it's not even that good but oh well

Found back some sketches I made back on when chap 11 was released, so I (finally) decided to finish them (I’m sorry tho, the colors and background look terrible, haha)

You don’t know how much I love Open Skies- the way you make the matsus interact with each other is just so good ?? Even when they’re not even getting along well I’m dying for these parkamatsu interactions lmao

Thanks for keeping writing your fic anyhow ! Your writing is really awesome and so are you~

oh my goooddd!!! this is adorable!!!!! thank you so much!!!! im crying !!!!!!!!!!!! its been so long since the last time anyone drew fanart for os, and aaaa this one is super cute!!!!! im glad ichi’s jealousy inspired you enough to make this, i didn’t expect it to be such a big thing lmao but !!!!! thank you so much!! thank you for reading open skies too im so glad you like it!!!

It may be because I'm so new to hockey but intermission interviews feel really pointless to me
  • Interviewer: So you guys were hockeying pretty hard out there but the other team is hockeying as well. How are you going to hockey all the hockey?
  • Breathless, exhausted player : Yeah we're hockeying hard but the other team is also hockeying hard. To hockey all the hockey we're going to have to hockey even harder until we hockey the hardest.
  • Interviewer: Thank you and good luck with the hockey.
  • Breathless, exhausted player : You're welcome (Oh thank god i can go now)

Its already your 23th birthday. Time passes so fast, isn’t it? Oh well, where should I even star?
I feel like we dont deserve you, we amrys and I. Everything about you is just too much. You are too kind, too soft, genuine, hardworking, talented, beautiful…Just too good for this world :’-) You are the person I look ap to. Someone who followed his dreams no matter what would other people say or think. Someone who worked his ass out to be where he is now and prove everyone who didn’t believe in him wrong. I am proud. You made me want to become a better person, I am so greatful to you. I actually learned so much about life, love, care and friendship from you. And I am not even kidding! I am still very young and its really important for me to have my idol. I am happy coz my idol is you and none else.
I love everything about you, your personality, rapping, dancing, singing, your voice, you laugh, your smile, those cute little dimples and that cute shape of your mouth when you are in a bad mood…ughh the list could go on and on…
I want you to be happy in life, really happy, healthy, to find someone who will be your other half. I want all your dreams to become true. I honsetly want you to have all happiness from this world coz you truly deserve it.
Thank you once again, for all your hardwork, music, amazing performances, for taking care of other mambers and for always being a mood maker.
You are really our golden hyung❤
We all love you Hoseok! Be happy! Happy birthday! 사랑해~!💗
. this turned out to be a long ass message. I am not even sure if people would read this. I just needed to say it and get it out of my chest. I could write so much more but it would never end then lol😂

The first scene of season 2, probably
  • Foggy: I'm so glad we're friends again, we make such a good pairdevil.
  • Matt: Please stop.
  • Foggy: No, but really. I'm glad to see an end to the whole affairdevil.
  • Matt: Literally just stop talking.
  • Foggy: You seem a little on edge, do you want to have a sit down in that chairdevil?
  • Matt: It's like you can't even hear me.
  • Foggy: Well, you know. Compared to yours, my hearing doesn't even comparedevil.
  • Matt: You've been doing this for eight months.
  • Foggy: Oh, I'm awaredevil.
  • Matt: It's getting old.
  • Foggy: I really don't think it's losing its flairdevil.
  • Matt: I am going to punch at least six things.
  • Foggy:
  • Matt:
  • Foggy: Take caredevil.

Okz, I finished him faster than I expected hehe….and it didn’t take two hours….maybe 45 minutes or whatever. Anyways it still looks like crap cause I can’t draw good what-so-ever….so…yeah. welp…I think I’m going to sleep….it’s way too late for me…and I can hardly keep my eyes open. G’ night peepz.
Goth by: @nekophy


I completely underestimated how long it would take to finish this stitch, so I’ve been working on it for the past seven hours! I got so frustrated with some of the threads that I started to sound like a Reddit moderator. At least it’s done for Valentine’s Day because my significant other loves cacti.😋


A Happy Family! ~

Thank you Jack, for playing Slime Rancher and basically turned me into a total sucker for this game…
Everything in this game is so cute and squishy, you can’t even be mad…

day three of @beyondthebridge‘s 12 days of christmas

It takes barely a second;

Aaron says I love you, please just go. 

