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i saw a post about rping as a minor and like, as a 16 y/o, whose been doing this since i was 14

if youre okay with rping with adults, those adults should make you feel safe. im the youngest in all my timelines, some of the muns are 10+ years older than me, and they all make me feel comfortable and safe. always. they all watch what they say where i can see, they all care about me, they all respect me as a young person and a writer. thats how it should be.

its your responsibility to tell people your age and block tags and listen and such, and mistakes happen, but an adult rper should know how to act around a minor. if they dont, or dont want to/cant put the effort into censoring and shit, or anything like that, they shouldnt be interacting with minors.

if you feel uncomfortable, speak up or ask someone in the group you trust to speak up on your behalf. if you dont feel safe speaking up, find ways to quietly remove yourself. never be afraid to ask for help in doing so.

Some people cannot be pleased, they are never satisfied, and nothing is ever good enough. They always expect more and won’t accept less than the very best. They will sacrifice others that cannot keep up and feel nothing for them. I am one of those people.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: You get what you pay for

So many guests today thinking they are in a high rated hotel when they paid £100 for friday/saturday night and wifi. Like??
We are a budget hotel you get exactly what you pay for, which isnt much because i can see exactly how much you paid.

No you do not get new towels delivered in the night because you used yours once already.
No breakfast is not included, you always have to pay extra for it.

Do not tell me to hurry up because your feet hurt, its not my fault you decided to wear heels you cant walk in. I will now be intentionally slower and make you jump through more hoops for room verification, even though i know full well you stay here.

The highlight of the night is when the the door opens it hits so many drunk people because they never stand back even when you tell them too.

By: WastedDeal666

Top Five vs Bottom Five

Rules: tag the person who tagged you, always post the rules, answer the questions, and add the date!

What are your five most popular works?
What are your five least popular works?
Are you surprised? Why?
Optional: If you want to calculate this, what are your works’ average number of notes?
Today’s date, so you can see how your results might change if you do this again in a year.

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I was tagged by the wonderful @tel-abelas-mofo​! I don’t usually keep count of my works, so I’m going by the numbers that Tumblr shows me. I’m 95% positive this doesn’t include self reblogs or spambot reblogs - but you never know :)

Since I’ve never actually taken the opportunity to analyze my works, I’m going to do more than five - sorry! :D

Top Five

1. Perseverance (Solavellan) [rated: angst] - 186 notes

2. Deliverence (Cullen) [rated: angst, fluff] - 132 notes

3. Apples (Neria Lavellan x Solas Modern AU) [rated: NSFW] - 80 notes

4. Strawberries (Neria Lavellan x Solas Modern AU) [rated: NSFW] - 76 notes

5. Ties That Bind (Neria Lavellan x Solas) [rated: mildly NSFW] - 70 notes

6. Oranges (Neria Lavellan x Solas Modern AU) [rated: NSFW] - 67 notes
7. Love Still Kept Open (Neria Lavellan x Solas) [rated: angst] - 65 notes
8. Shadows In The Spotlight (Krem x Lavellan) [rated: fluff and angst] - 62 notes

Bottom Five

1. Sorcha of Asvor (original work) [rated: mildly NSFW] - 5 notes

2. Stained Glass Smiles (Samarra Bayart) [rated: angst] - 5 notes

3. A Genteel Mask She Wears (Haminah Adaar x Josephine) [rated: fluff] - 5 notes

4. Chaos (Neria Lavellan x Solas) [rated: angst] - 6 notes

5. Tears (Samarra Bayart) [rated: fluff] - 6 notes

6. Red Herring (Fem! Hawke) [rated: fluff] - 8 notes
7. Never Say No To Nugs (Elena Trevelyan) [rated: general] - 8 notes
8. Errors And Guilt (Samarra Bayart) [rated: angst] - 9 notes

Are you surprised? Why?

I am rather surprised that some of my best works are the ones I’ve written unprompted. Those spur-of-the-moment drabbles I didn’t expect to receive as much attention as they did. I’m not unsurprised that my Farmer’s Market Solas AU was popular - it was rather requested, haha.

