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Noctis: alright, witch boy - 50 gil says you can’t slam dunk Izunia’s ass all the way back into the Disc of Cauthess from here 

Prompto: please, with this spell I can send him all the way to Niflheim

Not Pictured: Ardyn about to cop a gravity/force combo spell to the face, and panicking about it

One day I will give a damn about backgrounds. Today is not that day.

@jess_spencer uploaded a new photo: After a first failed engagement, 10 years of being broken up, a year of fighting like hell for one another, we finally did it. I’m so madly in love with you, and I’m so happy that I get to call you my wife. Thank you for loving all of me, and for continuing to love all of me. The World is a better place because you’re in it babe, and I’m so happy that out of all the fish in the sea, you chose me. I know that sounds super cheesy, but I’m Australian and I needed to add the ocean in at some point. You continue to surprise me everyday, and you’re the strongest women I’ve ever met in my life. I hope this was the best and happiest day of your life, because it was for me. I love you beautiful, thank you for existing and for being my best friend. Can’t wait to grow old with you, and expand our family with you. @jmrrson

There’s nothing confirmed on this but basically what it says is that:

Samuel allegedly gets bullied in school which includes some of his classmates pushing him around and once when he was carrying some books down the stairs a group of boys came and said ‘woah its Punch’ and hit the books off him and also hitting him. When Samuel used to be absent due to his 1Punch schedules and the teacher would ask where he was during registration (roll call) they’d shout out that he quit school cuz they didn’t want to see him. Plus, they would play his VApp lives and MV’s at school and mock him by mimicking him. Recently they would play his introduction video for Produce 101 and also mock him with that. But Samuel being the angel that he is doesn’t argue back so they presume hes kinda dumb or they thinks that Samuel thinks he’s being trendy. 

I swear to God if any of this shit turns out to be true these people better be ready to catch these hands cuz I’ll be ready to fight these ugly hoes who thinks its ok to bother/ bully Samuel who hasn’t done shit except work hard. It reminds me of when Taemin used to get bullied as well ughghghghh everyones salty hes gonna get famous. Bye 

Stages of Avoidance
  • Denial: Heck yes, I can do this thing. I got this.
  • Anger: Why did I say I can do this thing?? I know I'm a piece of shit and won't do the thing! And now people expect me to do the thing and I won't because I'm awful!
  • Bargaining: Look, self. I know it's hard. But if you do this thing, stuff's gonna be good for you. If you just do this one. tiny. thing, good stuff's gonna happen.
  • Depression: I never do any of the things that I'm supposed to and that's why my whole life is a mess and nothing's ever going to get better and I'm worthless.
  • Acceptance: Yeah I'm not gonna do the thing might as well watch some funny videos.
🌞iasip ask meme🌞
  1. how did you get into the show?
  2. who’s your favorite character and why? (has your fav changed since you started watching the show?)
  3. what are your top 3 favorite episodes?
  4. name a song that reminds you of your favorite character
  5. do you ship anything?
  6. name a song that reminds you of your favorite sunny ship
  7. what’s something that we haven’t seen in the show yet that you’d like to see?
  8. would you recommend sunny to friends?
  9. what’s your favorite kind of sunny fan content? (fanart, mixes, fic, etc.)
  10. who’s your least favorite character?
  11. what would you change about the show if you could?
  12. who has been your favorite guest star on the show?
  13. which cast member is your favorite?
  14. do you have any theories about the show/characters?
  15. floppy hair or slicked back hair?
  16. how do you think the show is going to end?
  17. what do you think is the most classic [asker inserts character name here] moment?
  18. what’s your favorite thing about sunny?
  19. what’s your least favorite thing about sunny?
  20. do you have any favorite sunny headcanons? 

when people fancast patroclus as white in tsoa edits
making new clichés - Chapter 10 - strangetowns - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“You really think it’ll be okay?” he says. 

“I know it will,” Even says. 

(As many doubts as Isak has, he has to admit that those words, when they come from Even, are the greatest comfort he might ever hope to have.)

A childhood best friends AU - Part 3.2

In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

[15.8k / 93.2k words]

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This is probably gonna sound weird but I have this... spirit? That I think is keeping me company and my roommate and I have jokingly decided it's a cat since things like to get knocked over on counters and such and just out of curiosity I was wondering if you knew of any tarot spreads there may be to get to know spirits better? Like interview spreads or something like that?

hey not weird at all and I happen to have 3. It’s very important to get to know your spirit guides and I hope these help you. Let me know. Okay?

