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IkeSoren, but a bit older and mellowed out now that they have gone together on their post-RD honeymoon :] It’s a rly long one ok….

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I have five minutes left, and I wanted SO BADLY to get into this scene where Xena finally returns home and finds her mother, Cyrene. But I just know there’s no way.




Look at all those townspeople huddled in the background, how terrified they are of Xena. She fucking grew up here, this is her home, the place where they should know her best.

But that’s entirely the point. They do.

And that it’s Xena’s mother alone who has the strength (and the anger, let’s not discount that) to stand up to her says so much about Cyrene as well.


I drew this pic of roger like last year but forgot to post it so I’m doing it now!! I literally can’t even tell if it looks bad anymore… maybe don’t compare it to the real pic too much

i love going into stores and seeing colors like bright orange, sunshine yellow, cherry red, hot pink, and vibrant purple! these colors look soooooo good on woc ♡ when i see girls with dark and/or brown skin serving some neon, they ALWAYS look beautiful! And of course neon always looks good on girls with jet black hair and compliments yellow undertones so well :)))) i’m so over boring white flowy dresses and beige elle fanning pastels.

I’ve seen some hc’s of Gavin joining the crew after he’s caught badly pickpocketing Geoff, but what if he wasn’t? What if Gavin was the thief who not only robbed the king of Los Santos and got away scott free, but was cocky enough to do it again and again. The first few times Geoff doesn’t even notice, thinks its bad luck, faulty memory, blames himself for the loss and moves on. So Gavin gets cheeky, takes bigger risks and pinches more and more expensive items, escalating until Geoff notices, then further still until the man is worked up into a rage about it.

When Geoff finally catches him (A moment Geoff swears up and down wasn’t orchestrated by Gavin, but even he has doubts) Gavin is decked out in Geoff’s missing rolex, his pricey cufflinks and obscenely expensive sunglasses, his tailored jacket and his goddamn favourite belt-buckle. He has Geoff’s phone, the keys to one hide-out and half-a-dozen stolen cars, a wallet full of cards and one very valuable custom-made beretta. But Geoff has him now, and he’s going to kill him. Except, well. Geoff wasn’t expecting a kid, and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting said kid to treat his aggressive interrogation like a freaking job interview.

Say what you will about his methods, Gavin’s a bright guy and it didn’t take him long to work out where the real power lay in Los Santos. He had no intention of messing around with low level gangs in the hopes of gaining the right attention, of working his way up to the big leagues. No, he knows his talents, is confident in his ability to talk his way into a job once he gets an audience, and boy does he like to make an entrance.

maybe the real healing he needed was the friends we made along the way

Tracer / Widowmaker






There were two guys at the bar who GOT it. Right? We were bullshitting and I shook his hand, and he said I was really fucking strong and then winked. He said, “I get the guy thing. I get it. Congrats.”

My mom wasn’t having it and kept calling me her *daughter* but I could tell he knew and he knew to only make it known to me, you know?

He left, we were bullshitting, and he called me sir and winked at me and FUCK.

In other news I’m v sick of feeling invisible and unattractive so if my brain could stop hyperfocusing on every instance of someone complimenting or flirting with my friends while I’m right there and ignored that would be great. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


I have been completely infatuated with this boy

Androgyny: Not Just for White Thin People Anymore

So I’m delighted to say that, after a lot of self-discovery and changes to my general aesthetic (and after embracing a lot of things I felt I wasn’t allowed to embrace previously), I’ve nailed a few methods to slide into androgynous fashion without brutal erasure of anyone who isn’t a pale, young ectomorph. 

For years I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to have a less binary appearance in my wardrobe, but I felt very stifled when I saw almost zero sources for folk who wish to, say, display their breasts, or not tuck, or use make up or even simply enjoy colours or sparkles or y’know, joy. We could rant till our lung cave about the obvious classist, ableist, racist, sexist, anti-femme, anti-fat rhetoric that institute these oppressive boundaries, but I think it’s been said better elsewhere, so for now, here’s a simple list of pointers I’ve found that really helped me step out of that frankly boring white, thin and plain hierarchy embedded into androgynous fashion concepts. 

Come along with me to expand some androgynous horizons!

I made a little acronym for those moments when I stand in front of a mirror going, “What the hell am I going to mash together so people can tell I’m going for a look that’s not specifically binary in gender aspects?”

It goes like this: Footwear, Accesories, Colours and Themes. The FACTs of my ensemble. It helps me clear my head, go for an objective and not mull around in my own insecurities or dysphoria that can really distract me from putting together a bangin’ outfit. 

Footwear: Focusing on my shoes not only allows me to fit together a cool look, it priorities what I need to do that day. Am I walking a lot? Might wanna skip any shoes that can hurt over time. I’m a big believer in comfort and aesthetic being in harmony, so making my body happy by leaving difficult wearing things home for fancier, less mobile days keeps me in check- if I feel good, I’ll probably look good, because I’ll be happier and less focused on pain or chafing.

