest any feels into this glorious huge-hearted goober and you’d be fine


Thominho Hunger Games AU:
Minho looked at Thomas, a serious expression on his face. ‘If I don’t see you on the other side,’ he said in a sappy voice, ‘remember that I love you.’ Snickering at Thomas’s eyeroll, he tipped the berries into his mouth.

happy birthday thomineho

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This is your local small time artist saying it'll get better. And you're gonna get fan art in the coming days to cheer you up !

Wow hey now.. you really dont need to by any means
Its very kind of you though.

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Relationship status: Absolute pro at being single

Pets: One cat, one dog. Dog wants to play with cat. Cat wants murder.


Favourite cartoon: I haven’t watched Avatar in ages but its definitely one of the best out there. NO FIRE LORD OZAI, YOU’RE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS. If we’re counting anime too then of course its gonna be Noragami. It dragged me into the void and now I live here :)

First Fandom: Pokémon! I think I was about 6 when I got into that. Either through the anime or the game I don’t know which I noticed first. 14 years strong with this fandom <3

Hobbies: Tumblr (shitposting is my speciality), trying to get back into drawing, riding, SLEEPING, avoiding my responsibilities.

Books: I used to read like all the time when I was younger and now I just can’t? Idk whats up with that its kinda sad really :( Only ones I’ve read recently that I really enjoyed are A court of thorns and roses/mist and fury. Kind of like a Beauty and the Beast meets Spirited Away thing but can be quite smutty :\ Get past the smut and its amazing though

Aesthetics:  Memes. Honestly I don’t know to be honest. Pretty things? Nature? Animals? Who knows I don’t.

Favourite food: I’m always a slut for churros GOD DAMN

Favourite drink: I don’t really have a favourite xD I’M BORING GIVE ME ORANGE JUICE.

Favourite time of day: Early evening? Especially round this time of year when it doesn’t get dark til 7 ish. I love the longer days.

Favourite video game: You already know KH owns my ass and I wouldn’t have it any other way :3 KH2 and BBS are my faves but I’m also addicted to KHUX now. KH self insert? HELL YEAH. But the Pokémon games are also a fave of mine :D Waiting on Sinnoh remakes bc Sinnoh is bae. Also Okami! Please play it its an absolute gem.

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name | Vivian
nicknames | Viv :3 (I go by this name the most)
zodiac sign | Cancer
height | 5′8″
orientation | Pan-Demisexual :0
nationality | American/French! Got that duel nationality~ ;> 
favorite fruit | Strawberries! that or Mangos ^^ I can’t decide
favorite season | Winter cause its really nice here as appose to the nuclear Summer heat x-x
favorite book | I…Im just gonna say any of the Warrior Cat series cause that was my middle school jam. I rarely read books now.
favorite flower | Probably Poppies~ They make me think of my grandma cause those are also her favorites ^^
favorite scent | Any citrus smell! And wood and dirt after it’s been raining~
favorite color | Green! Like a nice bright grassy/spring green!
favorite animal | Cats, snakes, hedgehogs, and birds!
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Coffee if i need to stay alive, tea for relaxing, and hot cocoa for winter :3 (so all three)
average sleep hours | Any where between 3-12 hours ovo’’’
cat or dog person | I like both~ But I have 4 cats at home so I lean a little more towards cats~
favorite fictional character | Ahhhhhhh don’t make me pick I love Shane and Harvey from Stardew valley, I love my oc Bruno to death, I love Fry, Bender and Leela from futurama, and recently I absolutely love Mob from Mob Psycho 100, my small son. (Theres like a million more, but I figured I’d /try/ shortening the list)
number of blankets you sleep with | One or none 
dream trip | I’d fufill my tiny weeb dream of going to Japan with a bunch of my friends, and just live it up ^^
blog created | May 2011 :O I’ve been on here since the days of SuperWhoLock mah boi~
number of followers | 1,060! ^^’ And I love each and every one! <333 ( I had more but I went go through and block all the spam bots!~)

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