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Metempsychosis, 1.

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Immortal!AU, Reincarnation!AU + Slight Soulmate!AU / Fluff, Angst + Smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None

Summary: Being everlasting certainly has its perks, but loving someone who does not have that privilege and reborn continually is not one of them.

Count: 2838 words.

Note: Thank you, @dimplecoups, for being in my inner circle and reading it over. This will be a three part series, and is told in Jimin’s POV.


And yet by death did life procure.

Various of theories are justificatory weaved in regards to our existence—that we either originated from a spiritual entity or created by a grand phenomenon. In the circumstance of a unique individual, he was produced by both; stars run in his veins for he is the embodiment of the galaxies, ethereal in every way. An enigma, some would say, yet was he truly a complex being? For the span of four hundred years, he had witnessed all that history could offer, but there was an uncomplicated reason for his melancholy: where was his moon? Where was his sun and stars, the one who was his celestial beloved? Surely, he was not meant to roam alone.

Or was he?

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“That the Japanese film is known at all in the West is due mainly to the pictures of Akira Kurosawa. That I am known both here and abroad is also mainly due to him. He taught me practically everything I know, and it was he who first introduced me to myself as an actor. Kurosawa has this quality, this ability to bring things out of you that you never knew were there. It is enormously difficult work, but each picture with him is a revelation. When you see his films, you find them full realizations of ideas, of emotions, of a philosophy which surprises with its strength, even shocks with its power. You had not expected to be so moved, to find within your own self this depth of understanding.” - Toshirô Mifune (April 1, 1920 - December 24, 1997)


Art School | Nathan Bell (Los Angeles, CA)

As one of the shows featured in our April First Thursdays, Los Angeles-based artist Nathan Bell’s upcoming solo show ‘Mixed Feelings’ will featured 400 works using materials such as french paper, coroplast, and mixed media.  Self described “introverted over thinker with a design background,” Bell expresses himself through the painted word, or rather words –a whole lot of them. Through experimenting with “language, typography and aesthetic,” Bell’s work focuses on thoughts, ideas, wordplays, inside jokes, reflections, all of which he has been creating for the last two years!  

We’re excited to feature him on Art School where we find out more about his works and words! From working with new materials to his process to what we should expect in his solo show ‘Mixed Feelings,’ which opens Saturday, April 22nd at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. 

Photographs by Katherine Sheehan

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Originally posted by lasvegas

Pairing: Crowley x Winchester!Reader
Word count: 703
: @aquananner24 I would like this one shot to specifically be written be @BigDaddyMongoose Could You write an Crowley x reader imagine where the reader wakes up married to Crowley after a drunken night in Vegas?

Groaning, you woke up feeling cramped. There was a weight on your side, you felt breath on your back, and you were pretty sure that a man’s leg was between yours. What the hell happened last night? You tried to lick your lips, but you needed water- badly. And maybe some aspirin. You’d decide that once you were less concerned about the man behind you, that you’d hunt that down.

You took his left hand in yours to get him off your side and froze. Right there on your left ring finger- was a wedding ring set. Not some out of the gumball crap, either. Whoever you’d gotten hitched to last night clearly opted for quality. And then you spotted a matching ring on his hand, as well.

“Too early.” Came a mumbled accent.

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Winter 2017 Anime Awards!

(From the ones I actually watched.)

Best Overall: 3-gatsu no Lion/ March Comes in like a Lion

Into the light.

With consistent quality during the second part despite a shift in focus, perfectly managed tone that never leads to excess sentimentality or overt levity, and a story that ebbs and flows with such grace that it melts metaphor and direct description like an impressionist painting, Chica Umino’s March Comes in Like a Lion remains the top spot for two consecutive seasons for the simple reason that it tells a rich story of individuals and making meaning.

In the first part, it introduces shogi professional, sometimes student, and introvert Rei Kiriyama and the facets of his life, particularly his close ties with the Kawamoto siblings. At the beginning of Part 2, Rei hugs the youngest Kawamoto sibling, Momo, and says that he has personal and professional matters to deal. While he sees the Kawamoto family as comfort and healing, he understands that he can’t come running to them each time. With a major tournament upcoming he stops visiting them and the narrative shifts to the lives of the Shogi players that he plays against. With their own dreams and regrets, he becomes an observer of their lives as he compares it against his own, not to pass judgement on his failings, but to see the possibilities there is to life and to recognize that in the end, there are no bad guys, just people driven by very different motivations and showing how they cope with the consequences of a lifetime of choices.

With another season later in the year and a two-part live action movie currently showing in Japan, the series deserves all the accolades it gets. And if you’re ever in the market for something substantial, with a deep, beating heart, this is your anime.

Best Drama: Youjo Senki, The Saga of Tanya the Evil

What is a god to an non-believer?

Tanya von Degurechaff is the fiercest, deadliest, and most cunning soldier of the Empire (Not-Germany) as they wage the first World War (Until it becomes muddled when they introduce a Panzerkampfwagen IV.). She’s also under thirteen years old and is hated by God, or a god.

Why is that?

The god sees Tanya has such little faith in him and has therefore cursed her: Should she die a death that is not natural, she will be taken off the wheel of reincarnation and sent to hell.

But why a kid? And why so much hatred for an individual?

While these questions are answered to an extent, the most important thing to consider is that these driving forces are what sets up Tanya as she is placed in conflict for most of the war as she struggles to survive. She puts in as many legal means as possible to leave the war, only to have her end up on the front lines anyway, whether by her own fault, or by divine intervention.

As she leaves a trail of bodies, her actions reverberate throughout the war as everyone slowly pushes down into a black hole, no matter who is winning. And as with the nature of war, there are no heroes, only murderers.

Best Comedy: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

“This anime is like every insane D&D story I have ever heard.” -henlp

The second season of Konosuba! continues the adventures of Satou Kazuma as he is pulled from the real world into a fantasy world where RPG game mechanics exist in reality. He’s accompanied by a Goddess who drinks too much and wastes her skill points on party tricks, a Wizard who knows only one spell (and collapses after every use), and a Crusader who can tank, but cannot hit any living thing with her sword (not out of principle, she just can’t hit at all). Also, that Crusader is a masochist.

“Insane and crazy” is the proper descriptor for the way the series is plotted, as comedic plot points are introduced and escalated versions of those plot points are put to use later on. The characters are made aware that they are in the mess they are in because of the solution that resolved a previous conflict made ample fuel for another. “It gets worse” is another descriptor as they are battered by bad luck and only somehow manage to escape as even their most competent moments are displays of excellence borne out of their utter stupidity. It’s a show that’s shameless enough to throw everything at a wall to make you laugh, and most of the time, what they throw in, sticks.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, Aga from Poland. :D I really love your fics. If you have time I have a prompt: It’s Derek birthday after he leaves town and Stiles drunk dialing. Bonus if Sheriff walks in and take his phone and wishes Derek happy birthday.

Oh, thank you!! <3

Since the fandom’s pretty much agreed that Derek’s birthday is on Christmas, I decided to use that here. Hope you enjoy!!

He’s had entirely too much eggnog to be left alone with his phone. His dad should know that. His friends should definitely know that.

But Scott’s busy, caught up in some kind of mating dance with Allison that involves hanging out awkwardly in doorways under the mistletoe and sending her sad eyes, and Lydia’s keeping Allison company at the other side of the room while she sends covert, longing glances back. His dad’s laughing with Melissa with that love-struck sort of look that’s been building up in his eyes for years long now, and probably hadn’t even noticed Stiles swiping the bottle, adding way too much rum after he’d ducked back into the kitchen with it. It’s a holiday, after all, and he’s allowed to have a drink to celebrate.

