it's not a party unless you break something

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Can we have a part 2 of what it would be like to date Tom?

  • he goes CRAZY for your birthday, like sooo overboard. “but, it’s such a special day! There’s no such thing as too many balloons!”
  • your relationship is pretty drama free, except for the one time he posted a short instagram story of you two holding hands, taking Tessa for a walk. He was really happy and he wanted to show it but the backlash really scared him and he took it down immediately and every so often brings it up just to apologize to you again
  • at parties at, his arm never strays from your lower back unless its for you two to dance together or to battle each other in beer pong
  • “if i see you vape one more time, i’m breaking up with you, Tom.”
  • you’ll take his brothers out with you two to see a movie or something when you’re back at home with him and because his family is so impossibly close, they have grown very close to you
  • he’s soooooo the type to text you from the other room, “cuddle?”
  • he has the squishiest cheeks, like you wouldn’t believe it because he has such nice cheekbones and a sharp jawline. but he does. you could spend half and out annoying him by squishing them together or swirling them around and of course he doesn’t really mind 
  • even if he’s on Spiderman diet, he will hold his hand out if your eating skittles or starbursts to eat the colors you don’t like
  • “you’re very cute!!!” or “i’m the luckiest boy in the world!” will be screamed (like how he screams about wolves in this!)
  • he’s ver complimentary…..especially around “alone time”, during “alone time”, after “alone time”…….
  • when he’s drunk, he gets really, really, really clingy. he’s basically a giant, needy baby that wants to take your clothes of. 

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It's Not A Party Unless You Break Something

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Katie’s Note: So this has nothing to do with the one shot, but I have been talking to my ex for like the last hour or so and it’s like pleasant and not terrible and he’s being nice. If you know anything about this situation, you would know this was a crazy new thing


You had just knocked over a lamp at Connor’s house at his party. You had a crush on Connor for the past four years and now you were finally getting somewhere, or so you thought.

Last week, he sent you an email inviting you to his party and it made you jump for joy. You had started a YouTube channel shortly after discovering Connor and it had sprung into something huge. You met everyone at PlayList Live this year and again at VidCon. Everyone was so nice especially Connor.

You finally could feel good about having a crush on him, because you actually met him. But now you ruined it. You were nervous and clumsy causing the lamp to crash. Now everyone was staring at you.

Connor ran over.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh my gosh. Connor, I’m so so so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I’m so sorry. I’ll pay you back. I’ll leave.”

“whoa, stop. It’s fine. Really. You’re going to stay here and you aren’t going to pay me for it. It’s not a party unless someone breaks something.” Connor says with a smile as he cleans up the lamp. You help him and later are in the kitchen disposing of the glass when he stops and looks at you.

“What?” You ask trying to figure out if something is on your face.

“You just seem kind of nervous? I was wondering why that was.” Connor says while raising his eyebrow.

“Yeah, you could say that.” You say. Connor starts walking to you and moves a strand of hair out of your face.

“You don’t need to be nervous with me.” You say as he gets closer to your face and you start blushing.

He leans in and kisses you causing you to shamelessly grin.