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VIXX ~ Error [141221] SBS Gayo Daejun

Interviewer: How did we get to [the alternate reality] version of Altea? Because with Allura having been the Empress who sort of established all of this, did it start to go that way when she was in charge?

Joaquim: I would say it did. Definitely. I think her father was struck down and she went on a, like, revenge-laden swath across the universe.

Lauren: I think the way we looked at it was, what if they had done Allura’s suggestion, which is stay and fight, versus Alfor’s suggestion of send the lions away. And if they had, if anything had happened–If Allura had gotten the power to take down these Galra, then she would have just, I think, maintained doing that. Been like, this is what we need to do.

Joaquim: She would have given into it, yea. She didn’t have the perspective that Alfor had.

okay so uh. what? 

this interview states that the timelines diverged when the alteans decided to fight, as allura wanted, rather than hide the lions, as alfor wanted. 

in that timeline, after alfor died, while altea and its people still existed, allura’s victory would lead to her becoming like zarkon? despite being surrounded by her people? she was in much better circumstances than she is in vld, but she fell to corruption so easily? because her father died, as he also did in our timeline? 

when i watched the episode, i didn’t think that empress allura herself had established the corruption of altea. i imagined it was just the inevitability of any major power going unchecked. they also said that quintessence can amplify the good or bad. in the case of alteans, who strove to preserve life, it would make sense that their version of evil would be creating non-cogs rather than slaves. 

but allura herself being a participant in this? i couldn’t imagine season 1!allura ever condoning non-cogs.

season 1!allura was friendly and respectful to the arusians, insisted on stopping to help rolo and nyma, and did not force the balmerans to listen to her but rather made herself vulnerable and begged them not to give up… this is not a teenage girl who had any leanings towards dictatorship or conquering the will of others. 

as for that divergent point…alfor himself, the one whose perspective she apparently lacked, would disagree with the writers here. either they’re implying that alfor was wrong the second time, despite his support of allura’s judgment leading to their success, or they’ve already forgotten this part of episode 1:

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anonymous asked:

sorry if this has been asked before, but how do you pick your colors? your art is great btw!

ah tysm !! also at this point its kind of a lame answer but most days i just eyeball it

i made a tiny tutorial a while back, it doesnt go in depth much but its generally how i go about pickin color schemes, though its mostly trial and error at this point

this is a very good post about it though !! rly goes into detail in ways i cant describe, its generally how i go about picking colors out :oo

Character Creation/Design Talks (01)

Featured Artist:


Hey there! Would you mind talking a little about your process for creating creatures and characters? Where do you get your inspiration from? -Evvy

It might seem a little obvious from my work, but my two main categories for inspiration are the world I currently live in a experience, mostly focusing on nature elements; and the world before my existence: history, mythology and paleontology. (I collect a lot of things and have a lotta books…)

(This was for a specific project but when I had to choose a career for her to pursue I was able to incorporate my interest in prehistoric life and the ocean)

I think the biggest way to find inspiration hinges on one word: observation. Whether that’s watching animals to figure out how they function; artists, architects and other craftspeople to finagle how they made their work or discovering the rhythms of stories and myths.

(These characters are all based off United States urban legends and cryptozoology)

Its about learning, absorbing, processing and then translating. (and a lot of trial and error!)

And I always keep in mind the role of my creation: what world/setting do they exist in, how is that apparent in their design? Do they have a backstory? Who or what are they interacting with? These and similar questions can immensely help in making them believable entities that engage the audience.

(Lucian the Victorian English newt is a good example of this)

I’ve also noticed that two of the crucial visual elements in any creature and character design are repeating shapes and color palette. Just keeping those in mind can help make design decisions and lead to stronger designs. I tend towards triangles and diamonds with rounded points as well as organic rounded blob/oval shapes. It can often help me to get out as many ideas at once as possible and then go from there.

(Here are my top 20 costume designs for a future project, from here I can mix and match until I get a memorable end product)

And after all that: spark, idea, design, I want to become familiar and comfortable with the character/creature from different angles, and in different moods. The perimeters of what they act like and look like as well as their reactions to events can lead to the development of other characters/creatures and further world-development.

Personally I usually turn to images/visuals for the majority of my inspiration so I utilize Tumblr, Pinterest, field guide books, picture books and my camera and I recommend that to others!

god apparently we need to get some things straight about this Rose Christo business, because the way that certain parts of tumblr respond to things like this is really poor.

“take what is posted on kiwifarms with a grain of salt” is a good, healthy practice that allows you to verify information.

“everything that is posted on kiwifarms is automatically false/made up/a lie by virtue of being posted on kiwifarms” is stupid as hell.

i don’t like kiwifarms, and i don’t think that should come as a surprise to anybody, but that doesn’t make everybody who posts on KF is wrong about everything. the fact that her brother posted information, which Rose then presumably read and posted about on her (public!) twitter, makes it very likely that he’s telling the truth about this situation.

the world is not divided into “people whose morals align with mine” and “evil, hatemongering liars who never tell the truth.” stop playing into cushy lies that make you feel good inside. stop enabling people’s sob stories in some fucked up attempt to increase the diversity of your world view. stop insisting that truth is in the hands of the person who claims victim status the fastest.

