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A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor (Lin x Reader)


Summary: You and Lin are neighbors, and as a result, hilarity ensues. 

Warnings: mentions of death, panic/anxiety attack, swearing, horrible google translate

Word Count: 9,371 (i am so sorry)

A/N: This isn’t necessarily a song fic, because the lyrics are mainly used as line breaks. And, obviously, I have to dedicate this and give credit to the lovely and magnificent Grace (@notthrowingawaymyfood ) She’s one of the reasons any of this got written, and her and I swapped many ideas. Thanks so much, my Alexander.

It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor

“What the fuck,” you hissed, rudely awoken by the loud music being blasted from your neighbor’s house. You desperately tried to rub the exhaustion out of your eyes as you groggily sat up. You buried your face in your hands, sighing heavily and shaking your head.

Why did you move to this street into this house?

As if the realtor hadn’t been shady enough, he hadn’t even taken a second to say, “oh, right, your neighbor’s the most annoying asshole to walk this earth.”

You ripped the covers off of your body, exposing your legs to the cold air as you opened your window. You slightly leaned out of it, narrowing your eyes at your dancing neighbor through his open window.

“Hey!” You shouted clapping your hands in order to grab his attention. “What are you doing?!”

He turned to face you, his seemingly soft, black hair swishing to cover his eyes. He carded his fingers through his hair, shooting you a grin that was too positive for the time of day. “Looks like someone isn’t a morning person!”

You groaned audibly as you dug your fingers into your temples, a headache approaching from the loud music. “I don’t even know your name and you’re already giving me a headache.”

“It’s Lin, sunshine.” He rested his elbows against his windowsill, throwing a sarcastic smile at you.

“Well, that’s a stupid name!” you huffed, staring him down from the usually short ten-or-so feet that separated you from his house. His stupid fingers drummed against his stupid window as his stupid pearly-white teeth in his stupid little grin taunted you. His bright laugh that rang through the air was the color of the glittering sun, luminous and yellow and bursting with energy. ‘Hey—what are you laughing at?”

“Nothing,” a spurt of giggles escaped through his lips. “That was just really cute: you getting all mad like that.”

Your cheeks burned with the pink flush that crept up on you. You exhaled sharply, crossing your arms across your chest.

“He thinks he can just wake me up like that and try to be all smooth—no. I won’t allow it.” You cursed under your breath as he cocked his head to the side at your actions.

“You have to tell me your name, now!” He tilted his chin towards the sky, raising a challenging eyebrow.

You scoffed, glaring his way. “No I don’t!”

A cocky smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, his eyes twinkling like the moon still barely visible in the early morning sky. “Yes you do!”

“I certainly do not.”

“If you tell me your name I’ll shut off the music.”

You perked up at this, your eyes brightening as you raised your eyebrows in disbelief. “Really? You would?”

He shrugged with uncertainty, a playful smile gracing his full lips.

“My name’s Y/N. Now can you turn off the damn music?” You gave him a pleading look, tiredness evident in the bags under your eyes.

Lin stroked his almost nonexistent beard, his lips puckering to the side in thought before beaming at you.  “Hmmm…no.”

You gaped, making aimless gestures into the air. “But—you said—”

Lin raised his arms, his palms facing you in defense. “I didn’t say anything.”

You sighed heavily, folding your arms over themselves on your windowsill and resting your head. What were you going to do with this agitating man across from you? Your eyes flicked around his house, taking in the morning sun that nourished the half-wilted flowers sitting pretty near his porch. It seemed like him to not take care of his flowers.

“Do you want coffee?” Lin’s voice pulled you from your silent trance, his pleading eyes suddenly looking inviting. “You really look like you could use some coffee.”

You glared at Lin from your dark circle clad eyes, your mouth twisting into a frown. “I don’t want any coffee from you, I want you to turn your fucking music off so I can actually get some decent sleep.”

“Aw man, I had my Keurig all ready and everything.” His bottom lip poked out into a pout, his eyes having a very certain glitter to them that drew you in. You let out a breathy laugh, Lin’s glowing features washing over you like a crashing wave. His skin soaked in the sun as his disappointed expression was quickly replaced by a toothy grin.

“Maybe next time.” A ghost of a smile trailed along your lips.

“Oh? So there’s a next time?” Lin’s eyebrow quirked up, a smile of his own plastered on his face.

“No! I meant,” you sighed. What did you mean? “Sure, yeah. There’s a next time.”

Would you be mine?

Your eyebrows furrowed as you suppressed a groan, glaring fiercely at your fingers that pressed on the strings of your guitar. Your eyes flitted back to your phone screen that displayed the chords of your favorite song before settling on your fingers again. You shuffled your fingers around the nylon strings to match the picture on your phone next to you, strumming your pick hesitantly over the sound hole. You smiled brightly at the melodious sound that finally filled your room as you stretched and shook out your cramped fingers, readying yourself to learn another chord.

You squinted your eyes at your phone screen, examining the fingering for the next chord as a voice stretched across your yard and into your open window.

“Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drum, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!” Lin’s smooth, yet heavy, voice resounded as you set your guitar and pick gently on your bed. You swiftly stood up, sighing in frustration as you paced over to your window.

“Will you join in our crusa—”

“Excuse me, but some people are trying to learn guitar over here!” You shouted, cupping your hands around your mouth as Lin’s head snapped up to you, a smile gracing his features.

You heard his hearty laugh from his room as he cracked open his window just a bit more. “And how’s that going for you?”

Your mouth hung open as you gave him a disapproving look. Your gaze shifted to the floor as you dismissed his humor. “That’s none of your business,” you mumbled, lifting your head up to look at him. “What is that? What you were singing?”

Lin’s chocolate eyes widened, tilting his head towards you as his mouth formed the shape of an ‘o’. He gave you a look of disbelief. “It's—it’s from Les Miserables, you know, the musical?”

A state of confusion washed over you, your eyebrows knitting together as you looked at Lin incredulously. “Is that french for ‘fuck you?’”

Lin snickered, shaking his head at your antics. “No, actually it means—”

“I don’t even wanna know.” A hint of a smirk played on your lips, something Lin took notice of as he softly smiled. “What I wanna know is why my lovely guitar session was so rudely interrupted.”

Lin shrugged, at a loss for words as he gazed at you from his window. “I don’t think lovely is the word I’d use.”

You gasped, pursing your lips and squinting your eyes at Lin. He sent you a cheeky smile that set your chest ablaze and your heart to your throat. “You—You’re so annoying!” You huffed, unsure of what else to say as you dismissed the feeling that his dazzling grin gave you.

“Then why don’t you just close your window from time to time?” Lin cocked a challenging eyebrow, leaning forward on his elbows.

“I—” you abruptly stopped, gazing in thin air as you wracked your mind for an answer. “I don’t know.” Your voice was almost a whisper, yet Lin’s smile was gentle and inviting. It made you feel safe.

“Is it because my charming looks lure you to your window each day?” His assuring demeanor was immediately dropped and replaced with a humorous smirk as you rolled your eyes.

“That’s enough outta you.” You laughed, your fingers gripping your window as you slid it shut.

Could you be mine?

“Hey! Y/N!” Lin shouted from his window, a vibrant smile permanently on his face as he waved his arms in the air.

“What now?” You had abruptly stopped walking, spinning on your heel to turn to Lin as you feigned annoyance.

The truth was, Lin had consumed your thoughts: he had taken them over without your permission, and you were scared. You had a love/hate neighborly bond, and you loved every second of it, even when his lawnmower was just too damn loud. Even when you were overwhelmed with an urge to water his now fully wilted flowers. Even when he played his music so loud that you could hear it from your window, or when he danced ridiculously when he thought no one was watching.

“So, uh,” he turned around as he receded back into his room before returning to the window once again, holding a stack of envelopes. “I may have accidentally switched up your mailbox with mine and gotten your mail.”

“Wait, hold on, I want to make sure that I’m hearing this right.” You held up a finger, shushing Lin as you hung your head in disbelief. “How do you accidentally confuse our mailboxes from one another? That’s literally impossible.”

Lin shrugged, a desperate expression falling on his face. “Hey! I was really tired, you can’t blame me!”

“Lin, the mail gets here at three o’clock. That’s actually the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.”

“Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” Lin’s bottom lip poked out as his pleading eyes resembled a lost puppy.

You let out a dramatic sigh, shooting Lin a smile. “I suppose so…” Lin’s entire face brightened before you pointed an accusing finger at him. “As long as you give me back my mail. I have really important stuff in there.”

Lin placed a finger on his bottom lip, cocking his head as his lips curled into a smirk. “What kind of important stuff?”

Stuff that could make or break my career, Lin.” You pressed your lips into a thin line, slightly annoyed at Lin’s ability to find this situation funny.

“And what’s your job?”

“I write biographies, okay? I need that mail.”

“Wait, for real?” Lin’s head snapped up, a curious glint in his eyes as a grin fell on his face.

You paused for a second at his sudden change of attitude, uncertain as to why Lin would find your job interesting. “I—yeah—I guess you could say that.”

No doubt I’ve read some of your work. What’s your full name?”

“Y/N L/N…?”

Lin suddenly slapped at the windowsill, pointing at you with a beam. “Oh my god, yeah! You write the biographies about people during the Revolution!”

You gaped in surprise, a smile slowly spreading on your lips at Lin’s recognition. “Yeah, I do! I can’t believe you’ve actually read my books.”

“Well, duh, they’re amazing.” Lin said in a matter of fact way. “I actually used some of them for research for my job.”

“And what do you do?”

“I write musicals, songs, I act. A bit of everything. I used your books to write a musical about Alexander Hamilton.”

“Wait, what?” Your eyebrows almost shot into the sky.

Lin’s face fell at your response, slapping a hand to his forehead. “Never mind, I knew it was—”

“No, no, no! Lin, that’s a great idea! That's—that’s genius!” Your eyes twinkled in astonishment as Lin instantly perked up. You both grinned at each other from your windows, barely able to hold in your excitement at the recent news.

“That’s a different reaction than what I usually get.” Lin chuckled humorlessly, mostly to cover up the memories of when his idea was considered unrealistic and unreasonable.

Your eyebrows knitted together, confused on how Lin’s idea could have cause a different reaction. “What do you mean?”

Lin pursed his lips, a finger to his chin in thought. “Most people, like…they thought it was ridiculous, for lack of a better word. It was either ‘who even is that?’ or ‘why would you do that?’ or ‘that’s never going to work.’ And it’s hard to ignore that, y’know? That’s why I didn’t tell so many people before the show started to take off. You have to get rid of the negative energy somehow, yeah?”

You nodded in comprehension, your gazed fixed to Lin as he talked generously with his hands moving about and you found yourself wondering why anyone would deny this man’s creative process. He was obviously an experienced writer and thinker, it should be clear to see that any idea he puts into his head eventually can find a way to work out.

“Yeah,” a faint smile ghosted your lips as you saw a bit of yourself in Lin. “I feel that. A small part of my family didn’t support my dream of writing when I first started, ‘cause it’s a slow process. I just kept going, even with the huge chance of my career failing. I had to at least try. If you don’t try you’ll never know what could’ve been.”

The sides of Lin’s vibrant eyes crinkled, his lips spreading into a soft smile of agreement. He clung onto every word that spilled from your mouth, not wanting this moment to end, not wanting to pretend that you “hated” each other. His voice was low with admiration and a bit of something else you couldn’t quite catch. “And look where it got you.”

“Look where it got me. Look where it got you.” Your eyebrows raised in emphasis, remembering that Lin had small relations to you before you had even met. Your gaze suddenly shifted to the many envelopes still in Lin’s hand. “Oh! I kinda need my mail back.”

A mischievous grin fell on Lin’s face as you glanced up at you from tilted head. “You want me to throw it to you?”

Your eyes practically shot out of your head, your mouth slightly open at his proposition. “No, Lin!”

“I’m gonna throw it to you. Right here. Between our houses.” Lin gestured slightly between you to emphasize the distance.

“Lin, you wouldn’t dare! I swear to God, if you drop my bills—”

“Okay, okay.” He raised both of his hands in surrender. “Then how are you gonna get your mail?”

“You can just, you know, put it in my mailbox. That is, if you don’t mix it up with yours.” An amused giggle escaped your lips.

His mouth spread into a sheepish grin, glancing to the envelopes. “I guess that could work too…” he muttered before he escaped your vision, soon emerging from his front door. You swiftly walked to the window that faced your front yard, squinting at the figure that waved your mail in the air, pointing at it as he placed it in your mailbox.

You saw his hand begin to reach for the flag, a smirk on his face and his eyes focused on you. You vigorously shook your head, violently waving your arms as if to say “don’t you dare.” He erupted into a fit of laughter, leaving the flag go as his face broke into a playful grin.

You shook your head dismissively, a smile creeping up on your lips as you stepped away from the window.

It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood, a neighborly day for a beauty

Later that night, your chin rested in your hands, your eyes trained on the faint stars that spilled across the vast night sky. Your couldn’t see many due to constant light pollution, but once in awhile you returned to your window and let the breezy air flood your senses. You liked to use it as a stress-relieving mechanism, and most of the time it worked well. You found peace in simply just people watching, observing your surroundings and taking the opportunities of inspiration that came to you.

That night had been different.

Your tranquil daze had been interrupted by a car driving past your street and pulling into Lin’s dimly lit driveway.

Your eyes immediately traveled to Lin, who climbed out of the driver’s seat, lightly jogging over to the passenger’s side and opening the door graciously. A fairly short woman hopped out, her brown, silky hair cascading down her back.

You felt your heart pang with an unfamiliar jealously as Lin hastily put his arm around the woman’s shoulders, the two of them giving each other similar warm smiles. They exchanged a few words before Lin’s eyes met yours as he smiled once again in recognition. He raised a hand and politely waved in your direction as you threw a faint wave back at him, your eyes trailing behind him and the woman as Lin’s door shut behind them with a click.

