it's not about them 'fixing' each other

Punk (Chap. 6)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for you’re best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1842

Warnings: Same as always

A/N: Thank you for all of the feedback!  It honestly makes me so insanely happy and I love hearing your theories, outrages, and feelings! <3

He looked up.  Had he heard you gasp his name?  Of course.  Fucking supersoldier…  Bucky’s eyes found yours across the club.  Time seemed to slow down in that moment.  What the fuck is are you doing here?!


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Okay but you know what I really loved about the captive prince trilogy, specifically King’s Rising?

The fact that they had a heated passionate moment where they were really angry with each other and were just fuming with hate and THEY DIDNT HAVE SEX

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ugly scenes in stories where they get in a heated argument and just start having sex and making out and it makes me so uncomfortable?? Like I remember being 13 and asking my parents why this scene was happening. Why are they doing this instead of talking or…what? And being angry and just rough sex to fix it is such a heteronormative thing and I hate it.

So yeah anyways, thanks pacat for having them kick the shit out of each other and then communicate their issues instead of just “fixing it” with rough sex

Its quite stunning that Trump’s budget plans, Trumpcare, tax policies disproportionately fall on his supporters. Its quite a thing …

“In rural Appalachia, people are so poor that there is a federal program dedicated to lifting them out of poverty. Through the Appalachian Regional Commission, the government pitches in on projects that these rural communities badly need but can’t quite afford — everything from fixing roads, to building computer labs, to training workers, to opening health clinics.

   These efforts have become so widely admired that in recent years Congress launched, with bipartisan backing, sister agencies to help other rural regions stuck in generational cycles of poverty. Together the programs spend about $175 million each year bringing jobs and opportunities to places that long have felt left behind.

   President Trump, who won rousing victories in these same parts of rural America, would eliminate that funding.”

Also See: President Trump won big in these places. Now he wants to eliminate 3 agencies dedicated to helping them - Washington Post

domestic jamilton

domestic jamilton (plus lil philip) headcanons

✩ they rush around all day, only having time for quick kisses, until night. then they get to have long cuddles on the couch just relaxing

✩ half of the time it ends in someone’s hair being pulled

✩ the other half of the time philip jumps on top of them to join in on the cuddles

✩ about pip… in the beginning of their relationship, thomas was so worried that he wouldn’t get along with/like philip

✩ pip on the other hand is in awe of thomas it’s the cutest thing. it took some time, but thomas came to adore philip just as much as alex

✩ thomas pinches alex’s stomach fat when he ignores him. it usually turns into them play wrestling except that most times someone actually gets hurt

✩ que apologies and many, many kisses

✩ lots!!!! and!!!!! lots!!!!! of!!!! bubble!!!!! baths!!!!!

✩ seriously they can spend hours in the tub together either relaxing or intimately

✩ philip likes to hang onto thomas’ arms as he lifts him up and down/spins him

✩ alex gets so nervous he thinks pip will go flying and break something

✩ they’re the gross couple who is way to handsy when out with friends

✩ which is lowkey hilarious cause they talk like they’re worst enemies but then smooch????

✩ first date: thomas was punched in the jaw

✩ second date: alexander insisted on paying so thomas bought the most expensive meal what a petty bitch

✩ they can’t watch the news together. they just can’t

✩ they act like Those Moms who obnoxiously cheer on/brag about their kid and will Fight™ when something goes wrong for their kid

✩ pip gets soooooo embarrassed but he still always greets them with big hugs when they pick him up from school/games

✩ constantly trying to outdo each other (“i can cook dinner better than you” “i can fix that better than you” “im a better kisser than you 💋❤”)

✩ they live for mornings they can sleep in and lay together tangled in blankets and each other’s limbs. its just so warm and loving and comforting they never want to leave

but I’m here for platonic prideshipping???

like, I got no problems with people wanting sex in the ancient egyptian afterlife or “what does Kaiba do with the hologram machine after hours”

but I’m here for like, Atem reading a magazine on the couch in Kaiba’s office while Kaiba wraps up for the day, then they go watch the North American Duel Monsters championships together while eating burgers

Yugi gets the two of them to play test his game together but they are too busy being hypercompetitive assholes to give Yugi good feedback

I2 releases a new set and KaibaCorp gets prerelease info, Kaiba calls Atem up and they geek at each other about new cards (“not enough new dragon support” “they gotta give everyone else something to play with, you know”)

they try to play Yugi’s game again, but they accidentally end up sitting on the floor talking about whatever till like 3am

I want Kaiba interacting with a peer??? and Kaiba doing slice of life stuff. I want the two of them to have a wacky adventure together that they can bond over its absurdity. the two of them discover that they have more in common with each other than just card games.

