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Thought of the day (while reading a “gender marketing” translation with painfully outdated views): I am really, really sick of us only talking about “gender” when women are involved.

A surprising number of important realizations could be made if we develop the habit of talking about gender dynamics even – perhaps especially – in the context of all-male or mostly-male groups.

How does it affect productivity, public image, collaboration, negotiating, client acquisition, etc. to have any group of people involved be entirely men? What effects does this drastic gender imbalance cause in its environment?

LET’S TALK ABOUT GENDER AND MEN, PEOPLE. Gender is not an exclusively female domain.

Me, interviewing the director of basically any film ever: “So let’s talk about the extreme gender imbalance in the casting of this film. What was the thinking behind that? Was there a particular statement you were trying to make, a satirical observation on the politics of society, perhaps? That kind of came out of left field, when we watched the film and all the parts but one were men. Can you tell us a little about the background of that?”

Director: “Um… I didn’t actually consciously think that much abou–”

Me, interrupting: “Come now, don’t be modest! That was a fascinating artistic decision! The drastic disparity between the number of men and the number of women in the film makes it clear to even the most casual viewer that gender is a central theme in this story. Can we delve into that a little bit further?”

Director: “…”

This would be a fun tack to take in regard to race, too.

“I noticed something very interesting about your film, which is that every single one of the leading roles is played by a white actor. Clearly there’s some conceptual message you want to communicate with this creative choice. Could you talk about that?”

Director: *sweats nervously*

On Making Your Altar

a witch’s altar is as versatile as each witch’s craft. there is no concrete formula for assembling one. it is an expression of each witch’s craft and what they find they need. some may find a specific part of the altar vital, while others will never use it in their life. you can place things where you like, or structure it to a specific tradition. you dont need to include everything, you dont even have to set up an altar at all if you dont want to. 

some general ideas to include:

tools of the craft - whether it is traditional tools of a witch, such as cauldron, athame, besom, etc, or tools more specific to your craft, makeup for a beauty witch or potted plants for a green witch, etc, you may like to keep them all in one spot.

books - you may have an area of books if you like, books you use for reference, or even your own grimoire. 

spiritual connections - you may keep reminders of your ancestors if you work with them, or statuettes or symbols of your gods, or even spirits you often work with. 

spell materials - if you like to do spell work at your altar, you may like to have spell materials, such as herbs, crystals, candles, jars, etc, in one easily accessible place. 

materials of worship - altars are just as often used for deity worship as spell work, which can use a number of its own instruments and effects. a cup for wine, a dish for offerings and another dish for incense, whatever the religion dictates, whatever you feel is important. 

People who complain all the time about lesbians wanting to retain butch and femme as terms intimately connected to lesbianism are honestly so deeply self-centered that it’s absurd. Imagine looking at a contemporary culture set on erasing every single aspect of lesbianism that many of us hold close, from the term, to the concept, to our attractions not being phrased properly, to the specific way lesbianism connects a lot of women to other women not just sexually but broadly, seeing a group of women struggling to even be allowed to name ourselves let alone realize and act on our sexualities in the face of a culture which wants us to collapse into any number of categories, from “queer” because it is more progressive to no longer seeing yourself as a woman if you’re too gnc, and going “Uh those mean dykes won’t let me have this word that I want because I think it’s pretty.”

It’s not even like we’re in the majority- the culture that’s set on erasing lesbianism from its conceptions of sexuality has already almost fully appropriated our terminologies and concepts to be for everyone rather than for lesbians. So a few lesbians on the internet retain a special respect for a historically important way of living and seeing yourself in relation to lesbianism, and that’s too much? Fuck you honestly.

PSA for kids close to moving out

Im a junior three months away from the summer and I need to plan out my life and become an adult really soon to efficiently cut off my abusive parents, so I have some adulty tips and advice for people who will soon be gone but are totally confused on how to do the adult thing

☆Learn what credit is and get a credit card as soon as you can while youre employed
Credit is basically a score you get to track how ‘reliable’ you are in terms of paying back the bank (which is how credit cards work. Ex: you pay 20 dollars for some shoes with a credit card, the bank pays it. At the end of the month you repay the bank 20 dollars for that purchase) as opposed to a debit card where you put money in and spend it basically like a digital wallet, but you need credit. Many loaners (college kids im looking at you) and landlords look at this to see if you are reliable to pay rent or loans. So make sure you get a job for at least a year before you move out to collect credit

This is super important for documents and benefits, like insurance, passports, and even jobs.

** have some form of identification (drivers licences work best)

*try to get your license as soon as possible, not only is transportation vital but its also one of the best forms of identification

**have three copies of your birthcertificate

I know im probably missing a bunch so please comment more but i hope this helped ❤❤

Y'all are aware….that media can be progressive without being flawless right? Media is like people, because guess who fuckin makes it: people.

That doesn’t mean “oh worship this and sweep criticism under the rug!” but like….you can acknowledge progression in even problematic content.

