it's not a bother at all anon!

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hey sorry to bother u but if ,, one wants to start watching AT but wants to skip the first few episodes where its still like kinda bad , which season do you think should they start? sorry if this doesnt make sense hhh have a good day!

a lot of episodes are important unfortunately, even in early seasons :(

@cryptolalias made a list of episodes that are ‘plot relevant’, though! i understand it’s a pretty long series, though most episodes are really good and you shouldnt skip at all imo

there are other lists people’ve made floating around but i can’t find them atm :(

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Yo!Very sorry for bothering you but I really need to know about all these Jospeh rumours/spoilers so if you don't mind can you explain what's it all about?(I still haven't finnished his route but I really wanna know.)

ey its all good dude.. to my knowledge, the stuff thats being discussed and theorized about is not actually a route you can take right now. It’s just stuff people have found while digging around where ya probably shouldn’t be looking anyway lol.. some people are trying to find out if there’s a way to get to it still, but it’s looking to be unreachable at the moment, possibly isn’t meant to be reached (yet)

but if you wanna know more about all that stuff, you can look at these links:

herehere / here / and here

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The push for perfection is something that's really bothering me these days. LGBT+ people are just as flawed as anyone else, why can't their media be flawed too?

I encourage the push for improvement, but the search for the perfect piece of media will always be fruitless. TV shows, movies, games, and the like are created by humans, who are all naturally flawed creatures. There is not one single thing on this earth that is without its faults, and those who won’t allow themselves to enjoy anything unless it’s the beacon of perfection and purity won’t find themselves enjoying anything. And not to mention how completely subjective the idea of “perfection” is. Everybody consumes and reacts to media in different ways, after all. It’s alright to enjoy something despite its flaws (there is, of course, a line to draw sometimes, though), as long as those flaws can be acknowledged and learned from. The march towards more positive LGBTQ+ representation is a very long and frustrating one, but as long as people continue to learn and reach out, there will be good things to come. However, I can’t speak for even the smallest portion of the LGBTQ+ community; I can only speak for myself. This is just my two cents

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hi hello i'm shy and awkward but i wanted to thank you for this au!! sometimes when the Various Falsettos Discourse™ starts to bug me i read through your blog a lil bit because it's so good and pure thank you so much i'm sorry this is such an awkward ask i hope i'm not bothering you! i just wanted to tell you i appreciate you!!! 💓💓💓

Hey hey I’m s o glad you sent me an ask! I know its hard even on anon and such but it’s n e v e r a bother, I love your guys feedback! I’m s o glad you enjoy my blog and that it helps you with yknow, all the discourse ah!!! Ilysm thanlk you anon!!! Have a g ood day!!!!

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Hi people are being so mean to Jeremy because of something he said at Comic Con and its making me so upset right now. People are saying he's a monster and telling him to go die. It just upsets me to have him read things like that. I really don't understand some fandoms because no one deserves that kind of hate. I still love and support Jeremy no matter what. Sorry to bother you with thiis. I know it doesn't have to do with your blog at all. Have a good day! :) JJ anon

I’ve been watching it all too. Unfortunately I’m not in that fandom so I don’t understand the whole extent of what’s going on, but if it’s like any other discourse I’ve seen, it’s probably all because a bunch of people got offended over something really simple and innocent.

I won’t be posting any discourse on my blog, and I’ll continue posting my normal amount of Jeremy Jordan stuff, so I hope you’ll all be able to keep enjoying my feed. No hate here so feel free to enjoy your time here at House of Pont :)

The best thing I can do is continue supporting Jeremy and let him know what you mean to him. Continue spreading love in the fandom as well. Stifle the discourse right out of the fandom with love, my friend. That’s the only way you’ll solve discourse.

Sorry you’re having to experience all the hate. Hopefully it’ll pass soon :)



request a gifset - jackson & members being affectionate with each other for anon

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Do you like bluepulse or nah?

i don’t know man

it’s alright i guess

i guess its kinda ok

it’s not really my thing though

it’s not like i’ve drawn it a million times

it’s not like it’s one of my otps or anything

so idk you tell me

did you even bother checking my tag anon? 

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any tips for building, I love decorating and stuff but I can never make the houses look alright on the outside, which is such a huge bother especially when I'm trying to build community lots. Also, how do you make your buildings match the aesthetic of a certain neighborhood? I try to refurnish or build but it's really hard to match the styles of the worlds in ts4. Sorry for all the questions, I hope you have a nice day!

