it's not even for my mom

My mom does, always has, and always will perceive me and my interests as “weird” and possibly even “cringy,” often trying to get me to change with the frequent threat of “if you don’t stop ________, I’m just afraid no one is going to like you.” Even when it’s something that is generally socially acceptable, even when I prove her wrong by achieving popularity at school and success in many areas, it’s just how she sees me.

My brother, conversely, she sees as normal and acceptable, no matter how weird his interests, no matter how controversial or confrontational, he’s respected as an individual. He’s basically allowed to do whatever he wants with absolutely no consequences for his actions, and I feel that her perception of him as “normal” is part of that.

There’s some truth to her assessment, of course. For example, my brother is an artist too, but he makes photorealistic observational drawings and I draw cartoons. He’s always been the most popular kid at anything he’s ever done, where I have a history of bullying and loneliness.

But there’s a lot wrong with it, too. I’m better at holding balanced conversations where my brother tends to get carried away and talk over everyone. My interests may seem weird, sure, but my brother has seen every episode of Naruto multiple times and loves talking about it. He’s still as picky an eater as an 8 year old despite being 18. We both have our weirdness. But that’s never how we’re treated. He’s the normal one, I’m the weird one.

But the thing is, my brother is my best friend. And he has started noticing the disparity in how we’re treated and, increasingly, has become my defender.

When mom teased me for crying over the finale of a D&D podcast, he reminded her of the time she walked in on him crying over Interstellar for the fourth time, remarking on “how good it feels to get emotional over something you’re super invested in.” When she made fun of me for playing the ukulele, he said “yeah, hasn’t she gotten so good?” When mom and I fought, he accompanied us on our shopping trip we had scheduled the next day and used his great relationship with mom to keep the mood up and fun for all of us.

And honestly, this has been a big long winded way to say I love my brother so much.

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my mom touches my butt sometimes even when i ask her not to and now other family members think its okay to do the same even when i yell at them to not, what should i do?

a lot of people don’t respond well to yelling, especially if they’re trying to get a rise out of you. i know it’s super upsetting and i know you’re going to hate what im going to say, but instead of yelling try to calmly explain to them that it upsets you and you don’t like the contact. when you yell, you give them the reaction they were probably looking for and it might cause them to laugh or do other horrible things like that to make you feel bad. take a deep breath and pause before telling them it bothers you. or, if it means you’re calmer when you confront them, maybe wait until you calm down or do it before they even have the chance to say anything. if that doesn’t work, definitely distance yourself from them bc that really is gross behavior and im sorry i can’t give you a more definitive answer. 

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Also just to correct the misconception which btw it's really weird who told you all of this??? But 'some stomach irritation' is not what ibuprofen can do. I'm talking literal bleeding into your abdomen because your stomach wall couldn't tolerate its own acidity. Your liver btw laughs at acetaminophen and at worst even if you dose yourself beyond the recommended you'll have some mild discomfort below your right boob. Not telling you you need to use ibuprofen, just dispelling misinformation

My mom’s a registered nurse so

Look I’m not claiming to know more than you do about this stuff. Just that ibuprofen works better for me and I don’t want to double dose or take acetaminophen really at all because it doesn’t work for me, so I buy the NyQuil that doesn’t have it because it makes me feel better about taking it.

Like I’m not out here max dosing ibuprofen on the regular or anything.

I was thinking of Blue Paladin Keith
  • Keith: Okay girl so let's just try to get along and-
  • Blue: You hurt my boy and I'll destroy you
  • Keith:
  • Keith:
  • Keith:
  • Keith: ...What?
  • Blue: It wouldn't even be that hard, you are like a baby
  • Magnus, from inside the room: I love you so much...
  • TJ, walking past the room in the hallway: Psst! Guys! You have to listen to this
  • Halfborn, ear to the door: Oh my gods, is he talking to Alex?
  • Sam: I don't know if we should be intruding on their special moment...
  • Mallory, opening the door: I need a video of this-
  • Alex, walking in from another hallway: Oh, are we spying on Magnus again?
  • *cut to the team opening the door to find Magnus talking to falafel*
The Lightning Thief Musical Songs + Favorite Lines
  • Strong: Normal is a myth, everyone has issues they're dealing with.
  • The Minotaur/The Weirdest Dream: Oh look, a strange man in a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Their Sign: Well, I want my birthday cards and fishing trips, child support and homework tips.
  • The Campfire Song: I hope he shows even a trace CAUSE I'VE GOT SOME CHOICE WORDS TO THROW IN HIS FACE!
  • The Oracle: (just the whole prophecy part tbh)
  • Good Kid: AND NO HOPE AND NO MOM... She’s taken away.
  • Killer Quest!: We're gonna march straight down to the gates of Hell! —Underworld. —Close enough.
  • Lost!: I don't wanna die in the Garden State!
  • My Grand Plan: You better wise up, 'cause I'll rise up, BRING ON ANY CHALLENGE!
  • Drive: Why, my brother and I arrived just yesterday: May 1st... 1939!
  • The Weirdest Dream Reprise: Remember what these god's have done. Remember Thalia.
  • The Tree on the Hill: Maybe if I'd been a little bit braver, maybe if I stayed behind to fight, but maybe doesn't let me go back and save her, maybe doesn't make it all right.
  • D.O.A.: You ain't ever gonna save what matters, you ain't gonna protect your friends, you ain't ever gonna be remembered.
  • Son of Poseidon: You're the two best friends this screw up ever had.
  • The Last Day of Summer: I'll do anything, I don't care if I hurt anyone, it doesn't pay to be a good kid, a good kid, a good son.
  • Bring on the Monsters: I'll be back next summer, I'll be back next summer.

