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Lavender x Parvati for @parvatpatil

They were often seen around school together, giggling and whispering. (x)


And later I dreamt that maid again …


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  • honey boy™
  • you guys knew each other beforehand
  • jeonghan introduced you to each other in high school
  • you weren’t close but you could definitely rely on each other
  • so when he asked you to be his roommate in college you were thrilled
  • you both chose the same majors so your classes were at the same times
  • rarely ever fights
  • joshua looks after you so well
  • if you’re not feeling to good and you can’t make it to class, he’ll record the lecture or let you borrow his notes
  • you help each other with homework and assignments
  • ALWAYS partners for projects
  • people assume you’re a couple because josh would ask how you are and call you pet names
  • like ‘baby’ or ‘love’
  • he’s just looking out for you tho
  • or is he
  • i don’t think he’d want to sleep alone so one day you just move your bed into his room
  • obviously you push it right next to his
  • very protective in his sleep and will end up with his arm on you or something
  • you knew he did guitar in high school so you would force him to play it for u
  • not force but you would persistently ask
  • will gladly do it because it means extra practice
  • and seeing u smile
  • you adore his honey voice
  • so???soft???
  • christmas would be the best time for you guys because curling up in bed next to each other and watching christmas films
  • also his birthday
  • which you hype up in november
  • he hypes up your birthday too but you’re literally screaming it in people’s faces
  • “hi yes i would like to let you know that it’s josh’s birthday soon and-”
  • “y/n please-”
  • you get him a new guitar one year and he absolutely loves it
  • plays it for you straight away and does a duet with jeonghan
  • you film it so you can watch it when you’re sad
  • joshua would lowkey be jealous when someone else makes you laugh
  • if wonwoo cracks a dad joke and you giggle, he would glare at you from across the room
  • and then later he would be slightly defensive
  • “hey josh can you make me a coffee?”
  • “i don’t know, why don’t you ask wonwoo.”
  • you laugh at his childish behaviour
  • but you actually call wonwoo and he’s round your apartment in seconds
  • “y/n i was only kidding-”
  • “it’s ok, WONWOO is making me coffee now.”
  • poor wonu
  • but you would get jealous too
  • you like it when you can make joshua laugh like there’s no tomorrow
  • but if a girl in your class makes him smile
  • oh lOrD
  • saltysaltysalty
  • but you get over it eventually because you remember you aren’t actually a couple
  • adventure time marathons amirite
  • you would always debate over which season is better
  • he would be so random at three am tho
  • he would just say what was on his mind in his sleep-induced state
  • will remind you that he hates the colour green
  • josh???its a colour???chiLL???
  • “green is nOT A CREATIVE COLOUR”
  • “joshua hong please sleep”
  • he doesn’t say i love you directly but he’ll mean it in little things
  • like saying “good morning” to you every morning
  • and “stay safe today”
  • i feel like you’d end up getting together because of your similar interests and all the time you spend together

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Zodiac signs colors and why
  • Aries : Red - Not this aggressive brightful kind of red. It's the wine one, the richest of them all that wraps you with wramth and confidence. You are the fire at his beggining, the hope, the impulsion. Your enthousiasm is contagious. When you have an idea you have to do it NOW. You may sometimes not finish everything, but you're too busy to give a damn !
  • Tarurus : Honey - You thought it would be green ? Que nenni ! Sensual, grounded, epicurian, so many words to describe the joy of being alive and seeks all the pleasure of the earth. Your smile is something simple but pure and sincere. You can't be angered easily cause you prefer saving your energy for something that will require pleasure. But you can be as stubborn as bee trying to protect her queen and when someone finally got on your bad side, like the bull, you won't let him get away alive.
  • Gemini : Pink - Forget the palest shade of this colour ! You're the taffy, hot pink, magenta one ! When you go somewhere it's impossible for you to be unoticed. Not because you seek attention, but because you seem from another planet. You're like a child ready to cause mischiefs and bring smile to our faces at any moment !
  • Cancer : Blue - This colour describe your all being perfectly. Pale, dark, all shades show a facet of your personnality, how you can be the sweetest thing on earth or how you can be the worst tsunami if someone wants to fight you. Melancolic, you have built high walls to hide your heart from this ruthless world. You hide yourself behind a mask of mockery, making people believe you don't feel anything or you don't care. Many people don't try to see behind the mask, but those who dare won't ever regret it. Cause you have the power to soothe any wounds.
  • Leo : Tawny - Untamed, you rule the place as you show up ! It's in your nature. Whenever you go, there is this aura around you who commands respect. Proud and wild, people don't want to mess with you cause you're the definition of being courageous. Even if people don't like you, they can't deny or look down on you. But you know damn well how to get on their nerves ! Still not many will be willing to fight you because of that vibe full of pride and power. Even when you're not, you always give the feeling of being self-confident. For you, there is no such thing as being afraid. Either you fight, either you die.
  • Virgo : Mint - Independent, you rely on your damn self to do things. When you do something, you want it to be perfect and that's why you have a tendency to be easily stressed. Talented, people may have also high expectation on you and that doesn't help cause it makes you fear of doing mistakes (which is perfectely fine!) You like people who are true and honest, like you ! You know how words can be powerful that's why you choose your words wisely. But if you have to tell the truth, damn I hope the person got an ego insurrance cause you will be as sharp as a katana.
  • Libra : Coral - Nor aggressive, nor too pale, isn't it the perfect colour to describe a person who seeks the right middle between things ? Also some people may dislike your tendancy to not want to take a side in an argument or taking your time when it comes of taking the right decision, many like the fact you can stay impartial or simply don't want to bother being involved in a situation that doesn't concern you ! You don't like fighting, not because you can't but because it tires you. You'd rather say nothing and be at peace.
  • Scorpio : Black - You are the death and the rebirth. From you, we can get all or nothing ! Fine watcher of your surroundings, your magnetism is why people are attracted to you. That untouchable, dangerous vibe you give may either wants people to seek you or rejects you. Secretive you do not open up easily but once you do your passion may burn your partner.
  • Sagittarius : Purple - Cause you're the "quietest" of the sun signs. This color is made of red and blue which means you're carefree, living as you please without wanting to bother others (blue). You may be extravangant, but you surely are original by the way you experiment your life. You are full of funny experiences. But you are a sleeping fire, like the ash you can burn if someone wants to mess with you ! And they won't see it coming (red).
  • Capricorn : Bronze - The one who says " The sucess lies in your hand" was certainely talking about a capricorn native. Composed, you are a hard-worker when something motivates you. But you love to slack-off, chilling and above all, be with your closest friends that you chose wisely. Sarcastic, you have that spicy humor that makes your charm, and I don't talk about that smirk of yours that can infuriate or charm the people around you. Your head is your best ally, your rationality your best weapon.
  • Aquarius : White - If your sign was a word it will be wisdom. Your are the precursor of progress, the one who see through the heart and the soul of the people around you. You seek fairness, deep conversation and yearn for inner peace. Your wolrd doesn't stick to what you see. You feel this "other" invisible world all around you and want to connect with it.
  • Pisces : Turquoise - For me it's THE colour that describes perfectly the word creativity. Your head is a mess of sketches, ideas, paintings. You want to realise everything and knowing that you can't angers you. Socially awkward, the world you were born in is far too harsh and boring for you to try to make an effort and sympathize. Either people understand and attempt to enter this world of your own or they can go fuck themselves with your best regards. You won't change for them.

