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K SIDE:GREEN Interview with GoRA Orange

The “Green King”, Hisui Nagare, who made his official appearance in the anime’s second season and claimed that he would “turn all of humanity into ‘Kings’”, had his dream rooted in the Green Clan, JUNGLE, which had been secretly on the move in order to knock over the order of until then and create a new world. While being in the position of opposing Shiro and the others, who are the protagonists, they earnestly ran on towards their dream, and their intense lifestyle deeply pierced the hearts of those who watched “K”, granting even more depth to its story. And this fall, we are delivering an interview with one of the people who composed the original work “K” and who wrote the much-awaited spin-off novel about JUNGLE, “K SIDE:GREEN”, GoRA Orange – as in Suzuki Suzu-san. We have had him discuss quite a lot about his impressions when writing and about the characters that form JUNGLE.

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what kind of people turn me on? (mars through the signs)

mars in aries: fiery, spontaneous people who aren’t afraid of becoming a
hurricane in their self-expression. people who will pull me out of inertia
and rock my world
mars in taurus: steady, sensuous people who take their time& suck the pleasure out of every moment. people who will calm me down with both their voice and their silence
mars in gemini: people buzzing with nervous energy, thirsty for information and
for stimulation. people who will challenge my mental patterns&keep me entertained for hours with their conversation
mars in cancer: introverted people with a rich inner world. people who will
make me feel noticed& cared for and who will challenge my assumptions about
human emotions and subjectivity
mars in leo: kings& queens who shine on their stage of choice with sustained
creative power. people who will give it their all to make me feel appreciated
& loved
mars in virgo: the quiet ones who sit in the shadows& dissect everything they see with knife-sharp diligence and wit. people who see me as I truly am& who anchor me down to earth with their practicality
mars in libra: people who understand and respect the careful order of the universe& its many perspectives. people who will inspire me to socialize, love& create beauty
mars in scorpio: all-or-nothing people, passionate and ruthless in their demeanour. people who will awaken my deepest impulses and scars& who will help me transform them
mars in sagittarius: high-spirited people, adventurers who see the best in the
world. people who will pull me out of my comfort zone& help me grow through new experiences
mars in capricorn: ambitious, level-headed people who work their way up to the top, from where they can have a clear vision of how the world is like. people who will support me in my projects& love me for good
mars in aquarius: quirky, intellectual fruitcakes who aren’t afraid to be themselves even if they stand alone. people who challenge my need to conform& sublimate my experience into higher meanings
mars in pisces: dreamers& martyrs who soak in the emotional undercurrents of the world. people who will shatter my illusions about reality& pull me into their own

The signs as anime of summer 2017

Aries: Kakegurui

Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar curriculum. You see, when you’re the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy, it’s not athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s reading your opponent, the art of the deal. What better way to hone those skills than with a rigorous curriculum of gambling? At Hyakkaou Private Academy, the winners live like kings, and the losers are put through the wringer. But when Yumeko Jabami enrolls, she’s gonna teach these kids what a high roller really looks like!

Taurus: Dive!!

The series revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC), which is on the verge of closing down after having financial troubles. The club’s new coach persuades the club’s parent company to stay open on one condition: that the club sends one of its members to next year’s olympics as part of Japan’s olympic team.

Gemini: Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu

The year is 1863 as the tumultuous samurai era is coming to an end, Japan is split between the pro-shogunate and anti-shogunate factions. The fate of the world is threatened as an army of historical revisionists are sent from the future to alter the course of history. In order to bring these forces down and protect the real history, two sword warriors, spirits who are swords brought to life by Saniwa (sage), rush to Edo. The polite and thoughtful Horikawa Kunihiro and the short tempered yet skillful Izuminokami Kanesada, who served the same master, confront the invading army along with a lively gang of other warriors including Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, Yagen Toushirou, Tombokiri, and Tsurumaru Kuninaga.
As the fate of history lies in these hero’s hands, what meets the blade is yet to be uncovered…

Cancer: Hajimete no Gal

Spring. The “season of love” has arrived and it seems that finding himself a girlfriend was harder than Junichi believed. To break the status quo, Junichi’s friends have forced him into confessing to the gal, Yame Yukana. However, things do not go quite as he expected. A series of “firsts” begins!

Leo: Fate/Apocrypha

The setting is a parallel world to Fate/stay night where the Greater Grail mysteriously disappeared from Fuyuki after the Third Holy Grail War. After many years of silence, around the same time as the Fifth Holy Grail War would have happened, the Yggdmillennia, a family of magi, openly declares their secession from the Mage’s Association, and that they are in possession of the Grail. The Association dispatches fifty magi to retrieve it, and all but one are instantly slaughtered by a mysterious Servant. The one remaining manages to activate the reserve system of the Greater Grail, allowing for the summoning of fourteen Servants in total.

In the city of Trifas, two factions will fight for the control of the sacred relic, each of them possessing their own team of seven Servants : the Black Faction whose members are part of Yggdmillennia, protecting the Grail, and the Red Faction whose members were sent by the Mage’s Association, trying to take the Grail back. For an event of this scale, the Grail itself summons its own Servant, the holy Ruler, to oversee the conflict.

This marks the start of the Great Holy Grail War.

Virgo: Jikan no Shihaisha

The story centers on “Chronos Rulers,” those who fight the time-eating demons that appear when people wish they could turn back time. The Chronos Rulers fight a time-manipulation battle against these demons. 

Libra: Knight’s & Magic

A mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevarria, also known as Eru. In this world, huge humanoid weapons known as Silhouette Knights exist. Dreaming of piloting those robots, Eru and his friends, Archid Olter and Adeltrud Olter, aim to become Knight Runners.

Scorpio: NTR: Netsuzou Trap

Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since childhood, so it’s only natural that when Yuma is nervous about her new boyfriend, she asks Hotaru for advice. But when Hotaru starts coming onto Yuma for what feels like more than just ‘practice,’ what does it mean…? With boyfriends in the foreground but a secret, passionate tryst in the background, will Yuma and Hotaru try to forget what happened between them or have they fallen into a trap of true love and betrayal?

Sagittarius: Ballroom e Youkoso

Fujita has drifted through middle school aimlessly, unable to find friends or anything that can hold his attention. Then, one day, he’s attacked by a gang and saved by a mysterious man. But this isn’t a karate master; it’s a ballroom dance instructor! Reluctantly, Fujita takes a few beginner’s classes, only to find his inspiration… an entrancing, teenage dance prodigy named Shizuku. It’s Fujita’s first step into the high-octane world of competitive dance!

Capricorn: Hina Logi ~from Luck & Logic~

Liones Yelistratova, a pure princess from a small country, enters a school in Hokkaido on a spring day. The school is a specialized educational institution operated by ALCA to train Logicalists, who maintain world peace. Liones enters class S, where she meets many classmates with unique personalities, like Nina. A lively and cute everyday life begins now.

Aquarius: The Reflection Wave One

After THE REFLECTION, some of the people in all parts of the world are discovered with super powers.
Some become heroes, and others villains.
How did the Reflection happen? What was the cause of it?
With many unsolved mysteries, the world is lead into turmoil.

Pisces: Gamers!

This is a story that revolves around certain students and one hobby. Amano Keita is our lonely protagonist who has a passion for gaming and is friends with Uehara Tasuku, who is secretly a fellow gamer and is someone who believes his life is perfect. We also have Karen Tendou, the club president of the video games club and Chiaki Hoshinomori, who constantly bickers with Keita. This is a story filled with a non-stop sequence of comedy scenes and misunderstandings. Our chaotic romantic comedy now begins!


make me choose: @diamond-hoo-ha-man​ asked civil war or winter solider?

HYDRA created a world so chaotic that humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security. Once the purification process is complete, HYDRA’s New World Order will arise. We won, Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life, a zero sum!

accioboywholived  asked:

Do you have any fics where draco leaves the dark side for one reason or another and develops feelings for harry? Preferably in the medium-long range

Yup, can do fandomlybloggable​! Enjoy and remember to leave love for the authors!

Drarry Recs: Draco Changes Sides

Allegiance and Sedition by SilentAuror  - NC-17, 98.5k - The war is in its fifth year, and Harry finds himself caught up in the confusion of friend versus enemy, spy versus traitor.

And I Know the Spark by firethesound - NC-17, 15.5k - All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. 

For All That Ails You by Frayach - NC-17, 17k - Voldemort forces Draco to drink a love potion so that he’ll fall in love with Harry, and he does - madly.  But then Harry does too.  When Hermione finds an antidote for the love potion, neither knows who loves who.  But then along comes the anonymous poetry contest to save the day.

Brave New World by SilentAuror - NC-17, 22.5k - The first post-war Christmas is coming to Grimmauld Place. As the Order of the Phoenix ponders its future, Harry sorts through a maze of war records and quickly begins to see that not everything is as it should be..

Kailash, When it Rises by Mirabella - PG, 3.5k - Harry can’t sleep.

