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I realized that K doesn't really focus on any romantic relationships really like most animes do, like they focus on relationships as far as friends go but nothing OFFICIALLY romantic. So what do you think Gora did to drop hints at fushimi and yatas possibly being gay and into each other. Because like I said, they don't focus on that stuff really. Also there's a line in the LSW novel that says yata was relieved Saru didn't have a girlfriend because he would've been beaten to the punch. Thoughts?

The series doesn’t really focus much on romantic relationships, at least not in any explicit manner (which I personally rather like, no one in the cast is just there to be ‘the love interest’ which I think is a pitfall some shows fall into from time to time, and the series focuses on the whole idea of ‘bonds between people’ in general rather than going for any kind of 'okay but romantic bonds are the strongest bonds’ endgame). As for the hints about romance between Fushimi and Yata, honestly I see those in the same vein as things like Munakata’s personal space issues or Shiro calling Kuroh his wife – yes it is intentional, but not in the sense of 'we wanted to make these characters actually gay but can’t because of reasons.’ Like technically there really is no reason any of the cast couldn’t be explicitly gay – maybe they were worried about it affecting sales but it’s not like there aren’t anime out there with gay characters, and since K is an original work Gora can make the characters date whoever they damn well please. I think Fushimi and Yata are written intentionally in a way that could seem romantic because Gora is well aware that there is a significant portion of fans who want them to hook up, and that significant portion buys a lot of discs and merchandise and gives Gora money. And because Gora likes money they want the money to continue, so they’re not going to do anything like give Yata or Fushimi a canon girlfriend (outside of the otome game anyway, which is its own weird little thing) and they’re going to write things that make it sound like Yata and Fushimi are in fact totally gay for each other, and all the people making the official art are going to draw Fushimi and Yata in romantic poses because that’s what sells magazines. So I’d say that yes, I think those hints are intentional but I don’t think Fushimi and Yata are actually explicitly intended to be gay for each other – and if anyone asked Gora straight out I imagine they’d deflect and not answer – it’s mainly just exciting the fan base so they’ll buy more K things.

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* So what's next, other than the Skybox? Anything in mind?

Well first, gonna focus on getting that DOFP PDF done and out! So that’ll hopefully be in a few of weeks, depending on things. 

Definitely do want to do some Skybox focus since I want to keep on track of my schedule for it! Would like to do some art for some of my other fandoms that I haven’t gotten to lately, also try and get back into more practice. Feel like I’ve been slacking on that lately. I don’t have any plans for any long-term fandom comics, if that’s what you mean. 

Mmmmmmaybe (VERY maybe) some development sketches for another project idea I’ve got brewing for a long time from now, after Skybox? We’ll have to see…

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i go to sheridan and theres a wall that someone drew coco on and its a long shot but im curious, did you ever draw that in a sheridan campus? :0

Sorry, but it wasn’t me (I’ve never been to Canada at all). I do have a friend who used to go to some place in Sheridan, but I don’t remember if I ever told them about this blog.

Regardless of who did it, I’m glad that my darling daughter is getting some love! 

When my mom sees me writing
  • Mom: What're you working on?
  • Me: (Destiel smut) Uhhh short story about love...
  • Mom: Oh that's neat, I'd love to read it when you're done.
  • Me: Uhh you may not like it.
  • Mother's friend: Why? Because it's x-rated?
  • Me: .....
  • Me: .....
  • Me: .....
  • Me: I came out to have a good time but I'm honestly feeling really attacked right now.

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hi, hey so I know next to nothing about English government and I'm seeing a lot of posts of people being beat and rioting and I was wondering if you could kinda give me (and a lot of other Americans) the gist of what's going on? I googled some things but it really doesn't make any sense to me? and I'm sorry that it doesn't seem like British news is getting its fair share of concern right now, that's really not cool. I'm gonna try to keep myself updated but I just thought I'd ask. sorry & much <3

Hey! This may be (a lot) longer than the response you were expecting but what’s going on here isn’t a neat little concise problem and needs some explaining and background info. I’m going to try to source this as I go along but it’s probably going to be tricky so bear with me.

I don’t know how similar UK and US politics are so if I start explaining things you already know/understand, I apologise– I want to keep things clear; I don’t intend to patronise anyone

Background info (this is the potentially patronising bit): So on Thursday, the UK held a General Election, which takes place every five years. The way this works I believe is similar to the US: the UK is split into constituencies (of which there are currently 650), and when you vote, you’re voting for your local MP– the person who’s going to represent your constituency. The number of seats (constituencies) won by each party is the number of MPs the have in the House of Commons.

In order to have full control of the government, a party needs to gain a majority– 326 seats. Because the UK doesn't have a two-party system (far from it), it is very possible that no party wins 326 seats– this is what happened in the last General Election in 2010. In this case, two (or more, though it’s very rarely more than two) parties can form a coalition, and their combined number of seats must exceed 326. The party with the most seats in a coalition will have the most power.

The 2010 general election (This is relevant to this year’s outcome, but you can skip it if you want): That was an adventure. The party previously in power was Labour, but people lost faith in them due to a number of factors, mainly the recession (it’s worth noting here that the recession/its effects in the UK were not the fault of the Labour party– they just happened to be the people in government when it happened). Because of this, no-one had any idea who was going to win, and general feelings of scepticism/cynicism/negativity towards the two major parties (Conservatives and Labour) lead to people turning to the relatively small Liberal Democrat party. And they convinced a lot of people. They went from being this sort-of overlooked party to being a major part of the election– A lot of people (myself included) thought they had a chance of getting a majority. What won them the a hell of a lot of votes was their being absolutely clear and adamant that they would not raise tuition fees (previously £3000).