His dad just didn’t specify how much drink the drink was allowed to have.

So when Stiles ends up in his bedroom, staring at his phone, it’s everyone’s fault, really, and no one’s. Honestly it feels kind of inevitable. Him lying in his room, on the outskirts of the mating dances, scrolling idly through his contact list until he pauses on a familiar number. He has it memorized even though he probably shouldn’t, but this might not be the first time he’s opened up his contact list to stare at it these past few weeks. To look at the name typed out over the digits, to wonder at the way so few letters can leave his chest writhing with so many unresolved feelings.

He lifts his thumb, brushes across the short word fondly, and jumps as the phone registers an attempt to call and starts dialing.

Stiles seriously shouldn’t be surprised that it happened. He’s a clumsy, melancholy drunk, and it’s about time he accepts it.

The phone continues to ring while he stares, transfixed, at the tiny image of a phone blinking on his screen. Connecting… connecting…

It’s the phone’s fault, he decides. That stupid, sensitive touch screen, stirring up trouble by calling people it has no business in calling, just because Stiles had been maybe brushing his thumb across that name, thinking about hearing that stupid grumpy voice. And so maybe he’d been imagining the smooth screen was a rough, stubble-covered jaw, been half lost in imagining what it might feel like under his fingers… but that’s no reason for his phone to go ahead and call him.

And Derek’s surprised too, it seems like, because while Stiles is busy scowling at the stupid device, he answers, and there’s a startled lilt in his voice when he says Stiles’ name.

Stiles should probably just say he’d dialed the wrong number, or shoot out a quick, cheerful “Merry Christmas” and let that be that.

“You’re not here,” is what slips out instead, his hands clenching a little, his lips twisting into a pout that probably carries into his tone.

There’s a short silence from Derek’s end, and then an amused huff of air.

“Are you just noticing that?”

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Deucalion Farms (I)

Farmer!Bellamy, and yes, there’s a part II on its way.  Snaps to @reblogginhood for the name, and dedicated to the ladies who inspired this little series.

Bellamy can’t help it— he’s a farmer’s market purist.  Farmer’s markets should be for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and maybe a stand or two of honey and beeswax products.  It’s right there in the name, after all: farmer’s market.  It’s a market for farmers, and bringing in things like jewelry booths and artisan weavers just clutters everything up and brings in hipsters who claim to want farm-to-table produce but then expect him to have tomatoes six weeks after the season is over.  Octavia (if she bothered to listen to his rants anymore) would probably point out that it brings in more customers and more customers are probably a good thing, but he didn’t care.

So when the Arkadia Collective set up next to his stall, he got annoyed.  And as Miller was fond of pointing out, Annoyed Bellamy was a jackass.  Even the fact that the Collective appeared to be entirely staffed by attractive people his age did not dissuade him from being irritated at their very presence, so naturally on the first day of the season he snapped at the blonde woman who asked if he could help her manage a tent pole.  “I’m a little busy here,” he grumped, and Miller rolled his eyes and went over.

“Don’t mind him; he just hates people.  And places, and things.  He’s like the worst parts of April Ludgate and Ron Swanson combined,” Miller said and Bellamy narrowed his eyes at the lettuce in the back of his truck.  She laughed, and he he was even more annoyed to find he liked the sound, and thus began the worst summer of his life.

Her name was Clarke and she was an artist.  Which was bad enough, except she was a good artist and Octavia bought a bracelet from her and then Lincoln spent a whole morning lurking in her booth, talking to her about her process.  And look, Bellamy liked art.  It had a place in the world and he understood that meant that some people would dedicate their lives to it, but he had a knee-jerk resentment towards anything that felt like privilege.  And I want to make beautiful things felt like the sort of thing you would only choose if you hadn’t ever worried about where your next meal was coming from.

So he did his best not to be a dick to her, but mostly he failed.  “Deucalion Farms?  What does that mean?” she asked their fourth saturday, a smile that might have been teasing on her lips.

“It means what it means,” he grumbled, because Octavia already made fun of his history-nerd tendencies enough— he didn’t need her doing it too.  Clarke looked taken aback (which he did feel bad about; he was just so bad at deciding when people were genuinely interested and when they were mocking him that he usually just assumed the latter and went on offense) and after that, she never bothered to make polite conversation with him again.  Which sucked, because when she did talk to Miller or her customers, she seemed smart and funny and like the sort of person he’d like to get to know.  But he’d screwed up twice and people like him didn’t get second chances, much less third ones, so he chalked it up to a lost cause and sank deeper into his Pretty-Artist-induced funk.

It was a bright Saturday in late June when Kane stopped by his stall.  Clarke wasn’t around that day— Luna was selling her scarves from their booth instead— so he was in a marginally less grumpy mood.  The County Commissioner shook his hand with a genial smile that Bellamy returned.  “Haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while,” Kane said.  “Abby, this is Bellamy— he owns a farm down Highway 13.

Bellamy nodded to the woman next to him who bent over a basket of blackberries, her brown braid swinging forward over her shoulder.  She looked vaguely familiar, especially when she wrinkled her forehead in contemplation.  “As long as you’re not planning on widening the road anymore, I’ve got better things to do with my time,” Bellamy chuckled.  He and Kane hadn’t gotten off to the best start— Bellamy might have called him a fascist during a particularly heated meeting about the road— but he had come to admire him.  

“Maybe we’ll put it back on the agenda, if only to get you involved again,” Kane teased.  “I heard you were in asking about permits last week?”

Abby picked up a basket of berries and motioned to it with a still-uncomfortably-familiar smile.  “I was thinking of doing some renovations, yeah,” Bellamy said, accepting her cash and counting out change.  He stuffed the bills into his cash box and flipped it shut with a snap.  “Heating that house costs a fortune in the winter— I want to see if I there’s anything I can do to bring that down, but I don’t know what I can afford yet.”

Abby piped up for the first time.  “My daughter does green design— I’m sure she’d be willing to do a consultation for you, if you’d like; give you an idea of what’s possible and what it would cost.”

“That’d be great, yeah,” he said, and Abby fished around in her purse to find a business card.  Griffin Design, it said, with a logo of a tree and an email address and a phone number in tiny script at the bottom.  He curled his hand around it and slipped it into his half apron.

