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On behalf of the Its An Emergenji!! discord, we are proud to present Gency Week! It will take place on the first week of January 2017, from the 2 to 8.

The prompts are *drumroll*:

  • day 1 - First
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  • day 4 - Mission
  • day 5 - Role Swap
  • day 6 - Kiss
  • day 7 - Journey

Everyone is welcome to submit anything, so long as its relevant to Gency and fits the prompts ;) It can be art, comics, fic, drabbles, headcanons, songs etc. 

You have a head start of almost two months (tho you may start now if you want), but we’ll post another reminder a week before the date! When it begins, remember to tag all your submissions under #gencyweek ! We’ll be reblogging all submissions.  Make sure that the #gencyweek tag is in your first five tags, because tumblr won’t have it show up in the tags otherwise!

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Dioptase is the representation of the Tongue Gem seen in ‘’The kindergarten kid’’. She is very fast and also, has a big development of her defense. She was used in homeworld to check out machines and planetoids very quickly for its colonization.

Last drawing of this two week! Here i bring another type of gemsona for me. So Topaz can trust in someone even cooler! See ya’ in a couple of weeks guys!

Topaz Loves you!


Participating in the JanTom week! First day: First meeting! Even tho I have like 3 exams this week and two next week! I can do it! I believe in me! 
But now to the comic thingy… I actually wanted to make Janna summon Tom but it seems like everyone else does that so I came up with another idea. And yeah this is their first “meeting”. Like ya know, Janna asks Star who that is and stuff and they play online games together, it’s great actually.

Okay not even I can read what I wrote there so click under the cut to find out

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Since my mom’s visiting her and I had a cute little mother – daughter day this week! I treated myself to a few things like lace curtains, flower seeds and even a few gems! My mom also bought a pretty little black obsidian point necklace at the crystal store then spent forever wandering around an amazing three story antique shop w me 🗝🕰
I also found a pretty crystal hiding in that shop and the first store we went to had a bin of wrapped books (under a sign stating not to judge a book by its cover) which I think is such a neat idea plus they’re only a dollar each so I bought another two this time then she treated me to lunch as well! 💞

Childish Antics

Request Prompt: Hii(: can you do a carl grimes smut where Carl is ignoring her for some reason (perhaps his feelings for herr) and she like idk confronts him about it and one thing leads to another? X :) -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Smut

I stared at Carl as he walked down the street with Judith in her stroller. I scoffed before walking back inside the house. He’s been ignoring me for some reason I don’t know. Maggie walked inside with Enid at the moment I let out a sigh.

“Something wrong Y/N?”, Enid asked.

“Its… Boy problems.”, I said and Maggie pulled up a chair next to me.

“What’s the matter?”, she asked concerned.

“Carl’s been ignoring me for almost two weeks now. He won’t even look at me anymore. I can’t tell if he’s mad at me or if he’s just being funny because of his eye. I’m so confused.”, I whined.

“Did you two fight?”, Enid asked and I shook my head.

“No. We didn’t. At least not that I know of.”, I said and Maggie rubbed my shoulder.

“I haven’t noticed sweetie I’m sorry.”, she sighed.

“Now that I think of it. Yesterday when Carol asked him to bring Y/N dinner he freaked out and refused. Which is why I did it.”, Enid stated and I placed my hands over my face.

“It’s like he won’t come near me.”, I sighed.

“Well if he won’t come to you on his own well make him.”, Maggie suggested.

“How?”, I asked.

“Tomorrow just go over to Rick’s place. Stay there and one of us will tell Carl that Rick’s looking for him at home. He’ll come right to you.”, Maggie explained and I nodded.

“That could work. I guess.”, I said.

“And I’ll stand at the door just in case he tries to leave.”, Enid added and I smiled.

“And well have help.”, Maggie smiled.

“Thanks guys.”, I said and they both hugged me.

“Now come on. We brought food.”, Enid said taking a bag off of her shoulder.