No Quiet Find by distempered/blithelybonney - NC-17, 10k - War makes a man tired…some more than most. Draco needs rest.

Not Through With You by dark0feenix - NC-17, 11k - Draco doesn’t remember, and Harry doesn’t let him forget.

Noticed Him Fading by marksykins - NC-17, 3.5k - Draco hates France, the Ministry, owls, and Harry Potter.

Paris by abbycadabra - R, 9k - “So you want us to keep running?  To run and hide?  Until when, Malfoy?  Until they win or lose?  Forever?”

Starts with a Spin by Maxine - M, 120k - It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Duinn Fionn - R, 11k - Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend. (with sequel Delicate Sound of Thunder)

Under the Cold, Wan Moon by slytherincess - NC-17, 38.5k - He does not seek war, but when attacked he knows better how to die than surrender.

Walking the Line by SilentAuror - NC-17, 180.5k - Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him.

Ninth house;

After shedding some light on the darkest corners of ourselves in the 8th house, we emerge painfully from its black waters—still remembering how curiously thrilling it was, fighting our own monsters—to find that the sky is blue, the breeze is kind and birds swim between clouds. Under gentle sunlight, we contemplate the horizon, feeling the warming promise of a brighter future: this is the 9th house.

Be it through studying, travelling long distances or receiving guidance from a mentor, the 9th house always describes our ability to push forward in order to go beyond any kind of existing boundaries. Like Jupiter, this is where we want to know more and more, always expanding, flourishing.

With material boundaries, this house symbolizes the distances we’re motivated to travel in order to experience the world in its entirety (or something close to it); somehow what we are, the society we live in and the culture we know aren’t enough. Because we experience something different from our own reality, travelling blesses us with Jupiter’s ability to contemplate everything from a distance, so even the most minor of things come to acquire meaning. By contrast with our 3rd house, representing our familiar environment, here we learn different things and are able to acquire new, more useful habits and thoughts.

The opposition to the 3rd house also symbolizes that the 9th house is where we build our own knowledge, instead of simply absorbing it from our surroundings. Here we perceive the world with Jupiter’s cultivated eye and never rest until truth has been extracted in its purest form from the source we’re trying to study. This also means the 9th house despises all 3rd house form of superficiality and dispersion. Moreover, this opposition also depicts the contrast between logical (3rd) and abstract (9th) intelligence.

Planets and signs involved with this house also point to how the individual deals with spirituality, philosophy and the creation of higher meanings from all things, and this is perhaps this house’s deeper value: we’ve experienced excruciating pain in the 8th house; now we want know what was the meaning of it all while trying to become a better version of the selves we once found in the 1st and 5th houses.

Sun in the 9th house: after the passing of the storm, arrows of light break through the clouds; survivors look up to see angels dancing in the sunlight. Symbolizing the delivery of light to what was previously darkened, this Sun’s destiny is to illuminate his surroundings with his higher knowledge. With bright eyes fixed in the future, the individual with this configuration has a broad and often optimistic perspective on the world; any kind of segregating boundary exists only to be violated and broken, symbolizing tolerance and the appreciation of differences. It is important to sometimes draw one’s attention from the future to the present and enjoy what is there, or risk being in constant discontent.

Moon in the 9th house: under the moonlight, the twinkling seas and the starlight skies will be one and the same. A symbol of flexibility, people with this placement can make anywhere in the world their home. This Moon thrives when in contact with differences and nurtures herself emotionally whenever she encounters things that go beyond her initial understanding of things. Naturally, those with this placement enjoy the company of cultivated people who can enrich their knowledge of things. Moreover, being a symbol of the past, the Moon in this house symbolizes that past experiences are constantly being revised and given new meanings as the individual travels, even if this only occurs inside of their minds.  The emotional realm, however, is highly idealized, and so this Moon can be eventually shocked to find that the world is not quite as she had imagined.

Mercury in the 9th house: a lonely traveler comes to a bifurcation on their path…; what direction should they take? This a curious symbol, as it points to finding balance between Mercury’s superficiality and Jupiter’s need for depth. The individual with this configuration is likely to experience both: intellectual interests are spread in all directions in Gemini’s fashion; yet, at the same time, there’s a need for detail and insight in every one of these interests. This Mercury, then, is constantly playing this game, and his curiosity prevents himself to stay at one place or mental status for long. People with this placement tend to be rather flexible or unpredictable when it comes to studying habits, and they usually make interesting connections between very different disciplines or fields of knowledge, all for the sake of uncovering higher truths, which are many.

Venus in the 9th house: a student reads quietly in a library, books scattered all over their table; from a distance, an admirer watches, dreaming. This placement symbolizes how closely connected the ideas of self-esteem and being knowledgeable are. People with this placement see value in themselves when they acquire higher knowledge, when they travel beyond the horizon they could see initially. Automatically, they love anything external that is related to this concept, and will attract it to themselves. Venus in this house, then, values curious, complex people, as well as objects that can help expanding the mind. Relationships with this placement are highly idealized, and there might be issues with space and privacy, as Jupiter enjoys guarding a distance from the object of his attentions.

Mars in the 9th house: a captain directs their ship towards the end of the world, a thin line of watery horizon, and holds their head high as they fall into the unknown. Courage and determination are here best identified when the individual faces boundaries to their expansion. The search for knowledge and meaning is blazing and exciting. It also tends to be more effective if there is some kind of conflict or dispute permeating the studying habit. Understanding Mars’ characteristics, it also means this search for knowledge tends to occur independently, spontaneously, as it should be a demonstration of dedication and bravery. Passion and determination are best seen in the field of ideals, so the individual often has strong opinions. Fights are of intellectual nature.

Jupiter in the 9th house: a figure stands on top of a cliff, admiring the beauty of the night sky: a long, limitless veil decorated with stars. In this Jupiter’s perspective from up above, there are no boundaries. The world is one vast, beautiful place; people are all interconnected, and their differences are only what makes it all more interesting. People blessed by this Jupiter, then, see no limit to their moral, spiritual or mental expansion. They thrive when faced with adversity and can enjoy noticing how each individual is unique. Studying is in the mind’s default. Absorption of deeper knowledge seems natural. Like Sagittarius pointing his arrow, people with this placement tend to have clear objectives in their heads. However, this determination may present itself as stubbornness when the objective is too specific. Moreover, living in this idealized world, always looking at the future, might mean that there’ll be constant disappointments.

Saturn in the 9th house: right next to the starstruck figure on top of a cliff, another individual looks down, considering the world at their feet: an intimidating flow of humans, guarded by mountains and seas. Where Jupiter in the 9th people are amazed by this worlds possibilities, those with this placement are not so impressionable. They see clear limits between people and things, also representing the fear of failure. The world is a harsh, dangerous place, and Saturn in the 9th people are afraid to know what lies beyond the horizon because, after all, what happens if they can make it there? Thus, Saturn here symbolizes extensive planning and careful studying before setting sail to one’s goals. Ideals are deconstructed here, and objectives are considered for a lot of time until the safety of that path is ensured. Studying and travelling can be demonstrations of maturity and security, as well as intellectual debates and spiritual enlightenment.

Uranus in the 9th house: a lonely student sits on the floor at a deserted portion of the library, reading ancient books in dead languages. Uranus in this house symbolizes that the search for knowledge is erratic, chaotic and often lonely. People with this placement have not only an idealized perspective on what knowledge they’d like to acquire, but a very unique one. The process of acquiring this knowledge is unconventional and unorthodox, and the individual tends to feel discontent when faced with other people’s or institutions’ limiting rules and habits. The interest in a field of knowledge and quickly overwrite previous interests, and intelligence here is highly intuitive. Because Uranus is the angelic messenger, travelling and studying can reveal to this individual the true meaning of things, and so their minds are constantly growing in tumultuous fashion.

Neptune in the 9th house: at the bottom of the sea, legend tells there is an old, isolated city with brilliant lights and loving creatures. A symbol of intellectual idealization, finding out what lies beyond the horizon is a dream. Specially when dealing with the 9th house trait of describing the better version of the self we want to achieve, this dream might prove itself rather unattainable, revealing Neptune’s tendency to produce beautiful illusions. Like other placements, Neptune here dissolves boundaries, merging all people together in a charming perspective of the world. Blessed by Neptune’s magic, this individual may come into contact with the most fantastical of things when travelling or studying.

Pluto in the 9th house: in the dark, an archeologist lights up his lantern, revealing the stunning architecture of an old temple. These people usually use Pluto’s investigative traits when travelling or studying, always getting to the bottom of things. There is much passion (or obsession) related to 9th house affairs, and the analysis of other planets, aspects and the sign on the cusp can help describe what are this individual’s interests in the intellectual realm. Opinions are strong with this placement, and maybe the individual finds many obstacles in their way to building knowledgeable, but this quest will be always transforming.

