it's not even christmas why am i posting this

OK so i was doing my yearly re-watch of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my family, an i noticed something that i have never see discussed, never even seen acknowledged, and i believe that it should be… there is a lesbian couple in the move, and no its not background characters, they play a huge role in the movie itself its these two

think about it, they live together, a baby was SENT to them, and they proceeded to raise the Grinch together.

honestly look at these two

stevebucky fic rec list

this christmas present is late bc i am trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
@samwilsonn @barnescap @soldiercaptain @gentlerey here u go friends

these are all fics i LOVE and would read infinity times. more fics on my favourites list but these are my all time faves. 


1. Ipseity (series) // 
i LOVE this one. really excellently written.

2. 4 Minute Window (series) // 
post CATWS. bucky is a precious cinnamon roll.

3. This, You Protect // 
this is technically steve & bucky and not slash, but its amazing anyway. didnt even notice there was no romance.

4. The Pugilists //

5. Man of Steel //
metal arm porn because why not

6. A Hundred Miles //
oh look another metal arm fic. dont kinkshame me

7. Unusual Weather //
more arm porn.

8. To Be Vulnerable Is Needed Most Of All //
steve illustrates comic books. he is a huge nerd and completely adorable.

9. Somnophilia // 
i basically love everything this author has written.

10. The Blind Leading //
this is steve/winter soldier for some of it. pretty sure it squicks one of you but i dont remember who?

11. Sleep Away the Toils of Battle //

12. Operation Star-Spangled Double(s) //
THIS IS AMAZING and so funny

13. Not in the Regs //
lawyer/military au, damn this is hot.

14. I Understood that Reference //
au where Bucky but Steve is still captain america. BUCKY IS A LIBRARIAN IT’S FANTASTIC.

15. Not Another Supersoldier Fantasy //
there are captain america artificial phalluses. enough said.


1. Great Inaudible Feelings //
This fic is utterly amazing. I cry every single time i read it. lots of stucky too.