The next day I went over to Rick’s house after Carl left for morning watch. I sat on the couch determined to get an answer out of him.

Carl POV

I stood atop the watch tower thinking about Y/N before hearing someone call my name.  Enid walked over to me. I looked down to see Enid and Maggie standing at the bottom.

“What?”, I asked.

“Rick is looking for you. He’s waiting at your house.”, Enid said.

“Something about Judith not feeling well.”, Maggie added.

“Who’s gonna take watch?”, I asked.

“I am.”, Maggie stated.

I climbed down quickly and gave her my gun before making my way home with Enid. I opened the door and all the color drained from my face as I spotted Y/N on the couch. I turned to leave but Enid blocked my way.

“Well get in there.”, she said pushing me inside.

The door closed and I turned to face Y/N. Only I’m looking anywhere but at her.

“Are you mad at me?”, she asked and I remained quiet.

“Carl just answer the question.”, she stated getting upset.

“I’m going upstairs.”,I said walking past her and go to my room.

I opened my window and saw my dad standing there with Maggie who had a wide grin on her lips.

“No way out Carl. Go in there and talk to her.”, he said and I groaned.

“You too?”, I asked and he nodded while Maggie giggled.

I swiftly made a move to the back door while Y/N stood in the same spot I let her only to come face to face with Daryl.

“Don’t even think about it.”, he smiled and pulled the door closed.

I scoffed and moved for the stairs again only Y/N was standing there.

“I’m not moving until you tell me what your deal is.”, she snapped and I sighed.

“Nothing just move.”, I said.

“No.”, she retorted and I sighed.

“Y/N I really don’t want to talk about this.”, I whined.

“Too bad. We’re talking. What is up with you?”, She sneered.

“You want to know what my problem is?!”, I shouted making her jump.

She backed away as I moved closer before her back was against the wall. I gently grabbed her face pressing my lips to hers. When I pulled away her eyes we’re wide and I let out a nervous sigh.

“That’s why I’ve been avoiding you. I didn’t want to mess up our friendship by saying anything. I figured if I just avoided you it’ll go away. But it didn’t. It made it worse. I couldn’t go 10 minutes without you crossing my mind. I didn’t want to hurt you.”, I explained and I felt her soft lips on mine again.

I stood still before kissing her back. She pulled away with a smile on her face.

“You could’ve just told me. Maybe I would’ve told you I liked you too.”, she said and I smiled before grabbing her hand leading her upstairs.

“Let’s make this a thing now huh?”, I asked and she nodded.


He kissed me roughly and I moaned quietly not trying to have Rick, who is still outside, barge in on us. He moved his hand between us sliding in my pants and rubbed my damp underwear.

“This wet for me Y/N?”, he kissed my neck.

I nodded as he sped up. My knees would have gave out from under me if I wasn’t being sandwiched between him and the wall.

“Let’s go over here.”, he whispered and I obliged.

He laid me gently on the bed and slid my shirt off. He unhooked my bra and I pulled his shirt over his head. He played with my breasts as I squirmed for his touch.

“So beautiful”, he whispered in my ear.

He kissed me licking my lips for entrance which I granted. Our tongues wrestled for dominance but his won. He explored my mouth while undoing my zipper. He quickly pulled my pants down my legs and tossed them across the room. I kissed him back and traced a finger down his abs and into his boxers. He pulled them down as I grabbed a condom out of my dresser.

“What Daryl says to be prepared.”, I shrugged as he looked at me funny.

He chuckled before pulling my panties aside and lined himself up with my entrance. He shoved himself into me causing me to bite my lip moaning as I took in all of him to get used to his size. He leaned down to suck my nipple and I tangled my fingers in his hair. He ground against my body as he moved to squeeze my breasts. I felt my stomach slightly tighten before he pulled out. He hooked a finger in my underwear and slid them down my legs.

“All fours princess.”, he commanded and I complied.

