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Review the British military pls bby

Ah yes, in it’s current form, the twilight of a long-gone titan.

Let’s start with Britannia’s biggest asset through its history, the main reason they conquered the world, the Royal Navy:

Somewhat recovered from the terrible, terrible late 00′s, and currently build around the yet-to-be in service Queen Elizabeth carriers, it’s still the best navy in Western Europe, but with the Italians and French dangerously close, but in the world scheme a far cry from navies like China’s and India’s, both possessing greater number of ships, aircraft carriers in service, and, on paper at least, better amphibious capacities. 

It’s an adequate force for the current challenges the country faces, but against a foe like Russia it can’t stand on its own. Plus I can’t forgive the lack of a catapult in the QE carriers, specially since the British originally invented them!

Now, the British Army:

In my opinion, the most experienced and best trained in the world, but plagued by budget restrains, politically-motivated procurement, questionable and downright shitty equipment (looking at you Chally 2′s rifled gun and bullshit L85 rifle) and overall a size too small for the challenges ahead.  

And finally, the Royal Air Force:

Frankly, this is the only force that seems to be doing everything right: The combat fleet is based around the Typhoon, an all-around excellent multirole jet, supported by the Tornado, an excellent ground-attack jet, and accompanied by a well-balanced network of varios combat aircraft, from electronic warfare, transports, trainers to helicopters, their main deficiency being the complete lack of any maritime patrol plane, after the disastrous Nimrod program ate up the budget to that affair. 

So overall, for the European theater it’s adequate, but only if someone else is supporting them, and in the international theater, they have enough power projection to ensure influence in the world, but which can be easily challenged by many of the world’s armed forces.

Story of Quintus Belarus Scipio


It is 1888 (on our calendar) a year ago the Empress of Rome, Claudia Fermatia launched an attack on the Chinese Empire, Taking over the Citadel of Silk, which was a city built by both nations centuries ago, for the advancement of knowledge and technology, the war so far has been hard fought on both sides. Roman soldiers fight on land, air, and Sea to secure its place as the Dominant power on Terra (Earth). Rome is fighting two wars, in india roman detachments fight the Indians, to take the valuable land for its own, but they couldn’t hold after china started helping them, so in india the war is fought by the Kingdom of Egypt and Sparta.

 near the city of Maas-gat, Roman fleet, Classis VII Massilia, one of the oldest fleets, was preparing to leave port, The fleet was 57 ships strong, the Capital ship, a Roma Class Battleship, R.I.N Massilia, 3 battlecrusiers, 2 aircraft Carriers, 1 rescue ship, 10 heavy cruisers, 20 destroyers, 10 light cruisers, and 10 ‘tin can’ Escort ships. this fleet is tasked with the initial attack on over-seas trade and destruction of Chinese fleets. in a few weeks time it will be reinforced by a few more fleets.

 Captain Quintus Belarus Scipio, was given command of the fleet, his mother told him to bring glory to the Scipio family.


 This is the USS Iowa, the first of the largest, most powerful battleship class ever in the United States Navy, equipped with nine 16-inch (406mm) guns that could fire nuclear shells—the only American ship in history with this capability

 Those nine guns firing simultaneously is a terrible but awesome sight. In a real battle situation, however, it wasn’t the optimal way to attack. The shells’ shockwaves were so powerful that they affected each other, making their trajectories too imprecise. They solved this problem by firing the guns in rapid succession—all the individual guns were capable of firing independently.

The Iowa’s were used in the Pacific during World War II, but soon everyone realized that the battleship days—when they were the heart of the fleet and its most powerful component—were over. The aircraft carrier, its fighter and bombers, became the most powerful force at sea. The United States cancelled two of the six Iowa-class battleships before the war was over. The US had planned to build an entirely new battleship class after Iowa too: The 65,000-ton Montana-class with twelve 16-inch (406mm) guns. However, the Navy cancelled their construction by 1943.

