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Race You to Midnight (Barry/Reader)

Sequel to Break… (Doing this on my phone…FYI) short sweet intro…

Oliver sat in the new and improved base of operations. Felicity had out done herself again. He smiled thinking about the ring he carefully stored away and sighed at the fact that he knew he had to wait.

“Mayor Oliver Queen…” He stood up quickly turning around to face the intruder. Your hands were raised in surrender as his alarm shifted to surprise, “its got a nice ring to it.”

“Y/N, what are you doing here? I thought for sure you would be off to see Barry, now that you’re back in the states.” He watched you step into the light and his mouth dropped open, “What happened to you?”

You shrugged, “I finally got laid off with a nice severance package.”

“You know I meant the bruises on your face… Did they even offer to stitch you up on the way out?” He took to by the arm gently guiding you to a seat as you made laughing noise in your throat to his comment, “Your lip is going to need stitches.”

You nodded as he walked away to get the med kit, “Oliver… I screwed up…”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad…” He said coming back to you, “You knew they planned on letting you go after you got permission for taking out Tanner. You just didn’t know when.”

“Not about that…” You looked up at him, “I lost him, Oliver… I had to leave after I sent him to Nanda Parbat…he asked me to stay. But I had to go…I didn’t have a choice…I lost him for good.”

That was months ago. He frowned watching the tears form in your eyes. He hadn’t realized that the mission would keep you from home so long, “Y/N…”

You looked up at him tears washing the dirt from your face and tried to force a smile, “I don’t have anywhere to go…”

He knelt down taking out an alcohol swab and began cleaning your cut lip, “You’re always welcomed here. Not just for your skills, but because you’re my friend…”

He pulled you into a strong embrace letting you shake. Coming home was hard enough for most soldiers… He could only imagine what you had saw…

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