You let out a shaky breath as you ran your hands down your face, peeking at the moon through your cold fingers.

“God,” you laughed quietly, walking away from the window. You paced around your room thoughtfully before lying on your bed, a steady gaze burning a hole in your ceiling. “Why are you so difficult?” You whispered into thin air, seeking an answer from anyone.

Would you be mine?

Lin gazed into the white, drifting nimbus clouds littered across the horizon as he alternated between incessantly tapping his pencil against his full notepad and lightly chewing on the end of it.

He needed inspiration and he needed it quick.

Tackling songs for Moana was an absolute dream for Lin, however, his ideas were fleeting. Nothing was sticking and he felt utterly exhausted. He switched from chewing on his pencil to annoyingly tapping it just as you stepped out of your front door.

Lin took in your appearance, all the way from your messily styled bun that sat on top of your head to your slipper clad feet. You desperately tried to brush a few baby hairs out of your face with no avail as you rubbed your eyes. Lin’s gaze focused on you as you trudged over to your mailbox, your slippers scuffing against the pavement. You pulled open the door of the mailbox, your eyes immediately trained on the stack of mail that Lin had recently returned to you. A soft smile danced on your lips as you took the mail out, flipping through the envelopes.

A short, sweet whistle from above you interrupted your thoughts as your tired eyes snapped up to meet Lin’s that held the same amount of exhaustion. A lazy smile grazed his lips as you gazed at him, slightly waving.

“See, I told you I’d give ‘em back.” You took a moment to notice the prominent plum-colored half circles just below his eyes. You felt a sense of sympathy at this sight, feeling slightly remorseful as you found yourself relating to him.

“Never said you wouldn’t.” You widened your eyes at the sound of your hoarse voice, clearing your throat just after catching Lin’s light chuckle.

“I had a feeling.” Lin cocked his head to the side in amusement, his eyes traveling along your fluffy robe and worn bunny slippers.

“Mhm.” You hummed in response, sending him a playful eye roll as you closed the mailbox door.

“Did you get your ‘really important stuff’ you hassled me into returning?” Lin’s soft chocolate eyes brightened with his grin as the sun filled you with warmth, just as Lin had done to you.

Lin was a bright, burning, beautiful, glistening sun that oozed with radiance. He carried himself with a humble confidence and a bounce in his step. Of course, he also had a semi-hidden exhaustion that followed him to the end of the earth. He was a man of many talents and many thoughts, but he was just tired.

And you wanted to be there for him.

You took a moment to skim through your mail once again, looking back up at Lin with a satisfactory smile. “Yes, in fact, I did.”

A warm expression graced Lin’s face as he looked upon you with captivating eyes that grabbed you with no intention of letting go. “Look at you, going places, being more successful than me.”

You glared at him jokingly, dipping your head low. “You wrote a musical about Alexander Hamilton. I don’t think I can top that.”

“If it weren’t for you it wouldn’t be possible, though.” Lin reminded you, pointing a finger your way.

“Sure, sure. Whatever floats your boat.” You waved a dismissive hand at him, accepting your   defeat in the matter. You took notice of the tattered and worn notebook in his hands, cocking your head at it. “What’s that full of?”

Lin’s eyebrows drew together in confusion before he followed your gaze to his notebook. “Oh, this, I—” he fiddled with it, switching its placement from one hand to the other. “It’s just a mass of ideas. I guess it’s like my mind in a book: I record all my pennies for thoughts, you know. Even the nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins, the whole lot.”

You let out a hearty laugh at Lin’s statement, a grin making its way onto your face. Lin found your joy to be infectious as he joined you in the laughter. He looked at you with a great fondness as you saw that he was previously at the window sill for a reason. You thought of last night when you had wracked your brain for inspiration and relief.

Putting two and two together, your mouth formed an “o” shape in realization. “Oh—I’m interrupting an inspiration sesh, aren’t I? I’m sorr—”

“No, you’re fine,” Lin immediately shook his head at you, habitually flipping the pages of his notebook before shutting it. “Thanks to you, I already found the inspiration I needed.”

You were taken aback, your eyebrows a mile high and your jaw to the floor. “Okay, then. I don’t know how inspirational I am, but…” you trailed off, beginning to walk towards your front porch.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll see it soon enough.” Lin assuredly nodded his head, creative juices already flowing in his mind.

“Alright, then. Oh, and Lin?” You stopped in your tracks as Lin’s head snapped over to you. “Who was that woman with you last night?”

Lin leaned forward slightly, a smile falling on his features in recognition. “Ah, yes, that was my sister, Luz…someone’s not jealous, are they?” He waggled his eyebrows at you suggestively.

Your cheeked flushed the color of the roses placed near your house as you tore your eyes away from Lin, suddenly unable to meet his gaze. “I—No! Absolutely not!”

“Are you sure?” He dragged out the “u,” an irresistible smirk playing on his lips.

“Yep. 100%. No doubt.” You gritted your teeth, suddenly finding interest in the sidewalk as your eyes bored into it with viscousness. Your head popped up, Lin’s sleepy and dazed look crossing your mind again. “One more thing, Lin?”

Lin nodded his head eagerly, his eyes fully trained on you.

“Get some sleep, for Christ’s sake.” You threw him a soft smile of affection.

Lin began to protest, excuses spewing from his mouth but you shushed him, holding a finger.

“Trust me, Lin. I’m a writer too, and you need to get at least some sleep. I have a feeling you stayed up, and I can’t help but sympathize for just how tired you look right now. This was a great chat, but right now I’m worried about you.”

Lin’s eyebrows raised slightly, his eyes filled with a familiar tenderness as he looked at you with such amore. The smallest smile slowly spread across his lips as he nodded ever-so-slowly. “Yeah,” he whispered. “I guess. Hey, thanks for the inspiration—you’re my girl!”

You nodded in satisfaction, breaking the connection between your similarly tired eyes as you stepped through your front door.

“‘You’re my girl.’” You repeated, the words hardly escaping your lips as you stared into the floor.

Could you be mine?

“Hey! Asshole!” You smacked your hand against the siding of your house, which proved to be a terrible decision as you cradled your pained hand.

Lin immediately straightened up, his eyes widening in shock at your yelling. His brows knitted together in confusion, pointing a hesitant finger to himself.

“Yes, you! Who in your house that has a deathwish has been using my wifi? I’ve had slow internet for the past week!” You shouted at Lin, expressing your frustration as he gaped in realization. “It’s you, isn’t it?!”

Lin immediately shook his head, gesturing his arms wildly. “Oh my god, no! That’s probably my housemate, Chris.”

“Who the hell is that?” You mumbled under your breath before shifting your eyes back up to Lin. “Okay, whatever, whoever this Chris is, tell him I wanna have a little chat!”

He threw his head back, letting out a resounding hearty laugh as he exited his room. “Will do!”

“I swear to god when he comes I’m gonna smite him—” you clenched your fists, impatiently waiting for the arrival of Lin’s housemate.

“What do we have here?” An enormous, bald man stepped into your line of sight, raising an eyebrow in your direction with amusement. You squinted your eyes at the intimidating figure as he leaned against his elbows.

You took a moment to evaluate him, your eyes scanning over his body. “Who are you…?”

“Chris Jackson, at your service. And who might you be?”

“No one you need to know.”

Chris sighed in defeat, slipping Lin a five dollar bill as Lin incoherently muttered something along the lines of “I told you, man.”

Your eyes shifted between the two, searching their faces for an answer to the exchange.

Chris shot a glare at Lin—who grinned right back at him—before facing you. “He bet me five bucks that you wouldn’t tell me your name. Why, I have no clue.”

“She didn’t want to tell me her name either; I told you to trust me.” Lin smirked smugly at his unfair bet as Chris let a small smile spread across his lips.

You rolled your eyes at Lin’s antics, Sharing a knowing look with Chris. “It’s Y/N L/N—”

“She’s a writer too!” Lin interrupted you, a giddy beam on his face as he nodded excitedly. Chris’s eyebrows raised slightly, his eyes flitting to you for an elaboration.

“I write biographies about famous figures from the American Revolution. Somehow, one of my books landed in the hands of this total nerd and helped him write his musical.” You tipped your head towards Lin as a tinge of pink warmed his cheeks. Chris glanced at Lin, seemingly communicating with him through his eyes as Lin shook his head at him.

“Anyways!” You tore apart their little eye-communication session, both of them turning to you. “Chris Jackson, we need to have a little talk.” You shot him a sickeningly sweet smile as his smile faltered under your gaze.

“Why…?” Chris habitually cracked his frighteningly long fingers as he placed his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Because you’re the asshole who’s been using my wifi!” You shouted, pointing an accusing finger at him as his eyes widened slightly. “I paid good money for that wifi, and for what? For slow internet just because my neighbor is lazy? Yesterday, I was researching for my next biography and nothing would fucking load!”

He opened and closed his mouth in shock, looking to Lin for a scapegoat. Lin just shrugged his shoulders, giving Chris a look that said “good luck.”

Chris searched the side of your house for a plausible answer, coming up short as his eyes settled on you. “You’ve actually left me speechless. I have no excuse.”

You nodded your head curtly, a smirk creeping onto your lips as you crossed your arms across your chest. “That’s what I thought.”

“And,” Chris held up a finger, raising his eyebrows. “I sincerely apologize for using your wifi. And for the fact that Lin didn’t warn me,” he sent a pointed look towards Lin, who faltered under his gaze. “That you’d be so touchy about the speed of your connection. Whether it be about the connection your wifi or between,” you motioned his finger between you and Lin as you both blushed, shifting your eyes to the floor.

“You hush up.” You huffed, narrowing your eyes at Chris. Your cheeks continued to visibly burn as Chris glanced between you and Lin. Somehow, you knew that he knew. He knew how much Lin consumed you; how much he had affected you with one interaction.

“It’s true, though. I know this guy!” Chris slinged an arm around Lin’s shoulders, a grin illuminating Lin’s face. “And I know that something’s goin’ on. You know it too, don’t you?”

“Chris, don't—” Lin started as Chris held a hand out in front of him in an attempt to shush him.

You saw no other possible choice than to speak up, you eyes trained on the ground. “I—I mean…I guess. Like, there’s obviously something, but I feel like the two of us are too distracted to see it—I’m sorry—that didn’t make any sense at all.” You shook your head, burying it in your hands as you peeked at Lin and Chris through your fingers.

“No, no! That’s exactly it! You know there’s some sort of connection or whatever, but you’re overthinking it way too much.” Chris nodded his head vigorously, wildly gesturing his hands towards you as you paid close attention. Lin had kept quiet for once, fully listening to Chris as his rosy cheeks reminded you of his previous bashfulness.

You nodded your head in comprehension, letting Chris’s wise words mull over you. You sat in a thick, uncomfortable silence that choked you as the three of you stared at each other.

“Well,” you clapped your hands once to find them slick with anxious sweat, “I better get back to work, now that someone isn’t using my wifi anymore!” You glared viciously at Chris, who guffawed, a huge, gleaming smile on his face.

“I said sorry!” Chris cupped his hands around his mouth as you turned around. You could almost hear the grin in his voice.

You hummed loudly in response as you heard Lin and Chris snicker joyously. You grabbed your laptop from your bed, plopping yourself into a chair at your desk, which was conveniently placed near the window. You drummed your fingers against the wood as you waited for your laptop to turn on, a pair of voices grabbing your attention once again. Your eyes widened slightly as you pretended to work, lending your ear to the men you had just been conversing with.

“Lin, listen to me—”

“Chris, she’s never going to—”

Please. You need to tell her how you feel. You give the best advice but never take it and apply it to yourself.”

“And how in the world am I supposed to do that?”

“Lin, get a grip. She’s just a girl, you can—”

“That’s the thing, Chris! She isn’t just a girl. She’s never been just a girl.”

Your eyes widened in surprise, placing a hand over your mouth as an agonizing silence filled the air.

“You should really tell her, Lin. I know you, and I’m sure that if you wait too long, you’re gonna let it tear you apart.”

“It’s already tearing me apart.”

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, I have always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you

You sighed, placing your warm laptop onto your desk as you carded your fingers through your matted hair. You had spent another night researching, clicking to every website that could give you possible inspiration. You had barely slept, and your eyelids were slowly giving in to the deprivation.

A familiar, melodious whistle caused you to jump, your vision blurring for a split second before glancing at your window. You slowly got up, your muscles aching as you trudged towards your window. Lin walked alongside a small, grey dog, who was just ahead of his heels. Lin mumbled incoherently, bobbing his head to an imaginary beat. He gestured into thin air with his hand, as if to express and emphasize his words more thoroughly. You smiled at the sight, placing your chin in your hand.

“That’s a sight for sore eyes.” You called as Lin looked in all directions before settling his soft eyes on you, placing a dramatic hand over his heart.

“Why thank you, I knew you’d come to your senses eventually.” He grinned humorously, the gleam from his lips rising to and brightening his eyes. The sun shone down upon his face, his eyelashes casting shadows beneath his eyes.

A gleeful smile of your own spread across your slightly chapped lips. “Not you, doofus, the dog.” You nodded towards the little, gray bundle of energy that raced around his feet, tangling the leash between Lin’s legs. You laughed heartily, a sound that caused Lin’s eyes to scrunch and his lips to turn upwards. He attempted to step out of the trap that had been set for him, an almost inaudible string of words falling from his mouth.

“Good to know that I’m appreciated ‘round here.” He let out a breathy chuckle. “No, but, this little troublemaker is Tobillo. And no, that does not translate to ‘fuck you.’” You both let a giggle out at that. “Long story short, this pup nibbled on my ankle, hence the name Tobillo. It’s Spanish for ankle.”

You cocked your head to the side in amusement, a toothy smile plastered on your face. “That’s really cute. And, you know Spanish? Or did you just look that up?”

