it's not gonna get any better

There’s nothing confirmed on this but basically what it says is that:

Samuel allegedly gets bullied in school which includes some of his classmates pushing him around and once when he was carrying some books down the stairs a group of boys came and said ‘woah its Punch’ and hit the books off him and also hitting him. When Samuel used to be absent due to his 1Punch schedules and the teacher would ask where he was during registration (roll call) they’d shout out that he quit school cuz they didn’t want to see him. Plus, they would play his VApp lives and MV’s at school and mock him by mimicking him. Recently they would play his introduction video for Produce 101 and also mock him with that. But Samuel being the angel that he is doesn’t argue back so they presume hes kinda dumb or they thinks that Samuel thinks he’s being trendy. 

I swear to God if any of this shit turns out to be true these people better be ready to catch these hands cuz I’ll be ready to fight these ugly hoes who thinks its ok to bother/ bully Samuel who hasn’t done shit except work hard. It reminds me of when Taemin used to get bullied as well ughghghghh everyones salty hes gonna get famous. Bye 

Stages of Avoidance
  • Denial: Heck yes, I can do this thing. I got this.
  • Anger: Why did I say I can do this thing?? I know I'm a piece of shit and won't do the thing! And now people expect me to do the thing and I won't because I'm awful!
  • Bargaining: Look, self. I know it's hard. But if you do this thing, stuff's gonna be good for you. If you just do this one. tiny. thing, good stuff's gonna happen.
  • Depression: I never do any of the things that I'm supposed to and that's why my whole life is a mess and nothing's ever going to get better and I'm worthless.
  • Acceptance: Yeah I'm not gonna do the thing might as well watch some funny videos.
🌞iasip ask meme🌞
  1. how did you get into the show?
  2. who’s your favorite character and why? (has your fav changed since you started watching the show?)
  3. what are your top 3 favorite episodes?
  4. name a song that reminds you of your favorite character
  5. do you ship anything?
  6. name a song that reminds you of your favorite sunny ship
  7. what’s something that we haven’t seen in the show yet that you’d like to see?
  8. would you recommend sunny to friends?
  9. what’s your favorite kind of sunny fan content? (fanart, mixes, fic, etc.)
  10. who’s your least favorite character?
  11. what would you change about the show if you could?
  12. who has been your favorite guest star on the show?
  13. which cast member is your favorite?
  14. do you have any theories about the show/characters?
  15. floppy hair or slicked back hair?
  16. how do you think the show is going to end?
  17. what do you think is the most classic [asker inserts character name here] moment?
  18. what’s your favorite thing about sunny?
  19. what’s your least favorite thing about sunny?
  20. do you have any favorite sunny headcanons? 
Before hooking up
  • Use the caress fine fragrance love forever body wash. This shit actually works. Every time you touch your skin after using this, a fragrance is released. So every time he holds you close or whatever, you gonna smell good af. 
  • Try to shave your pussy and shit right before seeing him or in a span of few hrs before seeing him, cuz your hair starts to grow back within 12 hrs and that shit aint cute. Shaving creams are nice but its better to use hair conditioner. It’ll leave your pussy smoother.  
  • If you’re gonna suck dick, make sure you put on a lipstick that’s long wearing. Any lipstick is gonna smudge regardless, and if it doesnt that means you aint suckin right. But use lipsticks that you know is gonna be easy to take off after the job is done. That way you wont look like a clown if you guys decide to get something to eat afterwards. Don’t let the world know you a hoe. 
  • Spray perfume lightly in your cleavage, between your thighs. But don’t overdo it, you don’t wanna suffocate the nigga in perfume.  
  • When sucking dick, make sure you swallow. Don’t half ass it. You sucked it, might as well swallow it.

xoxo nitu 

  • you: maria reynolds seduced alexander hamilton and ruined the family's entire relationship
  • me, an intellectual: maria reynolds was domestically abused both physically and mentally, and knew that the only form of attention she could receive was through sexual favors because quote, "i didn't know any better" actually means that she did not know any other way to thank alexander for his help, and eventually wished that she had never been born because she had caused alexander so much distress and grief

A lot of people who aren’t ready for a bird, and even some who are, become surprised and discouraged very quickly when their feathered friend doesn’t “act” the way they expect it to (e.g. cuddles all day; no biting; talking or sweet chirping only; coming when called, etc). The reality is that no pet is going to be your perfect companion, just like no person can ever fulfill another’s fantasy of the perfect friend or partner. But that doesn’t mean you should give up or abandon them–it just means there’s room for growth.

