it's not even a moving target

So here is a headcanon that popped up recently.
Zuko and katara are the reincarnations of the two lovers. Zuko being Oma, and Katara being Shu.

When Shu was killed, this brought great dread to Oma. She promised herself, that in the next life, Shu would be protected at all cost.

Suddenly time moves in a flash, and now they are born into new bodies, opposites of their last reincarnation. One born of fire, and the other of water.

Through this life, they find themselves at crossroads where they are sworn enemies, each soul always pleading for the other to Remember…

Shu tends to always find himself in danger, Oma being the one to save him.

One occasion involves pirates.

And another involves falling rocks.

Oma, is even able to help Shu release the pain he had been feeling since he was a child.

But the most significant event was when they partnered to face off Oma’s Crazed sister.

Oma could remember as the Lightning moved to hit its target, to strike Shu dead In his tracks.

Not again, not this time; he would not die this time.

Shu had died last time, and in the name of love.

So now it was Oma’s time to die for love..

So she leapt and caught the Lightning, absorbing it into her flesh.

a kaiju for @tyrantisterror ‘s Create a kaiju contest


Aliases-  The Tar Ghoul, the Living Fossil, Mistake from the tarpits, the oozing phantom

Location- A location that was previously the los Angeles tar pits until a massive earthquake caused a fault to open up, now colloquially known as “The Pit”

Size- just around 150 to 190 feet in length but comes to around 75 feet at the full arch of their back

History- Index appeared mysteriously following the appearance of The Pit, flooding the surrounding area with even more tar and giving rise to this strange Kaiju. Initially noticed by oil companies for its habits of targeting and attacking anything containing petroleum, often putting it at odds with any company that makes use of it. 

Index often finds itself fighting its long time Rival Volcanus, forcing their battlegrounds to be evaluated and abandoned for extended amounts of time as the scorched land heals.

Biology- Oddly enough, Index in and of itself is a weak fighter, not hitting too powerfully or moving too fast and often seeming to collapse into a heap should it be hit just right. but its weakness is augmented by abilities which seem completely improbable even for the mysterious powers of yamaneon. index is capable of sustained, full levitation, intangibility and invisibility for short amounts of time, often giving them the reputation of being a spirit of both kaiju and creatures long since passed and extinct. 

Index Appears  to be incapable of being killed, or at least, possesses a method of ready reincarnation as each time Index looses they are killed outright, allowing their tarry flesh and fossilized bones to fully crystallize into yamaneon, though at most roughly a week later index can be seen prowling the earth again.

index has made another habit of stealing the corpses of other kaiju, absorbing their bodies (noted to be a completely different process as consumption) and return to their lair with them. for the most part it’s completely unknown what Index does with the corpses, but for the few who have braved the pit and returned to tell, spin tails of winding, massive tunnels with the massive yamaneon-crystallized bodies of kaiju embedded in their walls. 

More History-  Index has only come into the public eye recently, due to numerous coverups by petrol companies hoping to keep away the bad publicity. In their endeavors index has become a strangely positive public icon due to inadvertently protecting multiple cities from the assault of Volcanus.

despite their presence cause trees to wilt and animals to sicken, the yamaneon within the oil rejuvenates them after they recover, often leaving them twice as healthy as they ever were before.

Okay but can we just take a moment to appreciate Higuchi’s dedication to Akutagawa? She literally moved her body to cover Akutagawa in front of the explosion (chapter 14) like natural instinct although she had no ability and nothing in her hand.
Akutagawa also saved Higuchi once when the man-tiger attacked her (chapter 4), even if it meant he killed the target who was supposed to be caught alive!
Akutagawa/Higuchi is my OTP ❤️❤️ >

NAME: Tapu Fini
CATEGORY: Land spirit Pokemon
TYPE: Water/Fairy
ABILITY: Misty surge

This Pokémon is able to create a special water that purifies both mind and body. But Tapu Fini requires that supplicants wishing to obtain the purifying water demonstrate the strength to withstand the tapu’s fog. Many humans have tried to withstand Tapu Fini’s fogs in pursuit of its purifying water. Among them were some with evil intentions, which may be the reason for Tapu Fini’s sense of disgust and lack of interest in appearing to people.

