it's not a holiday i love but i thought this scene was cute and fitting

“Troll Holiday” Novelization Review

Okay guys, MAJOR spoilers for the holiday special. I bought the novelization and finally caved and read it so I could write this review. Remember to buy the book yourself! Or buy the movie too when it comes out!

First off, I think this is going to be a wonderful short film to add to the Trolls canon, and fans are going to love it! Everyone’s going to see things they wanted and things they didn’t expect. The root of the story seems to be Poppy’s motivation to make the Bergens happy by giving them a new holiday. But can the Bergens find a Troll holiday to love when the two groups are so different?


Everything about this story is so cute. Poppy and Bridget are like the embodiment of “BFF Goals.” They have adorable nicknames for each other, do cool handshakes, and are overall just share this powerful bond of sister-like love.

Speaking of nicknames, Bridget calls Gristle “Grissy” and Gristle calls her “Bridgie” and “babe.” Isn’t that the cutest?!

Not only do we see Poppy and Bridget’s sisterly love, we see Branch trying to fit in as a troll. The writers seem to recognize that moviegoers fell in love with Branch’s sarcasm and satirical paranoia. We can’t have just an overly happy peppy Branch who has his colors. We need a sarcastic and mildly pessimistic Branch who has his colors. We’re going to see plenty of that and also hear his angelic voice. Win-win!

Now, Poppy’s presentation of Troll holidays is going to be messy and quite over-the-top, based on what I read. It’s going to be hilarious and possibly cringe-worthy to watch, but it’s still perfectly in-tune with Poppy’s personality. She’s the type of partier who goes all-out and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I honestly can’t wait to see the holiday presentation, even if I do cringe for poor Bridget, Gristle, and Barnabas.

The one part I’m not so sure about is the scene where the Trolls go through a wormhole while on a Caterbus (driven by Cloud Guy). It’s a very strange, quite bizarre scene that implies references to the original Good Luck Troll dolls. I feel like this was either two things: an attempt at over-the-top, satirical humor or the storytellers got a little tipsy while writing and the animators just rolled with it. Either way, it should be fun…….I think……

More of my commentary is attached to my favorite passages, also listed in this review. I can’t wait for the special to come out so I can compare it to the image I have in my head thanks to this wonderful novelization.

Enjoy some of my favorite passages below! And remember to buy the book! I only included a select few, and the novel is so worth the buy.

Passages I loved:

Pg. 2: Super-Scrapbooking Day was jam-packed with fun activities. Harper, who loved art, showed the Trolls how to make their scrapbooks more artistic. King Peppy told young Trolls thrilling stories about the adventures of scrapbooking heroes in the olden days. Guy Diamond showed everyone how to dance new steps while they add the sparkle of glitter to their creations.

First off, Super-Scrapbooking Day sounds so much fun! And when Trolls celebrate, they go all-out (there’s even a parade). I love it! I mean, Peppy is telling little ones about “scrapbooking heroes.” I just love all of it already.

Pg. 3-4: “May I see your scrapbook?” Poppy asked.
Branch hastily hid it behind his back. “It’s not done,” he said. “It’s actually my first scrapbook ever.”
“Aw, c’mon!” Poppy said, grinning. “Gimme a sneak peek!”
“Well…….okay. But promise you won’t laugh!”
“I won’t laugh—no way! What’s the theme of your scrapbook?” Poppy asked eagerly. “Rainbows? Cupcakes? Rainbows made out of cupcakes?”
Branch rolled his eyes. “Rainbows made out of cupcakes? How is that even possible?”
“With scrapbooking, ANYTHING is possible! So what’s your theme?”
“Yeah. Rocks.”

Aww, look at our little Branch! He’s trying so hard to be happy and fit in with the other Trolls now that he has his colors back. But he still has some of that leftover greyness. In this special, I feel like we’re going to see quite a bit of Branch trying to figure out who he is: what is Blue Branch and what is Grey Branch?