The Lib Dems did not gain a majority in 2010 (in fact, they lost seats)- no-one did. And again, no-one had a clue what was going to happen– and then suddenly the Lib Dems announced that they were forming a coalition with the Conservatives.  This was strange– the Lib Dems’ beliefs are closer to Labour’s than to the Conservatives’.

Quickly out of the window was the Lib Dems’ promise not to raise tuition fees. The movement was approved, so UK universities were allowed to raise fees to between £6000 and £9000 a year. (Up to and around this vote, students were protesting and rioting about this all over London– if it wasn't a given, the people affected were making it explicitly clear that this was a bad idea.) I think most of the MPs had this ridiculous idea that only the major universities (Red Brick/Russell Group) would go as high as £9000, but no– Every university in the country raised their fees to £9000. (I’m not sure what they were expecting, really. This was like saying “you can have £6000 or you can have £9000, what do you want?”). People weren’t happy, and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg had to issue a public apology (which was abruptly parodied).

This is the thing that stuck in people’s minds the most, and lead to people no longer trusting the Lib Dems. However, it also meant that the Lib Dems became the scapegoat– every time the government messed up, people blamed the Lib Dems because the Lib Dems should have been sticking up for the little guys.

What has happened in 2015 and why that lengthy explanation was relevant:

In short: sore feelings all around, the party we turned to last time have also lost our trust, who the hell do we turn to this time??

This General Election was quite a lot like the last one in that no-one had a clue what would happen, except that that this time people had absolutely no fucking idea in the slightest and suddenly a lot of the smaller parties are getting a hell of a lot more attention???


I’ll skip all the campaigning out because there isn’t a whole lot to say on that, so here is what transpired on Thursday, May 8th 2015

Labour lost nearly all of its seats in Scotland to the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) (For context– Scotland pretty much doesn’t vote Conservative). The Conservatives gained a majority. The Liberal Democrats lost almost all of their seats.

Why is this a fucking disaster? The Conservatives are the party for the rich. This is going to be hard to source, because like I said yesterday, they aren’t going to outright say they’re selling the National Health Service– people know the NHS is important, and getting rid of it would make them immensely unpopular. The Conservatives have been cutting public spending for the past five years and they intend to keep doing so; their policies are basically catered to the wealthiest of the population.

But if they won a majority, doesn’t that mean most people want them in government?

NO, IT DOES NOT. Look at what I said before– the UK isn’t a two-party system. The fact that the Conservatives gained more constituencies/seats than any other party does not mean that they gained the majority of the votes.

The key here is “Constituency”. THE CONSERVATIVES DID NOT GAIN THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTES; IN FACT, THEY GAINED JUST ABOUT A THIRD OF THEM( approx. 11.3million of 34,628,623 votes cast) (Here’s the post I made with calculations and sources). Constituencies are not equal in size. Here’s the average number of votes each party had to win in order to gain a single seat in parliament:

And the number of seats gained:

For arguments’ sake: Look at UKIP (believe me I'm relieved that UKIP did badly but just bear with me)– They gained one seat for their 3,881,129 total votes; the Tories only needed 34,224 votes for the same number of seats. This means that the total votes cast for the Lib Dems is 2,415,888 for their eight seats; the same number of votes would have gained the Conservatives seventy seats.

This is why people are rioting and protesting. There’s a media blackout in outside Downing Street so the only way we can keep track of what’s happening is through social media, which is why reblogging and retweeting people who are there is so, so important. 

The Conservatives have won democratically– They have not won fairly.

A loud sigh echoed through the now-empty man’s bathroom. Thinking he was alone, Nathan rest his elbows against the sink, droplets of water pearling down his face to land on his shirt and allowed himself to curse. “Fuck…” he muttered under his breath, which was slow and steady – at least he tried to.

I always liked the man-eating wreath from Nightmare Before Christmas and I went to Disneyland during Christmas once before and in the Haunted Mansion, they dedicate one part of the hallway in the ride solely to the man eating wreath and it looks so great

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like this thing just looms over you and its leaves are EVERYWHERE and just ahh it was a really neat addition

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I really like how if you look through your art from the start of where you first started drawing Colora and Alexei you can see the gradual progression of the awkward "I-like-you-and-would-totally-wanna-be-datemates-but-Anxiety" to "oh my god ur Gr8 and I'd hold ur hand thru hell and back" and it's just super neat!!

dont u just hate when u accidentally sit too close to a mutant monster alien and fall in love with them

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I want to make a blog to share my Foundation stuff, but I'm petrified of attention from the Outreach Team. I hate to sound like I think our fandom is dumb, but it's just that Site content is one thing - refined, high-quality, generally new to look at or well-written enough to survive even if its ideas aren't so new - and fandom content tends to be entirely the opposite. I love both forms, but I'm only interested in making the fan-kind. I'd be so embarrassed if Wiki staff members saw any of it...

…I am entirely uncomfortable at what you’re insinuating about the fandom, my anonymous friend.

The other content creators in this fandom make content that’s incredibly original, pleasant to look at, funny, and of quality that rivals the stuff on the wiki. Please don’t act like that isn’t the case.


id really love to see your foundation stuff!! it’s always neat to see new artists in the fandom

and if youre ever worried about staff members seeing your stuff, please keep in mind that at least four of them have seen my badly-drawn porn of their characters

you’ll be fine

Unpopular opinion

I didn’t really enjoy Fallout New Vegas. It had its moments, but all in all I found I couldn’t even finish it. The story was just too silly, the quests were hard to follow, and the characters were kinda written piss poorly.

Cool part is that doesn’t mean other people can’t like it. And by all means it can be someone else’s very favorite game. It’s pretty neat how the world can work both ways.