You can always dress up a basic black walking shoe, or sneakers/flats/boots. Plus, starting from bottom to top can waive away the dread of facing yourself head on and trying to slap things together after fretting over how your skin or hair looks, or how your body shape is affecting you that day. Socks can also add in to this feature, so if they apply, factor in their participation as well. Once again, focus on feet first!

Accessories: Get things that you know you like to wear with nearly any outfit. They don’t have to be high class gems or ties- if you use stim toys or gear, please feel free to incorporate them as necklaces, etc.; if you have a bag or hat you love, that can add lots of statement. Don’t forget that tattoos, piercings, hairstyles and mods are also accessories in their own right.
One of the biggest disappointments of hating femme stuff in fashion is the removal of extra details. Those little add-ons can be a big help in loving what you’re wearing. If you have pins, patches, or culturally-specific jewelry relevant to you, those are important and awesome additions to the general cloth that will encase you. They’re also great for individualising yourself- another big feature that’s sometimes scrubbed away in the typically minimalist looks of western androgyny. 

Colours: There are many colours that are decidedly gendered by society, but not being afraid to sport flashes of pink or blue here and there can cement a lot of intention in your appearance, and that confidence can be the backbone to any clothing you choose to wear. Also, wearing lovely or cool or interesting colours/textures can just plain make you feel better, and I’ve found a lot of the point of androgyny is to feel better about the skin you’re in.

If you really want to avoid certain pallettes, consider striking or geometric black and whites in patterns, grey tones that blend into neutrals, metallics like gold and silver, or just going all one colour you’re confident in. Playing with tone is not only fun, it’s a great way to deter people from deciding if your presentation is male or female and relate more to the fascinating use of colour you’ve chosen. I recommend trying out secondary colours like orange, green and purple, as they have a really sweet intermediate quality to them that reflects a lot of non-binary implications. 

Themes: This is my favourite part. The theme of your outfit can be your general aesthetic that appears from your constants, like your accessories or your colours- say, if your look is very gothic, or pastel, or retro- that’s a general theme. The qualities appear before you when you gather your items to wear, but the theme is the concept that you intent to portray. 

Themes don’t even have to be gendered at all, and often encapsulate a lot of cool motifs from all kinds of places. It can take on the qualities of something very specific like the renaissance or the 90s, or it can be something as articulated as this cool teacup you saw window shopping once. The variety available is basically the answer to a lot of androgynous fashion prayers. Inspiration will be the key to pursuing more than the dichotimised versions of gender expression.

In plenty of NB fashion, I see a lot of bowties, blazers, hats and wingtips (and often specifically catered to only lean, white CAFAB persons under 40), and if that’s what you’re going for, then that’s super duper. But, I implore you to consider taking on a lot more than a clean-cut office look. I know we all have times and places where everything has to be work appropriate, but even if its just for an hour in your bedroom, try out a style that deviates from prim and proper if even a little bit. There’s immense pressure not to look ‘childish’ or ‘unkempt’ when you stray from gender norms, but that can edge into some classist, transphobic, gross territory very suddenly. I hope you incorporate stuff that’s playful or eclectic, if you want to. This should be kinda fun. 

I’m a very baby-faced person, and often, I worry I lose a lot of years just by wearing cartoon characters or glittery things. I see a definite trend of folks being perturbed by how physically stunted or pre-pubescent they can look when trying to be androgynous, and I understand that’s very frustrating. 

At the same time, I’ve found boxing myself into button ups, boardshorts and kneesocks almost kinda highlights how youthful and round I am. 
So, is there an in-between I can muster? I think there is, but it does have to come along hand in hand with being okay with my general appearance. I can’t magically grow corners, and contouring only handles so much. 

I’ve found instead of trying to mask my features, I ebb along with a linework theme- for me, it’s essentially a ragged look. I have sweaters with lots of stylistic pulls on them, my hair is jagged and has severe angles, my boots come with many winding, looping laces. I arch my eyebrows, I wear a lot of leathery materials, and I point my nails. 
Not only is it a look I actually like, it adds a smattering of lines that I feel I lack, without pressing me like an envelope or stuffing me in a suit. I can keep it looking polished by having manicured hands, cleaning my boots often and tossing on a nicely fitted coat, or using fabrics that match. (I fully admit this is much easier to do in winter or fall, but use warmer seasons to your advantage as everyone tends to be a bit more casual during summery weather.)

Now that I’ve rambled on about my go-to method for gussying up androgynously, here are a few rapid fire tips!

- Get things tailored if you can! Pants that fit you properly, coats, even underwear that holds you correctly is crucial to looking and feeling good. Even if its just one regular article of clothing, I highly recommend a tailored item to seal together everything, or at least a surefire, stretchy, contour fitting article.

 - Remember that showing skin is not strictly feminine or scandalous. Even if it specifically is, embracing a crop top or low rise anything, no matter your size, can add a breezy, fun atmosphere to your look, especially paired with some cool shades or airy fabrics. If cishet dudes can run around with deep V’s, you certainly can, too. Wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable in.

-Boots can save the day. I have several conditions that don’t allow me about 75% of the shoes I’d actually like to wear, sadly, but when I can, it’s boots all the way. Sliding into the right pair of boots can totally bring you together. Not only are they very “unisex fashion”, they come in all kinds of colours and cuts, can add or not add height when needed, and look as hardcore or as professional as you wish. They’re highly personable, too, and usually last a lot longer than cloth shoes or sneakers with rubber soles. 