Biting and chewing, along with screeching, are probably the most common issues that cause unprepared bird owners to fall out of love with their little buddies. I think this is a huge tragedy because there is ALWAYS a way to work with a bird’s NATURAL, HEALTHY tendency to chew on stuff (including people) so that the bird safely gets enrichment & interaction at a relatively low cost to any humans in its life. But it’s up to you, not the bird, to figure this out–they are wild animals and don’t know any better. They don’t deserve to be punished for being who they are.

Darwin’s obsession with biting feet, toes and, in some cases, shoes, has been a big challenge for me since he grew out of his “sweet baby” phase. But I eventually learned, first and foremost, to ACCEPT that he will always want and need to chew on things, and this is how he’s gonna express it. Might as well let him do it in a safe environment (no other people around, only socks on my feet, keeping close watch on him) in a way that benefits us both (I get some of my steps in)!

Also, you’ll hear me chuckling–finding workarounds for stuff like this can be really fun for you and your bird!

-❤️-Lexie (Darwin’s human)

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You make really great gifs and AUs, but it's a shame you waste it on St*rek when smaller better ships hardly get any edits like that.

mate, I couldn’t care less that your lazy arse is incapable of making edits for your ship lmao, if you came in my inbox and just asked “hey, could you please make a gifset/au for this or that ship?” I would happily do so, I have no problem with requests, but you can shove this attitude up your arse along with your ship, man

I’m gonna make another sterek au now just for you lol

I knew I should’ve made a better plan before plunging into writing a really painful and emotional Karamel MULTICHAPTER fanfic. It’s proving WAYYYYYY harder than I initially thought. Like I love writing and reading angst, but this was just…wow. I’ve had to stop twice now to pull myself together.

Originally posted by candzk-25

This ship is literally ruining me y’all. Karamel snuck its way into my heart and I now I don’t think it’s possible to get them out. I’m legit gonna write a pure fluffy fanfic after finishing this first chapter. My heart won’t be able to handle any more pain lol.

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I hate when people desecrate witchcraft with their fake "spells" inspired by games or what have you. Don't you realize that it's disrespectful to the actual witches out there. Sick of people making things up just to give themselves a label that's unique

Are we really gonna do this? Really? Get over yourself fam. Your craft isn’t any better or more “authentic” then mine. And if you don’t like it why the fuck are you even on my blog? Go do something productive

The First Date

You, Jesse and Hanzo go on your first date! Fic is PG-13. 

Link for AO3:

Hanzo and Jesse have left it up to you to decide where you’d be going on your first date. Being a person who is no good at making decisions, this was more pressure than actually being asked out on the date itself. You are currently sitting at home in your own apartment watching your phone as the notifications go off one after the other. Being in a group chat with the two of them is a trip:


Jesse: where

Jesse: do

Jesse: u

Jesse: wnana

Jesse: go!

Hanzo: Stop spamming.

Hanzo: Let her think, smh.

Jesse: im right here if u wanna fight me

You: IDK

You: I’m really down for whatever!

Hanzo: Where do you like to go during your free time?

You: My room?

Hanzo: -_-

Jesse: im calling u


And he does, less than a couple of seconds after you had received that text. You stare at the screen with a shit-eating grin while it’s ringing, and let it go to voice mail.


Jesse: answer ya damn phone plz

Hanzo: Don’t cuss at her.

Jesse: answer ya darn* phone plz

Jesse: also fuck u han

Hanzo: Hmmm. Interesting for a person who just asked me to make dinner.

You: Somebodys bout to starve!

You: Also sorry! I had lost my phone very suddenly :/  


Your phone starts to ring again, and you wait until the last possible moment to answer it. You don’t even have to say a thing; Jesse just starts going off in your ear, “Hey, now listen! I’ma count teh’ three, and when I count teh’ three your’ gonna say the first place that comes to mind alright?”

You let out a long, dramatic, heavy sigh, making sure to blow air into the phone as much as possible.  

Jesse laughs, “Alright here we go! One! Two! Three-“


“Ah shit, Han! We goin’ to the zoo!”

“No, no, no wait! Let’s try that again!”

Jesse hangs up the phone.


Jesse: no take backs  

Hanzo: I am excited! I’ve never been to the zoo!