Rose Christo, whatever her intentions or beliefs, is operating on a fact of certain tumblr circles. that fact is that social capital is awarded to people based on aspects of their identities or experiences–people of color, LGBT people, abuse survivors, et cetera are given more of a platform and are more celebrated than others. there are some legitimate reasons for this, but the way that it folds out in these circles often leads to a couple of things:

1. people faking their identities for an extra boost/personal attention/gain of that social capital;
2. people insisting that anybody who claims these identities must be telling the truth, because otherwise you’re upsetting the status quo of giving them an elevated status.

if you say that Rose Christo fabricated any part of her story, then you’re accused a lesbian of color who survived child abuse and the foster care system of lying. that leads to backlash on anyone who doubts the story, whether they’re on tumblr or on kiwifarms. people KNOW this when they claim oppressed identities that they don’t actually have.

(for the record, i’m not saying that all of her story was fabricated. i’m not saying that she never went through abuse, that she isn’t a lesbian, etc. i’m saying that all of these things together, with whichever parts are lies, are protective against criticisms and accusations.)

and if those accusations are specifically coming from somebody from kiwifarms–well, you can just breathe a sigh of relief now. surely somebody from KF is maliciously making up lies. they say “autistic” as an insult and they bully people, so why would any individual member of the forum /ever/ be telling the truth? Rose’s morals are better than [Rose’s brother]’s morals, so we have a clear winner here! no need to delve deeper into the story in any sense, because we can just let social capital via X Identity solve it for us.

like…no. that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. care more about the pursuit of truth than about picking apart the membership of anyone involved. look at how each person is respectively acting, look at who is providing evidence.

this is getting rambly. also, please don’t come whining to me about defending KF. i do not give a shit about KF. i give a shit about what’s being said there, but i’d care just as much if it was posted on facebook or here or something. this performative “wellllll he’s from kf so hooooow could this be truuuuue?” bullshit is just annoying to me either way.

Miraculous Ladybug and Voltron Roles (and everything after)

So the Miraculous crew get flung into space riding on a Blue Lion, crossing the universe to a mysterious Castle, and into a war that spans millennia—a war they never knew about. Here’s what happened next.

·      Tikki (Princess Allura) and Plagg (Coran) have the most powerful weapon in the universe at their fingers, but it’s not their destiny to wield it. Luckily, five teenage pilots unintentionally stumble through their front door, awaken them from a 10,000 year nap, and proceed to shake the very foundations of space and time. Tikki, connected to the Lions and has a strong bond with quintessence itself, knows exactly where each pilot will thrive, eventually growing into the Paladins the universe needs.

·      Marinette is the Black Lion, the head of Voltron. She’s a tricky one—impulsive and trusts her instincts—nearly a good fit for the Red Lion, but she’s exactly the strategic, decisive head that Voltron needs. She’s meant to be leader—and it’ll be a journey to reach her full potential—but that’s part of the fun anyway. (She’s exactly where Keith would be at the end of Season 2 of Voltron in Shiro’s absence, which makes it all the more fun).

·      Chloe is the Red Lion, a supernova that burns bright. Temperamental at the worst of times, passionate at best—she’s a spitfire intent on raging into the world like a shooting star. Only she can tame the Red Lion, and once she has her hands on the controls, there’s nothing stopping her in the heat of battle. But she has a lot to grow before she comes into her role as Paladin, from spoiled Princess of the Garrison to a Paladin of Volron—but only time can tell what the future has in store for her.

·      Alya is the Green Lion, as the tech-savy journalist of the group. Whether she’s chasing a story or a conspiracy, she’s got the highly inquisitive mind and the daring nature that the Green Lion embodies. Always hunting for answers, going out of her way for the truth, a thirst for knowledge that burns deep—it’s why her and Green have one of the tightest bonds of the bunch. She’s a natural born Paladin, and that’s just what the universe needs.

·      Adrien is the Yellow Lion, with his sunshine smile and sparkling eyes. He’s always been quick to raise his friends up, supporting them and defending them when the need calls. The Yellow Lion holds the armor and defense to protect its team, and Adrien wouldn’t think twice before throwing himself in front of a shot to protect anyone he cares about. With the strongest and most resilient Lion, Adrien always answers the call of duty and does whatever it takes to protect the team.

·      Nino is the Blue Lion without question. The Blue Lion is the most open of the Voltron lions—friendliest and most accepting, just like Nino. The boy who took a chance to see the real Adrien behind the “famous model” mask, and welcomed him into a friendship with open arms, it’s no wonder the Blue Lion did the same for Nino. He flows like water—easy going and adaptable, with the confidence to muster nearly any situation—and is truly the heart of Voltron. Open and honest, Nino fits the key ingredients to pilot the Blue Lion.

·      The Paladins accept their duties after a stunning and deadly battle that nearly destroyed the Arusian homeworld, knowing that to step away might sentence Earth to the same devastation the Galra spread to numerous other planets, the same that cost Tikki and Plagg their people, their planet, and everyone they loved. It’s hard though, as Earth was their home and their families remain behind, with questions unanswered and no bodies to bury.

·      Marinette misses home the most deeply—she aches for it like a missing limb. With only her mother and father, their little family was a close-knit one, and the fact that she can’t go back—may never go back, though no one will ever say it out loud—hurts her more than any of Tikki’s wild training exercises. She’ll stand in the control room, watching the star map twist planets and stars around one another in a celestial dance, a soft blue glow painted over her face, with a small frown as the only sign that something deeply troubles her. She’ll never tell the team, except for maybe Alya. She already struggles with being their leader, and one more chink in her armor might give Chloe the chance to make a crater.

