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I really don't mean to start anything so I'm sorry In advance. I understand that you love reign and all but saying that he's a good person is kind of.... Delusional in a way. Ignoring Reigens bad side is something the fandom just loves to do. He is a felon and committed some serious crimes, used a child for money, lies to costumers and so on. He is not that good???? I don't get it???? It's pretty I easy to prove that he's kind of an ass. Like he did okay things at times but.... Come on everyone

Woah, hold the fuck up anon. YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE?


“ I really don’t mean to start anything so I’m sorry In advance.”


“ He is a felon and committed some serious crimes, used a child for money, lies to costumers  and so on. “


So, Mob goes to Reigen, thinking he’s a psychic, looking for someone to help him with his powers, right. Reigen, clearly was skeptical about it, but he never denies Mob, and he lets Mob come to him everyday.

“Oh he’s just using Mob!”

Ah yes, I haven’t this a million times before. 

Okay. Look you. Reigen could have easily turned Mob away, but he doesn’t, so Mob ends up working for him. Mob ends up learning from Reigen “Never use your powers on people”, “Just try to be a good person”, “Psychic Powers don’t make you special”, “You’re the protagonist of your own life” you can see where I’m going. He ends up really helping Mob, instilling in him this kind of advice, acting like a moral compass of sorts, a guide so to speak.

Now I bet your thinking something like: “Oh well Reigen just told him that so he could use him!”

And I got to call you out for being so absolutely dismissive. 

And I’m not touching the whole “Reigen doesn’t care for Mob!” thing again. *cough* Gratitude *cough* *wheezes* when he calls for Mob immediately in the tunnel with the ghosts in the first episode* wheezes*

I think I need my inhaler


Reigen still pays Mob, yeah 300 yen isn’t much, but Reigen still takes Mob out to eat, he even bought him a cell phone? Also Reigen’s prices are the cheapest in town, and he’s been shown to barter for his services; like when they helped the farmer, and he asked for a share of the crop instead of money.

Where I’m going with this is that Reigen isn’t filthy rich, he’s actually pretty strapped for cash, but he still pays Mob. But he’s just using him after all.

lies to costumers

People go to Reigen, looking for help, as some spirit has afflicted them. Most of the time though, that spirit on their shoulder is actually just a stiff shoulder. So Reigen gives them a massage. The times it’s actually the work on a spirit, is when he calls in Mob to help. At the end of the day, Reigen still helps his customers, and gives them peace of mind.

Were they misled? Sure, you can say that. But they still end up leaving happy and content, except for very few occasions, like the one guy who wanted Reigen to curse a man, and the group of college kids who wanted the ghost family exorcised.

“ It’s pretty I easy to prove that he’s kind of an ass. “

Yeah he certainly is at times, I won’t deny that, but he ends up suffering for it. And boy does he suffer it for, hello Separation Arc. Just read chapters 68-73. Reigen ends up saying some pretty bad things to Mob,causing Mob to stop showing up for work, and there’s a whole downward spiral for Reigen. People always mention how much SUFFERING the Mogami arc is.

While the Mogami Arc broke my heart, hurt my soul, The Seperation Arc came right after and absolutely shattered me into a million pieces.

Now, let’s go back to the time Mob first met Reigen. The flashback in the anime shows Mob’s point of view, when that flashback actually occurs later on and it’s from Reigen’s point of view.

Reigen’s pretty unsatisfied, he was going to close up shop, probably move somewhere else and start a new job, as he had done previous times before.

But then Mob shows up, changes all of that.

“You’ve Grown Up”

So yes, we have Reigen coming to a realization about his relationship with Mob, as he’s being dragged and publicly lynched.

Now, let me raise another point, cause clearly Reigen’s a bad person.


We have Mob, not only saying he always knew Reigen didn’t have powers, he also knows that REIGEN IS A GOOD PERSON. 

I’m not saying it, Mob is.

Yes, Reigen does do questionable things, but that does not mean he is not a good person! He is flawed and complex, but an incredibly REAL character. He’s not some LAWFUL GOOD goody two-shoes piece of cardboard character who is as bland as stale bread, and absolutely FAR from being perfect, but that is what makes him so good and great. 


How about the fact that Mob has known for a good 3-4 years that Reigen never actually had powers, but still practically used him and had Reigen keep putting on the psychic charade for Mob’s sake for his own benefit? 

Leaving for London Comic Con Tomorrow!