“Puedo saber un poco, si contamos dominar.” (I may know a bit, if you count being fluent.) Lin laughed as you rolled your eyes, shaking your head.

“Lo que sea, ahora estás mostrando.” (Whatever, now you’re just showing off.) You squinted your eyes at him as his eyes grew wide at your words.

A smirk tugged at Lin’s lips as he raised an eyebrow. His eyes flitted around your face with a fondness that didn’t match his expression. “Impressive.”

“Est-ce que tu parles d'autres langues?” (Do you speak other languages?) Your lip placed between your teeth, you awaited Lin’s answer.

Lin’s jaw went slack as he stared at you with a look of confusion, his brows knitted together. “¿Qué?” (What?)

You giggled, your eyes squeezing shut at Lin’s reply. You waved a dismissive hand at him as he continued to decipher your french. “Chris debe pensar que estamos locos.” (Chris must think we’re crazy.)

Lin shrugged slightly, his eyes rolling at the mention of his housemate’s name. “Probablemente se está volviendo loco por esta pequeña interacción. Él realmente quiere que seamos una pareja.” (He’s probably freaking out over this little interaction. He really wants us to be a couple.)

You looked to the sky, tapping a finger against your chin as you feigned deeply thinking. “Sí, preferiría no.” (Yeah, I’d rather not.)

Lin let out a chuckle, his smile faltering and his vibrant eyes losing their twinkle. Your chest tightened at this sight as a surge of regret coursed through you.

“Pero en serio…” (But, seriously...) Your gaze was cast downwards as you anxiously twisted a strand of hair between your fingers. “No es una mala idea, ¿verdad?” (It’s not such a bad idea, is it?)

Lin blinked multiple times, nervously fiddling with Tobillo’s leash as his eyes bored into you. Phenomenal, marvelous, magnificent you. “Tal vez. Tu sabe que es muy complicado. Es sólo una cuestión de tiempo, mi amor.” (Maybe. You know it’s very complicated. It’s only a matter of time.)

“Le tiempo.” (Time.) You repeated, the word leaving like a whisper from your lips. “¿Cuanto tiempo?” (How much time?)

Lin sucked in his lips, sighing through his nose as his eyes darted around your house for an answer. “No estoy seguro. Depende de nosotros.” (I’m not sure. It’s up to us.)

You nodded in comprehension, letting Lin’s wise words settle in your mind. “Realmente no me gusta esto. Ambos estamos conscientes de que hay algo en marcha, pero no podemos simplemente entrar.” (I really don’t like this. We’re both aware that there’s something going on, but we can’t just dive in.)

“No me gusta tampoco, mi amor. Sólo tenemos que pensarlo y todo saldrá bien.” (I don’t like it either, my love. We just have to think it over and everything will work itself out.)

You rubbed your eyes, exhaustion still very present. “I see.” You let out a deep sigh.

“Hey,” you lifted your head at Lin’s sweet voice. “Remember what you said about me getting some sleep?” He chuckled lightly, tilting his chin downwards. You nodded in recognition of your previous exchange.

“Yeah. How much sleep did you get last night?”

You narrowed your eyes in thought, your mouth in the shape of an ‘o’ and a hand to your head. “I don’t know, like three hours?”

Lin squinted at you, his eyes scanning over your face as you nervously chewed on your lip. “The truth.”

You let out a breath, letting your arm dangle out of your open window as your buried your face into your arm that was exposed to the sun. “I didn’t get any sleep.” You muttered into your warm skin, glancing at Lin to see if he had heard your nonsense.

He tsked, shaking his head worriedly at the news. His eyes grew dark with a more serious tone as he looked at you with sincerity. “Y/N, you’re overworking yourself. You know that, right?”

You nodded glumly, lifting your head and wincing at the harsh sunlight that strained your eyes. “I know, but…I haven’t written in so long and—”

“Y/N, I really don’t give a damn whether you’ve written something or not.” You almost flinched at the sudden harshness that laced his voice. “Right now, all I give a damn about is how much your health is showing through your looks. You look like you haven’t slept in a week. Your eye bags are almost as bad as mine. You need to be kind to yourself, goddamn it. So help me god, if I have to I will barge right through your front door and take care of you myself, I will.”

“Door’s locked.” You mumbled, closing your eyes to block the fierce sun as you vigorously rubbed your temples.

“I will break it down.” Lin’s lips twisted into a deep frown at the sight of you, his eyes filled with sympathy. “Go get some sleep.”

“Alright.” You whispered, your eyes trailing after Lin and Tobillo as they walked through Lin’s front door.

So, let’s make the most of this beautiful day, since we’re together we might as well say…

You whistled an imaginary tune as you shoved your phone into the back pocket of your jeans, stepping out onto your porch. Your shoes slapped against the pavement as you made your way down your driveway and to your mailbox, breathing in the fresh, warm air. Even after winter had bled into spring, cold, biting winds still haunted the streets. Everyone’s heat was on full blast, and layers upon layers of blankets were common. But, the past month had fortunately warmed up as the traditional weather of spring went into full effect, and you couldn’t be happier.

That was until the allergies made an appearance. But, you crossed your fingers.

“Hey, I know you!” Lin’s voice rang from his window as you looked up, and sure enough, Lin sent an enthusiastic wave your way. You chuckled under your breath, grinning at him as you raised your hand high, waving back.

“And I know you! Wow!” A fake expression of surprise fell on your face as you both exchanged sarcastic banter.

You opened your mailbox door, crouching slightly as you peered into the darkness. Your hand was halfway to your mail as your phone vibrated in your back pocket.

You stood back up, fishing your phone out of your pocket as you glanced at the screen to see your mom’s contact. A small smile graced your lips as you tapped the answer button, pressing your phone to your ear. You had always loved calling your mom, her cheerful voice never failing to brighten your mood as she checked in on you: seeing if you ate, how you were doing, what you were working on.

“Hey, mom! What’s up?” Your joyous grin faltered at the sound of your mom’s sniffling. Your eyebrows drew in together in confusion. “Mom? What’s wrong, are you okay?”

“Y/N,” Your mother let out a wracking sob that caused a feeling dread to surge through you. “Your sister, she’s been in an accident. She was—was on her way to visit you and…someone hit the front of her car on her side.”

“Is she going to be alright?” Your eyes roamed your street, flitting nervously to anything to help you force the choking feeling down your throat. You didn’t know what you would do without your sister, your best friend, the person who’s been for you since your first ballet recital.

“Y/N, she—she died on impact. She’s gone.” Everything around you: the colors, the houses, the sky, suddenly blurred into a mess of grief and melancholy as your phone clattered to the ground. Your mother’s voice still emerged from it, but you couldn’t hear a word. You collapsed to the pavement, your hands trembling wildly as you heard footsteps quickly approaching you. A pair of warm, strong arms enveloped you as your breath hitched, you hiccuped, tears spilled from your eyes. A heart-wrenching scream ripped your throat as you balled the fabric of the person’s shirt in your fists, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Hey, hey, you’re okay.” Lin’s voice swirled in your mind as his comforting hand ran up and down your back, stilling your shaking form and calming your senses. Lin’s warmth relaxed you as he stroked your hair with the gentlest touch. He hoisted you up into carrying you bridal style, walking you through your front door and into your house. He whispered a series of comforting words into your ear, carrying you into your bedroom. He tentatively laid you down, draping a soft blanket over you. He sat down beside you, taking your hand in his as his soft fingers rubbed your knuckles. He stayed by your side until your breathing slowed and your body relaxed.

“What’s wrong, love?” His eyes filled with worry and a deep sadness as he looked at you with empathy.

“My mom called me and she, um…” You trailed off, clenching your jaw in frustration at the words you couldn’t form. You inhaled sharply as Lin placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “She said that my sister died in an accident.” You attempted to blink back the tears that stung your eyes with no avail as they streamed down your cheeks. Lin promptly wiped them away with the pads of his thumbs, his hot breath fanning across your face.

His voice was thick, as if he, too, struggled to speak. “I can either talk or just listen, whatever you want.”

“I think I wanna talk, I just—I can’t help but think it’s my fault.” You sighed heavily, pressing your lips into a thin line.

“I’m sure it wasn’t your fault, sweetie.” Lin tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear, his fingers running through your matted hair.

“It was. It was all my fault.”

“Y/N—” Lin began.

“She was on her way to see me, okay?!” You raised your voice, a pounding headache piercing your forehead. “It’s all my fault because she was coming to visit me! If I hadn’t mentioned that—” You choked on your sobs, your body violently trembling.

“Y/N, look at me.” Lin coaxed, rubbing his hands up and down your arms soothingly. “Look at me.” The mere seconds that passed felt like hours before your gaze met his. His eyes immediately softened, flitting around your face with an incredible affection. “This was not your fault, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, okay? Whatever asshole that hit her is to blame for this. You absolutely can’t beat yourself up over this. It’s not healthy. You’ll worry the people that love you sick.”

You slightly nodded, exhaustion finally weighing your eyelids down as they fluttered. Lin inched the blanket closer to your chin, a hand gently caressing your cheek as he stood up.

“I’ll give you some space, so I’ll be out here, ‘kay? Holler if you need me.” He took a step as you spoke up, your voice soft and hardly audible.

“Lin,” He spun on his heel towards you. “Stay, please.”

Lin nodded in understanding, walking around the foot of your bed as he slid under the warm covers. He secured an arm around you, pulling you close as your legs tangled together. Your nose pressed against his neck as he sponged a kiss onto the top of your head.

Would you be mine?

You flopped down onto your couch, settling in as you pushed the button on your remote and opened Netflix. You snuggled further into your many blankets, swinging your sock clad feet onto your coffee table. You had just begun to browse through your shows as the obnoxious sound of your doorbell resounded through your house multiple times. You groaned loudly, placing your blankets to the side as you reluctantly walked to the door. You swung open your front door to see Lin, a vibrant smile plastered on his face and a golden CD case with the title ‘Hamilton’ on it in his hand.

Your eyes scanned over Lin as you cocked an eyebrow at his presence. “Care to explain why you’re at my front door, interrupting my lovely Netflix time?”

“Today is the day that you’re listening to Hamilton—” He started, his eyes brightening with exuberance as he bounced on his heels.

“Oh my god, Lin—”

“You won’t regret it, I swear!” He walked past you, immediately opening the CD case and slipping the CD into your open laptop on your coffee table. You deeply sighed, your head hung low as you shut the door and walked over to Lin. You gazed at him as he excitedly clicked around on your laptop, careful about not opening any important files as you kept a watchful eye on him. You both took a seat on the couch, draping a blanket over your legs as Lin pressed play on the album.

You were instantly hit with a mass of genius and inventive words, impressed by the scheme of the whole production. When Lin’s voice rang through the speakers you squealed, “that’s you!” all the while Lin’s cheeks flushed red with heat. You bobbed your head to the beat during The Schuyler Sisters; grinned during Helpless; gaped during Guns and Ships; danced during What Did I Miss. You laughed and weeped in all of the rights moments as Lin just chuckled and patted your back. Soon enough, you had reached the last note of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story as tears stained your cheeks. You buried your wet face in your hands, trying to process what you had just listened to.

“Did I break you?” Lin chortled, shaking your shoulder playfully as you looked up at him with a watery smile. You rubbed your face, groaning in disappointment that the music came to an end as you nodded your head.

“That was truly the most beautiful piece of art I had ever witnessed in my life.” You turned to face Lin, your eyes filled with sincerity as a blush seared Lin’s full cheeks.

He cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck as his gaze turned to the floor. “Nah, it’s not that great.”

“Oh, shut up, you’re just trying to be humble. But, for real, that was revolutionary. Those little historical details you laced in were perfect. The vocals were perfect, the orchestra was perfect, everything was just perfect.” You gave him a wide smile, amazed with his ideas.

He chuckled, shaking his head as he looked at you with awe. “You have no clue how happy it makes me to hear you say that.”

Could you be mine?

You were sprawled out on your couch with Lin, legs intertwining and blankets weighing over you as you scrolled through Netflix. A big bowl of popcorn was wedged between you two, already half empty. For the past couple months, Lin had been your shoulder to cry on, your number one supporter, and most of all: your best friend. You often caught yourself pondering over how much you’ve changed, and sometimes daydreaming about what was yet to come.

“There’s nothing to watch.” You moaned, shoveling another handful of popcorn into your mouth as you leaned your head back over the couch.

“Come on,” Lin held out a hand, gesturing to you to give him the remote. You shot him a suspicious look as you reluctantly placed the remote into his open palm, letting out a sigh of defeat.

“You know, you really need to learn trust me.” Lin laughed at your antics as he hovered over the search bar.

You hit his arm playfully, almost knocking over your cheap popcorn. “I do trust you!”

“Oh yeah? Then why won’t you let me into your laptop again?” His fingers danced around the buttons of the remote typing in a movie title as you shrunk in your seat.

“There's—there’s a lot of important files in there!” You argued, supporting a hopeless point.

“There’s important files in mine,” Lin hit enter, his eyes scanning over the movie titles, “but I still let you go on my laptop.”

You crossed your arms across your chest in defeat, grumbling at Lin as he sent you a cheeky grin. Your gaze finally traveled up to the TV screen to see The Little Mermaid. You squinted your eyes at Lin, turning your head towards him.

“Hey, before you get all suspicious: The Little Mermaid is a /quality/ movie! It’s literally the best!” Lin instantly sat up, talking animatedly as he gestured into thin air and locked eyes with you. You stared at him for a couple seconds before you sighed dramatically, a lazy smile spreading across your face.

“Fine, you win—”

“Yes!” Lin shouted in victory, pumping a triumphant fist in the air. You both pulled the numerous blankets up to your chins, exchanging body heat. A small smile adorned both of your faces as you watched the movie, until the very first note of Under The Sea played. You immediately burst into song alongside the cheerful crab, grinning and laughing all the while. Your singing began to trail off as you noticed Lin sitting quietly beside you, having not sung a word since the tune had started. Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked at Lin with curious eyes. You settled back down on the couch beside him.