Any media progression we’ve had in diversity has still excluded any number of other groups. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a significant step made /that hadn’t been taken before./ it doesn’t mean it can’t be normalizing things that haven’t been normalized before that need to be.

And everyone is fully allowed to point out that importance. Just like humans, its not wholly black and white. We can watch, enjoy, or talk about what certain pieces of media have done to create more acceptance for certain groups, and we can criticize its shortcomings.

It doesn’t have to be “either boycott it or stan it.” like. That’s not how it works.

dear evan hansen

today is going to be an amazing day and heres why: because today um all you have to do is just be yourself so. BUT ALSO CONFIDENT that important and interesting like easy to talk to approachable BUT MOSTLY BE YOURSELF thats the big one like thats number one: be yourself. just um just be true to yourself so. also tho dont worry abt whether your hands are gonna get sweaty for no reason and you cant make it stop no matter what you do because theyre notgonna get sweaty so i dont even know why youre bringing it up bc its NOT GONNA HAPPEN bc all you have to do is just BE YOURSELF.

wanna one as instagrammers

yoon jisung

  • selfies tht make everyone cry for days
  • asks questions via his captions and actually responds to everyones comments
  • always open to taking pictures w people he bumps into and actually posting them on his acc

ha sungwoon

  • complains abt how much he hates using instagram
  • still uses instagram on a daily basis
  • got verified like a week after he made his ig and no one has any idea how

hwang minhyun

  • king of bright colors
  • 50 diff pics of him posing in front of different walls but for some reason it all goes together rlly well
  • a bunch of celebrities are following him bc they thought he was a model or actor or smthn

ong seongwoo

  • annoyingly aesthetic
  • his pics are always on the explore page
  • all of his captions r bad memes but he acts like hes serious and everyones rlly confused tbh

kim jaehwan

  • uses at least one emoji per caption
  • sometimes posts vids of him singing but accidentally mutes it so he has to reupload it like 5 times
  • always putting crazy stuff on his ig story

kang daniel

  • has a column dedicated to his cats. note: theyre not doing anything interesting but he still posts them like theyre The Most Important
  • “please stop using my selfies on p*rn sites??”
  • gets upset when he doesnt have a lot of ppl joining his livestreams even tho he literally has hundreds of viewers

park jihoon

  • uses the max number of hashtags but says tht its still not enough
  • watermarks his selfies bc people keep reposting them for the “aesthetic”
  • spontaneously decides to delete a bunch of pictures bc “they didnt fit”

park woojin

  • u can tell he always takes pics in the same room but no one cares
  • forgets to @ people tht he takes pictures with
  • forgets his password and has to remake his acc multiple times even tho he has the same password for everything

bae jinyoung

  • never takes his own pictures
  • has like 10 diff accs for diff things (ie: aesthetic, ootds, selfies, flatlays, etc)
  • uses rlly weirdly specific hashtags tht dont even have anything to do with his posts

lee daehwi

  • randomly posts a makeup look and makes everyone emotional
  • editing goals
  • doesnt reply to any comments, but likes the ones tht are rlly extra in their compliments

lai guanlin

  • always tags his location
  • hasnt changed his @ since he first made his account
  • his icon is a meme candid of himself but the rest of his content is super visually pleasing ???

(more w1 social media imagines here)
Almost every big claim Donald Trump just made was false
Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.

Andrew Griffin at The Independent:

Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.

He appeared to wrongly claim that he was responsible for a vast reduction in the price of the F-35 jet, as well as falsely characterising a report into the problems of immigration.

The President’s speech made contested claims about the value of immigration, his success in office, his plans for tax reform, and healthcare coverage.

While much of the speech was focused on the same rhetoric that Mr Trump led his campaign with – including a commitment to bring jobs back to the US and boost the military – he also made a number of factual claims about his work as president.

Here are some of those false claims in full, as fact checked by the Associated Press.

TRUMP: “According to the National Academy of Sciences, our current immigration system costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.”

THE FACTS: That’s not exactly what that report says. It says immigrants “contribute to government finances by paying taxes and add expenditures by consuming public services.”

The report found that while first-generation immigrants are more expensive to governments than their native-born counterparts, primarily at the state and local level, immigrants’ children “are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the population.”

The report found that the “long-run fiscal impact” of immigrants and their children would probably be seen as more positive “if their role in sustaining labour force growth and contributing to innovation and entrepreneurial activity were taken into account.”

TRUMP: “We’ve saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by bringing down the price” of the F-35 jet fighter.

THE FACTS: The cost savings he persists in bragging about were secured in full or large part before he became president.

The head of the Air Force program announced significant price reductions in the contract for the Lockheed F-35 fighter jet Dec. 19 — after Trump had tweeted about the cost but weeks before he met the company’s CEO about it.

Pentagon managers took action even before the election to save money on the contract. Richard Aboulafia, an analyst with the aerospace consulting firm Teal Group, said there is no evidence of any additional cost savings as a result of Trump’s actions.

TRUMP: “We will provide massive tax relief for the middle class.”