You: We shouldn’t go to the zoo that was stupid

Jesse: nu uh! we going!

Hanzo: Why is it stupid? Now I really want to go!

Jesse: pick u up on friday!!! wear zoo clothes!!!!

You: WTF are zoo clothes

Hanzo: What she said.

Jesse: clothes u wear to the zoo???

Hanzo: Hmmm true.

You: Whatever! Fine! I guess we’re going to the zoo

Jesse: u bet ur ass

Jesse: shit

Jesse: butt*  

Hanzo: We’ll pick you up around 9am. Is that okay with you?

You: Pfff yeah.

Jesse: see ya friday!


Friday rolls around, and you guys go to the zoo. It’s the perfect day for it; the sun is out, and it’s partially cloudy. There’s a light cool breeze that feels amazing on the skin. After thinking about it, you’ve actually come around to the spontaneous idea that Jesse had to coax out of you. You guys take your time at each exhibit. The zoo isn’t very crowded at all, and nobody cares that you guys take nearly thirty minutes at each. Hanzo does dramatic readings of the facts on each of the placards, putting on what he likes to call his “tour guide voice”.

When you guys get to the Red Fox enclosure you and Jesse listen while Hanzo reads. At the end, Jesse raises his hand, “Um excuse me, Mr. Shimada? May I ask a question.”

“All questions are welcome, Mr. McCree.”

Jesse points to the cage, “Why are they called Red Foxes?”

You can see Hanzo try and suppress a laugh, and you try to suppress yours as well. Feigning like you, too, would like to know why Red Foxes are named Red Foxes. Hanzo is trying to remain in character, “Mr. McCree, if you can do me a favor and look at the animal?”

“Mhmm, yes.”  

“The fox has red fur.”

Jesse places his hand on his chin and nods his head up and down, “Uh huh.”

“So it is called the Red Fox because well; it has red fur.”

You can’t keep up the act anymore. Hanzo says that last line with such conviction and a matter of fact tone that you are doubled over, and clutching your stomach laughing. Jesse refuses to give up the act. He looks down at you, his cowboy hat casting a shadow over his face.

“Darlin’, what’s so funny? I don’t understand.”

Hanzo keeps it up as well, “Sir? The Red fox. Red is a color. The color of the foxes fur is red. Therefore, Red Fox.”  

You’re still doubled over wheezing. A small crowd has actually started to stare, thinking that Hanzo is an actual expert and tour guide. They believe that Hanzo, a man who is wearing unbelievably tight joggers and a navy blue tee shirt that says, “Choose Cremation. You Urned it,” is a god damn professional, articulately explaining to a cowboy why a Red Fox is called a Red fox. Jesse sees the curious onlookers and decides that maybe it’s time to end the charade, “Ah, I get it now, and ya’ know what? That’s a pretty dumb fuckin’ fact.”

Jesse throws an arm around your still shaking shoulders, tosses his other one around Hanzo’s, and you guys all walk away from the confused onlookers. Eventually, after marveling at the big cats for nearly an hour, you guys make it into the reptile house. Here is where you figure out that Jesse really doesn’t like spiders and that Hanzo couldn’t care less. You do care a little bit, but the thick plexiglass between you and the arachnids is enough to keep you from being irrational like Jesse is being.

“Can y’all stop puttin’ your faces so damn close to the glass?”

You smile coyly and rest your cheek against the glass, Hanzo follows suit and places his cheek against the glass as well, “Take a picture, Jesse.”

Jesse crosses his arms and pouts, “Y’all think your’ funny huh?”

You grab your phone out of your pocket and turn on the camera, “Guess we’ll just have to take a selfie.”

The spider that is in the little glass case is clinging to the other side, showing off its belly and legs. Perfect for the photo op. You and Hanzo point to it and smile nice and big for the camera, while you hold your phone in your other and snap a photo.

Hanzo says, “Make sure to send that to me in the group chat.”

Jesse is glaring at Hanzo, when you notice one of the workers is trying to get any of the customer to listen to what she has to say about whatever it is she is presenting, but she’s getting no takers. You walk towards her and look into the large, deep, open plexiglass tub that she is standing next to. Your eyes widen and you start to cackle. Oh, this is gonna be good!

“Hey Han! Jesse! Come here!”

You watch closely has they look into the glass enclosure. Hanzo now has the biggest smile, and Jesse takes one glance and literally runs off about twelve feet.