He rubbed his tip against my opening before pushing back into me. His hand gripped my hips tightly while my own hands found the headboard to hold on to. I moaned as he slammed into me. He grabbed my hair and gently pulled as he groaned. My walls tightened around his length and he came down to kiss my ear. His heavy breathing only turned me on even more causing me to moan out. I broke out a sweat as his thrusts never once slowed until he stiffened with his eyes closed.  He came before he slid out and placed soft kisses down my stomach before kissing my clit.

“Carl.”, I moaned while he held my thighs down.

“Just relax. I’ll take care of you.”, he whispered and I nodded.

His lips found my slit again before running his tongue over my opening. My breaths got shorter as my fingers tangled in his hair. He let out a hum and the vibrations caused me to arch my back in bliss. I bit my lip as I felt my stomach tighten. My shut my eyes tight as I came on his tongue. He came back up to kiss me before pulling the cover over me. I planted a soft kiss on his eye patch and he smiled.

“Get some sleep Y/N you look tired.”, he joked before the door opened to reveal Rick.

“Goodnight you two.”, he smiled and left.

“He would’ve caught us if he came a second earlier.”, Carl laughed.

“I guess so.”, I giggled as he brushed my hair out of my face.

His lips touched my forehead and I snuggled into his chest still trying to control my breathing.

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I KNOW RIGHT!!!!1!1!11! We’re so close to the final countdown lol. With a bit of luck WIT is gonna really pick up the marketing schedule and throw out another PV and other teases throughout march, because quite frankly, the last few days/weeks will feel agonizingly long and we need our snk drugs to make it through^^



Isn't she lovely

Hi guys this is the second part to ‘When a man loves a woman’ sorry it took so long and I hope u enjoy another Mcxhunt fic of mine (that date though😏)

She had gone through the past two weeks not speaking to Thomas. He stayed in his apartment down town and they continued on as though they didn’t even know each other.

Other students started picking up on it too, their relationship was public after all. “I see the professor has finally grown tired of you Ruth” Bianca would sneer at her.

Ruth didn’t let it get to her though, she kept a straight face and avoided Thomas’s gaze. What hurt the most was that he could hear these comments. He noticed people staring at her in the hallways and those students who would whisper as she walked by.

Even the teachers lounge was filled with gossip of 'that’s the student there, yeah I recognise her from the tabloids. Nice to look at but definitely seems like a slag, glad Thomas realised it’ Hunt would over hear them.

However he never got into it, he was fuming to hear them speak like that about the woman he loves… Then again could he even call her that. She had just told him she was pregnant and he got up and walked out the door… It doesn’t seem like something someone who loved her would do.

One day Thomas sat in his office contemplating what his next move would be. He couldn’t let her go through this alone that was not an option. Was he really ready to be a father? No, but if he really was going to be a dad he doesn’t want to be one who walks out on them as soon as it gets tough.

Ruth probably hates him though. How could he have put her in a position like this? The only thing he can do now is— there was a load knock on his office door.

Before Thomas answered the door swung open and Addison walked straight in sitting down in the chair across from him. “Ms. Sinclaire what are you—” she cut him off. “first let me speak, I have a bone to pick with you professor and I’m not leaving until I have answers” she said sternly.

Thomas was baffled Addison was never one to barge into his office let alone talk to him in that tone. “Very well…” Thomas said sitting back in his chair he knew why she was here.

Faltering slightly Addison fidgited in the seat. “I’m sorry I shouldnt have barged in like that. But I have my reasons!” she clarified after apologising.
“I have no doubt you do” Thomas coaxed her to continue.

Addison’s face dropped. “Ruth told me what happened… You don’t strike me as the type of person to abandon people Thomas. I know there’s some reason you felt like you had to distance yourself and I need to know why. If Ruth won’t as then I will” she stopped.

Thomas sighed, “so you obviously know that Ruth is pregnant” he slumped his shoulders slightly when he said it, Addison nodded in response.

“I never wanted to neglect her like I did, the whole ordeal was just a lot to swallow” he ran a hand through his hair.