Detail: Caspar David Friedrich, “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer”; 1818.

okaayyyy so who was saying that the jedi was ending? I reckon it’s luke, because we all know that the old Jedi were not perfect – the whole training kids as human weapons thing, no attachment, nothing that made them human – and i think luke, son of human diasasster Anakin Skywalker (who needed his hand held, not for a lightsabre to be pushed into it – what’s the phrase? – they made him a weapon and asked him to find peace?)

anyway: my theory is that ultimately the demise of the jedi is a good thing because they were corrupt, brutal and harmful – not evil, but dangerous all the same, and I’m hoping that Rey and Luke will be able to build a new way. a gentler way. a way focused on balance, on the two sides of the Force coming together, on that grey area where humanity lives. Because the old Jedi said shit like there is no try only do and only the Sith deal in absolutes and tried to divide the universe into Good and Evil and in doing so they tore themselves apart. 

i am here for the building a brave new world on the bones of the old, the destruction of an old order to make way for a new and better one….bring on the revolution

CYBRIDS NEW ENGLISH OTOME GAME! (What’s it about? Routes? and Who is Voice Acting?)

Cybrid just announced their newest addition to their English otome family is coming next year!

The theme of this one is based on Alice in Wonderland with alot of fantasy and magic feels.


Takes Place in 19th Century London. You become trapped in Wonderland. You’re told in order to make it back to your world you must not fall under the most powerful spell of all.. love. Your next chance to go back to your world is during the upcoming full moon. Meanwhile a war wages in wonderland between the Black and Red Armies. Caught in the middle with a looming threat in the shadows. What will become of your fate?


Are you excited? Whose route intrigues you the most?

Hanzo and symmetra get along so well, they both speak each others language (literally and metaphorically) and spend a large amount of time being judgey about the other agents. Not in a malicious way just in a sassy way. Sometimes zenyatta joins in when hes free and the three of them get on beyond belief.

Mccree and sombra are a bit concerned that their partners are in fact going for world domination.

Genji has just accepted his position as consort to one of the new order overlords.

Its joked a lot about them being able to do anything if they worked together but it only truly showed when sombra was dragged back into a talon cell and jesse held as captive.

Jack knew it was a trap for reaper so argued against sending him, it was only an hour later when winston reported three missed comms logins that the two commanders realised they had lost sym, hanzo and zenyatta.

It was just a few hours later that the three returned to base with jesse and sombra as well as two talon members willing to be placed in interrogation as long as it wasnt with him.

Jack assumed hanzo had worked his frustrations out on the two talon members so he was pretty surprised when the two cringed away as the omnic monk floated by into genjis arms.


Porsche Unveils the Most Powerful 911 of All Time

The fastest and most powerful road-approved 911 is ready for launch: The new Porsche 911 GT2 RS will celebrate its world premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK (June 30 to July 2). At the heart of this high-performance sports car is a 515 kW (700 hp) biturbo flat engine. Weighing in at 1,470 kg with a full fuel tank, the lightweight two-seater accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The rear-wheel drive Coupé has a top speed of 340 km/h, and with its near-motorsport drive technology, the new 911 GT2 RS trumps its 3.6-liter predecessor by 59 kW (80 hp) and achieves a torque of 750 Newton meters (an increase of 50 Nm).

The engine builds on that 3.8-liter in the 911 Turbo S at 427 kW (580 hp). In order to increase performance, large turbochargers push an increased volume of process air into the combustion chambers. A new additional cooling system delivers optimum cooling at peak loads and, at very high temperatures, sprays the charge-air cooler with water. This causes the gas temperature to fall in the overpressure range and ensures optimum power output, even under extreme conditions. The customized GT seven-speed double-clutch transmission (PDK) in the new GT2 RS enables power to be transferred with uninterrupted traction. What’s more, the specially developed exhaust system is made from extra-lightweight titanium, weighs around seven kilograms less than the system used in the 911 Turbo and delivers an emotional sound without precedent.

For the first time ever, Porsche Design is celebrating the debut of the high-performance sports car by releasing a special-issue watch. Offering a nod to the world of motorsport, the 911 GT2 RS watch is exclusively available to owners of the new vehicle and can only be ordered in conjunction with the new GT model at a Porsche Centre from June 30, 2017.

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World must hit zero carbon emissions 'well before 2040', scientists warn
New research suggests it will be an ‘enormous challenge’ to prevent global warming getting out of hand

Humans must reduce net greenhouse gases emissions to zero “well before 2040” in order to ensure global warming does not go above 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, scientists have warned after carrying out a study using a sophisticated new computer model.

The analysis suggests that efforts to prevent temperatures rising to potentially dangerous levels may have to rely heavily on “negative emissions” technology that is still in its infancy.

Commenting on the study, Professor Richard Betts, head of climate impacts at the UK’s Met Office Hadley Centre, said the “important” research spelled out the “enormous challenge” ahead.

Under the Paris Agreement on climate change, the world committed to prevent global warming from going above 2C but also attempt to restrict it to as close as 1.5C as possible amid mounting evidence that dangerous effects could kick in sooner than previously thought.

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carasstarwarsmusings: “ clockwork-cameo: “ michellestarswept: “ darcyfitz: “ elithien: “Okay so when I was suggested to illustrate something that involved Rey at a space ball (because Vanity Fair...

This was originally meant to be a one shot based off of @elithien‘s lovely illustration. But it’s definitely got another chapter in it still to be written ;)

This is for @elithien and @michellestarswept :)


It was a lavish event.

Diplomats from multiple systems were there, as Chandrila hedged its bets looking for new alliances after the destruction of the Republic. Supreme Leader had sent him and Hux to represent the Order and to be sure the Chandrilians realized where it was their best interest to ally. A core world like them could not be overlooked, between their credits, resources, and influence over smaller systems.

He had protested, to no avail, that he had no business being involved with diplomacy. Such things were best left to people such as His. Just as meting out death was best left for those like him.

His mother may had been a princess, but he was no prince.

Yet here he was at the diplomatic ball,decked out in the finery of the First Order dress uniform. Black silk shirt with a high collar and ruffled black stock tie. The long, finely woven black coat, marked with red piping, came down past his knees. The black of the uniform contrasted to the white gloves of soft leather he wore on his hands.

And of course, no mask. He was open, vulnerable, to everyone in the room. And Gods he hated it. He had slunk to a corner of the room, leaning against the wall and glowering and drinking Corellian brandy.

Hux, on the other hand was peacocking around, chatting pleasantly as he preened himself among the affluent and powerful. Once the little pissant had come over and attempted to scold him for being “improper” and “antisocial”, insisting he come “mingle” with the other guests. He didn’t dignify the redhead with a verbal response, just glared at him in a way that said better than words what he would do if the man back the kriff off.

Draining his glass he looked around for the a server circling with trays of drinks. He was still far too sober to get through this ordeal. Scowling as he found no one nearby, he took a breath and ventured out into the crowd to find another drink. He was grabbing another brandy when he caught a few words of someone’s voice among the din, “…General Organa…”

He froze in place, closing his eyes tightly. She was here, of course she would be here. The Resistance would love to keep Chandrila among their allies. They had their own political cards to play. Holding his breath, he turned slowly and his eyes found the small woman talking to the vice-chancellor of Chandrila. So elegant, as she always had been, still royalty, still the Princess of Alderaan. Older, but still holding herself with a proud, commanding authority of a soldier and a General.

How long had it been since he had physically in the presence of his mother? His uncle had visited her once with him during the ten years he shadowed him like a dog, only a few years after she’d sent him away. He had been fifteen? Sixteen?

Did it even matter? He had been a boy still, the last time he’d been in the same room with his mother. The last time he heard her voice, they hadn’t talked over a com either since then. They had written, there was that, though he had written far more than she wrote back. Dutiful son and Jedi padawan that he had been, he wrote faithfully. She wrote back when she found the time, which, as it always had been with finding time for her family, had been rarely.

Hux swept his way towards the group surrounding the vice-chancellor, puffing himself out. He had seen Organa, he was sure. His motives for joining whatever conversations were taking place was certainly to kriff with her. It was what the little prick did best.

Why was he even still standing here? He needed to move, needed to get out of sight. If she looked over at Hux as he approached them, she would surely catch sight of him. Surely, there was nothing good that could come from her knowing he was here. Taking a step back, he began to turn when another figure stepped next to his mother.

Her. The girl. The scavenger.

He turned back, his eyes fixed on her. Her face was a bit fuller and her body had filled out, now that she no longer scrounged for meals, but still undeniably her. She was wearing a black dress, form fitting, showing off her freckled skin that had yet to lose the sun kissed tan of the desert. Her hair was full and tied up in an elaborate braid and a gold necklace hung around her neck. His mother’s– he was fairly sure he recognized it.

The last time he had seen her he had been half-dead by her hand, staring over an abyss at her as she disengaged her saber and ran. His hand reached up and traced down the scar that ran across his face. The mark she had given him.

As if acting on their own, his legs carried him over towards her. Stepping next to Hux who looked at him, a startled expression flickering across his face before he regained control. He heard his mother draw in a breath of shock, but his eyes were on the girl as her startled eyes flicked up to meet his.