Hi Anon! I apologize for taking so long to answer this one. Sometimes questions like this make my brain hurt because I don’t know where to begin. XD And I’m afraid once I start, I’ll just babble forever! But I’ll try to be as concise as I can.

As far as making exteriors of houses and community lots look right, my usual advice is to start with inspiration/reference pictures. You can use Google Image search, Pinterest, Houzz, and various floorplan sites to find something you’d like to build (I have a post with links here). Ask yourself what you like about the house - the roofline? The windows? The color scheme? Try to focus on the thing you like best and get it as close to the picture as possible. You may have to compromise with the rest of it, due to the limitations of the game, so if you can get at least one element right, you have a better chance of ending up with a house you like!

Pay attention to proportions. It’s honestly the hardest thing to get right, but it will make a huge difference in the final result! I don’t use any fancy measuring scheme, just my eyeballs, so it’s hard to give specific advice here. Sometimes I measure a house by “window-widths”, or just by sections. To illustrate what I’m talking about, here’s an example:

The yellow squares respresent the “sections” of the house, and the arrows mark the width of the first section as compared to the others. You can see they’re all about the same size (the middle one is a little shorter, and the last one is a bit longer). So whether you decide to make each section 4 tiles, 5 tiles, or 6 tiles wide, I would keep them all the same size in the game, too.

The blue lines represent “window-widths”, which is another way I use to measure a house. In that first section, the window is in the middle. If you eyeball the distance on either side, it’s about one and a half window widths. Unfortunately we don’t have half-width-walls in the Sims, so you can either go with a room that is 3 tiles, 4 tiles, or 5 tiles wide. 3 tiles is just too small, since your other sections will have to be 3 tiles as well (unless you’re purposely building a tiny home, that’s fine, too!). If you do 4 tiles, you’ll want a 2-tile wide window so you can position it in the middle of the section. I myself would probably go with 5 tiles just to give myself a bit more room. Then I’d make the other sections 5 tiles as well.

Anyway, that’s my non-technical way of figuring out proportions. Sometimes you have to compromise and just go with what works in the game and what looks nice to you. It’s very difficult to get a house to look exactly like a picture, but it at least gives you a plan to start with!

As for neighborhood planning, I’ll stop babbling for now and point you to some previous posts I’ve made (but let me know if you have further questions!):

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Sasuke never kissed sakura :S

Yeah, okay, look, I wasn’t going to bother with this message; but seeing as i’m getting these type of messages recently makes me wonder if its just the same troll begging for attention. If thats the case, then congratulations you’ve accomplished it. If you’re that stupid to believe that Sasuke has never kissed Sakura then go right ahead and think that.

But let me ask you something, anon. Does this:

look like a man that’s never kissed his wife?

Pftt heck even Sakura gets all fluttered by the thought of remembering:

So yeah stay in falala land anon. Im very much happy in canon land ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


And then Rigby proceeded to vomit all over Mordecai’s bed, and his bathroom, and on him as well. So Mordecai couldn’t make it to his morning class because he had to do a quick laundry run. That’s the last time Mordecai threw an impromptu dorm party as well.

Ask and you shall receive. Also college AU incorporation because why not? Ahaha, thank you for the message!! Q q Q

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why so in denial about canon IH, gotta admit the facts you bitches lost :P

You know who’s in denial about canon IH?

Jump, when 686 dropped.

Kubo, 2 months later.

Jump - continuing to ignore “canon IH” 7 months later.

One year on and they’re STILL ignoring your canon ship. No merch, no covers, no couple honeymoon spread art by Kubo, no poems. Even the light novels you desperately cling on to (“thEy’re cAnOn cUz tHey fit iNto teh tiMEliNe, wHEreAs Fade to Black dOsn’t” - no dumbass, they’re ALL not canon) steer clear of any IH romance. 

No wonder you pathetic hoes need to come to our blogs to beg us to acknowledge the ending. 

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(cont) concept: but otabek doesn't find out until the actual competition

ok but yuri skating to one of otabeks private mixes, one that he told yuri he’s never bothered to play in public because it was too slow, too raw, too full of unspoken feelings, & yuri has no idea its about him but he feels an overwhelming need to skate to it anyway. yuri bares his heart on the ice not knowing he was holding otabek’s all along.