Pg. 6-7: Not that the Bergens never had fun nowadays. They weren’t nearly as miserable as they’d been before the Trolls helped them find the happiness inside themselves. They were perfectly capable of being happy. They just weren’t very good at it. One Bergen’s idea of fun was to organize a picnic at a mud puddle. Nobody came. In fact, even the Bergen who’d invited everyone didn’t show up. Another Bergen thought it might be fun to play soccer with a wooden cube. She ended up in the hospital.

The Bergens are all undergoing changes and learning new things. They spent so much time thinking that true happiness came from eating a Troll. Just because they know they have happiness inside them doesn’t mean they know how to feel it. It must be such a big change for them to lose their only holiday and have no idea how to feel happiness without the Trolls.

Pg. 9: In Troll Village, Cooper walked around collecting mail. After he’d gathered it all, he quickly delivered it. This was easy, since most of the time he only had to walk over to the next pod and hand its owner a card or a party invitation.

This seems like a reference/throwback to an early concept design for Cooper, where our favorite giraffe-like troll was a mailman for the village. Very clever, Dreamworks.

Pg. 13: Poppy turned and saw Branch looking at himself in her mirror. He was making a face that looked tense. Painful, even. “What are you doing? What’s happening with your face? Are you about to barf?”
Branch shook his head. “No, I’m practicing my smile. You know, I’m new to this whole being happy thing.”

I see some discussion about Branch’s dulled colors in the special. This further proves some of the theories that Branch as PTSD-like symptoms. He’s trying to be happy and be like the other trolls, but those are two different things. I think he’s definitely happy, especially when he’s with Poppy. But he’s not just like the other trolls, not anymore.

Pg. 25: “Wait a minute,” Branch said. “Making his own echo? Where have I heard that voice before?” Then he remembered! “Oh, no … not him.”

Poor Branch still doesn’t like Cloud Guy very much, which I find hilarious.

Pg. 35: Branch pointed toward the meadows. “Well, that way looks friendly and inviting, but you just know it’s going to turn out to be horrible and terrible once you get there.”

Aw, there’s our cute little pessimistic Grey Branch. Honestly, I’m glad the writers kept some of Branch’s sarcastic, sometimes-pessimistic personality even when he has his colors. After all, I think most of us fell in love with Branch because he contrasted so much against Poppy.

Pg. 39: Gigantic snowflakes fell from the sky and stuck into the ground on their sharp points. Each flake stood twice as high as a Troll!

See, what stands out to me here is that I recognize this as a brief scene from Trolls during Poppy’s song “Get Back Up Again.” Once again, the writers show how they recycle things used in the movie or concepts scrapped from the original cut. That’s the great thing about writing and filmmaking. Something that doesn’t work in one place may be awesome somewhere else in a related field.

Pg. 44: “Uh-oh,” Biggie sighed. “Who’s good at untying knots?”
“Pirates?” Cooper guessed.

I’m sorry, that was like an awesome Dad Joke. I actually laughed out loud.

Pg. 52-53: Cloud Guy had an amazing voice. But he was loud. Really loud. In fact, he was so loud, several critters’ faces scrunched up. Others covered their ears with their feet. Some fell to the ground. As the critters writhed on the ground, tortured by Cloud Guy’s thundering vocals, the Trolls slipped away.

Oh geez. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to hearing that.

Pg. 56: “Cooper,” Poppy said, “pyrotechnics.”
“Huh?” Cooper said. “I thought I was doing the fireworks.”
“Pyrotechnics are fireworks,” Branch explained.
“Oh,” Cooper said. “In that case, ready!” He gave a confident nod and a welding mask fell own over his face. he raised a gas torch, which was already lit and flaming.

Um………is anyone else concerned by that image?

Pg. 62: “On Tickle Day, we all get tickled by … SPIDERS!”

Okay, this is the part where I start to question the Trolls’ way of life, no matter how cute it looks. I respect all living creatures, even spiders, but I don’t want to be tickled by one.