The Iowa battleships were also the only ships in the US Navy capable of firing nuclear shells. They gained that capability in the 1950s and, in theory, they had it until the ships’ retirement (the US Navy’s nuclear shells weren’t completely decommissioned until 2004.) The shells were called W23, “an adaptation of the W19 nuclear artillery shell was developed specifically for the 16-inch (406 mm) guns” with a “estimated yield of 15 to 20 kilotons of TNT [which made the] Iowa-class battleship’s 16 in guns the world’s largest nuclear artillery.” Can you imagine those guns firing nuclear shells?

Captain Swan Moments from SDCC Part 1

SDCC Moments Part 2 (x)

SDCC Moments Part 3 (x)

TVLine (x)

Hook and Emma, will they enjoy just a little bit of smooth sailing at the begining of this season?

Colin: Um. It’s complicated.

Jmo: It’s not smooth, but it’s a pa-  (sidebar: I’m pretty sure she was gonna say “passionate.”)

Colin: I mean Hook’s smooth, but-

Jmo: Right. [laughs] There’s definitely pa-, passion.

Colin: There’s passion, for definite.

Comic Con Panel (x)

Who do you think her soulmate is? We had Graham, we had Neal, we have Hook now.

Colin: motioning the audience to cheer and pointing at himself.

Jmo: [laughing and deferring to A&E. A&E talk about her journey. And then JMo puts her arm around Colin and audience collectively says “AWWW.”]

[can’t hear] when he decided to be a good guy and could you [can’t hear]?

Colin: Well I think that he, uh, I think that he sort of, I think that he always had goodness of him. And he-, he was so self-serving for so many years. He just. He wanted to [points at Bobby] get him…and I think he was willing to use whatever means he could to do that and now he’s sort of, when he met Emma-, he, uh-

Jmo: Are you saying I’m responsible for your goodness?

Colin: Yeah Possibly. Possibly. He realizes-

Jmo: Good. [smiling big].

Colin: -that he could find love again. And that was sort of when he had a bit of a change I think.

Happy Cool (x)

We saw a lot of previews with Frozen coming. Can you tell me how your characters fit into that storyline?

Jmo: [… ]There’s some stuff between Hook and Emma that’s very kind of Kristoff slash Anna-ish.

Colin: A lot of parallels, for definite.

Can you talk a little bit about what it was like filming last season and the relationship and how it got complicated and what that was like for you guys to film as actors?

Colin: It was fun.

JMo: Yeah.

Colin: We have a lot of fun working together. And we have a good laugh. Especially in the last two episodes. There was a lot to do. The whole Back to the Future kind of thing, uh. But it’s, uh, It’s really complicated. Hook is, he’s, you know, he’s trying, he’s trying his best and, you see at the end of the season finale where they kiss, and that’s, that was a real-

Jmo: Yeah, I would say that was their first real kiss.

Colin: That was like their first, real, proper kiss.

Jmo: That was the first time Emma realized she could be, potentially be, vulnerable with him, but it was a long journey to get there and then-

Colin: And they’re both very similar, I mean, Hook was for hundreds of years trying to avenge the death of the person that he loved, and so he closed himself off from everybody. And it’s in a similar way that Emma has issues, that she puts up walls.

Jmo: Are you saying that I have issues?

Colin: Yeah. [Jmo laughes] I think that she’s complicated.

After Buzz TV (x)

How is it joining this cast and evolving your character? We find out,  you know, the evil Captain Hook that we all know from younger years - he’s not that at all?

[…] He has the ability to be able to love. And, in his mind, all the villianous things he did, he did to try and avenge the death of the woman that he loved. So it was in his mind for a noble cause if you know what I mean.

With your new love, with Emma, what do you think draws him to Emma, cause she’s always pushing back all the different men in her life?

Yeah. Probably that. I think he likes the challenge. They see, there’s a connection. They see part of themselves in each other, I think. You know. Hook has had these walls that he’s built up over the years. And Emma has, sort of, she’s got issues and she’s got walls up….they kind of just see something in each other that they just, like, I think. It’s complicated. It’s not easy. Hook is really..sort of trying his best to make it work. But I think, you know, in the season finale, of last season, when they kiss, I think that that’s a genuine moment between the two of them, and I think that’s sort of, they’re going to have to deal with the repercussions of that, and try and figure out what that means.