·      Adrien’s job is to be a rock. It’s what his Lion stands for, and it’s a duty he takes pride in. Whether he’s protecting his teammates or acting as their crutch, he’s always by their side as an ever-present guard. Outside of battle, it’s even more clear—especially with Marinette. He supports her in her journey to become the leader that Voltron needs. In moments of hesitance and fear, he places a hand on her to offer her stability in the tremulous world they’ve been through in. Outside of Alya, he’s her closest friend. From Adrien, a few words of kindness are all his friends need to curb their worries, fears and insecurities, and any general sadness that might tinge their smiles. He’s the perfect picture of steady and sturdy, but even the rock can have its cracks.

·      Adrien’s story was written in tragedy. It happened a year before, when Adrien was a blossoming young pilot under the Garrison’s eyes, son of the man who would fly the Earth to the farthest reaches of its solar system. Gabriel Agreste and a team of scientists led by Adrien’s mother were assigned the Kerberos mission, the most famous man-driven missions of the Galaxy Garrison, until an incident occurred, and the crew went missing. The Garrison passed the disappearance off as a pilot error, but Adrien, who had learned to pilot under his father’s watchful eye, knew that his father wouldn’t have made a rookie mistake and crashed a ship into a moon. Alya swears the Garrison was covering up the truth behind his parents’ death, but right now, Adrien believes more than anything that his parents would find a way to survive. So, while he’s flying in space with magical robot lion, he’s on the search for answers amidst the stars.

·      Alya’s got her eyes on the prize—looking for answers to the truths the Garrison tried to hide. This villain they’re facing, the Emperor Hawkmoth of the Galran race, wants Voltron for a reason, and she knows she’s seen him mentioned once or twice in the Garrison’s database. Tikki and Plagg have never heard of Earth before, but the Blue Lion was on Earth in the first place. There’s something going on here, and she’s determined to discover the secrets the universe has tried to hide—especially the truth about her mother’s demise and whether the Kerberos crew she was on really did die on a backwater moon of Pluto.

·      Alya spends most of her time immersing in Altean culture in the Castle of Lion’s library. There’s so much to learn about, whether it’s the history of the Voltron lions or how exactly the Blue Lion ended up on Earth and who King Fu (King Alfor) was. Tikki and Plagg are mum when it comes to history, and Alya’s always had a curious streak that might kill her (and Nino who she always manages to drag along). And if her and Nino lose track of time in the dark corner of the library, where a musty smell of age-old books tickles their noses, the rest of the team doesn’t really question it. If anything, at least the two Paladins are growing closer. 

·      Nino’s just along for the ride. Spotting Chloe sneaking Adrien out of the Garrison, who was he to let his best buddy be smuggled away in the middle of the night? Course, Alya and Marinette had to be dragged along if Adrien and Nino were involved, if only to protect them all from Chloe’s unique brand of sufferance. In the heat of the moment, only Marinette could knock Chloe down a few pegs, which Chloe could fire right back. Nino, on the other hand, melted into the group like water, filling their spaces and cracks like an ebbing tide that can be tugged in any direction based on whichever moon in his system pulls the strongest. Accepting and open to nearly anyone, he trusts the most and holds the others in the highest regard—he is truly the heart of the team. He’s the only one who sees Adrien’s cracks, who can keep up with Alya’s ideas, who can bridge the divide between Chloe and Marinette, and who can keep Voltron together on the worst of days. Without him, things might just fall apart.

·      Chloe only meant to show Adrien the weird carvings of lions she’d stumbled upon one day while exploring a group of caves her father, as Director of the Garrison, had declared as forbidden territory. It’s dangerous, he’d told her, but since when had her father’s words ever stopped her? Normally she could wrap the man around her little finger, but when it came to her safety, her father wouldn’t move an inch. Naturally, Chloe pushed him off the edge entirely and molded her own path. There was something calling to her when she was out there, something that needed to be found, and Adrien was into the whole conspiracy shit in the first place, so of course she’d show him her discovery. What she hadn’t expected was for the Nerd Herd to come along—that never ended well. And she was right. She meant to show her closest friend some weird cave drawings, and the next thing she knew, they were hurtling across the stars in a magical robot lion. What’s a girl to do?

·      (Getting the Red Lion was a surprise to everyone—including Chloe. She’s not the type to rely on instincts, skill, etc—she was only in the pilot class because she knew her way around a stick and her father was easy to please. But the more time she spends in Red’s cockpit, with the controls in her sweaty palms, chest heaving as she pulls up from a dive… The more she realizes, she was born to fly. She was born to be here—to sit with an old soul who’s just as passionate and fiery as herself. There’s something to be said, Chloe believes, that she feels more alive in space where she has literally nothing, versus back on Earth where she had everything.)

·      They’re a mismatched batch of kids, pilots pulled from Earth in a jaw-dropping, heart-throbbing whirlwind through a wormhole, but… It’s funny, how well they mesh together. It surprises Tikki and Plagg sometimes, who watch with wide eyes as they execute training drills and mission-ready exercises. By all accounts, they should be divided—they’re children pulled into a war they didn’t know about—children who haven’t embraced their roles as Paladins, their bonds with their Lions, or their relations with each other.

