it's not a sin people!


well, I,

If someone just feels condemned when they talk to Christians and loved by unbelievers then is it any wonder when they reject Christ?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t call sin a sin, not by any means, but man, we need to make sure people know how loved they are.

     1. wrath comes so easily to percival; much more so than forgiveness. the nightmares, the scars, the trembling in his hands- perhaps it will all go away when he faces the world with anger instead of fear. and it does. he pours the rage into fire and smoke, and in the blast forgets for just a moment what he’s left behind.

     2. she sometimes wishes she knew not what envy was. keyleth is gentle and doubting; few days go by where she is not quietly jealous of the twins’ confidence and charm, or the easy smiles and bravery of the gnomes. but a leader looks forward, not behind- so she raises her chin and walks, dreaming the whole time of who she should have been.

     3. too many years have passed for scanlan to know who he is without lust. part of him loves it- the pleasure, the freedom, the life that gave him his daughter. but he realises he doesn’t remember all their faces; the people he’s loved and left behind with second thoughts far too late, the mothers that might be and whom he cannot name. 

     4. greed sits with her far too often; at times a shadow, but more often a welcoming hand. it is everything the elven nobles who shunned them had and vex'ahlia did not. as it clinks into her hand, the glinting light of the gold is a wink that promises more than it gives. she smiles, and the metal hangs heavy at her hip. 

     5. he had never understood the word gluttony before. grog’s world before them was so much smaller, so much simpler. life now seemed limitless; and without limit what could one do except want to experience everything? he laughs, shouts, rages in the name of what he deserves- the world is his and his alone. 

     6. there is little that tempts pike more than sloth. each wound she seals with trembling hands, each rag stained with blood, each piece of her heart she begs sarenrae to drag back into this mortal coil; they whisper that it would be so much easier to never care. she receives yet another plea to bring back what has been lost, and hesitates.

     7. pride weaves its words like his blades weave death. even at the depths of his own darkness, vax'ildan finds confidence in who he is. he is spite, he is defiance, he is freedom, he is the plaything of a goddess. he controls his own destiny, even as the strings of fate pull ever tighter. the shadows gather, and he is home. 

                      -some thoughts on vox machina

Repeat after me:

You can be gay and christian.
You can be gay and Christian. 
You can be gay and Christian. 

why the fuck are people always acting like black civil rights issues are a hot new trend that just popped up two years ago and are getting more attention then they deserve

like, martin luther king jr was assassinated for being a radical in 1968

do you think black activists took a half century off between selma and ferguson, birmingham and flint

come on

Sometimes I feel annoyed and frustrated that there are so many people for whom the DCEU will never, ever, ever, ever be good enough and nothing They do will ever win Them over and They will never shut up about Their dislike and trying to paint Themselves as victims.

Then I remember that pretty much all of those people are ignorant scum and I feel a sense of joy at the knowledge that They will never get what They want from these films and I won’t have to share a fandom with Them.

Conversation with my very religious mother
  • Me: did you know that it is a sin to where that shirt and you could go to hell?
  • Mom:
  • Me: I mean it has mixed fabrics.
  • Me: According to the bible, that's a sin.
  • Mom: show me where it says that
  • Me: levictus 19:19
  • "'Keep my decrees.
  • “‘Do not mate different kinds of animals.
  • “‘Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed.
  • “‘Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Mom: well just because it says that doesn't mean you can say its a sin and we'll go to hell
  • Me: so why are people doing that with homosexuality

the problem is that gay people are always hypersexualized so that even if we do the same things that straight people do, we’re specifically targeted for it like its unique to us. people see gay bars as like, dens of sin, when theyre virtually the same as other bars except they cater to LGBT people. a gay couple kissing is immediately pda because straight couples kissing is normalized, its everywhere- but the moment a gay couple looks at each other on TV conservatives whine about “political correctness” and gayness “being forced on them”. often times gay spaces are the only places we can be open about our sexualities and be sexual just like straight people, but straight people use this against us to try and prove our sinfulness. that’s why when people complain that gay spaces are sexualized or that all pda should be tagged, etc, that we get angry and defensive. these are our only spaces, and yet people are still putting a burden on us to keep it hidden, to remember that even here, we can’t have an outlet. understand that we all have our boundaries.

edit: as many have corrected me, hypersexualized is not the proper term. hypersexuality is specifically related to trauma. i apologize for that. in the future, i will make sure to use “sexualized” or “oversexualized” instead.

i also want to clarify that when i refer to tagging pda, the problem is not necessarily with people who are triggered/have trauma related to affection and need it tagged. my problem specifically is with pda as a term, which has connotations that the affection expressed is inappropriate for being in public. same gender couples are policed relentlessly for any interactions in public, in comparison to m/f couples where far more is “allowed” to be expressed without scrutiny. i have seen many posts on tumblr written by wlw about two women being in a relationship or having any romantic implications tagged as “pda”…. even in a text post. even with the two women simply holding hands. it makes me extremely uncomfortable to see how these interactions between same gender couples are targeted even on tumblr, with no similar problem with m/f relationships because they are not as stigmatized. people who need affection tagged are not the issue here, the use of the term pda and its overuse specifically for m/m and f/f couples is.

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Which Book of Mormon figures do you think would give the best and worst conference talks?