He’d call her tomorrow, whoever she was.

anonymous asked:

It's kind of hard to tell what Jonghyun fansites are active and not. Do you have a list of all of? Them the old ones if that isn't too hard to do?

lucky for you, anon, i have absolutely nothing to do right now so forgive me if this list seems a little more in-depth than usual or more in-depth than you were expected (or wanting, lol). i tried my best to split them into four categories: active, semi-active, inactive / on hiatus and closed. you can use this page to find direct links to fansite tags on the blog but a forewarning that i haven’t updated it for … a long time. i’d say well over a year - if not close to a year and a half so there’s a lot of newer fansites that are missing along with fansites that are closed that haven’t been moved into that category yet. i’m going to work on a new page for fansites when my university semester finishes tho! fansites that have a ♡ are ones that have opened in the last two months! it’s also likely that i may have skipped over one or two by accident but i think it’s pretty thorough otherwise.


active [criteria for: fansites that actively post. fansites that have posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last month. bolded sites are most active.]

agape (jongtae)
bam (ot5)
close to you
dankanbang (ot5)
dans ma bulle (jongtae)
decalcomanee (jongyu)
flos paradiso (ot5)
guilty pleasure
illpjontaem2 (jongtae)
ideal boy
jbluezyh ♡
j for you
jonghyun world ♡
love belt
maruko / jjongdppp
miracle (jongkey)
moment shiny (ot5)
only you
peach planet (ot5)
perfect reason
savior (ot5)
soundshine (ot5)
spring fantasy (ot5)
touchdown ♡
total: thirty five

semi-active [criteria for: fansites that semi-actively post. fansites that have posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last four or so months. the cut off that i’m going to make here, date wise, will be the year end gayo festivals.]

babe powder
base on you (jongyu)
bling effect
by all means
counting night (ot5)
dear. tender boy
first and foremost (ot5)
four season
hahadoris (ot5)
jjong jjong jjong
must romantic
promise (ot5)
something special
sunflowers0408 (germany based)
sweet poison
zorro (heena)
total: twenty four

inactive / on hiatus [criteria for: fansites that have either confirmed that they are on a hiatus from posting or that have not posted either high quality or preview fancams / pictures of jonghyun in the last ten months. fansites that have not posted any of the aforementioned but still tweet or retweet material onto their fansite twitters during that timeframe also fall in this category.]

20080525net (ot5)
abnormal temperature (jongkey)
almightyblings (jongkey)
caprice (jongyu)
dazzling diamond (ot5)
evening glow
graze (ot5)
head over heels (jongkey)
hello pocket boy
hohyun (jongho) (china based)
hohyuner (jongho) (china based)
holyblood (ot5)
hyunstar (china based)
i’m sorry
kimkibumssi (ot5)
little crazy
melt on you (jongyu)
mjeijkei (ot5)
never guess (ot5)
perfect score (jongtae)
rock on killer
teaone (ot5)
sweet candy (ot5)
until forever (ot5)
total: twenty seven

closed [criteria for: fansites that have either confirmed that they have closed or that have been gone for more than ten months without posting anything on either their fansite twitter or website. a note that most of these fansites went inactive awhile ago. fansites that have closed or went 10 onth+ inactive in the last year will have a ♡ after them.]

2btogether (jongkey)
5 diamonds (ot5)
april dream ♡
aya0_0panda (ot5)
apple eye
b-612 asteroid (jongho)
beloved (jongkey)
best place
bling sprite
brillantez (jongkey)
bunch of flowers
company j
contract of kims (jongkey)
dark room ♡
fatal attraction (jongkey)
feel so good
goodnight moon
honeyspirit (ot5)
hyunmin (jongtae)
kiss just heaven
kim brothers (jongkey)
let me die (jongkey)
look at me (jongtae)
love thank you like
midnight blue ♡
ming with bling (jongho)
mix match (jongkey)
mong for j
may and miracle
no doubt boy!
one in a million
onjong (jongyu)
panic station (jongkey) ♡
pink rabbit (ot5)
pride of j
temptmint (jongyu)
rainbow star
shineeing (ot5)
soul and sense
soulmate (jongkey)
strange romance (jongtae)
sympathy for jonghyun
take me out ♡
the bling
yoyoyuan (ot5)
total: sixty one

Happy April Fools, Ya Idiot

Originally posted by kxxkus

16. Can I have the permission to slap the fuck outta him?

REQUESTED (by prompt)

Summary: A prank planned by (Y/N) and Stiles doesn’t go as they expected it to.

Pairing: Derek x Reader x Stiles (plantonic)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Author: @jeffdavisspawn

A/N: Sorry its short

“He’s gonna be so pissed when he finds his car undergoes a complete sticky note frenzy.”, Stiles said mischievously.

“Yeah, but we get to hurry up because he’s getting from the store soon.”, I rushed.

Stiles and I had managed to cover half of Derek’s car with sticky notes. I mean, it was April Fools and Derek was the perfect candidate. He got overly anger at basically anything which made it even more fun to mess with him. As I placed a couple more pink sticky notes on Derek’s windshield, a booming voice erupted.

What the hell is this??!?!?!

Stiles and I exchanged panicked looks. Ones that clearly said, “Oh shit! We’re definitely dead!”

“What the fuck did you to my car???”, Derek roared as Malia entered the scene. Once she saw the sight, she burst out laughing.

I couldn’t get words out of my mouth except the one stupid phrase that sounded good in my head but unfortunately did not play out well in reality.

“Happy April Fools, ya idiot!”,I said merrily holding my hands out in celebration.

“(Y/N) made me!”, Stiles protested which earned a very disgusted glance from me.


“She-uh- threatened me with her wolfy powers.”

“Shut up both of you.”, Derek commanded irritated.

Taking a deep breath and curling my mouth into a wide grin, I spoke,

“Derek, Malia, can I have permission to slap the fuck outta him?”, I said calmly.

Malia cracking up, “Go at it!”

“Mal-Malia, babe, come on, seriously!”, said Stiles as he started running from me.

Some things never change...

Request: A quote request for Sirius and reader! - “I almost forgot that you did that.” “Well, some things never change.”

A/N: Hello my loves! This is my second to last request, and I should be able to post the final one tomorrow, and the first part of my fic the following day (but I will be making another, more detailed post about it tomorrow). This also means I will be opening requests back up soon, probably the first week of April as that’s when I’ve finished both, mock exams and prom (again, a more detailed post coming soon). Thank you very much for bearing with me, I have so much love for you all! xoxo

Chatter fills the corridor in front of the Great Hall, nervousness clinging to each word that sounds through the air. The few minutes left until the beginning of the N.E.W.T. exam are brimming with the rushed reading of notes and hasty exchanges of questions and anxious answers.

In the crowd, Y/N spots Sirius Black, his slim frame leaning against a marbled wall, dark hair falling over the defined edges of his jaw. She expects to see the same frenzied expression on his face that seems to stick to all the others surrounding her, but a flip of black hair reveals a dazzling smile, filled with an unexpected confidence.

“You don’t look nervous,” she states, her brows knotting into a confused frown as she tilts her head to the side.

“That’s because I’m not,” his grin widens with his response.

“You do know what’s happening here in like 5 minutes, right?”

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Yuri on Ice Fanfic Rec List

Here are some of my favorite YOI fanfics so far! :) This list will be updated often! If you have any suggestions for fics that I can add, feel free to message me. 

Last update: April 23, 2017

My organization is kinda weird and all over the place right now since I’m constantly updating this, but basically it goes from my favorites of all time from each ship, and THEN to the rest of the series, then to the multi-chaptered fics, then to the one-shots.. If that makes sense lol. Sorry. ^-^’;

Also, let me add: I was originally going to list how many chapters each fic has, but some are currently ongoing! Therefore, only the series/fics that are COMPLETE will have the number of chapters listed so that I don’t have to update this every day. :) And another thing: I have fics separated by the main ship. However, many of the Victuuri fanfictions I have listed also have Otayuri on the side as well, so I apologize if some of you don’t really like that too much. Thanks for understanding!

Note: Most of these are explicit rated. ;)

Update: Removed the majority of my “notes” sections, because my wording just bothers me lol. 


————- Favorite Victuuri Fics ————-

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood and MapleTreeway

Rating: Explicit

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: 13

Words: 186,584

He’s finally here in this lovely and quiet little beach cottage, and the rest of the year seems to stretch out infinitely before him. Time will pass, though, and it will pass faster than he realizes, but in the meantime he will stop worrying about writer’s block and deadlines and not even having the foggiest clue what his next novel’s going to be about, and live.