The workers face lights up, “Hello! Would you guys like to hear about this tarantula?”

The look that Hanzo gives her almost looks like he might abandon the two of you and take her out on a date; he is so happy.  

“I would absolutely love to hear about this tarantula!”

The woman practically dances, because she is delighted to finally have people who want to listen to her. She clasps her hands together and starts to spew off all of the knowledge she’s got on the spider. Hanzo listens and has questions for her, and she is able to answer everything. Meanwhile, Jesse is in the background huffing and making off-handed comments like, “Interesting” and “Wow, real fascinatin’.” When the spider starts to stretch its legs and move around, you lean in farther to get a better look.

“Hey! Sugar? Maybe don’t do that! That thing is gonna get your face.”

The tarantula handler finally turns her attention to Jesse, “Oh no! Honduran Curly Hairs are docile tarantulas. Also! Tarantulas can’t jump that far. A fall from where her face is at to the bottom would actually seriously hurt the curly.”

Jesse does his best at being polite, “Thanks for the knowledge ma’am.”

At this point, Hanzo is practically inside of the enclosure, and you’ve reached your limit. Any closer, and you’d be pushing your comfort zone. The woman clasps her hands together, “I am so sorry! I haven’t asked for your names yet!”

You both introduce yourselves and take turns shaking her hand, “Hanzo! Seeing as you seem to be the most interested, would you like to hold her?”  

Jesse claps his hands together, “Han! You put that spider in your hands, and we are breakin’ up!”  

Hanzo puts his hands together, palms up and lowers them into the enclosure; “It’s been nice knowing you, Jesse.”

Jesse is still squirming, but it seems this is something he just has to see. He gets just close enough to be able to look in. He’s standing right behind you, looking over your shoulder, and he’s got two nervous handfuls of the back of your shirt. You reach back and pat his thigh, “There, there. It’ll be alright!”

The woman first coaxes the tarantula into her open palm using what looks to be a soft bristled paint brush. It’s funny watching her gently nudge the brush against the creatures big furry butt. It slowly crawls into her hand, and you can physically feel Jesse tremble. You look back at him, “Jesse, just one of your hands are at least two times bigger than this tarantula is. This tarantula can’t do shit to you.”

“Darlin, I ain’t tryna say you’re not right, but that doesn’t keep the little critter from being real creepy.”

Hanzo isn’t paying any attention to the two of you. He is concentrating on the spider that is now crawling into his welcoming hands. It stays there, cradled, its two front legs feeling along the tips of his fingers. Hanzo is still smiling, “Thank you for letting me hold her.”

The woman continues to light up, “Are you kidding me? You are very welcome. I’m so happy you guys took time out of your day to hang out with me and listen to me ramble about this. Tarantulas are my passion.”

After a couple more tarantula facts, Hanzo places the creature back down into its habitat, and you guys make Jesse very happy by deciding it’s time to move on. The three of you continue to stay close to each other as you visit the rest of the exhibits. When you’ve officially seen them all, you guys go back to gawk at each of your favorites. When hunger strikes, you guys stop at a little cart that specializes in soft tacos. You watch in amazement as Hanzo orders six and downs them all. You guys don’t leave the zoo until you are forced to, because it’s closing time. The three of you leave feeling the good kind of tired, all having found a new favorite place to be.

@ ppl actually shipping real life friends one of whom is married with a child as if thats not the most invasive and uncomfortable thing you can do to two people.. stop pretending like “they never explicitly said we shouldnt!!” is a valid excuse. They didnt give explicit permission and yall are writing SMUT of them? that logic is how ppl get fucking assaulted. Y'all are literal adults and any adult knows better than that. it’s just a flimsy justification to be creepy and invasive so if you’re gonna keep doing it at least admit its not fucking okay and feel ashamed at the very least

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Can we talk about SKAM's cast though? I mean in that last scene Sana's face doesn't even get a wrinkle between her eyebrows and her mouth barely twitched but even then we could se how Sana's whole mood changed and she looked so sad and upset. Iman communicated Sana's sadness just through her eyes, is amazing. I don't know if I made any sense here cause english is not my first language but yeah, Iman is just amazing <3. It's the first episode and I already want to cry :(

no you made perfect sense. iman’s acting was incredible in the scene. it’s been incredible this entire episode – i know she’s gonna get even better as the season progresses. she’s beautiful and wonderful and talented and i love her

AOS 4x18: Through A Child’s Eyes


  • Blanket fort
  • Easter Candy
  • Pillow to scream into
  • Tissues
  • Daisy Funko
  • Lets do this!