I hope this was what you were looking for. good luck.

Roman ‘The Big Dog’ Reigns aka ‘Daddy’ - NSFW Alphabet

Okay everyone its Romans turn for a NSFW Alphabet.
Yall better get ready cause this is gonna have y’all in your feelings.. ;)

A/N: Oh its gonna be explicit and somewhat explosive for my ladies.. ;)

Warnings: Explicit content and Roman being daddy ASF!

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A - Aftercare (what they are like after sex)

Well he’s daddy for a reason. Ro will wipe you down but only after he’s had his fill of looking at you covered in him. He loves seeing your face and tummy covered in his cum. And if he comes in you which is almost always every time he likes to watch you play with your clit while his cum slides out of you, slowly.

B - Body Part (favorite body part of theirs and their partner’s)

That’s a simple one. Ro loves his cock obviously. Without it how would he be daddy? How could he fuck you until you walk like bambi? How could he make you scream and cry his name while he fucks you hard and fast?

The answer is simple. HE wouldn’t be able to do any of these things.

Not only does Ro love his cock he loves his lips. He knows that when he kisses you especially on your clit that you’re going to give him what he wants, you. His lips are sinful. They make any woman that comes into contact with them wanna be his and only his and he hasn’t fucked them yet.

On you Ro loves your throat and ass. When you deep throat him and have his pelvis touching your nose that’s when he’s most vulnerable. With His eyes rolled back in his hair and those thick fingers tangled in your hair he becomes undone. Hips flexing and your name falling from his lips like honey, Roman loses himself in you. (But this isn’t the only time he’s like this ;))

When you’re bouncing on his thick cock (In reverse cowgirl), enthusiastically might I add, Roman loves to see your ass move with the action. He likes smacking and palming it leaving his mark. Now roman isn’t into leaving bruises on you cause he would never want to harm you to do so, but with your ass that’s a whole different story. He wants you to wear his marks so that he has the pleasure to know that you especially your juicy rump belong to him, and only him.

C - Cum (anything about cum)

Inside of you is where Roman loves to cum. But he’s obsessed with you covered in him so it depends on how he feels, or where you beg him to cum. You love the way he tastes and you make it known. Nasty girl. That’s exactly what Ro calls you. If he comes in you, then you’ll dip your finger inside yourself and get it wet then pull it out and suck it clean.

If he comes in your mouth you will open your mouth and swish him around on your tongue before closing your mouth and swallowing every drop. Then opening it back up you will show him you swallowed what he gave which isn’t a lot guys ;).

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D - Dirty Secret

Oh angry sex is the best sex with Roman. It doesn’t matter if you’re angry or is he’s angry it gets explosive quickly.

When you’re mad you don’t want to be touched. Well Ro doesn’t like that because you’re his. And he touches you when he wants. So he’ll touch and tease you until you become so angry you’ll straddle him and grab his face to scream at him. But by then you’re wet and aching. And he knows it.. Besides this happens quite often.

When Ro is angry and agitated you know exactly what to do. You know he’ll never hurt you. So because of this you are always waiting naked in bed when he gets home. He wastes no time. Rough, hard sex is what you get with him. When he’s in a mood he gives no fucks about leaving marks on you. Biting you and slapping your ass are some of the ways he leaves his mark.

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E - Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

Daddy is very experienced. He’s not a virgin but he isn’t a playboy either. He keeps his sex life on the DL but he has had quite a few women in his bed. And unlike seth he bedded these women quite a few times before moving on.

Roman learned early on that his sex appeal was a huge magnet for women. So he uses it to his advantage. That famous smirk he does in the ring is what makes the women swoon. It make panties wet and clit throb.

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When he licks his lips he knows what he’s doing. Trust me he knows. That man knows his lips and that tongue can do some serious damage regardless of if they are buried in your pussy.

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That smoldering look is what gets any women. You can sit there and say you hate him but if he looked at you with this look I promise you’d do anything he asked. So don’t front.

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F - Favorite Position

Anything that has you on your back. He wants to watch your face and see the pleasure build. He gets off at looking at you and seeing you staring at him with your mouth agape with unfocused eyes moaning his name or asking for more in that breathless tone.

G - Goofy (are they serious in the moment or more of a sense of humor?)