Pg. 76: Bridget took a deep breath. “I guess what I’m saying is none of this really means anything to us.”
“Um, okay,” Poppy said, not exactly sure what her friend meant. “But I just want you to have something to celebrate.”

Serious moment at last after all the craziness of the holiday presentations. This is significant. Trollstice was the Bergens’ only holiday, the only time they could be happy. Bridget has a point: none of the Trolls’ holidays mean anything to the Bergens. They don’t have any emotional attachment to said holidays. But Poppy also brings up a good point: the Bergens need something to celebrate. They need a way to exercise their new happiness, and what better way than a special, annual occasion that they can share with each other?

Pg. 80: Branch approached the pink shrub. “Poppy, I know you’re hiding in your hair.”
The pink shrub sudden turned around and howled. It was a strange pink-haired critter!
“Not Poppy! Not Poppy!” Biggie said, clutching Mr. Dinkles protectively.
“Sorry,” Branch said. “Wrong hair.”

Major LOL! I hope we actually see that scene in the movie!

She loves Fall

A/N: This is for Kari’s November Dean Quickie Challenge. I had no direction with this story, I just kind of let my fingers go and it just went wherever Dean wanted it to go. Its just a cute story about Dean watching you during your favorite season

Just over 3k words

Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Language and lots of cuteness and fluff


Fall was more than just a season for you. It was the time of the year that truly brought you to life. Between the cool weather and changing leaves, you could just get pleasantly lost in the moment. You wear the cutest sweaters, always a different one every day. Sammy would  rake up piles of leaves just so the two of you could fall into them in a fit of laughter. You always made sure there was a pie in the oven or one cooling on the counter. Everything was pumpkin spice including our pancakes. You would drag me out in the dark and make me build a fire so you could sit on the old log curled up in a blanket and watch the crackling flames. You had convinced me to bring a table and some chairs out into the woods around the bunker so you could sit and read or draw. You love just enjoying the scenery and be amongst nature even if it was starting to get cold outside. It was this time of the year that I couldn’t help but watch your every move. You’d never catch me staring but you had to have known but never said anything. You never turned me away when I sat by the fire with you, or watched as you sketched out a scene of the Impala against a fall backdrop. You’d share your pumpkin spice lattes and make sure I always had apple pie. As someone who doesn’t really pay attention to the change of seasons or holidays and free time, since you came into my life, that had all changed so quickly.

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Home for the Holidays

Hi @usukdorkfanfics,  I’m your secret santa !! admittedly, i was already kinda nervous to write something for you because I really like your fics! I was also a little worried with just the prompt of “human au”, but I ended up running away with it and got lost lmao ouo;; I hope your Christmas celebrations are going well and you enjoy! C: Merry Christmas!!

Title: Home for the Holidays

Summary: Alfred waits tables and sings on the sidewalks of New York City in his struggle to survive in the heart of such an active town. When he meets Arthur, a well-off lawyer with a bad taste in coffee and a love for restaurant pies, he doesn’t expect to have his most challenging Christmas wish granted, and the potential of something more.

Rating: G

Warnings: None


busk - verb

1. play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways.

“the boy made extra money by busking on the streets of New York”

Read it on, AO3, or below the cut !

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Confession and Confusion ~ Young!Remus Lupin

A/N: My first request from mikeygc3000. Hope you like it, love.

Also, I know that this would’ve happened a long time before the song was released, but I thought that it was fitting for the scene.

At this time of the year, the Great Hall is usually quiet with only a handful of students. The snow would be falling from the sky as the Hogwarts Express departs for Platform 9 and ¾. The students who have decided to stay would be enjoying the peace and tranquil that the Great Hall finally provides as they, for once, sit at a table that isn’t from their house.

However, things are different this year. Instead of the Hogwarts Express being filled to the brim with students of all ages excitedly chatting about their plans for the holidays, it’s only half full with the students under fourth year bitterly discussing injustice while the other half is in Hogwarts excitedly discussing the Yule Ball that the younger students were deprived of.

