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@stridercest–week Day 3: i wanted to take you to the aquarium but the aquarium is overrated and also theres that one fish that wears fucking glasses and i just dont get it its been 3 years and i still dont get it [Ideal Date/Outing]

aquariums are still pretty rad tho you gotta admit
(dirk dont try and dive with the sharks–you’ll get banned again)


So when he died I thought, fuck it. I started saying what I wanted, when I wanted, just drop it out there. People don’t always like that. It’s incredible how fast you slip off the ladder when you start doing that. It turned out a lot of my friends didn’t care for honesty. 

kuroshitsuji | sebastian michaelis

then there are villains who are affably evil. there is absolutely nothing separating them from being normal, polite people except for the fact that they want to take over the world or use human souls to power their artifact of doom. they’re not the stepford smiler — their affability is a genuine part of their personality, not a mask. if they have underlings, expect them to be a benevolent boss. in one way, they’re the opposite of an anti-hero. they may pet the dog on occasion, but won’t hesitate to kick it with steel-toed boots the next second if it helps them accomplish their evil plan. they may well be a villain with good publicity because, after all, being evil doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social.


so i ‘accidentally’ bought some stuff for my norn

also learned that going into a zone 30 lvls higher than you to take pretty screenshots is painful



@nightsofllyn‘s latest drabble has one of the best openings ive ever read and i pretty much just wanted to do a montage of ren following hux around and arguing at him but then llyn informed me that the stuff kylo was saying was just listing off ways hux could die on the mission and somehow marriage happened i dont even know

this week is an uphill of genuine happiness for me. monday turned out to be super great and tuesday was nice to me too and wednesday— i finally have a sunflower plant. today was pretty chill altho i had a melt down (not really sure what triggered my sensitive muffin heart but oh whale) at one point. so in conclusion, i could say that the world is practically treating me well!! the ironic part? this makes me want to cry. because i have never felt this overwhelmed and happy ever. i hope the same goes with everyone— we all deserve to be happy. feel free to send me messages / hit me up if u wanna tell something abt ur day, ur life, u need friendly advises etc. & i’ll try to respond to everyone. ily & good night sunshines xx

Q.E.D. (707 x mc)

summary: this moment exists at the end of a broken loop.

(what do you mean ‘loop’?)

rating: all (707 name spoilers)

notes: the epilogue/final scene of recursion. it’s pretty fluffy and can be read on it’s own as a stand alone piece i think. but reading recursion might give one a better appreciation of it? otherwise it’s just a very random piece of floof as i can’t really think of a good way to really really link them. /shot

hope you guys like it! ;;

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i was tagged by @rindaanah thank you so much!!

1. favorite color :  pink and blue

2. last song i listened to : tere sang yaara (atif aslam)

3. favorite tv show : game of thrones

4. first fandom : this is hard to answer because ive never been as hardcore for anything as i am for zayn/1d but when i first joined tumblr in 2010 it was to follow pretty little liars blogs cus i was really into it and then i was an arianator as well so those were my earliest ‘fandoms’  lol 

I tag (you can ignore me if you’ve already done this or don’t want to) @malikaesthetics @0xyzen @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @bisexvalziam @liamalmighty @ziamspaynus @zayniepaynie @zayndrogynous @sinfulibra @oh-no-its-elle @befourjavadd @3000-in-one @rainbowliam  

Okay, so I was looking through the UnderTale audio files and I noticed that the only time we hear Mettaton’s voice, it sounds much much lower than the song we hear him sing in the MTT musical. So of course I had to find leg robots vocal range. The one time we hear Mettaton’s voice is when he is saying “Oh Yes~” and the frequency at its lowest (I couldn’t quite capture the lowest part but I got close) was about 170 Hz. 

This matched up pretty well with an E3 square wave (Which is 164.81 Hz).

Now if you don’t believe me heres the E and the sample at once

Now that’s pretty damn close so we can say his lowest note is AT LEAST an E3, although his voice doesn’t sound very strained so he can probably sing lower if he wanted.

Now what about high end? In the MTT musical we see Mettaton singing and the song that plays has a harp for the melody thats supposed to symbolize Mettaton’s voice.

The highest note in the song also happens to be an E, but this time an E6. So we now know Mettaton can sing from an E3 to an E6, but how impressive is that really?

Well according to this graph below that makes Mettaton have a vocal range similar to Beyoncé.

The more you know


endless list of favorite episodes of random tv shows:
Gilmore Girls 4x02 The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale


So its pretty much finished.. after WELL over a year… maybe even more. This all started when A friend of mine had done a drawing and i decided to color it (top). I colored it in so many different ways i just got sick of it and decided i wanted to make my own. ZERO was done a year ago so there is a definite difference in style and line art but i think it still draws together. Oh and that is an X logo on x’s chest plate under his arm. I may end up tweaking zero a little bit to match X mostly by weighting the lines.

so here it is after a very long time in the making the X vs Zero Omni-Directional poster. yes this poster is meant to be placed in any way you want it. 

Pretty much the whole OnS fandom, am I right~? 

Has this been done before? Well… I know it has for other fandoms but I wanted to make a Mikayuu one!

Quick editing job with piZap and I still don’t know why I did it. ;( Oh well, just take my shitty edit!

Just once I’d like to be able to edit things. ;-; A girl can dream!


oh god I’m

Everyone seemed to want to know where my marionette was so here he is.

Mari is really bashful and he doesn’t do well in large groups. So he tends to stay on his side of the restaurant. Also he happens to be a mute, So it makes communicating pretty difficult.

 Sometimes though when its quiet you can hear play with his music box from inside his box. 

anonymous asked:

hey i just wanted to say that it makes me so happy that youre a pretty popular artist (who also got invited to aselia con as a guest like wow?) and ur openly kin just it makes me rlly happy that there is a popular artist who is kin idk how to explain it properly i just think its rather amazing esp as someone who is kin as well!! i hope u have a real good day and i love ur art so much

oh my gosh you are so sweet… it’s really nothing to be ashamed about!! it’s just a thing that some people are and that’s okay! i’m glad that it makes you happy hehe i hope you’re not afraid to be open about these things yourself!! i love you!!!

Today I fucked up by making a joke

TIFU when I went to cross country practice. Now when I run the amount I swear increases exponentially because it’s running and it’s stupid. Well I was about 800 meters from the finish and there’s this hill that I swear is birthed by Satan himself. Well I looked up it and wanted to swear but someone was running by so I just whispered to myself “oh hill no.” Of course I think I’m pretty damn funny after this and I laughed so hard I fell down the hill and had to run all the way back up it again. Overall: just like that hill, my joke had its ups and downs.

I’m so sorry


19.1.17 | Today was VERY productive and tbh I’m proud of myself, I didn’t procrastinate! Well, almost anyways. I had to do a Physics protocol, study for a Physics test (look at my drawings, pretty snazzy copared to some otjers of mine), I also had to finish my English notes and I added these tiny post its to my History notebook. And I read some more of Romeo and Juliet! Oh and some other homework. I wanted to do more but there just wasn’t time so maybe tomorrow! c:

artemistudying  asked:

halllllooo! how r u?!?! i just wanted to drop by and say that i looove your blog!! your posts r so aesthetic & pretty, not to mention inspirational as well hehe ☺️ also I'm in love with ur name oh my god (also for the fact that its like ginny from harry potter 😍) anyways, thats about it haha.. hope you have a great day! :))

AHHHH thank you so much! 💖 you just made my day! hope i get to post more this weekend!! *whispers* ginny is just my nickname tho omg have a great day too, my love 💖