it's not even subtext

"... Thank you, Mr Spock."

Mccoy: *gives cup to the pretty woman he’s trying to woo*
Spock: *gives cup to Jim*


yeah guys just a couple of gals being gals……… nothing gay to see here

Writers: *Uses the “Trying to hook Steve up with someone” theme throughout the movie up until the Winter Soldier appears*
Writers: *Writes the scene of Steve staring deeply and longingly at the picture of Bucky at the museum*
Writers: *Writes the emotional scene when Steve realizes the Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes*
Writers: *Writes the line: But I Knew Him*
Writers: *Has that whole fight scene on the hellicarrier centered around the angst and grief between the characters instead of the actual violence*
Writers: *Writes Steve literally throw away his shield and, more importantly, his life on the off chance the Winter Soldier won’t kill him*
Writers: *Writes the scene where the Winter Soldier gives up everything he knows to risk his life to save a man he barely knows yet faintly remembers that he used to be important to him*
Writers: *Ends it with Steve vowing to do everything to find Bucky and never let him go*
—  “Omg, Bucky is just Steve’s best friend. Why do you have to twist everything and pretend your ship’s canon.”

Ever feel like you were a bit awkward when you were younger? Maybe you wore questionable clothing? Maybe you were finding new crushes? Maybe you had an unreasonable amount of drama? Maybe you dyed your hair pink on accident instead of red?

Fear not, Gensomaden Saiyuki was pretty much the awkward teen years for the fandom, and yet what a glorious time it was. And then it grew up into the manga we know and love today.

This show has ruined me.

Whoa, a new gem! This is awesome. But wait … If she was in the mirror that whole time, then …


Oh, no.

No, stop.

You aren’t stopping.

This is the exact opposite of stopping.

I will not ship this.

“Lapis … She sounds so unhappy.”


But it doesn’t stop.

It never stops.

And it’s like,

Every time they share a scene,

They’re always each other’s highest priorities,

even when they should probably be worrying about themselves.

And I can’t help but ship it.