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Chiron in Astrology

Chiron is another ‘infamous’ asteroid, located in between Saturn and Uranus, bridging lessons and structure with change and revolution, and also physical planets (Saturn to sun) to the spiritual and ethereal (Uranus to Pluto)

Like all planetary configurations, Chiron represents another childhood experience that structured a part of our personality.

Chiron from my own personal studies indicated the aspects of us that were rejected by the caregivers and/or other people and conditions surrounding the environment growing up.

These rejected parts of ourselves are then suppressed into the subconscious.

Chiron then shows us the darker voice within ourselves that tell us “You aren’t worthy” and “You’re not good enough at this (sign/house)” - as it became integrated into our personality during childhood.

Suppressed subconscious thinking and programming then becomes a point by where we unwillingly ‘trip ourselves up’ in these aspects of our lives.

This subconscious wound formed due to childhood conditioning (intentional or unintentional) that created patterns in the behaviour that can lead to reoccurring experiences of pain and trauma, that remains 'unhealed’ due to the emotional imprint left behind and the inability to integrate these traumatised aspects of ourselves.

Through our own unhealed wound, the understanding of our own pain can allow us provide healing to others in the area in which we believe we lack.

However, this greatly varies on the level of maturity and consciousness of the individual. Much shadow work on the self and integrating the traumatised aspects of ones own personality is needed before one can even attempt to heal another.

Chiron is almost like our own talent or gift where we have an incredible ability to empower others to heal themselves.

The house area indicates what area of life the wound formed, and the sign dictates how we received this wound, and how we can heal others in this area of life and also the ways in which we can learn to accept and integrate as part of our damaged ‘self’.

We may also often put ourselves down in this area of life, feeling a consistent internal dislike of oneself. However, we may be incredibly talented here also. Others may recognise these talents even though we may continue to reject them.

The 'key’ to Chiron is to recognise these rejected, hurt and wounded parts of ourselves, and use these talents to help heal others, in turn improving our confidence in these life areas ourselves.

This post was specifically written for the house placement of Chiron since itits orbit often fluxes between generations. The signs in essence act differently from the way planets act within areas, so take this into account when reading descriptions to combine your Chiron placement.

Chiron in 1st House (Aries)

Chiron in the 1st house can indicate an individual who’s wound stems from a lack of understanding who they are as an individual. They may feel like they don’t fit in within society. They may feel like their sense of style or their appearance isn’t appealing to others, and they may have a wound surrounding self-confidence issue in regards to their facial or body appearance. This can be a quite self-hating placement in regards to the physical self in particular.

They may also feel like they have no life direction, while everyone around them seems to know where they are going in life and what they are doing, while the Chiron 1st person seems to drift from one place in life to another but not really getting anywhere. This can make them feel quite frustrated and their worth and knowing who they are and where they want to go in life seems to be an endless void, either feeling like their options are limited or theres so much choice its hard to choose any direction.

There may also be some issues around the expression of anger and being assertive. They may desperately want something but can never muster up the passion and drive in order to go get it, then end up loathing themselves for giving up (often because they don’t feel like they are worthy of even trying because there’s a preconceived idea that they won’t get what they desire anyway).

On the flip side, you may feel like you want to achieve your goals as soon as you can, attempting to spin your way through life though only end up becoming frustrated due to your attempt to push against divine timing - if something is meant to happen, it will, there’s no need to feel like you’re running out of time to get things done.

This may have stemmed from not being able to get what they want, when they wanted it in childhood.

They may have also grown up in an environment where any attempts to express anger or aggression was scolded, therefore was repressed into themselves, becoming a subconscious shadow aspect. Now when pushed too far into a situation, they may snap and become quite aggressive and angry, then feel guilty after coming to their senses (particularly in the sign of Aries). They may have witnessed an aggressive or highly defensive parent, and when they confronted this particular parent, they may have had their act of assertion dominated by them, therefore making them feel incapable of standing their ground.

You heal others is by elevating them and encouraging them to head in their life direction. You remind them of who they are and help strengthen their sense of self and identity. You encourage others around you to be assertive and not to let anyone get in their way.

Because Chiron is in your 1st, its there fore everyone to see. People see your battle wounds, and if Chiron is close or conjunct the AC, you then embody and personify the characteristics of the wounded healer. If well aspected, people may recognise you as the ‘wounded healer’, admiring your strength and ability to guide others to better themselves.

There can also be situations where no matter how much others praise and acknowledge your appearance, you may constantly be unhappy with yourself due to the significantly ingrained pattern of only seeing your flaws above your beauty.

You need to learn where you want to go in life by experimenting with different path ways (your astrological chart is obviously a wonderful tool to help!). You incarnated for a reason, and though it may take time and much trial and error, you will find the right direction for you. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and know that you have an incredible capacity of power and strength within you.

Chiron in 2nd House (Taurus)

Chiron in the 2nd house can indicate an individual who’s wound stems from a lack of self-worth and self value. They may feel like who they are as a person and even their physicality isn’t ‘good enough’. They can’t seem to find worth in themselves and this may make it even difficult to have a strong and healthy value system, where they tend to disregard things that other may deem as being important (check sign as an indicator of what this could be). This may have been due to a parental figure placing more value and worth on something other than the native, often money or other material possessions.

There can also be issues around money and possessions with this placement in general, growing up in a home where they were just scraping by. They may on the other hand, had a parental figure have a hoarding issue, or being rather selfish in what they owned. The native may have be rejected in regards to sharing and there may have been a sense they had to ‘earn’ something before they could receive it, thus their love and care was conditional. Regardless if this person had little to all the money and possessions in the world, they may continue to feel an insisting void of lack within themselves that can’t seemed to be filled by outer  possessions - real value and worth comes from self acceptance and appreciation, not possessions and material resources.

The lack of self worth and self value can be another indicator for perpetual eating disorders, especially if affected from planets such as Saturn/Mars/Pluto - especially if coming from the 6th House. This can cause one to overeat in attempts to feel the void of being unvalued, or under-eat in order to reflect their internal sense of self worth which may be very little. This, as well as a need to have ones own possessions ONLY to themselves, may be derived from a sense of a lack of security in childhood, thus may find security by what they eat and what they have to themselves.  

With this placement, you understand the pain of having low self-worth and self-value. You learn to understand that material possession can never fill the void of emptiness you feel within yourself. Through the mastery of understanding the need for self love and value, you demonstrate to others to heal themselves by showing them their self worth, though you may attempt doing this by deeming yourself less worthy of them. You can teach people that to be loved by another, they must first love themselves. You can show people how to stand on their own two feet when it comes to accumulating what they want and need to appease themselves, and demonstrate that money can’t buy you happiness.

You need to learn that you are worthy of love from others, and you can begin by learning to love yourself and who you are. You are a soul experiencing a physical form, and you must remember you inherit value extends beyond what you can see in the here an now.

Chiron 3rd House (Gemini)

Chiron in the 3rd house can indicate an individual who’s wound stems from issues around learning, schooling, communication and possibly siblings. During the childhood development, you may have experienced an environment where your thoughts and ideas were rejected or suppressed. If you attempted to proclaim your opinion on something, a parental figure may have rejected it or at the worst, made a mockery of your perception on things. This may have mad you fearful about expressing your ideas and opinions in fear of being judged and/or ridiculed by a parental figure. You may have also then avoided even speaking to that particular parental figure who you often felt intellectually inferior to. Perhaps the parent or caregiver may not have even met to be so critical of your thoughts and ideas, nevertheless the sensitivity of a child’s persona took their correction quite personally, leaving a scar on their ability to form their own analysis on things.

Individuals with this placement may have also had learning difficulties in their school life, having great difficulty in certain subjects such as maths and English for example, or any class that required an intellectual understanding and processing. Therefore, you may have had difficulty concentrating in your schooling environment or preferring to work in creative, more practical classes such as art, music, dance, theatre, and so on. This placement may also manifest things such as speech impediments, difficulty in pronouncing certain words, learning difficulties, and sometimes lisps.

If your placement is particularly subsiding in the 3rd house, you may have ex-refined childhood wounding around rejection or feeling dissociated in your immediate environment/neighbourhood. You may have felt like you as an individual (or possibly your whole family), felt rejected in your society amongst your peers. They may have pointed out something about you that was particularly unusual and/or different, and you may have felt unsafe or uncomfortable in your neighbourhood because of that.

The 3rd house in particular often relating to siblings may indicate strong sibling rivalry and/or feeling ‘below’ another sibling. Your parents may have in fact (or seemed to) give far more attention, love and praise to another one of your siblings, making you feel somewhat inferior to them. There’s also the possibility however, if your Chiron is well aspected in your 3rd house, you may have found comfort and healing from your sibling.