“Lin, what’s up? I thought this was your favorite” The words hardly fell from your lips as Lin sat up, his left hand grazing your burning cheek. A breathy mumbled “dios mio” escaped his pink lips as he looked as if he were searching for the right words to say.

You grew accustomed to the closeness between you two, beginning to notice the beautiful flecks of gold in his warm chocolate eyes. The dark, silly stray pieces of hair that rebelled and stuck out from his head. His free hand grabbed yours as his eyes flicked between your eyes and lips.

“Y/N, I’ve been waiting for you my whole life and I honestly can’t wait any longer—fuck it. Can I kiss you?” His words were rushed and fleeting.

Your jaw went slack as you were taken aback, your eyes widening with surprise. Lin’s gaze remained on you expectantly as you stared at him, and your brain short circuited. You were suddenly painfully aware of your clammy hand that rested in Lin’s. You blinked a few times before nodded your head dumbly, words spewing out of your mouth as your cheeks sported a rosy tint. “I—uh—yeah! Certainly! Wait—that came out wrong. I mean—”

Lin cut you off as he hastily pressed a soft kiss to your lips. You quickly reciprocated, your hand flying to the nape of his neck. Fireworks burst in your stomach and your heart jumped to your throat, beating rapidly. Your mind raced, unsure how to feel as you smiled into the kiss. Lin pulled away for a second, beaming at you with such an excitement that made you dizzy before returning to your lips. Dozens of colors of passion swirled in your thoughts, unable to contain how much your stomach had twisted and flipped.

You eventually untangled yourselves from one another, gazing at each other with labored breaths. Lin hand still grasped yours, his thumb gently running over your knuckles and fingers with a softness that made you grin. Lin’s eyes were filled with love as he looked at you, still trying to determine whether that was reality or not.

You slowly sunk back into the couch, your head resting in the crook of Lin’s neck as his breath tickled your ear. His safe embrace filled you with warmth as he connected his lips with yours once again.

“I told you it would all work itself out.” Lin smiled, his head leaning against yours as he pressed play.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Your shoes scuffed loudly against the sidewalk as you reluctantly trudged towards Lin’s front door. The thought of Lin moving in had rolled around in your mind for weeks, since you had finally become a couple. You thought it was with good intention, since you two could hardly go a day without talking, let alone keep your hands to yourself. The two of you had decided to keep your relationship from Chris for as long as possible, knowing well that he would make the biggest deal out of it. You anxiously dug your hands deeper into your minuscule pockets as you stepped onto Lin’s front porch.

You took a reassuring deep breath as a shaky finger rang the doorbell. You prayed to the skies that Lin would answer instead of Chris. To your great fortune, Lin swung open the door with a bright smile, the sun inside of him virtually blinding you. You hastily wiped your sweaty palms on your jeans, sucking your lips in between your teeth.

Before Lin could get a word in, you scrambled to get your point out in the open, ignoring your countless hours of practicing in your mirror. “Do you wanna move in with me?” You blurted, your eyes wide with adrenaline. Lin stared at you for a moment, taking in your words. He started and stopped a few sentences, unsure of how to word his response.

“Duh, yeah!” He suddenly raised his arms to the side, pulling you in for an embrace. “This works out perfectly, Chris and his girlfriend have been looking for a place; what better spot than here?”

You both grinned at your previous exchange as you pecked Lin’s lips and enveloped him in another hug. You heard a gasp and high-pitched squeal from behind you, swiftly turning around to find a wide smile on Chris’s lips.

“And when did this happen?” His booming voice was filled with glee as you and Lin shared a sheepish look. You glanced at Chris again, feeling guilty as you saw his joyous expression.

“About a couple weeks?” You grimaced, awaiting Chris’s response.

Weeks?! And this is the first time I’m hearing about it?” Chris’s jaw dropped to floor as you and Lin guffawed, tears springing in your eyes.

“Ah, who cares,” Lin’s smile was the most genuine and exuberant as you had ever seen as he slung an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his side. “We’re moving in together.”

Routine Part One (Lin x Fem!Reader)

I AM SO SORRY. I would’ve had this out earlier, but I went on a band trip to Disney World. I thought I would have this done before I left but I wasn’t satisfied with it.

YAY!! MY FIRST CAST FIC!!! Also, just saying this now, I am a sucker for young Lin. Like it’s a big problem.

This is going to be a multiple part thing, so be ready for that. I really hope you guys enjoy this, love you!!

Prompt List//Request Something//Masterlist

(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)

requested: no

Prompts used:

150) It is too early for you to be this loud.

Summary: Reader and Lin have the same routine every day. Go to school, bicker all throughout 1st period, ignore each other for the rest of the day until seventh period where they bicker again, repeat. This keeps happening until one day they have to work together to save the arts program at their school. Their routine is very different after that.

Warnings: high school bullies, teen!lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everyone being a jerk

Words: 1553

Originally posted by purelintrash

You walk into your first period class on a Monday morning during your senior year with a coffee in hand, which is the only thing keeping you from keeling over from exhaustion. You say hello to your English teacher, and sit in the back row like you do everyday. 

You grab your books out of your backpack and lay your head down on the desk, like you did every morning.

And just like every morning. Lin came in singing Les Mis at the top of his lungs which makes the girls in your class swoon. Once upon a time, hearing him sing would have made you do the same thing, but now all it makes you want to do is barf.

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{ will you remember me? }

pairing: lafayette x reader

prompt: how about one where lafayette meets the reader during the war and she helps him with something crucial but they dont have time to share names and so she doesnt know who she helped, now after the war lafayette is set on finding her claiming he found true love and eventually does plus cute fluff

You were a nurse during the Revolutionary War. Since women weren’t allowed to serve in the army, you figured being a nurse was the easiest way to join the fight without actually being on the front lines. 

You didn’t have much interaction with the men unless they were severely injured. Only then were they brought into your tent. You were the head nurse on the camp grounds, occasionally speaking to the General himself about soldiers’ conditions, but other than that you were disregarded by most of the men. 

Women were left to doing menial tasks–-washing and drying the soldiers uniforms, mending their uniforms–-but you didn’t mind. Simply being on the camp grounds was enough. 

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#8 I Found A Love for Me

A/N: hey nerds. this week has been a doozy, but nonetheless i’m well and breathing. sorry i haven’t written in a while, writers block was full force and I was so stressed I was just creatively like…not there. at all. ANYWHO here we go. Back on track. lets do this shit. In the mean time, feel free to read all of my stuff here -> it’s always tagged under “ficshit” 

The List Be Here
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?
7. Could you be happy here with me? (this one is my fave so far xx)

***I’m also going to be a douche bag and NOT write this prompt, I have another prompt i’ve had in my head for a bit and I’m gonna write that one instead. Don’t h8***

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” BECAUSE I can’t not think of Bechloe when I listen to them. Assholes.

Dating for three years, engaged for one, these two were finally ready to tie the knot.

Most of the wedding plans were set other than the details regarding the reception. More specifically, their first dance. Beca had told Chloe she wanted to surprise her and to leave all the music to her, but Chloe didn’t not like knowing what was going on. 

They were sitting on the couch, Beca on her laptop - Chloe flipping through social media on her phone, their legs intertwined but bodies on opposite ends of the couch. Chloe nudged Beca with her foot. “Hey.. so like can you at least give me a hint?”

Beca looked up and took an earbud out, “A hint to what?”

“The wedding stuff. Just give me like a genre.”


“Babe pleaseeeee” pouty face in full force, Beca’s weakness.

“Nope. Notta.”

“I’ll give you a foot rub every night this week and do the laundry for a month.”

“You already give me a foot rub every night.”

“Okay but the laundry thing.”

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Diamonds & Shutters Part 5

Part 5: Questions and Answers

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU.Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1416

A/N - This is part five my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

Also, thank you for the questions Natalie, I hope this clears up a little confusion, there is still some stuff that needs to be a secret until later.


Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite

Jensen had, what felt like, a million questions. You were happy to answer those you felt were appropriate and felt comfortable answering. You knew he wouldn’t push the boundaries and abort those when he sensed an uncomfortability.

He adjusted Sophia in his lap as he inhaled his breakfast, the little girl stealing a slice of bacon off of his plate instead of hers when it wasn’t a cut up sausage.

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Percées de lumière - Jon x Dany oneshot

oneshot songfic  ( Percées de lumière by Alcest) loosely based off the boat scene in “Beyond the Wall” – I say loosely because certain details have been altered for the sake of the fic. 

I really wanted this fic to give me an extended version of the boat scene. I loved that scene, but I really wish the pace was a little bit slower (I know they don’t have a lot of time, but still. I really enjoy slow intimate scenes and so I indulge here. I hope you guys enjoy it, anyways.) 

The title of the song translates to “Breakthrough of Light,” or “Chinks of Light.” 

my first Jonerys fic; I hope I did them justice. 

disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot. 

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Something Other Than Anger

Edward Kenway x Reader

Request: Anonymous-  Could you maybe do a Jealous!Reader X Edward? Unless of course you’ve already done it!

Words: 2140

A/N: Ahh, I love Eddie! XD

You weren’t sure if her laughter or his was annoying you more, the happy sound floating over you like a storm cloud. Your hand was squeezing your glass tightly in its grasp, teeth bared as you looked over at them. Edward was smiling widely, his white teeth flashing flirtatiously. The woman to his right was draping heavily off his shoulder, her chest angled just right so he’d have an immaculate view of her cleavage through the scantily tailored dress. You wanted to scream in frustration, to punch someone, but more than anything, you wanted him to look at you that way. A quiet growl left your parted lips at your thoughts, your vision temporarily blurred as you knocked back the rest of your rum, the harsh liquid dripping down your throat. It did nothing to quell your anger.

Resting quietly beneath the ferocity was a deep-seeded sadness. Despite the amount of times you’d wanted to strangle the man, Captain Kenway had somehow snuck his way onto your good side. Hell, he was one of the only people you could stand to be around for long periods of time, even if he did make you want to kick his ass more often than not. It was the fun he exuded, the life he brought to your duties. No longer were you another Assassin dedicated to the Creed, instead being a free soul who helps others. He could make you laugh and cry and smile and feel. Your eyes closed against the spinning room, the woman’s loud exclaim of “Edward!” causing you to grate your teeth together. Had it not been for Adé’s hand resting lightly on your shoulder, you were sure you would’ve pummeled the girl.

“Dere is a problem on da ship.” He spoke lowly, wary eyes darting around the crowded pub to be sure nobody overheard.

“Shouldn’t you get the captain?” You asked, casting a glare in Edward’s direction. The hand that had been on your shoulder slipped off back to his side.

“It is best not to bother him right now.” He explained. Sighing to yourself, you nodded and followed Adéwalé through the throngs of people. He’d no doubt spent a time getting the lay of the land, seeing as he was easily pushing his way through, no hesitation present in his step. You shadowed him, sure to keep his tall, broad figure in view at all times. Why’d you have to care about Edward? Why’d you have to feel like this? And why in the hell did you have to deal with his ship?

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on or…?” You inquired, raising a brow as you stepped out into the cool night. It was a stark contrast to the warm, humid weather of earlier, the scent of alcohol and salt heavy in the dark air.

“A Templar was caught sneaking onto da ship.” He answered, his pace speeding with the lack of people. You were practically jogging to keep up with his long strides, your anger cooling with the wind. His gaze flicked to you for a second before returning to the horizon, the distant chatter of drunken men and women alike filling the silent void. He didn’t speak again until you were first stepping foot unto the sturdy dock, the creak of wood beneath your boot.

“You are angry.” He stated bluntly, not sparing you a look as he did so.

“I’m fine.” You mumbled, a spark of irritation reignited at the reminder of what had been going on in the pub.

“I know when you are lying.” He said calmly, walking up the gangway with graceful ease, despite what his larger build would suggest. You mirrored in a similar manner, one hand dragging its way roughly through your hair. You inhaled the familiar taste of the sea and wood with the slightest hint of gunpowder thrown into the mix. It was comforting, the familiar feel doing wonders.

“We’ve got bigger problems to worry about.” You argued, nearly running into Adé’s back when he stopped suddenly.

“You are an Assassin, as well as a dear friend. Do not think that your feelings are not important.” You gaze softened, a small, sweet smile on your lips.

“Let’s deal with the Templar first, then I’ll get around to telling you.” He looked back at you, observing you for a moment before nodding.

“After.” He dismissed, continuing his walk towards the hold of the ship. You followed him into the darkness, the whipping of the sails disappearing behind you. It was silent, save for the crashing of waves into the side of the ship, causing the wood to creak. Your breathing was shallow, expression stoic in preparation. You needed control if you were going to be able to pull of an interrogation. Unfortunately, any thoughts of a certain captain had your teeth grinding together, your jaw clenching, and your eyes blazing. By the time you actually made it to the Templar, you’d concealed your anger behind a thinly-veiled mask. 

He was a pathetic looking thing, his scrawny arms wrapped tightly around his knees, shaking at the fear rising in his dark gaze. His hair, limp and lifeless, was going in all directions, sticking to his forehead with a sheen of sweat. He swallowed heavily at the imposing figure both you and Adé cut, eyes darting back and forth like he couldn’t quite decide who was more menacing. That rapid gaze dropped to your leather boots as you took a step forward, a sharp inhale coming deep from within his throat at the smear of blood you’d forgotten to clean off your shoe.

“Why are you here?” You asked, bending over and leaning forward so you could look directly into his eyes. He tensed, unable to stop himself from meeting your stare. His lips were trembling, tears springing to his eyes at your curt and impatient tone. There was no way this was a Templar. He was not trained and barely looked to be a boy of 15.

“I didn’t mean to miss, I swear.” He held up his hands as best he could, the loose shackles restraining him from lifting them up any further.