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People are allowed to be furious. People are allowed to be upset about her showing up with Josh.

People are allowed to do and feel whatever and however TF they want, I ain’t the Tumblr police! That being said, why are y'all shocked? He comes every year! You really thought because Karlie wore a Feminist AF tshirt and was serving lesbian power lawyer looks he wasn’t gonna pop his goofy ass looking face up at some point? Please. Y'all need to manage your expectations. I understand the frustration and side eye! The connection between Karlie and Trump is small and she ain’t done nothing to separate herself. That being said if Taylor was in attendance and they danced all up on each other like last year? A lot of y'all that are oh so bothered wouldn’t be saying shit!

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You Hinata haters are just so jealous that she happened to be SP's favorite and that she gets more screentime lately due to that that you all constantly bash on her and want to point out how superior Sakura is to her again and again. Hinata wasnt bashed that much before the Boruto anime and the movie "The Last" came out. And there are a few posts claiming Naruto wouldnt love Hinata but I doubt that he would marry someone he doesnt love. It's all jealousy and pettiness.

jealously and pettiness looks a lot like coming into somebody’s ask-box, hiding behind anon and being so unbelievably in denial about lacking in canon that you attempt to appraise pierrot’s misogynistic & objectifying marketing tactics, as if it’s any kind of standard to be proud of.

honey, none of us are jealous of that disgusting, sexist studio and their fillers. if you’ve bothered to take even a quick glance into my posts, then you’d see how vile it is to even place producers in this industry – particularly those a part of s/p’s team – on a pedestal like you have.

( 1 ) i hated hinata long before the ending, btw… it’s really not hard to wrap your head around why the hatred for her has skyrocketed since the series conclusion, since arguably the (/one of the) greatest shonen franchises was reduced to pierrot’s shockingly-written – and ridiculously ooc – shit-tier shojo production of retcons, fan-service and canon-contradicted bias because of her.
↳ like, i’m not surprised a lot of the fandom turned against her considering that ‘naruto’ became exclusively about a side (/practically background) character and her infatuation… she’s kind of the embodiment of people’s blame, dude. and hey, that’s not even getting into the role that the hinata & n/h fandom had to play in actively turning everyone against the character & ship as well.

( 2 ) yeah, sakura is superior… you do realise that the only reason we constantly say such is in response to your fandom claiming that a chunin is somehow greater than a jonin, right? we don’t want to have to state the blatantly clear fact to people who apparently have an inability to comprehend a manga for 13-year-olds, dude.

( 3 ) speaking of the manga, since you mentioned n/h:

  • naruto had under 40 pages of mere interaction with hinata in over 12,500 pages of canon, all of which are non-mutual (one-sided).
  • naruto remained holding emphatic romantic feelings for sakura throughout the 15-year-long serialisation, only (and finally) noticing & “requiting” hinata’s “affection” post-699; in material external to kishi’s canon work…
  • pierrot’s movie* even confirms that naruto did not have feelings for her up until the events in ‘the last’, as he (ooc) “didn’t know what love was”.
  • he ignored her confession – allegedly due to this reason – and only came to “reciprocate” her feelings after being guilt-tripped in a genjutsu.
  • naruto has since barely bothered with his “family” in all of kishi’s tellings of the current story; sleeping on the couch, missing his child’s birthday and seeming to just generally “not have time for them” in a world of peace… despite tsunade – who held the title during a time of immense conflict – having the time to whole-heartedly train an apprentice and more.

Keep reading

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You're 23 years old and you live in this fantasy world that is Camren. Like I'm all for shipping people but you take it too far... it's concerning.

How am I taking this too far? I never bothered the girls and my theories stay strictly on this blog. Just take this as a giant fanfic that you don’t have keep reading if you don’t like it! Thank you for your concern though anon - I’m perfectly fine and Camren doesn’t impact my 23 year old day to day life - I’m a productive member of society, with a job, friends and family, who does live in the real world 😊

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In regards to Oliver fighting harder for Susan than Felicity, I agree with your points and would also like to add that Felicity specifically asked Oliver to let her go. And if it's her asking he'll do it. Even if it hurts, because it's Felicity. It wouldn't have been right for him to "fight" for her when she very specifically told him they were over. (But it does bother me too that he's putting so much effort with Susan.)