More telling for me is the bottom five. Sorcha of Asvor was a piece I wrote for @designfailure56​, and given the original nature of the work, it’s not a surprise that people aren’t interested in it. It’s not fanfic, after all. My Samarra Bayart drabbles I expected to be on the lower rungs too - she’s the OC from my longfic, A Whole New World, so it’s hard for readers to identify with her if they don’t have the relevant context. Never Say No To Nugs was an experimental work, and not one of my favorites if I’m being honest. A Genteel Mask She Wears was my first attempt at Adaar x Josie, and it shows. I’m not very good at writing f/f works, and that’s something I’ll need to work on. I am surprised Chaos and Red Herring aren’t higher up on the list - they are some of the works I like. Red Herring is a cheeky drabble I wrote for a purple Hawke, and Chaos is a Trespasser drabble, experimental, but I enjoyed writing it.

I’ve only recently started self-reblogging my work [and usually just once] so if anything is popular, it’s because… luck, I guess? I don’t count myself as a good writer, so it’s always a surprise to me when any of my writing is liked/reblogged.

Average number of notes
: 33 [for a total of 47 works]

Date: 20th July 2017

I’m tagging @ladydracarysao3, @ma-sulevin, @rawrzimon, @ladylike-foxes, @ladynorbert, @galadrieljones, @thevikingwoman, @redinkofshame, @idrelle-miocovani, @long-liv-prairies and everyone else who wants to do it [don’t make me tag you plz, analyzing and typing this out took agessss <3]

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Hey,Tord Is It Ok If I Draw Chu?:3

@vanceth3artist said to ask-redleader: Is it ok if i draw you Tord?:3

vanceth3artist said to ask-redleader: Its ok!!!i just wanna be friends [btw i did mean my icon]

Yes, that’s okay! Sorry for the late reply! And we can be friends, I guess? if you want to be, I have no problems with it.

[In truth I’m taking a small break to focus on drawing some other stuff, for future reference, it’s always okay to draw the Tord from this blog! I’d love to see what you guys make!]

PriPara Idol Watch Guide/Review!

Okay, I am finally ready to talk about the Idol Watch! There are still a number of things I have not figured out yet, but oh well. I can always update this post. And maybe you guys could share what you have found out as well!

I can’t help comparing it to the Rosette Pact a lot because it’s basically a lot like the Rosette Pact, but improved in almost every way!

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I feel like im not outwardly expressing myself enough on tumblr. Com im not sure why its just a format that causes me anxiety mostly its hard for me to share personal day to day things because im not sure whats appropriate for the tumblr space and im hypercritical of how i interact with different social medias and. Well any social setting at all really.
BASICALLY a) im scared to share cos i want to be well received and my ever shifting personality is confusing Me so if i post something and yall see it You Think Of Me That Way Forever
B) im not sure how to talk, at all, ever, always feel like im doing it wrong
CONCLUSION, i am not sure why i am making this post. Thanks

Rick Riordan won a Stonewall award today

for his second Magnus Chase book, due to the inclusion of the character Alex Fierro who is gender fluid. This was the speech he gave, and it really distills why I love this author and his works so much, and why I will always recommend his works to anyone and everyone.

“Thank you for inviting me here today. As I told the Stonewall Award Committee, this is an honor both humbling and unexpected.

So, what is an old cis straight white male doing up here? Where did I get the nerve to write Alex Fierro, a transgender, gender fluid child of Loki in The Hammer of Thor, and why should I get cookies for that?

These are all fair and valid questions, which I have been asking myself a lot.

I think, to support young LGBTQ readers, the most important thing publishing can do is to publish and promote more stories by LGBTQ authors, authentic experiences by authentic voices. We have to keep pushing for this. The Stonewall committee’s work is a critical part of that effort. I can only accept the Stonewall Award in the sense that I accept a call to action – firstly, to do more myself to read and promote books by LGBTQ authors.

But also, it’s a call to do better in my own writing. As one of my genderqueer readers told me recently, “Hey, thanks for Alex. You didn’t do a terrible job!” I thought: Yes! Not doing a terrible job was my goal!