“There you are!” Edward called to the two of you, a wide grin plastered on to his face.

“Adé.” You growled, jerking your head in the direction of Edward once. He got the message, but simply shook it off, inclining his head towards you so you’d take care of the drunken captain. Sighing loudly, you leaned over Adé, whispering in his ear.

“See if you can learn a thing or two, otherwise let the boy go. He’s not a threat.” He nodded once, encouragement in his eyes as you made your way towards the captain.

“Up we go, Kenway.” You said lowly, fisting the clothing above his chest in your hand. You dragged him away rather roughly.

“Easy, lass, we’ll get there eventually.” He slurred, stumbling behind you. You not-so-accidently shoved him into the wall as you tried to pull him up the stairs. He was singing a beautiful shanty, the song getting ruined entirely by his sloppy words and mispronunciations.

“Cabin, now.” You ground out when he tried to walk off the ship, nearly landing himself in the water.

“Who am I to deny?” He chuckled darkly, his husky voice laced with strong alcohol. You rolled your eyes, sending a forced smile in the direction of a few of the crew members who were still on board. They were either too drunk or too busy to care, paying no heed as you marched their captain into his quarters, slamming the door hard enough to rattle the wall behind you. You took a moment to calm yourself before turning around, only to get pushed up against the wall, Edward’s chapped lips running up and down your neck.

“What the hell, Kenway?” You yelled, shoving him back with brutal force. He nearly fell, his unfocused eyes going wide. “Bed. Now.” You pointed to the bed tucked in the corner of the cabin, moonlight casting an eerie glow over the sheets.


“If you finish that sentence, I’ll break your ribs.” You threatened seriously, still unable to get over the annoyance from earlier. His smirk did nothing to help it either. He took unbalanced steps towards his bed, dropping into it like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Eying the drunken man angrily, you pulled out a loose short and trousers from the cabinet by his door, throwing the clothing at his head. He muttered something under it, shaking it off so his messy, blonde hair was in view once more.

“I’m sensing anger.” He stated dryly, uncoordinated hands fumbling with his coat. You watched for a minute, silently fuming. It was pitiful how drunk he was, unable to get himself out of his own clothes. You heaved a sigh, dropping to your knees in front of the man.

“Not a word, Kenway.” You warned, easily unbuckling each of the straps. You pulled off the sash, setting it down next to him.

“My lips are sealed.” 

You weren’t reassured in the least as you gently placed his vast array of weaponry on the table located in the middle of his quarters. He had a shit-eating grin on his face when you turned back around. You bit your lip to stop yourself from cursing him out, instead choosing to softly ease him out of his heavy coat. It fell back on the bed with a thud, leaving him in a loosely-fitting shirt and a vest. You tried your damnedest not to let your hands tremble as you unbuttoned his vest, each one bringing you closer to his tanned chest. He was watching you closely, his breathing heavier than before. The blue eyes you knew so well were swallowed in a sea of darkness, lust in his gaze as he watched your dainty fingers move down towards his abdomen. 

The muscles beneath your hand flexed as you moved down, your eyes locked onto Edward’s. His tongue darted out to wet his lips, hands clutching onto the sheets tightly. Anger. You needed anger. You were mad at him. You were not aroused, not in the slightest. You repeated it like a mantra as you slid the vest down his arms, his hands lifting to make it easier. A ragged, steadying breath was drawn in as you placed the clothing down, turning your attention back to Edward. He was on the edge of his bed, looking for all the world like he’d never been more aroused. His lips were wet and full, eyes devoured by desire, hair mussed, and hands strained. 

Okay, maybe your plan of anger wasn’t working too well. This was what you wanted, wasn’t it? You asked yourself as you tugged the white fabric from out of his trousers, the smallest bit of tantalizing skin shining in the natural light. It was what you wanted. Well, sort of. You wanted him, but not like this. Clearing your mind free of the lust, you let go of the cloth that was bunched in your hands.

“You can get it from here.” You meant to sound more firm, instead sounding breathless.

“Lass.” He called when you turned around. You looked back at him, one brow raised. “The girl, the one in the pub,” he clarified, “I sent her away.” You furrowed your brows, not expecting such a thing from Edward.

“Why?” You couldn’t help but ask, the question out of your mouth before you realized it. He shifted his gaze up and down your form slowly, stopping when he made it back to your (Y/E/C) eyes.

“Because I want you.” He whispered gruffly. The earlier anger all but dissipated at his confession, your feet unconsciously bringing you back towards Edward. “I kn-”

You cut him off, roughly jerking his head down to meet yours in a fiery embrace. Teeth clashed against teeth, tongues battling for dominance as you scraped a hand through his messy hair, a groan rumbling deep within his chest. He tasted of alcohol and of mint and you took the opportunity with fervor, nipping at his bottom lip then laving over it with your velvety tongue. The breath was taken from you lugs when he hoisted you up, pinning you against the table with his hips. His skin was warm as he rubbed against you, holding you tightly against his chest.

 He dropped his lips from your own to your neck, harsh bites forcing a moan from you as you dropped your head back, eyes closed in pleasure. Your hands caressed down to his back, kneading with the flesh beneath his shirt. He was pulling at your clothing, trying his best to rid you of it while still keeping his teeth and tongue attached to your pulse point. The sensation of his lips sliding along your skin stirred something deep within you, something other than anger.

anonymous asked:

Okay so it's a bit long... Can you do an imagine set in season 6 where instead of Emily "dying" it's spencer and YN and spencer have been together for long time but she doesn't get told he's still live (and she's on the team) after about a month jj visits her at Spencer's apartment and finds out she's pregnant, when spencer comes back she's further along, and he can tell, and I don't know, you can make up the ending aha x thank You xxxx

Wishing I was With You

Contains: a bit of angst, fluff


“No!” You screamed, you and Morgan stumbling onto find that instead of making it in time to kill Doyle, you were too late and Spencer was on the floor, unmoving. You saw Morgan run over to Emily, who was shot in the arm, calling out for an EMT.

You started crying, kneeling to the ground and rubbing some strands out of his pale face. You started muttering incoherent words, silently begging someone, or just anyone really to make this all a bad dream.

Upon further inspection you realized he was shot in the chest, blood coming to a stop. You didn’t know how long it was until Morgan pulled you off of Spencer so that the paramedics could get to him.

You watched him go, Morgan holding you back because they wouldn’t let you ride with him in such fatal conditions. He whispered reassuring things in your ear, trying to calm you down. eventually you just ended up crying into his chest.

The rest of the team and you headed to the hospital, everyone nervous and silent in the waiting room, praying everything was okay.

It was at 4 am that morning the nurse came by, saying Spencer was dead.


(Third person POV/ Timeskip)

“Here’s your new identity.” JJ slid the file across the small cafe table to a figure wearing dark sunglasses and a blue hoodie. The sun was setting,and the sky created a brilliant and breathtaking hue, creating shadows of the Italian people walking by. It made him think of Rossi, which then made him think about the whole team.

“Thanks.” The man muttered, opening the file and reading all the information in mere seconds. His glasses drooped a bit down his nose, making his brown eyes visible as they flickered up to her bright blue ones.

“How’s Y/n?” He asked quietly. She gave him a sad smile  and patted his hand reassuringly. “She’s grieving. She misses you a lot Spence.” He nodded and pushed his glasses back up, biting his lip at the thought of you. He muttered a good-bye and gave her a hug before walking off, into his ‘new’ life.

(*Le Timeskip*)

-Your POV-

You became cold-hearted at work, burying yourself into it, and just ignoring Emily. You figured this was kind of her fault. If she hadn’t gotten messed up with Doyle in the first place, Spencer would be alive. You didn’t even get to mention you were a few weeks along before he….

You looked down at your slowly growing belly. You were about 5 months in right now. The baby kicked, pulling you out of your thoughts.

You smiled softly and rubbed your stomach before going back into your paperwork. About an hour later, It was time to leave. You muttered a quick goodbye to your coworkers and waved to Hotch. You had asked for a week off, so you could relax for a little bit. You figured all your stress was not good for the baby.

You got into your car, a little excited that JJ was going to be visiting you later today. She had come down from Washington to visit everyone. You were a bit nervous because she didn’t know you were pregnant. At least, you had never told her.

You drove home, listening to old songs that you enjoyed, while singing softly. You tried to always think of what’s best for your unborn child, (not knowing what sex it was), but without Spencer, It’s hard to stay happy, especially without him there to comfort you about the gruesome aspects of your job.

You sighed as you entered your apartment, (technically Spencer’s), throwing the keys on your kitchen counter and laying down on the couch, snuggling under some blankets, falling asleep softly.

*Timeskip an hour*

You woke up to the smell of noodles and marinara sauce, eyes opening in fear. You relaxed once you heard JJ humming from your kitchen.

Groggily getting up, you headed over to the kitchen, wrapping your blanket around yourself and yawning. “Hey..” You mumbled and she turned around and smiled.

“Make extra, you’re cooking for three.” You pointed to your stomach. Her eyes and smile widened as she saw that you were expecting. She made sure everything was okay to be left alone as she hugged you, expressing how happy she was.

“So, who’s the daddy?” She rubbed your stomach softly before going back to the food. You put a loose strand of hair behind your ear before softly answering “Spencer.” Her smile faltered, but she kept with her cooking ministrations.

You both talked and talked that night, and you were glad to focus on other subjects other than thinking about him. When you both realized the time, you both headed to bed, JJ offering to sleep on the couch. She wanted to come into work with you tomorrow to see everyone.

Per usual, you grabbed one of Spencer’s old shirts and buttoned a few of the top buttons, changing into loose sweatpants and climbling into the bed, falling asleep around 2 in the morning.

*The Next Day*

You and JJ laughed as you entered work that morning, and she brightened as her old friends ears perked up and they went to go hug her. Something was off though. They already had big grins on their faces. You shrugged it off and went to your desk to set your stuff down.

“Y/n.” Hotch said in his naturally stern voice. You looked up and saw that his face was a little lighter than usual. You figured it was just because of JJ. Or was everyone just perky today? “There’s someone waiting for you in my office.” You raised your eyebrows but went upstairs and opened his office door.

You gasped as you saw your supposedly-dead love, staring at you, wide grin and hair a bit longer. As his eyes dropped, he noticed your stomach. You abruptly shut the door, cussing loudly and running down the steps.

“Y/n, I thought you’d be-” JJ said as you quickly ran by, trying to leave. You stopped, turning to face her with an angry glare. “What the- You knew! You knew he was alive didn’t you! You all did!” You heard Hotch’s door opened and Spencer’s steps. You cussed again, running away from their shocked faces.

“Y/n!” You heard him call after you. you wiped some tears from your cheeks and you ran down the steps, not deciding to get stuck with him in the elevator. You knew you should be happy about him coming back but you didn’t know how to deal with it.

On one hand you wanted to hug him tightly and kiss him, but on the other hand, you couldn’t even believe that he had been alive the whole time. You had been dating him for years, and you were so depressed after he died, but now? JJ knew about it! You had called her so many times crying and needing comfort. But she knew!

You felt betrayed.

You opened the door to the garage of the building, trying to remember where your car keys were, realizing you had left them on your desk. You stopped at the end of the garage, starting to bawl.

You heard his footsteps as he slowed down, feeling his arms wrapping around you. You sobbed into his chest, him whispering things like, “I love you, im sorry, i’m here and i won’t leave again.”

Once you had calmed down, you had asked him all about what happened. He explained about all the things he had to go through to until they had finally caught Doyle. New identity and everything.

You had decided forgiven him, realizing you had almost lost him, and you shouldn’t screw up your second chance.

You still had too work on JJ though.

“C-can I?” He pointed to your stomach, and you nodded. His warm hand started rubbing your blown up stomach, crouching down to whisper soft things as if your child good hear them.

“Hi there, it’s your daddy. I’m home, and i’m not leaving again.”


(Is this good…?)

Prompt Fill

This is a prompt fill for the lovely @sherstrade-is-my-division !! I hope you like it darling! 

“Sherlock wait!”

Sherlock froze in his tracks at the sound of Greg’s voice. He thought he’d managed to slip away un-noticed from the ballroom, but it looked like he was wrong.

He heard Greg’s panting breathes as the man came up behind him, then a warm hand was on his shoulder turning him around. He kept his face impassive as he met Greg’s concerned gaze. Like hell he’d let anyone see how broken up he was, even if that someone was Greg.

“Why’d you leave the party so early? Things were just getting good.” Greg said, smiling. His smile faded as he took in Sherlock’s subdued expression.

Sherlock opened his mouth to deliver a snarky reply when just how tired he was suddenly hit him. He was tired of pretending to happily plan John’s wedding, he was tired from laying his emotions out in front of a room full of people for John (though he didn’t regret it), he was tired of being ignored in favour of other people. He was just so damn tired.

He sighed and looked at Greg, taking in the concerned, mildly bewildered look on his face, and found himself telling the truth.

“I’m tired is all,” he said, making to turn away again.

“But what about dancing? I know how much you love to dance,” Greg said, stopping Sherlock once again.

“Oh, and how do you know that?” Sherlock said, quirking an eyebrow at him.

Greg chuckled, one hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck. “Remember that case we worked with the ballroom dance teacher? You were in glee for the entire thing, and there wasn’t even a locked room murder.”

Sherlock grinned despite himself, that case was one of his favorites. The grin didn’t last for very long though.

“I would, but there’s no one to dance with,” he said, looking down at his shoes.

“Dance with me then?”

Sherlock looked up in shock.

“Come on Sherlock, I’m not that bad a dancer. Dance with me.”

Sherlock swallowed hard, as Greg held out a hand. Stepping forward, Sherlock took Greg’s hand and pulled him close. The music from the ballroom had changed into something slower, almost melancholy in its rhythm. The garden was barley illuminated by blocks of light from the windows. Looking through them Sherlock saw John dip Mary with a grin, and felt a lump form in his throat. His arm tightened ever so slightly around Greg’s waist.