Robert refuses, denies, can’t think about doing so. He doesn’t know when things changed, doesn’t even remember slipping from nothing to me to i’d die here with you. It’s a natural progression. A beat. Barely a skip of his pulse. Aaron’s become everything, becomes it

Robert can’t leave, won’t leave. He dives underwater, Aaron still trapped. It feels like an exercise in futility to keep trying. Robert does anyway because it’s the only thing he can do. 

It takes barely a second;

He comes up for air, pauses. 

His lungs scream, his chest aches, he can’t do this for much longer, but.

Aaron needs him to keep going. Trapped and vulnerable, Aaron’s not even trying anymore so Robert has to. The alternative scares Robert. Aaron will die, and then Robert will die too. Maybe not right away, maybe he’ll even fake it, but he’ll die. Without Aaron -

It takes barely a second; 

Robert dives back underwater, tears at the steering column and thinks please, whoever’s listening, please. He’s not the praying kind of guy, not really, but in this he can make an exception. For Aaron, he’ll always make an exception. 

It takes barely a second;

The steering column gives.


I hate it how men treat women like objects! LIKE I DONT UNDERSTAND why can’t we be loved for our personality? Instead of having a fat ass or big boobs??? All they talk about is “OH SHE’S GOT A GREAT BODY” ….. Like why can’t they say “OH SHE"S GOT A BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY”…… Well this is a word to all the ladies out there you can buy an ass, boobs and even a face BUT YOU CANT BUY A PERSONALITY AND A GOOD HEART! Don’t listen to men who put you down because of your appearance, knowing that your awesome and don’t need a guy to tell you what you are is beauty in its self…. Living your life thinking about what “HE” thinks isn’t worth your precious time…. I think we should all just show them the middle finger because we DESERVE better! We deserve men who care about our intellect, our passion and our heart💗 Find yourself a keeper not a fucker.


happy new years! this is a picture i did of my pokemon trainer ivy and the alola group. i headcanon that she spends lots of time with them since shes alola’s only champion. shes having a better time that most of us, im sure. anyways, im ready to kiss 2016 goodbye and watch it burn to tiny pieces as we forget about it and move on to 2017. however, i figured i’d rather try and recount good things that happened this year. 

so! heres me trying to recount all the good thats happened in my life in 2016, even if it wasnt much.

-i turned 15 this year (kinda neutral on this) -i started a webcomic that im pretty terrible at updating -i used tumblr much more (probably a bad thing, oh well) 

-rwby got to have its fourth season -my aunt reached the end of her chemo! -my friends got permits and soon they can drive the rest of us around bc we’re too scared to learn

 -i began to watch steven universe and voltron -YURI ON ICE CAME OUT AND SAVED US ALL FROM HELL -yokai watch movie in theaters; yokai watch 2! 


-i finally played and beat kid icarus:uprising! -POKEMON SUN AND MOON!! -yuri on ice had a sad but fulfilling ending. -ive just started to read the harry potter books and i finally understand what my friend talks about. 

-i (kinda) learned how to ice skate! ive only been once but im trying to go back soon. -ive sorta met new tumblr people who are super nice and lovely people! also gravity falls ended but in a nice way 

thats about all i can think of. i hope you all have a lovely rest of the day, and i hope 2017 is a much better year for you all! <3

a meta on meta

Something’s been nagging me about most fandom meta for a while, and I’ve only recently put my finger on it:

The vast majority of what crosses my dash is coming from a position of bad faith.

By bad faith, I mean meta presuming that most people are 1) doing fandom wrong and 2) need to be instructed on how to do it right. Meta writers are addressing common fanons, stereotypes, trends, and other aspects of fandom that they dislike, and which they think need to be stopped or reexamined. And you know what? I’ll admit that there’s sometimes a kernel of truth in what people are presenting; however, I think the means are very flawed. Wagging fingers at people doesn’t work very well, because you’re guilting them for how they choose to spend their free time, in a hobby that they love.