New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.

And Viktor will be damned if he doesn’t find out just what those secrets are.

Victory of the Night by c0rnfl0wer

Rating: Explicit

Type: Series

Part 1- Meet Me By the River:

Chapters: 1

Words: 11,527

Every Kupala Night has come and gone without his attending, but now that Viktor Nikiforov is getting older and taking over the position as leader of his village, he has to start taking his life in a different direction. He wasn’t sure whether he expected anything at all in this way. But when Yuuri catches his wreath, he finds the path he had always longed for.

Historical/Mythology AU based on Slavic mythology and traditions, specifically Kupala Night - a midsummer celebration involving merrymaking in a few different ways.

Part 2- Ivan da Maria:

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Rusalka: a living-dead aquatic spirit in folklore that varies in their attitude toward humans.
Navka: a subdivision of the Rusalka, known for its charming cruelty.

Viktor never minded when human civilization built up around him, or when other spirits began sharing the waters with him. He easily dominated every tradition that the centuries presented; that was what he minded. No one wants to be known for tragedy. No one wants to be subjected to loneliness and despair forever. No one wants to drag their beloved one down. Everyone wants a happy ending, even if it isn’t in their nature.

Separation Anxiety by Okaeri_Kairi

Rating: Explicit

Type: Multi-chapter. Main fic of the Haven series.

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Deep in the dark, unsettling back alleys of St. Petersburg, a network of rival families makes up the heart of the mafia that runs the city’s underground. Of these, none is more feared than the Nikiforov family, an infamous group that is said to be led by a man of cold blood and steel. Viktor, the son of the previous boss, knows only too well just how frightening this man is.

He is, after all, married to him.

Notes: Mafia AU. Major content warning for rape/non-con, as well as child abuse, suicide mention, torture, and a LOT of violence.

Rivals by Reiya

Rating: Explicit

Type: Series

Part 1- Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches:

Chapters: 14

Words: 197,690

‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

Part 2- Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts:

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Viktor doesn’t remember the first time he met Yuuri Katsuki.

This however, is what Viktor does remember…

You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV

Rating: Explicit

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help.

Notes: Omegaverse AU.

Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0

Rating: Mature

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

In which Yuuri spends a 25 hour flight next to Victor Nikiforov, skating legend, and feels it might simultaneously be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.

Set at the start of the series, if Yuuri and Victor had never met at the banquet and Yuuri never skated Victor’s routine.

katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian

Rating: General Audiences

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: 7

Words: 12,744

Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.

(aka a social media fic)

My Notes: Social media format. This cured my post-episode 12 depression.

Masquerade by Ashida

Rating: Explicit

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.

“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.

Notes: Mafia AU. Content warning for violence, blood, gore, etc. 

Faded by martialartist816

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 6,283

Victor knows only two things: that he’s very drunk and that Yuuri looks very good in that suit.

Notes: PORN. VERY, VERY GOOD PORN. This is my favorite oneshot of all time and I HIGHLY FREAKING RECOMMEND IT. This oneshot is my #aesthetic and if it was a person then I would marry it, no questions asked. The line about the skyline is what got me tbh I am so wEAK for that type of sappy shit and it was such a visual line that I could picture the whole setting clearly in my head and hoooooo I just REALLY love this fic. 👌👌👌 Read it now.

Trembling Hands, Smooth Jazz, and You by SuggestiveScribe

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 10,785

Yuuri swallowed past the tightness in his throat, “Am I the one being interviewed now?”

“I just want to know more about you,” Viktor responded. “You write so much on your blog and within media, but none of those words are ever about yourself.”

Music filled the momentary silence. “There’s not much to say,” Yuuri eventually answered.

“There’s always something to say.”

Notes: Journalist AU.

10 Kinks Challenge by anirondack

Rating: Explicit:

Type: Series

Parts: 10 (too many to link here, sorry!)

Words: 55,570

10 fics about 10 kinks for Victor/Yuuri. 

centripetal force by braveten

Rating: Explicit

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: 10

Words: 85,800

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

the death of a bachelor by exile_wrath

Rating: Teen and Up (may be subject to change?)

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

In which Victor is at the top of the (criminal) world, and ends up falling for the hot bartender that works at a Giacometti speakeasy.

Alternatively: In which Yuuri is a bartender with a thing for the hot patron which could probably kill him but also wants to have sex with him. To be fair, Yuuri is pretty down to sleep with him too.

But things don’t go as planned, sometimes, and rather than Victor finding someone to warm his bed for a night, he finds Yuuri, who offers him an intimacy and care that he had never thought he’d have. And in turn, Yuuri finds someone achingly lonely but willing to open his heart so they can both be together in a way they had only dreamed of.

————- More Victuuri Fics ————-

Of Love and Other Emotions by smudgesofink

Rating: Teen & Up

Type: Series

Part 1- Fascination: 

Chapters: 1

Words: 1,198

Victor didn’t understand it at first but Yuuri has such a deep fascination with every part of his body.

Part 2- Silliness and Stolen Shirts: 

Chapters: 1

Words: 2,764

“You’re,” Victor begins in a stammer, and wait, are the tips of his ears turning pink? “You’re wearing my shirt.” Yuuri looks down at himself once again, and sure enough, it’s Victor’s wine red shirt that’s hanging off his body.

In which Victor is weak for the Boyfriend Shirt, and Yuuri doesn’t realize he is, too.

Part 3- Hold Me Tight: 

Chapters: 2

Words: 11,556

Katsuki Yuuri is not a tactile man. Anyone who’s spent a minute with him can tell you that much.

Victor, however—

To say that Victor is touchy-feely is the understatement of the century.

So when Victor just stops touching Yuuri, without explanation, without reason, it makes for a painfully jarring experience.

(Alternatively titled: Five Times Victor Hugs Yuuri, and the One Time He Doesn’t)

Notes: Content warning for homophobia in part 3.

Quad Lutz by iamalivenow

Rating: Explicit

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Victor falls in love with Yuuri every single time they touch each other.

Yuuri loves him from the beginning.

Notes: Kinky.

In Regards to Love by martialartist816

Rating: Mature

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A 

Each chapter is a drabble for either Eros or Agape. These drabbles tell stories of Victor and Yuuri, ranging from all sorts of AU’s. The songs are what they skate to during their duets.

Notes: My favorite drabble is the summer camp one. :)

Spurious Beauties and Excellencies by pseudocitrus

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 3,674

No one seems to find all this touching unusual at all, even though the mere thought of anyone thinking so is enough to make Yuri feel like he’s replaced his face with a pool of lava.

Notes: Porn.

Patience by martialartist816 

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 3,505

“You said you wanted me to do something that would excite you.” Yuuri’s voice sounded cool and even above him. Victor suspected he wore a small smile. “This is what I thought of.”

Notes: Two words: Bottom. Victor. :) I actually read this when I was out at dinner with my mom and her gf. It was a very good dining experience! :D

Talk to Me by SuggestiveScribe 

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 3,929

There was a bouncing shift of weight, and suddenly a silky voice was at Yuuri’s ear, “Hey Yuuri, is it possible you like when I speak Russian?”

Yuuri groaned.

Viktor’s lips ghosted right beneath Yuuri’s ear, gently sliding over the sensitive flesh of his neck, “I can speak Russian to you, if you like.”

Watch by SuggestiveScribe

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 7,869

“You have pretty legs, Yuuri.”