“Prongs, for fuck’s sake! You two are already dating, why are you stressing about asking Lily to the ball?” Sirius throws his head back in frustration at his friend. “Besides, doesn’t matter how you ask her, she’s going to say yes and you two will end up snogging either way!”

“But I want it to be romantic! I want to sweep her off her feet like in those muggle movies she’s always showing us.”

Remus rolled his eyes and let out a small chuckle as his friends continue to bicker back and forth, instead he chose to focus on the plate of food before him.

“They’re having a go at each other again huh?” A feminine voice that was so familiar appeared behind him, chuckling in amusement as she watches the argument between the two Marauders. Y/N sat down next to Remus and offers him one of stunning smiles. He felt his heart break, convinced that it was nothing but platonic.

Remus Lupin is in love with Y/N Y/L/N. That is a fact that he has come to term with but never would act upon. He felt as though he would be nothing but a burden to her given his conditions. No, he decided that a platonic relationship with her will have to suffice. Even if it breaks his heart.

“So what did James come up with this time? Fireworks? Or maybe he’d stand up on the table during breakfast and ask her.” The teasing glint in her eyes were prominent as a smirk made its way across her lips.

“Wait, that’s actually not a bad idea! Thanks Y/N” James turned around smiling at her as he looks out for her redheaded best friend.

“Speaking of which, are you planning on asking anyone to the ball, Remus?” She turned to talk to him. She has been dropping hints to him, hoping that he would ask her. Y/N has fancied him ever since fifth year, now they’re in their seventh and the perfect opportunity presented itself when the ball was announced.

“Actually, I don’t have to. Emily asked me and I said yes.” Her face dropped for a second before putting on a fake smile. “What about you? Do you have a date to the ball?” He knew he was being selfish when he was hoping she would say no. He had a date with a nice girl. Maybe but she’s not Y/N.

“No, not yet, I’ve gotten a few offers but I wanted to ask someone else.” She gave him a sad smile while replying. Unaware of the sadness that filled his eyes. “But he’s taking someone else.”

“Don’t worry any guy would be lucky to take you.” He reassured her, desperately wishing that it was who was taking her. Looking into her eyes he found himself captivated by them and all the emotions they held. People say that eyes are the windows to the soul and if that really is the case, then he wants to get lost in her soul as she does in his.

“She’s here!” James yelled excitedly as Lily entered the Great Hall, unknowingly ruining a moment between his two friends as everyone’s attention is directed at him. Y/N felt her cheeks warm up as she felt Remus’ eyes on her but that thought soon left her head as she was the embarrassingly cute scene between Lily and James unfold before her eyes, laughing with Sirius as his prediction came true, Lily and James ended up snogging. All the while, completely unaware that Remus’ gaze was on her the entire time.


“I still can’t believe you did that! And in front of the whole school nevertheless.” Currently the Marauders except Peter, who decided to skip the ball and went home for holidays, are situated in the Gryffindor common room, laughing and joking around while James and Sirius waits for their date. But a sudden movement caught Remus’ eyes. His jaw dropped at the sight of Y/N walking down the stairs in a crimson red dress, her hair styled to perfection as was her makeup.

“Y/N! Do you by any chance know how to tie a tie?” Sirius jumped up at the sight of his ‘date’. The two decided to go together as friends seeing as she can’t go with Remus and Sirius didn’t particularly fancy taking a random girl. She let out a small chuckle while eyeing the three of them with a look of amusement.

“None of you know how to tie a tie? How do you manage it every day? Do you get Peter to do it for you or something?” Her question was met with silence and she let out a laugh. “Oh Merlin! You do don’t you?”

