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Ice cream~


I LOVE YOUUUU AND HAVE A NICE WHITE DAY!! (or what’s left of it XDD)

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SO RANDOM SIDLINK HEADCANON I WANTED TO SHARE: Link got Sidon some custom-made Opal Earrings for his birthday! Sidon wears them at almost all times (he only takes them off when he sleeps), but he doesn't have the heart to tell Link that the opal's natural swim-speed-boosting effects don't affect Zora. So now whenever Link is near (which is almost always), Sidon swims twice as hard & fast as normal, just to reassure him I always thought it'd be cute for Link to get Sidon the Opal Earrings :D

Thats adorable. I love this! 

Link’ll figure it out eventually though, lets be real here. Sidon still insists on showing off to Link anyway, even after he says he doesn’t have to fake it. 

Its good practice if nothing else. Plus, I mean, with all the little flips and tricks he does in front of Link anyway, I’m pretty sure he just likes showing off. Zora flirting 101 or something. Sidon’ll still wear them though, he loves those things.

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I was thinking about how Mario Kart had to change an animation for the Splatoon racer because it was a rude gesture in some of their markets, and I'm curious if the shoes you've worked on have ever had to change or scrap a scene/joke because it turned out to be inappropriate outside of it's first language (i know that came up ages ago, and I've been holding onto this thought ever since; I just had a hard time convincing myself it'd be something interesting for you to answer)

Usually it’s certain offensive words or phrases that we’re made aware of. For instance “fanny pack” is very innocuous thing here in the states - it’s a little pouch you wear around your waist to hold stuff. But we were told “fanny” is not a terribly polite word to say in Britain. So we had to change it to “belly bag.” Stuff like this happens but not terribly often.

hey so…i watched the first 6 episodes of the anime “made in abyss” bc the animation looked gorgeous and it looked like a cute fantasy adventure type of story and like??? it…isnt. or well so far THE ANIME is still mostly lighthearted but is only 6 episodes in. but yeah after the 6 eps i thought it was so interesting that i couldnt possibly wait for god knows how long for the anime to finish so i went and binged the entire manga (only 42 chapters so far)(its like 5am now but whatever)

i dont want to spoil anything for anyone so i wont mention anything specific but….shit gets dark. if you’re here starting to read, or want to follow the anime bc you think its cute and pretty and it’ll be a beautiful adventure plz be carefull. im not squirmish, i dont have and particular traumas or triggers and its always been hard for anythign FICTIONAL to upset me bc i know its fictional…but the manga has left me horrified on several occassions and i know it’ll make some people incredibly upset. especially seeing some of those things…animated.

like in ep 5? with that demon bird eating the dude and mimicing his cry for help to lure more people? i thought dang that got dark!” thats…a taste. a tiny little nothing compared to later. the further down they get the more horrifying the series. its still super interesting which is why i didnt drop it but im sitting here more with a feeling of having read a horror story (a dang good one, shit really got under my skin, no WAY im going to sleep like this) than “an adventure!”

i like the manga and the story is intersting but it isnt AT ALL what i signed up for. i can kinda handle it but there are many who cant and i wanted to give you all fair warning.

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Hiii im a little and I have a daddy But he isn't exactly the type of daddy I wanna. I want daddy who will give me rules, make sure I'm okay and all little stuff. When I meet my daddy he told me he isn't really into the stuff I like pacis&bottles but he doesn't mind me using them so I thought it'd be fine. I told him I'd like to have rules if he'd be okay with it and he told me he'll make up rules but it's been a while and he hasn't even mentioned it since. I know I probably shouldn't be with 1/3

2/3 someone that doesn’t make me totally happy I’ve always had online relationships bc ddlg isn’t really big where I live so when I found daddy who is close to me I was excited. We live 2 hours away so it’s still hard to see each other. We’ve meet once and it was okay. Not the best bc I have terrible anxiety and I ruined everything but we got ice cream, saw a movie, he even got me a stuffie!! We’re planning on seeing each other again and this time at his place and I’m really nervous about that  bc I’m a virgin in everything and I wanna do it but I’m scared I’ll be bad at it so am if you have any tips that’d be great!! And lately I’ve had problems getting in little space(mental illness getting worse) and he isn’t even helping me at all. So I just need help if I should try to make the relationship work or not so please if you can help I’d love that I dun wanna make him do stuff he doesn’t wanna do and pressure to be a more strict loving daddy but I want that kind of daddy so I dunno


well…. your very first sentence should also be your answer.