Atem figures out that he can’t “fix” the parts of Kaiba that are broken, but being a connection to a normal sort of life is the best thing he can do for him. Kaiba figures out how to understand Atem as a person instead of the abstract of “power”. Kaiba gets a turn to call Atem out on the times when he’s shitty or hypocritical or weak or just plain wrong.

I want bad dating advice or worse music taste, unrepayable financial help and Atem dropping off fast food even though Kaiba has a kitchen staff. they keep trying to give Devil’s Sancutary to each other (“it’s yours” “I gave it to you” “it doesn’t fit in with my decks” “I have ten thousand copies”)

I don’t mind romantic prideshipping. I just want all of the trappings of a friendship too.

Cat's out of the bag - Harry/Wroetoshaw

Pairing: Harry/Wroetoshaw & Y/N
Words: 840
Warning(s): a few bad words
A/N: this is so damn late im so sorry and its kinda short so sorry about that
Request/summary:  Can you make an imagine where Y/N and Harry are cuddling while watching a movie and they fall asleep on each other and the Cals sees them and takes a picture of them and post it on social media?

As you finished editing the last of your videos that would be going up while you were on holiday next month you got a skype call request from your boyfriend. Fixing yourself slightly you accepted it, your boyfriends comfortable form pop onto the screen. He was snuggled into his duvet that he had wrapped around his shoulders.
“Babeeee,” he whined, pouting slightly.
Chuckling lightly, you answered him, “Whatttt.”
He smiled as he answered, “I’m finished all my work now and I miss you. I need you to come over, right now, no excuses. We need to cuddle and watch a movie and maybe take a nap…” He trailed off in thought.
You laugh at his demand, although with not much power behind it due to the yawn he took half way through it. You agree and say that you’ll be at his in 10 minutes.

You put on some leggings, loose hoodie, and a pair of vans, not wanting to wait too long to get there.
Harry answered his door, messy hair, pj bottoms on and the duvet still wrapped around his shoulders. He opened his arms and pulled you into the flat and into his warm blanket cocoon.
He had already put a movie on in the background, a stupid comedy that you had both seen 100 times already. He removed his duvet and lay down on the sofa, pulling your hand that was closest to him and pulling you down on top of him, covering us up with the blanket.
He wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, hugging you closer to him, placing tiny kisses to your forehead.
“I missed you, so much.” He whispered, not wanting to destroy the soft atmosphere that had been created around you.
“I missed you too.” You replied, placing a kiss to his chest.
“I can’t wait to do this while its sunny when we go to Italy.” He said, rubbing his hand in small circles across your back.
You hummed and felt your eyes slowly getting heavier, falling asleep to the slow breaths he was taking.

Harry’s other two roommates, Cal, and Lux, had been out around London shopping. While you were both sleeping on the sofa, they had arrived home.
Cal walked over to the sofa, seeing that the movie was playing the menu repeatedly, and found you and harry cuddled up under a warm pile of blankets.
“Oi Lux, get over here.” He whispered, getting his phone out of his pocket.
He took a picture of the two of them and went on to his Twitter, captioning the photo with “wanted to watch tv but these two are hogging the sofa 😫”

You woke up to your phone going off incessantly with notifications.
You felt Harry stirring underneath you due to the noise as well. Moving slightly to get your phone from your hoodie pocket, you looked to see what the commotion was. Harry doing the same.
Finally getting onto Twitter after your phone froze four times, you found why everyone was freaking out.
“CALLUM!” Harry shouted, evidently getting to the picture at the same time as you did. “You fucker, why the hell would you do that!”
You sat up, going to one end of the sofa, pulling your legs up to your chest. You scrolled through what everyone was saying, while attempting to block out the shouting going on in the flat around you.
As you read, you found confused messages, excited messages, happy messages, but had not get come across any rude or hurtful ones. Harry’s viewers knew of you, being in the back of the boys’ vlogs and snapchats and such, but just assumed you were just friends with them. Which you were, but that wasn’t the only reason you were there.