With this placement, you understand what it’s like to not feel heard, to not have your ideas and opinions acknowledged and what its like to have difficulty comprehending something. Chiron brings healing ability through speech and communication. You may in time, once you’ve come to acknowledge your Chiron wound, find yourself with a strong capability to bring healing to others through your words. This may be informal communication methods such a using social media as a platforms to express your ideas and opinions, and while you may put yourself down in your intellectual capabilities, Chiron gives you the capacity to become quite intelligent once you apply yourself to what you are passionate about learning and/or expressing. You can deliver a powerful and healing message to others that can bring them great healing on their own ability to verbally state their thoughts, ideas and options without fear.

You need to learn that you are intelligent and an effective communicator. It’s ok to not have opinions accepted by others, after all, we a all individual manifestations of source, and to learn who we are, we need someone to reject and reflect our ideas, thoughts and options back at us so we can know who WE are. Your thoughts and ideas are valid, and there will always be like minded people to converse with. Let go of the fear of judgement of what others may think of what you say, for what you say may be just the right thing another needs to hear.

Chiron 4th House (Cancer)

Chiron in the 4th house can indicate an individual who’s wound is derived from a feeling of a rejection or emotional discord in the home environment, an unstable home and/or family environment, feeling like an outsider from the family and/or not having secure foundations growing up.

As a child, you may have had parental figures that felt (or was) absent. This can be emotional and physical absence. You may not have received the love, care and nurture needed from the parental figure(s) growing up which left a persistent internal wound of not being able to feel like one can belong anywhere or with anyone. This may lead to behavioural patterns such as being overly attached and clinging onto those who seem to have the capacity to provide you the security and comfort you crave, or being completely ‘under’ attached, not allowing people to get too closely emotionally involved with you.

Essentially this stems from the same or similar root cause of witnessing your parents instability with one another. This instability then formed a subconscious self protection mechanism whereby you either seek comfort and security from others, making it very difficult for you to let go - even when its not a healthy situation. You may tell yourself “This person is providing me a house/place to stay/love and emotional connection/a sense of security - though all the while may be treating you very poorly in all other areas. Your desire for security is so high that you can lower your standards greatly simply to feel some sort of security.

On the flip side, if you witnessed your parents being quite unstable in their own interactions with one another or towards yourself, you may refrain from allowing anyone too close to you due to the lack of trust you’ve accumulated for others. You would rather recluse inside your own safe shell where no one can see or feel your emotional scarring.

With this placement, there may be a particular issue revolving around the mother figure.

In relation to the home environment, you may not have had a secure home growing up, moving from one place to the next, or couch surfing at friends or other family members homes. In other extremes, you may not have even felt comfortable or ‘at home’ in your birth country, feeling out of place or that your weren’t comfortable about your own culture.

Your Chiron wound gives you the ability to provide a safe and secure environment for other people. You instinctively know how to care and nurture others, and may also have a high intuitive ability that allows you you to quickly pick up on the emotional wounds of others. You can provide care and protection for others, though may find it quite difficult to allow yourself to receive these things from others. You may set the bar quite high when it comes to trusting others and allowing them into your personal space, though often at times your empathy and resonance with the emotional wounds of others may prompt you to take the unitive to ‘bandage’ and care for their wound while putting your own aside.

You need to learn that you are are worthy of being cared for and nurtured by others. You do not need to assume the responsibility as the caretaker of others if its not also in your highest good. You need to learn when it is and when it is not ok to allow people into your personal space. You have an underlying acute emotional sensitivity and thus you need to be aware of who you allow in your life and personal space. You may assume the most toxic people require the most care, but you may at times disregard how this will affect you. Learn where your boundaries are most comfortable for you and don’t be afraid to allow people to care for you. You are worthy to feel apart of a family environment and a safe and secure home.

Chiron 5th House (Leo)

Chiron in the 5th house can indicate an individual who’s wound stems from issues around a sense of rejection of self expression and creativity, or possibly a sense of a lack of fun and play growing up.

As a child, one (or perhaps even both) of your parental figures and caregivers rejected or suppressed your urge for self creative expression. You may have felt like anything you took particular enjoyment in as a hobby, games, and ways of expressing who you are wasn’t acknowledged or praised by your caregiver(s). An example could possibly be someone who enjoyed expressing themselves through the art of tattoos, piercing and dying their hair unusual colours. The parental figure(s) may have scolded this and made you feel as though you weren’t allowed to express yourself in a creative way of your choice. Another possible example could be through sports, where your caregivers didn’t allow you to play due to their desires and wished being imposed on you. Any activity in which you had the option to choose to express yourself was rejected or suppressed is ultimately a part of this Chiron wound.

This may now manifest as a fear to attempt to express yourself in any creative way you desire. You may fear the same rejection of your own unique creative expression, and will only attempt to if you know that an audience will receive it well. You may think to yourself “I want to create this and share it with the world…but what if no one likes it?…what if people get angry at me for what I’ve created?…What if people laugh or make fun of something I create or do?” - Shame and fear of rejection then takes over, therefore limiting yourself from creating what your truly desire, while also taking away the possible opportunity for your own unique and creative expression to be praised and applauded by those who in fact enjoy what you can create, do and express.

Chiron in the 5th has also been linked to difficulties baring children. This is not due to the placement of Chiron in this house itself, but instead due to deeper psychological wounds experienced in childhood. There is a direct relation to how the subconscious mind affects the body, and if a female in particular experienced a childhood where she did not feel safe, cared for or nurtured, her subconscious mind may affirm to her body that “It is not safe to bare children for I had experienced rejection growing up, therefore I refuse to subject another to this environment”. If the woman is able to affirm to herself that her child wound in fact experience a safe and loving environment, her subconscious may then allow her to open  to conceiving a child. Transits from benific planets such as Jupiter however, will greatly enhance the individuals luck for conceiving a child, regardless of the Chiron wound (as seen through my own studies).

You may have had your parent(s) impose their idea of fun and enjoyment onto you, in which you had to abide to. For example, an individual with a parent who was highly enthusiastic about sports may have signed them up to participate in many after school sports activities, when the child hated sports but loved acting. The parent(s) may have believed they were nurturing the child giving them the experience they never had (or had too much of) and attempt to live that through the child. The child then had to participate in the parents fun and games and suppress their own desire for fun and enjoyment.

With this wound, you have great ability to encourage others to open up to their true authentic self. You know how to motivate people and give them the own sense of special, individual power and sense of desire to be who they are, regardless of what anyone else things. You’re quite happy to put others up onto a pedestal and encourage them on from the sidelines in whatever they want to do. You have great ability to be the role model for authentic expression if you can overcome the fear of those who may reject you for who and how you want to express yourself.

You need to learn that no ones opinion of you matters, and that you are free to express yourself however you so desire. Get that tattoo, play your favourite sport, make a confronting artwork - authenticity is absolutely liberating, and you must remember that EVERYONE is unique and there will always be someone who’s not going to like you for who you are or what you do. Remember that we are a soul having a human experience, and we are all part of an energetic whole - we NEED contrast to know who we are. And remember that those who attempt to put you down for how you express yourself are simply scared of being confronted by a sense of confidence and power they don’t posses. Insecurity leads to others dragging you down to their level because they are too afraid to rise up to be as empowered as you. Learn not to fear who you are and express yourself to the upmost 100% - you have the power to do so.

Chiron in the 6th House (Virgo)

Chiron in the 6th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may have been accumulated from an illness experienced in childhood (by you or perhaps another family member whereby you had to care for them), having too many responsibilities placed onto you too early in life, absent parental figures due to work, and difficulty in the working environment in general.

Growing up you may not have got to experience much of a childhood filled with fun and play due to responsibilities being assumed onto you at a very early age. This may be due to having to care for a sickly parent (as mentioned above), working with the parent or in a another job to support the home life and family, and/or taking care of the home and family life instead due to the parent(s) often being at work. This may manifest in your current life is a fear of letting things get out of your own established routine and order. You may greatly dislike assuming responsibility onto others because you’ve grown up to feel like “I can take care of myself/I’m the only one who knows how to do this/no one else does it correctly as I do/I need to take the responsibility for caring for others because I know how to do it the best ect”. This can stem from a fear of what almost resonates as a lack of control of your day-to-day life. If you experienced a home/living environment where everything was out of place OR that everything had a perfect place, you now have a need to make a set routine that feels safe to you. You may not like to breech you day-to-day life for any means necessary because of a deep rooted need for wanting everything to have a certain place and time so you find safety in the predictability of things.

In relation to the aspect of health, you may have often become sick as a child or may have manifested a  lifestyle disease. To compensate, you may attempt to follow set diet plan such as paleo or veganisim and/or consume copious amounts of vitamin pills - all the while perhaps avoiding exercise. You may overcompensate in one area to make an excuse for another area of health you tend to neglect. On the flip side, you can be so obsessive about taking care of other people that your own health often ‘falls on the way side’ due to self neglect. This placement can show a person who provides tremendous care and service to others, but may often be to their own detriment.

With this placement, you can be a fantastic healer to others, especially in regards to applying physical healing (massage) or simply through your service to others. You can be a fantastic help to people in all practical manners, however don’t go overboard to the point where in helping others you’re neglecting yourself.

