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Making sex with Ten, Yuta, Taeyong, Johnny and Jaehyun. (Fazendo sexo com esse povo aí)

Ten: Would totally use his flexibility against you. Would be always open to try new things in the bed. Very loud. I feel like Ten is a natural sub, but wouldn’t mind taking control once in a while. // Usaria totalmente sua flexibilidade contra você. Seria sempre aberto para tentar coisas novas na cama. Muito barulhento. Eu sinto que Ten é um sub natural, mas não se importaria de tomar controle de vez em quando.

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Yuta: Very dominating. Even if you was riding him, he would still have control over you. Would bite, suck and squeeze you all over. This boy just can’t keep his hands off you. Would use a lot of pet name with you. Also a lot of smirks so beware. // Muito dominante. Mesmo se você estivesse sobre ele, ele ainda teria controle sobre você. Iria morder, chupar e apertar você toda. Esse homão da porra simplesmente não consegue manter as mãos longe de você. Usaria um monte de nomes carinhosos com você. E um monte de sorrisos maliciosos então cuidado.

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Taeyong: Sex with Taeyong would be either wild as fuck or very romantic. No between. Totally has a roleplay kink. His eyes burning in your body, his hands gripping on your hips. His deep voice saying curse words or sweet nothings in your ear. He’d always make sure that you were comfortable though. // Sexo com Taeyong seria selvagem pra caralho ou muito romântico. Nada além disso. Totalmente tem um kink de roleplay. Os olhos dele queimando em seu corpo, as mãos dele agarrando em seus quadris. Sua voz profunda dizendo palavrões ou palavras doces no ouvido. Entretanto, ele sempre se certificaria de que você está confortável.

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Johnny: Lazy hip thrusts. I feel like Johnny have a spanking kink ‎but that’s only my thirsty ass talking don’t mind me. Sometimes he will joke saying things like “oh mama” just to make you blush because he thinks it’s cute. Prefers the doggy style because as I said spanking kink. // Estocadas preguiçosas. Eu sinto como Johnny tem um spanking kink mas isso é só minha bunda sedenta falando não ligue pra mim. Às vezes ele vai brincar dizendo coisas como “oh mama” só para fazer você corar porque ele acha que é fofo. Prefere a posição ‘cachorrinho’ porque como eu disse spanking kink

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun would drive you crazy. Saying dirty things while having the most innocent face ever. He you caress your body kissing you all over. Fingering you would be his favorite thing because he would love to see how he can make you squirm and scream using only his fingers. // Jaehyun te deixaria louca. Dizendo coisas safadas enquanto faz a cara mais inocente do mundo. Dedilhar você seria a coisa favorita dele porque ele adoraria ver como ele pode fazer você se contorcer e gritar usando apenas os dedos.

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Cassian Week - Day 7

I’ve been wanting to do something for @cassianweek all week, but of course didn’t think of anything until about two hours before it was over. So here, have some Father Feels. Based off this post

Words: 857

read it on ao3. 

Cassian’s father is dead before his 7th birthday. He doesn’t remember celebrating it, but he knows his papá was not there.

As the years go on, his birthdays get less and less notable. His distant memories of a special sweet and songs in his language are replaced by the realities of ration bars and the echo of blaster fire. Childhood wishes of toys and late bedtimes are replaced by mission objectives - get in, get out and stay alive.

His memories of his father are few to begin with, and they too dwindle and fade as the years go on. After Jyn tells him the news of their own coming child, he struggles to latch onto even one. A bursting panic wages against the weightless joy he feels at the thought. Alongside the happiness, fear settles heavy into his bones over the next months as he wonders how he can be a father when he can hardly remember having one.

All his concern melts away when she is cradled, crying and pink, into the crook of his arms.

She is the living, breathing symbol of the hope that has carried him through his life. She is what he has fought for. She is the reason he has lied, killed and compromised. And she is worth all of it.

When his daughter turns 7, Cassian is there.

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what is black hat and where can I watch this show?

Black Hat is one of the main characters from Villainous! A new show that currently has (10?) shorts out. You can watch all of them here in Spanish, or here with English subtitles! (they do spell the names wrong sometimes in the sub though) There are English dubs out but the ones I’ve seen online so far are pretty low quality. You can catch these shorts on Cartoon Network though. They will probably upload hd English episodes later if they haven’t already. 


guuys, remember the scholarship I told you about? today I found out that I got it!!!! 🙆🏼🙊

There’s not a lot of good around rn but sometimes the small joys in life are what counts, such as seeing someone from your fundie christian church turning around and calling the church out on its shit especially it’s artificially constructed persecution complex in the west when it is in fact complicit in the persecution of queer folk and non white folk and so wrapped up in itself it has no compassion for the marginalized or a willingness to help them unless they conform to a particular narrative of victimhood.


“So stop making that face at me…”


a short guide to Justin Oluransi

Bitty | JackLardo | Shitty

The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.


The white wolf!

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