Distraction by SuggestiveScribe

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 7,968

“Yuuri, let’s not think about that,” Viktor said, holding out his hands. Yuuri set his other skate aside. “You should take your mind off it; maybe seek a distraction–”


“–Anything to disengage from the nega–” Viktor stopped, blinking. “Wait, what?”

Yuuri rose back to his feet, moving to stand in front of Viktor. Emotion burned at the edge of his irises, and in the limited light his stare flashed more crimson than brown, “I said, ‘okay’.”



From Almaty, With Love by BoxWineConfessions

Rating: Explicit

Type: Series

Part 1- From Almaty, With Love: 

Chapters: 13

Words:  71,776

It’s quiet here. Even if the car alarm on the neighbor’s goddamn BMW has been going off for the past twenty minutes. Quiet, even though the alarm’s got the neighbor’s dog howling like crazy, and the neighbor works second shift and isn’t there to comfort the dumb dog.

It’s quiet…They haven’t spoken to each other since that morning, when Yuri went off to go see his tutor, and Otabek went off to do whatever the hell it was he did in the mornings before he hit the rink.

“You’re used to the noise?”

“Yeah, but…I think I like the quiet too.”

Or: Yuri spends the summer with Otabek in Almaty.

Part 2- Line and Verse: 

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Yuri was once told that the best stories have no ending. Otabek has never had a problem in turning the page and beginning a new. Together, they write new chapters.Prequels, sequels, and oneshots from the “From Almaty With Love” universe.

Lame-Ass Handjobs by martialartist816

Rating: Explicit

Type: Series

Part 1- Something More Involved than Lame-Ass Handjobs: 

Chapters: 1

Words: 3,792

Otabek is too damn perfect. Plain and simple. It frustrates Yuri to no end, but he loves him all the same.

Part 2- Something More Involved than Lame-Ass Blowjobs: 

Chapters: 1

Words: 3,392

A sequel fic, following how Yuri and Otabek celebrate first and second place at the Cup of Canada.

Eyes Like a Soldier by emblems

Rating: General Audiences

Type: Series

Part 1- Run in My Veins:

Chapters: 2

Words: 1,602

Fifty sentences for Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky.

Part 2- Play to the Fullest: 

Chapters: 1

Words: 1,699

Yuri suggests they ditch the banquet early. Otabek, of course, can’t find it in himself to say no.

Notes: I read this series when my brother was getting his first tattoo. Pretty neato.

OtaYuri A/B/O Series by i_like_my_eggs_benedict

Rating: Explicit

Type: Series

Part 1- You’re Worth It: 

Chapters: 1

Words: 8,173

“Yuri Plisetsky hated heats. Everything about them. The confusion, the mess, the inconvenience. But most of all he hated feeling vulnerable, like a wounded animal left on the side of the road. He bemoaned the fact he had presented as an omega every single day of his life. Even more so when he was in heat.He only slightly stopped feeling complete and utter contempt for his biology when Otabek Altin presented as an alpha. 

Part 2- In The Moonlight: 

Chapters: 1

Words:  2,491

A sequel to You’re Worth It.

Notes: Omegaverse AU.

Nothing More Than What We Have Now by Ren

Rating: Explicit

Type: Single-chapter

Words: 2,819

"Just kiss me,” Yuri murmurs against Otabek’s lips.

Otabek’s whole body is drawn tight with want. “It’s never just kissing with you.”

Notes: Quiet sex while Grandpa is in the other room. ;)

Multiple Pairings:

Yuri on Ice Omegaverse by DomesticProwess

Rating: Explicit

Type: Series

Part 1- No Man’s Land 

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Presenting as an omega was one of the single most traumatizing events in Yuri Plisetsky’s life. As he struggles to move forward with his relationship and career, he learns that coming to terms with himself and his past is harder than he ever would have dreamed. AU take on life after the Grand Prix Finals.

Part 2- Love or Something Like It

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

Present. Bond. Pregnant. Repeat. The cycle of an omega that Yuri had hoped to never fall into. He was given no choice.

A companion piece to my story No Man’s Land, in which Yuri is bonded with Victor as a young omega and has his first child at the age of eleven.


ice gays by LuckyStarship & MikeWritesThings

Rating: Teen & Up

Type: Multi-chapter

Chapters: ONGOING

Words: N/A

There’s an esteemed academy dedicated to ice-skating somewhere in Alaska. It’s open to all nationalities, religions, and more. A certain group of students has a group chat entitled 'ice gays.’

It’s Mila’s idea.

Notes: Texting/group chat format.

And that’s it so far! I will be updating as possible. Once again, if you have any fic recs for me that I should add to my list, please message me!


The primary reason why I’ve been out of Tumblr lately is first, I have shitty internet connection. And second, I have no idea about what I should post.

A great part of the first three months of my 2017 = dedicated to watching and catching up on different TV series—both Korean and American. Recently, I finished watching the season finale episodes of Legion (which is totally cool, btw! I totally recommend it!), This is Us, and HTGAWM S3.

But while I was lounging on my bed, and being the lazy-ass couch potato that I am, I realized that all of these shows actually bring out the CA student in me. (Heads up! Basically, my program involves media and communications, and I want to be a scriptwriter for either film or TV shows.) So, I finally decided that I’ll be reviewing all the shows that I’ve watched, ever. And maybe I’ll turn it into a super organized blog series. So now, I’m introducing Fast-Forward, a blog series (by well, me) that is dedicated on reviewing shows that I love, cry on, and broke my heart.

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April Fools, Inc.

this is a welcome home gift for my incredible beautiful amazing awesome daughter @gabriels-horn-of-truth - and what better to celebrate her return with than ridiculous mushy sabriel amirite or amirite)))

(of course there’s angst too. have u met me)


Sam’s phone begins to ring somewhere after 7 pm and he freezes in place, not sure if he’s hearing things. It’s one of his older phones, one he hasn’t used for a long time. He listens to its cheerful outdated ringtone while he rummages through the nightstand drawer. The phone sits at the very back, wedged between an old notebook and another old phone. He pulls it out, hesitates for a split second, and presses the green button.


“May I speak to Sam Winchester, please?”

“Who’s – um – who’s asking?”

“This is Molly from April Fools, Inc., and I’m calling to confirm your standing order for tomorrow. You have the Deluxe Package, so there’s quite a few options available for you. Can you spare a few minutes of your time and answer a couple of questions now so that we can narrow it down and set you up with the best solution possible?”

“Uh,” Sam says. His head is spinning, and he isn’t sure why. It’s probably just a mistake. Wrong number. Wrong Sam Winchester. “This must be a mistake. I didn’t order anything from you.”

“Hold on a moment, please.”

Sam hears a click and the first few bars of some standard elevator music worm into his ear. It’s a bit too loud, so he winces and moves the phone away.

“Mr. Winchester?”


“I apologize for the inconvenience, it appears that the order was placed in your name by a Mr. Tuesday. It was paid for in advance, so all we have to do now is get those specifications for your order – if you choose to accept it, that is.”

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Post-its and Paperclips April Fool’s

A/N: Fun little update for this silly holiday. Happy April Fool’s!

{ ffn } { ao3 }

She’s going to kill him.

Robin’s sense of humor, the joy that he gets out of the simple everyday pleasures of life is one of the things that Regina has come to love most about him. Embraces the way that he’s able to draw those light, breathy laughs from her or make her grin until her cheeks ache. But today, she’s going to kill him.