“then why did you walk out?” she pressed him further. Thomas glared but then stopped, he had no right to be mad at anyone but himself.

“I— I never really had a father growing up. I was closest to my mother really and even still our relationship wasn’t the best one. That’s why I think me and Rachel, my sister, are so alike” he stopped looking at Addison.
She however was listening intensely, it does explain why Ruth doesn’t talk about his family much other than 'he doesn’t visit them often’.

“After having Rachel my parents divorced and although stayed in contact they were never the same. It effected Rachel a lot more than it did me”

“having children is such a commitment that I don’t know if I’m ready for… I don’t want us to be driven apart by the fact we have an offspring” Thomas finished.

“wow” Addison said after a few moments of silence.
“I knew you were selfish but I didn’t realise it was this bad” she said Thomas glared at her.

“I don’t think you’re ready either Thomas… But neither is Ruth in fact she was hoping that when she told you about it you would reassure her but you only made the whole thing worse!”

Thomas was gobsmacked, is Addison really dishing it out to Thomas Hunt?

“Ruth needs you now more than ever and you’re throwing yourself a pity party?! I know this can’t be easy for you either but you have the ability to walk away from this Ruth doesn’t!”

“if you really love her you should be with her right now. You married her didn’t you?! It wasn’t like this was never going to happen and I know you’re scared but you and Ruth are both in this together!”

She stopped and calmed herself down. Taking a deep breath, “you and I both know that Ruth is a one of a kind kinda person. This is the time for you to prove that you really truly love and appreciate her. Her first ultra sound is in three days… Be there, for the baby’s sake”

Those were Addison’s last words before standing up and quietly leaving. The door shut delicately and Thomas was left to think about everything she just said. She was right, about everything. This wasn’t about his parents or school or stress this was about him and Ruth… And their soon to be new little Hunt.

'what am I doing here’ Thomas asked himself. Grabbing his coat and his keys he shrugged on his coat while running to his car.


Ruth was feeling as nauseous as ever. Morning sickness was hell and she knew this wasnt going to get any better. Lifting up her shirt she could see the evidence of a bump starting to form.

“you better be a good one with all the stuff I have to go through just to bring you into the world” she spoke to her stomach.

“you will be taking care of me until I’m throwing up on you that’s for sure” she smiled thinking soon of having an actual baby in her arms that was half her and the other half Thomas.

“I can’t wait for you to meet your dad… He’s not here right now but I’m sure he’ll come around. He always does”
“i had to practically hold a gun to his head just to get him to go on a date with me. He’s as stubborn as I am” she laughed looking at how her wedding and engagement ring sparkled as she ran her hand over her stomach.

“he’s a good man though, he’s just scared. To think Thomas Hunt is scared of an unborn child is laughable but it’s true. We’re both scared but we love each other and we’ll love you even more” tears began to form in her eyes happy ones no doubt.

Ruth always had a knack for singing and soon enough she found herself singing to her unborn child…

“isn’t she lovely… Isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she precious… Less than one minute old, I’d never thought through love we’d be. Making one as lovely as she but isn’t she lovely made from love?” Ruth stopped looking up.

Someone had joined in with singing. Seeing Thomas standing in the doorway he gave a small smile to her with tears in his eyes.
Making his way over to her he kissed her stomach.

“Ruth I’m so sorry… I wasn’t there for you and I’ve been a poor excuse for a husband… And a father” he ran a hand over her stomach stopping when she placed a hand over his.

“I knew you would come back… You just needed time and to be honest so did I. It’s made me realise that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing but I want to not know what I’m doing with you” she smiled and he kissed her.

“Addison knocked some sense into me, remind me not to get on her bad side” he smiled.
“ah now I know the real reason to why you came back ” she laughed, go on Addison.

“I’m guessing you heard everything I said before you came in” Ruth blushed slightly to which Thomas kissed her on the nose. “maybe not everything but I’d definitely agree with the part you said about you being stubborn” she swatted his arm playfully.

