it's not a perfect parallel or anything

We’d been in a long distance relationship for 8 and a half months. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love him. We had planned our lives out together, how we’d get married, the name of our first daughter. He made me see the good in the world. Then he started pushing me away, he didn’t care when I was upset and he’d much rather talk or game with other people than spend time with me. The fact that he didn’t care when I broke up with him hurt me a lot because it was hell for me. I knew he was going through stuff but so am I, not that he bothered ask. We were so perfect in the beginning, I don’t know what happened. He’ll forever be the boy who saved me and I don’t regret anything. I just wish things had worked out differently. Fate brought us together for a reason and I feel it’s done its job. This was meant to happen. In some parallel universe, I know we end up together and we’re so happy. I guess fate decided this wasn’t our time; he wasn’t the one. I’m slowly learning to be okay with that, no matter how much it hurts.

The Final Problem: Oh, Sherlock. You’re Dreaming. Again.

^The opening shot of The Final Problem.

^The opening shot of The Abominable Bride.

They both open with eyes. This is an indicator that both episodes involve Sherlock dreaming at some point. 

The little girl on the plane= Eurus reveal does not make sense. It’s a gasp worthy shock on the surface, that crumbles around itself when you think too much about it. So why did we see her in the plane if it was always just Eurus phoning? Why not just hear her voice over and we wouldn’t have needed to be fooled at all? etc. etc.

The little girl on the plane is actually Sherlock in His Last Vow/ The Abominable Bride.

She is scared and frightened. Trapped. And then she gets a phone call and hears the voice of Jim Moriarty:

Sherlock is the “Poor little thing. Alone in the sky in a great big plane with nowhere to land. But where in the world is she?” 

Sherlock’s plane never reaches its destination. Where he “is” is in his mind. Having Sherlock as the little girl also explains the remarkable visual parallels to Sherlock’s Bond Air case, the fact that it is the same little girl that led to that very case!

Oh, Sherlock.  Look how brilliant you are. Your mind has created the perfect metaphor. You’re high above us, all alone in the sky, and you understand everything except how to land.

For more on the deliberate strangeness (is that the polite term? ;) ) of this “episode”, see:

Remind you of anything? A facade? (Please let the projector light be our smoking gun)

The Most Meta of Meta Parodies (The game’s still on)

If you want to make me laugh OR cry then do one, not both!

First Impressions


2011. Funerals from the Astral Sphere

is the first album by one man band Midnight Odyssey.

Death seems to be the main theme of the album, judging by the album’s title, a majority of the song titles, and the lyrics. What really intrigues about this band’s lyrics is how they incorporate themes such as space and nature into death. Nature is a common theme in black metal, but space isn’t really spoken of that often.   It seems that death is referenced as a parallel theme to space, and the themes of space and death work with each other to create a truly melancholic yet beautiful lyrical idea.

This may not be an easy album to digest for a lot of people given its length, and it may not have a whole lot of variation by using similar musical and lyrical ideas throughout, but it is a breathtakingly beautiful experience. The main charms of this album is its simplicity and sheer cold atmosphere. There really isn’t anything wrong with the album in my ears, and it is nearly perfect. If you like your black metal ambient and atmospheric, grab this album.

this album contains 16 tracks two hours of the beautifully executed ambient black metal that Midnight Odyssey has become known for producing.

spacecomrades  asked:

hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and I have to say i really love it? I used to be a massive supernatural fan but I kind of got out of the fandom for a lot of reasons, I wasn't happy with the show and I found the fandom kind of toxic. But I recently decided to rewatch it because of the love i once had for it (my cats name is Cas after all) and i find myself kind of thrown back into it. But i've been out of fandom for a long time, so I was wondering if you had any fic recs? cas centric pref

Hi! Welcome back to fandom! I am sure there are still some toxic areas but certainly not that I have stumbled across. Generally I only follow positive people though so that’s probably why.