There are post-it notes spread over every available surface of her office. They cover every inch of her desk, her monitor, the back of her desk chair. A glance toward her tackboard reveals that he’s decorated the entire thing with them as well, a cheesy bright pink post-it smiley face interlaced between the bland, pale yellow colored ones.

He’s a child. Clearly. It takes Regina a minute to even comprehend what she’s looking at before she realizes the date. April 1st. Of course. She should have expected it of him. Hadn’t she listened to him and Roland plot and scheme at how they were going to prank Uncle John only a few nights ago? At the time, Regina hadn’t thought anything of it. Had actually found the image of the burly man gagging on toothpaste filled oreo cookies and his soda exploding in his face quite entertaining in fact. The man’s positively addicted to coke.

She’s not feeling as amused now that she’s faced with an office covered with paper, hardly any surface visible.

Irritation sizzles through her has she stalks into the room and drops her purse to the floor, hastily grabbing at the tiny paper squares while muttering curses under her breath. Stupid April Fool’s. Stupid charmer and his damn adorable dimples. Her stupid heart for falling for the irritating man. He never would have dared pull such a stunt before they were dating. As she rips the paper from her monitor, she notices that he’s written little notes to her on several of the squares.

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anonymous asked:

have you heard of the theory that vld will include lotor and sincline? what do you think? it could explain the armour and weapon differences for the webloom galra and the one in the fighting ring.

I haven’t, but that’s… an interesting idea. I suppose the theory would be that the one in the arena is Lotor (he’s making a very public appearance and he’s the one Haggar sent for, also that arena clip was billed as “Prince Lotor revealed” even though it was an April Fool’s joke I don’t know if they’d go so deep as “ha ha, you thought that was Lotor”) and then that the one Keith encountered in the Weblum would be Sincline?

It definitely intrigues me, especially if we are going off the idea that no one person is going to replace Shiro as Black Paladin but Keith and Lance will come to operate more closely as co-leader figures- since that was a bit of the dynamic they had in Force- because it’d set up a perfect counterpart to that if Lotor and Sincline operate as a team. 

Especially because the figure in the arena is depicted with a sword nearby, and Weblum Galra uses a gun- one is Keith’s signature weapon, one is Lance’s.

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Becca/Cadagon Spec

This post is purely speculative and I am aware that it is highly unlikely to happen but I did want to share the results of a massive Crowdfunding Meta:

I was discussing the discovery of the “Season Save” for each Season and when it occurred and we realized that the answer to the Season’s problem is never put into play until the Season Finale, but the way to save the Season is typically hinted at/foreshadowed episodes before:

In S1, they used hydrazine to create a Ring of Fire in Episode 113, but hydrazine and it’s explosive capabilities are first introduced in 109.

In S2, they irradiated Mt. Weather with Clarke and Bellamy pulling the lever, but Clarke pulling a lever (and introducing radiation to the Mountain) is foreshadowed in 201, Clarke put her hand on a lever and Jasper said if she pulled the lever everyone would die. 

In S3, Clarke unites the Flame and the City of Light chip to destroy ALIE and the CoL, but ALIE 2.0 (the Flame) is hinted at in 306 with Raven asking ALIE why there’s a second version of her code and Murphy’s discovering of the wall art detailing Becca’s return to Earth. 

In trying to find the Season Save for S3, however, I actually hit on a conversation between Jaha and Murphy in episode 301:

Murphy: “She’s the one who ended the world!”

Jaha: “Wrong. She didn’t end the world, she saved it.“

Jaha also says later: "With the added power, A.L.I.E. Was able to complete the work she began with her creator a hundred years ago.”

Which made me think: 

Was the City of Light always the plan? Because the above sentence from Jaha clearly states that ALIE completed work, so perhaps when Jaha says ALIE saved the world maybe he meant it literally? She saved the world? In digital form?

And that ^^^ made me think about ALIE’s original purpose. What was it? We know her core command was to “Make Life Better”. But what was the actual problem she was trying to solve? ALIE identified the problem as “too many people”, but this is obviously not what Becca intended. So then I began to think was Becca using ALIE to create a map of the world (i.e. the City of Light) that could be used as what was essentially the Matrix, and if so why did she even think that was necessary? 

Because Becca and ALIE had almost completed their work on the City of Light before Becca locked her away and she didn’t expect ALIE to launch the nuclear missiles when the began working on the City of Light. 

So Sam raised the question of when creation of the City of Light began. And that’s when Cadogen entered the equation.

We already know that Becca and Cadogen were connected. Maybe Becca was a part of his doomsday cult? We know that The 100 has a fascination with the numbers “13″ and “12″, with 13 typically being an unlucky number, 12 Space Stations-One blown out of the sky, 12 Clans-Arkadia being the 13th, etc. What if there is a “13th” level to Cadogan’s cult.

What if that 13th level is where the Cryo Chambers (this speculation was original @rosymamacita‘s) are located, and what if the the 13th level isn’t just Cryo chambers, it’s Cryo Chambers AND the City of Light chip combined. Therefore when people were in the Cryo Chambers and sleeping they could still interact with one another in the City of Light. 

I hit a brief roadblock when thinking about the fact that Cadogen seemed to be anti-tech in the Second Dawn video Bellamy, Jaha and Clarke watched in 403, but that doesn’t really seem to be possible when one considers that his symbol is found on Becca’s microscope in her lab and even in the bunker that serves as her crypt. 

Which led me to the idea that perhaps Cadogen was “anti-tech” for the purpose of raising money. He used fear-mongering to create the anti-tech hype in order to get more money to fund Becca’s work, in the articles Sam and Gina pulled from 403 people were paying up to 10,000,000 dollars to unlock the 12th seal.

And that thought led to another thought: 

What if Abby’s line about Becca using the radiation chamber to test cures for cancer wasn’t a throwaway line? Remember, in the City of Light you can get rid of all of your deformities? Why build that into its programming without a reason? What if the Cryo/CoL situation was initially being used to save cancer patients who might have been getting close to death?

Which prompted the following in Sam: Maybe the City of Light was the original “make life better” plan, because it was a place to go to get rid of deformities and pain. When Becca asks ALIE how she plans to fix the root problem, she’s EXPECTING her to say virtual reality, instead she says “too many people”    and so the CoL never gets finished because Becca locks ALIE away.

Perhaps  it was meant to be “make life better for people suffering from ailments" not just “make life better”.

More from Sam on this line of thinking: What if the CoL was originally something you could visit? Like if you had loved ones stored in there, you could spend a couple hours with them before returning to the real world? But ALIE decided that the CoL was better than the real world so when she developed it without Becca, she made the chip unremovable. 

Chris (Becca’s boyfriend) had to have been working with Becca and Cadogen. When his friends find him (the ones who were there when ALIE showed Becca her new avatar coincidentally) they say: “I knew it. The news was wrong. It wasn’t China. The stupid son of a bitch let A.L.I.E. out.” What if Cadogen’s followers were getting antsy because they were funneling money and not seeing any results? Cadogen gave his anti-tech speech only 2 weeks before ALIE launched the nukes, what if Cadogen released ALIE and only planned to launch one nuke to show his followers that the threat was real and so they should keep paying? 

Either way I know we haven’t seen the end of Cadogen and I suspect we’re going to be seeing more of Becca as well

So…..lots of thoughts here, compiled with the help of @forgivenessishardforus @ginalou16 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all

Feel free to add on, comment with yay or nay, etc!!!