·      Marinette and Chloe have butt heads from the beginning. Marinette will NEVER be Chloe’s leader, her superior, or commander, and Marinette will never become friends with Chloe Bourgeois, but these two simple facts prevent them from forming Voltron. Reluctant acceptance would probably best define their relationship—or a necessary evil. But as they form Voltron and take on the Galran forces, it becomes something else entirely. Lke fire and ice, they contrast each other so drastically that Tikki expects one of them to spontaneous combust one of these days, but somehow Marinette and Chloe have found a way to make it work. With Marinette’s strategic thinking and Chloe’s cutthroat tactics, they make the perfect team in combat and on missions. (Though, if Marinette shows even an ounce of weakness, Chloe will strike, and Marinette is always quick to rise to bait). A toxic potion indeed, one might assume, but one that cancels out the poison to become an antidote entirely.

·      Slowly but surely, they’re coming together. They still have a long way to go—a lot to grow into—but Tikki and Plagg are certain that they can save the universe. Whether it’s the mystery of the Agreste family, the truth behind Hawkmoth, the childish bickering or saving the universe in general—Voltron can overcome anything.

·      It’s just gonna take some time—and a wild ride to survive.

Here of all places - Chapter 3

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Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Again, that feeling of fight or flight compelled her whole body to make a decision. Claire could stay and face the biggest embarrassment she could think of, or turn on her heels and run away until the ocean opened its arms in front of her. And then, some swimming all the way to Canada. For a second she was about to fall into a fit of hysterical laughter, the same that had gripped her the first time she made an error as a surgical intern, nicking an artery and splashing her sneakers with three pints of blood. But back then she was only 25, and now she was… Older, at least, if not wiser. So she squared her shoulders and forced her face into a neutral mask of indifference.

Jesus, I suck at charades.

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Okay, it’s time for me to talk. I know, right? My stupid ass just got BACK from a trip and the first thing I do is go and TALK more? What a dweebo.  

But there is something I would like to discuss from an animation perspective. And that is, essentially, what the Powerpuff Girls reboot lacks visually. And one of the major complaints people have had, aside from the writing, HAS been regarding the numerous animation mistakes that the show has. Like the reboot or not, it has been noted for having several extremely sloppy errors per episode that would have been considered unacceptable even in a beginner’s class. 

But I don’t want to focus on the reboot or the way it chooses to animate things. Rather, I’d like to focus on the original show and how it choose to animate things. I opened up this with a clip from the Powerpuff Girls movie made in 2002. Now I know what you’re thinking, its unfair to compare television animation to movie animation, but we’ll get to the television animation in a bit. Let’s take a look at this clip for a minute first. 

First thing you’ll notice is that compared to modern animation, or even other cartoons of that age outside of Tartavosky and McCracken cartoons, the animation is surprisingly minimal when you really inspect it. There’s a lot of repeating loops, frames where only a single part of the character moves, freeze frames, and even shots where the character limbs aren’t even moving. Now its easy to consider this lazy until you really look at how the animation utilizes it. Picture a slingshot, pulling back as far as it can, until it finally fires in a sudden snap. That is how a lot of the animation in this is. It takes advantage of those freeze frames and minimal animations by using them as the SNAP of the slingshot, having the other more vibrant and extreme actions of the animation act as the pullback–thus, said freeze frames and minimal actions allow the scene to have more weight. They make the scene feel important. 

For example, when Jojo pushes Professor Utonium so he hits the Chemical X, the animation jolts to a stop. Everything focuses on that one frame of Utonium and Jojo, hovering by the broken Chemical X with Utonium staring at it in shock. Add to this the music escalating and the animation quickly shifting back and forth between Utonium stirring and Jojo running before this frame happens. Once all put together, this puts so much emphasis on that one moment that it conveys its message to the viewer: something important and major just happened. Even if you don’t know the show at ALL, you know that some serious shit is about to go down because of what just happened. It is big. There is no denying it. And the animators honestly did not have to do much to achieve it. It is made up of two loops (Jojo running and Utonium stirring), a short motion, and a single frame of animation. But because of the way the animators FRAMED it, this minimal way of approaching the scene made it have a massive amount of weight and buildup. 

Which leads to the second thing you might notice: colors. Something I’ve always noticed and admired about McCracken and Tartavosky’s work is that they both have a great grasp on color and how to use it. Let’s backtrack to the scene with Jojo and Utonium breaking the Chemical X. The entirety of the opening, while very aggressive in its mannerisms, keeps to the standard color scheme of the characters and backgrounds–UNTIL that freeze frame of Jojo and Utonium.

Immediately on that frame, the color scheme shifts to a red palette. And as simple as it seems to use red to indicate danger, the use of this color change puts even MORE emphasis on how very important that scene is supposed to be. You feel more weight in this scene in this red tone than you would in the standard palette, because red is a color that indicates danger. Stop signs are red for a reason–it is a color that can incite rage and fear. If this was being viewed by someone who was not familiar with the property of the Powerpuffs, they would be on the edge of their seat wondering what horrifying creation this man had made. Interestingly enough, this is also the first scene we see Jojo with red eyes–an subtle indicator of what’s to come and that this lab monkey may be more than meets the eye. 

And consider: this was all carefully constructed with motion and colors. A person standing to the side saying “We might want to worry about that guy, he might be a problem later” is not needed. We as viewers can gather that all from the animation and subtle queues given throughout a piece entirely fueled by its intense soundtrack…until it comes to a jarring stop, visuals disappearing and music stopping to emphasize the laughter of little girls. Well, what does THAT mean? The un-introduced viewer will not know. But the intensity presented in the scene will prompt them to continue on instead of leaving the theater or falling asleep. 