“Just do it for us please?” She let out another chuckle as she moved towards Sirius, plucked the tie out of his hand, shaking her head in disbelieving manner as she did his tie. James handed her his tie as well, and she did the same thing to him. While she was doing this, he couldn’t help but feel jealous. Remus knew that her relationship with James is nothing but platonic, as it is with Sirius. But tonight, it will be Sirius who makes her laugh, who will dance with her and the idea of that greatly bothers him. Finally, she turned towards Remus, her smile faltering as she silently took the tie from him and began to do the knot. He couldn’t help but stare at her, his heart racing from the close proximity between them.

“There, all done. You look handsome, Remus. Emily is a lucky girl.” She whispered softly to him, giving a sad smile before planting a kiss on his cheek, leaving a lipstick stain on it. He caught her eyes and once again, he got lost in them.

“So is Sirius”


Even though she was hesitant at first, Y/N ended up loving the ball. All throughout the night, she was dancing, singing and having fun with Sirius. Now, it’s time for the last dance, and she sat alone, seeing as Sirius passed out about ten minutes ago from having too much firewhiskey, admiring the Great Hall and smiling as all the couples stood up and made their way for the dance floor for their last dance of the night. She turned to her right as she heard the chair moving and saw Remus standing there, holding two glasses of firewhiskey. One for her and one for him.

“Thank you.” She said giving a smile as she accepted the glass. She raised it to her lips, the coldness of the glass disappearing as soon as the liquid entered her system, warming her up. She let out a content sigh before turning back to him, who was already watching her with a fond smile. Her eyes lit up as she recognize the muggle song that was currently being played. “Oh, I love this song.”

Heart beats fast
Colours and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

As she starts singing, he starts falling. Harder and harder with every single note and every single verse. He looked at her, a loving smile played across his lips as she closes her eyes enjoying every single moment. And once she reopened them, he stood up, offering her a hand.

One step closer.

She smiled taking him up on his offer and they made their way to the dance floor, hand in hand.

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

“Did you have fun tonight?” He asked as he places his hands on her waist, unaware of the effect he has over her.

“Sirius got drunk, and it’s always fun to see him drunk, so yes, I think I did. What about you? With Emily?” She asked back, placing her arms around his neck, also completely unaware of the effect she has on him. But at her words, she saw a flash of regret across his eyes.

“I think it could’ve been better.”

“Really? How?”

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

“To be honest, I didn’t really want to come with Emily.” He replied spinning her around. And the song was right. Time stands still when he is with her. “I wanted to ask someone else. But I’ve heard that she’s already gotten at least three or four offers, and I was certain that I didn’t stand a chance against the others. So when Emily asked me, I thought why not. And I really regretted it.”

One step closer

It kills her to hear him say something so highly of this mystery girl, but for his sake, she puts on an encouraging smile.

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

“Because I found out that she said no to all of them. For weeks I was kicking myself for not trying. But I decided to suck it up.” He poured out his feelings while giving her a sad smile. “I watched her the whole time. Trying to find the perfect moment to swoop in and ask her for a dance, but never got the right chance.”

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

The more she listened, the more her heart broke. She has always known that she liked him, but in that moment, hearing him talk about someone like that, it made her realize that she has fallen in love with the werewolf.

“What happened after that?”

“Her date left, passed out drunk. She’s here actually.” He confessed making her face scrunch up in confusion.

“Then why aren’t you dancing with her?”

One step closer
One step closer

Seeing her stand there a face full of confusion, he knew that it was the right moment for the confession.

“I am.” Her eyes immediately meet his, searching for any traces of lying. “Y/N, I am truly, madly and deeply in love with you.”

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

“And I have been in love with you ever since fifth year, I know that it seems pointless to say this now knowing that you’re interested in someone. But I love you, I’m in love with you and I can’t help it.” Her eyes begin to tear up as they try to search for his, but they were looking anywhere but her. Gently, she reached out and caress his cheeks, forcing him to look at her.

“Do you want to know who I’m in love with?”

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

“It’s you Remus. It’s always been you. And it will always be you. Forever and always.” And with that she reached up, bringing her lips to his.