And here we go!

  • The Truth Behind Fitz!  MOMMY!!!!!
  • Mace/Coulson
    • Well done Mace
    • So and accent!!!!
    • Who?! Trip?!  Please be Trip!
    • Be nice to Jemma!
    • He has been brainwashed so shut up
    • Super Jump!
    • I love these two
    • AHH!
  • Daisy/Fitz
    • Fitz now is not the time for our hair
    • Its DOCTOR jemma says that
    • BJ!!!!  BJ!!! HE”S  TRIP!  MOMMY!  TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  MOM TRIP!
    • Yeah we need to get you to Jemma.
    • Come on Fitz…no!
    • Doctor Fitz needs to go!
  • May
    • Yes, dwell on the past! Wake up!
    • Oh no…no…no may…crap!
    • You have something to lose and his name is Phil!
    • Crap
  • Playground
    • Mack!
    • Yeah where is Hope
    • Mom is she not there, if Hydra has her this is bad
    • Can’t imagine why she doesn’t like you
  • Coulson/Jemma
    • Yeah risking his life…mommy I have a bad feeling.  Jason was all scruffy at Wondercon.
    • Ward is evil
    • HA! HIves!  
    • Wow Jemma, honesty
    • Yeah ITS DOCTOR!  Oh man like Fitz…oh…Fitzsimmons need each other
  • Hydra labs
    • Crap that is the bad stuff
    • Hey isn’t that guy from another season
    • Oh HYDE
    • NO MAY! No smiling that stuff is bad!
  • Jemma/Mace
    • T Shirts, you said that dude
    • Ward looks confused
    • Really well, you had her kidnapped
    • No, No, No, and no
    • Mom…we are learning to much about him
    • Quiet Ward
    • Yeah he wouldn’t, he’s been brainwashed
    • You two leave her alone!
    • She needs her Fitz!
  • Fitz/AIDA
    • Boo HISS there better not be any kissing
    • She persisted mommy!!!!  the Womans March (that’s my baby)
    • No no no touching
  • Fitz/Daisy
    • She called her Daisy!
    • Yeah you be mouthy
    • AIDA your nuts
    • You tell her Radcliffe!
    • PIKACHU!
    • Oh no! AIDA
    • No
    • no
    • no no nonononon!
    • AIDA you are….screaming into pillow
    • Ohhh you can bring him back!
    • Giving people what they want is a lie
  • Playground
    • Mommy THE BUS is back! Its just not like the last one
    • Ohh Backstory!
    • Wait I need backstory!
    • Oh man…this is gonna hurt…
    • Hope
    • Jemma go get the book…dang it
    • Awesome undercover Coulson
  • Fitz
    • ANTIQUE…. TRIP!  Trip used old stuff!!!
    • Mom…who is this
    • Had to pause for screaming into pillow
    • HIS DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Yes be conflicted!  Come on Fitz!
    • He knows about the woman…JEMMA JEMMA HE’S THINKING OF JEMMA
    • Tea..that is Jemma’s thing…
    • I dont’ like him
  • Prison
    • Dun dun dun Undercover Coulson
    • BAKSHI!!!!
    • OH they are hiding in the body bags…ew
  • Radcliffe
    • Poor Radcliffe
    • He’s so sad
    • He’s being controlled and she was already dead
    • Yeah AIDA changed him!
    • Yeah please be a backdoor
    • She can’t destroy it!
    • Safeguard…daisy you need to know about the safeguards
  • Fitz’s
    • He’s proud he’s the Doctor
    • He’s showing remorse
    • Shut up Fitz’s Dad
    • SHUT UP!
    • Let his mother out!
    • He didn’t know about the science
    • Just shut up!
    • He was awful to Fitz
    • STop telling him he loves her!  He loves JEMMA
    • Mom!!! Something this isn’t right…how he is saying it isn’t right!  I bet he and AIDA are working together!
    • That’s why I”m here…yeah that is why you are here to manipulate him…ranting went on for a bit…
  • Prison
    • Its a trap
    • Called it!
    • Oh its all going to blow up on them now
    • Yeah Coulson make it right
    • Hey Burrows!
    • TRIP!!! FIND TRIP!!!
    • Well done phil
    • TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • We had to pause for dancing and screaming
    • TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • THERE HE IS!
    • Yeah pictures are in those boots right mom?  Cause Trip is awesome like that!
    • Wohoo on the bus!
  • Fitz/May
    • Oh this is bad
    • Ew
    • Big needle!
    • Bad needle!
    • Oh man May!
    • This is the best episode!
  • Jemma/Mack
    • I need to see that book
    • Wow mom…this is heavy political
    • He’s a good dad
    • Leaving her is gonna suck
    • Shut it Ward
    • SHe knows you as someone else
    • You don’t want to nwo what you did
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • No! Come one! NO!
  • Prison
    • Yeap Trip is awesome!
    • YES PLANS…wait kill Inhumans
    • Oh no
    • Coulson don’t
    • No not the mission!
    • Coulson…. Stop
    • Yeah not good
    • Run Burrows!  RUN!
  • Ward/Jemma
    • Leave Mack alone
    • Jemma
    • Those people mean something to her
    • NO! Not okay! Partner
  • May Mace
    • Oh snap! (good thing she doesn’t know curse words)
    • Ahhhh!!!!!!
    • Holy COW!
  • Coulson
    • Bakshi VOICE!
  • Battle royale
    • May is MAD
    • Oh my!
    • Oh! 
    • Yeah be worried about her shooting you
    • OH Mommy!
    • Mace…he’s indestructable right
    • May…May…wake up…wake up!
    • PHIL! WAKE HER UP!  Kiss her or something!
    • PHEW! GO MACE!
    • May…oh
    • IS she waking up!!!
    • COME ON MAY!
    • No….
    • No!!
    • NO
    • NO
    • NO
    • Mommy!
    • My baby is crying
    • He’s find…he’s indestrutable mom, just wait, he’ll be fine
  • Fitz
    • Oh I hate those two, let him go!
    • Both of you get away from Fitz!
  • Real World
    • Mace isn’t dead right mom
    • Mom he’s really dead?
    • NO! MOM! HE DIED!
  • Tag
    • DAISY…May?
    • Oh
    • Did she wake up?
    • That’s it Daisy get up!
    • CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i love your art its so beautiful and so nice to look at. do you have any tips on how to get better at art? im not to happy with my art and would like any tips you have to offer! thank you in advance!

