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Sterek AU: Stiles is the son of the richest man in California - his dad made his life as a personal investigator and ended uplanding on more money than he ever hoped for after a big case. It was uphill from there. The downside is Stiles can’t trust anyone. After befriending Derek Hale, a senior in the college Stiles attends to, things take a unexpected turn. His new friend asks him to be his fake boyfriend for a week, just to get the family’s guy to leave him alone. What Stiles doesn’t expect is for Derek’s family to think Stiles is a gold-digger, since they’re basically royalty… in the small town they live. He’s also surprised to realize that Derek’s uncle, Peter, is one of the guys his father is currently investigating

The feelings Stiles start to develop for his friend don’t really help. The sex ends up being amazing, though

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I did another animated fake screenshot because someone wanted to know how!


also I love underverse so much

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JK : *listening to we don’t talk anymore*

YG: i think you have to make it up for the kid

JM: hyung i swear i tried but he doesn’t answer me

TH: bcuz our kookie is emotional and you didnt take care of him *going to cuddle with kook*

JM: but i only talked to taemin and jst for a short time

TH: you even left us to go talking backstage , jungkookie says

JM: baby he texted me and i couldn’t say no he’s my friend and my hyung

TH: well you don’t listen to me when i say these things about yugyeom , jungkookie says

JM: baby! That guy keeps on holding you! Hugging you on stage !

TH: well you smacked his ass infront of me! Maybe his ass is prettier! … Of course jungkookie says

JM: I’m so sorry i was just joking i didn’t mean it in other way i was stupid

TH: sorry won’t slove anything actions speak louder than words , as namjoon says , jungkookie says

NJ: *reading a book* i raised him up so well

JM: babyyyy….

JK: *gets up with tae to enter his room* spend this week sleeping at your taemin hyung *locks the door*

NJ: he means “you need to beg me for a week and i dare you to even msg or call that friend of yours ”. Jst saying.

You know I’ve been taking some time

And I’ve been keeping to myself

I had my eyes up on the prize

Ain’t watching anybody else

But your love it hit me hard

Yeah, you’re bad for my health

I love the cards that I’ve been dealt

Do you feel the same as well?

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I’m out, free)

People want me for one thing (that’s not me)

I’m not changing the way, that I (used to be)

I just wanna have fun (and get rowdy)

Want coke and bacardi (sippin’ lightly)

When I walk inside the party (girls on me)

F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed)

I love it when your body (grinds on me), baby  

You know I love it when the music’s start
But c'mon, strip that down for me, baby

There’s a lot of people in the crowd
But only you can dance with me

So put your hands on my body
And swing around for me, baby

You know I love it when the music start
But c'mon, strip that down for me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, strip that down
Love when you hit the ground (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, strip that down
Love when you hit the ground

You know, that since the day I met you

Yeah, you swept me off my feet

You know, that I don’t need no money

When your love is beside me

Yeah, you opened up my heart

And then you threw away the key

Now it’s just you and me

And you don’t care ‘bout where I’ve been


“No, really, don’t force it…”

What if this had been his first smile?

Either way… Can you imagine what their family photos must’ve looked like before Fresh started wearing sunglasses and getting good at putting on smiles? Pictures of everyone else smiling, but in every single one, Fresh has the same blank stare…

danielle didn’t eat salad outside a window to be erased like this


(adj.) girlgroup pristin and everything they do