He felt as lost in them as he had when he had first looked into them on Takadona.

“Vice-Chancellor, may I introduce to you Kylo Ren, Master of the Knights of Ren. So glad you joined us, Ren,” Hux’s voice oozed smoothly next to him.

He flicked his eyes away from the girl’s to shoot the man a warning look before turning and bowing slightly to the Vice-Chancellor, most of the bend in his neck. The etiquette that had been drilled into him during his youth surfacing as if it hadn’t been nearly two decades since he’d had use for such things,  “It is a pleasure to meet you, sir. We are honored to be your guests.”

The Vice-Chancellor beamed before giving a matching bow, “So few people respect proper formalities these days. We are honored to have you as our guests, and to share with you the splendor that we are able to provide.” The man turned to Organa and the girl, “General Hux, Kylo Ren, may I introduce another two of our guests, General Organa…”

Hux gave no more than a curt nod as he glared at the woman, who glanced at him with a cold glare. The Vice-Chancellor flicked his eyes over the man in disapproval.

He stepped towards his mother, woman looking up at him in surprise as he extended his hand with another short bow, “General Organa and I are acquainted,” he said. She stared at his hand, looking shocked for half a minute before slowly raising her hand to meet his. Once again following the formal etiquette for such introductions, he brought his other hand to clasp gently around the top of hers, bowing as he brought her hand up for his lips to brush a kiss across the knuckles. Feeling her hand shake in his hand at the contact. He straightened from his bow, releasing his hands for her to pull hers back. Their eyes met, hers were filled with conflict and pain. He wondered what she saw in his?

She bowed her neck to him, her voice rasped as she spoke, “Yes, we are acquainted.” Her voice broke slightly and she paused before continuing, voice smooth and under control, “Your manners are to be admired, as the Vice-Chancellor said, such formalities are ignored by many these days.”

“My mother raised me to respect such things.” He spoke matter-of-factly, no hint of vitriol in his voice, but she winced at his words anyway. Next to him Hux blew out an amused huff of air and he resisted the urge to punch him squarely in his smug, smarmy face. Not that resisting the urge to punch Hux wasn’t a daily occurrence, but it was especially strong this time.

The girl was glaring at him. He knew without even looking, he could feel them. It seemed like he could feel her anger as well. She thought he was speaking with the purpose of hurting Organa and her emotions were rising, anger flickering on the edge of rage. He had seen her rage before, as she harnessed it to rain down blows on him in unbridled fury, and it was something that was more beautiful than he could describe.

He raised his own eyes, hopefully with his own emotions calm and controlled, to meet her hazel ones. If the Vice-Chancellor was aware of the tension of emotions surrounding him, he ignored it, continuing with his introductions. “And this young lady, Miss Rey…” The Vice-Chancellor paused, clearing his throat.

“Just Rey, Vice-Chancellor,” her voice spoke politely, maybe even a little shyly. She shifted and he was suddenly sure that as well as she hid it, she was very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in these clothes, uncomfortable surrounded by these people. She felt out of place and on display and hated every moment of it.

How exactly he knew it, he wasn’t sure. But there was no doubt in his mind, any more than there had been about her anger.

“Just Rey, yes, well,” the Vice-Chancellor nodded. “General Hux, Kylo Ren, this is Miss Rey, apprentice to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who was unable to join us on Chandrila.”

“Skywalker?!” Hux hissed next to him.

Apprentice… to… Skywalker. Apprentice to SKYWALKER. Apprentice to Luke Skywalker. The words echoed in his head as his mind refused to acknowledge him. The girl, this girl, the scavenger who had defeated him, who had denied his own offer to teach her, was now training under his uncle.

His uncle.

How he did not simply explode with the fury that surged through him, he would never know. The girl flinched and shrank back, as if she could sense the intensity rage that was now directed at her, though no one else around him seemed to know. He took a deep breath, forcing his emotions back under control, stepping forward to extend his hand and bowing as he had for his mother, “Forgive me for correcting you, Vice-Chancellor, but the correct term is Padawan, not Apprentice. It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Rey.” The girl just stared at him a moment before glancing at Organa who nodded briefly towards his extended hand, encouraging the girl to take it.

Slowly she extended her hand to his, and he brought his other hand over to cover it. There were callouses built across her palm and fingertips. Callouses built up from years of harsh labor. Somehow even with them her hand seemed amazingly soft to him as he bowed deeper, bringing the hand to his lips. Where he had merely brushed his lips against his mother’s hand, here he planted a true kiss across her knuckles, allowing himself to taste her skin. He could feel a vibration jolt through her as he did so, and he resisted the urge to smirk as he straightened himself and released her hand. His eyes lingering on hers, taking in the confused emotional storm within the green and brown.

Slowly she bowed her neck, mimicking his mother’s response to him. When she spoke her voice was soft and fast, unable to control the fact she would rather not be speaking the words at all, “It is nice to meet you, sir.”

He gave a small smile and nod, before leaving his eyes resting on the girl as the Vice-Chancellor led them in idle conversation. She shifted uncomfortably in his gaze, her eyes flicking over to him before darting away. After five minutes or so she excused herself, casting one last uncomfortable glance in his direction.

Draining his glass, he politely excused himself, bowing to both the Vice-Chancellor and to Organa, before slipping away. He set his empty glass on a cocktail table and tracked down another before he wandered among the crowd until he finally found her again. Hanging back and keeping his distance, he kept her in view, following her as she wandered among the wealthy and politically connected attendees, keeping to herself. Isolated while surrounded by people.

Oh, she did hate such an ordeal, hated it as much as he did.

Another thing they had in common. How was it that they could have so much in common? Was she still lonely? Did she still lay in bed at night, praying for sleep to finally take her?  Had she found comfort now under the tutelage of his uncle? Unlikely.

Did she know how much he understood her?

Asking questions like this was so unlike him, he didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the simple effect of her presence. Maybe a combination of both? She did have such an effect on him… one that he really didn’t entirely understand.

She moved about the room and he followed. It didn’t take her long to notice him, always there, always not far away. Her eyes would find him, and he could see a growing alarm at his constant presence. There eyes would meet and he would smirk, unable to help himself.

He turned to get another drink and looked up to find her gone. The little minx must had been waiting for an opportunity to bolt. Oh no, he wasn’t about to let her slip away that easily. Moving about the large ballroom, he scanned for her but she had vanished. Finishing his drink in frustration he slammed the glass down and turned to a slightly startled server to snatch another. As he did, he noticed a set of doors on the outside wall, not quite closed. His eyes fixed on them and he moved closer… a balcony perhaps?

Yes, he was certain she was out there. It was a strange thing to be certain of, there was nothing to indicate that she would be, but he was sure she was nonetheless. Walking across the room paused and grabbed a glass of Chandrilan wine with his free hand before making his way to the door, opening it quietly and slipping out silently onto the balcony and grinning as he saw her.

She was leaning against the railing, looking out on the ocean, a breeze lightly ruffling her dress. His eyes tracing down the bare skin of her arms and back, then pausing to appreciate the way her dress defined the quite lovely shape of her ass. Did she have any idea how beautiful she really was? He didn’t think so. He’d been in her mind, and beauty was not something she associated with herself.

Every muscle in her body tensed suddenly and she spun to face him, her right hand slipping into her dress to her hip. Even slightly inebriated, his eyes caught that odd motion and narrowed a moment before he grinned in realization. She saw him and snarled, “Why are you watching me?”

“You’re pleasant to watch,” he said, lightly, moving slightly closer, keeping a careful watch on where her right hand had slipped under her dress. “Are you going to pull that saber on me? That would be such a scandal, they’d talk about it in the upper echelons of Chandrilian elite for years.”

Scowling, she shook her head, slowly withdrawing her hand back into the open, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Of course not. You don’t have lightsaber in a concealed holster on your hip,” his eyes traced down her hip to her upper thigh, “or your thigh… where the skirt starts to flair? Yes… that’s where it would be if you had one, which I’m sure you absolutely do not.” He chuckled and winked at her, holding out the glass of wine to her.

She looked at the glass, and then at him, eyes narrowing.

“Do you have to assume everything has an ulterior motive?”

Slowly she reached out and took the glass from his hand before backing up and setting it down on the wide railing next to her. Her eyes following him as he walked to a bench along the wall and sat down, taking a sip of his brandy.

“You clean up well, little scavenger. Not to say you weren’t lovely in your desert rags, but you’re especially lovely tonight.”

Her eyes narrowed at him, when she spoke her voice was flat, “You’re drunk.”

He hummed thoughtfully a moment before he decided he was indeed past just being buzzed, “A little.” Raising his glass he bowed his head slightly to her, “I recommend it. It makes being at something like this more tolerable to people like us.” He nodded to the glass of wine, “Are you just afraid to drink anything I gave you or did uncle Luke force you to follow some ridiculous code of Jedi purity?”