“Harry,” you said, interrupting his shouting at the two boys.
He looked over to you, seeing how you were curled up and staring at your phone and assuming the worst.
He got up on his knees, shuffling over to you and wrapping his arms around you tightly.
“Hey, it’s okay, we’ll get it sorted.” He whispered, running his hand through your hair in a comforting manner.
“No, Harry, look.” You said, giving him your phone and letting him scroll through the messages of support for the both of you.
“I know I shouldn’t have posted it, but everyone is really supportive of the both of you. You’ve been going out for a year and a half, I think it’s time that we don’t have to nit-pick our vlogs to make sure you aren’t making out in the back ground.” Cal said, laughing.
“Yeah I guess so,” Harry replied, chuckling softly. He looked up from your phone and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

About an hour or so later both you and Harry put up tweets with a cute picture you had taken, “I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”

When You Criticize The Instruments
  • flutes: *nod stoically and then go alternately cry from embarrassment and plot revenge the the bathroom*
  • clarinets: it's my reed
  • saxes: *don't realize the director is talking to them; continue conversation about nothing to do with band*
  • trumpets: yoU WANNA GO BITCH IM THE BEST
  • horns: i play like five measures in this whole piece the fuck do you want from me
  • trombones: haha I know man *fistbump each other*
  • tubas: excuse you we are the foundation of this band so we are never wrong
  • percussionists: *mutter mutiny under their breath and don't fix it because they weren't doing it wrong in the first place*

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nonPathfinder Scott is introduced to the crew

Scott is honestly finding Heleus to be kind of a drag.

The parts of it he’s been awake for, at least. He’s willing to accept that the whole ‘running into the Scourge right as he’s coming out of cryo’ thing might have been an accident, but the ‘get your head cracked open by a genocidal maniac’ part is beginning to feel like a grudge.

Neither of those are the worst part (and Scott’s brain helpfully diverts around the whole Dad thing). He’ll take it to his grave and SAM’s harddrive, but waking up to find his sister - his twin - being the Pathfinder, being this person with the weight of a galaxy on her shoulders, being so damn far away from him?

He’s always been one half of a whole. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do with this new Sara and all the bits and pieces that seem to have joined her during his bouts of unconsciousness.

…Okay, so they’re people. People who have helped keep Sara alive while the whole universe has gone to hell. He can be a little more charitable, probably.

“So, I mean, they’re a little bit insane, but you pretty much had to be to come to Heleus in the first place, right?” His sister is babbling, because his sister is nervous, and he’s not completely sure if it’s at the prospect of introducing him to her new family, or introducing her new family to him. “But they’re good people, Scott. Not always…nice people, or peaceful people, but good.”

“Sure.” He follows her to the boarding area to the Tempest, letting the doors hiss open before he speaks again. “Just one question.”

“Hit me.”

“Am I the boyfriend or the dad right now?”

She rolls her eyes, checking him with her hip; they’re sixteen years old and he’s just caught her sneaking out again. He grins back at her, and for half a second things feel normal

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Honestly though the Hawkeye/BJ pairing on MASH has everything I love when it comes to shipping

  • so much casual intimacy and unconscious invasion of one another’s personal space like oh my god could you boys be any closer to one another? nope because then you’d probably be in each others laps
  • a followup to the above: touching??? so much touching. like they aren’t even aware of it but they can’t seem to help themselves
  • TERRIBLE PUNS which result in exasperated/fond faces
  • like honestly you see the full spectrum of their friendship. you see the early days where they’re still learning one another. you see them growing comfortable with each other. you see the moments they get on each others nerves
  • and on that note SO MUCH DOMESTIC BICKERING
  • but you also see the moments when they truly clash because as many things as they agree on, there are a few points where they don’t. they force each other to confront hard truths and learn and grow from each other, but those moments when they argue hurt in just the right way
  • so much flirting (”Besides my life, Frank wants my virginity” / “We all do” / “If only I’d known!”)  (”Did I ever tell you you look cute with your shirt off?”)  (”Howdy, stranger. New in town?”)
  • and so much potential for angst I mean it’s the 1950s so there’s the keeping things secret from the Army angle, there’s the fact that BJ is married and so would probably feel REALLY CONFLICTED about developing feelings for someone else. which then could lead to either acknowledging his feelings and talking to his wife, or deciding he’s not going to do anything about it until after the war. which then of course means MUTUAL PINING
  • they care about each other SO MUCH. it’s apparent in all their interactions with one another. when one of them puts himself in a position of emotional vulnerability the other is always there there to comfort and support him. when one of them is upset, the other is upset on his behalf and works to fix it. 
  • I just want more people to flail about this pairing with :x 
Master list of Newsies fics written between August 2015 and July 2016