pidge is such an amazing and inspiring character. like she is a young teenager and she is just absolutely brilliant? she can do things with tech i cant even begin to understand and its just beyond impressive and i know a bunch of little girls who are fans of the show definitely look up to her. she is incredibly quick witted and creative and innovative and passionate and skilled. i love my 2 foot tall daughter just from the way she has already been introduced to us and i cant wait to see her character get more development in the upcoming season. im so excited you guys!

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Ok, this spooked around in my head since @shadeandadidas​ wrote that bit about Even giving the phone to Isak. 

  • At first the idea of talking to Even’s mom in general terrified him. He never even met the parents of his girlfriends and he knew the parents of his friends since he was a little kid.
    Isak doesn’t like to speak on the phone, period.

  • But when Even was feeling down and he hadn’t yet met his parents (and, well, Sonja kindly offered but he really didn’t want to take her up on playing messenger between him and Even’s parents) so when his phone rang and it read Liv Bech Næsheim he had a little internal scream-attack

  • Of course she wanted to know how Even was. His energy wasn’t up to talk to her himself and since Isak hadn’t even met her it was understandable that she would want some kind of confirmation that her son was ok.

  • Next time was when the battery of Even’s phone had died (the fate of the only android user in a kollektivet full of iPhones - no spare charger for him) and he was at Isak’s for the weekend. Liv wanted to let Even know that they were going on a spontaneous trip and wouldn’t be home until tuesday.

  • Isak coughed awkwardly into the phone and handed Even the phone. (his heart rate didn’t calm down after that for half an hour)

  • Then there was the time when Even’s birthday was around the corner. It was the first time that Isak was the one calling her (after Mahdi, Magnus and Jonas all talked some courage into him) to check if the watch Even wanted was ok for him to get for Even or if they already covered that.

  • But when they talked about who would get that precious boy what, she made a frustrated sound. Bc god damn that computer never did what it is supposed to! And why is my screen so big all of a sudden? Oh no, I can’t even see anything anymore. So, Isak talked her through it, which earned him a lot of gratitude and she made him promise to come by soon so she could make him a thank you dinner.

  • After they met each other time and time again, when Isak went over to Even’s, when they ate dinner with his parents, when he got there before Even after school (he waited outside for 10 min until Liv saw him and asked him what he was waiting for - more awkward coughing) and Liv made them some tea.

  • And Isak never really experienced that. Talking with parents. Having conversations with parents. With his dad it had been the occasional “Everything ok in school?” to which he nodded and then his dad nodded and that was that. With his mom he talked, yeah… but never like this. He never had a grown up just listen to him, give advice or just talk to him from eye to eye.

  • So when Even came he was almost disappointed (he wasn’t bc Even, but almost) that he had to stop his conversation with Liv - which at this point was just about some banality, but meant so much. She gave him a warm smile and an even warmer hug.

  • From then on, when Even’s mom called to check in when Even hasn’t been home for a bit, she always asked to be put on with Isak. At first it was surprising (and a little alarming “She wants to talk to me??” he had mouthed the first few times) but he soon found that Liv genuinely asking how was school, are you eating enough? Will we see you soon at dinner? How did that math test go? was one of the most comfortable and satisfying things he never knew he missed.

  • So now when Even’s phone rings and it reads Liv Bech Næsheim Isak perks up every time. Pauses his game of Fifa, shushes his friends or closes his biology book with an awaiting smile. Knowing he is about to receive parental affection and to be fussed about.

man Angus McDonald has had such a crazy day.