“No. And my master forces nothing on me,” she snapped, picking the glass up and taking a small sip before setting it down again.

“Hmmm… who was it who forced you to come to this?”

She stared at him a moment, breaking eye contact before speaking, “No one forced me. They asked.”

He grinned, cocking his head, “Ah, so not forced but strongly encouraged. And it was my uncle and my mother.”

“Don’t call her that!” she snapped, her hands clenching into fists. Such beauty in that anger. “You have no right to refer to any of them as if they’re still family.”

“Just because you’ve endeared yourself to my family, scavenger, doesn’t make them less mine.” He waved his hand, draining his brandy, “You’ll find them disappointing you in time, if they hadn’t started already. Skywalker is too stubborn to change, and his ways will be as wrong for you as they were for me.”

There was no response, she rested her hands on the balcony railing and leaned back, refusing to look at him, “You know nothing about me.”

“I know you hate this. Hate being surrounded by these people, you feel like you don’t belong among them. And you’re right of course…” He smirked, “You hate that dress, which is a pity because you wear it so well. Hate those shoes, your feet are killing you in those heels and you feel like they hinder your mobility if you needed to protect yourself.” Her eyes turned to rest on him, expression falling flat, “You hate feeling like you have to behave yourself and watch what you say. That there are all these hidden rules of formality that you don’t know and you’re afraid you’re going to break.”

He got to his feet and walked towards her. She stood her ground, glaring at him, “You hate that you let them pressure you to come here. That you’re here just to be paraded around as a token bit of proof that Skywalker is alive and working with the Resistance.” She bit her bottom lip, he leaned forward, slipping his hands over hers on the railing, hunching to bring his face in front of hers, “You hate that you’re enjoying my company.”

She took a shaky breath, “You’re wrong.”

“Am I?” he asked, amused,

“And arrogant.”

“Oh, that one I’ll admit.”

Pulling her hands out from under his, she gave him a sharp push, forcing him a few steps back away from her, “You’re a monster who betrayed your fellow padawans and your master. Who was complicit in the murders of billions. Who slaughtered your own father in cold blood.”

Rage flickered through him and he pulled himself up tall, looking down at the girl, “You know nothing about these things.”

“Don’t I? I watched the last one with my own eyes,” her own rage began to fill her face at the memory. “He was my friend.”

He shook his head with a snort, “You knew him for a kriffing day. I had my entire lifetime to know what a pathetic failure he was as a father, husband, and even as a person. He would have disappointed you in the end. You should thank me for sparing you from that by killing him.”

The speed at which she moved startled him. One moment she was still against the railing, the next her hand was cracking across his cheek forcefully, rocking his head back. He looked down at her face, contorted in rage as she pointed a finger at him, “Don’t you dare speak to me again. Don’t you dare follow me anymore. I don’t care about making a scene, if you don’t leave me the kriff alone I’ll carve the other side of your face to give you a matching scar.”

Despite the sting of her blow, he grinned, “You’re so beautiful when you cloak yourself in anger. So un-Jedi-like. Your master would be disappointed in you, little padawan.”

She hissed and whirled to leave, but he snatched her arm above the elbow and spun her back towards him forcefully. His grip holding firm as she tried to pull herself free. With a sharp jerk he pulled her against him, slamming her into his chest. Her eyes flashed dangerously and she bared her teeth in a fierce snarl. Leaning forward, grazing his mouth against her ear as he spoke softly, “Your fool of a master would disapprove, but not I. I recognize power for what it is; I do not pretend it is some sort of weakness.”

He release her and she jerked away from him. Backing cautiously as her eyes flashed at him dangerously. “Stay away from me,” she said, the breathy tone of her voice giving away the raging storm of emotion within.

With a sharp turn she stormed away, going back inside. His eyes drifting down to watch her ass as she went.

Sighing, he sat back down on the bench, letting her go for now. She needed some time to cool off. He would give her a little… just a little.

He glanced down at his lap, where the bulge of his half-erect cock was effectively hidden by the long coat of his dress uniform. Snorting in amusement, he shook his head,it seemed he needed a little time to cool off too.

Chuckling, he leaned back, resting his head against the wall. He wondered if that silly girl really thought they were done yet?

They weren’t nearly done yet.

Pulsar’s 10 Favorite Anime Of 2016

It’s time for my Top 10 Favorite Anime Of 2016 List!

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Im not including any sequel series (which means Sound Euphonium 2 and Food Wars: The Second Plate arent on my list, although theyre both great shows and definitely worth checking out).

2. This is strictly my opinion. If you dont see a show you liked on here, Im not bashing it or saying its not any good.

3. Im only including shows I watched all the way through to the end. There are some shows I didnt get a chance to finish like Mob Psycho 100, Orange and Shouwa Genroku that I need to revisit.

With that all said, here we go with the Honorable Mentions!  



This is a really fun series of comedy shorts revolving around three high school girls: an otaku, a gyaru (think the Japanese equivalent of a valley girl) and a sweet but airheaded rich girl. Most of the humor is sex-related and yet the show never feels mean-spirited. Definitely worth checking out if you want something quick to watch and laugh at.


Dark takes on the “magical girl” genre have become more and more commonplace in the aftermath of Madoka Magica. This show revolves around a mobile app game that allows you to create your own magical girl, and gives 1 in 10,000 players the ability to become a real-life superhero. But soon things take a dark and violent turn.

What separates this show from the pack is the sheer variety of powers and abilities that it features. All the girls (and one guy) have different motivations for wanting to be a superhero, and their powers are diverse and interesting. Dont let the cute art fool you: this is NOT for young kids.


The only reason I wound up not including this show in my top ten is because its literally 4 five minute episodes. But man does it pack a punch, especially if you love animals.

This is a short series about a young woman and her aging pet cat. The show is entirely from the point of view of the cat, and you see how he views the world and how he views his owner with unconditional love. If youve ever owned a pet, take the time to watch this one.


And now its time for my Top 10 Anime of 2016. Here we go!


KyoAni’s first series of 2016 was this overlooked fun little fantasy gem about a near future in which a virus has caused people to be able to perceive extra-dimensional and paranormal beings around them. The main characters are four students of a special school for students with special abilities who can seal off and fight phantoms, or in some cases help them resolve their unfinished business so they can move on.

This show got a lot of attention early on in 2016 and just as fast seemed to drop off the radar, mostly because people seemed disappointed that it wasnt a darker/more “serious” show. But thats okay. Sometimes I just want to be entertained. And Myriad Colors does that.


Konosuba is the first of two “trapped in a fantasy world” anime series on my Top 10 list. This is a trope that has been done to death, but where this one won me over was in the sheer irreverence it has for its own genre.

The main character, after dying in a rather embarrassing fashion, is magically transported to a fantasy world by a goddess who turns out to be a bit of a screw-up. In order to find work in this new world, he assembles a motley crew including a masochistic knight and a mage who only want to blow things up. Sound ridiculous? It is. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

KONOSUBA returns for a 2nd season starting this month, so you have time to catch up before then!


In an alternate version of World War II, the archduchess of a small country about to invaded by the Germans is kidnapped… but is then rescued by her childhood friend, who turns out to be the last witch on Earth. The witch volunteers her help in defending her friend’s country from the invaders, and soon the tide has turned in a BIG way.

Do you like watching WWII-era dogfights? Imagine one with a witch flying around using a giant rifle as a broom and blowing Nazi planes out of the sky. If that doesn’t sound cool to you, I don’t know what to say. Check this one out if you like badass female leads and awesome action sequences.


Studio TRIGGER (Kill La Kill) returned in 2016 with this sci-fi series about a group of teenagers who are forced to be part of an experiment linking them emotionally. This show connected (see what I did there) with me on multiple levels. Adolescence can be an insanely painful part of life, and many people never move on past the things that are done and said to them during this time. The characters on this show, even if they aren’t always likeable, are always UNDERSTANDABLE. I genuinely felt for all of them and wanted them to end up OK. If you like sci-fi but want something different, give this one a go.

#6: 91 DAYS

This is another great series that seemed to fly under the radar this year. I never heard many of my friends who are into anime talking about this one, and its a shame, because this show is something special.

91 DAYS is set during Prohibition and is about a young man whose entire family is murdered by the Mafia. Seven years later, while in hiding, he receives a letter giving him the names of the men responsible, and he begins to work his way into the family in order to destroy it from the inside out.

This is a fantastic revenge story, with some twists and turns you won’t expect and a darkness to it that stuck with me a long time after it ended.


“I am just a little broken…”

Prepare to have your heart a LOT broken.

PLANETARIAN takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where hostile machines have taken over the Earth. A “junker” is scavenging for supplies in a department store when he is greeted by the android mascot of the store’s rooftop planetarium… who has been in stasis for years and has no idea what has happened to the world. The junker initially wants nothing to do with her but realizing he has nowhere to go decides to hide out in the planetarium for a while, and soon gets roped into fixing the projector so the android can present the show to any guests who may show up.