“What’s wrong Sherlock?” Greg asked, ever astute.

Usually, Sherlock would ignore the question, but here in the dimly light garden, the noise of the party giving them a semblance of privacy and his heart still felling raw, he felt like answering.

“I- I’m just worried about- about the future is all,” he said, his eyes still focused on the scene through the windows.

Greg turned to follow his gaze through the window. “You’ll always have John, Sherlock.”

“Marriage changes people.”

Greg looked at him, smiling slightly. “Yes it does, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose people. True, John might be busier, but once he’s settled down I’m sure you’ll both be bothering me on my crime scenes again.”

Sherlock swallowed hard, wishing he could believe Greg’s words. His gut told him otherwise though, and his gut was always right. Things would be different from now on.

“In fact-

“Could we not talk about this anymore? Just- just dance with me.”

Greg nodded, understanding in his eyes. The two of them swayed together in slow circles, their eyes meeting and drifting away. As the last bars of the song drifted into the dark garden, the two men slowly pulled apart. A faster, more up tempo song came on, breaking the tranquility of their time together.

Sherlock straightened his coat, and tugged it firmly closed.

“Thank you for the dance Les- Greg. It was much- much appreciated.”

Greg nodded and smiled, “Any time Sherlock.”

“Well, I’ll head back to Baker Street now. Too much festivities hamper the thinking process for days.” Sherlock said, aiming for jovial and missing by a mile.

“No it doesn’t” Greg said, grinning, “But go on. I’ll call you tomorrow with a case alright?”

A look of understanding passed between the two of them.

Sherlock felt a small smile tug at his lips, “Thank you Greg. You should head back to party; I’m sure Mrs. Hudson is in need of a dance partner.”

Greg smiled, a softer kinder smile. “If there’s no case tomorrow, come to the yard anyway. There might be an interesting cold case.”

Sherlock nodded, his eyes lingering on Greg as he headed back to the party. He turned away once he saw Greg had found Mrs. Hudson and headed into the cold night, hoping he could get a cab quickly. As he walked he couldn’t help but smile to himself. He always thought he just had one friend, but now it looked like he had two.

Marry me [l.h.]

pairing: luke x reader

word count: 1,172

so here’s (in my mind) how i think luke would propose.. hope you like it xx

Your fingers tapped the side of the water bottle in your hands to the beat of the music, your head slightly bobbing along subconsciously. You watched Luke, his eyes shut tightly to hit all the right notes (and throw in a few note changes as well), his harmonious voice filling the packed arena, all screaming the lyrics back at the 4 boys on stage. Seeing Luke do what he love brought a smile to your face, one you couldn’t help every night you watched him perform on stage. 

He took a step back from the mic and walked over to the right side of the stage, looking out into the crowd as he played and Michael sang his bit. All the girls’ faces–and a few guys as well–lit up and erupted when Luke came closer to them, like Luke being 5 feet away from them completed your life.

You knew Luke completed your life, but you two were so utterly infatuated with each other, it was like you were made for each other.

The past few years you didn’t even believe; sure, there were a few bumps in the road, but you always overcame them. He always made sure that you were happy, and if you two fought, he would always fix things. He would make everything better.

That’s how his fans viewed him as well; Luke was such a role model to millions of people, and though they’re just fans, having Luke inspire and motivate them daily completed their lives. Luke cared about every one of them just how he cared about you, and his caring personality was overlooked many times. He was underrated for how compassionate he was, since he was the frontman of the band and had been caught up in a few petty scandals in his past. But you knew who he really was, and you knew the truth.

The song soon came to an end and Luke turned around, grabbing a water bottle off one of the amplifiers behind him and taking a few sips of water, looking to you and shooting you a quick smile and a wink your way. One of the stage hands held an acoustic guitar to him and Luke quickly handed him his Les Paul, nodding as a quick thanks. 

Michael stood up to his mic and held his hand up to the crowd. “Oh look guys, Mr. Luke Hemmings has an acoustic guitar now. And nothing says romance like an acoustic guitar.” The crowd roared with excitement, anticipating Michael’s coming speech about love. “Except we’re gonna do things a little different tonight. Usually it’s me talking about love and all that shit, which doesn’t make sense since I’m probably the most childish and inappropriate one up here, but anyways. I’m going to hand this over to Mr. Luke Hemmings himself.”

You quirked an eyebrow at the change, shrugging it off and taking a sip from your water. Luke humbly walked up to the mic and smiled down at his feet. “How we feeling tonight?” He asked rhetorically, receiving loud cheers from the crowd. “Great, now as Michael had said, I’m here to talk about love. But to go along with my little plan, I’m going to need my lovely girlfriend Y/N to come out here and help me.”

He turned to you as the crowd roared with glee, your face flushing as you timidly took a step from the backstage area where you were, looking back at the crew who were all smiling and shouting quiet words of encouragement for you to walk out. Michael held his arm out towards Luke as if directing you, stepping to the side as you walked out. You looked out into the crowd and it left you awestruck at the scene; your heart was racing with anticipation and you were truly confused as to why you were standing here in front of 15,000 people this very moment.

Luke took your hand in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “Everyone give it up for Y/N!” He shouted to the mic, and once again the crowd went crazy. He quickly took off the acoustic guitar and handed it to Michael, who took care of it. “Not gonna need that right now anyways.” He said, mostly under his breath. “Now, Y/N, you maybe wondering why the hell I’ve brought you out here right now, but like I said, I’d like to celebrate love. I know there’s always shit going on in the world around us and sometimes in our little world we share together, but love always wins. And no matter what, we get through it. It’s a funny thing how people can be complete strangers one minute and then completely in love the next, and that’s kinda what happened with us. And Y/N, I’m so fucking glad to have you in my life today and I know I get annoying sometimes, but you know it’s always out of love. We’ve been to hell and back, and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side going into the future, whatever is waiting for us. So,” You blinked the tears that had formed in your eyes away at the realization of what was happening; he was on one knee and grabbed a small box from his back pocket, holding it out to you while still holding one of your hands. You couldn’t even hear the crowd going insane over the display happening before them, all you could pay attention to was Luke in front of you. He was all that mattered. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

You nodded your head over and over, your lips parting into a wide smile as he reciprocated your expression, breathing a sigh of relief and taking the ring out, sliding it onto your dainty finger. He stood up and put his hands on either side of your face, pulling you in for a kiss. His lips encapsulated yours for a moment, before hearing Ashton behind you two. “Y’know, I wish I could see what was actually happening but this damn drum kit is in my way.”

“It’s adorable Ash, I’m practically in tears over here.” Calum joked.

Though Luke most likely couldn’t hear due to the intense screaming coming from the crowd and the ear piece that made him deaf every night, you looked up into his eyes, saying “I love you so much, Luke.”

He smiled down at you, giving you a kiss on your forehead. “I love you more, Y/N.” He mouthed back to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closed, the small tears of joy transferring onto his black t-shirt and leaving your chest filled with such a giddy feeling you recognized. It was the same feeling you got whenever you were with Luke, whenever he would hold you close to him and when he would say how much he loved you. And as many times as he would deny you, you loved him so much more.

TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”


NOTES/WARNINGS: Took a while, but here it is. Special shout-out to Love4chaos for her gleeful proofreading.

Cass woke up late. Her policy after a late night was to sleep in as long as she wished if no one called her to work. Today, another Doc was on call, and as far as her research was concerned, she was basically her own boss. When she opened her door to the main hallway, she found a bottle on the doorstep with a note. In perfect handwriting, it said ‘I thought you might like this. You’re not the only one with a secret stash. –Your reluctant patient’ She caught herself grinning like an idiot. “Get ahold of yourself woman. It’s just a nice gesture, not a bloody marriage proposal” she muttered to herself under her breath.

As she carried on about her day, she kept thinking of that damned god.  They were rather distracting thoughts. Sitting in her office, she couldn’t concentrate anymore. It was 14:15, she figured she might as well take a snack break. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass of one of the doors along the hall. Practical work shoes, scrub pants and shirt, dark brown wavy hair up in a messy bun, dark rimmed glasses, and a white lab coat. Nothing about her to scream ‘bombshell’. Just an average looking woman with a slightly larger than average waistline, going about her business. She made a mental note to lay off Natasha’s baking and eat a few more of those kale salads that littered the one staff fridge.

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Crawling Back To You

Original Imagine: Imagine Damon fucking you slowly and passionately to the Arctic Monkeys song “Do I Wanna Know?” & Imagine Damon saying, “I need to have you… now.” & Imagine Damon moaning into your mouth as you grind against him and pull his hair. & Imagine dancing with Damon, and having him grind against you.

Author: - TDM

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1462

Warnings: Smut, Blood-sharing, detailed description of adult activity, you should probably read this having already listened to ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by Arctic Monkeys, this is the first time I’ve ever written anything whatsoever so sorry if I did it wrong or it sucks. (I linked up the song for people that want it ~ S <3)




“Guess I’m home alone then.” You shrug to yourself.

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Like Dreamers Do

I was having feelings about Glee being gone, and I thought Kurt might be too

In his dream, a clock spins backwards. There are hazy snippets of stories that blur and blend and spin out bizarrely in the way that dreams always do: He never auditions for Glee club. He’s a Cheerio. A skank. A football player. A shadow creeping along lockers hoping to never be seen. He works in his dad’s garage instead of singing. He joins glee club but never meets Blaine, always just narrowly misses crossing paths like lines traveling parallel, never connecting, over and over again for all eternity. He becomes a teacher, a writer, a chef, a fashion icon. 

The dream splinters off and he winds up here, in the apartment in the same city at the same school pursing the same roles and performances. But he’s alone. He hasn’t just missed Blaine, he’s missed everyone.

He wakes up cold.

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[104th Street] 1. the word of the day

title: 104th Street
pairing: Levi/Eren & Erwin/Eren
note(s): levi and erwin reverting into teenage boys bc of eren jaeger. probably ooc. i can’t even be sorry.
summary: In which Levi has a potty mouth, Erwin’s the disappointed mother, and they both fall for Eren Jaeger at first sight.

i blame twitter for this.

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I’m Here to Dance Chapter 8



Chapters 1 & 7

Summary: Alya drags Marinette to the hot new club “Miraculous” where it’s winner take all on the dance floor. After an embarrassing first encounter, Marinette dons a costume and challenges the champ, Chat Noir, as Ladybug. Marinette embraces the Paris break dancing scene, but times are getting tougher and competition even more so.

Chapter Summary: Painting with Le Dessinateur, and the bombshell is dropped on the rest of the Miraculous dancers.

Pairings: Marinette/Adrien, Ladybug/Chat Noir, Alya/Nino, others

A/N: I have replies back now so you can reply B) thank you so co much for all the notes, please check out the FFN and Ao3 versions for full author’s notes.

Ladybug’s crop-top was essentially ruined from all the wear and tear from dancing at Miraculous, and the paint Le Dessinateur had accidentally got on it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Marinette ended up just making a new costume entirely. Her first attempt, back before she’d challenged Chat, had been made in a few hours from clothes she already had. Now she was making it with care according to her needs for this costume.

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Broadway AU

Pt 2

Marinette blinked a couple times letting her eyes adjust to the bright lights that shined down on her.

“Name?” A voice asked from the darkened theater.

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” She answered firmly though on the inside she was filled with anxious energy. She heard various whispers before finally a familiar voice spoke. “What part are you auditioning for and what song will you be singing today?”

“Im auditioning for Eponine and I’ll be singing Run away with me from the unofficial autobiography of Samantha brown.”

“Start when you’re ready.” Marinette closed her eyes and breathed in deeply before slowly let it out along with all her anxieties and doubts. She opened her eyes and could feel the first words on the tip of her tongue.

“Let me catch…”


“Let me catch my breath.” Adrien said meeting the cold grey eyes of his father.

“There is no time to rest in Broadway.” Gabriel explained impatiently tapping his hands on the desk, acting as if he were talking to some child.

“American psycho hasn’t even had its last show yet. Do you want me to do two shows at the same time?” Adrien clenched and unclenched his fists in frustration.

“Don’t be ridiculous you are merely showing up to the auditions as a formality. You will show up at the second audition to test which actors you have the best chemistry with and then you will begin rehearsals in April.” Adrien looked at his father in disbelief. He couldn’t even audition like other actors had to.

“Can you at least tell me what the name of the show is and how you already got me a leading role in it.” Adrien sighed in defeat accepting his fate.

“You will be Marius from Les Miserables. As for how I got you the part I have a business associate, Mr. Bourgeois, that wanted to get on my good side. Now if that is all I really do need to get back to work.” Gabriel stated leaving no room for Adrien to speak not that he could even if he wanted to Adrien was still trying to process his father’s words. Adrien walked out of his father’s office in a daze. Les miserables one of the most famous Broadway shows there ever was and he just had a leading role handed to him. Adrien’s fame and his father’s power had once again surprised him.

Adrien drove home mind buzzing with so many thoughts and ideas. His whole body was on autopilot from the small wave he gave to the elderly doorman to him kicking his shoes off before he entered his apartment. The only thing that distracted him was a mangy fluff ball that weaved itself between his legs tripping him up in a few steps.

“Hello Plagg.” Adrien groaned from his place on the floor looking up at the glowing green eyes of his little black cat.

“Mreow.” Plagg responded hopping on to Adrien’s stomach a purr reverberating through the cats whole body as it gently kneaded Adrien’s stomach.

“I don’t have any cheese.” Adrien deadpanned. As he expected the cat let out an offended hiss before jumping off the young man and padding back to where ever once again ignoring its owner’s very existence.

With a sigh Adrien got up but he couldn’t help the small smile that made its way to his face. At least Plagg didn’t offer any surprises. Adrien walked to his kitchen shedding his designer button up and slacks till he was in nothing but his underwear and socks. He looked through his fridge and seeing nothing too appealing settled with a simple apple. Walking back to his living room he grabbed his phone from his slacks and dialed a familiar number the person picking up after a few rings.