Thomas took her hand in his rubbingher knuckles with his thumb. He smiled when he fiddled with her wedding ring.

“I amnt mad at you for being scared Thomas. I was angry at the way you reacted and walked out but as long as I know it’s not going to happen again then I understand” Ruth smiled, he didn’t deserve her. Nobody deserved her but especially him.

He kissed her lovingly, “Ruth I love you so much… I’m going to try my best I know that this is hard especially for you but I’ll prove to you that I am standing by you. I’m never walking out that door ever again without letting you know how much you mean to me” he kissed her cheek then her hand and finally her stomach.

“that’s proof enough” she replied before connecting her lips.

*eight years later*

“Right Ruth I’m leaving now” Thomas said. He was going away to visit family for a few days.
Ruth was on maternity leave after having their forth child so she was capable of taking care of the children while he was away. He hated leaving but she reassured him that Addison and ethan were dropping in with their daughter Lilly and son Tyler over the course of the few days.

“okay but wait one second!” Ruth said with their newest son Charlie in her arms and their second eldest Alice at her feet.

Alice hugged her dad “bye dad!” she said, Thomas scooped her up planting a kiss on her head. “bye sunshine” he said putting her down on the ground again.
Looking at Charlie who was only a month old now he placed a finger in front of his son to grasp a hold of.

Thomas gave Charlie a kiss on the head while Ruth said “say bye bye to daddy” gazing down at her son with happiness written all over her face. “you’re sure you’ll be fine” Thomas said sadly.

Ruth rolled her eyes “of course I will, now get out of here and tell Rachel I said hi!” Ruth said Thomas beamed at her. He leaned in giving her a long sweet lingering kiss.

“I love you… So much” he said
“I know” she replied before Thomas left the house.

That was proof enough.


First Day Of Fall!🍁

Not that the weather shows any signs of that today, it did Monday but today its low 90′s, kinda a hot breeze too. Kinda really freaking excited for winter! and when I say kinda I mean F***ing stoked! It has my favorite holiday, snow, cuddling in a blanket on the cold porch ect ugh I can not wait! And btw when I say favorite holiday I totally mean thanksgiving. E and I have been in the house for too long I feel, my sister takes her to and from downstairs, other than that its here in the room, but she doesn’t mind at all, shes to happy and careless to even notice the time, unless its nap, then she notices lol. Just some shots from this morning, were in the nap hours so i’m just about to watch ANOTHER movie, I think this is my 7 millionth movie this week??? on a good note tomorrow is Friday means two things i’m 32 weeks And both of my babies are home for the weekend, and maybe a in room date night lol I hope everyone’s week is fantastic and always remember to stay positive!

Stories For The Stars Pt 2

Summary: Bucky starts to learn more and more that the Moon isn’t his only friend and the 21st century isn’t nearly as lonely as he’s come to think. Part one 

Warnings: A little more alcohol and a lot(ish) more angst. 

Word count: 2000

A/N: I’m really glad you guys asked for a part two, I didn’t know I needed this in my life as much as I do. So thank you, and happy reading~

Originally posted by marvelisbae4life

It was another two weeks before Bucky felt like he needed out. Out of the confining walls of the tower and of the collapsing thoughts in his head. He was gasping for air, for the quiet unbeatable loneliness of his favourite hill.

Nothing had changed since the last time he was there, the grass was still dark and soft, the air still crisp though its bite was lost. And the moon, in all it’s solitary glory, had changed shape. It was almost a new moon and Bucky knew he would feel even more alone when it was completely shadowed.

His thoughts turned to you, the mystery girl he met on his last night out. He wondered if you ever felt like this - like there was absolutely nothing wrong and yet the whole world was falling apart right under your feet. It was an uncomfortable feeling but it wasn’t the first time it ran through him. His life seemed to be building up for the sole purpose of breaking down again.