I am so so happy you love my blog! Thank you for your message! I definitely have my favourite fandom fics so will link and rec a few below (a a note, I do not read major character death fics, all of these fics have happy endings - and by happy endings I mean endings where Dean and Cas are together. Its the only kind of fic I read, though I will still say mind the tags when it comes to certain triggers):

  • My all time favourite Supernatural fanfic is Angels Wild by riseofthefallenone and LimonadeGaby. This is an au fic but it is so so so so so so good. Cas centric, where angels are not quite like in the bible and Dean is an angel hunter… I’m not gonna say any more except that I promise you will love it.
  • Also, if you haven’t read it already Out Of the Deep also by riseofthefallenone. Cas is a merman (finkin) and Dean is human and again, if au creature fics arent your thing trust me, they weren’t my thing either. But I adore this fic. Its certainly got the angst you were after.

Thats it for AU fics for me as I am a fan of the canon love story of Cas and Dean overall. The following are all canon!verse and I heartily recommend them all:

  • The Chronicles of Dean’s Bisexuality by mnwood is basically a rewrite of the entire show but with Dean as canonically bisexual from the start. It gets dark as it explores Dean’s childhood and there are some headcanons that may not be to everyones tastes, but I assure you this fic is worth it in the end. I loved it. 
  • The Mirror by cloudyjen is just a wonderful story. At times it will make you cry (there is one bit in the middle which yeah, the tears were flowing) but it is such a great idea and I really enjoyed it. 10/10 would recommend.
  • What is Hidden, What is Seen by ExpatGirl is exactly what I was looking for after the season 10 finale. I was so angry at Dean and wanted fics that aligned to my emotions. This fic does that. It takes all the bad that happened at the end of season 10, lays the emotions on heavy for Dean, makes him truly regret what he did and makes Cas into the most BAMF in the world and I adored him in this fic. A hell of a lot of angst. Like MAJOR angst. But a wonderful fic. 
  • The Most Important Thing by Northern Sparrow is again a post season 10 Cas centric fic that is just beautiful to read. Full of angst of course and really focuses on Cas’ relationship with Claire. 
  • State of Nature by lolalliecatz is another alternative season 11 fic. Again, Cas’ centric, but I just have to say that this fic gave me EVERYTHING I wanted from the Darkness before we knew about Amara. This version of the Darkness was EXACTLY what I thought the Darkness would be and she is so very awesome and twisted and bad in this fic. I loved it. Cas was so so awesome.
  • The Dance of Inanna by PeppermintWind. Its been a long time since I read this fic but I really loved the way the story was told. it was kind of addictive. An alternative season 8 where the pagan gods decide to have a war and TFW get caught up in the middle.
  • Everything is Subtext series by @mittensmorgul​ (who you should really be following if you are not already because she is awesome). Its canon with a slice of French Mistake and cockles on the side (if you are into that) and please, just read it. Its so good. Its funny, Its angsty. You’ll love it.
  • The Law Of Equivalent Exchange by @awed-frog​ (someone else who you should definitely be following) I just can’t even with this fic. Its too perfect. Argh the idea is just beautiful. Castiel centric again, a story about past lives dating back to biblical times and how one particular soul drew the attention of one particular blue eyed angel through all the ages until finally, that soul becomes a freckled young boy with green eyes… Just… Just read it. I cried just because of how good it was… i may go back and read this again actually.
  •  To Mend the Cracks with Gold by starsandgarters. Again, a post season 10 fix it fic that left me in tears (but in a good way). The best way to describe it is to say that it left me satisfied where the show often leaves me frustrated with its plot holes and retcons. Another excellent read.
  • Apres by imogenbynight is a wonderful rather fluffy fic set post season 8 after the angels fell. Castiel is human and Dean comes to bring him home from Paris, France. But first they spend some quality time together. This is the perfect kind of get together fic for when you want a pick-me-up. 
  • Lastly, Grey by Valinde. Hear me out. I am not usually a fan of ABO, like its just not my thing usually and anything with the tag ‘mpreg’ definitely makes me click the exit button. BUT if you ARE interested in testing out an ABO fic, go for this one. Like the Chronicles of Dean’s Bisexuality this fic takes place over the entire series of supernatural starting pre series with a young Dean and Sam. It runs pretty much parallel to the SPN story lines except the only difference is that this is omega!verse and Dean is an omega. Castiel is an alpha. Baring in mind this had a lot of tags that would usually deter me I thought it was a brilliant fic. If you like angst OH BOY will this fic drive you mad with angst. its worth it though in the end. 