  • is told Magnus is dead
  • find Taako and Merle laying and writhing on the ground screaming
  • helps Taako and Merle sneak into the Director’s vault
  • gets inoculated from Voidfish jr
  • sees Magnus burst into the room very much alive and in the flesh
  • Davenport nearly persuades adoptive family to leave the dimension
  • fights Master Hand
  • Davenport is speaking in full coherent sentences and is commanding everyone now okay
  • moon mom search party

when you and the squad all ready to go out but none of you can drive so a mom has to

Still better names than Albus Severus
  • <p> <b>Walter Dudley Potter:</b> you were named after two annoying relatives of mine but at least this name saved my ass once<p/><b>Roonil Wazlib Potter:</b> you were named after a fake nickname of mine and also one of the funniest things I have ever said so at least we can save some money for your potions book<p/><b>Nimbus Firebolt Potter:</b> you were named after my first brooms ever and also because those names sound cool asf I mean your mother loved it<p/><b>Minerva McGonagall Potter:</b> you were named aftet the most badass witch in this whole freaking world so don't even complain its a female name BE PROUD<p/><b>No Need to Call Me Sir, Professor Potter:</b> you were named after the most sassy thing I have ever said, your mom aproves it and I think that's beautiful<p/></p>

Every time my mom talks about my sister’s puppy, it becomes clear that she has no idea what a puppy is.

“He’s very cute, but he always wants to lick people!  Why would you let an animal put its tongue on you?”

“That darn dog is always sniffing things.  He even sniff’s people’s… their crotches, if you can believe it.”

“When he goes on walks, you have to pull the leash short, or he’ll go off every which way!  It’s like he has no manners or common sense at all.”

“He’s either running around all over the place getting into everything, or he’s sleeping!  He’s very sweet and all, but I have to tell you, this is a difficult animal.”

BBS As Things My Friends Have Said
  • Vanoss : Oh man I've never been the leader of a group before. I...I don't like's too much responsibilty.
  • Delirious : You gun of a son I never eat - a-ate you - fuck! *pause* This is why I can't learn another language I can't even English.
  • Moo : I read that every friend group has the one mom friend and I was thinking and none of us are - *pause* *gasp, quiet voice* I'm the mom friend...
  • Terroriser : I like to think I'm a calm individual and - YOU SON OF A BITCH JENNY PUT MY GOD DAMN SKITTLES DOWN I PAID TWO WHOLE DOLLARS FOR THEM!
  • Mini : I wish I could leave this friend group and join another but making friends is hard and I am socially awkward.
  • Wildcat : Yeah the problem is I'm 6"0 of anger friends with you dumbasses who get emotionally hurt too often and you make me feel sad when you're sad so stop!
  • Nogla : I'm a DUFF. But not like an ugly friend and shit, I'm just who they tease to make themselves feel better so...I'm the...W-T-T-T-M-T-F-B?
  • Lui : I act like a child to cover up I've lived too long and want to die.
  • " You're 17. "
  • Seventeen years too long...
  • Ohm : I feel like whenever you guys come up with horrible pranks or dares you store them in your brain so when I'm around you unlock them and force them all on me.
  • Smitty : Look the difference between Americans and Canadaians is after one night stands an American will bite their own arm off to get away and a Canadaian will probably just kill the one night stand and move away in shame.
  • Basically : THIS IS RACISM!
  • " Just because you suck at tag doesn't the game is racist! "
  • Scotty : You make fun of me for my Southern accent one more damn time I will put on overalls, a straw hat, grab a pitch fork and burn your house down all while chanting "y'all" and drinking iced tea!

Max’s Parents Kinda Suck: by me, ash

  • his fucking face just waiting for a package
  • you could argue he’s literally always making that face but that’s the thing: why is he making it? shouldn’t he be excited? even if you’re a kid that’s absolutely loving camp (like nerris, for example) you’d still be excited for a package from your parents
  • he just looks like he feels bad alright + he keeps basically this expression the entire scene. he’s been expecting this bullshit

  • the fucking post card. need I say more??
  • again with the unsurprised, unimpressed expression

  • it is literally impressive how much they manage to convey “I don’t care about you” here
  • generic postage stamp to match the shitty post card
  • what kind of fucking square can’t be bothered to WRITE on a postcard?? especially one with as little writing as this?? you printed… on a postcard. good job
  • two sentences, consisting of two and three words. five words. that’s likely all the contact max is going to receive from them the entire summer, five words of the plainest shit you could think of (though I could be wrong, I’m just not holding my breath lmao)
  • no “dear max”, no “how are you” or “I hope you’re having fun”, no “we/I love you”, no “sincerely, mom and dad”. nothing. “Your Parents.” that’s it

  • again, the fucking expression. he was totally expecting this fuckery
  • who fucking sends their kid more clothes if it isn’t an emergency it’s not even a cool shirt
  • that and not to point out the obvious but its. its the same fucking hoodie. 
  • I actually wonder if he even likes the color blue and doesn’t just wear that because it’s what they got for him
  • my poor boy you deserve better. you need parents that care about you