He just felt wrong. Like someone had pulled out all his organs in his sleep and now he was just an empty locker. He didn’t know who he was or who he was supposed to be. He knew who he had been, before the war and during the war and then after all that with Hydra; he remembered pride and warmth with Steve, accomplishment and fear with the Commandos, and hate with Hydra. But what was he now, what did he feel now? He couldn’t answer that.

Bucky felt his thoughts swirling somewhere darker and did his best to cut them off there. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of his head pressing into the soft dirt beneath him. He didn’t know how long he could deal with all the things bouncing around in his skull but he doubted it would be much longer. He was trying so hard to keep it together, to just hold on for Steve and swallow all of the confusion that came up from day to day. It was all he could think to do about it, because there was no way he could give this bottomless feeling a voice and no one would understand if he tried.

Bucky lightly hit his head on the ground, hoping it would shake the ideas loose and push them out through his ears. He wished someone was around to confide in, someone to talk back to him. He adored the moon but there was only so much the silent treatment could do for him.

And it must have been his lucky day because you did show up again, not very long after. Your hair was messy and your hand was clutching a bottle like it was life-support and you were so much louder than last time. You plopped down beside Bucky with a disquieting thud and he frowned at your red-rimmed eyes.

“Rough night?” He prodded softly, not thinking his voice could get much louder if he wanted it to.

“What gave me away?” You sighed, took a deep sip of the alcohol in your palm, and offered some to the gloomy soldier.

“I can’t get drunk.” He shook his head lightly.

“Yeah, well the burn is still nice.” You frowned and stared hard at the mouth of the bottle. Suddenly, drinking your problems away didn’t seem like such a viable option. You put the glass on the ground to your left and turned to look at Bucky for the first time that night. His blue eyes screamed tired like sirens blaring through the streets.

“What’s on your mind?” Your gentle side clicked back in almost instantly and Bucky found himself remembering why your eyes were so hypnotizing - they swam with genuine concern and not pity or sympathy. They made him feel like someone out there could understand him, or at least a part of him; they made him think the moon wasn’t his only friend.

“I don’t know.” His eyes fell to the ground because he felt - what, guilty? He didn’t have the vocabulary to share everything bolting around inside his brain and even if he did, you probably wouldn’t want to hear it.

“Well, I can’t help much with that, but if you want I can give you a hug.” You were still searching his expression, even if he wasn’t looking at you anymore. You weren’t shocked to see his brow furrow in frustration, just a little disappointed.

“I won’t do it if you don’t want me to, but remember what I said last time?” You ask, slowly gliding your hand through the separating layer of grass blades to meet his skin. Your fingers slid underneath his, not exactly hand holding but still just as comforting. It reminded Bucky of how soft the world could be, to make something so smooth and completing.

“I’m in control,” He repeated, trying to get a full grasp of what that meant and nearly forcing himself to believe it because he could really use that hug.

“That’s right, you’re not going to break me Bucky.” He glanced up to see you smiling slightly and he wanted to run a hand over your cheek and kiss your hairline and tell you how you made all his shadows soften. He looked down at his metal hand, flexed the fingers, and took a breath. He met your gaze and you noticed the determination in his stormy blue hues, laced with the slightest hint of distrust and hesitation.

“Alright?” You knew he was ready, you just wanted to make sure he knew.

“Alright.” He nodded and you inched closer, ensuring you wouldn’t scare him away with any threatening movements.

Bucky’s breath hitched when your arms finally wrapped around his neck. You weren’t exactly warm, but you were comfortable and he could smell your shampoo and the alcohol you had discarded not so long ago. He could feel your heart beating along with his, close to matching the rapid pace he was setting. And then there was the memory - one he had never seen before.

It was his mother, he thought it was his mother. She would always hug him like it would be the last time she saw him, and this time it really was. His last moment at home and he would have expected her to cry and squeeze and tell him to make it back to her, but she was too tough for that. Instead she smiled, hugged him just like how you were hugging him, and told him to do what he had to do.

