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Nagisa: “Why are all their jerseys normal except Seirin?! Why did we suddenly decide to put Kunigigaoka into a different anime?! WHAT HAPPENED TO SEIRIN?!”

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Friends Are The Best At Helping You Cope With Grief And Here's Why:
  • Roommate: Ta-da! Your cheer up adventure begins here!
  • Me: *unenthused* This is the bus station.
  • Roommate: Yes, I thought showing you such miserable poverty would make you feel better about your own situation. Everyday these people willingly herd themselves into these giant limos. They're not even cool giant limos like my dad's hummer limos. I think if you combined the amount of money spread amongst all of these people, they could barely afford a single flight on my private jet. What a truly miserable existence.
  • Me: I ride the bus to work everyday.
  • Roommate: Oh! *flicks hair* Well, you should find comfort in being in familiar area surrounded by people you can relate with.
  • Me: I just want to go home, lie down, and not be conscious for a while.
  • Roommate: No! Not until you're happy. Think about things that make you happy, like your boyfriend.
  • Me: My ex? Heh, thinking of him just makes me want to die.
  • Roommate: No, your new boyfriend! The clammy hands one.
  • Me: Oh, him. We haven't talked in a long time. He made things awkward.
  • Roommate: Didn't you say he was perfect?
  • Me: Yeah, but-
  • Roommate: But nothing! You need to be happy. I'm tired of seeing you sad. I didn't move into your apartment so I could be around a negative Nancy who brings down the mood all the time! We're going to go find your boyfriend and you're going to be happy. *grabs my arm*
  • Me: *shakes her off* Listen, I appreciate the sentiment, but I think I need time to grieve before I can be happy again.
  • Roommate: Grieve over what?
  • Me: *frowns* Uhm, my mom. She died.
  • Roommate: Your mom died? When did that happen?
  • Me: Just last week. I told you right after it happened. I couldn't stop crying about it all week.
  • Roommate: Well, get over it!
  • Me: *gasps* I can't just get over it! I loved my mom! We were very close! She was always so good to me!
  • Roommate: That's a weird relationship to have with your mom. I hated my mom so much that I had her assassinated.
  • Me: Not everyone's lives are like yours- wait, what!? You assassinated your mom!?
  • Roommate: I mean, yeah. She was kind of a bitch. Kept complaining to my dad about me lacking "empathy" or whatever that means. He was gonna send me to some boring all girl's school in the Finnish countryside. I couldn't have that, so I paid someone to get rid of her.
  • Me: You're a monster!
  • Roommate: Whatever. My mom had her mom assassinated, and hopefully I'll get assassinated by my daughter's orders too. It's a family tradition.

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Why do people dismiss Emma being in NY as not being Emma like? That was Emma Swan from the pilot but with a kid. All Regina did was give her some memories of a happy life in the past 10 years, she did not erase Neal's betrayal or her past as a foster kid. So how was that a different Emma. I saying that I need to point out that Emma was engaged to be married and she was not a stepford wife. Emma was Still Emma and Walsh while being manipulative could not influence Emma. she lowered her walls 1

But still stayed true to herself as a bounty hunter. We need to understand that Regina did not erase Emma in NY but she gave Emma the life Emma always wanted, the life Emma dreamt off. And she was so happy and she wanted to go back. So this thing with Hook is tbt “feeling nothing is a good option when your feelings suck” and she’s trying to fit Hook’s perfect girl because he puts a lot of pressure on her, more than anyone to be the perfect girlfriend to give him attention so she makes this

date happen and she dresses up to what she believes he expects of her, because her personality so far was making him angry. Or have we forgotten all his seething and anger bursts when she said she’s busy? This is her trying to not only be what snow wants her to be, ie date a man, but be the woman that man wants. Only Regina was able to ask what does Emma Swan want & give her that without expecting pay. Which is odd isn’t it? It’s odd how Regina is the only one to care about what Emma wants

And Regina is the only one who let’s Emma come to terms with what she is and what she wants. She throws and idea but doesn’t push that much. She tried to teach Emma magic Emma didn’t want it she dropped it and in 3b we have Emma come to Regina to ask for lessons. So do we wonder why Emma has this change? Nope. She can’t be herself with Hook he has high expectations. Only Regina let her be herself and do things her way in her own time with just a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Well, since there was no question anywhere here, and we’ve got nothing else to add, guess the only thing we can do is…

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