Here’s what happens when I see a piece of meta chiding fandom:

  • People who already agree with the stance agreeing with the meta
  • People who disagree, posting rebuttals

  • People reblogging with guilty tags about how they feel bad for enjoying [bad thing]

Is this really productive? Is it encouraging less [bad thing], more [good thing]? Not really.

Now that I’ve put myself in the position of doing the exact fingerwagging I’ve criticized, what do I think is the solution to this problem? Because yes, there are some things in fandom which are pretty bad, and which I wish reduced.

Produce the work you want to see in fandom. If you don’t produce content, then comment, kudos, reblog, rec, or otherwise send good wishes to things that meet your standards for [good thing], instead of yelling at people for [bad thing]. Be supportive, rather than negative. Ignore shit that you hate, because it doesn’t deserve your attention anyway. What’s a greater condemnation of a work than silence? Being nastily critical will often put fans on the defensive and create more support of things that are legitimately problematic/bad/just plain silly. No one wants to produce fanwork to an empty room. And all that attention that you’re now giving to [good thing], rather than [bad thing]? Is going to produce more and more [good thing].

Plus, you can always make friends through privately griping about [bad thing], so you can still get your hate on, you diamond.

Exo reaction to their mascots

SM: Alright boys so we’ve decided to waste all of our money on you guys…so we got you each your very own mascot

Sehun: Oh so you can waste money on mascots but I can’t get a single Damn line in a song?!


Sehun: Chanyeol don’t even start!

SM: Look we told you we’re working on it

Sehun: Yeah that what you said for all the past albums

Suho: Can we just see the mascots?

SM: Oh yes …come on out boys

Mascots:*walk out*


Baekhyun:aw they are so cute!!!!

Sehun: Ewwww kyungsoo what’s wrong with your mascot?

Kyungsoo: I like him its so me….

Chanyeol: Why because he looks like he just killed someone?

Tao: Damn I look good like always!

Kyungsoo: It was just one time let it go!!!

Chen: Tao I wouldn’t say always

Tao: Excuse me?

Baekhyun:Just ignore him Tao! You look very nice today…

Tao: Nice? Bitch I look excellent everyday! I am Gucci and Gucci is me!

Lay: Why does Sehun’s mascot look so mad?

Sehun: Because he’s surrounded by peasants 24/7 and works for a shitty company and is stalked by crazy ass fans and has been banned from various bubble tea shops plus sebooty has gotten so big that now none of my pants fit!!Wouldn’t you be pissed?!!!

Kai: Um…

Sehun:*breathing heavy*

Kai: umm Se- Sehun? Maybe you need to sit your sebooty down?

Sehun: Bitch don’t tell me to calm down!!!!

Chanyeol: Whoa calm the hell down big bird!

Sehun: Who the hell are you calling big bird?! At least I don’t look like freaking Yoda!

Chanyeol: No you did not just go there!


Suho: Tao what the hell are you crying about I mean damn its not that serious your stupid mascot just fell over grow the hell up!!!


Tao:*stops crying*

Suho: Oh what now?

Kai: You just said a bad word!

Tao: You just yelled at me!

Suho: Yeah so what?! I’ve been taking care of your ungrateful asses dealing with all of your shit! Me and Kris broke up and Luhan left and now you bitches want me to fix everything?! Well maybe I can’t… I can’t even fix myself ….has anyone asked how am I feeling? No and will someone please tell Lay’s mascot to stop whoring around!


Tao:*starts crying again*

Kai: Sehun get off of Chanyeol

Kyungsoo: No let him sit on him that’s what he gets for talking about sebooty

Xiumin: What the?!

Sehun:*sitting on Chanyeols back*

Chanyeol: Get your big ass off of me!!

Sehun:That’s what you get for saying sebooty isn’t real…for your information sebooty is all real and natural

Chen: Ha Ha Ha Big Booty Hoe!!!!

Sehun: Want to hear a knock knock joke?

Chanyeol: Sure its not like I’m going anywhere

Sehun: Knock knock!

Chanyeol: Who’s there?

Sehun: Bitch…

Chanyeol: Bitch who?

Sehun: Bitch you!!!

Chen: *Laughing*

Suho: Tao stop crying and Sehun get off of Chanyeol!

Sehun: No you filthy peasant

Kai:*stops laughing*

Suho: I need a vacation

Kai: Wait Kyungsoo you killed somebody?