Tapu Fini is able to attack by manipulating water. Since it hates to risk harm to itself during battle, it prefers to create a thick fog that puts opponents in a trance and leads them to destroy themselves. Tapu Fini’s expression remains listless even when it’s unleashing moves. Some people say that it might look this way because using its moves is so exhausting. The Pokémon’s Nature’s Madness attack slams a target with all of nature’s rage, reducing the target’s HP by half.

Tapu Fini’s Ability is Misty Surge, an Ability that no Pokémon has previously had. With Misty Surge, the field will be turned into Misty Terrain when Tapu Fini appears in battle, halving the damage taken by Pokémon on the ground from Dragon-type moves and preventing them from being afflicted with status conditions or confusion.

The Culexus Assassins are the most sinister, feared, and hated of all Imperial Assassins. They are null-entities in the warp, and their unnatural lack of a presence inspiring a sense of unease even in non-psykers. To psykers their mere presence is terrifying, invoking panic. In the confusion caused by this fear, the assassin can move in on its target and eliminate them. To purely psychic entities like daemons, they are invisible.

Hard times for Sears as retailer notes doubt about future

NEW YORK (AP) – Sears, a back-to-school shopping destination for generations of kids, has said that after years of losing money that there is “substantial doubt” it will be able to keep its doors open. But it also insisted that its actions to turn around its business should help reduce that risk.

It was still a dramatic acknowledgment from the chain that owns Sears and Kmart stores, which has long held fast to its stance that a turnaround is possible, even as many of its shoppers have moved on to Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon.

Sears has survived of late mainly with millions in loans funneled through the hedge fund of Chairman and CEO Edward Lampert, but with sales fading it is burning through cash. Sears Holdings Corp. said late Tuesday it lost more than $2 billion last year, and its historical operating results indicated doubt about the future of the company that started in the 1880s as a mail-order catalog business.

At a largely empty Sears store in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the available parking far outstripped the number of cars in the lot, 85-year-old Jack Walsh and his 82-year-old wife, Mary Ann, said they have shopped at Sears their entire lives, buying items from curtains and window treatments to tires and tools.

“I bought my tools from Sears and I’ve still got them,” Jack Walsh said.

The company known for DieHard batteries and Kenmore appliances has been selling assets, most recently its Craftsman tool brand. But it says pension agreements may prevent the sale of more businesses, potentially leading to a shortfall in funding.

“It’s a sad story. This is the place that created the first direct to consumer retail, the first modern department store. It stood like the Colossus over the American retail landscape,” said Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners, a retail consulting firm. “But it’s been underinvested and bled dry.”

Company shares, which hit an all-time low last month, tumbled more than 13 percent Wednesday. Sears tried to soothe investors’ fears, saying in a post on its site that it remains focused on “executing our transformation plan” and that news reports miss the full disclosure that it’s highlighting actions to reduce risks. It also said that the comments made in the filing were in line with “regulatory standards.”

Lampert combined Sears and Kmart in 2005, about two years after he helped bring Kmart out of bankruptcy. He pledged to return Sears to greatness, leveraging its best-known brands and its vast holdings of land, and more recently planned to entice customers with its loyalty program. The company, which employs 140,000 people, announced in January said it would close 108 additional Kmart and 42 more Sears locations, and unveiled yet another restructuring plan in February aimed at cutting costs and reconfiguring debts to give itself more breathing room.

But it has to get more people through the doors or shopping online for what it’s selling. Sears, like many department stores, has been thwarted by a new consumer that has ripped up the decades-old playbook that the industry has relied upon. A plethora of new online players have also revolutionized the market.

