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You know what fucked me up today? Thinking about John and how he might’ve grown up.

We know Harry’s an alcoholic and his relationship with her is strained. We know John himself has a bit of an interesting relationship with alcohol as well, especially when it comes to moments of courage (or the lack thereof).

There is absolutely no mention of their parents in the show besides one deleted scene from TSoT, when John revealed that his mother is dead. There is no mention of his father whatsoever.

In contrast, we’re rather familiar with Sherlock’s immediate family. His brother is ever-present, far too much so in Sherlock’s opinion. We’ve had Christmas with the Holmes parents, and we’ve heard of cross-dressing Uncle Rudy in passing. Oh, and we also know of Redbeard, who may or may not be Sherlock’s childhood dog or other sibling.

What I’m trying to get at is that while it’s easy to focus on the knowledge that Sherlock is lonely, which is important to consider in terms of the narrative, I think it’s also important to know that John is alone, and that those two words are so very, very different.

It just kind of puts “I was so alone, and I owe you so much” into a different perspective.

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sorry if you've already been asked this a bunch but do you know if live lounge can be streamed outside the uk? thanks love! x

yes its on the bbc’s website anyone can watch just like the breakfast show and annie mac streams

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the Hour.. its a bbc show. beautiful, absolutely incredible writing. only 2 seasons, 12 episodes so its easy to go through. if you love sherlock, i really think you'll love it.

bajdofkfkgkkgg yall know me so well

The first year, 29th January comes and goes feeling significant but neither John nor Sherlock really know how, or why. They don’t exactly keep track of which day of the year they’ve met all their other friends, do they? John makes coffee in the morning and Sherlock sits across from him to read the newspaper, and they’ve been doing this for a year now, in some variation or another, and though a fairly interesting case comes into the website late in the afternoon, Sherlock closes the tab and makes a note to call the poisoned man’s wife the next day, because John has just asked if he fancies a Chinese and maybe a James Bond, if they’ve got nothing on tonight. They eat far too much and drink a couple of beers and sit just a little too close together on the sofa, and neither of them really knows why, but it feels important.

The second year, Sherlock is both dead and trying hard not to be, working undercover with a street gang in Budapest, and John sits for three hours on bench outside Bart’s hospital and they both know exactly why January 29 is significant, but it no longer matters. 

The third year, John goes on a date with the new nurse from the clinic and tries not to feel like he’s cheating on someone. Sherlock smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke out over Ho Chi Minh and wonders if John ever thinks about him anymore.

The fourth year is the worst year, because they both try desperately not to think about the 29th, and they both fail miserably. John goes to work and doesn’t text Sherlock; Sherlock swoops into the Met and makes everyone miserable and angry until Lestrade finally sits him down in a conference room with weak tea and a stale pastry and tells him to text John. Sherlock doesn’t, but at half-six that evening John shows up at Baker Street anyway with a Chinese takeaway and a sullen expression, and they eat together quietly, awkwardly, in recognition of something they can’t talk about but can’t seem to make themselves ignore. Sherlock resents John then, resents that he still knows that Sherlock likes black pepper chicken and fried dumplings, not steamed, resents that John can still find the mugs in the kitchen, resents that John sits on the sofa and doesn’t relax back into it, like he’s always prepared to jump up and leave. For his part, John feels every ounce of that resentment like a black oil welling up around his ribs, and he has plenty of anger and ire to heat it to boiling, and when he finally leaves that night, it’s because he can’t stand to be in a room with Sherlock for another minute, not on this night, not when John knows what a night like 29th January could have meant, if only Sherlock had wanted it.

The fifth year, Moriarty is dead and Mary is gone and John is lost. He’s been twisted every way, he’s had his whole world turned upside down and topsy turvy and he wishes, for once, that Sherlock would give him a safe place to land.  He walks, and meanders, and wanders, and doesn’t pop by Baker Street and doesn’t buy a Chinese takeaway, and instead finds himself looking up at the facade of Bart’s hospital. He shouldn’t, really, but he does anyway, walking purposefully through the halls so no one thinks to ask if he should be there. He’s being very silly, he thinks, but it doesn’t matter, because when he swings the door open to the lab, to the lab, Sherlock is already there, sitting on a stool and looking down at nothing. 

The fifth year, John says hello, then, and Sherlock cracks a smile and says, we’ve got to stop meeting this way, and when John strides over to him, purposeful, filled with intent, Sherlock turns on his seat to face him. 

I think we’ve got to start meeting like this instead, John says, and he takes one of Sherlock’s hands in his, and Sherlock lets him, and he slides one of his hands along Sherlock’s jaw, and Sherlock tilts his face into John’s hold, and John kisses him, very very softly, as if to say, okay? and Sherlock kisses back, as if to say, obviously. 

As if to say, finally.

  • phil:i had a sneaky peak at dan's documentary and its really good
  • dan:is it? are yo just saying that
  • phil:no, i enjoyed it, its really good, it got me pumped like a sports anime
  • dan:put that on the poster, it'll get you pumped like a sports anime
  • phil:so what do you do in the documentary dan
  • dan:what do i do? i do a lotta walking around, lotta pondering, narration
  • phil:there is some strong narration
  • dan:thanks, so if you want watch that its tomorrow on bbc 3
  • phil:i'm looking forward to it, we'll be watching it
  • dan:will we? your gonna watch it again?
  • phil:yeah! of course
  • dan:aww ok well we'll be watching

There are two goblets before you.
One of the goblets contains a deadly poison, the other goblet, a harmless liquid.
All the liquid in both goblets must be drunk, but each of you may only drink from a single goblet.

Okay, Clone Club fam! Here’s my entry for the Orphan Black poster contest. I wanted to make it seem like something Felix might paint, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out?? I hope you think so too