I’m so excited, but also a little nervous. Both just general jitters, but also with what happened in Manchester. Security is going to be tight, and I believe the police are going to be around the area just in case. A lot of people are refraining from taking replica weapons, to keep things a little smoother.

Finishing writing up the BC setup before I go, may or may not have chance to post something. If not, I’m back on Monday, and I have the week off. With no cosplay stuff to do, I’ll finally have time to get sims shit done! XD In the meantime, the apartment we’re staying at has free wifi, so I’ll be keeping up with my dash when I can, and may even post some con adventures :3

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Are you okay with people cosplaying your Taako outfits?I'm planning on doing Boyland's funeral at Wondercon! (I'm making the hat right now 😅

I am 100000000000000% Okay with people cosplaying my Taakos but I wanna see photos when you’re done!!

But I updated that costume for the print version! 

Its basically the same but a mini-skirt dress!


I know it’s not Munday but just in case you were wondering I am in fact a smol forest spirit who has poor impulse control when it comes to buying new houseplants. Also enormous flower crowns.

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a concept: jean and reiner rocks to hamilton especially Right Hand Man with reiner singing as Washington and jean played Hamilton


  • Kinshirou: Atchan, let's do something?
  • Atsushi: Not now, it's chill time.
  • Kinshirou: I'm getting a bit desperate. ... Yufuin?
  • En: Chill. Time.
  • Kinshirou: But I don't want to "chill". I want to do things.
  • En: Okay, then. Go get some juice in the fridge for me, I'm getting thirsty.
  • Kinshirou: Go get them yourself.
  • En: Hey, you said you wanted to do things.
  • Kinshirou: I never said I wanted to become your maid, though.
  • En: Dunno, you'd look pretty nice in a maid costume. Don't you agree, Atsushi?
  • Atsushi: *With three juice pouches in hands* I thought we were going to drink juice, not play dress-up.
  • Atsushi: Actually, only on Wednesdays.
  • En: Atsushi looks really good in a maid costume, just so you know.
  • Kinshirou: What am I even dealing with... *Furiously blushing*

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happy, content justlex is honestly all i'm here for. after all their hurt and heartache, they confide in each other and it's the courage they get from the other that leads them to book therapy appointments. justin is worried so much about the cost but alex's parents offer to pay, saying that "after all you've done for our son, this is the least we could do". family dinners at alex's house. matching halloween costumes with a fully dressed up justin and alex with maybe an identifying hat on.

Okay but also Justlex that just starts so innocent. There isn’t all that lust drawing them together, it’s literally just an insanely deep connection and desire to be innocently close to each other. To protect each other and love and be loved. Justlex with kisses on the corner of the mouth and Eskimo kisses and so so many cuddles. Boyfriends who can talk their feelings out, and while they’re laying awake at 4am they can get each other through those dark thoughts. Giving each other massages and back tickles and just supporting each other 100%

Go! #90
  • Gavin: -To Ryan- Wait you were just in Florida?
  • Ryan: Yeah
  • Gavin: You were in Florida the same time as Meg??
  • Ryan: Meg was in Florida? -laughs-
  • -Gavin bangs his fist against his desk-
  • Geoff: Shhiiiiiiitt
  • Michael: Daaaaaaamn
  • Jack: Gavin set that one up by the way
  • Michael: Gavin sets all of them up!
  • Geoff: This is very uncomfortable all of a sudden. What I'd like you guys to do, let's move on, let's move past-
  • Gavin: I'll be having words
  • Geoff: Errr -nervous giggling- Are you gonna not talk to him for three weeks?
  • Gavin: That's how I do it, yeah
  • -Ryan mumbling whilst sorting out some wires-
  • Geoff: You're gonna get the Dan punishment, Ryan
  • Ryan: Gavin, don't ice me out, man
  • Jack: "Don't ice me out" is that what you just said?
  • Michael: Ryan, you should start cosplaying, I think you could pull it off.
  • Geoff: You should cosplay as a philanderer (meaning womanizer), the other man, Ryan cosplays as a hotel room key-card.
  • Ryan: Not gonna lie, it's a hard costume to move in, but it's worth it for the comedic effect
  • Jack: Ryan should start wearing Chive T-Shirts, -laughter- "Who are you?" "I'm a Chive photographer."
  • -Everyone feeling bad but still laughing-
  • Geoff: -to Gavin- I'm sorry buddy, hey I've been divorced too, it's okay
  • Gavin: I'm not married
  • Geoff: Well don't get married 'cos it's not gonna...
  • Jack: How long is common law marriage? Is 2, 3 years in Texas?
  • Ryan: 7.
  • Geoff: Ryan's been looking it up!