“Yes, but this is all the movie. Movies have bigger budgets. What about the show?” 

You have a point. So I’m gonna look at one of the earlier episodes of the show regarding this. Specifically, the classic introduction to one of the classic Powerpuff villains (despite not showing up much), Sedusa…or Ima Goodlady, if you will. Specifically, I’d like to focus on the use of colors–both black and red. One of the first scenes is when Ima, or Sedusa if you will, slams the door on the girls when they’re going to sleep (contrasting an early scene, but that’s more writing related so we won’t discuss that). The viewer is greeted with complete darkness, which one could easily argue is not too difficult to animate. However it ends up looking VERY good, because the dark screen is contrasted with the flashing ring from their phone. The darkness is given a reason to exist, and is utilized. 

This is utilized again twice more in the show: when they sneak back home, and when they finally catch Sedusa. It involves an almost film-noir esque setup with the accuser sitting in complete darkness and turning on a lamp when they catch the accusee, all shaded in a red palette against a solid black (along with a later scene including light blue). You get almost an art deco-ish feel from the layout, but more importantly, the weight of the scene is back. The viewer feel like something big and threatening is going to happen when the girls are caught by Ima, and similarly the viewer feels like something big and revealing is going to happen when Sedusa is caught by the girls. It builds up expectation of the following scene, thus leading the animation to assist the writing in its execution. 

One can tell that the people working in creating the episode genuinely knew not only about animation, but art as a whole. You feel the strength of the choices they made in movement, but you also feel the strength in the choices they made in color theory. Some of it is undeniably minimalist but the final result is that despite having perhaps not a stunning budget to work with at first, they did in fact manage to make something that looks very nice despite that. They had the knowledge to create something that had impact even without a massive amount of money not via cutting corners, but via directing the animation in a more experimental way that allowed more of the budget to go towards specific parts of the animation while still making the prior scenes look good. 

Ultimately what I am trying to say is that budget is not an excuse. Both the movie and one of the earliest episodes for the original look great, even when Mommy Fearest probably didn’t have the same budget as the whole movie. People have made masterpieces on minimal budgets, hell, people make masterpieces on zero budget. It is a result of how much the creator and the team actually care, not how much money went into it. And in thus, budget should most definitely not be an excuse for this: 

if the creators and team members truly believe and want others to believe that they care about the quality of their product. And to make this clear I mean this not just about the Powerpuff Girl reboot but about ALL cartoons regardless of when they were made, who they were made by, and the audience they are targeting. 

Yes, all cartoons have problems. Yes, the original had errors. But you can feel a heart, soul, and effort that went into making the animation for the original that more often than not makes up for those errors. I don’t feel that in the 2016 animation. I more get the feel that it was rushed out, as quickly as they could with no thought whatsoever in an effort to make themselves look good and to put some cash in Cartoon Network’s pocket. And that’s just sad.

Cold Pizza (chapter 4)
  • Jaehyun fluff
  • word count: 1,163
  • chapter 1
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  • a/n: here’s chapter 4 after such a loooong time! I hope you guys like it and I hope  this fic is not dead yet, Jaehyun stans pls wake up and read. also, don’t forget to send in any feedback. even if you reblog and add just a little comment lik e’chapter 3 was better’ would do, but please don’t hesitate to tell me how you feel about this fic or chapter or any chapter in general, thank you <33

“Just remember me as a random guy who delivered cold pizza to your house and wanted to stay because he feared rain and thunder.”

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Hello everyone! I’m moving soon and so I’m sorting through my stuff, and I came across these pages from a Play Magazine cover story about Okami from March 2006. Thought I’d scan them in for y’all bc it’s really interesting to see what the opinions were from nearly 11 years ago.

The article and interview transcriptions are below the cut, just in case you can’t see the pictures properly. Note: I have transcribed most of the article as it appears in the magazine. The exceptions are that I broke up an exceedingly long paragraph in the main article and inserted like two brief notes on English translations.

Okami: Capcom’s wolf in celestial clothing is a breed apart

By Dave Halverson (Cover story, Play Magazine, March 2006)

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Twice Reaction To You Saying You’re Not Enough For Them

Hi, thank you for requesting and sorry if there’s some typing error, its really late here and i need to sleep lol. Anyway, hope you like it. x

Mina: She would be really sad that you thought that of yourself. She loved you so much in the way you were, and wanted you to love yourself too. But she wouldn’t give you up because you were more than enough for her even of you think otherwise.

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Momo: She would do everything she could to make you feel better and love yourself. It made her sad that you wanted to pull her away because of that.

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Dahyun: She would probably think it was a joke until you almost cried in front of her. Then she would sit down with you to talk to you. She would try her best to understand why you felt like that.

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Jeongyeon: She would be so sad and angry that you thought like that of yourself. You were more than enough for her and she wouldn’t accept that you didn’t felt it. She would go through some long conversation with you, that would end up in both of you hugging and crying in your bed.

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Tzuyu: Once you told her that you weren’t good enough for her and that you wanted a break she immediately replied by holding your hand. Even though she didn’t really know what to do she would try everything she could to change her mind.

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Chaeyoung: She would be so heartbroken. Listening to you saying something like that made her feel bad and sad. She would be more heartbroken when she saw that you were trying really hard to hold back your tears.

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Sana: “Jagiya please don’t say that I love you and you’re so good to me and I don’t want you to say things like that cause you’re important to me and it hurts me to see that you think you’re not enough. And I’m not going to let you break up cause I can’t be without anymore so please dont say that again.”