THE FACTS: Trump has provided little detail on how this would happen. Independent analyses of his campaign’s tax proposals found that most of the benefits would flow to the wealthiest families. The richest 1 percent would see an average tax cut of nearly $215,000 a year, while the middle one-fifth of the population would get a cut of just $1,010, according to the Tax Policy Center, a joint project by the Brookings Institution and Urban Institute.

TRUMP: “Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labour force.”

THE FACTS: That’s true, but for the vast majority of them, it’s because they choose to be.

That 94 million figure includes everyone aged 16 and older who doesn’t have a job and isn’t looking for one. So it includes retirees, parents who are staying home to raise children, and high school and college students who are studying rather than working.

They are unlikely to work regardless of the state of the economy. With the huge baby-boomer generation reaching retirement age and many of them retiring, the population of those out of the labor force is increasing and will continue to do so, most economists forecast.

It’s true that some of those out of the workforce are of working age and have given up looking for work. But that number is probably a small fraction of the 94 million Trump cited.

TRUMP: “Obamacare is collapsing … imploding Obamacare disaster.”

THE FACTS: There are problems with the 2010 health care law, but whether it’s collapsing is hotly disputed.

One of the two major components of the Affordable Care Act has seen a spike in premiums and a drop in participation from insurers. But the other component, equally important, seems to be working fairly well, even if its costs are a concern.

Trump and congressional Republicans want to repeal the whole thing, which risks leaving millions of people uninsured if the replacement plan has shortcomings. Some critics say GOP rhetoric itself is making things worse by creating uncertainty about the future.

The health law offers subsidised private health insurance along with a state option to expand Medicaid for low-income people. Together, the two arms of the program cover more than 20 million people.

Republican governors whose states have expanded Medicaid are trying to find a way to persuade Congress and the administration to keep the expansion, and maybe even build on it, while imposing limits on the long-term costs of Medicaid.

While the Medicaid expansion seems to be working, the markets for subsidised private health insurance are stressed in many states. Also affected are millions of people who buy individual policies outside the government markets, and face the same high premiums with no financial help from the health law.

Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation says “implosion” is too strong a term. An AP count found that 12.2 million people signed up for this year, despite the Trump administration’s threats to repeal the law.

But a health care blogger and industry consultant, Robert Laszewski, agrees with Trump, saying too few young, healthy people have signed up to guarantee the stability of the insurance markets.

TRUMP: His budget plan will offer “one of the largest increases in national defence spending in American history”.

THE FACTS: Three times in recent years, Congress raised defence budgets by larger percentages than the 54 billion dollars, or 10%, increase Mr Trump proposes. The base defence budget grew by 41 billion dollars, or 14.3%, in 2002; by 37 billion dollars, or 11.3%, in 2003, and by 47 billion dollars, or 10.9%, in 2008, according to Defence Department figures.

TRUMP: “According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted for terrorism-related offences since 9/11 came here from outside of our country. We have seen the attacks at home - from Boston to San Bernardino to the Pentagon and yes, even the World Trade Centre.”

THE FACTS: It is unclear what Justice Department data he’s citing, but the most recent government information does not back up his claim. Just over half the people Mr Trump talks about were born in the US, according to Homeland Security Department research revealed last week. That report said of 82 people the government determined were inspired by a foreign terrorist group to attempt or carry out an attack in the US, just over half were native-born.

Even the attacks Mr Trump singled out were not entirely the work of foreigners. (name withheld out of respect for the victims), who along with his Pakistani wife killed 14 people in the 2015 attack in San Bernardino, California, was born in Chicago.

It is true that in the immediate aftermath of September 11, the FBI’s primary concern was with terrorists from overseas feared to be plotting attacks in the US, but that is no longer the case.

The FBI and the Justice Department have been preoccupied with violent extremists from inside the US who are inspired by the calls to violence and mayhem of the Islamic State group. The Justice Department has prosecuted scores of IS-related cases since 2014, and many of the defendants are US citizens.

Be Mine, Valentine.

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and your long-time boyfriend has planned an extensive scavenger hunt… with quite the twist at the end. 

Warnings: LITERALLY 250% FLUFF 

(also, general lack of knowledge about a “berry picking farm”… you’ll see) 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

Words: 3,033 (SORRY NOT SORRY) 

Special shoutout to my main homie and fellow scorpio, @hamilbye, for fangirling over this earlier. I really needed that confidence boost. You’re my fave ♥♥ 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you following me or reading this! I love you all and just picture me sweeping you all in for a huge group hug because that’s what I would be doing if you were all in front of me. 

You were unsure of the time you were woken from your sleep, but you knew it was early. Even with your curtains drawn, you were acutely aware of how dark it was outside. Shaking off your sleep and trying not to trip over your own feet as you shuffled across your floor, you arrived at the door. Simultaneously tugging your hair into a ponytail and peeking to see who was at the door, you were surprised to see no one standing in the hallway of your building. Perplexed, you opened the door to check again. Peering out into the hallway, you shivered in the cold air conditioning the building ran and almost missed the envelope with your name written on it. You bent down to pick it up and stepped backwards back into your apartment, closing the door behind you with your foot. Leaning your back against the door, you tore the envelope open. You never were one for patience.