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Okay so this is the same anon and I just zoomed in on Lili's dress and it's definitely a different fabric from the first pic on her story. I work with fabrics a lot since I work in costumes and I'm pretty sure they're different dresses. I am such a sprousehart investigator I'm sorry for my obsessing lol

never be sorry for being a sprousehart sleuth 😂 and yea I’m pretty sure that she changed her dress too, in her insta vid, her dress straps went around her neck, but her dress straps in the pics didn’t look like that

  • *today was costume day at my school for our homecoming spirit week, so naturally I went as Castiel*
  • Mom: Why are you still wearing your costume? It's like 7:00, don't you want to change into something else?
  • Me:, I like wearing the trench coat. I'll just change when I get ready for bed.
  • Mom: Really? Don't you want to change into something more comfortable now?
  • Me: No, I'm actually perfectly comfortable.
  • Mom: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: ...Emma-
  • Mom: ...*laughs and shakes her head before going upstairs*
  • Me: *after she leaves* I am an angel of the lord, I shouldn't have to put up with this shit.
  • Ryuko: Tell me again why I'm dressed as a reindeer?
  • Satsuki: I have always wanted to dress up and do a family Christmas card, but as I'm sure you could tell Ryuko our family was not the type to do things like that.
  • Ryuko: *sighs* Ok, Whatever. Still doesn't explain what you're supposed to be then?
  • Satsuki: *smirks* The sexy santa of course. You should've expected nothing less Ryuko.
  • Ryuko: *scoffs* Please, if anyone has the body for the sexy santa costume it's me. But you do know Santa has an elf right, hence santas little helper, if I'm the reindeer and you the sexy santa who's going to be the elf?
  • Satsuki: *looks away* Well, while she may not be an actual part of our family, I consider her close enough to be.
  • Ryuko: *scratches head* Huh, what are yo- Wait you don't- Oh my god you actually got Nonon to dress up as well! *sees Nonon in an elf costume*
  • Satsuki: She pulls it off quite well.
  • Nonon: Don't say a word delinquent.
  • Ryuko: Wasn't gonna.
  • Nonon: *smiles* Okay then, good.
  • Ryuko: *chuckles* But uh one question, how's Satsuki's toy shop doing?
  • Satsuki: *covers smile*
  • Nonon: *tackles Ryuko* That's it you're on the naughty list!!!

Red Rain- Damian Al Ghul-Wayne

    Damian was born out of the love of Bruce and Talia. Though Ra’s wants Bruce to join him in his cause, he refused. Talia was actually happy that her beloved didn’t agree. It was hard for Bruce to leave his child’s mother but he was very adamant in going against Ra’s desire to have a perfect world without any half-blooded creatures.
     Talia once told Bruce that her father is doing such a thing because those said “half-bloods” are the ones that killed her mother and they do nothing but pollute the Earth. Right before Bruce left, he told Talia that their child must never ever be indoctrinated by such things no matter what.

     When Damian was born, he was actually treated as something highly precious because it’s very, very rare for two full blooded vampires to have a child. It was never in their physiology to bear children that’s why it’s almost a miracle that Damian came to be.
     Damian spent decades hidden away from his grandfather. Talia wanted to honor her beloved by raising their child on her own and wishing for him to live in a better world. Damian was able to train under the best teachers, masters, and scholars. He is very adept in the arts, very well-read, and he is very compassionate about other living things. He was able to live with his mother for decades but one day, his grandfather found them and decided to take Damian away.
     Talia was awfully upset and she did everything to get her son back. She was furious because Ra’s declared that Damian would be the one to lure Bruce in joining his cause. She fought very hard and actually won. She was able to escape with Damian and she travelled to Nanda Parbat. There, she would train Damian even more because she knows that they would greatly need it sooner or later.

     True enough… Their time away from Ra’s was short lived. This time Ra’s wanted to make sure that Talia wouldn’t run away with his grandson. He separated the two, Talia not knowing what her father might do to Damian. Years later, Ra’s finally allowed Talia to see Damian. To her horror, he was brainwashed and made as a perfect weapon, hellbent in doing his grandfather’s bidding. Talia wanted to burn the whole castle down for what Ra’s did but Ra’s offered Talia to see Bruce because he found out where he is now.
      They made a deal… And that is to simply bring Damian to his father after all these years.