  • King Benjamin: knocks it out of the park with his theology of love and community. makes everyone feel like they can do a little better.
  • Nephi ben Lehi (adult): the “scriptorian” of the group, he has actually taken the time to study out and develop his own theology based on everything he has read.
  • Abinadi: lacks so much tact that it leans the other way into being seen as charming a la Bernie Sanders.  
  • Samuel the Lamanite: mixes really harsh-but-true callouts with hopeful future visions of Zion that really hits the right spot for most everyone. unusually good at memes.
  • Alma the Younger: his edgy past improves his credibility and he uses it to great effect in developing a theology of personal atonement. you feel like you know him from his anecdotes and insights.
  • Amulek: the good kind of folksy. can make ideas that are really very new and radical sound cozy and familiar which means that a lot of different members who don’t agree on much of anything end up agreeing on his talks.
  • Abish: since she grew up in a part-member home in an area where the Church was barely established she brings a fresh perspective every time she talks and makes sure to include everyone in her audience. very Chieko Okazaki in tone.


  • Nephi ben Lehi (teen): is really snot-nosed and holier-than-thou which leads to a lot of prescriptive and heavy-handed doctrine without any authority to back it up.
  • Mormon: would write something overly moralistic and obvious where you knew the point he was trying to make from the start of the talk but he would still take eight minutes to even get to the point. 
  • Moroni ben Mormon: visibly uncomfortable speaking in public, he is not enjoying this and you are not enjoying this.
  • Jacob ben Lehi: feels like its his job to tell people to stop sinning and low-key resents that he feels like it is his job while everyone else gets to talk about good/happy stuff, which shows in how dry his material is. 
  • Ammon: his first talk was a very good sermon about the power of missionary work, albeit told with an over-enthusiasm that veered into the uncanny valley. every other talk he has ever delivered is somehow a version of that first one.  
  • Lehi: you want to grade him on a curve because when he’s good he’s Really Good, but most of the time his talks just come off as overlong and ramble-prone.
  • Captain Moroni: all the bros say he was their favorite speaker every conference because “those lists he makes with the attributes to develop really help me know where to focus my spiritual training” and as long as it keeps them active you guess that sort of rhetoric has its place, but Moroni is just so clearly a better leader and tactician than he is a speaker which is probably why all his talks follow the same format. 
  • Nephi ben Helaman: yes, he’s a good and charismatic speaker, sure, but is it worth turning general conference into a murder investigation again? no.

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So I have a question I joined the army a few weeks ago so I've learned my way around and stuff and I you know started shipping the boys together cause I think it's cute and of course you know I watch the ship moments and read fanfictions about them but lately I've realized half of the army puts down people who ship them together my question is is it okay to ship them together? I don't go overboard of course and don't ranting on why it's real I just enjoy simple things sorry to bother you also :)

shipping isn’t that serious tbh. you watch cute moments and enjoy their interactions, it doesn’t have to be anything romantic or sexual.. it’s all for fun. like all i do is just admire their friendship?? but i guess people who look down on shippers take shipping more seriously than majority of us do lmao i don’t even want to know what they think we’re doing. i’ll just repeat what i’ve already said before:

i think shipping should be kept inside the fandom (no inappropriate comments anywhere the boys can see) but i personally see no problem in shipping people with good chemistry??? i think a lot of people will agree with me if i say that first and foremost we appreciate their friendship?? they make each other happy and it makes us happy it’s not like we’re forcing anything on them. we just imagine the possibilities. idk i think you should always keep in mind that they’re real people, be respectful and not take everything too seriously and it’ll be ok  

Brothel | Tommy Shelby

request: quite like the idea of tommy going a whore house when he needs some sort of release and he finds himself going to the reader every time. can i please request this? X

[a/n - i really, really enjoyed writing this. it’s probably my longest one yet and i’d like to continue this into a mini series but right now, nurse is my main priority.]

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If you want, you can call me Hera –
and I would take it well to be mistaken
for a queen and a goddess, even when
you mean to take the line of my lips
and turn its gravity into some kind of sin.

I do not mind the way people distort
my intolerance towards false affinities
into all the women scorned and how
they also lacked the inclination
to play along.

There are only so many smiles one can fake
before they pull taut across the cheeks.
I was not built for the parading
that this manner of living requires;
I wanted contentment and found deceit.

The play moves in four acts:

Me, child, naïve and malleable and
so in love with a world that could not
love me back.

Me, cast aside and fighting for a chance
to taste Olympus on my tongue, despite
the falsehoods coating it in sourness.

Me, queen. Me, liar. Me, flashing teeth,
but not knowing where the grin ended,
where the sneer began.

And at last I see myself as ruler, with
the impenetrability that you enjoy melding
into something that will not bring you guilt.

You blame Hera for the perversion
that courses through her veins.
You forget the world is poisonous.
—  I was not born this serious, this cold. (Larissa M.)

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I was just wondering something...I am completely in love with this ship but my boyfriend absolutely hates it and thinks it's super nasty...I was wondering how do you let someone like that know you dirty seeeeccrrrets ._. I need halp

It’s honestly just about trust. If they’re accepting enough to love you for all your flaws, then a fictional ship shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If it is, then maybe it’s their problem and not yours. 

You deserve to have things in your life that bring you happiness. Be open and talk with them about the things you like. Not all perfect couples agree on everything, so if they’re still uncomfortable with the idea but accept that you like what you like, then I’d call it a success. 
Be yourself. Enjoy what you enjoy. 

I wish you luck in your endeavours! I really hope it works out for you in the end. 💙💛✨