“ Hiii im a little and I have a daddy But he isn’t exactly the type of daddy I wanna.”

You are not really into this person, and from what you have said its pretty clear that hes only into you for one thing.. and im telling you right now that giving that up to him will only end in your misery and heartbreak.

you need to wait and get yourself an actual daddy who is actually into enriching your life and making you happy and concerned with something other than whats down your panties. 

“We’ve meet once and it was okay.”

he should have made it absolutely awesome and assured you as much.

a real daddy wants to hear about your stuffies, your paci, your colorings, is excited about your little space, cares about you, checks in on you often, pays attention to you, and the last thing on his mind is sex. he gives you rules, improves your life, cares about your growth and you being okay.


wake up!


  The sound of his boots on the shattered road did little to drown out the silence in his head. Charon thought he might find the desert overwhelming in some way, but he’d been met with muted disappointment once again. He ought to have felt something at the sight of the sun setting over the desert and the first stars piercing the dark over his head, but… well. At least he’d managed to see the end of another day at all.

  Ahead, the remains of a small building came into view. It was impossible to tell what it once was, but that hardly mattered; there were at least two walls there, at a perfect angle to hide a campfire from the road. 

  But someone else had gotten there first; his instinct was to draw his weapon, and his hand was already on his shotgun before he realised it was just one woman - not a raider gang or something. He stopped, breathed, lowered his hands. 

  “I’m sorry if I frightened you.” he said, and turned to continue on down the road.

  But dark was coming fast, and as his fingers fumbled in his pockets for a crushed cigarette packet, he realised he was out of matches as well. With a short sigh, he returned to the woman’s camp, a little less abruptly this time.

  “… Excuse me. You wouldn’t happen to have a light, would you?”

The Signs as The Front Bottoms Lyrics
  • Aries: But you are water twelve feet deep, and I am boots made of concrete. I'll wear cool clothes, you could show some skin. Flash a fake, so we'll both get in. Now we're dancin', we're so drunk. We are so cool, we are so punk.
  • Taurus: You are a broken heart tattoo, I'll have forever on my chest. For a love that I have lost, but never could forget.
  • Gemini: I'll leave a tiny cut, there'll be a lot of blood. But once you wipe it up, you will feel better about our entire situation.
  • Cancer: I do things wrong, you thought I might. You say I'm gonna miss you when you leave, and you are probably right, but I'm just as stoned--I don't wanna fight. You say I should think before I talk, you say I should think about my life. Cause once I finally hit the ground, who's gonna drag me into the light? It's just so hard to see tomorrow past tonight.
  • Leo: I would sleep better on your floor, than I would ever in my bed. And if your carpet makes my face itch, it'd still be heaven in my head.
  • Virgo: And I got so stoned, I fell asleep in the front seat. I never sleep in the front seat. I'm too tall, but I got so stoned.
  • Libra: I walked around like a skeleton last night, trying to find my way home. This white frame is all that I've got left, 'cause not even you could chew through my bones. I've got very strong bones.
  • Scorpio: Well I will move to the city and I will sleep on a bench in central park. And I will make new friends and we can keep all our things in shopping carts. And when the cops come to find me my new friends will hide me. We will steal whatever we need for fun. And if they get suspicious it means all my new friends will run.
  • Sagittarius: Space age crystals. I've been growin' 'em, since I was a kid. Like my mother plays the lottery, 'til I get rich some other way, or she wins it.
  • Capricorn: I wish that I could be all of the things you think you see in me. But I am not that guy, that guy just left. He had his collar up and there was smoke on his breath.
  • Aquarius: You're a flashlight in a dark room for the loneliest blackout. You are all that we had left after it all was filtered out. Turn you on in a dark room right before we both pass out, turn you on when I need you but the batteries ran out.
  • Pisces: "Is it raining where you are?" The only thing that I could think to ask. But nothing ever hurt so bad as the "no" that you said back. But ain't that the truth man, those are just facts. The farther you go from where you start, the harder it is to get back.
So I took some photos yesterday to send in for an extras casting I hope with all my heart that I get.