Sears has upped its presence online, but is having a hard time disguising its age. Its stores are in need of a major refresh as rivals like Wal-Mart and Target invest heavily to revitalize stores. Sales at established Sears and Kmart locations dropped 10.3 percent in the final quarter of 2016.

Industry analysts have placed the staggering sums of money that Sears is losing beside the limited number of assets it has left to sell, and believe the storied retailer may have reached the point of no return.

The company has lost $10.4 billion since 2011, the last year that it made a profit. Excluding charges that can be listed as one-time events, the loss is $4.57 billion, says Ken Perkins, who heads the research firm Retail Metrics LLC, but how the losses are stacked no longer seem to matter.

“They’re past the tipping point,” Perkins said. “This is a symbolic acknowledgement of the end of Sears of what we know it to be.”

For Sears to survive, Perkins believes it would need to do so as a company running maybe 200 stores. It now operates 1,430, a figure that has been vastly reduced in recent years. As for Kmart, Perkins does not see much of a future.

For decades, Sears was king of the American shopping landscape. Sears, Roebuck and Co.’s storied catalog featured items from bicycles to sewing machines to houses, and could generate excitement throughout a household when it arrived. The company began opening retail locations in 1925 and expanded swiftly in suburban malls from the 1950s to 1970s.

“When I first got married at 19 or 20, we bought our first set of kettles from Sears,” said Darla Klemmensen, who was shopping at the St. Paul store on Wednesday. “We still have some of those.”

Klemmensen says Sears has been part of her life since she was a child watching her grandmother order stockings and garters, and she remembers flipping through Sears catalogs as thick as her forearm, full of appliances, clothing and kitchen wares.

But the onset of discounters like Wal-Mart created challenges for Sears that have only grown. Sears faced even more competition from online sellers and appliance retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Its stores became its albatross, many of them looking shabby and outdated. The company, based northwest of Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, lost $607 million in the most recent quarter and revenue fell.

“They’ve been delusional about their ability to turn around the business,” said Perkins.

Johnson, though, believes one avenue for Sears could be returning to its roots as a direct-to-consumer company, only using the internet versus the old catalog. He believes the Sears name still stands for something for the 40-plus customer.

“It has a lot of good memories,” he said. “It stands for being dependable and reliable.”


Weikel reported from St. Paul, Minnesota. AP Business Writer Michelle Chapman contributed to this report from Newark, New Jersey.

Supernatural Imagine: Meeting Dean for the First Time

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The vampire bares its teeth, circling you in your corner. Your heart hammers in your chest as you watch the monster snarling before you. You take a step backwards, feeling the wooden wall press against your back. Swallowing, you keep your eyes on the moving target before you. You push your hands inside your denim jacket, shrinking in on yourself. 

Your eyes narrow in concentration, making sure you were still breathing in a slow even pattern. The vampire starts forward. This was the moment of truth. You hold your breath and took a step towards the monster.

The door swings open. The vampire swings its gaze at the intrusion, but your eyes don’t. You grin. Their mistake.

You step up as a voice said, “Don’t worry sweetcheeks, I’m-” You swing the hidden machete from your jacket hard, and the vampire’s head rolls onto the floor, its body crumpling and thudding hard. 

You let out a breath and stick the blade into the still twitching decapitated body below. You grin at the bewildered plaid clad man with the greenish hazel eyes and a silver gun ablazing that was now being lowered.

“Don’t worry, sweetcheeks,” you drawl. “I’ve got it covered.”  



Rockruff has an excellent sense of smell, and once it has smelled an odor, it doesn’t forget it! There are tales of these Pokémon getting separated from their Trainers, then using the faintest traces of their scent to track them for days until they are reunited!

Rockruff is a sociable Pokémon, but as it grows, its disposition gets wilder. If it begins to howl when the sun goes down, that is proof that it’s close to evolving. It’s said that it leaves its Trainer’s side to evolve and returns again when fully evolved.

