it's not even the same colouring

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What's your favourite hair colour/hairstyle of Mark's?



the first two is almost the same just flipped but daaaaamn
and in this fly dp he looks like a puppy and i LOVEEE
(Also in the My Home self produced music video he has an even more intense version of this hair style and omg its so cute wow)

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got7 as things my mom does
  • Mark: keeps repeating a joke even though its not funny and cracks up every time she says it
  • Jaebum: laughs and hangs up when i ask her to bring home mcdonalds
  • Jackson: calls me over from the other side of the house just to grab the remote for her when its literally right next to her
  • Jinyoung: talks shit about me when she's on the phone with relatives and gets even louder when i walk into the room
  • Youngjae: spams my phone with the same emoji over and over when i text her something
  • Bambam: complains and forces me to change my clothes if we're wearing the same colour because she doesn't want us to match
  • Yugyeom: cranks up the volume when her favourite song comes on in the car and makes sure to put all the windows down so everyone knows its Her Song™

I think one of the biggest misconceptions that a lot of folks have about early tabletop RPGs is the assumption that high-level play is meant to look basically the same as low-level play, just with bigger numbers and different-coloured monsters.

If you look at the way they’re put together, however, that’s clearly not intended to be the case. Particularly among early versions of Dungeons & Dragons and its various imitators, there are clearly defined early, late and endgame phases, and in some cases, even a sort of postgame - though it’s often a challenge to tease out exactly what those phases are meant to look like; if there’s anything that early D&D and its contemporaries share, it’s being absolutely terrible at explaining how the rules are assuming the game is going to be played.

Take AD&D, for example - moreso the first edition than the second, though they both have similar ideas in mind. Folks often wonder what the deal is with high-level fighters spontaneously developing armies of followers. It’s kind of weird for them to just pop up out of nowhere as the rules suggest, and anyway, what good is a hundred first-level mooks in a high-level dungeon crawl? Wouldn’t they just die?

The answer is that, well, yes, they would be useless in high-level dungeon crawls, but the game is making a tacit assumption that dungeon crawling is no longer the primary focus of play at that level. Though it never actually comes out and explains it, the game has a baked-in progression whereby levels 9 through 11 mark a transitional phase away from dungeon crawling and toward domain management: fighters claim fiefdoms, clerics establish temples and train disciples, wizards begin constructing dungeons of their own and stocking them with monsters.

That’s why the rules want all those followers and infrastructure to just pop into existence at the appropriate level: to smooth over the boring setup phase and let you dive right into the fun parts of managing your domains. That isn’t to say that dungeon crawling stops outright, but it becomes a bit of a sideshow - if you’re tackling a dungeon, it’s a means to an end, not a goal in itself. Heck, if you’re a wizard, you may well be the one running the dungeon!

(That touches on another subtlety that often gets lost in translation, incidentaly. If you ever thought the spell list for high-level wizards looks weird as hell, you’re totally correct - from the perspective of a dungeon crawler. Look at it from the perspective of a dungeon administrator, however, and those spells’ intended purpose becomes much clearer. Prior to the game’s 3rd edition, which retooled itself to focus on dungeon crawling over the full span of levels, basically any wizard spell of 6th level or higher is operating on a totally different set of gameplay assumptions than the ones you might be expecting.)

Of course, none of this should be a new concept to modern players; many single-player CRPGs exhibit a similar transition from running fetch-quests to building and overseeing settlements at high levels, and even MMOs tend to have well-defined main game and endgame phases that share little in common in terms of their core gameplay. The problem isn’t that it’s an unfamiliar notion; the problem is the presumption that it’s a modern notion, when in fact the opposite is true - tabletop RPGs that remain focused on dungeon crawling throughout the life of a campaign are actually the more recent development.

guess who finally found their stylus :D

jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!


haven appreciation week | day seven - free choice

together we could be the true story of how all good things come in threes… (x)

Hello, I drew u a square, I hope u like it.  Happy valentine’s day, friend!


ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

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its not really a question of sorts but I can often tell what people are going to say, with one of my frens we often say the same thing at the same time, like people can ask me what colours they're thinking of, and I can nail it most of the time, same with my fren too, we say the same colour even tho it might not be right, is that normal??? if not do you know what it might be??

Not normal really, but it sounds like you are very in tuned with your intuition! :)

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how often do you think Bella has to dye her hair for her roots not to show??

Probably every 5-6 weeks. She might only do root touch ups though, to save it. She might even wait longer than that, her hair isn’t as light as you may think. It was already a dirty blonde/light brown in a lot of the younger photos of her, I think her hair would’ve turned dark on its own like Anwars did (since they seem to have a lot of the same genes).

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Power Hungry // Yoongi Fanfiction // Ch. 4

Originally posted by syubji

Genre: Angst, Superpower AU, Yoongi x reader

Previous Chapter // Next Chapter

Word Count: 2,764

Summary: You wake up suddenly, not knowing where you are or why you are there. The memories of who you are are faint and fragmented, but you soon realise that in this mysterious place, there are seven even more mysterious boys, who are going through exactly the same thing.

Your fingers slowly rose to cover your agape lips at the sight of Jimin.

The boy was slumped against the wall, the colour of his skin matching its paleness. Each of his muscles jerked randomly as sweat trickled down from his forehead. The skin around his eyes was a shade of dark red and veins pulsed around them. The orbs themselves, however, were clouded and white. What were once deep brown irises was now an ocean of snowy mist, clouding his vision, seemingly showing him something different. They were wide and idle, another clue that Jimin was no longer conscious. The first clue was the lack of response to Jungkook’s cries. The younger boy shook him and screamed at him, trying urgently to bring him back to his senses. Nothing worked. Hoseok had teleported over before Tae had even called you, having seen the situation escalate before anyone else. He held Jimin’s hand as he searched his features for any sign of life.

You watched, completely frozen, as Jin threw himself on the floor in front of Jungkook. He took the boy’s shoulders in his hands and shushed him, knowing that his panic wasn’t improving the situation at all. Not that Jin was any different, however. His head was pulsating with worry, the condition of his body not being able to handle the stress he was under. You reached forward to pull Jungkook back and the boy complied, stepping away from Jimin, but his gaze not wandering from him. Hoseok followed, placing his hands on Jungkook comfortingly. Taehyung stood behind you, peering over your shoulder as he bit down onto his knuckle. He obviously found it difficult to watch.

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Office Romance

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

Words: 1,010

Warnings: none! Just fluff ^^ (for once, lol)

This one’s for you, anon! I hope you like it :) also I hope it’s fluffy enough ^^ also sorry the title’s so cheesy/generic xD

If you do write aus! Can you write reader and kylo as office workers who are in a relationship can you make it fluffy thanks.

You weren’t exactly sure how it had happened. It just, sort of, had. In the same way these things always do. You had found what you were searching for when you weren’t even looking…

He was the boss. He was powerful, intimidating and mysterious. Not to mention handsome as hell. He always wore black, slim-fit suits which contoured his muscles perfectly, you’d noticed. His jet black hair always looked as if it was failing to be tamed, as he constantly ran his fingers through its length to force it away from his face. His eyes were a deep chestnut colour, but in the sunlight changed to a soft golden-hazel colour. Stunning.

One afternoon, he had caught you staring at him through the glass walls of his office. To be fair, he had been leaning over his desk, with his toned ass pointed in your general direction, whether intentional or not was not the point. But who could blame you? You certainly didn’t blame the other girls in the office for also staring. But why did he pick you? He was utterly magnificent. And you? Just a lowly intern.

But pick you he did.

“Good morning my love” he whispered in your ear as he bent over and kissed you with his full lips. You immediately recognised the bitter taste of his strong morning coffee. He still had his ‘morning voice’, as you called it, because it was still a little husky from sleep.