Here is a master list of all the newsies fics that I wrote between August 2015 and July 2016. There are 89 stories in total.

***Older Stories***

For stories written between February 2015 and August 2015 go here:

If you are looking to read stories written between February 2014 and early February 2015, go here:

if you want stuff written prior to February 2014, go here:

*** Emoji Key ***

❤️indicates a story with a romantic pairing.
💕indicates a story where romance may be present, but it’s not the main focus. Maybe I wrote about characters in a way where their relationship could be seen as romantic or platonic, or maybe there is a background romantic relationship in there somewhere.
😊 indicates a story that is completely and certifiably gen.
⭐️ Is for modern AU.
✨ Is for stories based on the stage musical.
Most of the stories are canon era and movie based, so there is no emoji for that.

The stories are under the cut. Feedback on any of them is always welcome, and so are new prompts.


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When everyone else was being judgementel over Daryl’s loyalty to his brother it was Carol who went into his cell and just simply welcomed him back without any reproach. And when bringing up the subject of his brother to him her only was for him. 

“He’s your brother, but he’s not good for you.. don’t let him bring you down..” 

It didn’t sound like the others sounded, like berating or judging the decision, it just sounds like concern to Daryl is all

Carol KNOWS the relationship between Daryl and Merle is complicated. Unhealthy for Daryl himself. And that Merle could be dangerous but she will not come after Daryl about because she understand him, his loyalty (whether Merle deserves it or not) and his love for his brother in spite of the somewhat abusive nature of the relationship. She is not gonna put him on the spot about it. Her only concern there was his feeling on the matter. 

Its why they could share a moment like this.

(such a cute little giggle it gets me every time) 

He does the same for her. Like when she came up on the group outside of Terminus she wasn’t sure her reception would be. After everything at the prison she had to wonder..

She was hesitent for good reason, but Daryl showed her under no uncertain terms that he didn’t care what happened. Thee was pure acceptance. 

‘Whatever happened.. happened.. lets start over.” 

This is what we are talking when it comes to acceptance. When it come that unconditionality. . Its something neither one of them had before but recieved first from each other, which in turn had allowed them to open up and receive it from others too. 

Two people that are not trying fix each other. They don’t need it. They just need the trust, unconditional love, trust, and the space to grow on their own. Neither one cares what the other has done, they just care about who they are to them, and about whats good for the other. 

This is the best kind of love there is to me. And they have it. 

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So in my band I ship the two tuba players so badly. They are always talking and like being adorable together and when it's concerts or picture day they fix each other's ties. So far I know that about 1/4 of the band ships them. Idk I had to tell someone

definitely canon

Someone said they didn’t like gency because of the fact genji struggled with his new body and mercy was the one who gave it to him. And that zenyatta was the one who saved genji by helping him find inner peace. So, I propose this, fellow shippers.