Rockruff stands bravely in battle, even when it’s taking damage. Although an opponent may be stronger than Rockruff, the Puppy Pokémon is so persistent, it keeps going until it outlasts its foe and gets the win!

Bite is a good move for Rockruff. It deals damage by biting an opponent with its sharp teeth. This may make the target flinch.

Rockruff greet others by rubbing the rocks around their necks against the other. This grating greeting is an expression of fondness, but a Trainer may find that love hurts.


Request: can you make a long imagine like a fanfic plot where the pack is trying to deal with a threat and there is some traces of romance between her and Derek, But there is like a big big plot twist in the story. It can be anything just make it like a story please:)

A/N: This is long and yeah…i um.. i tried. 


You and the pack had gathered on a meeting after a series of peculiar attacks in Beacon Hills. Whatever it was,it wasn’t human, and it appeared as if it was targeting people you knew, which made you think there was some sort of pattern.

‘’We don’t even know what it is !’’ Liam said.

‘’we can’t prevent its next move if we haven’t figured the previous one…’’Stiles said.

You hadn’t seen the creature. You had only seen the bodies it left behind. All of them had their blood drained from their bodies.

‘’could it be vampires?’’ Kira asked.

‘’no, vampires have alphas as well, besides there would be teeth marks..’’ Derek said while furrowing his brows trying to think this through.

You all looked at each other in silence. How do you fight something you don’t know ?

Then the door suddenly burst open and in came Lydia. Her strawberry blonde hair, messy as if she had been up all night studying.

‘’Any progress?’’ Stiles asked and she bit her red lip, nodding.

You all jumped up in relief. Finally you had something on that thing.

You formed a circle around her.

‘’Good that’s good !’’ Scott said as you all looked at Lydia waiting for her to explain. She was holding printed pages bestiary in her hands.

‘’’re not gonna like this..’’she mumbled and breathed in once before deciding to talk.

‘’so I tried to narrow it down to the blood drained victims and see how many creatures do that and there were about ten but then Malia helped me and we think it’s that thing’’ she said and pointed at a picture with an archaic latin caption beneath it. You did not need to know latin to deduce that the thing was terrifying. The picture managed that just fine.

‘’OH…god’’ Scott mumbled.

‘’can’t it be a homicidal butterfly? For once ?’’ Stiles asked.

You took another look at the creature. It seemed like a shadow. Like a human , but there was no trace of any human aspect on it. It had no face and it was covered in thick black blood. Its hands were elongated and dripping of blood.

‘’ I hate beacon hills…’’ you said.

‘’but why would it attack here ? and why now ?’’ Derek questioned.

‘’Because someone activated the nemeton which made beacon hills a festival to all creepy things like that’’ Peter said looking at Scott.

‘’ I should have let the nogitsune killed you’’ Scott growled.

‘’does it say how to kill it ?’’ Derek us focusing you back to the point.

Lydia shook her head.

‘’it only says that it drains the blood from the bodies, that appears in places with high supernatural activity, feeds on thoughts and wit and something about an urban myth with a chamber or something but nothing on how to eliminate it’’ she explained.

You sighed running your fingers through your hair. This was getting you nowhere.

‘’does it say how often it attacks?’’ Kira asked and Lydia paused as if fearing to answer.

‘’yes…’’ she paused again.

‘’are you waiting for it to attack again before telling us ?’’ Peter asked and she shot him a look of annoyance.

‘’everytime…someone says its name…’’ she explains and you relax in relief.

‘’well no problem then, we did not say it. We just read it…’’ Stiles exclaimed.

‘’…when I was researching..i…i read it too..’’ Lydia begins

‘’out loud…’’ she adds.


‘’does it attack the one who calls the name or ?’’ Malia asked

‘’no, I don’t know how It chooses its victims…But I think it’s going to attack tonight…could be attacking right now…’’ She whispered and you all widened your eyes.