You need to learn that you are worthy of good health and you don’t have to be over critical of yourself. Remember the universe made you perfect exactly as you are and there’s no need to aim to achieve the ‘perfect’ standards of other people - they are not you and you are not them - the universe made you unique as you are and you are perfect and complete just as yourself. Use your ability for proficiency to help others achieve their goals and bring healing through your amazing selfless service.

Chiron in the 7th House (libra)

Chiron in the 7th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may stem from observing a disharmonious relationship between your parental figures growing ip, thus hindering your perspective of how relationships function, what you search for in a relationship and questioning your worthiness of being in a relationship with someone.

With this placement, if you experienced witnessing your parents having difficulty in a relationship - such as conflict, arguments and unfairness - your perception of relationships and marriage in general may be wounded. Because of this, you may not believe that marriages or long term relationships are made to last, simply because of a subconscious fear of repeating the same or similar disharmonious unbalance between your caregivers growing up. You may have convinced yourself that you have an inability to somewhat distrust the relationship partner in a projected fear that a conflict or turn of events will occur that will disrupt your relationship. Due to this subconscious belief, you may act out as the the projected fear has already manifested - meaning that your believe that the relationship will end so you act as though it already has, becoming cold and distant from the partner as if mourning the ended relationship, even though everything was panning out just fine! By doing this, your partner then may sense you becoming cold and distant, thus ending the relationship due to feeling neglected - this then ‘confirms’ your feelings, even though it was your subconscious actions that manifested this to occur in the first place! If you have a tendency to do this, aim to become conscious of this and take an objective look at the relationship. Question everything you can physically SEE in the now. Don’t project your thoughts and fears into the future by pulling up wounds of the past. You are not your parents, and you have the capacity to change the nature of how your relationships pan out for you are always in control of your reality.

Another manifestation of this placement is that you may attract relationship partners with a strong Chiron placement, carrying a wound that is in need of healing. If your Chiron is well aspected, you may have great potential to heal the wound of your relationship partner by being their supportive shoulder whenever they need you. Be aware of any tendencies to be attracted to heavily emotionally wounded people - especially if your Chiron placement is afflicted. While you may have the capacity to heal people in relationships, it may not be in your highest good to tend to heavily distraught people. Always act in your highest good, and sometimes this may involve leaving a toxic relationship that doesn’t serve you. You do not owe anything to anyone, and you have the freewill to leave a painful relationship and free yourself from disharmony and unfairness.

With Chiron in the 7th, their may also be a subconscious fear of being loved and accepted by others. You may do, say and act in certain ways to ensure that people will love and accept you, for your fear of being alone may often at times overpower your rational thinking and actions. Sometimes you may do and say things you don’t really mean in fear of being rejected by another person. This doesn’t even have to be over something critical, it may be as simple as saying”no” to a friends request of you. For example, a friend may approach you and ask “Hey, could you do x, y and z for me?” - you may be busy with your own chores and projects, though you accept your friends requests for the fear of saying “no” to them may lead to them rejecting you - though this is hardly ever the case at all! If you expend your energy on excess things for others that you simply can’t handle at the time, this may lead you to feeling overwhelmed, used and somewhat resentful of the other - even though you offered to do it in the first place! Take consideration of whether or not YOU want to do something for someone, never act on the basis of thinking your “should” do something for someone else. The universe has given us all the power of freewill, and you should never feel subservient to another in a need for approval for connection. If you a are strong and confident in yourself, then people will automatically drawn to you as a whole person - not a half person, after all, we teach people how to treat us.

You have great capacity to heal other through one-on-one interactions with them, offering support and advise, and simply by being a supportive shoulder for another. You know how to make others feel loved and accepted, and you must know you are worthy of these things also. You must learn you do not have to give into others, and you are as worthy of being supported and cared for as you are. Find balance in your relationships with others - don’t give too little or too much, find a happy medium whereby you and your partner are giving the relationship the same level love, care, attention and affection it needs. If you feel unbalanced in your relationship, you have every right to move on. You are worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.

Chiron 8th House (Scorpio)

Chiron in the 8th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may stem from deep interrelations with others, deep psychological trauma that the individual hides away from others, issues around death and wounding around sex and perhaps sexuality in general.

Chiron in the 8th house, especially of difficulty aspected by other planets can be one of the harshest placement for chiron, but can also manifest and incredibly powerful and transformative healer.

During childhood, you may have experienced a traumatic event around death in general. This may have been loosing a family member or friend early in life, and you were taught very early on what death was and the nature of it. It may have even been experienced by losing a family pet. Regardless of how you experienced the nature of death, you may have quickly understood it and thus either quickly overcoming your fear of death or depending on how your Chiron is aspected, this placement may have manifested deeper psychological fears around it. Chrion in the 8th/scorpio can produce a powerful shamanic healer when positively utilised in associating with others. You can greatly help people dive to the darkest hidden places of their subconscious minds, grasping their deep rooted fears before resurfacing and displaying the wound to the individual to be understood, accepted and healed. If you harness the power of your own psychological fears and shadow self, and incorporate it into yourself, completing fragmented aspected of your personality, you will radiate a strong sense of sharmanic transformative power and have great capacity to heal others and complete themselves.

At times, you may often struggle with your own fears and past psychological traumas/wounds, thus manifesting a strong sense of clairsentience and empathy towards others. You know pain - but that pain can be your greatest power and tremendously beneficial to others if you so choose to utilise it.

You may also have fears of being abandoned by others, which may manifest subconscious behaviours in which you can act quite obsessive and possessive over the people you love and care about. If you find yourself acting in this way, I personally encourage you to engage in shadow work and uprooting the core event that you may have experienced as a child. (You may wish to listen to Theta or third eye frequency meditation music to help). Once you are deep in meditation, ask yourself “When was the first time I ever felt abandoned?”. Let any images, sounds, thoughts or feelings come to you. They may arise as memory or an abstraction. Don’t dismiss whatever comes to you, allow it to flow and observe. Allow yourself to acknowledge any past hurst of feeling abandoned and recognise that you do not have to repeat these patterns in your present moment. Do not project your past traumas into your present or future. Take a good look around you and acknowledge what you can SEE/FEEL/TOUCH in the present moment. If you cling too hard to another, they will eventually want to break free - thus manifesting your own sense of abandonment into your reality.

Chiron in the 8th/Scorpio can also react to deep wounds surrounded sex and sexuality *For the sake of this public post, if you have this placement and wish to discus Chiron and sexual woundings, feel free to DM me to discuss in privacy*

Chiron in the 8th has tremendous healing power and you need to learn that although past trauma may have been overwhelming to you in someway on your psychological health, you can heal yourself though channelling your power into the healing of others. You can dive greatly into the depths of the subconscious mind and even beyond the view of the 4th dimension, though take care as to not dive so deep when you don’t have to. Sometimes its much healthier to lay down your ability for diving deep to experience the reality of the now - especially at times when fears of the past or future come crawling into the forefront of your mind. Know that you have the power to create your reality and that past hurts can not hurt you anymore and that the future doesn’t have to manifest that same trauma as experienced in the past. You have tremendous power to heal, use it to the best of your ability.

Chiron in the 9th House (Sagittarius)

Chiron in the 9th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may be derived from growing up in an environment where religious ideals and/or certain beliefs about life, spirituality and the world in general may have been imposed on you during childhood, skewing your world perception, ability to have faith and optimism and feeling closed in on what’s truly possible in the world.

You may have had certain ideals and spiritual beliefs imposed on you as a child, and depending whether you resonated with these beliefs or not determined how you perceived the possibilities in life. If beliefs such as “The world is a scary place” or “If you do x, y, z, a higher power will punish you”, you may have felt fearful as a child about the world outside of your own beliefs. You may have felt like you should act accordingly to what you’ve been taught, or on the flip side in rejection of those imposed beliefs, you may have felt incredibly alone on your own spiritual journey.

You may have felt a sense of abandonment or disconnect with the universe, often feeling like it’s energies never seemed to work in your favour. You may feel like your current life needs to have a higher meaning external and more grand than what it already is.

You may also have a great desire to manifest, learn or experience something, though you may have difficulty manifesting that thing into your reality due to the extremity of the nature of what you desire to achieve (example, attempting levitation but not being able to achieve it). These extreme ideas, concepts and beliefs that seem out of your reach can make you second guess yourself, especially when you can’t achieve them in your reality. You can question your own beliefs and may at times feel like what you truly believe in is nonsense and you’re fooling yourself - this may not be the case, though you’re ability to have faith, optimism and recognise true spiritual experiences may be blocked by your projection of a certain, even grand expectation of what you believed in. To truly witness profound spiritual experiences, you need to let go of any expectations of what you’ve asked for.

For example, you may use the Law of Attraction to manifest something into your life (e.g, a certain mobile phone you desire) and may not experience it in your current reality then feel disappointed - the reality may simply be the fact that you don’t BELIVE you’ll manifest the phone you want (which is a crucial step in the Law of Attraction), and feeling crushed by your belief, abandon it and perhaps even ridiculing yourself for it.

