it's not april fool's thing

Maybe for April Fools we should all write pranking fics??

Marauders… Harry bonding with the kids… Lily pulling one over on the boys… what would a pranking Pansy be like? No one is sure if Luna is actually kidding… Miscommunications galore…

UtaPri AF Pranks the past two years
  • AF 2015: Let's make a visual novel game that people can play on the site and then take it down the next day
  • Music 3: The "Prank" gets put into the game as a legitimate thing but you have to clear one of the difficulties to do it
  • AF 2016: Let's do a thing where we say that we are doing "productions" for the 3 shining theaters from a few years ago but then the next day we say they "couldn't make it/pull out of it"
  • 2017: Hey remember that AF Prank we pulled on ya? SURPRISE BITCHES!!!
  • Me: So when we get to the AF Prank for this year that pretty much means we are getting WHATEVER it is the following year huh?
Moriarty is actually a cat! A Reichencrack theory

I have seen similarities between my cat and Jim Moriarty since day one. My cat scratches and bites everyone for fun. That’s her idea of fun. Jim likes to blow up people for fun (and haunt Sherlock’s brain). He comes in uninvited in people’s rooms, like all cats do. He plays with stuff he shouldn’t play with. He tries to knock objects Sherlock off shelves roofs/cliffs. Cats are total criminal masterminds, and so is Jim.

He seems to have 9 lives as well. He survived getting shot in the head, and who knows how many other things. And he always lands on his feet. Did you see how masterfully he escaped getting sent to prison after his trial?

And then there’s the hard proof, like this:

And then this:

And I don’t know how you guys missed all of this:

In conclusion, Jim is a cat!


well someone’s gotta drink the bad thing every once in a while


Remember when this was Google’s April Fool’s prank?

ok so I’m fucking clueless as to who to vote for like

i looked at the official campaign blogs right?
and here’s my analyzation:

@mop-2016 unintentional shitposter. their views and methods are a bit skewed but they seem like a wholesome guy overall. they’re nice, but not qualified. im not too sure if theyre okay. a True Mess™.

@timefordeborah powerful campaigning. great ads - she seems like she has the power to change things around here for the better, and she says she will - but i don’t think i trust that she’ll truly be capable of holding her word if elected. im not calling her a liar - she is a strong and trustworthy candidate, no doubt, but life in the oval office may not do her too much good. i don’t want her to be overwhelmed, but she seems like she can hold her own in the debates.

@wretchedtooth a real progressive. honest, capable, just, and strong; the hero we need as a nation. their campaign may be slow, and their hat may be shitty, and they may look like a goat (according to some rick supporters), but if they win, they will flip the system entirely in a way that is beneficial to those who need support - a system for all.

@rick-official absolute fucknut. dont even fuckn try shitboy

i know the Thing To Do is shit on staff no matter what they do but im honestly loving this april fools thing so much

- it’s harmless

- its whole sense of humor (taking reptiles in hats seriously as political candidates) is very tumblr-esque so you know staff actually made an effort to produce something we’d like 

- you can disable the new design if you don’t like it

- you get to?? fucking vote for reptiles in hats??