Ro is all business in bed. But he also can be funny. Roman is a daddy and when you’re in bed he is focused on two things. Making you scream and cum for him and making sure to tire you out and make it hard for you to walk correctly the next day. But he also knows that sex is meant to be enjoyed and that laughing during it brings you two closer together.

H - Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes?)

He’s completely bare down there. Roman likes for is private area to be bare so that way he can be commando under his ring gear and some jeans he wears.

I - Intimacy (how are they during the moment, romantic aspect)

If the moment is intense roman will be the sweetest. He will murmur in your ear while thrusting into you that he loves you. He’ll tell you how beautiful you are with his cock buried in you. He will tell you in vivid detail how it feels for him to be thrusting in and out of your wet pussy and what it feels like when you clench around him.

J - Jack Off (Masturbation Headcanon)

He will jack off when you two are in bed next to each other. He likes when you watch him cause he knows that you want to be his hand. Stroking and rubbing his hot flesh. Feeling those thick veins and rigids under your fingertips or tongue ;).

K - Kink (one or more of their kinks)

The daddy kink is a big one. To you he wants to be your daddy. He wants to be the one that takes care of you and protects you. He also wants to be the only one that can make you scream and cry at once for him to stop but go when fuking you the way you like it.

To him your babygirl. It’s a term of endearment but also a title that means you’re his. That you are his one and only and that you mean the world to him.

L - Location (favorite place to have sex)

Anywhere. As long as it has a surface to bend you over on lay you on he is game. But if he had a specific place it would have to be in your walk in shower. The space makes it easy for him to pin you against the wall and fuck you. But he loves seeing the water rain over you and cling to your skin.

M - Motivation (what turns him on)

When you say “Daddy I’m yours, and I love you.” The biggest turn on for him. Nothing else makes him the proudest or want to fuck you harder than those words.

N - No (what they won’t do)

Hit you or make you feel small. He wants you to be a goddess in and out of bed. He wants his baby girl to shine with the love and respect he gives you.

O - Oral (preference in giving or receiving. skilled?)

Oh it’s 50/50 with Ro. He likes to give and receive. Especially receive. He loves how eager you are when sucking, stroking and licking his cock. As mentioned above Roman loves and comes undone when you deepthroat him whole.

Roman loves your taste. “Milk and honey” are what you taste like to him. He loves when you ride his face and cum on his tongue and lips. Sometimes just to see he’ll bring you to orgasm and have you squat just above his tongue which is stuck out. He will watch your juices drip out of your weeping hole and drop unto his tongue.

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P - Pace (rough and fast? slow and sensual?)

Rough sex with hard strokes. Roman uses that strength to his advantage. He loves the feel of your skin slapping against his in time with his thrusts.

Q - Quickies (their opinion on them)

He doesn’t hate or love them. He will do them when he needs to but he’d rather have you all to himself for a while.

R - Risk (are they game to experiment?)

Roman loves to rub along your other hole. He wants the pleasure of deflowering you there. He will stick a finger back there when you’re riding him or when he’s fucking you from the back. He will even lick you there when youre on all fours and he is feasting on your body. Roman wont fuck you there until you’re comfortable and from the way he teases you with his fingers and tongue you know if his cock was to go back there it would be amazing.

S - Stamina (how many rounds can they go? how long can they last?)

Former football player and current athlete. What do you think?

T - Toys (own them? use them on partner/themselves?)

He loves seeing you use a vibrator on your clit. He loves how you’ll get lost in yourself and the sensations.

U - Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)

It’s safe to say Roman Reigns is the king of teasing.

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V - Volume (how loud are they?)

Roman doesn’t get loud. But he will growl and moan low for you. Hell chant your name like a prayer and tell you in detail how fucking amazing you feel riding or taking his cock.

W - WildCard (Random Headcanon)

As stated roman doesn’t like to leave bruises or marks on you unless in a certain situation.But he loves when you leave your mark on his skin. Being in the WWE means he is always on TV or in public. And that means women throwing themselves at him. He wears the marks as a badge of honor and loves that it shows he belongs to someone, you.

X - X-Ray (what’s going on under those pants?)

Thick, hard, long and very heavy. Roman is packin. Roman has a very dangerous weapon and knows exactly how to use it.

Originally posted by stellarollins

Originally posted by stellarollins

Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)

I’m surprised you aren’t pregnant yet girl.

Z - ZZZ (how fast do they fall asleep after)

He will watch you sleep and rub on your body. Roman stays awake thinking about what you two had just done and what you will do when you wake up.