“You already said that” you whispered, remembering waking up in his apartment not two hours ago.

“Well it’s still good to see you, it’s still the morning, and you’re still my love” he replied, kissing you again in full view of the entire office. Your cheeks flushed. Not that you didn’t enjoy his kisses, nay, you loved them, but in full view of all of your colleagues it was a bit embarrassing.

Kylo knew you felt this way, which is why, on telling him this, he had suddenly become insistent on kissing you as often and as publicly as he possibly could. He wanted everyone to know you were his, and vice versa.

“Kylo…” you broke away, evoking a raised brow from your boss, “I mean, sir…” you emphasised as he smiled, satisfied.

“… I really should get some work done” you continued, idly shuffling some papers on your desk, although you had no idea what they were for.

“I thought you were just here to look pretty?” Kylo teased, now perched on your desk in front of you. You appreciated the tightness of his black suit trousers as he spread his legs slightly.

“Haha” you said sarcastically. Ok, so your job wasn’t particularly important, especially contrasted with that of your boyfriend’s, but it was a small cog in a large mechanism. Without you, the whole thing would fall apart, you’d like to tell yourself…

“I am here for far more than that, Kylo. I’m not completely unimportant” you insisted

“You’re important to me” he continued, a sudden seriousness in his voice. He kissed you again, this time letting his tongue run along your bottom lip.

“Not here!” you broke free of him again, pushing against his firm chest

“Fine. But I actually came over to give you this”, Kylo presented you with a single rose. Not a red one, though. It was actually a dark purple, but it was so dark you could’ve sworn for a moment that it was black. But it was so Kylo… Beautifully unconventional. It was perfect.

“The colour symbolises enchantment” Kylo explained, “that’s how you make me feel”

“Wow”, you were a little shocked. Kylo was all about the PDA and was very physically expressive, but he had never been this openly emotional with you. It was nice.

“Thank you…” you said, smelling the rose. It had an utterly intoxicating scent, not like normal roses. It was stronger, darker, sexier. Again, like him.

“… But what’s the occasion?” you couldn’t help asking

“Does there need to be? Does there need to be a reason for me to express my feelings for you? Are you not reason enough?” Kylo replied, getting disproportionately defensive, his knuckles going white

“No, I mean, yes, of course!” you attempted to assure him. Kylo could often be pretty explosive, and, as your boss, you didn’t want to make him irate before he’s even finished his morning coffee. He’d probably make you scrub the toilets or something…

“I love you, Kylo, I really do. This means so much to me” you kissed him sweetly.

You could feel his eyes on you as you went to fetch something to put the rose in. All you could find was a random champagne class, but it would do for now

“There” you said, placing it gently on your desk, as if it was the most precious thing in the world like, you supposed, Kylo’s love.

“Well I should probably go do some important things” Kylo interjected as you were engrossed in positioning your rose

“I should probably do some unimportant things” you joked

“I don’t want to leave” he said, trailing his fingers along your cheek

“You’re only going over there, Kylo” you joked, pointing a couple of metres away to his office, “and you can still see me” you winked

“I just wanted you to know how much I love you. I hope it worked” he said, sauntering off as if nothing had ever happened

The man was maddening. But he was your man and you knew exactly how to let him know that it had worked…

You tore a piece of A4 paper from your printer and wrote in Sharpie “it did” in big bold letters, enough to be able to see from a few metres away if you held it up

As Kylo entered his office, it didn’t take long for his attention to be drawn to you. You held your message up, hoping that he could read what it says and didn’t think you’d simply lost your mind…

He smiled the warmest and most beautiful smile. It had worked.



We all face busy lives. And in all the hustle bustle, sometimes many times, we forget about carry bags, folders and gift bags. In such scenarios, it would be incredibly useful, to just grab some paper and make a bag with whatever paper is at hand. And that’s exactly what we would like to help with, in this tutorial!

