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horse friend “evolutions”

Newly hatched - A normal horse. Poops a lot.

After 999 days (if you have petted it at least once) - Your horse gets a nice medal for being so good at not dying.

After 999 days (if you have not petted it at all) - Your horse becomes a Zombie and cannot evolve further.

After obtaining a medal AND being petted 10,000 times - Your horse becomes a Unicorn!

After obtaining a medal AND being petted at least once but no more than 10 times per in-game day, for 50 in-game days straight - Your horse becomes a Pegasus!

After meeting the conditions for both Unicorn and Pegasus evolutions - Your horse becomes an Alicorn! Not known to evolve any further.

After obtaining a medal and then reaching 1,999 days without evolving to a Pegasus, Unicorn or Alicorn - Your horse becomes Sleipnir! Not known to evolve any further.

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Nobody knows how the fae found out about April Fools Day, but now it's a thing and it is TERRIFYING. Not because the fae will prank students, but because this is the one day the fae will permit students to prank them. Worse, they expect it. They are delighted to be singled out for a particularly clever and amusing joke - as long as the joke is worthy of their dignity. It's a knife edge: don't be dull, don't go too far, but - above all else - don't be TOO clever.


There are some examples of cross-cultural exchange that have actually gone over really well - for example, the wild celebrations on certain lunar events, which are probably some of the most fun you’ve had in your life if you’re brave enough to go (and those who aren’t throw their own parties inside, even if they don’t join the revels - it becomes a holiday of a sorts) and Valentines Day, in particular the bit about flattery and giving gifts.

April Fools Day, however … mayyyyyybe should have been kept to the students

Moriarty is actually a cat! A Reichencrack theory

I have seen similarities between my cat and Jim Moriarty since day one. My cat scratches and bites everyone for fun. That’s her idea of fun. Jim likes to blow up people for fun (and haunt Sherlock’s brain). He comes in uninvited in people’s rooms, like all cats do. He plays with stuff he shouldn’t play with. He tries to knock objects Sherlock off shelves roofs/cliffs. Cats are total criminal masterminds, and so is Jim.

He seems to have 9 lives as well. He survived getting shot in the head, and who knows how many other things. And he always lands on his feet. Did you see how masterfully he escaped getting sent to prison after his trial?

And then there’s the hard proof, like this:

And then this:

And I don’t know how you guys missed all of this:

In conclusion, Jim is a cat!

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So what kind of video games do Hiro and Takashi play/like???

Takashi likes historical action/adventure games and 1st person shooters. Hiro will play mostly anything but is especially into games based on anime and mahou shoujo fighting games.

And on that note, please enjoy these April Fools’ mahou shoujo illustrations!

So I guess some kind of ballpit enthusiast convention happened recently or whatever. I don’t know. 

What I do know is that one of the convention’s founders wrote a book and went to Kickstarter to get money to publish it. And let me tell you, it is a doozy. And by doozy I mean I cannot fathom how it reached its goal.

Then again, I guess its author has experience getting loads of money for subpar products. OH SNAP

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