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Jihyo: She would have some serious conversation with you. She didn’t liked to hear you saying those kind of things. And she would somehow convince you to not let the beautiful relationship you had because of some things that weren’t true.

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Nayeon: “Y/n ah, i love you more than anything. Don’t believe when some fans say that you’re not pretty enough or good enough for me because only I can decide that and I decide that you are more than enough for me. I love you so much and listening to you saying that really hurt me. Please never say that you want to break up again or that you’re not good enough for me.”

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Hello! I would just like to say that I love your work and now *puts on shades* I must request some Noctis angst. Noctis' S/O was captured by Ardyn during the Fall of Insomnia and brainwashed into fearing Noctis. They get reunited at Hammerhead but every time Noctis gets close to his S/O they scream bloody murder and maybe beg for him not to kill them (wink wink).

Thank you so much! Let me tell you! Let me tell you a thing! I’m about this! I’m about this! Holy Hell! Six take me now! This is good!  ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬ Let’s do this!


“Is he still in there?” Prompto asked Ignis, only getting a nod in return.

Noctis sat patiently at your bedside in Hammerhead, the group had only returned when they received a call from Cindy stating that they had best return quickly. Only to find you!

You had somehow managed to make it through the Fall of Insomnia, and had been brought here by a mysterious stranger in a black and white coat, with a very old car. Stating…

“The young Prince will be rather happy to see her, unfortunately I can not say the same for her.”

No other advice or clue. Had the man found you on the side of the road? Were you trying to get to Noctis and the others? You were suppose to be at home and be safe! Yet look at how safe home was for you!

So Noctis sat faithfully at your side, waiting for you to wake up. Even driving through the night from their last rest stop, half way to Tarabene the man hadn’t slept, when Cindy sent the picture of you in a coma on the same bed. Doctors came to look you over, explaining that it was more than likely due to the stress that you were asleep, nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise you were perfectly fine aside from some, scratch, scars, and bruises, yet that could have been due your escape. Yet Noctis wanted to be there, for him to be the first thing that you saw and reassure you that everything was okay.

It had to have been roughly three in the morning, when Noctis felt your hand twitch, as he quickly jumped fully awake after dozing off. “Y/N, are you awake?”

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Purahs Gloves Tutorial

This is how I made my gloves for Purah from Breath of the Wild. The gloves are pretty easy to make so even beginners should have no problem making these. Even if you’re not planning on cosplaying Purah, I’m sure that the basic techniques could be used to make something similar to another character. Tutorial under the cut!

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Okay something that have gotten me pissed when I looked through the Descendants tag was posts about how the Evil Queen only taught Evie unimportant stuff and that Evie would have a better life if she had been taught like school stuff. 

Alright let’s make one thing super clear. Grimhilde, The evil queen from Snow White is super smart. Because of this thing that’s going on that Grimhilde is just a vain woman that is narcissistic as fudge. Which she of course is but in the end she is one of the few villains that is smart


She has been studying everything from Astrology, Black Magic, Alchemy to Poisons. She have literally books about all of these things which she uses and reads.

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Okay so there's been a LOT....LOT of comparision going on that Cas and Mary are not that different with regards to their recent betrayal(s). *cough* Cas Haters mostly *cough* I wanted to get your opinion on this....

Hello Anon!

I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to reply - I’m striving to get better, you guys! I love hearing from you! Now focus on you, Anon, and your question.

Let me open with: who are these *cough* CasHaters *cough* and where can I find one to stroke across the cheek while softly whispering words of comfort so as to convince them to not stray so far from the righteous path? *I’ll find you.* *I’ll find all of you.*

Moving on.

I take it these h8trs mean Mary betrayed her sons when she  went behind their backs to work with the BMoL.

And they mean Cas betrayed them when he went behind their backs to work with Heaven.

Well, you know, for me these betrayals, especially now with the whole season splayed open before me, were part of the character growth necessary for both Mary and Cas, so I can’t see any negative connotation in them at all. 

Like, at all.

The very deeply emotional parallel between Mary and Cas - which ran through the entire season and made me feel as though their relationship was the healthiest one on the show - is rooted in them feeling misplaced, like they don’t belong, both of them struggling to find themselves, to figure out who they are and, perhaps even more importantly, who they want to be. 

So let’s take a closer look at the motivation for each character in their betrayals:


  • Good: We know now that Mary betrayed her sons to, ultimately, protect them, to save them from a world of chaos and death and mayhem. 
  • Bad: She wanted to save them from having to live their life as hunters, thinking she was working with the Good Guys to create a world without monsters, without unnecessary suffering. 
  • Bad: She didn’t consult her sons about whether this was what they actually wanted, she made this choice for them.
  • Bad: She got Sam to believe it was the right way, but he quickly came to his senses - and we all know what Dean’s stance was: the BMoL is a threat and cannot be trusted. This was bad for Mary, however, as it shook her sons’ trust in her to the core.
  • Bad: She was brainwashed as character punishment for her folly.
  • Good: She finally realised her errors, her arc this season reaching its apex in 12x22 when Dean confronted her, and the whole reason for her being brought back in the first place was finally laid bare: Dean’s deep, deep need to come to the realisation that he could forgive her for everything, allowing him to let go of that hatred he’s carried around, and let all that love he feels for her take over.
  • Bad: But she’s not done cooking as she also created a distance between her and her boys, because she is a hunter first and foremost and this has left her riddled with a guilt she still needs to deal with as well as a growing need to truly see herself and accept herself as a mother and a hunter: hence her ending up in the AU dimension. She still needs to work through her own, deeper issues with her past choices - Dean’s forgiveness was the starting point for this.