“Yo Nino how’s it going?” Adrien spoke plopping down on his couch.

“Adrien bro your not working.” Nino yelled into the receiver almost blowing out Adrien’s ear but the blonde couldn’t find it in himself to care.

“I know I finally have a day off unluckily my morning was spent at my father’s office.”

“Aw dude that’s jank what did he want.”

“Well it looks like I won’t have any free time after American Psycho.” Adrien sighed.

“That sucks whats your old man got in store.”

“Luckily it’s not another attempt at getting me into modeling and the show isn’t terrible.”

“Another show! Which one Aladdin?”


“The Book of Mormon.”

“Nope.” Adrien responded popping the “P” and taking a bit of his apple.

“Damn I was hoping,” Nino mumbled,“Oh School of rock?”

“Do I look like Jack Black or a child?” Adrien dead panned.

“Hey I don’t know you had a baby face for a while and were a bit on the short side.” Nino laughed

“Hardy har Im 6"3” and considered one of the most handsome bachelor’s in New York" Adrien said matter of factly pouting as his best friend continued laughing.

“Yeah whatever so you going to tell me what your show is going to be so I can know how much money I’ll be spending on a show.”

“Aw you’d do that for me,” Adrien sing songed getting a snort from Nino, “you’re to good for me.”

“Damn straight I am.” Nino shot back.

"I don’t think you’ll have to worry about tickets my father knows someone from the show so I’ll probably be able to get you a ticket to the one and only Les Miserables.”

“Woah dude nice getting yourself involved in the classics.”

“Yeah I think it will be cool so far I’ve only been involved in more recent plays.”

“Les miserables that sounds familiar I think Alya mentioned something about the play recently.”

“Ooh you’re still talking to that reporter.” Adrien asked knowingly.

“Shut up that’s not what this is about,” nino shot back before continuing, “ I think she said something about her friend auditioning for a part.”

“Hmm maybe I’ll meet this friend and we can all go on a double date.” Adrien joked laughing as his friend told him to piss off.

“Ha ha ha So bro what have you got planned today?” Nino asked changing the subject.

“Nothing yet but I ….


Marinette watched her best friend in slight disgust but mostly amazement as Alya ate every tray of cookies she sent her way all the while never looking up from her laptop.

"You want to take a break Alya? You’ve been writing for a good six hours and have probably eaten more than 100 cookies.” Marinettes said only getting a small grunt from the reporter who just continued to shove cookies in her mouth.

“No it’s fine Mari this is for you. You go ahead and bake all your little anxieties away.” Alya said through a mouthful of cookie never looking up from her computer.

“I’m pretty sure I’m currently more worried about your blood sugar than my call back.” Marinette explained gently taking back the almost empty tray of cookies holding back a giggle as her friend fumbled blindly looking for the sweets. After seconds of being cookie less Alya looked up.

“Marinette where are my cookies.” Alya whined pouting at her giggling friend.

“I’m cutting you off. you invited me over for a support Marinette day but it feels more like a use Marinette to satisfy my cookie addiction day” Marinette accused, her friend only shrugged before closing her laptop to appease the frowning girl.

“Okay okay I will admit I haven’t been giving you attention but I’m trying to get all my work done so when you get your call back I’ll be able to go with you.” Alya explained reaching across the counter and swiping another cookie.

“You mean get first dibs on the casting list for the show.” Marinette guessed looking unimpressed as Alya only gave a sheepish grin.

“Fine you got me but I’ll also be their to cheer you on.”

“Yeah you always do.” Marinette smiled starting to clean up all the dirty cookware laying around.

“So when are you going to get this call?” Alya asked.

“I don’t know they said around noon because they wanted to test the chemistry between some actors.”

“Oh interesting do you know who could possibly be your co-stars.”

“All I know is that Chloe is going to be in it since her daddy is a producer,so she’ll probably be Cosette.” Marinette grumbled.

“Augh I hate privileged rich people I bet she doesn’t even really have to audition.” Alya complained saying what everyone who auditioned was thinking.

“Yeah I just hope I’ll be able to get my part. It would be pretty awesome to star in such a well known show.”

“Girl you practiced that song for days and your acting is amazing there is no way you couldn’t get the part you’re absolutely perfect for it.” Alya said hoping Marinette would find some comfort in her words.

“Yeah but I can’t…”

Bzz Bzz

Marinettes phone vibrated on the counter catching their attention. She picked it up shushing Alya before answering, “ Hello this is Marinette.”

“Ah miss Dupain-Cheng it’s Nick Carver I’m calling you to let you know we would like to call you back to the theater to act out some scenes with a few of your co-stars.”

“Oh my Gosh really. I got the call. This is the call back isn’t it. Oh my yes I’ll be there. What time?” Marinette asked unable to contain her excitement as she basically shook with anticipation.

“1:30 if you could.” Nick chuckled amused by the girls energy.

“YES!!,” Marinette stopped taking a breath to compose herself realizing she was being a bit over the top, “I mean I’ll see you then but if I may can I know who some of my potential co-stars will be?”

“Of course I don’t see why not Peter Lockyer will probably play Jean valjean, Chloe Bourgeois as Cosette the others are not yet decided but for sure Marius will be played by Adrien Agreste.” Nick confirmed, “so that’s all I can say for sure so we will see you at 1:30 goodbye.”

“Bye.” With that she hung up bouncing on the balls of her feet meeting Alyas proud grin with her own smile.

“Call back?” Asked knowingly. All she got in response was a loud scream just before she was tackled to the floor.

“I did it! I did it!” Marinette cheered.

“I knew you would. So who’s going to be in the show?” Alya asked going into reporter mode.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Marinette said innocently.

“Shut up I know you asked, you were right next to me.”Alya laughed pushing Marinette off to get to her computer.

“Why don’t you love me?” Marinette whined into the hardwood floor.

“Because you’re being a butt now answer my question.” Alya said opening up her laptop. With a huge sigh Marinette rolled over onto her back.

“Chloe will probably be Cosette.”

“Gross.” Alya sympathized typing away.

“Peter Lockyer as Jean Valjean.”

“Nice he’s been in Les miserables before right?”

“Yeah I think so his name sounds familiar.”

“Yeah they know for sure who Marius will be, they said he would be played by Adrien Agreste.” Alya froze at Marinettes words.

“No way.”

“What? What’s the big deal?”

“Mari do you not recognize the mans name?” Alya all but shouted jumping from her chair rushing to her room.

“Well I mean it sounds familiar but I’m not remembering a face.” Marinette called to Alya listening as her friend rummaged around in her room for a few minutes.

“Found it! Here educate yourself.” A magazine was thrown at Marinettes face when Alya came back to the kitchen. She shot Alya a quick glare before glancing at the magazine

“Broadway’s newest star, Adrien Agreste, taking the title of New York’s most eligible bachelor.” Marinette read aloud studying the picture that accompanied the header. On the cover was a pretty good looking man. He had messy blonde hair that fell in front of his bright green eyes and accentuated his chiseled jaw line. He stood shirtless allowing a perfect view of his broad shoulders and defined abdominals. Overall he looked like the perfect male specimen.

“Wow I have to admit he is pretty good looking.” Marinette admitted fighting the blush that was slowly taking over her face, tossing the magazine back to Alya.

“Good looking!? The man is a demigod.” Alya corrected taking a minute to admire the picture.

“I thought you were more of a tall dark and wears glasses kind of girl.” Marinette asked knowingly not missing the way Alya tensed.

“Yes and no. I wouldn’t mind if this kid sweeped me off my feet.” Alya joked turning the conversation away from her. Marinette getting her friends drift decided to drop the subject.

“Well he’s cute but it’s not me who he’ll be wooing I’m only poor unloved Eponine.”

Beautiful Mess.

Les Twins just wrapped their first Hangout on Google and are heading down to their car. They really liked the process and this new way of talking to the fans. That was fun and they had a good time doing it.
Yet Larry sighs, looking out the window. He looks like he’s upset.

“What is it, bro ?” asks Laurent.
“Nothing, I only just sighed.”
“Yeah I’ve noticed, that’s why I’m asking what’s wrong.”

Laurent frowns, not used to being shut out.

“Nothing’s wrong. Let go.” Larry says, sighing again while leaning more against the car door.

By doing that he also gets away from Laurent whose frown deepens.
When they arrive at the hotel, they climb out the car and in silence go up to their room. Larry goes to the bathroom to freshen up and change his outfit into something more loose. Then Laurent watch helplessly as his brother takes his keys and phone and reaches to the door.

“What are you doing ?” Laurent asks.
“I’m going to the studio.”
“Alone ?”
“Well… Yeah.”

And just like that he’s out, leaving his confused brother behind.
On his way to the studio, Larry tries to clear his mind. Ever since the end of the Hangout something’s been bothering him. He never really thought about it before and today it just came out of nowhere.

~ “Don’t come! I’m a mess right now.” said Laurent to which Larry replied “I’m a mess too. But I’m a beautiful mess!” ~

Larry didn’t think of it as bragging or being arrogant or anything. That was just a joke. So when Lau added “yes, you’re beautiful.” he kind of bugged a little bit. Then he forgot about it but at the end it just popped up again in his head and it won’t go away now.

He’s never felt beautiful let alone handsome. Never. And he was cool with it. Being ugly was a good thing in his mind, that was natural. The natural way of being perfect.
His mother never told him he was beautiful. Nobody ever did actually. Nobody important to him.
Until now.

Entering the studio like something was chasing him, maybe his thoughts, he quickly played music on his phone and danced to it like his life was on the line.
He needed to dance real bad. To let everything out. This weird feeling of unknowingness of all things.

His body was too skinny. His face too woman like. What was beautiful, after all ? Not him, he thought.
His attitude, his gangter side was all a façade in order to hide his real self. He’s acting, fronting, creating his world as he wants it to look like. Which is not necessarily a good thing.

He dances with all his insecurities and flaws. Some people don’t understand. They wonder why he wears so many layers of clothing on his body. They don’t get how exposed he feels. Naked. Uncovered. Fragile. Even though he knows his strength and that he’s muscular. Nothing and no one can take this feeling away.
Until now.

“You’re beautiful.”

Laurent’s voice echoes in his head, mixing with the music he’s dancing to. It’s like it’s haunting him. He’s trapped in his mind, his body responding to the feeling by moving harshly, brutally. From the outside it may look like he’s fighting ghosts. Then suddenly the words floating in his head change. Words spoken by his brother.

“Bigger talent.”

His eyes open and his reflexion in the mirror faces him. He stops moving immediatelly.

“No!” he shouts, surprising himself.

And the scene from earlier plays itself before his eyes. Larry’s been playfull and everything but serious however, Laurent has been awfully serious and now that he really hears him it sounds like it was the truth.
Like his brother really thinks that way.

“I’m beautiful.” Larry speaks. “I’m beautiful.” He repeats while staring at his face in the mirror.

He frowns then shakes his head.

“This is bullshit.”

He sighed and grabbed his phone.
He knows the fans think he’s gorgeous and perfect and fuckable and so on but he doesn’t care, that doesn’t count.
An idea bursts in his head. He goes to YouTube and types “Laurent about Larry” thinking that he might find a video catching Laurent saying some things he never heard about him. Things Laurent never said to him.

The first video that pops up is named “Laurent showing love to Larry” by LBF CHANNEL. Interrested, he clicked on it.
The first clips show Laurent saying that he loves him. Larry was around at that moment so he already knows this. Then another clip shows Laurent saying that he doesn’t like his face. And Larry couldn’t hold a smile to stretch his lips when a big “WHAT.” appeared on the screen, added by the maker of the video. But his grin disappeared when Laurent added “I love my twin brother’s face.”

He feels strange. Larry thinks the same way. He doesn’t like his face but he finds Laurent beautiful. His face is more masculin and less child-like than his. And his teeth are better disposed than his. Laurent is just better looking for him.

His thoughts are cut when the video shows now Laurent and his habit of touching him. He remembers these moments but seeing them from the outside is very different. Larry doesn’t mind Laurent touching him, sometimes he doesn’t even notice. That’s just normal. It’s their dynamic, that’s how they work. It’s always been like that.
A lot of these moments make him smile, some even make him laugh. This brings back good memories and it warms his heart.
When the video ends, his eyes fall on a video suggested, named “Larry showing love to Laurent” made by the same person.
Amused, he clicks on it. He laughs a couple of times especially when Laurent kills it and his reaction to it is to freak out and jump on him to hug him.
He notices that the video is shorter and that his way of showing love to Laurent is not the same but that doesn’t bother him. He and Lau know he loves his brother and that in private he’s more openly showing it.

“What makes you so happy ?” asks Laurent out of nowhere.

Larry jumps, holding his heart. Laurent walks towards him and sit next to him.

“Damn, Lau you scared me!”
“Sorry I didn’t want to disturb your… session. Do you feel better ?”

Larry could do anything to hide his feelings but Laurent will always be able to read him.

“Yeah. I just… I needed to be alone and think.”
“And dance.” Laurent added.
“That too.” Larry bites his lip, searching for the right words. “Ok don’t get all emotional on me but… Do you really think I’m beautiful ?”

Laurent seems a little bit shocked by the question but doesn’t budge.

“Yes, why ? Is it about what I said in the Hangout ?” Larry just keeps his head down. “Well, that’s the truth. You’re beautiful my brother. Whether you realize it or not.”

Laurent just smiles, staring at his unusually shy brother.

“Stop staring at me..” Larry mutters. He’s feeling exposed again. He needs to act. “Or else you’ll go blind!” He adds in a sarcastic tone.

Larry sticks out his tongue, playfull and teasing. Lau decides to tag along.