If however, you arn’t satisfied with these, I have a load of others including shorter fics, fluff and a nice helping of smut ;-) in my bookmarks over on AO3 here. So feel free to browse and enjoy!

Now for my favourite bloggers:

@mittensmorgul who I already mentioned above. Meta writer and fic writer extraordinaire! A follow must!

@awed-frog like mittens, she is a brilliant writer and meta blogger. 

@elizabethrobertajones is a meta writer and such a lovely person who is very positive about the show. She has the best tagging system. I use her blog as my fandom reference guide on a regular basis!

@f-ckyeahfutbol also a brilliant meta blogger who delivers some of the best bi-dean analysis on the show… also watch for the saltier posts… they are so much fun and have me in hysterics. Silly people who still think Dean is straight!

@postmodernmulticoloredcloak like f-yeahfutbol in their bi!dean analysis. Marghe is another wonderful blogger to add to your dash.

@thevioletcaptain has the BEST episode reviews. Like seriously they are awesome. Cass is also show positive and full of fantastic meta.

@destieldrabblesdaily is a must to follow if you don’t already. Shirley is lovely and writes the best fluffy drabbles. 

@destielonfire is really positive blog and Chloe is generally a ray of sunshine to have on my dash.

@ibelieveinthelittletreetopper is your best place for show spoilers and news and is also a really lovely positive blogger. She has her work cut out for her trying to calm people down when the rumour mill starts circulating with fans going crazy…She’s a vital blog to follow for a positive fandom experience.

@rockandrollchick is your source for spn crack posts…. omg the crack post… they have me in tears of laughter they are so good. How she comes up with this stuff is beyond me but i adore it.

There are so many bloggers I am missing here, Everyone I follow is amazing and I am so happy here because my experience in this fandom has been almost completely positive and happy. I do put that down entirely to following the right people. So start with these guys, and work your way out from there. I promise that you won’t go wrong. 

Why NS does not have as much development as they think

Apparently,It would seem that a lot of NS fans think that Naruto and Sakura have had a lot more development than NaruHina and SasuSaku. As for me,I have to say that I disagree completely. NS truthfully do not have that much to go on besides other NS fan speculation of certain moments.

They claim that NS has had the most platonic  romantic moments or developments in the manga. Such as the usual examples…

 the scene where they “hug” technically Naruto did not hug her back but whatever.

The “Confession fakession“  scene

The “girlfriend” question thirsty for another parallel excuse

and the unfinished sentence on Yamato’s part. he could have meant anything for all we know, either way its never been revisited.

Now I’m not going to lie, these moments all had potential to actually development Naruto and Sakura into a relationship. They all could have been a perfect way to canonize NS or used to imply it at least, but there has always been one big problem. NONE of these moments are EVER revisited or announced again once they happen. It almost seems like these “moments” were left ignored,finished and dealt with.

I mean seriously, name one moment of NS that has actually been brought back up as important. I definitely can’t name one. And that’s where the issue lies. Where is the development? There certainly weren’t any major character improvement/realization for both Naruto and Sakura that happened to help support NS case. Instead,one of those NS moments were even used to showcase this…

Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke yet again. Which can I also say

have always

been pressed since the very beginning.

See what I mean? Naruto’s feelings towards Sakura have never been pressed at all compared to Sakura’s and even Hinata’s. Especially since

both Naruto

And Hinata

have addressed their huge moments.

I just love how some NS fans constantly tries to downplay chapter 615 NH interactions as “chakra transfer”. You know, the one that supposedly  meant “absolutely nothing” and had gotten a beautiful manga cover. yeah that one. While I don’t believe the hand held implied anything romantic (your welcome NS), I certainly do believe it meant much more than chakra transfer. WHY? easy.

Because when Neji died, Naruto’s entire Nindo was put into question. He had just recently stated to Obito that he would not let a single one comrade of his die. This scene likewise, is also comparable to when Pain had began to questioned Naruto’s Nindo too. Both times he had been left speechless, simply unable to form a counter argument or a clear answer anymore. AND both times, the one girl who represents and understands his nindo the best showed up to help him remember (you guessed it) his Nindo. 