Oh yes, absolutely! You are so right, anon!

Looking at it from Oliver’s perspective, he knows he fucked up with Felicity. Bad. And the fallout was even worse, to the point that she outright told him no, that she has tried moving on herself, that she even told him she’s moving on and the implied message in all of that is maybe he should as well. 

The shitty thing about breakups is they suck, a lot. Like they will rip your heart out and make you eat it kind of suck. It’s not fun. Now imagine seeing the woman you want with every single fiber all the time, in addition to her not responding to any of your efforts to let her know you want to make it better - she gave the ring back twice and she found someone else to move on with, all on top of her saying she isn’t sure if it’s real, but she’s going to try aka she’s probably not going to get back together with you

There is absolutely more going on underneath the surface, but based on the fact that Felicity explicitly told him over and over that they’re over, in different and varied ways?

From Oliver’s POV, it’s probably over.

(It’s not over, but we already know that. Oliver doesn’t. Felicity doesn’t. We do.)

It bothers me that he’s putting in so much effort with Susan as well, except it also makes sense (now that I’ve paused and had a second to think and drank a lot of wine). 

Oliver is trying very, very hard to learn from his past mistakes, including his relationship with Felicity. He so badly wants to have what it was back with her, but he can’t, so he’s trying to move on with someone else. The trouble is that he’s doing it in such a naive and blundering way that it’s making him blind to all the red flags slapping him in the face. 

Susan is bad news, across the board. She’s bad. She took advantage of his need for a friendly person, she fell into a “relationship” with her story subject and whether or not there are feelings there, it doesn’t change the motivating factor for her getting close to the mayor like that. Or that she’s still working a story or an angle. Every single word out of her mouth has the air of bullshit about it because she’s no dummy. Also, did Oliver ever explicitly say he was the Green Arrow? Did that ever come out? I’m going with no so when she said “both secrets” that was her way of getting him to admit things without admitting them. She’s just bad. Bad, bad, bad…

But we already know that, don’t we? 

The person who doesn’t is Oliver and that’s because he’s blinded by his own intentions and motivations. He wants a strong, happy, healthy relationship, something like what he had with Felicity. He wants someone to turn to, someone who he can lean on and talk to and be there for and with and who will do the same for him. These are things he had with Felicity, but he lost them. So he’s learning from that. 

He’s just applying it to the wrong damn woman.

(This is all the more painful because this is a sign of how much he’s grown as a character! A few years ago he wouldn’t have dreamed of turning to someone else. Hell, he didn’t turn to Felicity when he found out about William. He’s grown, he’s learning, but he’s applying all those Life Lessons with the wrong person.)

Oliver’s like a wounded bird, waddling around with his broken wings, trying to find ways to fix his relationship with Susan because ‘isn’t this what I’m supposed to do? Isn’t that what I learned? I’m trying to be the Good Boyfriend here. I learned how to be better, how to be there, how to be what Felicity said I wasn’t for her. I’m doing this the right way, aren’t I?’ 

No, my sweet summer child, you are still chest-deep in the lesson pool, you are not done. You are applying the lessons to the wrong person, which is what will lead you to drown in your lesson pool until you come up sputtering and realizing what a fool you’re being.

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Hey! I was wondering if you knew of any good mafia fics. I really wanna see Mafia!Stiles. Anyways. Thank you so much!

Here’s the tag and some more to go with it. - Anastasia

Originally posted by scrantonpaper

Insured by the Mafia by Lovehatress

(1/1 I 1,251 I Mature I Sterek)

A series of short one-shots that details Mafia Boss Derek’s relationship with dancer Stiles. Each one is a mini ficlet which I wrote to a song. The name of the song is above the ficlet that it corresponds with.

Red - Mafia Au by BizzaBoo

(1/1 I 2,172 I Teen I Sterek)

It took some time, but finally they had found Stiles. He had been nailed to a tree deep into the woods of the Hale land.

Two Billion Baby by TheBabyPandaa

(3/? I 6,120 I Explicit I Sterek I MCD)

“Derek Hale,” Stiles instantly realizes who he was, looking back up at Chris with a disbelief look on his face. “He wants me to murder Derek Hale? Why?”