-Make up can be just as masculising as it can be feminising. While I’m all for using as much colour, powder, glitter and glam as you wish, feel free to use make up to deepen features, highlight a jawline or add on facial hair. There are lots of tutorials online and off for masc make up looks, and even just covering up some blemishes can help you feel more covered and uniform. 
I also support mixing those concepts, inverting them or totally dropping make up altogether. It should be a versatile tool that obeys your command to amplify your concepts, first and foremost. 

-Androgyny is up to you! You get the final say of what’s femme, what’s masc, what’s nb, or anything around those parametres. And if you find you still feel most comfortable in things considered very specifically one way, that’s fine, too. Androgynous style should not be a contest for who “passes” best or who “impresses the cis” most. That toxic ideology tears a lot of the expression and enjoyment out of nb and gnc clothing and pits us against each other. 

-TV shows, mood boards, graphic novels, paintings, people and singers are all great places to pinpoint stuff for looks. They are often groomed for audiences to enjoy their style or their stages, so it’s easy pickings for any kind of inspiration, be it to accessorise or gather a theme or even just consider a general mood.
For me, I get inspiration from direct things like online clothing stores or etsys or 80s music videos, right down to reptile scales or emotions in movies or really pretty beetles or the amber tones in seasonal beers or weird weather outside my window.
Maybe even make an aesthetic blog like this one! THE INSP IS EVERYWHERE~

-CONSULT EACH OTHER! We’re all very different, beautiful people with so many life lessons we can share with one another. I hope my tricks are in any way helpful or inspiring, and I hope you pass along any info you have to me, too! Instead of nervously tugging at our clothing in the mirror or hoping to silently pass for something, we should be showing off how amazing we look with other awesome fashionable persons willing to respect and admire us and our experiences. 

I hope your androgyny is a celebrated, undulating, outstanding experience that gives you room to grow and to love yourself. 
Here’s to all of us finding ways to express ourselves through creative outlets, and looking drop dead gorgeous doing it!


Tee-Shirt (Ansel Elgort One Shot)


Just my luck that all my clothes were dirty. I guess it’s my fault considering laundry was my least favorite activity of the day.
I debated on what to wear for a while, sitting on my bed in my towel, hair a ratted mess because I hadn’t brushed it yet. Yikes that was a show.
I considered being a bum so when Ansel came back from his weekend trip with his father he wouldn’t have unrealistic expectations that I’m actually a clean person, but that just seemed a little bit harsh.
I thought about wearing a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a cardigan over it but jean shorts just aren’t my cup of tea.
I rummaged through my draws and closet one last time, and came across one of Ansel’s shirts. I figured he must have put it in there by accident but then I remembered he actually gave it to me. It was red with “ANSOLO” written in a cool font in black. I threw my towel off and put on a bra and panties and a pair of black leggings. I pulled the shirt onto my body satisfied. I think he’ll love it. It was more like a dress on me, but I liked it.
I walked into my bathroom and pulled a comb through my hair for a good 15 minutes, trying to get all the knots out of my hair. After I got them all out I blew it dry and threw it up in a big sloppy bun.
I pranced around the house for a while, excited that Ansel would be home but that got boring after a while so I decided to do something else. I wanted to make brownies, so I found brownie mix, eggs, milk, water and vegetable oil and laid it all out. I fished for a bowl in the bottom cabinet, and started putting the ingredients in. I squeezed the fudge out of the packet and into the bowl and grabbed a whisk and starting mixing it all together.
I heard a car door slam outside but thought it was probably our neighbor or something, even though it easily could have been Ansel. I only started to believe it was Ansel when the door opened and I felt the spring air come into the house. I stayed in the kitchen but a smile spread on my face as wide as my ears.
I could hear his feet getting closer and closer to the kitchen and my smile just got wider and wider as I mixed the brownies.
“I come home to a beautiful girl AND brownies?” I hear him say happily, dropping his bag next to him. I dipped my finger in the mix and turned around, smiling sweetly as I brought my finger up to my lips.
I saw his eyes light up and he reached out to touch my shirt. “You’re wearing my shirt.” He murmured, blushing. I nodded, about to put my finger in my mouth for good, but he stopped me, taking my finger in his mouth instead. It was a weird feeling but still managed to give me a shiver down my spine.
My finger left his mouth and he gave me a swift kiss on the lip. “I can’t tell if I think you look cute or if you look downright sexy.” He giggled, twiddling his fingers with the hem of my shirt.
I intertwined my fingers behind his neck and blushed, standing on my tippy toes to press my lips to his. He took it as an invitation to cup my butt in his hands and slide them down to my thighs to lift me and set me on the counter.
Classic Ansel when he gets home.


DD: I barely know how to deal with TODDLERS. That’s it, I need some help, and I’ve seen one women who can probably help us. It’s time to call @askyoungauntmay


Yeah, thank you for watching.



inspired by x

I wish I could show 10 year old me the person she’d become.