“You forget that we’re twins, if that was true I would’ve turned blind a long time ago by just looking in the mirror.” Lau laughs.
“Yeah you’re beautiful too, my brother.” Larry says softly after he stopped laughing.
“If you say so, Larry…”
“Well, if you find me beautiful you gotta give you some.” Larry objectifies.
“Look, I’d do that only if you do the same for yourself !”

Silence answers him.

“See ! Not that easy, huh ? It’s alright my brother. We don’t need to feel beautiful.” Laurent stands back up. “Come, we’ll look ugly together and that will be beautiful.” Lau pulls Larry up along side him and plays a new song on his phone, connecting it to his speakers. Music fills in the studio.

They start to freestyle, ignoring the huge mirror. They don’t need it, they have each other. And that’s all they need.

The End.

Preference #1 “You guys fight” Calum/4

A/N This one is super long haha sorryy

Calum was home from tour and I could not be happier. He’s been gone for so long it’s crazy. He’s been home for about a week and of course he’s missed the boys because he is so used to seeing them 24/7. So I’m not surprised when I wake up and hear four voices laughing, talking and joking around. Then I hear them settle in the living room, which is right at the base of the stairs. They start talking in softer voices like they’re talking about something important so naturally I’m curious as to what they’re talking about. I eventually hear my name so I tip toe to the stairs and listen. I know its wrong but I hear my name so it’s ok if I listen right? “Bro she’s such a control freak.” I hear Ashton say. “Yeah we haven’t seen you all week because she wanted you all to herself.” I hear Luke say. Ouch. Am I really that controlling? I like having things neat but I didn’t think it was that bad, plus I never said he couldn’t hang with the boys, he said he wanted to be with me. “Plus she can be a real bitch sometimes.” I hear hums of agreement. I never thought that they hated me so much. I feel tears prick my eyes. Wanna know the worst thing? Calum, my boyfriend of a year and a half, didn’t even stand up for me. I decide that I no longer want to be here. I get dressed and text my friend asking for a girls day out. Of course she says yes. I grab my phone and check my messages, they’re from my friend saying that she’s in the driveway. I grab my bag and make my way down the stairs and Calum happens to be in the kitchen, which is across from the living room so it is also at the bottom of the stairs. He turns around “Hey babe.” And he tries to kiss my cheek but I dodge it without a word and walk out the front door. As I’m going into my friends car he stands in the door way and yells “Y/N! Where are you going?” I chose to ignore him and I close my door and my friend drives off. We decide to get starbucks and I tell her what I overheard. “What a dick..” She says quietly but I still hear her. She thinks for a second. “Ok I have an idea we go back and you go and confront him, boys there or not, because this is not acceptable. I’ll wait in the driveway in case you want to stay the night at mine ok? And if everything goes alright then text me and I’ll leave.” She says. I nod “sounds like a plan.” We finish our drinks and head back to my house. On the drive back I check my phone and see I have a few calls and texts from Calum but I choose to ignore it we’ll talk soon enough. We pull up to our house and I see there are still cars here. Great… I walk in the house and see all of the boys on the couch playing some random video game. Calum hears me enter and comes over to me. “Where’d you go? I was getting worried.” “Really? I’m surprised because it doesn’t seem like you care so much about me.” I say strongly. “Y/N what are talking about?” He asks looking concerned. “I heard you guys talking about me before that’s what I’m talking about.” I say. “Y/N I can exp-“ I cut him off. “Oh yes please explain.” I say more as a rhetorical statement. “Please explain why you let your friends call me a control freak and a bitch without even attempting to defend me!” I yell stepping closer to him gaining confidence… and anger. I see the guys pause the game and turn around to look at us. I see all of their guilty eyes knowing that what I’m saying is true. I look back at Calum and he looks likes he’s at a loss for words. “Y-Y/N.” he stutters, looking panicked “I-I uh I thought you were-“ “Asleep yeah I know and that doesn’t make it right Calum, it hurts no matter whether I was supposed to hear it or not.” I say. “ You know what I think we need a break.” I say walking towards the door. “No Y/N please… don’t leave.” “Too bad, I mean isn’t this what you guys wanted.” You say to the boys who are still watching. “I’ll stop hogging him now, he’s all yours.” I see Luke look down because he knows he said that. And with that I’m out the door. I go to my friends car and get in. “Girls night?” she asks quietly. I just nod, getting a bit emotional from what just happened. I don’t want to leave Calum but how could he not defend me when his own friends were bashing me, its just not acceptable.


 My friend and I spent the night watching movies and eating ice cream. She let me borrow some of her pyjamas to sleep in. Calum called numerous times along with countless text messages and there were a few missed calls and texts from the boys as well, but I hadn’t read them because I just wanted a break from everything for a night. In the morning I had my friend check the messages because I just couldn’t do it. She said the few from Calum were asking me to come home and the ones from the boys were saying that they were worried about Calum. Just then my phone started buzzing. “It’s Luke.” My friend says to me. “Answer it.” I say and she does. “Hello? Hello? Y/N are you there?” Luke asks obviously panicked. “No its (b/f/n) what do you want?” She asks. “Its Calum we don’t know where he is.” When I hear Luke say this my eyes widen in worry. ‘Where could he have gone?’ I think to myself. “What do you mean you don’t know where he is?” She asks. “Weren’t you with him the whole night?” She asks annoyed. “No he kicked us out after Y/N left, he had this whole fit and really it kind of scared all of us.” He says. “So you checked the apartment?” She asks. “Yeah.” “What about that park they always go to?” ”Not there.” “What about his mum’s house?” “We called she said she hasn’t seen him in days.” “Where the hell is this kid?” she whispers to herself and Luke hears. “That’s what we’re wondering.” He says sarcastically. “Well, we’ll call you if we find him ok? But you guys keep looking.” She says and then hangs up. “I think I might know where he is.” I say “Where?” she asks. “The studio, he likes going there when he’s stressed it calms him down for some odd reason.” “Ok lets go.” When we arrive at the studio I just walk right in because they know me there and I go to the room where the boys record and write their songs. I open the door and walk in expecting to see Calum but…its empty. I could’ve sworn that he’d be here but he’s not and now I’m completely out of ideas. I make (b/f/n) drive me to our apartment because I wanted to put on some of my actual clothes so I don’t look like a bum. When I walk in I see shattered glass on the floor from one of our cups and there are chairs turned over and our table is on the opposite side of the room from where it normally is. It really looks like a tornado came through here. I walk up stairs and go into our room and I almost have a heart attack when I see someone on the bed. But then I realize it’s Calum. He is in a fetal position and he seems to be sleeping. I walk closer to him and examine his body. He has flushed tear-stained cheeks, puffy eyes, and a few cuts on his hands from what I’m assuming was the broken glass. He looks so vulnerable and I can’t help but reach out and softly his stray hair out of his face. When he feels my touch after a few seconds he jerks awake realizing that someone else is in the house with him. I rub his arm “Calum it’s just me. It’s ok.” I whisper. He instantly pulls me into his arms and buries his face in my neck. I feel his warm tears landing on my skin.“I’m sorry, I’m so so so so so so sorry Y/N. I know I should’ve stood up for you and there is no excuse why I didn’t. It was so dumb of me and I understand if you want to break up. But I don’t want to.” He says, looking away and getting choked up. “I-I love you… s-so much Y/N you don’t even know and I don’t want to live without you. Please forgive me?” He pleads looking at me with his glassy eyes. I sigh deeply trying to decide on what to do. “…ok” I say quietly. His eyes light up. “Really? Y/N I was so worried I thought that you were going to le-“ I cut him off by kissing him. “Calum I love you too but will you please stop babbling.” I giggle and he does too. “Sorry.” We go downstairs and find the boys and (b/f/n) cleaning the mess. (b/n/n) notices us first and she shoves Luke with her elbow to get his attention. “These guys have something to say to you Y/N.” She says and then looks at them like a stern mother whilst they look guilty still. “We’re sorry we shouldn’t have said those things about you-“ Ash starts and Luke cuts him off. “None of them are true it’s just that-“ and Michael cuts him off. “That Calum is our best friend and I guess we got a little jealous that he only wanted to spend time with you.” “So will you forgive us?” Ash asks. “Yes. I accept your apology.” I say. After that we all group hug and have a fun friends night.


Dance with me || Expelled!Newt Scamander x Reader

So this started out as a really happy one-shot, cutesy fluff and all that, but then I remembered Les Mis existed.

Warnings: Sadness, leaving

Word Count: 1090

Setting: outside Hogwarts waiting for the express to take newt back to kings cross station cause he was expelled, cold, snow, snowing, raining, only a street light is lit and they’re under some cover.


“I can’t believe this is happening, we were supposed to graduate together.” You whispered into Newts chest, you two were hugging, as a way of saying goodbye before the train got to the station. He held you in his arms and you listened to his heartbeat, you felt his chest rising up and down.

Newt didn’t say anything, he just held you, and that was what you needed, you weren’t going to see your best friend anymore, you still had another year and a half before graduation at Hogwarts, and Newt, he was being expelled before you two finished your 6th year.

You pulled away from him and stood next to Newt, it was raining, not cold enough for snow yet, there was some snow on rooftops, but it wasn’t falling, rain poured down, making the situation even worse than it was.

You checked the time and figured out that the train wasn’t going to be there for another half hour, you thought about the future and what Hogwarts would be like without your best friend.

You couldn’t bear to imagine the classes, the common room, the people talking, rumors, so you gave Newt another hug, you always loved his hugs, he was taller than you, by a lot and he always made a joke about how you were short and he was tall, you knew it was a joke.

While hugging Newt, he rested his chin on top of your head, you smiled, you knew he was going to say something about you being short.

“Y/N you know, you’re so short that I can rest my chin on your head”

You both started laughing at his statement, then you started to cry, he didn’t realise until you stopped laughing, he pulled you away from him and bent down to your height, he wiped away your tears with his thumb and pulled you back into his chest.

He squeezed you as if to say “Its ok, I’m here.”  

Eventually you calmed down and the rain was still going, 20 minutes till the train.

The rain slowed down and it was just steady rain after about 5 minutes. 15 minutes left together.

It was quite calming for you, you loved the look of the scene in front of you, just a single light that barely lit up the area and the rain was coming down at the same time, it was lovely, you thought about it for a second, then you smiled.

You had an idea to make your last minutes with Newt special.

You ran out into the rain, scaring Newt, he tried to grab your arm but you were too quick, you laughed and spun in a circle with your arms out, the rain felt so nice and cold on your face.

“Y/N! What are you doing?” Newt questioned.

“I’m having fun! Come on Newt!” You replied.

Newt shook his head no but after a few seconds he gave in and ran out into the rain, you two jumped in puddles and splashed each other with excess water.

You had fun, the both of you forgot that Newt had been expelled for 10 minutes of your day and just played around with your best friend. But then you remembered, and you stopped having fun, you stood in the rain with no intention of going anywhere.

Newt was still messing around until he realised you stopped, he put his arm around your shoulders and you and Newt stood there, just looking out into the dark. You sighed. Newt sighed. You didn’t want to but you had to check the time.

5 minutes.

You said to Newt “Dance with me.” And you pulled him further into the rain.

“But there’s no music!” He cried as you stopped and made the two of you get into a slow dance position, you started to hum the song “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis and Newt shut up after that.

(Yes I know, this is like early 1900s but lets pretend ok?)

You and Newt turned in circles, slow dancing for the remaining time you two had together. The train rolled up to the station and you both knew what was bound to happen, the time had come. You pulled away from each other and stood still, staring at the train.

You both stood there, in silence, for a few seconds then you spoke up.

“So, this is it, isn’t it? You’ll go back to London, then travel because you want to find beasts, don’t tell me it isn’t true, I know you Newt. I know you.”  

“You’re right, I won’t be able to contact you. This is it.”

You stood up straight and tried to be strong, but you couldn’t, you were losing your best friend, your everything, your world, you were losing all of that. Just because of a stupid girl.

You couldn’t believe it, but you had to, it was inevitable, Newt was just too kind, you took a deep breath and saw that Newt had already grabbed his suitcases and put them on the express, you hugged for a little, squeezing almost as hard as you could and he did the same.

You kissed Newt on the cheek, a friendly kiss, you told yourself, tears were streaming down your face, blending in with the rain that was doing the same thing.

Newt also had a few tears, but he was being stronger than you, on the inside, he was a mess, he wasn’t handling this well, but he was being strong, for you.

The both of you nodded your heads to one another and shook hands, then Newt turned around and walked onto the train, you stood in the pouring rain watching him go. The train took off and you watched it gather speed. Newt turned around and waved at you, you waved back.

Then as he got further away, you came to a realisation.

“I love him.” You said to yourself.

You were in shock, you ran after the train, but it was too quick, and noisy, you tried to call out to Newt, he couldn’t hear you. You tripped on a rock and fell to your knees. You cried out “I love him!”

Then you thought of something else, he must like that girl he took the blame from, why else would he be expelled by taking the blame from that other girl.

You whispered to yourself.

“But only on my own.”

I’m Here to Dance Chapter 2

Chapter 1



Summary: Alya drags Marinette to the hot new club “Miraculous” where it’s winner take all on the dance floor. After an embarrassing first encounter, Marinette dons a costume and challenges the champ, Chat Noir, as Ladybug. Marinette embraces the Paris break dancing scene, but times are getting tougher and competition even more so.

Chapter Summary: After fainting on the dance floor, Marinette is ready to prove what’s she’s made of to a certain chatty cat.

Pairings: Marinette/Adrien, Chat Noir/Ladybug, Alya/Nino, others

Author’s Note: thanks to everyone on here, Ao3, and FFN for all their support. Please check out the Ao3 and FFN versions for full author’s notes

Marinette woke up on a couch, something cool pressed to her forehead.

“Don’t push yourself.” Alya was dabbing the wet cloth on Marinette’s forehead.

Marinette groaned. “How long was I out?” she asked.

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