If You Only Believe / Peter Pan (OUAT) Fanfiction


So, this will be a five part fanfiction about you and Pan (as in readerxpan). I will upload when I feel like it and have a competed part. I hope you enjoy this, let me know if you do; I apologize for spelling or grammar mistakes, gifs aren’t mine. You will find the other parts on my page if they’re out, don’t worry!

Word count: 1732

Warnings: Fluff, smut, violence, self hate, possessive/obsessive!pan


As every other night you sit in your cosy armchair in your rooftop bedroom. Still living with your parents is normal for people your age, but still you don’t like the idea of not having the freedoms you wish you had. The boy dressed in green walks back to you after picking a book from your huge collection – a positive thing about living with your parents once again, an endless amount of books. He hands it over to you and seats himself in the armchair next to yours. You smile at the title, he had you read the story to him at least two times already.

„You know, you should be able to read this by yourself, you’re probably just around my age? Sixteen?“

„Of course I can read, I just want to hear the story read by your voice. It’s lovely,“ he said, his eyebrows moving in a funny yet attractive way, can he even help his eyebrows wiggling all the time? It is indeed distracting. His dark green eyes flash in the low light.

„Well, then…“ You smile.

You tell the boy the story about the girl, the one that lived in a futuristc ,dystopian universe; the world parted into groups of people, each group with their kind of tasks for the world. The girl that learned to fight and love after getting into a whole new world, only by changing the group of people she counted herself to.

„A gust of air presses against my left side, throwing my body weight to the right. I gasp and cling to the rungs, my balance shifting. Four’s cold hand clamps around one of my hips, one of his fingers finding a strip of bare skin just under the hem of my T-shirt. He squeezes, steadying me and pushing me gently to the left, resoring my balance.“

„This girl, she is one of the bravest I have ever heard of…“

You laugh: „Are you in love with her? That is making me jealous, my friend!“

After a few hours the boy – he never told you what his name was, saying it is a secret only few would keep to themselves – fell asleep in the armchair. You look at him for a while.

You wake up and rub your eyes. You open them and see a shadow gushing along behind your curtains, probably a crow… did I leave my window open?

It is a Sunday, Sundays are boring to you. Your parents make you go to church every Sunday, no matter how often you tell them you don’t believe in a god. You believe in a lot – magic for example – but not god. Why you believe in magic? You believe because you want it to be true. If nobody believed  magic, how could such a thing exist? You don’t believe in a god because you don’t want someone to have control about how your life goes by. Not you parents, not your school and teachers and not a supernatural power. You want to be free, live you life however you want to live it.

You look for your keys,  are they on your desk or in your bed or dresser? You find them within a few minutes. Of course they were still in your coat, meaning you had to go downstairs in your pajamas and go through every coat your wore recently. After you got back to your room you pick out the fitting key and open your bedside drawer. You shouffled through your most precious belongings until you pull out your diary. Yes you have a diary, however embarassing it may be. It looked extremely badass with the pastel rainbow cover.

You looked through the pages for about quarter an hour until you decide to write another entry, using your matching rainbow pastel pen with the pink fluffy tip – as manly as you come – you got from your best friend before she went on an exchange to New Zealand for a year. Obviously, she knew about your bedside drawer, your diary and other things in there.

Hey there Diary,

I dreamt of the boy again. I don’t understand where I am supposed to know him from. I have never met anyone that look like him and… you only dreams of people you have met at some point in your life, right? This is causing me so much confusion; I constantly wonder who he is or where he comes from or why I always sit in my room and read books to him. I have never ‘seen’ him somewhere else in any of my dreams. Magic is the only possibility, I guess.

Anyways, it is Sunday. Churchday. I think my parents should let me live my own way and stop pushing their habits onto me and expecting me to like it. Maybe playing sick would rescue me from sitting in church…

-Sunday, 10th of April, 2017


Today your parents wondered why you came home from school hours too early again. You don’t feel like telling them, they will find out fast enough, when your teacher calls them or your principal sends out a letter to them. They shout at you, wanting you to tell them „What stupid thing you have done again.“ You run upstairs and lock yourself up in your room.

You don’t know what you should do now. How to get rid of the anger slowly but surely building up in your stomach? You decide to write everything off of your soul.

Hey Diary! It’s me again…

I really don’t understand the people in my school… or just people in general. Justin, you know – THE Justin – made me nearly kill him. It was about Y/BF/N again, how I’m all alone without her. Only that this time it escalated into me kicking him straight in the nuts and getting on top of him…

I guess I need some more me time now, I should read something or just… lie there…

-Monday, 11th of April 2017

Also, you wrote down every word of the fight with Justin you remember on the next pages of you diary. Since you are definitly not in the right mood to read a nice book, you decide to put in your headphones, lie in bed and calm yourself down by listening to your favorite band. You close your eyes. Listening to your music helps for a few minutes only, after these few minutes you can’t help but think about the fight again…

After chemistry class you walk to the cafeteria to get yourself some breakfast, maybe a breakfast burrito… You walk pass the table all your school’s bullies gather in breaks to plan on which student to piss off next, today was your big day.

„Eh, Y/L/N! All alone again, huh? Your little friend still on the other side of the world?“

„Oh, ugly… what do you want to know?“ You don’t have time for anything of those cockhead’s shit and, after dropping one of your neatly prepared lines, you try to just keep on walking to the cashdesk.

„Let’s be honest, Y/BF/N only left so she doesn’t have to kill herself, huh? I mean, hanging out with you all the time, it’s the only other way she could have gotten away from your bullshit…“

What he said hit a switches in your body. Without really being able to control yourself you head back to the guy’s table and you feel your face tighten.

„What the fuck did you just say, Justin?“

He grinned in return, slowly standing up to walk to you, his face close to yours.

„She would kill herself if she only had to be your 'best friend’ for one more day, right? She probaly doesn’t even keep in touch with you in any shape or form.“

With that you tightened up and your knee went up to his crotch. His face reddens and he kneels on the floor in front of you.

„You stupid little slut!“

This time your push him on his back and sit on his chest. Multiple times your fist hits his face and you start crying. As your teacher walks up to you with swift strides you hit Justin one more time and hear and feel his nose crack under your pressure. You repress a satisfied grin.

„Miss Y/L/N, you come with me!“

You wait for the priniple in his office. He walks in after letting you wait for about ten minutes, his face in a slight frown.

„Miss Y/L/N, you are one of this school’s most valued students, you are highly intelligent, have an insane amount of opportunities and still, you decide to get yourself in trouble as often as you possibly can. I don’t know whether you hit your schoolmate for a reason, so I want to hear you explaining to me exactly what happened back in the cafeteria this morning.“

You explain him everything in the most detailed way you can, not leaving out the swearwords just for the sake of comedy. This whole fight is sort of funny to you, due to its satisfying ending.

„Y/N, I understand how the things the boy said to you must have hurt you, but as you are taught in first grade, probably in kindergarten already, violence is no solution for conflicts. You have an agression problem, which must be fixed. We will let your parents know to sign you up for psychiatrist.“

Without saying anything you leave his office and walk back home. If they think you have an aggression problem they have to stupid, if Justin didn’t try to get you to escalate, you wouldn’t have done that. It is your choice wheter you visit a therapist or not. Neglecting your free will… just as grown ups do…

Your music stops. You reached the last song in your playlist, what an achievement. You take out your headphones and open your eyes and let out a long breath. As you turn around you see someone sitting in your second armchair. It is the boy in his green clothes, your diary in his hands. Are you even asleep? You pinch your arm multiple times but you don’t awake.

„Uhm,“ you start, but you’re soon interrupted.