Gency angst/forgiveness fics and art. Genji being upset with mercy, treating her coldly and feeling guilty about it because she did help him live after all. Hating overwatch and leaving, even after mercy tries to stop him, because he’s so conflicted with himself. Finding zenyatta, and then finding mercy again when the recall happens. Eager to apologize but unsure on how to go about it. Mercy thinking she’s going insane because she keeps thinking she’s seeing genji, but its been YEARS since he left overwatch behind. Mercy seeing him again and calling out, and genji fleeing. Genji finally apologizing when they come together when a battle breaks out between OW and Talon. ( just a small skirmish that mercy gets tied up in, throw some widowtracer in there since they always fight ? Or maybe reaper76? )

Mercy and Genji having feelings for each other but neither one knows what to do with them. As more battles break out and she fixes him up more and more, she revives him one day and he says “You’ve saved me again, doctor Ziegler.” In that sweet sweet voice and tone. She gets hit hard by feelings. She comments that genji seems different now, he replies that he’s whole now. Then it leads up to romantic stuff and isnskaixvalzp

This got really long I’m sorry

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Funny how you said the one thing that could've potentially fixed this show is love when you seem to have little to no love for the Beatles yourself

see if i had made this show i woudnt have made them love each other any more i would just make them all equally mean so 1. no single one would get beaten down by all the others and 2.they would all be used to it and they wouldnt get their feelings hurt

The thing about Emma and Regina is that initially, in the first months of their acquaintance, they’re messy, ugly, warped people, both of them, and when you put them together, it’s not magically fixed– it’s brutal and messy and angry, and it’s not healthy.

But from Neverland on? They’re much more comfortable, they know when to push, when not to push, they know how they operate as a team, as a unit, and yes its still messy and painful and a little bit sloppy, but they love each other in their own ways, because “I’ve got your back” and “Maybe we are” mean something now.

Emma and Regina aren’t perfect together, but in the end, that’s okay, because love is sloppy and messy and upsetting and frustrating, and it’s seeing Henry’s eyes light up when Regina makes apple pie and when Emma let’s him win at Mario Kart, and it’s in the way Emma tells Regina that she’s her happy ending when Regina doesn’t believe it, and it’s in the way Regina holds Emma after they leave the Underworld, holds her like maybe she understands, and she does, really, and it’s in the way they kiss, hurriedly and frenzied and angry like everything else they do, when the town is under attack because they’ve never been good at doing things the right way anyways.

Girl Meets Money: Dreamers & Pragmatists

I was telling @yeoldeshipper​ I was surprised that I didn’t see the argument that Farkle wasn’t in the first shot when Cuban said Maya had “these friends for a reason” so ergo Farkle must be more than a friend or will be more than a friend. (If it has been made, I haven’t seen it anyway.)  And I wasn’t going to argue my opponent’s case for them, but I went back to look at the shots because the best defense is a good offense. 

Before I start, let me just say that if you have an interest in taking a Film Studies course, studying scenes shot for shot to examine the deeper meaning is exactly what you have to do in these courses. It’s not just about getting to watch movies for homework or during class. In fact, my main Film Studies professor never showed entire movies in his classes because it wasn’t about watching movies in class. That would be like spending an entire literature class just reading the book. You were supposed to come to class prepared by having done the homework i.e. watch the movie on your own time so that you could understand what he was teaching when he took specific scenes and broke them down shot by shot.  You have to analyze EVERYTHING. And you will analyze everything. It can either end up making you hate the movie or love it even more. I’m a film nerd so it often made me appreciate the movies more. Studying TV works the same way.

Everyone has a little bit of dreamer and a pragmatist in themselves, and the Core Four are no exception. But the dreamer/believer side tends to make itself more known in Riley & Lucas. And the pragmatist/realist side tends to show up more in Maya & Farkle.

The first time Cuban says the line, the camera follows where Maya is looking at Riley & Lucas. She looks at them because they have been described as the dreamers. She’s level headed. Much like Farkle. He chose Maya as his investment because he respects her pragmatism. “She never had very much of anything. Maybe that’s why she looks at everything the right way.” He has just watched his father put all their money into an investment that was so grand, they couldn’t foresee if it was going to work or not. (Luckily it panned out, but it wasn’t a safe bet.) Maya is a known quantity to Farkle. She is something he can see. She has shown Farkle that she sees the world in a realistic way, but still has ideas of what to do to fix the shortcomings of her world even if she doesn’t have the ability to fix them yet. She thinks reasonably, but she needs dreamers like Riley and Lucas so that they can inspire her to try for more than just her world. They have the grand ideas, but not the proper foresight into how to possibly make those ideas a reality. (Eradicating malaria by getting rid of a holiday that isn’t causing malaria and actually helps people in its own way by making them happy/ world peace with no practical application of how to achieve it.) 