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i want to address an issue that i’m seeing around the rp community more and more these days. multiple people have approached me about this in just the last THREE DAYS, and that number is much higher than it should be ( not to mention, there are probably HUNDREDS that are silent ).

the issue?


now the kindness campaign was started in attempts to counter this negativity and hatred, but it seems that some people have neglected to get the message / take the hint. there are many reasons why people seem to bully others over the internet, but a lot of it comes down to them being unhappy in their own life, therefore wanting to screw up everyone else’s. they target those that are kind, those that don’t deserve to be given such a hard time, and i’ve seen how this affects those bullied first hand. IT’S NOT OKAY TO BULLY PEOPLE. in no way is it okay, and there is never a scenario for it to be okay.

why people don’t understand this is beyond me, but i want to do all that i can ( WITH YOUR HELP ) to try and counter this even further. don’t let people bully others. if you know something is happening, approach them. if you don’t want to do that, talk to someone. if you are the one being bullied, talk to someone before you make a decision that could change your life and everyone else’s around you.

THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. talk to people that have experienced what you have, and even people who haven’t, because people can be good and a lot of people do want to help. not everyone is as bad as that person messing with / threatening / being mean to you. don’t lose faith in everyone because one person is so unhappy with their life that they have to try to ruin yours. you are important and you aren’t alone.

The Spirit Vessel

Home of the Spirits, the ideology of the Spirit Vessel spans countless faiths – and rightly so, for it is an “instrument” matched by few in the witch’s arsenal. The Spirit Vessel exists for a number of reasons: it is a grounder – a fetish that binds spirit to our physical plane and builds a bridge between worlds, but – more than that – it is a home, an abode in which the spirit energy dwells. Some are used to trap and harness the energy of the given spirit – so that it may be employed to do practitioner’s bidding, but others exist to house that sacred energy – not with entrapment, but with respect. That is not to say the former is not respectful, only that voluntary bonds exists as oath and agreement. It is a symbiotic, mutual source of power – a hearth by which to draw the force of the arcane. One that bonds both parties. In this aspect, I refer to the Higher Spirits – Gods, the Messengers, and Liminals, though vessels can be employed with equal success to the Dead – specifically ancestors, as a way to draw from the ancestral power – often relying on blood and earth.

Given the vast differences from path to path, I bring a stripped set of instructions: general principles that can be built upon to specialize the vessel for your “camino.”

Begin with the Vessel. What this vessel is depends heavily on both tradition and personal tastes. Possibilities are endless, though cauldrons, ceramic vases, wide-mouthed jugs or basins, even jars can all be utilized effectively. For most, I prefer an opaque, lidded vessel – though for my Spirit Cauldron dedicated to Rosa Caveira, I used a non-lidded cauldron (go figure). This is in line with her fiery energy which lends itself well to iron and sulfur – both of which are present.

One of the most important steps (and one often glossed over) is to treat the Vessel. For my cauldron, I bathed it in high proof alcohol and oils and set it alight. Given its dedication to Rosa Caveira, I did this in her Land – the Cemetery. I also lined the inside of mine with graveyard dirt, which I mixed with the same alcohol (along with flammable oils) and sculpted up the walls, then fired again to create a ceramic-like liner (in part to prevent rust – as iron will readily do so).

After treatment has commenced, it is time to bless and bond the Vessel – which can be as simple or as intricate as you wish it to be. While it was still alight (and since I went heavy handed on the oils, it stayed lit for quite some time) I danced with it in the graveyard. Spinning this flaming cauldron and singing joyfully to the spirits and My Keeper. I explained that this home was forged in her name, gateway between worlds, and a seat for her energy. I drizzled it with rose oils steeped with Herbs of the Dead and my own blood to “seal the deal.”

If that wasn’t fun enough, the last portion consists of Decoration – a term I use loosely, as these same “decorations” will undoubtedly serve a purpose. I filled mine with herbs, sulfur, curios, all of which corresponding to her. Every now and again, I’ll take some of the permanent items out and set the offerings alight. As is forged in fire, so must return. After which, I return the permanent items and place it back beneath my miniature terreiro – which then constantly draws from its energy.

As aforementioned, this general process can be employed for any number of spirits and traditions – even those without a vessel-history. In a sense, it can be equated in part to an altar – as I leave offerings therein and use it as a source of power to draw from. However, given its nature, it can be packed around with me for particularly powerful rituals on the go – which is a particularly useful facet. I’ve also been known to feed any troublesome spirits or energies to it, wherein they may be devoured and purified/concentrated. It is very important to “feed” the vessel, for – as I said – it is a mutual relationship. If you take, it is only right that you return – lest you be cut off from its power.