‘’we need help..’’ Scott said.



You all entered as he was taking care of an injured dog.

‘’to what do I own the visit ?’’ he asked patching the dog up.

‘’This…’’ Derek tossed the bestiary pages on the table. Deaton’s eyes widened.

‘’Tell me you didn’t-

‘’say his name…?’’ you asked and he nodded.

‘’I said I was sorry..’’ Lydia yelled from the back causing Deaton to shake his head and sigh.

‘’how do we defend ourselves?’’ you asked and Deaton turned to look at you.

‘’…you don’t…There is no defense when you’re dealing with..that..’’ he finished taking care of the dog and gave him some food.

‘’ There has to be something we can do!’’ Malia protested.

‘’This time I’m afraid there isn’t. ‘’

‘’Deaton..please…’’ Scott begged.

‘’No because if I tell you you’ll be stupid enough to try it !’’ he exclaimed.

‘’and if you don’t , someone will die…’’ Stiles said.

‘’I said no. There is no way I am telling you’’ Deaton said confidently.


———10 minutes later———-

‘’Alright, so the creature..’’ Deaton started.

‘’it was worshiped by the nagual people. Some say it was their god…’’

‘’so kate has something to do with it ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’I doubt it. The creature feeds on cunningness and wit. It drains the blood because the nagual

Believed that our thoughts make us who we are, and they run in our blood.’’

‘’I hate this…’’ you mumbled.

‘’Look. People have tried to defeat it before. Nobody ever made it. And they were far more powerful than a bunch of teenagers and two hales…’’ Deaton warned you but Scott gave him a look.

‘’ugh …fine..there’s a legend. A LEGEND it might not even work. This thing is way out of anything you have ever dealt with. ‘’

‘’just…what is the legend?’’ Lydia encouraged him.

‘’It is said that the nagual worshiped the creature until they realized it was a threat to their leaders. They tried to contain it, and kill it but failed. The creature escaped and though none of the nagual managed to catch it, they…they created a weapon. The legend claims the weapon is in a chamber beneath the city, at the iglesia.’’ Deaton explained.

‘’what weapon ?’’ you asked.

‘’nobody knows. The weapon is supposed to be the creature’s worst nightmare. The only thing that can ever fight it with a slight chance of killing it. There were scripts describing what the weapon can do but none says what it is like. The scripts speak of prophesies about the weapon..and that’s all I know..’’ Deaton finished.

‘’we need to find the chamber…’’ Lydia said remembering she herself read something about a chamber.

‘’you’re messing with things you don’t understand and enemies you can’t defeat…’’ Deaton repeated his warning.

‘’and that things is messing with my friends…’’ Scott whispered.


———-THE NEXT DAY———-


You were all squeezed in a car, driving towards the ‘’church’’ where the chamber was supposed to be.

You knew there would be a weapon in there but you had all brought wolfsbane, mountain as, silver bullets and other things like that just to be sure.

‘’Who’s gonna kill it ?’’ Malia asked.

‘’I am ‘’ Derek replied.

‘’all of us are…’’ Scott said.


‘’No. what if you don’t know how to use it huh ?’’ Scott asked referring to the weapon.

‘’Derek never knows how to use it…’’ Peter said patting Derek’s shoulder. Derek growled at him.

‘’we don’t know what we will face. So we’re staying together alright ?’’ Scott asked and Derek finally gave in.


The drive carried on for a couple of minutes and then Derek stopped the car.

You got out and your jaw opened in awe of the remaining in front of you.

This used to be a city…

You looked at the rocks and the stones and the way they shone under the moonlight. It was as if shadows moved among them. Whispers.

‘’were do we look ?’’ Kira asked, and Derek stepped to the front leading you all, since he knew the place better.

You wandered around for hours. Circling the area with no result. No result at all.

‘’OKAY I’M DONE PLAYING EASTER EGGS!’’ Stiles exclaimed sitting down on a rock.