You need to recognise when you’re beliefs about yourself and the world around you are either helping you or hindering you. If you believe that the world is a difficult place to live in, then it will be so, for you’ll only perceive the negative experiences in life over the positive. If you believe the world can be improved, you may have the ability to change the way the world works from your perspective. Chiron in the 9th’s gift is that of being the ‘wounded’ teacher. Its the placement of the wise Sage who understands how to mend the self using ones own belief system to do so, while also incorporating spiritual teachings and practices to benefit others. You can be a guiding figure on the path of enlightenment to others due to your knowledge of what it means to have faith in something higher that connects us all.

Always remember that you can look at the glass half empty, half full - and also 100% full - half of the glass may be water, though the other half is filled with air. Have faith that there is something beyond what the eyes can see that connects us to everything in the universe.

Chiron 10th House (Capricorn)

Chiron in the 10th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may stem from issues, events and relations towards the father figure, goals and aspirations your wish to achieve in life and your public image.

Chiron in the 10th house (as well as other aspects included) may indicate that you may have experienced difficult relations around your father figure in general. You may have perceived your father not to be the ideal role model you wished to follow in life (reasons may stem around the sign/house Chiron in placed in and also aspects to Chiron). Your relationship with your father may have even been quite healthy (depending on aspects), however there may have been an underlying sense that “I like you, but I don’t want to be like you”. Depending on how harshly Chiron is aspected in the 10th house, the father figure may have even been absent in the nursing environment growing up - however - if Chiron is positively aspected, you may have even seen your father figure as THE wounded healer in one way or another.

Another possible manifestation was that you felt dominated or subjected to working under another - either the father figure or other authorities in general. Other people may have seemed to pave your path for you, giving you very little freedom to follow your own life vocation. Perhaps even if you did feel like you had the choice to find a fulfilling career, you may not even know exactly what you want to do. This can make you feel quite aimless in life, and then refer to simply handing your personal power back over to others to make the career/work choice for you. You may have difficulty establishing what you want to do and where you want to go in life, and may continuously stop and start your goals but never seem to experience any true progression. You may begin many pathways until finding something you truly wish to follow.

You may have also ended up becoming the springboard for other peoples success, and they may not even given you any recognition for doing so.

If you felt like your parental figures were limited or expansive in their own ambitions and goals, you may place an emphasis on them yourself, to the point where you can possibly overwork yourself and become too tired to complete your goals. You may desire to gain some form of authority and/or control in your life, and in attempts to feel fulfilled and recognised for your success, you may burden yourself with problems and issues outside of your abilities or expertise. You may attempt to ‘help’ a friend by taking control over their own projects, though in doing this you limit the other and burden yourself with he responsibilities of another that wasn’t ever yours in the first place.

You have tremendous capacity to help others achieve their goals and aspirations in life, and due to the shamanic nature of Chiron, you may even find a career and/or life vocation surrounding themes of helping other people find their own life purpose and career. If you possess the 10th house placement, look to the sign your Chiron is in to establish how you may be a guide for others (this could be from a career councillor, public speaker to a tarot reader - they are all forms of inspiration, leadership and guidance!).

You have tremendous capacity for building structures and foundations to help life others up towards thiner desired goals, and you also know how to hold things together for other people in a crisis situation.

You need to learnt that in helping others, you don’t need to take the control for them, you simply need to guide. Do not burden yourself with a responsibilities of others as they can become far too overbearing in the long haul for you. You may even need to ask yourself WHY you want to take responsibility and feel such drive to achieve great things - because you don’t need to prove anything to anyone other than to yourself. You are your own leader and your own sense of value and sense of self respect will allow you to bring healing to yourself and to others.

Chiron in the 11th House (Aquarius)

Chiron in the 11th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may be derived from feeling rejected in  society and friendship groups, feeling as if you don’t fit in anywhere because of your own unique eccentricities or even feeling your interests, ways of self expression and things you enjoy seem to always lead to being labeled by others.

Chiron in the 11th can show that things you may be talented at or what truly makes you unique and special is often flipped onto its head when expressed as part of a group. For example, if your an actor, you may simply seen as ‘the actor in the show’ rather than ‘the actor that played ___’. You feel as though your talents and what makes you unique and inventive is often glazed over, and others may even criticise you for supposedly being unoriginal or copying the ideas and expressions of someone else - and you may not have even heard of those people! You may then feel reluctant to attempt to express your unique, individual and creative ideas and fear that you’ll be rejected for them for either being ‘too out there’ or ‘the same as everyone else’. You can feel quite alienated by society for your unique understand and interpretation of things. While there may be others out there that believe that what you express is an act of pure genius, you may not even attempt to, simply due to the fear of ridicule.

Because of the unique way you do things, you may be seen as a rebel by others for not following the system as everyone else does - even though the way you do things may be 10x better than how others do it - they may attempt to convert you into doing things the ‘right way’, simply because the feel threatened by the thought of someone rebelling/challenging the norm or bringing something new to the table that conflicts with tradition.

If this is the case for you, DO NOT let others opinions and attempts to convert you to sway you and your ideas. If it works for you, then continue to follow and express your own unique way of doing things. When people feel threatened by the genius of others, mockery may seem to follow due to the others persons inability to rise to your level .The only option is to drag you down to theirs. Don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep! There will always be someone out in the wide world who will recognise your genius if you let go of the fear of ridicule and express yourself EXACTLY how you so choose. If they label you as unoriginal, you know in yourself that you hold an inventive spark others could only dream of possessing - own it, flaunt it, live it!

You have great ability to encourage and inspire others to express their own eccentricities, unique ideas and make them feel part of a larger community. You have great capacity to bring people together as a collaborative and welcoming community by showing them that its ok for them to be themselves. You can become and anchor point where others flock to you for inspiration and to see the unique way you do things and express yourself. You’re allowed to be 100% yourself no matter what others think, and there will always be someone out there who will appreciate you just for that.

Chiron in the 12th House (Pisces)

Chiron in the 12th house can indicate an individual who’s wound may stem from a sense of being alone and secluded from the world, feeling victimised or martyred, or perhaps not even being conscious of even having an emotional wound.

Particularly if Chiron is placed in the 12th house, you may not even be aware of any childhood wounds that were implemented in the nurturing environment. This is due to the 12th house nature of blurring the boundaries and borders of reality, thus can even involve a suppressed emotional wound that was mistaken for something such as a dream or a reoccurring nightmare (depending on the aspects of Chiron, this will dictate the extent of the emotional wound).

The wound here is often related to things such as emotional abandonment, thus feeling a need to completely ‘merge’ with another through being quite close to and dreamy about another, such as a ‘potential’ lover.  You may do, say and act in ways that are unauthentic to yourself in attempts to connect with those around you - simply because your subconscious mind is directing you in fear of that sense of being alone.

If you experienced something particularly traumatic in childhood (the entire natal chart will need to be taken in to account), you may feel victimised by life and that the world around you isn’t a safe place to be. This could result in thing such a often secluding yourself away from the world by any means necessary (e.g., hiding in bathroom stalls during lunch breaks), not going out with friends much, and rarely, if ever, letting people into your personal space (such as your bedroom in particular). Even though the desire to be alone may be quite strong, the sense of loneliness you experiences can make you feel addicted to another person at time when you do feel safe and secure, thus creating the urge to completely merge with them. You’re boundaries for the unwell may be quite weak due to your hyper sensitivity and sense of tremendous empathy, whereby you feel as though its justifiable to allow these toxic people to enter you life - only for them to cause havoc and leave again. You may then fall into he pattern of self-victimisation of having let that person into your life. You may blame yourself, or at the worst, blame the other person.

You may also felt wounded by your connection with the Divine, especially during times when you were in any kind of emotional, physical or mental pain. You may have deeply desired to connect with source, though you may have felt the lack of responsiveness when you desired divine guidance more than anything was ignored, you may have questioned yourself - “If there is a God, then why did x, y, z happen to me!?”.

Its part of the souls journey and progress to face hardships and pain in order to progress and evolve, some more than others. The incredible power that these people can manifest if they choose (yes, choose) to overcome their hardships is the most earthly representation of true divine power.

If you have experienced much pain in your life, this placement is a prime indicator that you are capable of being a tremendous psychic healer if you so choose to channel your abilities into a healthy outlet. You may discern who you allow into your life for your own highest good. Your intuition for healing is incredibly high, and you may even by the type of person who’s hands (palm chakras) become hot/itchy when around people who are in need of healing. If you so choose, you could also learn and perform spiritual healing methods, such as energy healing (Theta and Reiki) as a way to channel your desire to heal others in a healthy way. This is one of the most influential and powerful places for a reiki master due to their ability to connect with universal energies and channel it into Chiron’s ability to heal any wound.