I don’t know if its just me or anybody else have noticed the number on Kaneki and Touka’s face during their wedding ceremony. i don’t even know whether it’s right or not, but let’s just take a look at it, it might lead us to the possibility of something in the next chapter right ? but at the end, it all depends on how Ishida Sui wants to do it, not our prediction or else. 

Kaneki’s Face - Number 13 ( Death Tarot Card )

Death is symbolic of the ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important. You must close one door in order to open another. You need to put the past behind you and part ways, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. It may be difficult to let go of the past at times but you will soon see how important it is so that you can bring renewal and transformation into your life. If you resist these necessary endings, you may experience pain, both emotionally and physically but if you exercise your creative imagination and visualise a new possibility, you allow more constructive patterns to emerge.

The Death card contains elements of a sudden and unexpected change. You may feel as though you are caught in the path of sweeping change and cannot escape its effects. Though the immediate thought is toward the negative, an end need not mean failure. The loss could be a series of unexpected surprises that bring an end to a period of turmoil or problems. You feel you can no longer go along with the status quo and want things to change radically. Many changes are going to take place to enable a new direction to emerge.

Finally, Death is an indication that you need to learn to let go of unhealthy attachments in your life to pave the way to a fuller, more fulfilled life of deeper meaning and significance. Death teaches you to let go of outworn and outgrown ways of life and move forward. This is a perfect card to use to break a bad habit or pattern of behaviour. This is a time of eliminating excess and cutting out what is not necessary in your life. This may be a good time to purge old belongings, memories and ‘baggage’ that is getting in your way.


Death reversed typically reflects that you are on the verge of major change but for some reason, you are resisting making that change. You may be reluctant to let go of the past or you may not know how to make the change you need. You are still carrying harmful aspects from the past that may interfere with the opportunity you have for a new beginning. You are refusing to accept change and you are resisting any element of change that may arise in your life. As a result, life has stagnated and you are feeling ‘stuck’ in limbo.

Assess the way in which you are approaching change. You may find that you are in fact halting the very change that will be to your benefit. You may fear the new but rest assured the time is right to accept the new. What is important, too, is that you address and resolve whatever issues are blocking your acceptance of change as soon as you can so that you are then free to start your new journey. Pursuing your new journey now, without having resolved the past, may actually lead to unintended outcomes, so best you deal with what is preventing you from changing first.

Touka’s Face - Number 3 ( Empress Tarot Card )

The Empress shows a deep connection with our femininity. Femininity translates in many ways – beauty, sensuality, fertility, creative expression, nurturing – and is necessary in creating balance in both men and women. The Empress calls on you to connect with your feminine energy. The Empress may also indicate pregnancy or birth.

The Empress is a deeply nurturing and caring card. If you are a mother yourself, you may be exploring your ‘mother’ role even more deeply than you have before and truly appreciating the gift that has been bestowed upon you. You are blessed by maternal, protective forces or influences.

More broadly, the Empress encourages you to connect with others by nurturing, caring and supporting those around you. Find ways to support dialogue and open communication, creating a space to openly express your feelings.

The Empress indicates that the Universal energy is about to intervene in your life. It may be just enough to give you a glimpse of a miracle or it may be even more. You may or may not know whom or what brings such good fortune but the care and nurturing that will result come as no accident. What appears to be coincidental good luck may actually be the result of a series of good choices you have made. It is your turn to have things work out in your favour, to be blessed and to feel nurtured. Know that you are worthy of receiving this loving embrace.


Reversed, the Empress suggests a loss of personal power through placing too much emphasis on another person’s emotional or material needs, thus neglecting your own. The reversed position of this card deals with indecisiveness concerning others and confusion about the direction a relationship may be taking. You may also be finding it difficult to work cooperatively with others. 

In a relationship reading, the Empress reversed suggests that you are feeling very challenged because you do not have an avenue to express your true thoughts and feelings and you are obliged to bottle a lot of it up inside. You need to share your feelings with someone so that you can understand them and get in touch with your inner self. This card can also suggest a dependence on other people’s feelings, indicating that you may be playing a waiting game now to see how your partner reacts and what emotion he/she displays. It is best not to do this but instead work through your own emotions independently of him or her.

You may also be overprotective of someone you love and this is straining your relationship. Be mindful that you are not becoming a smothering, demanding mother. Are you ‘mothering’ your partner, friends, or family too much? Be careful not to overdraw on the characteristics of the upright Empress.

More generally, the Empress reversed indicates that you are feeling discontented because something is missing or lacking in your life, or because you want to find something creative, meaningful or fulfilling to do but you do not know what. The Empress reversed may also indicate issues with pregnancy, whether it is infertility or an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s tempting to think of Facebook as pure entertainment — the dumb game you play when your boss looks away, or your date goes to the bathroom. But that’s underestimating how powerful the Facebook empire has become. For some, the app is more important than a driver’s license. People need it to contact colleagues, or even start and build businesses.