The boy turns to look into your eyes.

„I have never heard of those kinds of adventures, Y/N. You must be very strong to live through them!“


Part 2


Genre: Fluff

Do Kyungsoo X Reader

Synopsis: You’re an exchange student that lives with EXO on the only coloured house among the white ones in the street. 

Author Notes: I wanted to try writing a fluff series bc I got bored writting smuts but this probably will turn into a smut in the future. From what I’ve written until now Yellow House is my favorite history, but I want to know what you think. Hope you enjoy it. xx

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3

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Yahoo Movies exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson by Kevin Polowy

How familiar were you with the source material for Lost City of Z? Had you read David Grann’s book?

Yeah, James gave me the book when it was a totally different script. Or I may have read it long before there was even a script at all. I think at the time he was thinking about me to play Percy’s son. Because I must’ve only been about 21. And then I just kind of stayed with it as time went on, and it went through all these different casts. [Laughs]

It sounds like the script changed a lot through the years. What were the biggest changes made over time?

When I first read it, it was a straight action movie, like Indiana Jones. It was this rip-roaring adventure movie, and not this kind of epic, elegant saga that takes place over 30 years.

Costin is a much more minor character in the book. What did you build off of to shape him?

Well, I always thought with Percy’s character it would be a good idea to have a foil. I always interpreted Percy’s character as this man determined to fix the reputation that he thinks he’s deserved, and which his father has ruined for him. … He keeps going back to the jungle again and again and again, just to fix this insecurity. So I liked the idea of Costin being this character who basically had a total disregard for the English aristocracy or any kind of social climbing whatsoever. So he didn’t really want to bring anything back from the jungle, anyway. The entire point for him was just to go because he had nothing to live for in England.

How much information was out there about the real guy? Any sense of his military career?

Well, Costin in reality was a refrigerator salesman. There was an advert in the Times of London saying, “Adventurers Wanted.” That’s actually how he got the job. [Laughs] He was one of the only people who applied for it. But he was in the army — he was a physical fitness instructor. But really, I liked the craziness of just applying to be an adventurer.

You rock some pretty rad facial hair in this movie. Did that look grow on you — pun intended — or did you not care for it?

By the end, I was definitely over it. But at least when you’re shooting a movie with your face covered, there’s very little makeup to be done. It was definitely a “Get out of bed and that’s it” situation. That helped in the middle of the jungle.

You’ve played lead roles, you’ve taken supporting parts — this is more of a supporting role in an ensemble. Do you have a preference these days?

There are certain directors I just really want to work with, and you bring what you can to a part. But in some ways it’s kind of nice [to play a supporting role]. It is a little bit liberating because you don’t have to concentrate on the narrative thrust of the story. You’re just purely thinking about character and just embellishing it a little bit. But with this, I would’ve played any part in it, pretty much.

Costin has some great lines in this movie. I think one of my favorites is when you say to Hunnam, “We’re too British for this jungle.” Did you guys feel out of your element filming in the jungles of Colombia?

No, I really loved it. I guess in some ways, it was kind of hard. But it’s just incredible, going to work every day in a little boat, going up river in the middle of virgin jungle in Colombia. It was very, very close to being on vacation, to be honest. [Laughs]

But the type of vacation where you couldn’t eat anything?

Well, yeah. There’s a certain degree of harshness, and we were trying to lose as much as weight as possible in a really short period of time. So I guess there’s that element to it. But there’s a reason those guys wanted to keep going back as well. It’s amazing.

Do you consider yourself pretty adventurous? Could your relate to that thirst for exploration?

Yeah, definitely. I do sometimes find myself gravitating toward a job just because it’s shooting out in the middle of nowhere. If I’m shooting in a city, generally it can become a repetitive scenario. If you have anyone taking pictures on their phones, it just constantly reminds you of the reality of your life. And I find it becomes a little more difficult. Whereas if you’re out in the jungle and everyone is on the same page as you, you just sort of believe in character a little bit more.

What is your own personal Amazonian adventure? What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career so far?

I don’t know: I’ve done things which I thought were going to be really risky, which ended up not being risky at all. I generally try to keep finding ways to push the envelope as much as I can, and whenever I get the opportunity to do it, I generally try to take it. But I don’t really worry about taking risks, to be honest.

What’s something you thought was risky that ended up not being so?

I did this movie years ago called Bel Ami, which was at the height of all the Twilight stuff. It was this Guy de Maupassant novel about a guy who seduces women specifically to screw them out of their money and ruin their lives. I thought that was a relatively subversive choice to make at the time. [Laughs] And no one really seemed to think the same thing.

What is your relationship with your Twilight fan base these days? Has the madness that surrounded your life calmed down at all?

It’s definitely calmed down in terms of my everyday life, but mainly because I spend more time in London, which is totally different. And I’m doing more parts that just sort of interest me, while in a lot of ways taking a little bit of a step back just to learn and get better. I guess I’ve never really acknowledged what the fan base is, or even if I have one. [Laughs]

Oh, you have one.

But, yeah, I’m always pretty curious about what people say afterward, and who turns up, who likes the movie. It’s always kind of random. But I love it when someone who you just really wouldn’t expect says, “Oh, I liked you in this.”

What films have been most unexpected?

It’s always just really strange. I’ve done a bunch of movies which I thought might’ve been impossible to be seen. There was this film Little Ashes, where I played Salvador Dalí, from years and years ago, and just the other day I was walking down the street and somebody came up and said, “Oh, that’s my favorite film!” You kind of forget that people even watch your films. [Laughs]

What do you think of all the universe building that is going on in Hollywood right now and the possibility that they could reboot Twilight and expand its world? Could you ever see yourself playing Edward Cullen again?

Really, they’re expanding it? So I’ll get my own spin-off? [Laughs]

Potentially! It could be called Edward: Homecoming.

Yeah, exactly.

But would you ever dip back in if the opportunity presented itself?

I mean, I’m always kind of curious. Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But, yeah, I’m always curious.

What type of role haven’t you been offered yet that you’re eager for?

I sort of, to a fault, rely a little bit too much on being inspired by things that land on my doorstep. I literally just did this movie called Good Time, which I think is a really interesting role. But I would’ve never, ever predicted that I would’ve liked it. [Pattinson plays a New York bank robber running from the police.] I think that he’s basically the embodiment of an angry commenter on the Internet.

That sounds great.

Well, if you watch the movie you’ll probably be like, “Huh? What are you talking about?” But one of my favorite things to do — this is quite embarrassing — but you know how when you look on Amazon and you see a product that’s got a consumer review that is so scathing, on like an electric toothbrush or something? Like, literally buying this toothbrush has ruined this person’s life. I always click on that person’s buying history, or their other reviews, and I’ll just read them for days and days. And I’m really amused. These people just have to vent this kind of furious anger on product reviews. I’ve always found that sort of character really interesting. [Laughs]

“The Lost City of Z”, opens today April 14 2017 in NY and LA, with a wider release on Friday, April 21.

Nirvana in Fire Post Ending Fic Recs (ENG)

Updated: 20th April with six fics

Nirvana in Fire Fanfiction Recs (English language) From the wailing and gnashing of teeth on tumblr it seems there’s a new crop of brave souls venturing into Nirvana in Fire. Hello all! Please remain hydrated throughout the ride. 

 I’ve put together a rec list of post-ending fics to support you when you’ve finished. There be SPOILERS under the cut, so please only read if you’ve finished the drama.

If anyone knows of any I’ve missed please feel free to add :) 

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