it's not even christmas why am i posting this

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Hello, how are you? I have a little problem: yesterday I posted sth like "halloween's over, it's Christmas time", and since I'm an atheist, I got qs why do I celebrate? Now everything was fine w/ that, I answered that I consider it a tradition and a nice occasion to get together, give presents etc. But then I started getting shit for it: "what do you even have to do with this"; "Xmas should be none of your business" "you have nothing to celebrate here" :( I don't think I'm doing anything wrong?

Hello friend!

I am writing new affirmations today, and I feel like this is more a thing that needs to be answered specifically, rather than with the usual sorts of affirmations. Strap yourself into the Truth Rocket cos I’m about to launch this baby straight into the stars.

First of all - you go right the fuck ahead and celebrate Christmas! I fucking love Christmas and I’m an agnostic raised by atheists. We Christmas in this non-religious family and we Christmas like it’s going right the fuck outta style (which it better flipping not be!)

Secondly, Christmas is actually a pagan celebration that was adopted into Christianity and became associated with the story of Christ’s birth and the nativity. It’s a rad fucking story, and it fitted with the themes of the pagan tradition - y’all, early Christians were super fucking great at assimilating the traditions of those who they were converting. They followed in the Roman style of doing that because people are more likely to convert to a different religion if the traditions and celebrations are familiar to them.

Christmas is awesome and yes, it is a celebration spread by Christianity across much of the world, but isn’t the whole fucking point to celebrate the birth of Jesus - a man who believed in spreading love and kindness, charity and giving? And if you believe Christmas is about sharing, then the first thing to share is Christmas itself, OK!

You have every fucking right to celebrate what is really a super nice tradition!!! Love and kindness and caring are the absolute fucking best and the more of it in the world the better.

Celebrate the fuck outta Christmas, my friend.

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

TNBC Thought of the Day #1

So, during the “What’s This?” song, Jack Skellington sees a mistletoe and the two elves kissing under it, and he exclaims, “Inspired!”, but we never actually see any brought into Halloween Town. He doesn’t even mention it during the “Town Meeting” song.

Jack brings back hollies for his experiments, but doesn’t actually bring back the white mistletoe he saw in Christmas Town. There were none hanging above doorways or ghouls/ghosts/whatever kissing under it, even though Jack blatantly saw the tradition and claimed he was inspired by it. Yet he grabbed holly berries and not mistletoe???


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I love CC as much as the next person but isnt a bit reaching stating that C liked the Christmas Story post because its written by P&P? He maybe liked it because he played the little kid back in Clovis and its a special play for him that he remembers fondly? And the WE maybe refers to him and his friends who went to see Amber? I mean why Amber would read it as C&D when D wasnt even in London? The message wouldnt be clear. I am sure that C&D wrote her privately, dont need to do it unclearly on ig.

Morning anon. No I don’t think it’s a stretch. He was in a Christmas Story but not the musical composed by P&P which is the version airing on tv. Huge distinction in my opinion.

On the “we.” Chris is always deliberate in what he chooses to release in the world. He knew the use of the pronoun “we” would raise tons of eyebrows. He knew exactly what he was doing when he chose that word.

Is it possible I’m wrong? Of course. But to not question him is a mistake. Especially when he released several pics from London wearing a klaine jacket and a cc scarf.

Chris is a master at this game. Never forget that. And he wants us to think about these things. Otherwise he wouldn’t engage in these type of games. His social media has been a platform for him to talk for years.

OK so i was doing my yearly re-watch of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my family, an i noticed something that i have never see discussed, never even seen acknowledged, and i believe that it should be… there is a lesbian couple in the move, and no its not background characters, they play a huge role in the movie itself its these two

think about it, they live together, a baby was SENT to them, and they proceeded to raise the Grinch together.

honestly look at these two

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whats boxing day??? why does everywhere but this us celebrate it????

@ghostbutterflies tbh no one knows why it’s called boxing day ahaha but it’s a british thing so i assume that’s why the us doesn’t celebrate (and we’re still in the commonwealth so we do). it’s just a public holiday and we have massive sales (i guess like black friday/cyber monday stuff for u in the us??) and also the first day of a cricket test which is big if you’re into cricket

stevebucky fic rec list

this christmas present is late bc i am trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
@samwilsonn @barnescap @soldiercaptain @gentlerey here u go friends

these are all fics i LOVE and would read infinity times. more fics on my favourites list but these are my all time faves. 


1. Ipseity (series) // 
i LOVE this one. really excellently written.

2. 4 Minute Window (series) // 
post CATWS. bucky is a precious cinnamon roll.

3. This, You Protect // 
this is technically steve & bucky and not slash, but its amazing anyway. didnt even notice there was no romance.

4. The Pugilists //

5. Man of Steel //
metal arm porn because why not

6. A Hundred Miles //
oh look another metal arm fic. dont kinkshame me

7. Unusual Weather //
more arm porn.

8. To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All //
steve illustrates comic books. he is a huge nerd and completely adorable.

9. Somnophilia // 
i basically love everything this author has written.

10. The Blind Leading //
this is steve/winter soldier for some of it. pretty sure it squicks one of you but i dont remember who?

11. Sleep Away the Toils of Battle //

12. Operation Star-Spangled Double(s) //
THIS IS AMAZING and so funny

13. Not in the Regs //
lawyer/military au, damn this is hot.

14. I Understood that Reference //
au where Bucky but Steve is still captain america. BUCKY IS A LIBRARIAN IT’S FANTASTIC.

15. Not Another Supersoldier Fantasy //
there are captain america artificial phalluses. enough said.


1. Great Inaudible Feelings //
This fic is utterly amazing. I cry every single time i read it. lots of stucky too.