Thank you so much friendo!

I feel like this advice is either going to be helpful or sound like utter bollocks to you. Sorry if it’s the latter.

For physical technical skill, there are tonnes and tonnes of YouTube videos and websites dedicated to helping you with drawing! Im not gonna talk about it on this reply, but I’m happy to talk through some specific physical skill related stuff if you ask!

What I want to talk about is the reason I think we hate to hear “just practice” as an answer so much - even though it’s the best answer anyone can give.

For me, getting better at art is all about having the confidence to accept that not everything I draw is gonna be a masterpiece. I said the word confidence because I used to frequently open up Sai and then just not draw because I knew what I’d draw would be “bad”- Or I would draw something and then delete it or not post it because there were too many parts of it I hated.

People say to practice practice practice, but I know how hard it is to just blindly do that over and over when what’s coming out isn’t what you’d hoped for. It’s disheartening as hell. So that’s why acceptance and self tolerance has to come with it.

Be kinder to yourself and your work.

Rather than thinking “I hate this drawing”, take a step back and think “drawing this made me realise some mistakes I’ve been making in my anatomy/colour/etc. Next time I might try something else”

The “next time” is crucial because you’re not torturing yourself over one drawing, desperately trying to fix it. youre accepting that that drawing is part of the greater learning curve, as was the drawing before, as was the drawing before.

play around with things like the expressiveness of your drawing, the colour or composition and find the thing YOU enjoy playing around with the most and work on it. Remember, you don’t have to be an all rounder to be a great drawer.

have a close look at some of your favourite artists and try to suss out WHY you like their work, then apply that to your own. But for gods sake, don’t compare yourself to them.

And remember: maybe your work isn’t as polished as you might like it to be, but there is only one person in the whole world who can draw like you, and it’s you! Don’t underestimate that fact.

i got at least 15 midnight texts telling me how much he loves and cares about me and how he wants to be with me and i’ll never get over how sweet and caring this kid is like if i ever stop talking about it,,,, im probably dead so check my pulse