It’s hard to know how many people rely on Facebook for work, but NPR interviewed dozens who do. Their stories reveal an unsettling fact: This Silicon Valley giant — one that has woven its way into the lives of more than a billion people — can be a black box, silent about how it makes decisions.

While some have been frustrated about censorship, for a number of users, there is another concern — livelihood.

Building, And Losing, A Career On Facebook

Illustration: Lily Padula for NPR


Goliath Heron

The Goliath heron (Ardea goliath), also known as the giant heron, is a very large wading bird of the heron family, Ardeidae. It is found in sub-Saharan Africa, with smaller numbers in Southwest and South Asia. This is the world’s largest heron. The height is 4-5 feet, the wingspan is 6–7 ½ feet and the weight is 9–11 pounds. In flight it has a slow and rather ponderous look and, unlike some other herons, its legs are not held horizontally. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me some about tarot cards? Im getting the golden thread deck next week. Im highly interested in it, but know very little.

Hello Dearie!

Is there anything in particular you want to know? I’ll put some general info down but you’re welcome to send me a message with further questions if I don’t answer them for you! I wasn’t sure if you were looking into the history of tarot cards or ‘ohmygodihavethisthingwhatdoidowiththething???” So I kinda answered both to the best of my ability. 

History of Tarot (ish)

-Tarot goes back as far as the 15th century when it was just a card game. It wasn’t until the 18th  century that it started being used for divination (Wikipedia is my source because as much as I love you all, I’m too lazy to do real research) 

-Traditional Decks: A good beginner deck is the Rider Waite Deck. It has the most ‘universal’ imagery that a lot of decks are based off of. A  traditional deck is made up of the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has 22 cards starting with the Fool and ending with the World. Major Arcana cards usually represent major life events or changes. The Minor Arcana is Made up of 4 Suits (Wands, Pentacles (sometimes called coins), Cups, Swords). Each Suit has ten numbered cards (Ace-Ten) and four Court or Face cards (Knight, Page, Queen, King), and usually has an element or area of your life related to it. Court cards can often represent an important person in your life. 

-Non Traditional Decks: There are so many tarot decks out there, not all of them will follow the imagery or ideas of the Rider Waite deck. They’ll often come with a guidebook that helps you understand their imagery and whatnot. 

“I have this Deck. What do I do with it?”

-Start by taking a deep breath and remembering that tarot is meant to be fun. Sure, we’ll get scary and deep and meaningful readings, but ultimately we’re here to have fun and bond with our decks. Tarot is meant to guide us, not be set in stone. They tell us what could/ will happen if we stay on the current path we’re on. 

-Get to know your deck and bond with it. Each deck has a different personality.  There are several ‘deck interview’ spreads you can do. I personally like this one and this one. Doing some sort of interview will help you learn the limits and strengths of your deck. You can also pull a card a day, spend time really analyzing it, the imagery, the meaning, what it makes you think of or feel. Bond with your deck by shuffling it absentmindedly while watching TV or listening to music. Sleep with it under your pillow, or take it in your bag when you run errands. Let it get to know you and your energy. 

-Find your reading style: How do you shuffle? For how long while asking your question? Do you cut the deck or pull the cards straight from the top? Each deck has its own preference so make sure you take that in mind as well, but do what feels most comfortable for you

Okay, now you’re ready for a reading. 

-Start by picking a question. Open ended is usually best. Shuffle the cards while thinking of your question. When you’re ready, pull as many cards as you need (this can be for a specific spread or just pulling a certain number of cards. I usually do 3 or 5). 

-Decide if you’re reading reversals or not (I’ll get to that soon). take a look at each of the cards individually, think about what they mean to you. Take into consideration how they interact. Each card has its own meanings, but combined with the cards next to it can be even more important. Try to look at the bigger picture as well as the details

-Don’t be afraid to be critical. There are times, rare times, where the cards just don’t work. None of the cards make sense together or in your life. Sometimes this is because what they’re talking about hasn’t happened yet, but sometimes you just have a bad spread, it happens. Shake it off and reshuffle if that’s the case. 

Tips, Tricks, Random things

-Reversals: Reversals are when you draw the card and its upside down. There are lots of ways to interpret reversals. Some read them as the opposite of the original meaning of the card, some read them as the person is experiencing a block in the area of their life the card appeals to. Others see it as excess. Some people don’t read reversals at all. This can be a personal preference or have something to do with the deck. My oracle deck doesn’t like reversed readings, so if a card in that deck is drawn upside down I just flip it right. With my shadowscapes deck I try to look at it intuitively before deciding if the reversal means anything at all. 

-Jumper Cards: These are cards that literally jump or fall out of your deck as you’re shuffling. Some believe that these cards really need to be paid attention to. Sometimes you just did a really poor job shuffling. Just like with reversals, its up to you to decide what to do with them. I tend to put it aside and see how it fits with the rest of the spread before deciding if its important or not. 