  • Good: We know that Cas betrayed the brothers while working with Heaven in order to protect them, to keep them from having to kill an innocent woman and her unborn child.
  • Good&Bad: When the nephilim showed Cas the vision of what the baby Nephi deemed “paradise” - a world without pain and suffering, a world at peace - this appealed to Cas for all the right, but very wrong, reasons and he accepted it without question.
  • Good&Bad: Cas tried to allow for the brothers to aid him, but when they clearly couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt, he left them behind without further ado.
  • Good&Bad: Cas was never brainwashed - the parallel stops there - but Cas is incapable of questioning his own choices, he has not learned to look at things objectively, and once he believes something is right there is no stopping him from pursuing that mission to its completion–
  • Good&Bad: –this blinds him from making those level-headed decisions that would have kept him alive at the end of 12x23 (aka listening to Dean crying out for him, not leaving the bloody angel blade with Lucifer) - and this is why Castiel the angel of the Lord had to die.
  • Good: This death was the apex of Cas’ arc this season. It will give him the answer to the questions he’s been dragging around with him for a long time: Do I belong here? Can I belong here? Will I ever belong here? And that answer is yes, Cas, you can and you will: as a human being.

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If I’m right about Cas’ arc, if I’m right about what I can see in the choices he’s made since the beautiful 12x19 narrative focused this arc and pushed it to take a leap forward, then I believe very firmly that the reason there is Good in every single beat of this Betrayal Outline is because he was right in his choices regarding the nephilim needing to be born with all his powers. 

Once Jack has been brought up right - as I have been rather convinced of for months now, because it just makes such narrative sense to me - Jack will bring balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

So to conclude Cas’ Betrayal Outline I give you the following:

Cas was punished with death for his inability to learn his lesson and stop charging in guns blazing.

The fact that he was right in all his choices, all that Good will lead to his reward, and that reward will be rebirth.

Because human!Cas will learn the lesson once and for all.

But more meta on that to be posted asap! 

Have I told you lately that I love this narrative? Have I also added lately that I know I might be 100% wrong about all this? No. I could be 100% wrong about all of it. All of it. But if I’m even a little right…

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WARNING:spoilers ahead, from Mystic messenger, dandelion and nameless(kind of)
so I just read the theories floating around here in tumblr about Rika, being previous MC .
so, what If “Rika” was an alias she used to play the game . of course we know the game gives us the possibility of having a name (maybe ours or just another one) for our character but cheritz didn’t suggest one at the start of mysmes like they did before ( cheritz suggested names before, like Eri from nameless, heejung from Dandelion.) probably the first suggested name in mystic messenger was “rika” but of course, the upcoming MC can’t have the same name.
ok anyways.
let’s take a look at the picture above . something sounds wrong . yes where are your eyes Rika ?? it is quite familiar,our MC doesn’t have eyes too. What if the MC that is supposed to play doesn’t have eyes,
at the first time rika met V she just started playing.

what if the propose of mystic messenger game is to make characters happy and to help them get over their complexes. which makes rika not the main character anymore because she failed during her mission to make everyone happy, I mean at one point almost each character had a crush on her (jumin, yoosung, seven) but V loved her and she loved him back …
let’s suppose that the game rika played didn’t have the rest thingie because the wizard is not done with it yet (so basically she was playing an unfinished game ) she had to go on only one route who was V’s (there is no alternate universes . no rest .) that’s why V is unplayable character, and also everything that happened before we *MCs*start playing, stayed the same, V and rika’s relationship, Rika’s death, saeyoung and co tragedies
..because the game didn’t rest from rika’s part but instead got stopped when rika faked her death and founded mint eye . before the actual Mysmes got released. which make me think : hey what if the game rika played was “the demo” but to her unfortunate luck, the game didn’t restart correctly
.. With error 707, the memories about the first protagonist rika and the first game play wasn’t erased from the game only but also from characters memories, THEY REMEMBER, that made them traumatised by her loss, a stronger reason to save the characters.

“As part of its memory deallocation process, Adaptive Server tries to release the pages of memory allocated to a procedure header when they are no longer needed. When Adaptive Server is unable to release that section of memory, error 707 occurs.”


nothing really gets erased from demo route, but becomes a part of the story itself .

‘events stopped at one stage when she fakes her death and founded mint eye. desperately trying to save everyone in her own way .at the same time … The wizard finished the game…’
We play until we reach character’s eleven’s day. rest occurs. We play another route. The same process happens. until we get to 707’s 11th day, where MC being with seven changed the events.
that is why seven is considered end of game because with secret 1 and 2 , Rika’s story continues !
everything happens and we try to correct mistakes committed in the previous demo game. If you play in the correct order : zen> yoosung> jumin> jaehee> 707 each character will have a universe where they get over their problems. They are saved. there’ll be a universe where rika is -kind of- saved too .


1- it’s my first theory and definitely have some wrong things, be nice guys and correct them please! I would be really pleased.

2- if this theory was mentioned by someone else before, please tell me so I can credit properly.
___________ disclaimers :
1- I was highly influenced by other amazing theories! credits to their proper owners!

I want to talk about Spock’s overuse of decimal places.