 These moments were used to give both character’s development. Hinata helped Naruto regain confidence in his nindo and told him to never lose faith in it or Neji’s sacrifice really would be vain. Naruto in return, gave her the final push she needed to learn 64 palms and step another foot forward. Now remind me of what Naruto and Sakura “romantic relationship” has brought them? 

Even the CPR moment another chance to develop NS

 was instead never heard from or developed again.

It was really more of just Sakura wanting to help her friend become Hokage and would not allow his death until he achieve his dream. Once again, if you can call the handhold “unromantic” or “just a chakra transfer”, what do you call a moment that had never bothered to be mentioned in later chapters? I call it platonic.

Come on guys,

Even Sasuke’s feelings

were heavily  foreshadowed

For this moment

and then pressed once again 

Anyone else catching onto the pattern?

You know what else is funny? When the bias (not all of them) NS fans tells us that NH can’t be canon unless there is crystal clear evidence that  Naruto’s feelings towards Hinata are turning romantic. BUT then turns around and says   “Sakura’s feelings are turning romantic for Naruto” while not having a single piece of this “crystal clear evidence” themselves. Those hypocrites I tell you!

And one last thing, sorry SK fans

But this

is not development either.

Sasukarin have never had a single moment showing Sasuke and Karin’s character being changed by one another. They also haven’t had a moment where Sasuke has not brushed off Karin’s advantages.

Even when Karin whipped out her chains in order to save Sasuke, he himself was not awake for it much like Naruto nor did Karin ever mention it later on. Suigetsu did a fine job of that though. 

Hell, even when Karin got stabbed

This moment 

was used 

To once again remind us of Sakura’s feelings

For Sasuke.

It seems to almost always be a recurring thing for both ships. The girl’s love for their boys have given both ships huge amounts of character change/development that has pushed them to grow.

Sakura started out as a shallow fan girl who had a obviously huge crush on Sasuke (screaming and blushing), and seemed to constantly be left looking at the backs of her teammates. Now she has grown into someone who wants her teammates to watch HER back, gained a stronger love towards Sasuke, and wants to save him from the darkness  that still lurks inside him.

lol Naruto sure was proven wrong, for trying to hold Sakura back.

 Hinata has gone from a shy introverted girl who was inspired by naruto, tried her hardest to catch up with him, but still felt like a weak failure

To a girl who is no longer afraid to step from behind the sidelines and walk together with Naruto. She has grown stronger since their childhood days and even outlasted Neji in stamina during the war and later completed the 64 palms.Seriously, who’d imagined these two girls would grow up to be such bad-asses?

Sasusaku and Naruhina have a lot more to offer than NS fans would care to admit, either because they simply ignore NH or SS moments altogether due to their bias about the two ships or they haven’t put much thought into it. I hope this post helps others at least think about NH and SS even if your not a fan. :)

Edited 7/30/14- some people are stating that I have said NS has had no development but I just want to clarify that that is not what I said. Everyship has their own development and if you support NS or SK I have absolutly no problem with your ship. What I did say was that I don’t think they have as much development as they think. This is mostly directed to the people who want to use the argument “ns or sk has more development than nh and ss”.

Anonymous asked: Could you do a parallel gif set of 1x20 where Barry and Iris are in his lab and he thinks she’s going to confess her feelings vs. 2x20 when he’s not expecting anything and she does confess her feelings?

5.19 Episode Reaction: The Amazing Mr. Colfer's Many Tricks

Lots of fantastic funny and touching in Chris writes Glee. As I mentioned last night, I am hugely in awe of Chris Colfer and all his accomplishments and capabilities. He is a huge star. But I am comfortable making criticisms (which are few, but they exist) - so with that in mind - and in no particular order - Old Dogs, New Tricks:

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Gail Peck + Her mother #3

“I just don’t want you to look up twenty years from now married to some okie from Muskogee who’s still on the donut patrol and wonder how the hell did I get here and why didn’t my mother push me just when I needed to be pushed the most.”

- Mumma Peck