it's not 2am be proud

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her


—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)


yes that hair destroyed my entire being im deceased but i hope nobody else is

the signs as cats
  • aries: cat that hisses at you but is super loving and compassionate once you warm up to them
  • taurus: cat that is always meowing around breakfast/dinnertime
  • gemini: cat that is chill and cuddly one minute and pouncing on doors and scratching the carpet the next
  • cancer: cat that pees in the middle of the floor whenever you leave in protest
  • leo: cat you see on kitty litter or cat food commercials
  • virgo: cat that is too perfect for this world. small, precious, graceful cat
  • libra: cat that needs a companion and meows in agony when left alone
  • scorpio: cat that hates everyone except their owner and maybe has room for 1-2 more people to love but that's it
  • sagittarius: cat that loves everyone and makes children feel like they're some sort of animal psychic with a special connection with animals when it's really just your rad cat
  • capricorn: cat that likes to be picked up and carried around and cuddled with constantly
  • aquarius: cat that you can take on walks
  • pisces: cat that is tame and calm but hides from society 24/7. no one knows you ever had a cat

Pentatonix - The First Noel

Permanent Vacation (acoustic cover)
  • Permanent Vacation (acoustic cover)
  • irwah aka Danielle

SO I first heard this song 28 hours ago and fell in love but thought I’d go for a calmer, more acoustic-y feel…There is a v high possibility that the lyrics, chords and tune are all wrong lol fml but let’s just roll with it and pretend this is exactly how the song goes (I even attempt a slight scream after the bridge!!!) available to download on soundcloud here :) xx