Before hooking up
  • Use the caress fine fragrance love forever body wash. This shit actually works. Every time you touch your skin after using this, a fragrance is released. So every time he holds you close or whatever, you gonna smell good af. 
  • Try to shave your pussy and shit right before seeing him or in a span of few hrs before seeing him, cuz your hair starts to grow back within 12 hrs and that shit aint cute. Shaving creams are nice but its better to use hair conditioner. It’ll leave your pussy smoother.  
  • If you’re gonna suck dick, make sure you put on a lipstick that’s long wearing. Any lipstick is gonna smudge regardless, and if it doesnt that means you aint suckin right. But use lipsticks that you know is gonna be easy to take off after the job is done. That way you wont look like a clown if you guys decide to get something to eat afterwards. Don’t let the world know you a hoe. 
  • Spray perfume lightly in your cleavage, between your thighs. But don’t overdo it, you don’t wanna suffocate the nigga in perfume.  
  • When sucking dick, make sure you swallow. Don’t half ass it. You sucked it, might as well swallow it.

xoxo nitu 

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So, I'm starting to write a collection of Superhero AU prompts and, I know your entire blog is basically prompts but....I was wondering could I get your opinion? You don't have to! It's perfectly fine! I just wondered if I could tell and if you had any suggestions? I mean the real ones I have are : Take better care of yourself!AU I'm the hero don't tell me to take care of myself!AU and You realise your hand is gonna hit the self destruction button like always? AU jokes on you hero,no button.

I freaking love superhero AUs. I know I have probably said this multiple times by now, but guys, seriously, I live for superhero AUs. Superhero/Villain dynamics is like, my weakness. I would be honored to toss in some au prompts for you! 

1. We used to be a partners but we got in a fight so you became a super villain but I know you hate being ‘evil’ and I know you are only doing it to spite me AU

2. I thought the Hero was supposed to leave the villain to die, but here we are, you awkwardly sitting beside me in the hospital with a bouquet of flowers and a ‘get well soon’ teddy bear AU 

3. You did what to my suit!?! . AU 

4. My dog/cat keeps running away and you keep finding them and I know you are technically my arch-nemesis but I think my pets in love with you??? AU 

5. I have been trying to find your civilian identity for years and it turns out you work at my kids school. How is the biggest villain in this city a school teacher?? AU

6. I know you are just trying to do your whole villain thing, but do you think you could like, not for once? I’d really like to enjoy my day off. AU

7. Who would have thought I’d be set up on a blind date with my biggest enemy. AU

8. Some journalist got a photograph of me saving your life instead of trying to kill you for once, and now half the city thinks we are secretly dating and I don’t know what to do. AU

9. I know this is kind of weird considering, you know, we hate each-other but could you pretend to date me for a night? You’re the only person I know that my friends won’t recognize and I don’t want them to figure out that I lied. AU 

10. I dont like this person, you don’t like this person. I know were like, sworn enemies, but what would you think about teaming up just to take them out? AU 

I hope you like them! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me! 


TORD: RAT PUPPET MAN! NO!! NO NO NO, DAMMIT! Fuck, what have I done! This is all my fault. I should of stayed here with you! I knew you weren’t well!

RAT PUPPET MAN: Don’t blame yoursef, Tord. Its not your fault. It was my time to go. I’ve lived long enough. My state wasn’t getting any better. I’ve lived and eaten garbage all my life. I’m old. You’re still young! You can change this world, Tord. I know you can. Just promise me you’ll stop moping around here and find a new way of life. For me.. Say goodbye to my rats for me and do me one last favor will you?.

TORD: Of course! But please, don’t say such things, you’re not gonna die, you’re gonna be o-

RAT PUPPET MAN: Play me one last rat puppet show..

TORD: I will! But please! Stay strong, Rat Puppet Man, I know you can live through this-

RAT PUPPET MAN: I love you. 


TORD: I was too late.. He’s dead…


Landslide: Part Two


Dayton White (Logan Lucky) x Reader

When a tragic accident happens in the heart of your hometown - you’re forced to go back to the countryside you’d sworn to forget. In the midst of your world turning upside down you find yourself in a state of panic when the familiar face returns in your life, Dayton White. From the time you were young he was labeled in your mind as the man who got under your skin, with the past brimming to the surface - will you be able to fight off the landslide of love?

Word count: 4,142

Notes: Cursing, tension.

Let me know what you think! :) also my lady parts may have cried when I first saw this in the trailer

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