You need to learn that you have the power to heal yourself through healing others if you so choose, and it’s also ok to say “no”to people and allow others to help them, especially when your own health and wellbeing is threatened. You need to know that you don’t need to soul search for another to make to feel whole, complete and connected to divine energy, you are worthy as who you are and you don’t need to change to appease others. You don’t need to escape from the world around you out of fear of the unknown, there will always be people around you who can help you when you feel scared or alone, you simply have to take the small step to reach out for assistance. There will be someone for you who will be sensitive to your needs and wounds, and you’ll know when its safe to completely open as yourself. Always remember that we are all connected and so you’re never alone in how you think or feel, so don’t be afraid to show it.

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fun idea:

be fucking mature and respectful towards the actors who choose to do stage door. they don’t have to come out after the show if they don’t want to, and the fact that some people continue to be immature and rude to them when they do is absolutely astounding to me. seeing actors at stage door is a privilege, not a right. they are not required to participate. unfortunately some people still have trouble grasping this concept. they can’t win no matter what they do, either; if they don’t do stage door, they get hateful tweets claiming that they don’t care about their fans; and if they do choose to participate, they get harassed and treated terribly. everyone loves to criticize ben platt because he barely does stage door anymore, but ever consider that the reason is because of disrespectful fans harassing him when he does? these actors don’t owe you shit, so grow the fuck up and show a little respect.

all i want is for the skam squads to not all end up paired off together like this is some shakespearean comedy

Have I Told You?

So I finally cracked and did some writing for Spider-man. Namely a Peter Parker and reader imagine. I didn’t like the idea of plugging in a bunch of [Y/N] everywhere, so I kept it very open.

Be aware that this a bit on the mature side. It’s also very angsty, with some good fluff intermixed throughout. It jumps back and forth in time to tell a story. Peter is in his early twenties here.

Based off of Tom Holland’s Spider-man, because obviously he’s the best.

Triggers to be aware of: Mentions of possible rape and death. Angst. Very brief mentions of nudity.

Summary: You’d silently crushed on Peter all throughout your childhood, and even into adulthood, paying attention to him from afar but never having the courage to do anything about it. Until your job allows the avenue to connect with Peter, which turns into a full blown friendship. One evening something happens, you are attacked by a group of thugs, Spider-man comes to the rescue in the nick of time. You come to Spider-man’s rescue in the nick of time.

This beast is 4,493 words.

Originally posted by sddonald22

The rain was coming down in torrents. The stench of garbage, sweat and blood hit your nostrils as everything dampened. Saltiness met your lips as you tasted the tears and blood from the gash above your brow they had left you with. Your breath was coming too fast; ragged, stuttering, and wheezy; the burning smell of gunpowder finally matching your inhale. Your chest ached. Your head was pounding in time with your racing heart.

You were cold.

Surely he was dead.

The sound of the gun should’ve been loud enough to wake anyone. In fact, you could hear people calling out from their windows; a shadow looked down from the fire escape above; sound making its way to your ears, but your brain wasn’t ready, wasn’t able to process it with the sight of the bodies in front of you. The broken figure in blue and red, his brown locks peeking out from the places his mask had split open. His skin was alarmingly pale, shocking against the colors of the suit. You had never seen him this still.

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  • Archie Andrews: Watches his father get shot trying to take a bullet for him and immediately has the gun pointed at his head, has to be responsible for taking his unconscious and dying father to this hospital in a car he doesn’t even know how to drive, LITERALLY THE DAY BEFORE didn’t even hesitate to punch through solid ice and break his hand to save a girl who constantly treated him and his friends like crap, doesn't know how to deal with his emotions because he's in shock and also A KID! Has received nothing but mediocre support AT BEST from his friends for the past few months and has only ONE (1) positive adult role model in his life who's about to DIE!! Has already felt like a failure, now feels like MORE a failure because he couldn't protect the ONE person who's always been there for him even though it's not even his FAULT!!!!!
  • Some of y'all really out there with this nonsense: Archie's so fake lol what a fuckboi #notmyarchie

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"Some" artists don't contribute to their lyric videos at all, some do. Maybe this is all a coincidence, or maybe he was behind the lyric video. We may never know but why is it so hard to believe Louis had anything to do with it?

Well the credits on the video link it directly to Louis and 78 Productions and I don’t really understand what the alternative explanation is meant to be? A random production company decided to use news clips with specific messages which create a very definite message, on a whim, with no care for the consequences for Louis image? And Louis and his’ team’ didnt bother checking before it went out, even though he has actually said he knows how the fandom look for signs in things he does and says?  Or… Louis cant read?  Or..?

Why is it so hard to believe that Louis had anything to do with it? Well I think for people who are still refusing to believe it anon, its now a matter of need. They need to believe their image of Louis is correct, that they didn’t get herded into the pen with all the other ‘Louis is a homophobe’, “Louis is a racist’, Louis is a rat’ ‘Louis is a chav’ flock of gullible sheep. So they’ll ignore even blatant evidence like this. I personally have no doubt at all that Louis was involved to a very high degree. Someone very smart and entwined with Louie fandom lore envisaged and created an incredibly complicated and intricate set of visual messages in a very short time; some of them fandom nudges, very reminscent of the bears.  

But its incredibly hard to work out how this fits with all we’ve seen being done to Louis career. 

The message of JLY on the surface could be said to fit in with the building of the image by Sony of a simple guy, uncomfortable with celebrity, and the subliminal message –not really interested any more/going through the motions/wanting out because he knows he’s not up to it.  

But the lyrics of JLY, magnified to perfection by the lyric video, blow the entire Sony thick, simple, super-chav build-up to smithereens. The intelligence, the awareness, the brilliant widening of the ‘celebrity isn’t what it seems’ theme – no one (who isn’t invested in despising Louis)  can watch that video and see its message and still believe Louis is the loutish, mindless, uneducated, low level bigot Sony have been hard-selling for years through the press and @Louis (with a special push through BTY promo). 

The real question for me isn’t if it was Louis, but how and why this got through. Because it has helped I think undo some of the significant damage and demoralisation Sony did manage to inflict with BTY promo to Louis fanbase. We can surely now see (even I would hope some alleged ‘fans’ who pronounced that he was cooperating because he wanted to) that he is fighting as hard as he ever did.  But again, why did this get through now after the appalling period of BTY and what Sony worked hard to do Louis and his career launch? 

After the Amsterdam incident, all through BTY promo Louis was more locked down than ever before, paraded in front of us like a hostage with no say obviously in how he was presented,  or how his song was - or rather wasnt –promoted. And that convinced plenty of his supposed fans that he wanted it all.

So how much did Sony understand of what the lyric video was about? How involved are *they*? I find it hard to believe that the video went out without anyone at Sony sussing what it was about… yet, it not only calls out Sony and the slavery of music contracts, it undermines all they’ve worked for in diminishing Louis wider brand.

I found it interesting that Billboard, who are very *very* obviously taking dictation from Sony PR, chose to write about the lyric video *but* they totally ignored the real, juicy story. That story should have written itself for any news outlet, given current events, and yet Billboard ignored it and pointed its readers in another direction - Lionel Messi incredibly. The effect is that anyone who sees it after reading Billboard may be likelier not to look deeply; to see a different and shallower message than someone who first read say the Huffington Post take on it. So that could possibly be a sign that Sony dont want the message that Louis Tomlinson is speaking up for the oppressed in the industry and elsewhere to gain any traction? Or maybe it was just written by a particular dense Billboard journo. 

 Maybe we’ll see some punishment soon for Louis and/or us – but after this video, we will hopefully see that for what it is. Perhaps we’ll just see the song and video lose all semblance of label promo –though that actually does seem to have been happening even before the video, unless Ive missed something new promo-wise? We had his ‘teams’ being less incompetent on SM for a day, his SM being allowed (astonishingly) to promote his own song and this video. But Fred’s been hauled out into the limelight again in a syndicated article and wider JLY promo seems at this point, not to be happening, even though the song has shown it has the potential for huge momentum.  Perhaps, like JHO and BTY Sony after some pretend promotion don’t want the song to gain real traction but be perceived as a failure. OTH maybe, given this surreal open return of SBB to the fandom, Rob Stringer & his henchmen had a Come to Jesus moment over Louis career? Or, maybe not …

One thing - perhaps from what we’ve seen, even if Louis has no say at all in promotion strategy, I wonder if he was somehow (inexplicably) able to get a significant amount of creative control? His actual music, who he collaborates with, and the ideas and execution of his videos have all been outstanding and original. And lets face it, given how Sony have blatantly crashed both his previous singles, one would imagine they’d prefer it if the product and artist theyre trying to make us believe failed naturally, were less obviously brilliant and marketable? 

Can i Patent My Idea?

Patenting Invention Ideas: Patent Terms All Inventors Should Know

Can it be An Invention?