Materials needed:

  • Paper (We used two different colours, to make the bags look prettier. Don’t worry, its easy to get the same effect)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ribbon

Steps to follow:

  1. Paste the two sheets together from one edge, by putting a little glue and pressing the 2 papers together.
  2. Paste the other 2 edges together. To get even sides, paste green on pink once and pink on green the second time.
  3. Taking one of the long edges of the paper, fold sideways after leaving a margin of about 1 cm. This will make 2 creases, one on the pink side and one on the green. Repeat the same in the other direction. This way, there will be 4 creased lines.
  4. Fold the creased lines on each side inwards. This will give volume to the bag, as a gap will be created where the 2 lines fold in.
  5. Fold the bottom edge of the bag upwards and make a creased line.
  6. Snip of the edges of the folded region. Next, cut off one of the two layers formed.
  7. Past the bottom edge of the paper to the upper layer of the bag.

At this stage, if you need a folder or small bag to hold in your hand. You can tape up the top and the bag is ready. But..if you like, some ribbon can be added, to give the bag, a complete look!

All you need to do is cut 2 lengths of ribbon. And stick them on opposite ends of the paper. (PS: Make sure the gaps between the ribbons match on both sides)

Another easy design is to fold the edges that we folded in step 3, inside the side folds. This will make the two sides of the bag, different colours. Like this.

Tried something similar and had great results? Do let us know about it!

Have a great start to the week!

An End to Eternity

Once again, the black of eternity greeted the narrowed eyes of Frisk. Nought stood about the adolescent but the seamless blanket of the abyss, and for what felt like forever it remained as such. Until, finally, the vivid crimson pinpricks the youth came to associate with the sociopathic spectre that decided to latch itself onto the living juvenile’s soul. Gradually, the transparent manifestation of the apparition came into view with the same jubilant eyes and beaming smile and rosy cheeks–save for these things, as well as the reversed colour palette of the clothes, it was like looking into a mirror. It even chose to adjust the apparent age of its manifestation so the ghost, Chara, still matched up with Frisk. But once the deceased entity took centre stage, the joyous expression worn faded into a hollow, exasperated, and downtrodden countenance.

“So,” the ghost began, voice drawling with despair, “here we are again–made it past ten years before it finally chose to reset the world. Must have gotten bored with politics, daily life with monsters, and such.”

Chara gave a dry chuckle to try and lighten the bleak situation–to no avail. Glancing down, Frisk noticed that the ghost’s fists were clenched. If blood still ran through the spectre’s veins, the youth was sure blood would be trickling from the fingertips. Then Chara looked hard at Frisk, glaring and boring a hole into the adolescent’s face.

“You know, this is all your fault. Honestly, it is. You know why? Because you won’t stop! You keep refusing to give in, to just give up, to QUIT! And because of your damned stubborn determination, it thinks there is still more to milk out of this reality!” The smiling visage shifted and contorted with contempt as a black tar-like substance began to brim from either eye and the mouth. “You know what ending would make everyone happy?! The one where no one has to repeat their life from this forsaken point! So, please, Frisk, give up! Let it grow bored and move on! Erase the world! Whatever it wants! It’ll be better than this hellish existence it’s forcing us to live through!”

With but several steps, Chara stood directly in front of Frisk–brandishing a wicked knife while clutching the collar of the youths shirt. But the stony-faced human gave not even an iota of a reaction, save for the faintest hint of melancholy. After several moments of silence, the iron-tight grip Chara used to hold Frisks collar waned until the stretched fabric rested against the youths skin once again. Then, the apparition’s face fell as their body fell limp.

“I can’t convince you to just ERASE the world, can I?” Chara inquired meekly.

Frisk replied with a shake of the head, expression softening with sadness.

“Then your drive to get a happy ending for everyone will doom us all…”

And, as if on cue, two square boxes with the words, “ERASE” and “RESET.” One glowed an ominous red while the other a hopeful gold. Slowly, the adolescent reaches out to click on the latter. Upon touching it, it cracked and turned a pitch black with a red outline. The abyss they stood in cracked like a broken mirror, as a deafening voice rang out.