It’s why these four need each other. And it’s an indicator in Jacobs’ world about what couples he believes would work best. It’s all about balance. A dreamer with a pragmatist. Farkle is a great friend, and he is definitely a strong supporter of Maya, but he is also a pragmatist (grand ideas of ruling the world & living on Mars aside). 

That’s why Farkle is not in this first shot. Now let’s examine Riley’s & Lucas’ body language.

We see Riley smiling softly and giving a friendly head tilt. There is no doubt that she is Maya’s friend.

But what’s up, Lucas? Why so stone faced on the idea of being Maya’s friend? Maybe there is a hint of a smile, but it’s hard to tell. Do you not like the idea of being just Maya’s friend? Or are you still mad at Cuban? Are you staring Cuban down to make sure he doesn’t say something that will upset Maya?

The above shot is also what we see when Cuban finishes his thought “and they have you.” Because they need Maya just as much as she needs them. And in a later shot we see who is ready to join Maya and who still needs more time.

Riley asks that Maya keep a little of the money to fix her roof. It’s a much more reasonable request than Riley’s Malaria Day idea, and it’s likely something Maya wouldn’t ask for herself. As much as she comes off as being greedy about money, remember Maya is the kind of person who doesn’t pray to God for help with her problems. She’ll take money when it is easily there to be taken, but if asked to take money and do something good with it instead of keeping it, she’s not going to put herself first. Fixing the roof is still a dream to her, but it is a dream that can come true. Maya got her dream of having the roof fixed, and Riley thought of pragmatic way to use some of the money. All because of the balance in the Riley & Maya friendship. 

And now the shot after Cuban restates the idea that Maya has these friends for a reason has Maya with Riley & Farkle, but no Lucas. We know Riley has come down to Earth a little thanks to Maya’s influence. She becomes more pragmatic for Maya because she knows Maya needs something. She left her fellow dreamer to join the pragmatists. She has come to influence them with dreams. She’s already started with Maya. They are linked arm & arm to balance dreams & reality. But Riley hasn’t made that full commitment to Farkle just yet. She only has one foot reaching out toward him while she looks at him. She’ll get there. She just needs time.

However, Lucas isn’t ready to think pragmatically at all. He’s still Miss America. Maya has yet to be a big enough influence to make him think reasonably. Which is why I believe this episode is in the timeline before Texas. Here he is the same guy who would ride a bull because a fellow dreamer wants him to be a hero. And Lucas got as lucky with surviving that bull as Minkus did with not losing his company after a tricky investment. They were both worried with good reason to be, but didn’t stop to think reasonably enough that it might be a bad idea. 

Riley is still a complete dreamer when it comes to Lucas. They can’t balance each other. They can encourage each other like Farkle does for Maya by investing in her. Makes for great friends, but according to the Jacobs school of romance doesn’t do much in the way of making a romantic relationship work. 

So to steal an argument that I made that someone else could have made for Farkle (Is it stealing if I made it?), perhaps another reason Lucas is not in the final shot (in addition to not being ready to admit he needs or wants a relationship with a pragmatist to find balance) is because he is more than just a friend to Maya or he will be more than a friend. And maybe the reason Maya has Riley & Farkle is to help her with Lucas. Or to help her when Lucas is not around. Time will tell how that works out.

P.S. If you want to use this dreamer/pragmatist argument to show that Maya & Riley make a good couple, that’s a completely valid argument and the evidence supports it. But also remember that Maya & Riley have shown that they are willing to give up what they want to the other with no thought of themselves and thus suffer for it. So while they balance each other in how to think, they need to learn how to find solutions that works best for the both of them. Making sacrifices for each other is great, but ultimately does no good if sacrificing leads to silent pain which breeds resentment and thus tears the relationship apart. Fix that and they can have a healthy relationship.