The Colour of Calm

Tagging Charissa because she’s a better writer than me and I love her opinions. Also this is part one of “The Colour of..” I don’t know how many parts there will be but I guess we’ll find out.


Idea: Peter wears a lot of blue and y/n questions Ned about it. Peter went around the corner to eavesdrop.

Looking around for Peter -to make sure he’s not there- y/n turns to Ned.

“Why does Peter wear so much blue?”

“Umm, I’m not sure, actually…” Ned spoke as he thought about it. Then, he continued, “Maybe it’s colour therapy? I mean blue is the colour of calm. Huh, if its that then he should be wearing the colour of creativity…”

They shrugged, “its possible I guess.”

Peter walked up behind them and tapped their shoulders. This startled y/n, make them screech.

“Hey guys, talking about me?”

“W-what? Oh NO! No we weren’t. Why are you asking?”

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Really? 2005 P&P? I almost shouted at the screen and it wasn't of delight. Keira has a pretty face, even if she is too skinny, and was a good enough Elizabeth Bennet. But the scenes in wich she was with her hair undone were ridiculous. A respectable gentlewoman would never be seen with her hair undone! It had a strong sexual meaning at the time. And Mr. Darcy asking her hand to Mr. Bennet without being dressed properly? At the 1995 series, Colin Firth is only dressed with breeches and a wet

Ahahahhahahahahahaha well, I’m so sorry we don’t have the same taste! But I think you’re complaining of historical inaccuracy and not about her hair being “ridiculous”. I think you’re talking about her generally messy hair:

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Before anything we need to address the issue that this is a film, and as such the costume design, hair and makeup (along with aaaaaaaaaaall the art related departments) are working based on a creative concept that gives the aesthetic for the film. In this case the aesthetic is clearly inspired in the natural/wild/beautiful british countryside (take a look at the colours, the way landscapes are portrayed, the fabrics, the makeup and of course the hairstyles). In contrast, our beloved 1995 series has a more civilized, elegant and clean aesthetic (and not because of that less pretty, interesting or accurate for the story!).

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When you work in costume design, you need to give information about the characters to the audience without saying a word. Same goes for the hair and makeup. You choose everything carefully for every single thing gives the same message: the shoes, the bonnet, the simple coat, the muddy bottoms of the dress, the rosy cheeks, the messy hair. That hair gives a message (that you clearly got! Even if you also have the historically accurate fact about what that meant back in the day).

Now, here is the simplest way to get the message in the context of the movie and (quite smartly) to the eyes of the audience at the same time that to the eyes of Darcy:

An accomplished elegant lady:

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And a lady who (according to Caroline and Darcy) is not:

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In the 1995 version the contrast is quite more subtle, almost seems that Caroline Bingley is simply more posh that Elizabeth and that’s it:

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I don’t think we all need to talk about how Caroline Bingley is quite pretty, elegant, in fashion and with perfect hair in both versions.

Also we have the contrast between Darcy’s world:

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And Elizabeth’s world:

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Actually the whole movie (visually) talks about the contrasts between both worlds, and that’s charming.

And let’s not forget about the last part of the ask: Darcy not being properly dressed. Here are a few things to think about this choice:

1. It’s fuckin’ Darcy, he can get away with anything. But only Colin Firth can really be above all Darcies out there:

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2. Let’s think, why would such a gentleman go to ask for the hand of a lady in a) breeches and wet shirt; or b) breeches, shirt and just any coat thrown on top?

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Hint: he tells Elizabeth (and us) the reason before.

In 1956, Blue Note employed Reid Miles, an artist who worked for Esquire magazine. The cover art produced by Miles, often featuring Francis Wolff’s photographs of musicians in the studio, was as influential in the world of graphic design as the music within would be in the world of jazz. Under Miles, Blue Note was known for their striking and unusual album cover designs. Miles’ graphical design was distinguished by its tinted black and white photographs, creative use of sans-serif typefaces, and restricted colour palette (often black and white with a single colour), and frequent use of solid rectangular bands of colour or white, influenced by the Bauhaus school of design.