And I decided to share them with you all because I didn’t think I could look this great. Special thanks to ittybittymanatee (you know why <3).

I’m just a bit overwhelmed with the positive feedback combined with my own feelings because wow wow wow.

I’ve already said it before but I’ll say it again: I don’t really have a lot of body confidence. I was a mess not even two hours before these photos were taken because I had to try on suits so I could buy one and nothing was fitting because of my body shape. There was always something wrong with how the clothes fit and I, like always, took it to mean that there was something wrong with me and my body.

It was my fault that the clothes didn’t fit the way they were supposed to fit.

It’s my fault they never fit me right.

I go through the same thing trying on fancy dresses. I can’t get the dress I like because it’s too big up top and will never be able to get taken in enough to not look weird. Or it’s too small at the hip and won’t ever fit over my ass. It’s my fault for being shaped so poorly- small boobs that stay the same size no matter how much weight I gain and hips that never go under 40 inches no matter how much weight I lose. It’s why I stick to jeans and T-shirts about 98% of the time for my wardrobe- they’re what I’m most comfortable in and I can’t disappoint myself. They work around my shape but I didn’t get to use them for this shoot so I was nervous.

Well, I got my photos taken by my friend, Tela at her place. She told me wonderful things while taking my pictures and even if I didn’t believe her, I still tried my best to do this right. Then we sent all the photos to ittybittymanatee to look over and pick out what she thought were best to send for the casting call.

What she sent back made me speechless. 

I’m choked up in a way I didn’t expect to be.

I look so good in these photos to the point I can’t even believe that it’s me. I look happy and myself in some, I look fierce and confident in others.

It’s pretty mindblowing because this is a me I don’t get to see but this is the me that my friends say they see.

So thank you to my two lovely ladies who helped me with my photos and helped me gain some perspective about myself.

Here’s hoping I get cast! Wish me luck! :D

My fav brot3 headcanon is that Kuroo and Bokuto’s nickname for Oikawa is Princess. During the Tokyo training days Hinata told both Bokuto & Kuroo how intimidating the Grand King Oikawa is (which means nothing to them because Kuroo and Bokuto have seen Oikawa wear the ugliest sweatshirts in the world, seen him with his hair pinned up wearing a face mask. So “ intimidating” doesn’t = Oikawa to them) But they went along with it and made fun of Oikawa by calling him “King” all the time. But then Iwaizumi heard them, snorted and said, “King? He’s more like a Princess” and Bokuto & Kuroo laughed so hard at the thought of Oikawa dressed in a princess costume they even bought him one as a joke. So they never let it go and kept it going with the nickname. “Princess Tooru”

I made a vent painting yesterday and it made me feel a bit better, so I brought it home.  Then I accidentally placed it on its side because I was tired.  This morning, I looked at it and it looks like a weird sunset over some deep water and I think it’s one of the most awesome and beautiful things.

So when things suck, vent, then look at it in a new angle.  It may just turn into something beautiful.