sounds good feels good: a summary
  • money: ain't got cash but I wish
  • hey everybody: still haven't got cash but let's pretend and party like we only dream
  • permanent vacation: "yeah I'm dropping out to be in a band and I'm tired of acting like I care what you think about that"
  • jet black heart: fuck this shitty thing called love but also I love you
  • catch fire: you're the one I want and you know it but can't do anything about it
  • safety pin: we're both not okay but we can fix each other... right?
  • waste the night: I can't do anything right yet I'm taking this shot in the dark
  • vapor: you're a drug to me and I can't tell if that's good or bad
  • castaway: the love is gone and it's the feeling of knowing how everything slowly fell apart but not wanting to believe it
  • the girl who cried wolf: a person unsure of a lot of things so it makes them seem like a liar but really they're kind of just scared
  • broken home: I know they aren't happy and it makes me unhappy so I just hope they realise
  • fly away: there's this overwhelming urge I have to keep moving and not let anything hold me back/down
  • invisible: if I were real they'd see me so why does it feel like I'm not really there?
  • airplanes: I spent forever doubting myself and now I think I've found my confidence
  • san fransisco: we had it and lost it and now we can only look back and reminisce
  • outer space: your love is gone but I can't let go and so I'll give you everything for just a small something of you
  • carry on: shit happens... it's not a lie that it gets better
Pumpkin-Chocolate- Whatever

because I am such fall trash and it is finally cold enough to wear a sweater without getting heat stroke-

She was coming home from work when she noticed it. That damn glare, the one she had been getting all week, the one she was so sick of. The one that screamed rake your friggin leaves before I burn your house down in the night. So she decided to rake the leaves, because Camille would never do it, as it might ruin her god-given shoes.

(but only after she went over to thats assholes house and expressed her displeaure at his immature eye rolls, and that he should be careful incase someone ripped them out of his clearly brainless head)

Which is how she ended up stading ankle deep in leaves an hour later, rake in hand, appraising her hard, but near invisible, work 1 hour later. She had made a small pile of leaves near a tree, but she still had to finish the other 80% of the yard. She assumed she could probably finish in 3 hours, if she had no distractions. 

A plan that went completely out the window ( or was it in the window because she was outside? She didn’t exactly know) when a silver car drove up in front of her house, a glasses donned Cameron popping out of the car, an eyebrow raised in confusion. 

And she simply couldn’t help herself, especially not after meeting his mother last weekend for the apparently neccasary mother-meets-girlfriend dinner 

(which actually went pretty terrible, involving Kirsten nearly summoning Satan to hurt his mother after she impleid for the 7th time that night that Cameron was  a wasting his potential, but at the same time was incapable of caring for himself) 

“What never held a rake rich boy?” 

Even she couldn’t lie about the smug satisfaction she felt at the spatter of red on his neck, the way he subcounsiouly fixed his glasses (which he may or may not have started wearing after she had sleepily whispered how much she loved them after they had done some unspeakable things to each other)

“Its not my fault I live in an apratment building that barely has any trees around it. And i do know how to rake leaves, for your information. I’m a neuroscientist, dammnit, I can operate a quantam computer, let alone a rake” he sputtered, his face suddenly bright red. She laughed, wrapping her arms around him, quickly kissing him before handing him a rake, and going into the house to get another one.

“Is this truly necessary Kirsten?” he asks, nearly half an hour, the what had been once a small pile marginally bigger now that two people were working. He wraps his arms around her waist, gently pressing his lips against her neck in an effort to distrract her. Is it still considered an effort if its working? She swallows loudly, fighting to control her breathing, but he knows her so well, its probably pointless. 

“Not outside cameron” she says half heartedly, sighing slightly as he kisses the back of her neck.

“We could always go inside” he mumers against her, moving to pull her toward the house. 

She breathes heavily, knowing that having sex right now was NOT WHAT SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING 

(but she really, really wanted to) 

In a last minute attempt to slow down, before she gave in to everything she wanted, everything she wanted to, everything she wanted to do to Cameron, she throws a handful of leaves at him. 

He coughs, before quickly pushing her down into the pile of leaves, laughing at the indignation on her face. 

She tries to be angry, she really, really does try, but she simply can’t, not while watching him fill with pride after extracting revenge onto his girlfriend. 

(girlfriend. Even the word made her extraordinarily happy,an emotion she had just started to truly understand, an emotion she always felt whenever she was around Cameron) 

(Except for when he does something stupid, like stop his heart) 

So she points madly at the house, telling him to go make her something while she finished working.