As important as it is to offer authentic voices and empower authors and role models from within LGBTQ community, it’s is also important that LGBTQ kids see themselves reflected and valued in the larger world of mass media, including my books. I know this because my non-heteronormative readers tell me so. They actively lobby to see characters like themselves in my books. They like the universe I’ve created. They want to be part of it. They deserve that opportunity. It’s important that I, as a mainstream author, say, “I see you. You matter. Your life experience may not be like mine, but it is no less valid and no less real. I will do whatever I can to understand and accurately include you in my stories, in my world. I will not erase you.”

People all over the political spectrum often ask me, “Why can’t you just stay silent on these issues? Just don’t include LGBTQ material and everybody will be happy.” This assumes that silence is the natural neutral position. But silence is not neutral. It’s an active choice. Silence is great when you are listening. Silence is not so great when you are using it to ignore or exclude.

But that’s all macro, ‘big picture’ stuff. Yes, I think the principles are important. Yes, in the abstract, I feel an obligation to write the world as I see it: beautiful because of its variations. Where I can’t draw on personal experience, I listen, I read a lot – in particular I want to credit Beyond Magenta and Gender Outlaws for helping me understand more about the perspective of my character Alex Fierro – and I trust that much of the human experience is universal. You can’t go too far wrong if you use empathy as your lens. But the reason I wrote Alex Fierro, or Nico di Angelo, or any of my characters, is much more personal.

I was a teacher for many years, in public and private school, California and Texas. During those years, I taught all kinds of kids. I want them all to know that I see them. They matter. I write characters to honor my students, and to make up for what I wished I could have done for them in the classroom.

I think about my former student Adrian (a pseudonym), back in the 90s in San Francisco. Adrian used the pronouns he and him, so I will call him that, but I suspect Adrian might have had more freedom and more options as to how he self-identified in school were he growing up today. His peers, his teachers, his family all understood that Adrian was female, despite his birth designation. Since kindergarten, he had self-selected to be among the girls – socially, athletically, academically. He was one of our girls. And although he got support and acceptance at the school, I don’t know that I helped him as much as I could, or that I tried to understand his needs and his journey. At that time in my life, I didn’t have the experience, the vocabulary, or frankly the emotional capacity to have that conversation. When we broke into social skills groups, for instance, boys apart from girls, he came into my group with the boys, I think because he felt it was required, but I feel like I missed the opportunity to sit with him and ask him what he wanted. And to assure him it was okay, whichever choice he made. I learned more from Adrian than I taught him. Twenty years later, Alex Fierro is for Adrian.

I think about Jane (pseudonym), another one of my students who was a straight cis-female with two fantastic moms. Again, for LGBTQ families, San Francisco was a pretty good place to live in the 90s, but as we know, prejudice has no geographical border. You cannot build a wall high enough to keep it out. I know Jane got flack about her family. I did what I could to support her, but I don’t think I did enough. I remember the day Jane’s drama class was happening in my classroom. The teacher was new – our first African American male teacher, which we were all really excited about – and this was only his third week. I was sitting at my desk, grading papers, while the teacher did a free association exercise. One of his examples was ‘fruit – gay.’ I think he did it because he thought it would be funny to middle schoolers. After the class, I asked to see the teacher one on one. I asked him to be aware of what he was saying and how that might be hurtful. I know. Me, a white guy, lecturing this Black teacher about hurtful words. He got defensive and quit, because he said he could not promise to not use that language again. At the time, I felt like I needed to do something, to stand up especially for Jane and her family. But did I make things better handling it as I did? I think I missed an opportunity to open a dialogue about how different people experience hurtful labels. Emmie and Josephine and their daughter Georgina, the family I introduce in The Dark Prophecy, are for Jane.