Science is not mathematics. Nothing in science has an absolute value: it has a measured value and an associated uncertainty. The uncertainties are not due to the quantity being measured incorrectly, it’s because all measurements have inherent limitations. Equipment has finite sensitivity, assumptions have to go into deriving the quantity of interest, etc. etc. Numbers are generally meaningless if you don’t know the uncertainties; I know I spend at least as long calculating error bars as I do the actual data point. And you never, never quote a numerical value to more decimal places than the associated uncertainty.

In Devil in the Dark, Kirk and Spock are dealing with a lifeform unlike anything they have ever encountered. They know nothing about it, and Spock has only guessed at its motivations at this point. There is no way he can calculate the odds of their being killed to five significant figures.

Now, obviously, I realise Spock is not really being a scientist in this scene. He’s quoting made-up numbers because he doesn’t want to be separated from Kirk, which is really very cute. But the overuse of decimal places happens a lot, and I think this reveals a crucial difference between the way non-scientists think scientists talk, and the way we actually talk.

One dude and his unbreakable will to get £29 extra

I work at a CeX store (in case anyone doesn’t know, CeX deals in second hand phones and tablets and stuff, we buy from people and then sell the stuff on in our stores) and today this dude came in with a brand fucking new iPhone 8 Plus he wanted to sell us.

I check it out and its all good. It is all but brand new. No scratches or scuffs. He wants to know what kind of price we’d give so I looked up on our system how much an A-Grade iPhone 8 Plus was. This is the important bit. I asked my colleague if it’d be an A-Grade because usually things that come with a box and charger and headphones and stuff counts as A-Grade stuff. I tell him the price that we buy for is £602. He say’s that’s fine and would like to sell it to us. I tell him that before that we have to do some tests to ensure the phone is fully functioning so we can, y'know, sell it. I tell him it’ll be about 40 minutes and he seems slightly annoyed at that, in a sort of “why can’t you do it quicker and ignore all the other stuff you’ve got to do the whole world should bend to my will me me me me me” kinda way but says okay. This was something of a red flag in hindsight.

So I book it in for a test and give it to our tester guy. About an hour later the guy comes back. I go to get the phone from the tester and he says to me that because the headphones and such in the box weren’t sealed in their plastic bag means we can only sell it as B-Grade because A-Grade literally means brand new condition; basically unused, everything sealed.

This is where shit gets rough.

I go back to the customer with his phone and explain that because its actually not A-Grade like I’d said it was before (because guess what i’m human and i make fucking mistakes plus i’ve only worked there for 3 weeks plus i was just going off of what my more experienced colleague said to me) we couldn’t buy it for £602 but instead £573. Only £29 less

The dude gets pissed.

He starts going at me about how “you gave me one price before but now you change it?? How do I know you haven’t messed with the phone??” basically implying we’d purposefully damaged his phone in some way to knock some of the buying price off of it. He had seen me checking the headphones and wires and stuff before i told him it was A-Grade so he didn’t believe me when I said it was because the headphones weren’t sealed. I assure him that’s not the case and it’s just the way it is. It didn’t meet A-Grade criteria like I thought and so it can only be sold/bought as B-Grade. He refuses to take back the phone and plays his ultimate trump card and goes “you either give me the price from before or you pay for a new phone” (bear in mind he hadn’t even checked it to see if we’d “damaged it” like he thought) so basically at this point we can’t do anything but give him the money which he literally should not get because his phone is not fucking worth that much. 

My supervisor comes over and I explain what’s gone on, so she phones our store manager, who then has to phone our area manager. This whole phone call thing takes 40 fucking minutes to get some sort of idea about what we can do. Also, its worth mentioning I should have been signing out and leaving when this guy turned up because I was already 5 minutes past my finish time and he was back about 20 minutes later than he should have been to pick up his cash, but I stayed to serve him because i’m fucking nice like that.

Eventually we just give him the £602 because we really don’t have any choice at this point and he won’t leave.

This guy wasted 40 minutes of our time, his time, and plenty of peoples time we could have served just to bully 29 extra pounds out of us for his probably stolen phone, because lets face it, the iPhone 8 came out less than a month ago and he’s already wanting to sell it? Yeah, right. Or he got it through some illegal means and wants to sell it to make some money for himself? Incredibly likely.

What kind of fucking manchild gets that pissy over £29?? Sure its not money you’d LIKE to lose but jesus christ dude just accept the fact that we made a slight error and take what we can give. You can’t buy a ton of stuff for £29 these days anyway.

It was later on my way home I realised I totally could have just said “take the £573 or take back the phone, or I’ll phone the police” and he’d have had no power at all. At least I know for next time.

Either way we get the last laugh because we’ll end up selling his phone for about £200 more than we bought it for >:)

Topi’s Daily Card #1053:  Djeru, With Eyes Open

So, in the story Djeru was a staunch believer in the trials, but with Nicol Bolas’s return he quickly saw the error of his ways.  As a creature, he’s pretty great for any superfriends deck.  Find the ‘walker of your choice, put it into your hand, and any ‘walker you have out gets its damage reduced by one, negating pinging by small 1/1 creatures altogether.  Like Thalia’s Lancers the card is more than fair for the cost of tutoring, and is made for more casual decks and formats. I can se Djeru put into a Narset style deck, or any deck that wants to get big planeswalkers onto the battlefield for free.  With a tutor and damage prevention on a decently sized 4/3 body, Djeru is a nice addition to any deck running more than just a few planeswalkers.