She works hard for another hour, before Cameron practically throws her over his shoulder, saying how it was simply too dark to work, and then presenting her with a cup of…wait, was that hot chocolate?

She raises an eyebrow… Cameron rarely made something as simple as hot chocolate. 

Cameron quickly deflects her confusion. “No need for that look, Ms. Frozen Waffles. EIther way, its a not hot chocolate, its a pumpkin milk, concentrated cocoa, cioccolato  reduction blend.” 

“No, Cameron. This is hot chocolate.  I’m not stupid, I know you just said choclate in Italian, as in, one-half-of-needed-ingredients-to-make-hot-choclate chocolate. This is not pumpkin-chocolate-reduction whatever, its fucking. Hot. Chocolate. okay? Say it with me, hot. chocolate.” 

He laughs, quickly kissing her. “Well, then stretch, drink your not pumpkin-chocolate-whatever and then I might make dinner and then we might finish what might have started  in the yard” 

They never do make it to the dinner part. 

(Lets be real, the hot chocolate was never finished either)

hides because what the hell happened it was not supposed to get so intense. also,, fight me tink, camstennicknames  pumpkin milk is real. also thanks lovelyair and ineedtokeepyousafe for helping me decide to do post or pre camsten starts dating

anonymous asked:

Okay I was wondering if you could write a thing about Sirius or Remus constantly being told by their parents that what they're feeling and who they are is stupid or something like that. Then they meet each other somehow, and they don't fix all the problems these words have made but maybe they understand and they tell them it's okay because it is. I dunno, something like that?


(It sounds better when you read it dramatically :)) )

  • Remus had never felt comfortable inside his body. 
  • He couldn’t; not when he knew that it would betray him each month without fail. 
  • Not when his body was a mangled mess of scars that he couldn’t hide, wounds that no one could see and bones that stuck out of his skin, as if they were trying to escape him too. 
  • He never felt at home in his house. 
  • Not with his mother giving him tight lipped smiles, not with his father reassuring him that he loved him, not with both of them acting as if they didn’t pray every. single. day. that their son had died that day. 
  • Not when he felt like he really had died that day. 
  • Remus didn’t understand how to be happy. 
  • He knew how to act happy; something with showing teeth, curving lips and crinkling eyes. 
  • Pretending was easy. But feeling. Feeling was hard. 
  • Or maybe it wasn’t hard for everybody else. 
  • Because not everybody housed a demon in their veins. Not everybody fought with a monster trying to claw its way out of their bodies.
  • He never knew what it felt like to belong anywhere. 
  • Sirius didn’t know how to love himself. 
  • How could he? With his mother sending poisonous smiles his way over the dinner table, smiles that turned to curses with every glass of wine she downed. 
  • How could he? With his father calling him a waste of space, a disappointment, a fucking liability. 
  • He didn’t know how to love anybody else. 
  • How could he? When he had never known what love was like, when he had never felt the warmth of arms wrapped around your body. 
  • He had only known the breathless, cold of hands wrapped around your throat. Of the pinch like pain of claws digging into your skin. The blinding agony of a curse lighting every nerve on fire, chewing on every bone in your body. 
  • He never knew what it felt like to feel safe anywhere. 
  • But when Sirius traced Remus’ scars with the tips of his fingers, following up with the hot heat of his mouth; Remus felt beautiful. He felt like he was going to explode with the sheer intensity of happiness inside him. Like, the golden warmth was going to expand and expand and expand till he floated right off the surface of earth. 
  • And their hands would find each other under the bench in the middle of class, and Remus would feel like he belonged, like he had a place in the world, and it was right here, in the spaces between Sirius’ fingers.
  • But when Remus laughed at Sirius’ stupid jokes or widened his golden, golden eyes at one of Sirius’ stupid prank ideas, calling him a ‘clever pup’ jokingly, Sirius felt as if he could vaguely like himself. How could he not when it was his jokes that made Remus smile. And then Remus would pull him for a sudden kiss and Sirius would feel his entire body go haywire and Sirius realizes that this, this is what all those sappy novels are talking about.
  • And Sirius would smile softly when Remus would brush his hair out of his eyes, leaning forward to press their lips together, knowing that no one could hurt him, not when he was surrounded by the warmth of Remus’ love. 
  • Not when they had each other.