it's not getting enough attention on tumblr though :

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the tumblr community is honestly the shittiest thing ever and im honestly so embarrassed ?? is that the word ? that im trans because of all the assholes on here that claim to be trans or use "neopronouns" or whatever tf they are just make trans people look as though theyre 13 year olds who didnt get enough attention growing up. and its pissing me off man idk anyone wanna help me kick tumblr into the sun

I am very embaressed to be trans as well. 
I want to be seen as a normal human being and not like a kindergarten child that thinks they are a pokemon of some sort.

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do you think Taylor looks at her dash anymore? I feel like she only likes the same group of people's posts now, and i'm not bitter at all but it's weird how she kind of rotates between them and then she logs off of tumblr. i really want her to notice me but it's like impossible if she doesn't check her dash :(

i think right now she doesn’t have a lot of time, she could be working on stuff (music videos, promo, interviews, tour stuff, etc.) and then she gets very tired and doesn’t have a lot of time to give the tumblr people full attention and i think that she really wants to check up on the people that she sent gifts (to make sure they got them, enjoyed them, are doing alright) and that she could be planning more stuff (i don’t know though because she’s kind enough to us already) but to be honest i’ll tell you something right now, to be “noticed” is great and it makes your heart race and brings happy tears to your eyes but it isn’t everything. taylor cannot see anything and everyone no matter how hard she tries and she’s probably following at least one thousand people at this point so it’s got to be very difficult for her to find everyone, plus her notifications must be absolutely FULL of everyone so she can’t very well sift through that! i think you have to take taylor being on tumblr very lightly, she loves us, she does what she can. however, we cannot forget that she is a professional artist that works EXTREMELY hard and we are the benefits of that which is why she’s been giving back lately because she knows that we help her achieve everything that she has done so far. this doesn’t change the fact that she won’t ever stop living this dream that she’s worked towards since she was 12 and i know im a bit off topic but we must be thoughtful of what taylor is going through as well, because her job is one of the hardest jobs in the world and she’s got mountains of pressure from the industry, the public, and we, as fans, adding that pressure of “noticing” us for a few moments of high spirits is a bit unfair to her… take it lightly my dear anon..