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This Neeny couldn’t be more proud. She started two weeks behind everyone else. She’s the ONLY one in her group who can do the flips, the tumbling and gymnastics! She trains with 7-8th graders in tumbling because she’s so far advanced from her group. Pouring sweat in 95 degree weather this morning, she struggled but she did it she cheered the whole game. My third grader is a legit cheerleader and I’m just one fucking proud ass Neeny!


tree bros. reader;fall connor & painter;spring evan

The way his fingers brushed over the pages so delicately

showed more of his deep truth than his voice ever could. He licked

his lips, eyes dancing across old parchment. I was amazed. I’ve always

been one to create the art, but now, it was standing right in front of me.

I hope Merrill’s eluvian-restoration skills come in handy next game because I’m a sucker for foreshadowing.

Bring her back! Have her manually take over Solas’s eluvians! Have Solas be frustrated because who the fuck is taking over the eluvians again. And oops it’s some Dalish rando blood mage and no she is not stopping taking over the Eluvians even if he sends people after her.

Bonus: Merrill is doing this independently of the Inquisition/former inquisition and the player takes her on because she’s so effective at fucking with Solas. When she’s recruited it’s a combination of protecting her from Solas and taking her on so she can help save the world.


Alec Appreciation Weeks: Week 1 - Favorite Alec moment(s)
Taking back the Institute


wtf am i doing (ft. Phil)