it's not even a baby its just a ball of chubby cuteness :3

Baby Headcanons

1. Baby is so ridiculously attached to Touka at first to the point that Ken is a little jealous and is often found doing un-kingly faces at the baby while breastfeeding just to get a reaction out of it. Baby inherited mama’s “done with all of this” facial expression.

2. Baby absolutely refuses to let go of mama’s breasts. It breastfeeds even when not hungry and just in need of comfort because mama’s scent is strongest and it can hear her heartbeat. Baby also thinks of mama’s breasts as a buffet it can eat at whenever it pleases. Baby has casually tried pulling them out with chubby hands in the middle of meeting, garden walks, positions of mild danger and when Touka was exercising while standing on her elbows. Last one meant she had to stay in that position for quite some while till the baby was done because she didn’t want to hurt it.

3. If Touka walks into the room, baby immediately tries to jump from the arms of whenever is carrying it to get to her.

4. Little bean’s first smile was at mama when she was really frustrated with the baby being so clingy and only allowing her 1.5 hours of sleep. Touka forgets all her frustrations at that smile.

5. Little bean is more than happy to eat all types of solid foods when they start because it’s all new and exciting but soon becomes very picky and just uses food as ammunition to throw at Naki. Ayato is thought to be implicated in the problem because he constantly tells the baby Humam food is disgusting.

6. Baby gets a new appreciation of dad when finding it can jump on his abs without much complaint because they are much harder. Baby us also fascinated with dad’s white hair and has taken it upon its self to color it like the rainbow whenever watercolors are avaluable. Those colors are harder to get out than you think.

7. Baby likes Shuu playing the piano and Shu starts teaching it how to play as soon as the baby develops some form of cognitive sense.

8. Ken and Touka started with cosleeping but the decision to continue was entirely the baby’s own. They often wake up with the baby sprawled across them in odd positions. Baby had its finger or toe up Ken’s nose more times than Ken would like to admit.

9. Baby is super protective of parents and throws looks or swats away hands of anyone trying to flirt with them.

As for when the baby gets older, I can’t tell if they will be sweet and polite or a ball of energy. I look at gifs of Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore of Sweden and they both look cute despite the different personalities so the baby is currently both in my head.

This is so god damn precious. Thank you for sharing all of these!