First things first. You cannot particular an idea just due to the fact you believe you might be the particular first person to come up with that. The patent is there to safeguard an ‘invention’, not basically a thought. When you use for a patent what you are doing is specifying, by way of text and drawings, exactly how your invention works. In return for this public release of your respective invention, if it really is different the state will grant anyone exclusive rights to it meant for 20 years. Therefore to be able to particular your idea, its center concept needs to become explainable around simple and also direct terms

Another cause you can’t just particular an idea is that it must include a novel and artistic step. The novel touch is easy but a frequent belief is that many people think they can use for a patent simply because they are the first particular person to come up along with the idea. However , if a person sit down for your own first of all meeting with any patent legal representative one regarding the first things these people will want to establish is actually whether your innovation will be actually an invention. That is really vital that you realize this, so that an individual don’t spend your time looking directly into patenting something that is actually not patentable. A very simple reason of this 'obviousness’ test can be as comes after: Would a theoretical experienced person, who knows every thing but does not have the merest spark of inventive effectiveness, come upward with the same thought when they knew all the prior craft (all earlier ideas), however , had not really read your particular application? If the answer is actually yes then your idea is not an invention, it is simply the practical program of current day understanding to some new problem as well as therefore you may not patent this.

This is a very good criteria in more lawful terms of the european approach to judging inventiveness (the UK is somewhat different): Is there any kind of teaching in the prior skill, as a whole, that could, not simply could, have got advised the skilled person, faced with the objective technical problem designed when contemplating the technical options not really disclosed by the closest former art, to change or adjust said best prior art work while getting account of this teaching [the assisting of the actual prior art, not just the actual teaching of the closest thing prior art], thereby arriving at something falling within the particular terms of the claims, and therefore achieving what the invention accomplishes? It’s the “would, not really simply could” that is the all important definition right here.

The US is different to Europe and really the following inventiveness step will be routinely not properly tested or even applied, leading in order to many many patents being granted in the PEOPLE which are actually very evident rational application of existing ideas. Many companies have spent huge chunks of cash trying to overturn these patents but although any granted US patent may be overturned its is very unusual that one is. In many ways the united states patent system is a lot more quite like what many folks assume regarding patents over here, if your the first person come up together with a thought then you can patent it. The obvious downside is that many negative patents have been unfairly naturally and have unfairly blocked many others from getting able to produce items that should never have got been preserved by patents in the first location.

business Value

If you’ve got to right here and then hopefully you have a good technology that may become patentable. The next studies are often completely ignored first but are additionally really important. The very first as well as most important is what could a successful approving of a obvious carry out for you? Patents expense money. positive you can easily search and file your self but its incredibly period consuming as well as like just about all things legal developing a great expert, in the web form of a particular law firm, is generally a much better road. Carrying out there the searches in addition to submitting your patent plan by means of an attorney will cost several thousand pounds. A person then have a very relatively quick period of time prior to deciding to have to decide in case you are going to data the patent within other countries around the world, that costs more money and when you are filing inside lots of international locations the actual translations can become very costly. Once you’ve got your own obvious you then have got ongoing prices each 12 months to patent locations in order to keep the patent energetic. So whatever it is your seeking to patent offers got to be well worth the from a industrial business perception (if you are put off from the thought of having to be able to spend several thousand pounds together with a patent law firm is actually what your doing well worth patenting at all? ).

Many individuals and companies file for patents to acquire the IP, so that they can and then attract investors to help them get their invention onward. When you’ve watched a couple of periods of Dragon’s Den within the TV then that should have grown to be very apparent that speculators do certainly not take wild dangers as well as if you want a person to purchase your organization or idea they should really feel secure in doing this. If you have a patent for a great idea that may be commercialised it will certainly frequently provide exactly this particular security for an investor so you really are a period closer to getting these so that you can part with which all important funds (you’ll probably have also noticed that although investors are occasionally not too nice people they tend to only want to do business with attractive people! ).

im just going to make this post right now and try to not say any more about this whole subject (we’ll see how that goes though yikes,,,)

just to clEAR THINGS UP: im not hating on riley. she apologised, cleared up the misunderstanding within her post, and explained herself. but i want to use this situation right now to highlight what i think our fandoms fault is, and this rEALLY REMINDS M E OF IT

we want everyone to think the same way, and some people (hi not gonna name names but im sure u could guess a couple) are practically force-feeding ideas to (especially new) aroha. if i were to put it into my own words: its brainwashing. we’re telling people that what they think is wrong. we’re telling people that “if you dont think this way (aka dont sexualise astro) then get out”. i completely understand that we want to keep this image of a fandom as being pure, unproblematic, but we’re having the opposite effect. anyone who has these thoughts is practically being forced to keep them to themselves because if they do say anything that they genuinely think and doesnt align with what some of the “”bigger blogs”” say, then they’ll be practically, in a sense, kicked out of the fandom. abandoned by people.

from my actual personal experience: i was spoon-fed this idea that NOTHING sexual abt astro AT ALL was to ever be said, and if u did say anything u werent a real aroha and u didnt love them :( it wasnt until this year that i realised this mentality is !!!! stupid !!!!! before becoming an aroha, i had absolutely no opinion on the matter. i didnt care about sexualising, i didnt care about shipping, i didnt care abt smut or anything of the like. if people wanted to enjoy that, that was their decision and not mine. when i did join aroha, i was practically told that “our fandom is so good because we dont sexualise members !! sexualising members is bad bad and shouldnt ever be done so we dont do it!”, but what i failed to recognise at the time is that there are people out there who dont believe in this at all. there were people out there who couldnt share their own thoughts and ideas, because they feared receiving hate.

rather than becoming a fandom who accepts anyone and everyone and what they believe in, we’ve become a fandom that supports a one-track mind, everyone believe in the same cause and having no different opinions from eachother. we’ve shunned people for having some kind of humanly trait, we’ve shunned people for being attracted (sexually !!) to someone, despite it being human !!!!!! we’re failing to realise the flaws in our thought process, we’re failing to recognise the aroha who can’t speak out, we’re failing to accept what comes with being on the internet.

this isnt something that has come to mind solely because of riley’s original post. this has been a long-standing issue within our community that many people have noticed (wow guys its not just me), and to be honest, i think its about time we opened up our minds.

im not saying this means u gotta go read up on some smut aaND GET  DO WN N DIR TY. in fact this change doesnt have to affect you at all, and it never had to affect anyone in the first place. you had the choice to block whatever made you uncomfortable (um note: you isnt directed at anyone in particular im just trying to be impactful on you, the reader), you had the choice to ignore what made you uncomfortable. in some circumstances, it almost seems as though this “quest to protect astro because theyre all babies and need protecting from lots of girls most of whom are younger than them !!!!” has been some kind of gross competition to be the best aroha, to be the morally correct and protector™ aroha. its become less and less about genuinely caring about astro, and more “what can i do today to prove that im an ok person”.

i think that as a community, we are smart and respectful enough towards astro to know where to draw the line. personally, anything on tumblr (unless its about a minor) is fine for me. the artists dont see it, and therefore dont know and dont care about it. where i personally draw the line though is places where they may often check - twitter (specifically in the astro tag and replies to their own tweets), youtube comments, fancafe, etc. tumblr just isnt a place where idols are going to see it. i’ll hold this view until any member of astro specifically states that such comments, jokes, and statements make them uncomfortable. just as we can’t assume what aroha are comfortable with, we cannot assume what astro are comfortable with, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. it is not your duty as a fan to “protect” them. your duty is to support them and love them. gentle reminder that theyre NOT FIVE. if something bothers them, they are in fact old enough to speak out for themselves

please, aroha, i know we can be respectful for one another, even if our opinions and views differ. i would absolutely hate for such a trivial matter to split aroha into 2 groups, because in the end we’re all here to support and love astro.

thank u and good night

(ps yes i expect to get some backlash for this lol and im here to take other opinions and views into account though. i understand that different things will  make different things uncomfortable. thats fine. ur human. how u react to it is important tho)

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For whatever reason, the bouquet emoji made me think of weddings and florist!Cas. I added a twist and here we are! (also on ao3!)

Dean’s best friend was supposed to be getting married in two months. The key phrase being supposed to because, according to Gabriel who had just called Dean ten minutes ago, the wedding was off.

As horrible as it sounded, Dean didn’t think he had ever been so relieved. Which he knew made him a complete and utter jackass in addition to the worst friend in the world but it wasn’t exactly his fault.

Cas’ fiance — well, former fiance now — was an even bigger asshole than Dean. A smarmy Brit with a posh accent and a superiority complex the size of the UK, Arthur Ketch was a certified piece of shit.

He was some kind of higher up businessman for a London-based corporation called the Men of Letters. Apparently, his company had connections with Roman Enterprises and the Alpha Corporation in Chicago.

Together the three companies formed a mega-conglomerate that Cas ironically referred to as the Leviathan. Dean had thought the nickname was clever.

Ketch? Not so much. He took personal offense to the name.

Dean wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like Ketch actually owned any part of the mega-corporation, he was just a guy in a suit with a plush corner office and a PhD in business.