-Stalker cards: that one card you pull every time. Every. Time. For a while I was pulling the Emperor in every single spread I was doing for others. Ugh, it was torture. Stalker Cards will appear over and over until you get the meaning its trying to present to you. They’re important and should be paid attention to. @oceanwildatelier has this really cool idea of going through your deck each day, finding the card, and looking at the card on either side of it to get some deeper insight into what its trying to tell you. 

-Spreads: you can use them if you want, but you don’t have to. There are several 3 card varieties, and tumblr is a great place to find all kinds of spreads for every situation. I like to use them sometimes, but most often I just pull three or five cards depending on how in depth of a message I want. 

-Yes/No Questions: some people can do yes/no with tarot. I personally find it very difficult because my cards don’t give me consistent answers this way. The Easiest way to do yes/no with tarot is to ask your question and flip over the card. If its right side up, it’s a yes. If its reversed, its a no. You can also do this with three cards, two up or all up means yes, two down or all down means no. 

-don’t be afraid to joke around with your deck. I call my cards sassy all the time because they are. I’ve spent several minutes shuffling and redrawing spreads because I didn’t want to hear what the cards had to say, just to get the same cards over and over. I called them sassy and rude each time. Like I said at the beginning of this post: the cards are meant to be fun, don’t get too stuck up in the process, find what works for you and only use them if its enjoyable for you. 

Remember that tarot is meant to be fun, but it can hold a lot of meaning if you let it. If you pull a spread warning you of something big and scary to come, listen. Don’t let the fear consume you, but be alert. There is power in these little bits of card stock and ink, as weird as that is sometimes. 

ummm… I don’t know if I have anything more to say for now… peeps feel free to add to this, or send me questions if there’s something more specific you wanna know about!

joeyleechan  asked:

So Yuzuru Hanyu has a new ad and Evgenia Medvedeva has a magazine. I just have to ask - are there products and magazines in your AU that Yuuri endorsed/ graced the covers of? And I'm curious, did Viktor religiously follow each of these stuff that Yuuri endorsed? If there are any, can you maybe make a top 10 or top 5 or top 3 (haha! Anything!) things Yuuri Katsuki endorsed that Viktor bought (*coughs gushes about *coughs and keeps secret *coughs). Thank you so much and it's ok if there's none.

Yuuri mainly endorses sports brands like food, clothing and equipment and had been on the covers of a lot of sports related magazines and in ads for sports clothing and the like. There’s probably not enough for me to do a full top ten but Viktor has definitely watched every ad with him in it, read all the articles (even the ones in Japanese) and, since an anon a while ago came up with the adorable idea of Yuuri being sponsored by Kitkat with the tagline kittokatsuki, has bought a ridiculous number of imported Japanese kitkats because Yuuri was on the wrapper  

CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 4 Full Translation

Chapter 3

An abnormal event was gradually eating away at the world.

Tragedy struck the noble district of Seireitei.

That may be just the beginning.

Strangely, it started from the day Hisagi Shūhei learned that Tsunayashiro Tokinada was to be inaugurated as clan head —-

A budding malice that spreads like leaves and branches, extending its fingertips to the Soul Society, the Human World, and Hueco Mundo.

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I'm sorry for pestering you, why is Odin called "Third?"

Well, some context comes from Gylfaginning, wherein a pissed-off king does a very Odinic thing, and dresses up/uses magic to become as an old man to go and see why the (euhemerized) Aesir manage to get everything their way.

The Aesir, being smart and y’know, gods (screw you Snorri) clock him almost immediately and cast an illusion around him as a big fuck-you-we’re-the-Aesir. But, respecting the whole Old-Man-in-search-of-knowledge schtick, they answer his questions which are mostly about the gods and mythic cosmology. A major source of these answers are three folks in High Seats, suggesting both that they are chiefs, but also potentially seers. They are named, in English: High, Just-as-High, and Third.

The kenning for the Earth is:

[T]he patient,
 Barley-lockèd Wife of Thridi.”  
as per  Skáldskaparmal, suggesting that Third is an important enough kenning for Odin that the poetry-manual-as-poem preserves it. The name also exists in  Grímnismál from which Snorri quotes liberally.

Now, some suggest that, at least within Gylfaginning, Snorri is trying to equate the the folks on High Seats with the Christian Trinity, in order to equate the Allfather with the Christian God-as-Father, or that the tripartite namings are of Christian-influenced. (There’s also suggestion that the name Allfather itself was a conversion-period addition. I’m not entirely convinced by that, personally, but YMMV.)

In short, its an old kenning/heiti and nobody quite knows its original context and meaning - there is endless debate on the matter. If you want my opinion though?

Within the context of Gylfaginning, even if Snorri is pulling Trinity shit, to me it feels like he’s using some of his knowledge of Classical Greek myth, where, in later myth there are 3 kings who judge the dead, see Rhadamanthus etc.