If you like your sci-fi with a healthy dose of feels, check this one out. Its only 5 episodes long but it stuck with me long after I watched it, and I’ll likely be coming back to rewatch it many times in the future.

#4: YURI!!! ON ICE

Yes, an anime about gay male figure skaters made my top 10 list? Why? Because its an awesome goddamn show, that’s why.

After suffering a complete meltdown at the previous World Finals, Yuri has given up on skating and has decided to come home to Japan. No sooner has he returned than his idol, a Russian figure skater named Victor, shows up at his doorstep… wanting to become his coach.

This show is consistently fun to watch, with great animation, some incredible skating sequences, and arguably the best romantic couple of the year in anime. And tell me the opening song doesn’t get you pumped, and I’ll call you a lying sack of shit. Yuri On Ice is awesome. Watch it. Like, now. 


My top 3 is where it gets tricky, because any of these next three shows could have been my #1. I’d rank them all at the top in terms of quality, so I’m going with them in the order of which ones had the most emotional impact on me personally.


If you liked Attack On Titan, this is better. Yes, I said it. I love Attack On Titan, but this is a better show. 

Set in an alternate timeline during the Industrial Revolution in Japan, a virus causes people to transform into walking corpses who soon overrun the entire country. Humans are forced to barricade themselves in walled cities and use armor-plated trains to travel from fortress to fortress. One day, in the middle of his home being overrun by the “kabane,” a young engineer who has been working on a new steam-powered weapon designed to defeat the monsters is bitten by one of them… but instead of transforming all the way, he becomes a kabaneri, a human/kabane hybrid. He joins up with a fellow female kabaneri and the survivors of his fallen city in an attempt to make their way to safety on board one of the armored trains.

This show is essentially a nonstop chase sequence through the first half, and political intrigue comes into play halfway through. If you like nonstop action, gore and terror, this is your ticket to ride.

I watched the first episode of this show the day after it aired, got bored, and didn’t come back to it…until about three months later, when I kept hearing people talk about the show and how it was affecting them. While on a road trip I decided to give it another shot, and ended up binge-watching the entire series in one go. It’s that good.

RE:ZERO is about a young man who, after shopping at a convenience store, suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world straight out of the games and shows he loves. While initially thrilled to be there, he finds out rather quickly that he is completely out of his element and ends up dying a rather grisly death… only to find himself back where he started from when he first showed up in the new world. It turns out that he has the ability to come back after dying to a certain “save point” (which changes over time), and while no one around him remembers the previous timeline, he does.

So, all good right? No matter what happens you can come back and fix it? Well, not so fast. Imagine falling in love with someone only for them to not remember who you are or things you’ve talked about. Imagine seeing the people you care about die over and over again because you keep messing up. Imagine making mistakes, thinking you can fix them by dying… and coming back further along in the timeline and NOT being able to undo them.

This show takes all the issues I usually have with the “transported to a fantasy world” genre and not only addresses them but essentially makes them the focus of the show. The main character alternates between being funny and likeable and selfish and arrogant, and while he can be hard to like at times, he’s easy to understand and identify with. The supporting characters are fantastic (including arguably my favorite female character of the year, Rem the demon maid) and the story has many twists and turns, with many more to come as the show has been confirmed for second season.

I’ve never been so glad that I gave an anime a second chance as I am with RE:ZERO. Definitely check this one out.


Imagine this: when you’re a child, two of your friends and a third child you don’t know but is in your class are murdered. You were the last person to see the third victim alive, but didn’t do or say anything, and you have felt guilty ever since.

Since then, you have had a curse: every once in a while, you will relive the same three to five minutes over and over again, Groundhog Day style, until you change something. It might mean pushing someone out of the way of a car, it might mean stopping a purse snatcher. But you are stuck until you fix what needs to be fixed.

Now imagine, after coming home to find a loved one murdered, you are blamed for the crime and are about to be arrested when you feel that same “rewind” effect happening… only when you open your eyes, it is 1988, you are 11 years old walking to school (but with your 29 year old mind intact), and the murders from your childhood are about to happen again.

What would you do?

ERASED is the best anime of 2016. No other show excited me, terrified me, made me think, made me cry, or made me remember as much as this show did. Even if you don’t like anime, watch this show. It’s my #1 for a reason.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my list! If you see a favorite of yours from 2016 that’s missing, shoot me a message and I’ll check it out! 

the-da-aquaza  asked:

So despite the ocean of content I've seen I can't for the life of me figure out if Carmilla is a movie, tv show, or web thing. Banish my ignorance please.

(Warning: Long answer with minor spoilers)

Okay, it won’t be easy explaining the nature and draw of Carmilla to a non-Carmilla fan. But for you, I’m damn well going to try.

Carmilla is a low-budget, Canadian web series on YouTube, created by KindaTV and sponsored by a tampon company. It spans over 3 seasons and 109 episodes, each of which lasts around 2-7 minutes. That is, if you don’t count the Christmas Special and Season Zero.

Loosely adapted from Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s 19th century vampire novella of the same, the show’s story revolves around a lesbian journalism student, Laura Hollis (Elise Bauman), who enrolled at Silas University in Styria of modern-day Austria. A few weeks into her first semester, Laura’s roommate Betty went missing. All that was left behind was a notification card, written in multiple choice and covered in mysterious yellow goo. 

No sooner had Laura informed a rather apathetic university administration about her missing roommate did a dark-haired, emo-looking woman in leather pants barge into her dorm room. Her name was Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis) and she was Laura’s new roommate. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Betty’s disappearance, Laura conducts an informal vlog investigation with a ragtag group of redheads and a good-natured (but dumb) frat boy, all the while enduring Carmilla’s condescending remarks, confectionery-based pet names, and “annoying” attempts to dissuade her from the task.

Along the way, Laura discovers Carmilla’s secret identity and they eventually fall for each other, though neither of them voice it at first. She, Carmilla and the rest of the Scooby gang would also encounter a sentient library, the Dean’s supernatural proclivities, an alchemy club, a vampire cabal, a kidnapping conspiracy, an angler fish god, and mushroom spores that could turn the student body into zombies – all of which exist on a campus that literally survives on the power of Sumerian mythos. And that’s just Season 1.

Season 2 sees them battling against evil corporate in the form of Silas’ Board Members, a shadowy business enterprise called Corvae, and Carmilla’s vampire sister, Matska Belmonde (Sophia Walker), not to mention a Silas version of a Nazi SS squad, hell bent on eliminating anything remotely supernatural (vampires included) from campus grounds. In Season 3, the stakes (pun intended) are raised even higher, as Laura, Carmilla and a redhead bio major, Lafontaine, attempt to stop an impending apocalypse that was being caused by a Sumerian goddess.

What impressed critics most about the Carmilla series was that:

(a) The entire show was filmed in vlog format, with just one camera angle. By all accounts, this should have been an unmitigated disaster, storytelling-wise. However, the quality of the show’s script and the stellar performance of the main and supporting cast, especially the palpable chemistry between Natasha and Elise, have made the series a phenomenon beyond all expectations (and they were pretty low to begin with). The YouTube series has now racked up more than 70 million views with fans (affectionately called ‘creampuffs’) scattered across 193 countries ( Moreover, it has won numerous awards, including the AfterEllen Visibility Awards and the Canadian Screen Awards.

(b) Another reason for the show’s success lies in the representation of its LGBTQIA characters. The romantic relationship between the main protagonists, Laura and Carmilla, was less about their sexual orientation and more about how it fluctuated and developed throughout the mortal dangers that they face each season. There was no protracted agony over the fact that they’re both lesbians and focus was mainly on their growth as characters in their own right. The majority of the supporting characters were also well-rounded and hardly walking clichés. The Carmilla cast even consisted of a non-binary person and people of color. So, the series ticks most of the boxes for those in the LGBTQIA community, who feel starved of representation.

© The show’s lovable campiness and humor, which was often based on pop culture references, slapstick montages, and witty one-liners and ripostes, make it accessible to its viewers, regardless of whether or not they belong to the targeted demographic. However, the humor was well-integrated into the writing and never detracted from the impact of the show’s more serious and, sometimes, heart-wrenching moments.

(d) The series overturns the Bury Your Gays trope – a sore point among the LGBTQIA community after the demise of Lexa in 100 and beloved gay characters on other shows.

Riding on the coattails of Carmilla’s accomplishments, the showrunners decided to turn the web series into a movie as a love letter to the fans of the series. Their official announcement of the film whipped the Carmilla fandom into a frenzy, with many yelling, “Shut up and take my money!” from the rooftops.

The resulting film - just released in late October 2017 - saw one-third of its funds coming from the fans alone; an unconventional feat achieved by an already unconventional series. Being a small, independent film, The Carmilla Movie didn’t exactly light the box office on fire with its limited cinematic release in Canada. But the online response to the film with respect to its Internet release was extraordinary. Rave reviews about the movie poured into Twitter, Instagram, IMDB, Tumblr, and its distribution platforms, Fullscreen and VHX. So, just like its previous YouTube incarnation, the film was a resounding success and currently scores a rating of 9.7/10 on IMDB. The creampuffs appear to be appeased at the moment, though they are now clamoring for a sequel.