     Damian’s gear is a mix of what he wore during his “missions” for his grandfather and a bit of what Bruce gave him. It’s designed for comfort and the motif is ninja-like. The materials used to be cloth with some armor but then it was upgraded with a mix of kevlar and fireproof cloth.
     One time, Kon was looking at the fur lining on Damian’s clothes… Without even asking, Damian told him: “It’s the pelt of a very powerful Alpha that I was tasked to slay. I had to put him down because he was nothing more than a rabid animal." Then he added: ”…It was my very first mission.“

     His little black scarf was actually from his mother. He loves that scarf very much and he believes that it brings him good luck. If you look closely at the design on his back, it’s a golden trimming on his spine. I actually designed it in reference to Damian having his spine operated on back in the comic. Teehee~
     The "R” on his chest was an embroidery from Dick. Much to Damian’s dislike at first, Dick called him “Little Robin” because he flutters about. Damian hated it because 1. Tim is also likened to a Robin 2. He said that Robins do not even sound THAT threatening. And 3. Dick did a horrible job in trying to embroider the symbol. Alfred should have just done it instead. BUT he keeps it on anyway. XD

     Damian is a weapons master. He loves using bladed weapons the most but he never goes out in the field without his katana. It was a gift from his grandfather. Given to him after his first successful mission. It is said to eat souls and the more impure beings it slays, the more it grants the bearer strength.
     Along with the katana, Damian carries around a couple of kunai, shurikens and occasionally a pair of Sai. He keeps some wooden stakes too because it’s really a must for them.

     His martial arts training consists of almost every Asian style. But he prefers Baguazhang, Ninjutsu, Judo, Aikido, Eskrima, and Silat. Due to Ra’s training Damian, he was taught to always go for a swift kill. He was told that if he hesitates and even stops for a while, you might have a while to even think of mercy.

     Overall, Damian is designed to be unstoppable and never easy to take down. He can use his clothes to stealth, take anyone from the shadows, and even provide him some warmth because truth be told, the fur lining is top quality. Out of all of the boys, Damian’s is the most practical and lightest to wear.

Random facts: 

     Damian has a pet hellhound he named Titus who appeared out of nowhere one snowy day. Titus was the son of another hellhound and Cerberus. Titus can talk and he also breathes fire but he was trained not to burn down the manor. Also, Damian is older than Dick, Jason, and Tim combined. Since he’s the child of two pure blooded vampires, he ages slowly. After centuries, he still looks 10.
     Another special trait he inherited from his parents is the fact that he’s a “Daywalker.” He cannot be burned by the sun unlike other vampires. Others who can “Daywalk” is Dick and Ra’s. An advantage to Damian being able to do so is that he can go out with his father and the public sees him as the heir of Bruce’s fortune. Lastly, One thing that Damian HATES are werewolves because his spine was half clawed out by one. He calls them “mutts” with much revulsion and his opinion on them cannot be easily swayed.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I AM DONE!!! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WALL OF TEXT!! *Gives you a flower crown and kisses you*

Hope you guys like this!

Check out the others too, okay?

Dick || Jason || Tim

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Hey, do you know how it's quiet uptown and say no to this are staged? I'm trying to map out it all!! Love your blog btw, almost as much as I move Lin x

Yeah okay, so Phillip dies on the table and Eliza screams and cries and Lin cries and we all cry and it’s awful. Then Angelica comes in wearing a black dress type thing over her costume and stands there and sings on Stage Left as the Hamiltons are turned on the turn table and leave the stage. Then they project this cobble stone looking thing on the floor and it looks like a street on the floor but there is a circle of nothing in the center where Ham stands as he sings about “walking alone to the store” and the ensemble is standing all around looking at him. Then when Ham starts the “look at where we are, if I could trade his life” part Eliza enters from upstage center also wearing a black over dress and she come straight down and stands full front with a blank expression on her face as he sings to her. (This part is absolutely heart breaking btw, Lin is on the verge of tears the whole time and Phillipa’s face is heart breaking she has so much hurt on her face and she looks like she’s on the verge of tears and is trying her hardest not to let it show) Hamilton switch places on “walking by her side” and Ham is looking at her hoping she will look at him. And finally they just stand next to each other, Hamilton is crying and Eliza is still looking straight forward. And then she takes his hand, without looking at him, on “she takes his hand” and we all get chills and tears are streaming down Lin’s face as she moves in and leans on his shoulder and then her tears start and they just hold each other as they cry. And during Renee’s second solo she is standing down stage right. When I saw it you could audibly hear people crying, it’s a very touching scene. There isn’t much movement, it’s all the actors and it’s wonderful.