It’s interesting to me that 3 is of course an important number to cultures that evolved out of an Indo-European context, including Norse - and thusly 3x3 = 9 as almost “Holiest of Holies” or “Most-Complete-and-Whole thus sacred”

Given that Odin sacrificed himself to himself, that kind of doubling down (tripling down?) seems to imply sacredness/magical potency. Snorri’s usage of High, Just-as-High, and Third implies linguistically and contextually that they are the same, yet Third is said to be on the uppermost High-Seat, To me, this is Snorri emphasising that Third is important, poetically, and in the context of sacredness.

Third-as-concept seems to imply ‘extra’, as in extra-ordinary - beyond the usual order of things.

there’s a deep part inside of me that rages when something Starkid related gets passed around on tumblr by people who don’t even know. like that Firebringer clip of “I don’t really wanna do the work today” or those photos of Superman calling Batman like a butthead and Batman screams and someone compared it to Superman vs Batman. or even that photo set that goes around every New Years of Meredith Stepien’s hair spread out to form the numbers of the new year. like you fools. you don’t KNOW. you don’t FULLY APPRECIATE these people and all they do. you can’t just be briefly amused by one thing they produce, not knowing their names, and then carry on with your life. they’re so much….more important than that

My 6 steps to being a witch

Let me start out by saying one of the great things that I love about being a witch is how everyone has their own way of doing things. It’s one of what, in my opinion makes the pagan community great. That being said here are six steps that I use to help me be a better witch and better with spell casting. 

1: Know yourself and be comfortable with yourself in every aspect. 

This one took years for me to get done. I had a lot of things in my past that was wrong and I felt guilty of. I always thought “If I could go back in time and change that one thing, everything would be better.” Eventually I came to realize that only by moving forward and accepting the actions I took in the past good or bad had led me to where I stand today. That acceptance of who you are and everything about you, I believe in super important in spell casting because it removes guilt, and other such things that might cloud your intent. 

2: Know and accept how the world is.

Lets not sugar coat things, the world we live in today isn’t perfect. Heck its not even close to perfect. Turn on the news and your mind is filled with stories of corruption, murder, shitty politics, and a dying Earth. That being said, there is a lot of good going on too. Reforestation in on the rise, new clean energy is making a comeback, and every day someone is born into the world who has no knowledge of the bad, only the good. Knowing all of these and realizing both the good and the bad in the world is an important step in having clear intent. Knowing these things about the world and accepting them as fact will help you better realize what change you want to be in the world.

3: Clearing your mind completely.

Another step which took me awhile to get down, and even to this day I still have trouble with. A person can clear their mind in a number of ways. Many of us do it without realizing it. Whether its on the drive to work and you zone out only to realize you have arrived at your destination, or preforming a mundane task that you have done a thousand times. The most common way you hear of however is through meditation. Let me pause here to say I know my form of meditation isn’t gonna match up with yours, there are as many ways to meditate as there are beliefs of the act. For me it goes like this: I start by getting into a comfortable position, doesn’t matter what it is as long as its comfortable. From there I start thinking about five specific things related to my current intent. Then one by one I release those thoughts until there is nothing. Having this peace and sense of nothing clears my mind for step four. 

4: Focusing your intent.

Personally everything boils down to your intent. Intent is what makes our thoughts a reality and intent is what first set everyone down their path. Focusing your intent can be difficult. Our minds hold us hostage with maybes and what ifs. The difficulty of focusing your intent is why I start off with the first three steps. Accepting yourself and the world around you and then clearing your mind gets rid of all the thoughts and actions that may hold you back, and then leaves room for only your intent. Your intent by the way can be anything, it doesn’t have to be magical. it can be the intent of wanting to go to the store just as much as it can be the  intent to cast a spell shielding your homestead. Intent is everything and after you focus it and have it clearly and solidly manifested in your mind is when things start to get exciting. 

5: Sending your intent into the universe.

Explosions! Fireworks! Orgasms that rock your socks off! or nothing? Sending out your intent can be done an infinite number of ways, for most witches this is the part most talked about, the casting of your spell. Which in my mind was your intention for an outcome. Sending out your intent can be as simple as whispering it to yourself or as big as a twelve person ritual complete with wands, robes and a hidden radio playing your favorite pagan tune. What matters most in my mind is the fact that you actually send out your intent. just thinking about what you want to happen is like reading a instruction manual but not actually building what it is instructing you to build. What ever your intent is send it out! Just make sure your are understanding of the final step.

6: Acceptance.

Once your intent is sent out into the world, that’s it you’re done. Having done everything you possible can to make what you intended possible and now all you can do is wait for the universe to answer. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting until. Nothing. Yes sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you can do everything right appease all the gods that are and ever were to realize your intent and still have nothing happen. Guess what? That’s okay! Remember step two? Accepting the world as it is? Understand that there are always forces working their way around the world and sometimes no amount of intent can change that. All you can do is accept that, that is the way things work and try, try again. However often your intent does become a reality, and as we all know, that is the best thing in the world. 

Thank you for those who have stayed until the end, again this is just my six personal steps I use and I understand that they are not for everyone. Nonetheless thank you for staying around and learning a little more about how I see the world. Blessed be my friends.