But what did he have to do now? There was almost nothing left for him here and he was anything but a hero. He couldn’t help, couldn’t make her proud, and couldn’t get his damn thoughts under control.

“Bucky,” You whispered into his ear, feeling him tense up and deciding to draw patterns into his back to see if it would help. “Whatever you’re thinking about, it’s okay. You’ll get through this.” Your breath fanned out over his neck and he leaned into the feeling. His cheek pressed into your hair and he pulled himself back into the present with a long whiff of your scent. His arms finally found their way around your waist and Bucky tugged you completely against him, searching for something to comfort him out of his guilt.

You didn’t fight him, in fact you were grateful for the extra warmth and acceptance he offered you back. You’d had a long week and really needed a hug like that, so you took it upon yourself to nuzzle into his neck and tighten your grip around his shoulders. You hadn’t known each other long, but somehow you grounded each other. And Bucky was a much better substitute than the whiskey that still lingered in the back of your throat.

He tried to commit the tingling skin of his back to his failing memory, maybe it would help him when you weren’t there to piece him together.

“How did you get so good at this?” He breathed into your ear, the warm air sending chills down your spine like a drop of water trailing over your skin.

“At what?” Your own breath didn’t have much affect on Bucky except his tightening arms around you.

“Making me feel like something could go right someday.” You didn’t have much to say to that. He knew it wasn’t really an answerable question, it was just the only way he could tell you thank you.

“Practice? I guess it’s just what I’d want if I were in your shoes.” It was what you wanted in your own shoes too, but you weren’t really the one to be comforted as much as you were the comforter. You didn’t mind though, it just got lonely. While you were looking out for everyone else, no one was there to look out for you. But maybe with Bucky all that would change.

There was a long period of silence where Bucky just clung to you, absorbing every breath you pressed against his shoulder and each strand of hair that brushed against his face in the warm breeze. Was it normal to never want to let you go? Because if it was, Bucky was getting one step closer to his dream. That impossible dream of being just like everyone else - but when you were around, nothing in Bucky’s head seemed impossible. He wondered if you had that effect on anyone else, or if he was the only one inspired by that foggy glow behind your eyes. If he saw you during the day, when you weren’t just crying and drinking away your problems, would you somehow be more beautiful than when the moon lit up all your guilt and ruffled edges? He wouldn’t mind finding out.

“I still don’t know your name.” He suddenly remembered, slowly letting you out of his grip. He didn’t want the hug to be over yet, but something told him he needed to see your eyes again, watch how your lips formed your name. The weightless feeling of your touch could wait for that at the very least.

“You don’t, do you?” Your lips curved into the ghost of a smile and Bucky considered the possibility that he would never know your name.

“Y/N.” You stuck out your hand for him to shake, which he accepted thoughtlessly. He watched your smile grow and that hazy glow brightened to dim vibrancy stitched between the colours of your iris. Bucky didn’t understand why you looked so happy, so proud until he looked down and saw which hand he was holding yours with.

Metal. He had used his left arm without a second thought, without even really remembering he had a metal arm that could kill a person with the slightest effort.

But that’s not what it was doing. It was shaking your hand, gentle and under control. His eyes flicked up to yours, double checking your reaction and expecting to see you wince in pain or pull away in terror. Instead your eyes reminded him, you’re in control, and he really was. He felt like crying and laughing and screaming, he imagined hugging you and kissing you all over, trying to show you how amazing you were to be able to fix him. At least until the moon went down.

He still couldn’t bring himself to do any of that, but his smile was wider than Steve’s shoulders and it made his eyes gleam with their own light for a little while. You’d never seen anything so brilliant in your life.

“Y/N, huh?” He let the letters wash around his mouth like good wine before deciding he liked the taste it left behind. Out of all the things he was sure to remember, your name was at the very top.

“I’m glad I met you.” And in all the memories Bucky had recovered since Hydra, he had never said anything more true.