It was getting dark and you were all exhausted and disappointed.

‘’maybe we should take a break…’’ Peter suggested.

‘’ a break ? someone’s blood could be drained as we speak !’’ you argued. You were becoming obsessed with this. You wanted to find the chamber before someone else got hurt.

‘’and us walking around like zombies is not going to help!’’ Peter told you.

‘’y/n…hate to admit it but Peter is right. We’ve been searching the whole day and we still have nothing…’’

‘’I’m not resting…you do what you want’’ you said as you kept walking.

‘’Y/N !’’ Derek exclaimed.

‘’well if that thing feeds on wit. She’s safe’’ Peter rolled his eyes and sat down.

You were searching for about an hour when you felt your legs giving up on you. You were at a part of the city where the rocks seemed older. More grey and ready to collapse. You thought you’d keep going but your body had other ideas. One of your legs went numb and you had to sit down.

You felt your eye lids getting heavier when a voice woke you up.

‘’y/n ?’’ you looked up to see Derek.

‘’come on…’’ he tried getting a hold of you but you protested.

‘’what are you doing ?’’ you asked waking up completely.

‘’taking you to sleep in the car. Peter and I are on watch. The rest are sleeping’’ He let you know


‘’you don’t have to act tough all the time y/n. We’re all scared, we don’t know what this is or what we are going to do. But we need to rest. You need to.’’

‘’I don’t want to, I won’t. You know why I am scared ? Because Stiles was smart enough to solve every case you have handled so far. Peter was cunning enough to be the benefactor without being the benefactor, Lydia is a genius. Scott figures out things before they even happen, Kira is a geek, and you…Derek you are the smartest person I have ever met //you’re all potential targets. So don’t expect me to rest when every time I close my eyes I see your cod lifeless body.’’ You said getting up.

Derek stared at you for longer than he intended to allow himself.

‘’how are you going to find it huh ? We searched Y/N. haven’t you figured out that it doesn’t exist ? Deaton said it is just a legend. Magic chambers and weapons. Wake up, IT’s not true. And there is nothing we can do about it. i won’t just fucking punch a bloody rock and then a door will open! Life doesn’t work like that !’’ Derek said furious and punched the nearest rock next to him.

You were about to yell back when your eyes widened at what happened. He had his back turned to it but he heard it.

‘’ a door just opened didn’t it ?’’ he questioned with shut eyes and furrowed brows.

I’ll call the others stay here!’’ you exclaimed and run to find the rest.

Minutes later you were all standing outside the door Derek had opened.

‘’Am I the only one intimidated and scared to enter?’’ Stiles asked. Scott hit his head as you all walked closer entering. It was too dark to see, but then Kira used her electric powers and shot a lightning on a stick causing it to lit up on fire showing you the way.

This was no chamber. It was a big tunnel and it felt as if you were walking for hours in silence when you saw a huge door.

It had Aztec symbols crafted on it.

‘’that’s It then ? the chamber ?’’ Lydia asked.

‘how do we know it’s the right one?’’ you asked and then Kira used the wood on fire to shine light on one part of the door that was not visible. It had a big image, carved on it. The image of the creature. Seeing it like that was so terrifying that you wondered what it would be like to actually see it in person.

‘’Yeap..that’s the one..’’ Stiles said.

Nobody dared to open the doors.

‘’yeah we can wait until the creature gets to us before we find the weapon’’ Peter said stepping to the front casually pushing the two heavy doors open.


You took a few steps forward.

This was it. The chamber. The legend was no legend. This held the weapon to destroy one of the world’s scariest creatures. The weapon to save the rest of the people back home.

‘’IT’S BLOODY EMPTY !!??!?!??’’ Peter said his fangs growing out in anger.

You looked around. It was empty. You all circled the room looking around, there was absolutely nothing within these walls.