Or so he said. Dean had always suspected that Ketch was actually just a pencil pusher. An accountant who played with numbers all day.

Dean had tried to get along with the guy for Cas’ sake. He hadn’t wanted to rain on Cas’ parade and point out all of his new boyfriend’s blatant flaws, sure that he would notice them himself soon enough.

But Ketch had made things insufferably difficult. He resisted any and all of Dean’s attempts to spark some sort of rapport.

He thought American football was simultaneously barbaric and infantile, claiming rugby was superior in every way. He hated beer, especially American beer, sticking to Scotch or wine instead.

He thought American TV was all mindless drivel, especially melodramas like Dean’s beloved Dr. Sexy. He even despised American food, turning up his nose at the fantastic blueberry pie Cas made in favor of ranting and raving about his aunt’s spotted dick.

Dean had tried to grin and bear it. To just smile and nod whenever Ketch went off on another rant about his travel around the world or his most recent business meetings.

But it was extremely difficult considering how boring the guy was. Not to mention, condescending as all hell.

He subtly belittled Dean’s profession any time they were in the room, straightening the lapels on his fancy overpriced suits while curling his lip at the sight of Dean’s dirty jeans and band t-shirts. He even insulted Dean’s car, calling it an overcompensating phallic symbol on wheels.

But Dean could forgive all that.

Could forgive the way Ketch sneered when he learned Dean was a high school dropout. Most people did, anyway. Ketch wasn’t special in that regard.

Could forgive the way Ketch rarely deigned to even acknowledge him when Cas invited him to dinner. More often than not it was better than the alternative.

He could forgive nearly everything. Every subtle dig about his family or his line of work. Every eye roll whenever he showed up at Cas’ for movie night.

But what he couldn’t forgive was how Ketch treated Cas.

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This isn't directed at anyone is particular and I hope I don't come across as rude. I just don't understand why people who enjoy romance are always looked down on? It's like I'm being made to feel guilty for enjoying something I like. Just because I enjoy romance it doesn't I don't enjoy friendship & family themes . I still love the story between Hiccup/Toothless, Hiccup/Stoick, Hiccup/Valka. Me enjoying Hiccstrid does not cancel that out, it just means I enjoy all the franchise has to offer. :)

I love what you say: loving Hiccstrid and everything else means you enjoy everything the franchise has to offer!

No one should be looked down upon for enjoying romance, and I am sorry if you feel that anyone has inadvertently or intentionally directed some negative, anti-romantic perspective down upon you. I do not wish to evoke a sense of anti-romance myself (a huge Hiccstrid appreciation post was one of my first analyses on tumblr!). So I am very sorry if you feel as though you have been guilt-tripped or belittled by anyone because you enjoy romance and ships.

Romance is a beautiful, emotional, and fulfilling experience for so many people, and it is totally not something you should ever feel guilty about loving. Please go forth and continue to enjoy Hiccstrid and any other romantic relationships that you love in story! It’s pure and good! It’s legitimately pure and good! Like you, I am thankful for everything HTTYD has to offer: be it Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship, Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship, Stoick and Valka’s relationship, Hiccup and Snotlout’s relationship, or Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s relationship.

The reasons why I personally gravitate so much toward platonic and familial relationships is because society has a very focused idea that romance is The One And Only Way for someone to meet their happily ever after. Sometimes it feels like advertisements, movies, daily conversations, and everything else is directed toward the idea that romance and sex are the great ideal, the great end goal, of anyone wishing to feel happy. Romance becomes the central idea everywhere. If someone is not in a relationship, they are unwanted and alone - that’s the implication. Unfortunately this concept has caused major negative repercussions on many people I have met. I think it has outright damaged society: it has inhibited our ability to create lasting, connecting bonds with more than one person; it has fractured our ability to cherish friendships and hold them through the years, often acting as though they’re replaceable; it has got us mourning what we don’t have rather than feeling comfort in what we do have.

I have seen many friends emotionally struggle, believing that they are completely alone, unloved, unworthy, and disgusting, because they are not in a romantic relationship. They are very cherished individuals who have loving family and friends beside them. Of course someone may desire that different type of romantic love outside of family and friends, and I can understand feeling despondent… but when society emphasizes romance so much that a person believes they are worthless without romance… that is when it is a problem. 

For me, I specifically celebrate platonic and familial stories because it helps people get a more balanced understanding of the world of love: that love is more than kisses, that love can be deep and fulfilling no matter what the type of bond, that people are cherished by their friends and family, too. I think this is an extraordinarily important lesson that people need to learn to help their self-esteem and help their ability to create these sorts of relationships. In a society where romantic love is the saturated “happily ever after” that people are told about, it’s good for people to understand they are loved and cherished in more ways than one.

I have the extra desire to see more friendship and familial bonds because I am aroace, and those are the types of relationships I personally connect with the most both on screen and in real life.

But NONE of that makes romance evil, romance is not evil, and romance is not something to be scorned! Romance at its core is a beautiful and glorious loyalty; a cherishing, mutual desire to love another’s company; a unique interaction between a few individuals. Good stories with good romance are good lessons for us all, too. It is an extraordinary experience for many people to live, and it can be an extraordinary experience in story. You have every right to love romance in stories! 

Because romance is a very precious thing!

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Lyk how kassie was asked, I thought why not So Explain why you love Zouis, please. Full detail. Don't skip a thing.😇 Thanks anon!!

Look what you’ve done, @sundownlouis

Regardless, I will gladly answer as best I can. I cant promise it was be half as lovingly put together as her response about Louis, because that was truly so sweet, and genuine, and heartfelt. But I can try.

It feels so hard sometimes to put into words how Zouis make me feel because it’s very much an emotional drive when you love a pair so much. So it’s no surprise to anyone who’s tried to explain feelings into words, that its difficult. I need to preface by saying I love all the boys, obviously. And I find all their relationships amongst each other to be so important in their own ways. All are valued to me, and I love them all. I guess the only thing that stands out to me most with Zouis, is that at some point between just being a 1D fan with a Zayn preference, to noticing his connection with Louis, my realization had only grown to become more obvious to me that they really did have a natural chemistry.

I’m not sure I’m just projecting, or if the observation is clear to most, but once I saw how Zayn’s mood would just light up and turn around when his focus was on Louis, that really was what got me hooked on them. I just feel like I repeat myself a lot when I talk about Zouis, so pardon if you’ve heard all this before. I never tend to shut up about them, its a problem. But, take any interview the boys have done, where Zayn and Louis are relatively in close proximity to each other—which is often—and just observe Zayn. Observe how he answers his questions, where he looks at when he answers them, and how he passes his silence in interviews. Sometimes, yes, he looks around, half-hearted and not focused on anyone in particular. But most times, he is paying attention to Louis. If he’s answering an interviewer’s question, he likes to respond, not to the interviewer, but directing it to one of the boys, most often Louis. If I had to reason why, I think it’s just a reassurance thing. It feels less daunting to answer when he can say it like he’s speaking to Louis.

But aside from me initially realizing Zayn’s comfort in Louis, it was a world unlocked when I took notice of Louis, and how much life he had in his eyes. The really surprising thing about Zouis, is that you almost don’t expect them to be friends. You would never see those two together in any situation outside of the band and think, “wow, they look like they’d be best friends.” But, as we’ve all been taught—’don’t judge a book by its cover’. Louis and Zayn seemed to be drawn more by their personalities. They come from the same humble beginnings, they understand the value of family, their approach to life is a simple, laid-back approach, where they live in the moment and don’t worry too much about the past or the future; those times will come when they’re meant to. They’re both proud of where they came from, and proud of how humble they are. They want to do more than just be a celebrity, and show that in philanthropic ways. They still hold on to a sense of their youth, and embrace fond memories of their past. They even wanted to pursue being teachers, if One Direction had never come to. They wanted to be in a positon in life, where they were helping others. And that really shows how multi-faceted they both are, despite people not assuming anything beyond their exterior.

Even their differences compliment one another. Yes, Zayn likes his R&B, and Louis likes his rock. But, like any of us, we take observations and adaptations from out friends. Zayn may dabble in some more guitar-driven sounds now, like he wrote with Dragonfly; or embrace the rock & roll look, as much as Louis praises Biggie and loves listening to a bit of that gangster rap. A shared appreciation for a style of music that’s not the other’s first choice shows they can adapt. Zayn loves his leather jackets, Louis likes a tracksuit. But they both look handsome, don’t they? Louis likes an exciting night out every now and then, and Zayn is perfectly content with a calm night in. But wouldn’t you know, every once in a while, you saw Zayn going out with Louis, embracing that moment and taking it in strides. And when the mood called for a calm night in with deep conversations, Louis was just as attentive to be in the moment with Zayn, discussing any and everything they trusted the other to understand, without judgement.