I hope that I have banished your ignorance about Carmilla. If you wish to watch it, you can do so by following the links in the order prescribed below:

(1) Season 1 (Carmilla - The Series | S1 E1 “Disorientation”)

(2) Christmas Special (Carmilla | The Christmas Special)

(3) Season 2 (Carmilla | S2 E1 “Brave New World”)

(4) Season 0 (Carmilla | S0 E1 “Blast From The Past”)

(5) Season 3 (Carmilla | S3 E1 “I Know What You Didn’t Do Last Summer”)

(6) The Carmilla Movie ( - Requires paid membership. Free one-week subscription trial available.



HELLO! i’ve met some people who have wanted to stan shinee, and asked for information on them, so i decided to make this huge post for anyone who wants to know more about shinee and/or potentially stan!!! all are welcome!!!

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do you ever think about how beautiful it is that magnus and alec found each other. magnus, who spent over a century closed off to love after being hurt too many times, found someone who made him feel again, who made him remember what it’s like to get to know every part of someone, who made him want to hold onto these familiar but new feelings and never let go. and alec, who was prepared to live the rest of his life without love in order to protect his family, found someone who made his whole mindset change, who made him want to learn what love is, who made him believe that his happiness is worth fighting for. they were both so lost for so long until they became each other’s home.


America is an irradiated wasteland. Within it lies a city. Outside the boundary walls, a desert. A cursed earth. Inside the walls, a cursed city, stretching from Boston to Washington D.C. An unbroken concrete landscape. 800 million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one. Mega blocks. Mega highways. Mega City One. Convulsing. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. Citizens in fear of the street. The gun. The gang. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: the men and women of the Hall of Justice. Juries. Executioners. Judges.

Anime/Manga Shoutouts

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Mob Psycho 100 - Very nice animation, likable and somewhat down to Earth protagonist, interesting characters all around. The protagonist reminds me a bit of Haruka from Free! and Kuroko. Fun fact: This is made by the creator of One Punch Man. Shoutout to the animation in the opening. Definitely should have won an award. 12 episodes. Hoping for a sequel anime. It has an ongoing manga but..the art for that…isn’t the best…Yeah. I personally find it hard to read because of the art alone. Everything else is fine. But those shaky lines….I wish the fanbase was bigger :/

Pandora Hearts - Great story telling, all of the plot twists will blow your mind, very nice artwork, an emotion experience that made me cry many times, especially during the finale (and not just because it was ending). Will forever recommend to anyone and everyone. Similar to Black Butler. It has 104 chapters and finished in March 2015. Has an anime adaptation, but it ends in filler, doesn’t cover a lot of the bigger twists later on and is quite old at this point. 

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AKB0048- Think Love Live but more dramatic, in space, battle lolis and with more plot. It’s quite similar to Pretty Rhythm in how there is an plot, the main characters have emotional distress for good reasons plus switches to 3D animation aren’t that jarring. 

The Monogatari Series- My current craze. Definitely not for anime newcomers. Follows and deconstructs the harem anime elements at the same time. The harem is very subtle. Excellent character development (Shoutout to Senjougahara), great visuals (SPECIAL shoutout to Kizumonogatari. Holy hell, the quality is almost too HD for my eyes), interesting story arcs and great characters (10/10 lolis). Has quite a bit of talking, so if you enjoy action 24/7 like shounen, this is not the series for you. The timeline can get quite confusing, but its best just to watch the seasons in airing order. This is SHAFT’s passion project, so prepare for some mind screwy visuals at points. Has some very Japanese puns and wordplay. Quite a bit of gore occasionally. The main character has had his asskicked by almost every girl in that image above and more. 

From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori)- This anime is…an experience. This is that one hidden gem. It has various psychological elements that are very well done and leave a sense of eeriness and mystery throughout. Oh, and prepare to question your own morality and humanity afterwards. Basically, humans have evolved to the point of having mind powers like being able to move things with their minds and lighting them on fire with a thought. The main character has just come of age for her powers and in placed in a class to learn more about them/how to control them/learning in general. However, she experiences things that make her question the present and past of her people and humanity that her village has kept secret. But the truth is much darker and morbid than expected. This anime follows the characters from 12 years old to about 26 years old. A very good 25 episodes. Do not take this series lightly. 

Kyokai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)- One of my top anime of all time and one of the only ones I will always be okay with rewatching. Great story telling, beautiful art and animation (bless kyoani), interesting characters (mostly) and a good balance of light hearted stuff and emotional backstory/plot. There’s a romantic subplot-ish, but its kinda like plot with romantic overtones? idk how to describe it exactly. Has 12 episodes and one movie sequel that everyone should absolutely see and watch the scene after the credits.

Durarara- I could watch it again. VERY big and diverse cast of characters. It’s very easy to lose track of who’s who in the first few episodes. All of them are interesting and have some depth, though. There’s not really a definite main character for this, honestly. The perspective switches quite a bit. Very good story arcs and characters (and development). The animation can get a big dodgy at times, but for the most part, it’s alright. Definitely gets an upgrade in the sequels. This might just be the example of Supernatural Things in Daily Life genre. Plus gangs. Has a second season that’s broken into cours: Duarara!!X2 Sho/Ten/Ketsu. Has a sequel as a light novel series only (Durarara!! SH). Shoutout to Mikado for having the most badass protagonist character development I’ve seen in a long while. 

Second in Command... - Kylo Ren (Part 1)

Pairing: Kylo Ren X Reader

Summary: Second General Y/N might have an unknown talent for the force and saves the life of a certain Kylo Ren;)

Warnings: none just fluff and Kylo being a cutiee

Word Count: 1257

To be honest, traveling around in all the different galaxies in a huge spaceship had its perks. Being rather lowborn, I was never granted the luxury of exploring all that the galaxy had to offer in a matter of entertainment before and because of that, I decided to join the First Order under Kylo Ren in the first place. Besides the, well, sometimes rather unpleasant methods the First Oder liked to enforce on rebels and a few years of extreme physical training and mental challenges, I still, after half a year of being stationed on the main ship, was fascinated by the exploration of new galaxies, new planets, and eventually foreign worlds that had so much more to offer than a common life - and job.

I had not been chosen to raise this high, Second General after Hux, because of my visuals or unusual good skills to flirt, and don’t get me wrong that is not a bad thing at all but still. My talent was only adequate enough to gain my position in combination with my extraordinary sense of tactic and battle strategies but besides that, I was no other. Not really special, not powerful in the sense of Kylo Ren at all - t least that was what I thought.

One day, I was ordered into the prison tract where Kylo Ren kept the rebels he picked up to question or torture. This was nothing unusual, in general, but my steps slowed down when the number of assessed stormtroopers decreased the further I got towards the prison cell at the end of the long corridor. I, as a General, was not really afraid of Kylo Ren, at least not to a great extent. He was dangerous but just so different. It was more of an awed admiration for the raw power of the force he possessed. He basically radiated pure power. And he was cold, ice cold and always reserved but kind of good looking which made working at this place a little bit nicer. No judgment at all. He knew how to survive just as I did.

I stopped at the end of the poorly lightened corridor in front of a massive metal door leading to the room I was ordered to. The rubber of my heavy boots screamed awkwardly in the silence around me when I stopped in front of the door. What was I supposed to expect? Was I to torture some rebel now? Why did HE order me from the strategic main post into this sector of the ship?

The door immediately opened by itself. “Enter”, Kylo Ren said with his deep voice. “At least he did not bring the creepy helmet”, I thought and reluctantly entered the rounded cell which kept one knocked out prisoner on a chair in the middle of it.

“That’s not really nice of you, Y/N”, he said and she flinched. Kylo Ren stared at her intensely when she entered. Y/N desperately tried to keep a solid expression even though she knew all too well what he was talking about. “I don’t know what you mean, Sir”, she said innocently, tilting her head to the side. She was cunning but he liked it.

Sometimes, even if he did not want to he was able to read the thoughts of people only by looking at their faces. Just like it was the case for Y/N, his Second General in command. She was capable but bold and he liked it more than he wanted to admit. There was just something about her, something always making him seek reasons to keep her as close as possible, closer as a General should be to a Commander.

“Have you encountered rebels before Y/N?”, he questioned, turning away from the prisoner towards her, expression blunt. “Yeah sure”. I cleared my throat. It was weird being all one with him, the man whose presence was normally too big to fit into the whole ship. I looked out the small window showing the stars, the sparse prison cell, the tiles of the floor but not into his face. “I suppose I am to question him. Strategies and battle information, right? He is important.” I locked eyes with him. I was confident in my skills but unsure of the brooding man in front of me. Who was he really? “But why me? This is something anyone can do?”, which I knew was bold but true, in fact. Kylo Ren paced up and down the small cell. “I did not want to offend you. I believe he is important Y/N. Should that not be reason enough for you to accept my order?!” I bowed my head. Shit. “Sorry, I just feel…” …uncomfortable… “alright Sir, I apologize”. This was going not the way I expected it to go. Just when I was about to turn to the prisoner, I realized he was already awake.