‘’So much for nothing ?’’ you yelled disappointed. You gave up. Kneeling down on the floor of the empty chamber.

‘’told you it wasn;t real…’’ Derek whispered clenching his fists in anger. Kira let go of the ‘’torch’’ she was holding and Lydia held on to Stiles.

‘’It can’t be empty ! NO!’’ Stiles exclaimed,

Then everything went on mute, Peter punching the walls, Stiles cursing, Malia sighing, You looked at the ground with eyes shut wishing for a miracle. And when you opened them you saw Scott.

He was smiling, You got up pissed at him.

‘’what the hell is wrong with you McCall ? how can you be smiling at a time like this huh ?’’ you asked and hit his chest with your hand.

He did not answer, He just looked around with wide eyes,smiling.

‘’IT’s over Scott. It’s fucking empty!!!’’ Derek said getting close to him as well.

‘’But it’s not…’’ Scott said in a low whisper.

‘’Have you gone blind ?’’ Malia asked and Scott made a few steps forward chuckling.

‘’I hate druids and their ways of telling us things…’’ Scott mumbled referring to Deaton. You hated Deaton right now as well.


‘’in the chamber there is a weapon… the only thing that has a slight chance of defeating the creature…’’ Scott repeated Deaton’s words.

‘’What part of <<it’s empty>> do you not get ?’’ Peter asked.

‘’it’s not…’’ Scott looked at all of you and smiling.


‘’we’re in it’’

“The only failure in art is when you move someone to no emotion whatsoever. I’d rather have people fiercely angry with me so long as they’re moved to some emotion. Even if the emotion was off-target — even if I was trying to move the audience one place and they go another. You missed, but at least they felt something.”

Happy 60th Birthday, Bryan Lee Cranston (March 7, 1956)


Hoopa Unbound’s Special Move: Hyperspace Fury!

The Mythical Pokémon Hoopa has brought its true form as Hoopa Unbound into the open. Now it has been revealed that there is a special new move that only Hoopa Unbound can use: the Dark-type move Hyperspace Fury! With this devastating move, Hoopa sends its six arms and six rings flying to surround its foe and attack from all directions! Even if the target has tried to defend itself with moves like Protect or Detect, you will be able to deal serious damage with this move.

I just want to ask if people are watching the same show as me...

Because y'all sit here and act like Paulie ain’t shit like he’s a lower version of his brother and I’m just wondering where the fuck y'all got that idea. His game in the house is arguably the best so far. Don’t fool yourself he came in and even though he has a connection to a previous member he and became a scapegoat for that reason he used that shit to build bridges not make enemies. Then when he became an honorary member to a 8 pack unit that he didn’t even know about. He took out his own enemy as an example but didn’t let it overpower him choosing to keep Paul which has been useful. He got himself close to the power dynamic in the house (Frank) and learned everything he basically had planned. He successfully moved himself out of that shadow before he himself could become a target. Everyone ask why he wants to get Tiff out and he has admitted its because she’s a threat. He has played the game from a position of distance. He doesn’t allow himself to get to emotional about things. He lets his mind take control. No one even knew he had Corey in his back pocket they thought it was him and Frank. He creates bomb plans - the flaw being that no one knows how to fucking follow cause their too busy opening their trap. He understand that people can speak on your target as much as they want but as long as their other targets in their way first you’re good - and he uses that.

Honestly, while I love her, his biggest weakness is Z. Because he saw her as a stable point he gave trust to her alliance (which he had to do if he wanted to gain her trust). The problem is her alliance can’t actually be trusted and has it made it her life mission to throw a wrench in his plans which she’s done on every turn.

His game is now at the cross roads point - if he doesn’t see the reasons why his best laid plans have gone to hell then he’ll be up soon. If he does figure out Day is behind it though then he can’t just get rid of her without proving to Z what’s what or he’ll lose another alliance. He needs to make a couple of new alliances.

But to act like his game hasn’t been good is an injustice to the game.