And only the Devil Laughed


She’d found the card tucked into a second hand book in a weathered shop in Flatbush, the kind of shop that fanned itself on a porch of a late afternoon, and told the kids that they should get off its lawn. She took it as a sign, which it clearly was, if she knew how to read them.

It had taken her another two weeks of agonized self-debate on what to do with it, but things were getting worse by the minute. Soured milk in the coffee. Plants that withered to blackened stalks the last time she’d talked to her father on the phone. And the dreams of blood. So much blood she was drowning in it. She hardly slept and even now those precious catnaps were disturbed.

So here she was, on a stranger’s doorstep, dark shadows pooling beneath semi-lucid eyes, hollow-souled, wrapped in a baggy hoodie that could not possibly belong to her, it was at least four times larger than it needed to be. At the best of times, Beth did not always look her age, but tonight, she barely seemed legal.

But possibly the worst thing was the cloying desperation in her tiny voice when the door open and she startled like a frightened bird. “Mr. Constantine? Ke ’olu’olu…. please…. ya gotta help me….”


Imagine A keeps leaving gifts for B (chocolates, flowers, love letters, etc) as an obvious hint that they have an admirer. Except B is dense and gets confused as to why someone keeps leaving their shit all over their desk, bag, and locker.

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aka the beginning of a series of drabbles and prompt responses
If One Direction Releases a New Single, What Should It Be? Vote!

When One Direction announced the final single off of their fifth album Made in the A.M.would be “Infinity” in late 2015, Directioner Twitter uproar forced the boy band to switch the third single from that album to fan-favorite “History.”

Well, it’s been six months since “History” hit the books. It stayed around on theBillboard Hot 100 for just two weeks, peaking at No. 65. Now, without a band around to promote it, it’s unlikely “History” will rewrite its chart position.

So why not release another Made in the A.M. track as a single? Even though “History” was supposed to be the final single from the album, it’s not like Directioners will complain if another official 1D single – with a new chance at radio and the charts – comes out. Heck, you could even pull together a music video from unreleased behind-the-scenes footage and get one or two of the band members who aren’t aggressively pursuing solo careers to promote it.

So, if One Direction were to switch gears and release another single from Made in the A.M., what should it be? Vote for your choice below – and keep in mind that since “Infinity” never was officially a single, it’s still fair game.


Hello, friends! We have more good news to share today!

Mommy took me back to the vet’s yesterday for another check-up. Dr. B. was absolutely thrilled with the poop we brought in this time–big and poopy with zero pinworms! Hooray! I got another dose of Panacur deworming just in case there are any stray worms left in my gut, but I should be done with deworming now!

Dr. B. was sad that I was passed out again when she saw me, but she was happy to hear that I am continuing to eat and poop like a champ every day. In fact, I am even eating my calcium powder now! Friend Jovski suggested putting my calcium powder in the fridge, which helps it last longer and, even better, takes away a lot of its nasty taste.

I have gained another two grams in the last two weeks! Everyone is so happy with how steadily I am gaining weight. Unfortunately, I am still puffy, if not even more so. We think my puffiness is partly because I have been getting long daily soaks (I told Mommy baths are awful!!). But I am puffy enough that Dr. B. is worried that I may not be getting enough protein, which can cause fluids to leak out of my tissues. So Dr. B. sent me home with a big bag of carnivore critical care food. Mommy will put a tiny little bit of the carnivore food on my food to help me get a little extra protein (but not too much because too much protein is bad for an herbivore like me!).

In the meantime, Dr. B. told Mommy to keep propping me up so that fluids don’t accumulate in my front end and pressure my lungs. I got to nap on the softest towel while Dr. B. demonstrated! Dr. B. told Mommy that she thinks I would have been long gone if it weren’t for all the personal attention I’ve been getting for the last month. I do love getting lots of attention!

To finish off my visit at the vet’s, I yawned the biggest yawn after nice nurse Katie gave me my (last?) deworming treatment, and I opened both my eyes for nurse Katie to see how pretty my eyes are! Now I just have to show Dr. B. my eyes next time.