Showbiz junkies (x)

SO next season it’s all moonlight and roses and everyone’s happy? [Jmo has some discussion about this with Colin and interviewer about having everyone be happy.]

Jmo: What I can say is you will see everyone’s growing because of it. They definitely are growing in the right direction.

Colin: Yeah.

Jmo: The way that they challenge each other. The things that they’re afraid of-. The things that they end up needing to be vulnerable with each other about definitely makes everyone-

Colin: They’re all so complicated that there’s bound to be-. Even in the context of Hook, even when he tries to be a better person, he will invariably do something wrong and he’ll mess up a little bit on the way….The thing that’s great is that the Captain Hook of this show is not like every villian. He’s complicated. You know what I mean. He can have light moments, where he’s like, ‘I gave up my ship for you, I l-,’ you know what I mean.

Colin: -that he could find love again. And that was sort of when he had a bit of a change I think.

Jmo: You were about to say 'I love you’. 'I gave up my ship for you, I l-, I l-.

Colin: Yeah. I was about to.

Will this next season at least have more scenes with the two of you together? Do you know?

Jmo: So far. It’s kind of picking up where we left off at the end of last season. Um.

Colin: I mean. Look, they’re definitely. They definitely have a thing.

Jmo: Yeah. They have a thing.

Colin: That they’re gonna have to deal with.

TheSeat42F (x)

Is there a moment coming up in the next season that you can’t wait for the fans to see?

Jmo: We’ve only shot one episode.

Colin: There are actually some things in that episode that I think fans will be delighted to see.

Jmo: Yeah. That’s true.

Colin: Obviously fans are gonna go crazy for Elsa and Anna and all the Frozen-

Jmo: They look so much like the characters.

Colin: They looked really, it’s unbelievable. It’s crazy. Um. [He grins, blushing, and looks down.]

Jmo: [Quickly looks up at him.]

Colin: [Grinning]. Yeah there’s some stuff. [Still blushing and looking at Jmo.] There’s some stuff.

Jmo: Yeah. [Smiles big at him, blushing as well, and looks away.]

No more specific than that, though?

Jmo and Colin: No. [Both all smiles.]

Colin: Nope.

And what’s coming up between your characters?

Jmo: It’s complicated. It’s always the answer on television, I think. We have to deal with Emma’s struggles with her past and some internal stuff that she’s afraid of, that will eventually be revealed a few episodes in. You’ll start to see why she’s so specifically fighting letting go. Uh, God. I didn’t even mean it. [sings] Let it go. Let it go. [Colin laughs] And then, I don’t know from your side, I only know from my side.

Colin: I mean. Hook gave up his ship.

Jmo: I knoooow. I’ve had these conversations-

Colin: He’s trying. He’s trying real hard to make it work, but it’s also, I mean, look, the thing is, for Hook, it’s like, a big deal for him to realize he can love again. Or that he could find somebody that he was willing to give up the whole vendetta for. He’s also a pirate. He’s still Captain Hook. You know what I mean? So he had to deal with that. And sort of hundreds of years of living as this person and trying to become someone he feels is worthy of Emma.

Jmo: Isn’t that sweet?

So what do we know?

1. There will be passion.

2. Jmo and Colin ship Captain Swan hard. And love working together.

3. They’ve only filmed one episode and Colin and Jmo went pink grinning about scenes they felt the fans would like and wouldn’t talk more about them. [See number 1.]

4. The challenges they face will be a little Anna/Kristoff-ish, which, so far, I know to be: being scarred by their first loves and being alone/self-serving for most of their lives.

5. Colin thinks Hook is her soulmate.

6. Their challenges will make them grow in the right direction.

7. A few episodes in we’ll find out the internal thing that Emma has that is keeping her from opening up fully to Hook. [my guess: she did something to someone magically when she was young that hurt someone and is afraid of her power now and what it could to to Hook. She talks in another interview about her connection with Elsa and not being able to control her power.]

8. Hook is trying real hard to be the man Emma deserves.

9. We’ll pick up where we left off last season. [practically in bed, ahem]

10. They have a thing and there’s sort of stuff.

Passion people!!!!