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22/366 movies: The Martian (2015)

“How’s he doing?” “Uh…  He asked us to call him Captain Blondebeard.”

Pick your battles. Is this the hill you want to die on? Because I can arrange that.
Flash Point by DeGlace, a Deidara x Ino story

Stunning art by @pablob-

gonna enjoy having this on my wall for the next month

Flash fic - Prompt #46

Guy-Man honestly, truthfully, seriously didn’t know how they ended up like this. Well, all right, he knew how. He just didn’t know how.

He and Thomas had gone to his house after school to study. At least, that’s what they said they’d do. What they actually did, unsurprisingly, was talk, about nothing and everything. Then, after one hour or so, one of them (he couldn’t remember who) said something (he had no idea what) that somehow initiated a wrestling match in the middle of his bedroom. Less than a minute into it, he decided he was going to let Thomas win today. He only did it every once in a while, mostly because of how amusing it was to watch Thomas celebrate his success. He always reacted the same way: first a short, triumphant laugh, followed by some theatrically jestful gloating, before quickly moving on. It was pretty endearing. And today was no different.

“Haha!” Thomas exclaimed as he trapped Guy-Man beneath him, putting just enough weight on his torso to keep him from moving and pinning his arms above his head. He looked down at him, eyes shining with satisfaction. Then, the grin melted off his face, instead turning into something pensive. He didn’t say anything, nor did he move. He simply watched Guy-Man with a faraway look in his eyes.

Guy-Man raised a brow at his friend’s strange behavior.

“What?” he asked with a half-laugh.

Thomas flinched, stirring as he awoke from his daydream.

“Oh! Nothing, I just, um… Uh…”


“Can… Can I kiss you right now?”

Guy-Man froze in place. He stared up at Thomas with eyes as wide as humanly possible. Thomas was blushing, a light tint coloring his cheeks, gradually deepening into a dark red. Guy-Man expected Thomas to take it back, to reveal it was just a joke, but he didn’t. He simply waited for a response, looking more and more nervous for every passing second. Guy-Man drew a shaky breath and gave a nod so tiny it wouldn’t surprise him if Thomas didn’t see it.


Thomas inhaled deeply, his expression briefly relieved before becoming nervous again. He slowly lowered himself until a mere centimeter separated their faces. He wavered, uncertainly hovering in place. Just as it seemed like he would pull back again, Guy-Man reached up and closed the gap.


Requested by anonymous. Prompt is from this list.  I’ll be trying to get through all of them, but if there’s a certain one you want me to prioritize, let me know :)


So I got this message from @krokodilov

Tbh yknow what id kill to see? Oot ganny coming back to gerudo fortress for a bit and spending some time with lil gerudo children :3 and being RLY sweet and kind and really fatherly to them giving them some shit hed pick up from some hylian corpse talking to them like “hey did ya know in hyrule a kings daugher is called princess! You guys are all my little princesses :) :) :)”

…and it was perfect and beautiful and I couldn’t help myself. All of the Gerudo children share the names of characters from Breath of the Wild, which I referenced from (this post). (Also on AO3)

* * * * *

Ganondorf unknotted the scarf covering his face and shoulders and tossed it onto the sleeping platform in the corner of the room. The quilts covering it were new, as were the tapestries hanging down over the rough stone of the walls, but the familiar smell of this place had not changed. He had been gone for some time, and it was good to be home.

A faint dry scraping caught his attention, and the fabric of a tapestry covering the far wall rustled slightly. A slow smile spread across Ganondorf’s face.

“Any thieves in this chamber take heed,” he said. “If you show yourselves now, I will be merciful, but if I must expose you myself I will be forced to tickle you… to death.”

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What the hell?

Is this the season of weak ass finales?

Or maybe too many seasons of Supernatural has made me so numb to everything that now they’re just pathetic to the good old days of cliffhangers and omg moments. 

reading that kara and lena will “grow closer” worries me because what if they are tricking us and make lena evil?? and i think in a lot of ways that would make the show lose a lot of validity because it’s not interesting or surprising to make a luthor evil.  instead have lena stay good. keep her as this amazing ceo who continually proves people wrong about her family’s reputation.

regardless of ships and whether or not kara and lena become canon, lena luthor should not become evil or be revealed as a villain for shock value.  a luthor/supergirl dynamic (even just as friends) is so interesting and wasting it would be a shame

so @ supergirl writers: DON’T MAKE LENA LUTHOR A VILLAIN 

im so angry bc i *think* i figured out what’s wrong with my laptop, but if i’m right, i need to go buy something. also, i have no way of knowing for sure if i’m right, so if i do buy it, it might be a waste of money

What makes Legends of Tomorrow so great is that it's just so much fun. There's humor and awesome fight scenes all in different time eras, while keeping a serious and interesting plot line.

Plus the captain is a badass bisexual woman and they also fight homophobia, misogyny, racism, and time pirates.


Joe MacMillan: Night and Day (Halt and Catch Fire 3x05)

Alternate caption: Before and After (the test results)


“Things weren’t really normal with you pining after Iris and her being totally unaware. Whatever happens next…it will be b e t t e r