And even while Louis was loud, and Zayn was reserved, I did always feel they meshed well amongst all that. They have bits of the other in themselves. Zayn’s not always a demure little woodland creature. His personality is just misunderstood sometimes. But Louis knew that, Louis could see there was a little part of Zayn that can be outgoing, and playful, and sarcastic, and lively. And I would say he was determined to pull that out of Zayn, so everyone could see as wonderful a personality Zayn really could give off as Louis saw in him. And equally so, Zayn had a calmness to him that could settle Louis. We know Louis is so much more than a loud, troublemaking goofball with no regard for structure and authority. We all love when Louis can be playful, but even the wildest boy needs a moment to relax and unwind. To be seen as more than just a spectacle; And really, Louis has much more depth to him that he’s given credit for. And that side of Louis was clear to Zayn, who knew the love and care Louis held for the most precious people and things near and dear to his heart. And knowing the depth of each other, it was easy to imagine how much they treasured the talks they had and the depths they took their discussions. To be able to both let their walls down entirely, that they had full trust in the other? That takes a lot of trust and a lot of faith. Sometimes, Zayn just needed to get outside of his head, and sometimes Louis needed to be brought back down to Earth.

So, I’m kinda getting away with this post. I just meant to explain that i think they connect intellectually more than anything. Funnily enough, they have been so in sync with each other for all these years, that they mimic their action, words, and even clothes similarly to the other. Do they intentionally do it? I’m not sure. Is it a purely coincidental byproduct of how close they grew into each other lives, that they adopt the others mannerisms? Sure! But that also shows how natural Zayn and Louis’ relationship formed for them. I never felt like there was a forced nature to Zouis. They hung out because they wanted to, they were affectionate and complementing because that how they genuinely felt, and there was no tension because there was trust. There’s a balance in Zouis that keeps them in sync and able to read a situation, so they never take things too far with the other. They have an ebb and a flow to them, a balance. And in addition to being incredibly connected thoughtfully, they’re also very playful and fun. They know the importance of embracing each day, and have no regret taking full advantage of that, especially when they know they have a confidant in the other, someone willing to take the bullet for you and stick alongside with you.

Anywho, I’m sure there’s more I could have said, or less I could have said. But It’s hard to encompass all of what makes Zouis so special to me. Because it’s not just the technicality of how they operate in their actions, its how they feel and act and are personality-wise with the other. I wholeheartedly believe that, although they’ve grown as individuals since parting ways, there still feels a feeling of incompletion to them, and up until recently, when they met up, I did always feel it was because nothing can quite fill the void of someone you grew and entangled your roots into. But, there’s always hope for the future, and having as natural a connection as they’ve had from the start, I have no worry in Zouis. I like to say they’re soulmates, but regardless of how I feel, I’m sure they’re meant to be in each others lives for the long haul. You don’t find someone you connect with so well all the time. So, when you find a relationship like the one Zayn and Louis have, it’s unique, and special, and so meaningful. I’m sure we could go on, and on, and on with this, but I will wrap it up here. Zouis are such a wonderfully simple relationship; but DONT underestimate a simple relationship as being less powerful or important, cause that’s definitely not the case. Sometimes simplicity of that love is the key. Thank you for the ask!

Something that really annoys me about The Straights is how they often perceive us as being “more sexual” than them, since we announce our attractions to the world while they just go about their lives and never really have to say “Hey, want to know what I’m attracted to?”  But do they not realize this is entirely their fault?

Like, maybe if you didn’t assume that we don’t exist or erase our identities with your heteronormativity, we wouldn’t have to announce our attractions all the time.

i love hux and im trans and i love trans hux but i hate that hes getting more popular bc cis ppl
a) fetishize him within an inch of his life
b) literally have no idea what its like to be trans/how to write a trans person

like im happy to give advice about trans life/mechanics but almost 100% of the time its just better to not write about a trans hc if ur cis bc its always just tragedy porn or actual porn

being trans isnt a kink stop treating it like one kthnxbye

Happy Headcanons About Lin
  1. Her officers adore and respect her to the point that, when Raiko got pissed at Lin and suggested replacing her, he was bombarded by officers informing him they would quit if he fired her. 
  2. Her closest friend in the city is a teacher at a Kyoshi dojo. Once a month, the pair of them get together, spar, and go out to dinner. Lin is godmother to one of her friend’s children and has attended all of the children’s weddings. 
  3. On Saturday afternoons, Lin throws on exercise clothes and heads down to the community center in the city’s poorest borough. There she teaches a hand-to-hand self-defense class, mainly to young women. The class is always full, Lin always stays late, and it always makes her feel like she’s doing something right when she sees the young women grow in self-confidence over the course of the class. She’s often helped her students in other ways - finding a decent job, encouraging them to stay in school and helping them study after practice, making sure they know they’re capable of anything. 
  4. She has a knack for matchmaking. No less than four of her Captains and numerous other officers met their significant others via Lin. It’s odd, but she intuitively knows when two people will be a good match. And she likes seeing her people happy. (Mako and Korra? Lin could have called that breakup on day 1. Korra and Asami…well, Bumi now owes Lin 50 yuans.)
  5. Lin doesn’t mind living alone, for the most part. From time to time, yes, she does get lonely. But honestly, it’s nice to have her house to herself without anyone to complain if she leaves her shoes in the middle of the room or plays music at 11 PM because she’s a bit of night owl. Everything is decorated to her taste, and she doesn’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs/wants when she comes home. 
  6. As for lovers/romance, Lin isn’t single from lack of choice. She’s single because she doesn't want to be married at this point in her life. She’s gotten used to being able to make personal decisions without consulting anyone else. However, that doesn’t mean she has kept either her bed or her heart empty. She’s simply discreet about her lovers because it’s no one’s business except hers and her partner’s, keep your nose out of it got it?
  7. About once a week, after work, Lin picks a direction at random and starts walking. She wanders through her city, no particular destination in mind, just appreciating her city and its people. She has dinner at some family-owned business or pub before wandering home along another path. It helps her stay acquainted with her city as well as immersing her in its day-to-day heartbeat. It’s not uncommon for her to be recognized and greeted warmly by people on the street. 
  8.  Her job is stressful, no doubt about that. Lin often meets people on the very worst days of their lives and, even more often, she is reminded of the depraved depths of humankind. But despite the negatives, it’s a job worth doing. She’s learned to value the small victories: one abuser removed from his family, one playground reclaimed for the kids from the Triads, one man’s life savings recovered from a conman. She would never consider herself a hero - nor does she desire to be - but she can make the city a little safer, help people sleep a little sounder, bring a little justice and security where it’s needed most. 
I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be - Harry Styles One-Shot

Or the one where Harry is still selfish and missed Y/N a little too late

Also, part two of this one shot but can be ready on its own

It was award season and that meant going to LA and spending the next two weeks being dragged from one event to another. Harry was anything but excited, in fact, excited wasn’t even a word that crossed his mind when he thought about this particular season of the year.

He should’ve been used to it, after five years as a member of One Direction, Harry should’ve felt more comfortable in red carpet than he actually did. It’s not like anyone knew he was uncomfortable, because they didn’t. Harry just gave off an air that said ‘I belong here’.

There was a time when Harry loved being in LA. The spotlight was always a little brighter when he was there, the weather was always nice and everyone seemed to treat him better than they normally would. However, Harry no longer felt the need to go to LA every break he had. He no longer felt like he belonged there, as he had believed a few years ago. Now, LA was just a sad memory of good times, unnecessary fights and you.

Despise his feelings towards the City Of Angels, Harry couldn’t escape from it. It was work and he had people that he loved too much to let down counting on him. Therefore, Harry put his feelings apart, jumped on a plane and flew, only praying for the next two week of his life to go as smoothly as he hoped they would.

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an uncommon thought for a larrie:

have you ever thought about the reason behind why we always feel this drowning sense of negativity? and, no, i am not going to say some idiotic thing about how larry isn’t real because obviously a love as wholesome as that is. i have just been thinking that we constantly feel let-down and stressed because we let ourselves feel like we are going to control the narrative of how the coming out will happen and we get upset when it doesn’t follow how we believe it will play out. we get upset when there’s a new beard or scandal because we keep trying to act like we have control over their coming out when we don’t. some of us have to sink our teeth into everything and force everyone to see it the way that they do, consequently stressing a massive portion of the fandom the fuck out because we build up an idea and then reality deviates from it. we can’t do that to ourselves, we can’t constantly build up our mentality when we have no idea if it will be completely demolished – it’s not healthy. instead of trying to control babygate and bearding and what happens next, why don’t we do something like provide safe, stress-free places for each other? there are so many creative, artistic people that we can support and help them as they make safe place for us. there are so many kind-hearted, anxiety-prone people that would love to talk about past cute larry things and future headcanons. instead of scaring ourselves and making this fandom feel like hell, why don’t we band together and form a safe place that appreciates gays and love in its truest form? larry is one of the most beautiful, worst-kept secrets that this generation will ever have, and i want to be able to look back on this point in the future with a smile in my face, and not have to remember all of the drama. this wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, it’s just something i needed to get off of my chest.