I think about Amy, and Mark, and Nicholas … All former students who have come out as gay since I taught them in middle school. All have gone on to have successful careers and happy families. When I taught them, I knew they were different. Their struggles were greater, their perspectives more divergent than some of my other students. I tried to provide a safe space for them, to model respect, but in retrospect I don’t think I supported them as well as I could have, or reached out as much as they might have needed. I was too busy preparing lessons on Shakespeare or adjectives, and not focusing enough on my students’ emotional health. Adjectives were a lot easier for me to reconcile than feelings. Would they have felt comfortable coming out earlier than college or high school if they had found more support in middle school? Would they have wanted to? I don’t know. But I don’t think they felt it was a safe option, which leaves me thinking that I did not do enough for them at that critical middle school time. I do not want any kid to feel alone, invisible, misunderstood. Nico di Angelo is for Amy, and Mark and Nicholas.

I am trying to do more. Percy Jackson started as a way to empower kids, in particular my son, who had learning differences. As my platform grew, I felt obliged to use it to empower all kids who are struggling through middle school for whatever reason. I don’t always do enough. I don’t always get it right. Good intentions are wonderful things, but at the end of a manuscript, the text has to stand on its own. What I meant ceases to matter. Kids just see what I wrote. But I have to keep trying. My kids are counting on me.

So thank you, above all, to my former students who taught me. Alex Fierro is for you.

To you, I pledge myself to do better – to apologize when I screw up, to learn from my mistakes, to be there for LGBTQ youth and make sure they know that in my books, they are included. They matter. I am going to stop talking now, but I promise you I won’t stop listening.”

to all the people that complain about black people in historical european settings: don’t you ever get tired of being racist?

“but it’s not historically accurate”, i see you cry out. you know what else isn’t historically accurate? all the perfect teeth. all the hairless women. the costumes, often. the accents. the fact that i’m supposed to believe that everyone spoke english all the time regardless of where they were and which company was present. but sure, black people in medieval europe, that’s the big historical innacuracy. because you’re racist.

I see you, Fan fic Writer!

Writing “The _______ AU that no one asked for” like its mandatory. Let me tell you something.

I’m always asking for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an over-saturated trope or a weird one that you just made up.

Got a Soulmate AU? I want it. A Crossover AU? I want it. That one, I don’t know what the hell that is, but I want it.

Never think no one is asking for you’re ideas because I’m practically begging for them.

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

HP Houses: What I have observed from people I know in each house

Everyone believes that Hufflepuffs are innocent, carefree, and always happy. Despite that actually being true, there is so much more on the inside that people overlook. Hufflepuffs know what it’s like to feel pain, to feel unloved and to be underestimated. Hufflepuffs want to spread kindness all throughout their world, to their friends, family and others, so they do not have to go through what they have gone through. They take on challenges and want to prove themselves, staying up late to study or practice something consistently to do so.

Slytherins have a big reputation of badasses or evil reincarnated which couldn’t be more false. Slytherins have a bad reputation. The Slytherin’s I know are some of the most enduring people I know. Despite their hard interior and sly remarks, Slytherins have a golden heart. They want to take care of themselves making sure the do not get mistreated. Slytherins value friendships beyond what you would expect. They always have funny remarks to cheer a friend up, or to lighten mood, which usually works. Slytherin’s are the most ride or die people I know. Once they let you in, you are there for the long run.

Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence (which, trust me, they are very intelligent) but their other traits aren’t really spoken about. Ravenclaws are the type of friend you can look at and just burst out laughing over nothing. They will come up to you randomly and talk about a current event, or a theory they have. They always spark a deep conversation and never boring small talk. They are the shoulder you can cry on when you can depend on yourself anymore. When in group discussions, if you are talking and nobody’s listening? Ravenclaws will give you their full attention. Although a little spacey at times, you have to understand they are ALWAYS thinking about something. If you ask, they will spill all their thoughts and begin to write them down so they don’t forget later.

Being a fellow Gryffindor, I automatically connect with the people within my house. What I have noticed from them is they are always present. Whether its a small conversation in the hallway or at lunch, they will never be distracted or doing something else. Gryffindors underestimate themselves so much. They never truly see how wonderful of a person they are, and when given a compliment, they often feel uncomfortable. Gryffindors also have a presence to them. When they walk down the halls or into a room, people (friends or classmates) automatically look towards them or listen when they are talking.