Stiles is an international assassin. The mafia manages to get their hands on him, threatening his family unless he does a job for them. The job? Kill successful businessman Derek Hale.

Seven Days by alphabilinski24

(1/1 I 7,412 I Mature I Sterek)

It was rumored that Stiles date different people every week. It started on Monday and he’d dump the person on Sunday. Derek asked him out on Monday half-jokingly and didn’t expect for Stiles to take it seriously. What Derek did not expect was the slowly budding feeling beyond friendship for Stiles throughout the week they’re dating. Somehow it broke Derek’s heart as they got closer to Sunday but what about Stiles?

Sophia Verna Reyes by littlefrog1025

(1/1 I 7,770 I Mature I Erica/OMC)

She’s a lot stronger than she knows.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf by TheWhiteWolf (imnotdoneyetap)

(3/? I 9,280 I Not Rated I Derek/OFC)

Phoebe and her son are running from a pack that want both of them dead. She comes to Beacon Hills in search of help from an alpha that’s been dead for a while now and finds herself face to face to a Hale, but not the one she was looking for.

Time On My Hands (Should be Time Spent With You) by Batwynn

(2/? I 13,244 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski likes huge, sweet lattes, magic, and his work at the flower shop.
After work, he swings by the butcher for some pig’s blood, and settles in to watch Ironman with a straw.

Oh, right. Stiles is also a vampire.

The Bachelor: Sterek by leemikki

(16/? I 18,910 I Explicit I Sterek)

I need a The Bachelor AU where Derek is The Bachelor and Stiles is one of the contestants. And Derek falls hard for him in the first few seconds, but as the Bachelor goes, he can’t explicitly state his feelings until the final rose/episode. And all the other contestants become aware of Derek’s partiality to Stiles even as he tries to get to know everyone, for fairness sake. And some of them HATE Stiles, but some can’t help but love him (cuz hes Stiles), and secretly think he’s PERF for Derek, obviously Derek absolutely thinks so. And there is romance and epic sexual tension. And Stiles always gets the first rose, until it becomes a given, and it stops being the Bachelor and becomes The Derek and Stiles love story. And I cry and you cry and the audience cries.

Ruthless monsters by lightsfillthesky

(5/? I 21,979 I Mature I Sterek)

They were respected by many, everyone knew if they needed to get something done to speak with the Hale pack, they’ve been building their name for nine years

People feared the name Derek Hale but worse was his mate, he was ruthless and took care of his own, he made sure everyone knew not to mess with his pack.

Now someone was overstepping into their territory

Between Dogs and Wolves by artemis69

(1/1 I 25,889 I Teen I Sterek)

“This is…not four million in cash,” remarks Stilinski.

“Isaac. Did you fail to get my money back and decided to pick up a stripper on the road to bribe me? Because let me make this perfectly clear: this would totally work. Well done.”


The mafia!AU where the Hales owe four million to the Stilinskis, Laura rents Derek (but not as a stripper), Stiles gets a new favorite, Derek gets a new boss, a new puppy and a new family.

Sometimes they break people, but mainly, they just snark at each other.

Checkmate (You’re the King to my chessboard) by alphabilinski24

(9/? I 28,555 I Mature I Sterek)

Since he was a little boy, Stiles was led to believe he’d be alone for the rest of his life, being born a werefox was rare and unlike other were-creatures, his mate probably didn’t exist at all. When he turned 21, he didn’t even bother to find one until he accidentally met a gorgeous looking Derek. Derek who smelled like mate. Stiles’ mate! But then, Derek was a werewolf and not just that, he was also an Alpha werewolf. Stiles’ instinct never lied but was it even possible? And little did Stiles know, its far more complicated than that.

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Is it weird that it's like legitimately bothering me that there are people choosing to ignore that Thomas literally identified himself as gay on camera without any hint of doubt whatsoever and stil continue to insist otherwise? Because it is and I had to lay on my floor for a solid 15 minutes just sighing in exasperation to myself. lol It shouldn't bother me as much as it does but people disregarding his chosen label rubs me the wrong way.

You’re not the only one it bothers, anon. IDK how, but misinformation seems to spread faster than the truth. Or perhaps it’s because we’re more focused on the discrepancies. All we can do is try to educate as best we can with a level head and love in our hearts. I hope you’re ok and I assume this will probably blow over soon after this latest video :)