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How to you draw pleated skirts? It's really hard to draw for me and I really like how you do it and I thought it'd help me a lot!

hope this helps :0

What will probably happen on future interviews
  • Interviewer: So, what do you think EXO-L means?
  • Luhan: L as in Luhan of course
  • Xiumin: Probably L as in Luhan
  • Yixing: L as in Lay! uwu
  • Chen: L as in 'Ladies, check me owt' ayeeee
  • Tao: L as in 'Last name I would've picked out of all the other possible ones tbh'
  • Suho: L as in Love! Obviously.
  • Baekhyun: L as in 'Liner'. Like eyeliner.
  • Kai: L as in 'Lips'. By 'lips' I mean Kyungsoo's lips.
  • D.O.: L as in 'leader' or 'lord' because I'm going to eventually rule the world and I still haven't decided on my title yet.
  • D.O.: Or 'Licking Jongin's abs.' Whichever you're more comfortable with.
  • Sehun: L as in Love. Duh. Or maybe L as in 'Look at my ass', because it'd be hard not to.
  • Luhan: Can I change my answer? L as in 'Lurking outside of Minseok's bedroom', please.
  • Chanyeol: L as in 'Elephant'.
  • Baekhyun: Chanyeol you know that's not how 'elephant' is spelled, right?
  • Chanyeol: L-E-P-H-A-N-T. Duh.
  • Baekhyun: No.
  • Chanyeol: Yeah, I know it's spelled with an 'F'. It's all good in the hood.
  • Suho: We're done here.
  • Yifan (from Prague or wherever he is) : L as in 'Literally why would you choose that, I thought it was Exotic or Galaxy or something'.

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Head cannon! Didn't Toothless bite Hiccup's leg in order to pull him closer when they were falling? If he was panicking, maybe he bit too hard and...well, bye bye leg. And maybe Toothless burned the stub when he bit it off too- if it was burned bad enough, maybe it'd help the bleeding? I'm no doctor, so maybe I'm wrong. And with toothless, I kinda thought his fin got ripped off by a tree when he crashed. Like, it got caught on a jagged snapped branch, and he couldn't stop, so it ripped off.

Yeah its pretty much confirmed that Toothless caused the leg to come off, but you’re right about the fire. It does cauterize the wound which helps the bleeding stop. Maybe dragons do that for their wounds! HEADCANON. Dragons cauterize their wounds. I love it.
And yeah I think so too. It got ripped off on the way down.

Romantic Egg!Husbando
  • Genos never thought that the places Saitama took him were never really dates...oh you precious lil cinnamonroll. >XD
  • -Running into Genos at the park with the Minis, Superalloy and Puri Puri Prisoner decide to sit and chat for a while.-
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: Hey, Genos-kun. Although it may be silly of me to ask, but did you and Saitama ever go somewhere special for your first dates? [-She asks curiously as she helps brush Nii's hair.-]
  • Superalloy: I've been wanting to know that too. Seeing as you guys live together, it seemed natural you would go somewhere special. [-talks as he lets Roku and Ichi scurry and wrestle against his arms.-]
  • Genos: Well, we didn't really go anywhere in particular other than the grocery stores and public baths. Although on a ocassion Sensei would take me to some places for training.
  • Puri Puri Prisoner/Superalloy: Training...?
  • Genos: Yes, he would take me to festivals, family restaurants, and a walkin the park at night to help me in developing the skills necessary to sense danger. That way I wouldn't let my guard down even on my days off. Although monsters would show up, he would singlehandedly defeat them and return soon after to ensure that I completed it.
  • Superalloy: (Somehow those still sound like dates. Didn't he ever realize it?)
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: (Oh, Saitama-chan. You've truly worked hard to get where you two are now, haven't you?)

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I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME. My heart wants to take a break because it's just too much. I never thought it'd hurt this much. I DIDN'T MEAN TO SHIP IT THIIIIS HARD OKAY?! I SHIPPED CAMREN WITHOUT KNOWING THE FREAKING HEARTBREAKS IM GONNA GO THROUGH.

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Oh, White, uh don't you think it'd be best to stop batting at me? It's kind of hard maintaining a gaseous state, as much fun as it is.

White thought about it for a bit before looking over at Nixie. “What happens if I light a match?”