I know people talk about Aries moons like they’re explosive and angry children, but honestly I think they’re one of the most vulnerable moon signs. I think they are truly just sensitive and have trouble dealing with that sensitivity. I think what Aries moons need is someone to protect them a little. They will absolutely NEVER accept protection if you’re obvious about it and coddle them, but I think they do need a helping hand when it comes to dealing with the rawness of their emotions.


gamora appreciation 2/∞


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~ As a gift, I got myself the chutzpah to start practicing comics and long-form storytelling.

These are the first 6 pages of Fiend and Hera’s story, False Edge. It’s perfect for a first try: I’m invested in the characters, but without being so precious with them that I’m scared to mess up. Plus, it’s full of excuses to draw monsters and violence and gratuitous shots of Fiend’s butt. But for now: nice cat people.

ANYWAY if you wanna see where this goes (and where Fiend comes in), I’ll be posting new pages at @false-edge everyyyyyy what’s today. Wednesday.

Boy, I’m going to live to hate Wednesdays.

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Would you guys be wiling to do one that doesn't have Steve in it but is all about Steve? I'm thinking of Fury's initial meeting w/ Sharon asking her to protect Steve. Then, subsequent meetings where she reports relevant happenings. But since there are no relevant happenings (until TWS), Sharon's reports consist mainly of Steve's general comings and goings, his lame attempts to hit on her, and the embarrassing stuff he does when he's alone.

“Did you think I didn’t know?”  Fury raised an eyebrow.

“I think my recruiter didn’t look into it.  I expected you would know, sir.”  Sharon stood at parade rest, only allowing the slightest twich of her lips towards a smile.  

Fury hummed.  “It’s why you’re here.  And not why you’re here.”

“Sir?”  She liked Suduko, crosswords and thousand-piece puzzles.  Fury was more like one of the Fates speaking in riddles than anything else.  

“I chose you for this assignment because Former Director Carter wouldn’t trust anyone else with this detail.  I also chose you for this assignment because regardless of whose blood you’ve got, you’re the only one I trust with this assignment.”

Sharon let out a slow, steady breath, feeling the tension bleed out of her shoulders.  “Thank you, sir.”


Fury was mulling over a stack of paperwork, steam curling from his World’s Best Boss mug that sat at his left elbow. (She was pretty sure it was a gift from Natasha).  

“Your monthly report, sir.”

Fury looked up, and sat back.  “Go on.”

“Exercise commences at 0400 hours each day, and ends at 0600. Grocery shopping every other day, a—“

“—Single or multiple trips?”

“Supersoldiers only need single trips, sir.”

Fury smirked and sipped his coffee.

“Between 1400 and 1600 hours each Sunday he cleans and sings.  He orders take out once each week, only on Saturdays for his weekly movie marathon.  He’s reached the 80s, if I’m not mistaken.  There were a lot of lightsaber noises and don’t-you-forget-about-me’s coming from his apartment last week.  And the joke about his midday coffee run being ‘A mission from God’.”

“Anything unusual or concerning to report?”

“The number of times he’s watched Indiana Jones is concerning.”


“He was reckless in the field before, sir.  I worry what new ideas he’s been picking up.”

Fury smiled, all teeth.  “This is exactly why I chose you for this assignment, agent.”

Blood Bites (Vampire Prompts:)

1) “You’re a vampire, how can you possibly faint at the sight of blood?!” 
“Oh, so humans can have eating disorders and vampires can’t?! I’m squeamish, alright.

2) “Look,” the vampire rolled up their sleeve. “Take my blood.” 
“I’m not taking your-” 
The vampire bit and then shoved the offending appendage into the other vampire’s mouth. “You don’t want to feed on humans, fine. But you have to goddamn eat.” They tightened their grip so the foolish thing couldn’t pull away.

3) “It’s funny,” the vampire murmured. “Everyone always thinks about zombies having visions for eating brains, but it never seems to occur to them that blood spills its own stories too. It always has done.” 
The human swallowed, backing up a step as the vampire continued to prowl closer. “What did you see?”