“Will you please stop flirting, this is tiring”, the prisoner said in a nasal tone, revealing a gun he god-knows-where acquired to assassinate the Commander of the First Order. Kylo Ren stood close - too close to see it coming but I saw it. Without thinking I pushed forwards, raising my hands in front of my face out of instinct. I waited to be hit, I awaited pain but all I heard was the breathing of three people- in and out. Two people on one side, and another and my raised heartbeat, overshadowing my perception.

The light bullet had stopped in motion, in front of my hands raised in a cross. The rebel’s eyes widened in shocked and must have mirrored my expression to the fullest. Slowly, I raised from my defensive position in front of the Commander of the First Order and slowly turned to face him. My hands were shaking, uncontrollably, and I released my fist, the light bullet still frozen in motion.

”Unbelievable”, Kylo Ren said with an expression I could not read. With a swish of his hand to the right, the bullet was released to hit a target, but not the target, on the side of the prison cell. Sparks lightening up the dimmed cell around me I lowered my eyes in expectation of the real wrath of Kylo Ren. To be told a liar and traitor for not knowing, for hiding the force. The tall man in front of me stepped closer towards me and I closed my eyes. Now I finally was afraid of him and what he might do.

Kylo Ren was fascinated by the raw unfolded power of Y/N. Now, since she released some of the force for the first time from within her he was able to finally see the power she radiated clearly, the power that was muted before but did not fail to keep him far away from Y/N. Kylo Ren was surprised. He stepped closer to Y/N in anticipation and slowly moved his hand to remove his glove and to raise her chin, to relieve the stress she was probably feeling right now at this moment. Y/N locked eyes with him, beautiful deep eyes lined with silver tears     - speaking words of terror and confusion. He sighed: “You need someone to show you the way. Let me be your teacher Y/N. I could not be more satisfied with my Second General. You saved my life and let me show you the way to the force.” He smirked as Y/N breathed out for relief and took his hand from her chin into her small warm palms.


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You wanted angst so maybe could you do headcanons for how Reaper, Mccree, and 76 would react if they cheated on their S/O and regretted it, only for the s/o to find out and want to leave them?

A/N: Decided to pair these up cause they’re similar. 

 Also, if someone cheats on you dump them. 


  • Reyes hadn’t meant for it to go that far. A little seducing? Sure. Taking someone to bed? No. He wasn’t sure what prompted him since the information he needed was at already at hand but a few lingering touches had somehow pulled him to confines of someone else’s bed. 
  • However, he had left his comm on. The sounds of a heated moment flooding through the receiver of your Intel office. It had thrown you completely off since the action was not necessary to the mission. 
  • You tossed the equipment in a moment of anger and bitterness. Reyes finding out much later that the forced cut of communication had meant you had heard the entire thing. Immediately regret floods his system. 
  • He knew his main circle had found out upon landing when the stern glare and tight-lipped answers from Ana had been an indication that you sought comfort from her. 
  • He asks about your whereabouts to which Morrison answers bitterly given that Ana might have ripped him a new one if she spoke. They leave him with a vague answers as you choose to keep your distance.
  • Its a couple of weeks before he finally sees you. You having strut into his office which makes him feel as if the world collapse on him as you do so. Its within work hours but he breaks his professionalism in order to vocalize his apology before you slap a thick sheet of paperwork on his desk. 
  • “Transfer papers?” The stressed crease above his eyebrows is evident. “You’re transferring to Amari’s division? Why?” Your lips are held in a tight line as you respond. “You know why, Gabriel.” “Cariño-” He opens his mouth but you cross your arms as if to shield yourself away. The action tearing at his heart. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be, Gabe. Please just sign the papers.” 
  • And so he does. The commander watches you leave with a clenched jaw and slamming fist into his desk in frustration when your presence is gone. 

Soldier 76

  • This mission has been rough on the both of you. Testing the lengths of your relationship in more ways than one but ,once a breakthrough had been made, boy were you both grateful.
  • It gives you two some room to breathe as the mission comes to a close. So, Solider decides to cut loose at a bar while you take a night on the town. It was a mutual agreement on the different relaxation methods which in the end meant you’d meet back at your hotel.
  • What you hadn’t though to occur was for you to find your boyfriend plastered beyond control. A stranger underneath him in the early throes of intimacy.  
  • He’s drunk but you’re fuming. An argument breaks out,  his words are slurred as he tries to justify himself claiming he thought it was you. Yet, your argument stands in which that there is no excuse no matter the circumstance -he should know better and he knows that its the truth.
  • The person he’s brought back has left moments long ago and your not quite sure why your still here either. Shortly after arguing till your in tears and your voice can’t take it, you take your awaited exit. Leaving the old solider alone with his thoughts for the night.
  • Jack wakes up the next day with a massive hangover and empty room. Winston alerts him that you had finished the mission the night prior (which he assumes was after you left) and pick up was awaiting him at the rendezvous point. 
  • Soldier’s gaze follows you as set his things down upon the air craft. He takes a moment to compose himself before trying to apologize. 
  • “Sweetheart,” He begins before you turn to him. Your eyes are red and puffy, the shaded purple under them letting him know you hadn’t slept at all. His chest aches and he can feel the embarrassment of his action rush to his face. “Save it, Jack. I don’t want to hear your excuses anymore.” You bite back bitterly. “I trusted you and I can’t believe you betrayed that. I hope you understand how bad you’ve hurt me.” He falters when he notices your glare is set in stone and nothing he say will change that. With a nod, he sits a good distance from you as regret weighs down his entire being. 
  • He hates himself. He regrets letting himself stoop to that level but knows your justified in breaking it off with him. The leather of his gloves squeak as his hands form angered fists.
  • He could never keep anything good now can he?

Jesse McCree

  • You’d notice how he’d been distracted a couple of times prior. His only reply to your speaking had been a series of hums and grunts as his gaze focused on something else.
  • McCree tells you he’s going out with co-workers that night. A small celebration for god-knows-what but you give him a kiss and with that you part. 
  • Its not until the next Reyes comms you to wake him up that you find him a mess of tangles sheets and a body laid next that is not yours. Furious and disheartened your voice is cracked as you wake both of them with your breakup before storming out. 
  • It takes him a while to adjust. Jesse slowly coming to terms with how different it is without you at his side. The way you loved and assured him gone to which left a lingering emptiness in its place. 
  • He comes to regret it immensely. The Cowboy Casanova angry at himself for choosing to ruin something good he had going for a night out and one-nightstand. 
  • Jesse comes up with an apology before searching for you. Finding you hard at work and approaching you with faux self-assurance.
  • McCree opens his mouth to speak before a poised hand is raised. He watches as you cut him off, level headed with a stoic face. The radiant smile gone at his presence. “Let it go, McCree.” You frown, watching his crest fallen expression. “I can’t believe I gave you my all and…” Your broken sniffle pinches his heart. “This isn’t something you can charm you way into fixing. Just go. 
  • He doesn’t want to but he lets it be. He made a decision that hurt you real bad and, honestly, he wouldn’t take himself back either.

Hanzo Shimada

  • Your relationship had been challenging from the start. He was a soon-to-be Clan leader and your work within castle grounds hardly constituted you a suitable partner. Though, that did not deter you two from falling for each other. 
  • Genji had found it rather humorous but supported the two of you the best he could. The younger brother ecstatic to have someone melt the cold heart of his older counterpart.
  • It wasn’t until the elders has wished for Hanzo to seduce a member from another clan. His orders given were to allure them with promises of relations in exchange power. 
  • Hanzo had been hesitant to take it, his love for you a striving force, but duty called and he knew what must be done. 
  • The call in to work that night is unexpected but you take it upon yourself to stop with Hanzo in order to surprise him. Only then do you find him undressed and in bed with another. Hot anger flushes your face before you storm out without a word.
  • Genji is the first to stop his brother the night after. His eyebrows furrowed in anger at what you explained to him shortly before escaping the castle grounds the night prior. 
  • “You are the last of everyone to be telling me such things.” Hanzo growls at his brother. Genji tightens his hands into fists. “That may be so but the one’s I take on as lovers know from the start, brother.” The ninja’s glare is staggering. Hanzo’s jaw aches from being clenched as Genji continues. “They genuinely loved you, you made them believe you could give them the world. Even I am not that heartless, Hanzo.”
  • He regrets what he did to you everyday. The pang of guilt hidden behind the stoic face of a ruthless clan leader. 
  • Yet, Hanzo lets you go like water through his fingers. Your love had not meant to be from the start, he convinces himself. Maybe in a different life, under different circumstances, you two could be together.