“ Ť̷̟̗͎ͪ̽ͧͮͮͯ͞h̴͎̑ͭ́͘e̷̘̯̞͙̗ͩͨ̌ͦ̓̚ ̵̝̘̪̝̰̈́ͮ̋ͤͮ̾͡c̲̳̲̝̱͎͉̐͒͘̕h̋͌҉͉̳͚̱o͖ͨ͑͗͗ͬ͟i̫͍͉͕̺̥̾ċ̝͚̺̆ͤ͒̿͛ẽ̺͛̀̽ͮ̀ ̷̼̳͎̼͎͓̯̻̉̍ͫ͋ͫ͂h̭̰̣̞͎̫̭̖ͭ͛̽͞ą̧̼̰͉̣̲̍͝s̴̡͓͔͇͈̗̔̉͟ ̖̝̰̯͍̒̃̅̐́͟b̩̫͙̼̖̖͋̈ͧͧ̐̚͘͜e̸͙̪̻̣͊̈́͊ͤ͂̄ͤ̿̚̕͢ͅe̠̻̍̍͟͠n̵͇͖̯͓̺̗̱͓̓̍ ̷͎͖̟͆ͨͮ̀̓̑̍ͩ̅́m̊͐ͨ̾͢͏̵̱̤̖͚̩͚a̛̙͖͔̳ͣͩͣͣ̈́͛͌ͮd̈́͗́͏̵̝͘ë̫͙̟̣̯́ͮ͆ͬ̋́̚͜,̸̡͙͖̦̪̭ͩ̑̋͘ ̝̩̘͚̙̹̂̑̏l͓̝̞͕̯̲̬̉̈́ě̢̹̞̰̚͞͞t̶̷͍̬͇̫̏ͣ̂ͮ͋͐̋̔̈̀ ̴̴̥̮̳̯͉͑͌̓ͪ̑̇͋ͬͦͅt͕͇͓͍̭̲̊͢͝͝h͉̆́͜ẽ̡̤̪̗̠̅ͨ͜ ̶͕̮͌͊f̙͖͉͔̣͐̾ͫͅiͩͧͧ̿̀̏̅ͣ҉̵̡͖͓͚̖̝͉̥͚̟ń͙̮̻͉͇̺̮̖̎ͪ̿̐ͨ̓ͣ͠a̽̈̍͊͞҉̪̹l̼̻̝̱͕͚͌̄̑̓ͫ̓͡ ͯ̐ͯ̊ͪ̇͆͑̋͏҉̘̫̦̹̫̭̟̲g̵̫͔ͫ̎ͦ̂͗́̚ͅa̢͈̪͛́͢m̷̯͚̼̞̗̭̺̬̔ͥë̵̦̖̻̮̒͘ͅ ̢͕̗̑ͬ͝b̵̜̤͇̦̠̣͈̾͑̂̽ͨ͊̍̀̕e̵͚̤̪̝͉̬̹̙̜ͦͪ͑͆̄̚ĝͧͣ̏̒ͫ̓̇͏̕҉̺͉̭̺i͕͎͔̼̻͉̼͎̇̐̆̄̓͐̏̿̀n̨͍̻̳̰͚̫̤̣̑ͦ͊.̠̬̪̄̓̇͘ ”

Then a ghostly tether connected the soul half Frisk gave to Chara, so they could manifest themselves within the adolescent’s body, and violently pulled the latter into the former. The blackness faded before vision left the youths eyes, soon replaced by the shrinking light peeking through the dreaded hole they had fallen through so many times before. Frisk closed either eye, then, as the youngling knew an immense pain was to come. This was it–they had reset once again.

@gotta-bone-to-pick I hope this is acceptable! I’m sorry if it isn’t up to your standards!